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The Green Sundress

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This is a story about my wife and me before we were actually married. It was a summer night and we were getting ready to go out on the town with some friends to a local bar for a few drinks and some good food. My wife Katherine (girlfriend at the time) decided to wear a short summer dress as it was very hot that night and she wanted to be comfortable. What she didn’t tell me until later that evening is that she also did not wear any panties under her dress to keep herself “even cooler”.

At the bar we drank and ate and had a good evening and then the evening got even better. While sitting at the bar Kathy started to flirt with me like crazy, rubbing my leg, kissing me neck and rubbing her body all over mine. It was then that she decided to tell me of her plan to keep cool by not wearing panties. I of course wanted to check for myself to see if she was telling me the truth, so while trying to not draw attention to myself I slowly worked my hand up her leg under her dress to find her sweet ass. Once I had my hand on her ass I moved my hand around to her front and came into contact with the soft blonde hairs of her wet pussy. As she shaves her pussy very close, almost bald, not only was I touching her hair but also the top of her slit.

At that point I was ready to burst with desire; I whispered in her ear that we should get going as I had something that I wanted to show her. She agreed and we quickly said our goodbyes and left to go home.

Once outside the bar we stopped at the car long enough for me to push her against the car and give her a very deep and passionate kiss. While we were kissing her hands weren’t idle, she took the opportunity to reach into my dress shorts and stroke my hard cock for a minute. We broke the embrace when saw someone pull into the parking lot of the bar. Once inside the car and out on the road Kathy slid over on the seat and put her back to the passenger’s door. Once in this position she slowly pulled up her dress to expose her smooth thighs, sweet ass and of course her wet hot pussy.

While I drove along she proceeded to rub her pussy lips and clit while asking me if I wanted to taste her wet pussy. I of course said yes and she then stuck her middle finger into her wet hole and pulled it out just dripping with her juices. She looked at me and then stuck the finger in my mouth for me to taste. At this point I was ready to pull over along the road and fuck her silly, however I then thought of a better idea, if she wanted to be so naughty then I would let her be.

Along the road not far from my house was an abandoned warehouse. I figured that at this time of night no body would be around there so I headed in that direction. Once there I pulled the car around the back of the building where no on passing by could see us. As soon as I shut off the car Kathy put back her seat and spread her legs for me.

I wasted no time in diving my face into her hot cunt and licking and sucking her, “Suck my fucking pussy” she screamed at me, “stick your tongue in my hole you son of a bitch” , I did as I was told and kept on licking and sucking while she grabbed my head and smashed my face into her pussy.

” Make me cum in your mouth” Kathy panted, ” I want to cum on your tongue.”

In only a few minutes of licking and sucking I had her shaking and cumming again and again. After a good strong orgasm for her she pushed me away and lay there gasping for breath and covered in sweat.

“Come here,” she said and proceeded to give me deep wet tongue kiss while licking her cunt juice off my face, “I love when you eat my pussy like that”, she said, “and I love to taste it on you when you are done.”

Kathy loves the taste of her pussy as much as I do. As she was cleaning my face of her own juices her hand wandered down to my hard cock.

As she started stroking it I began to moan into her mouth, “suck my cock” I said and she gladly moved her mouth down to my dick and took it straight into her mouth. The feeling was incredible and she sank down on it as far as she could on the first stroke. Her mouth was wet and hot and felt like a million dollars. For the next few minutes she sucked, licked, stroked and kissed her way all over my cock. It felt wonderful, but I wanted more so grabbing her by the hair, I pushed her down until the head of my cock was touching the back of her throat. She loves it when I stuff my cock in her throat and fuck her face, she moaned as I did this time and time again.

I let her up for a breath only to have her tell me to “fuck my face you bastard, make me choke on it.” I didn’t want to disappoint her so I did just that. I don’t have the biggest cock in the world but she seems to enjoy it OK. All the while she was sucking me I was playing with her pussy as well as her asshole. She loves it when I sink my finger into both of her holes at the same time.

After a while of this incredible blowjob, I had a better idea. “Sit up I told her I want to fuck your hot pussy.” She rose up from the floor of the car and lay back on her seat.

I positioned my self between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her moist slit, “Fuck me now, stop teasing me,” she demanded.

“I will fuck you when I am ready to,” I told her. As the last word left my mouth I emphasized it by shoving my cock up her to the hilt. I fucked her hard and fast at first, then I slowed down the pace to make it last longer for both of us, it just felt so good.

As I thrust into her she would push up to meet me, “Fuck me harder …… fuck me …. I’m going to cum …. FUCK ME,” she screamed. I felt her begin to clamp down on my cock as her orgasm over took her, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh…” she screamed and came all over my hard dick.

As she came down from her orgasm she looked at me and said, “Now I want you in my ass and I want it hard.”

So who was I to argue with that demand, although I had a better place for this to take place? So I told her I would fuck her ass, but I wanted to do it somewhere else. I climbed off of her and into the driver’s seat where I proceeded to take her to my house. As we got out of the car I told her to grab the lotion out of her purse and bring it with her. Taking her hand I walked down the yard and behind the house.

Once there I pushed her to her knees and told her, “suck my cock and get it nice and hard for me to fuck your ass with”, with out saying a word she took out my cock and stuck it in her mouth and began to work on me. In no time at all I was hard again and ready to go. I laid her down on the grass and push her dress up and out of the way. I wanted to feel her hot pussy again before I went in her ass, so I mounted her in the missionary position and shoved my cock in her cunt, “you told me you would fuck my ass” she said.

“I will, but first I want to feel you hot pussy,” I told her.

After a few thrusts into her I was all the way in. I stroked her for a few minutes and when I was nice and wet with her pussy juice, I told her to grab the lotion and get herself ready to be fucked in the ass.

She eagerly grabbed the lotion and put some on her hand, and then she proceeded to do what I find to be one of the hottest things a woman can do for me and that is to finger herself in front of me while I watch her. And this was even hotter than usual as she was sticking her fingers in her ass to get it nice a lubed for my cock.

She slowly slide her middle finger up her and moaned at it’s intrusion into her ass, ” I love to have things up my ass,” she moaned, “Please hurry and stuff your cock in me!” As she was begging for my cock she slipped another finger up her ass to make sure she was nice and loose and ready to be fucked.

“Come here,” she said and she grabbed my cock with her hand and started to rub it with lotion. Once she had it nice a lubed she pulled me toward her and while looking into my eyes said, “stick your cock in my ass and fuck me hard.”

As I pushed hard cock against her asshole, it seemed to open right up and let me in. The work that she had done with her fingers and the orgasms that she had already had loosened her right up.

I kept pushing until I was all the way up her ass, “Oh my god is your ass tight and hot, this feels incredible,” I told her. The feel of the cool grass against our hot bodies was so exhilarating. I started to move back and forth at a slow and easy pace to get us both a rhythm.

The longer we went the faster and harder she wanted it, “give it ot me …. Fuck my ass….harder….harder!” she screamed.

“You want it harder, then you will get it harder” I said to her. At that point I hooked my arms under her legs and pushed her knees into her chest. In this position I could really sink my cock into her ass nice and hard.

“AHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER,’ she yelled as I pounded into her ass. It didn’t take long with everything we had done up to this point and her hot ass pulling at my cock until we both exploded in ecstasy. “I’M CUUUUUMMMMMINGGGGGG,” she yelled.



The feeling of shooting my load into her ass was awesome, we both stayed in place with my cock in her ass and her legs up against her chest for a few minutes to let our selves come down a little.

As we got up to head into the house I asked her, “So how was you night dear?”

“Just fine and yours?” she replied, “I am so work up right now, I can feel your cum running down my thighs right now. What a night, can we do this again sometime?”

“You bet your sweet pussy and hot ass we can,” I said

We had an amazing wonderful sex life prior to that night and an even better on since then, but this night sticks with us, for obvious reasons, as one special night.

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