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Two Towels

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It was my first time at a sauna, but this was a weekend of indulgence in Amsterdam, the city of sin and I wanted to make the most of it. I wanted to do all the things that I didn’t dare to do back home in England. So here I was, nervously paying my entry fee and collecting my two towels.

I followed the signs to the changing rooms for my allocated locker on the second floor, passing several men, all naked except for one of the small towels around their waists.

There were a couple of other men in varying stages of undress in the changing room when I got there, so I shyly sat on a bench opposite my locker and removed my shoes and socks. As I put them in the locker, two men passed me heading for the stairway. They were chatting together, obviously friends, so while they were distracted I couldn’t help glancing down to their lower stomach area but I was disappointed as both had already wrapped towels around their waists.

Taking a deep breath, I continued to undress, folding my clothes as I did so. As I was undoing my belt, an older man appeared and seeing me, entered my section of the room. He made no pretence about watching me, especially as I bent over to remove my trousers and I felt my face flushing as I stood there in just my thong, stowing them in my locker.

Even so, I didn’t hesitate to remove my underwear. Truth be told, I lingered a little longer than absolutely necessary as I bent over this time, letting him get a good look at my exposed backside. He was still sitting watching me as I closed and secured my locker and wrapping one of my two towels around me, left the room.

I was stilling blushing at my boldness as I took the stairs to the ground floor, but after all I reasoned, this is what I was there for. I wanted to attract men, especially to my rear so it was a good start.

I wandered around, noting the Jacuzzi and the steam room but not entering either as they were both quite full and I didn’t feel confident enough at the time to join ether group. The plunge pool was empty but the clear water looked inviting and as it was in a quite open area surrounded by seating, I decided to do a bit of advertising by going for a swim.

I dropped my towels on a low wall that cordoned off the pool from the lounge area and walked naked to the edge, stood there for a few seconds before diving in. The water felt chilly but refreshing after the hot humid temperature prevalent in the building and I kept my face down, stretching out as I swam with strong overarm strokes quickly covering two short lengths. I stopped then, clinging to the side as I wiped water from my eyes, surreptitiously looking around to see if there had been any interest from the lounging men. I was very gratified to see that there were quite a few interested parties watching me so as casually as I could, I pulled myself out of the pool and sat on the side allowing the water to drain off my body. It felt delicious sitting there naked knowing that others were watching me.

No one joined me however, and so, deciding the lounge area wasn’t going to be the best place for action I decided to move on and explore the rest of the place. I wrapped a towel round my waist and headed for the stairs at the rear of the lounge area.

As soon as I reached the first floor, I knew that this was what I was after. A corridor lead off from the stairwell and on either side of it were small cabins.

They were each about 12ft long, 6ft wide and about 4ft high. They stood on platforms to raise them from the floor and looking inside a vacant one, I could see that they had plastic covered cushions on their base and were illuminated by a dim light. Once inside one, you could close the hatch doorway and have complete privacy for whatever you wanted to do.

Curious, I wandered along the rows observing. Most cabins were occupied by men waiting for partners. Some had their doors closed although you could hear what was going on inside and I lit a ready rolled joint as I strolled along and listened to the erotic sounds.

As I was near the end of the joint, I turned a corner in the corridor and found it to be a dead end. There were just two cabins on each side along this stretch and the end one on the left was empty. Emboldened by the skunk I was smoking, I clambered through the hatch at the far end and looked around.

There was a little shelf at the opposite end so I reached up for it and lay down on the cushions, stowing my spare towel in the corner, then feeling greatly daring, added the towel from around my waist so that I lay there naked. I heard footsteps approach along the corridor. They stopped and I assume the person looked in on me as I lay there finishing my spliff but I was too nervous to look around. Then I heard their footsteps receding and I didn’t know if I were pleased or disappointed.

However, others followed but although some stayed to look for a while, none entered the cabin and I began to get a little frustrated. The skunk had done its job. It had got me feeling horny and suppressed any inhibitions I might have had so I decided to take a more active role.

The next time I heard footsteps approaching, I got up on my knees but kept my face resting on the cushions so that my rear was raised high up facing the door. The footsteps stopped. The stranger was looking in and he wasn’t going away!

I could imagine the view he had of me and it made me feel extremely wanton and almost without thought, I reached back between my spread knees and ran a finger down my crack.

I still hadn’t looked round at the guy but I could just make him out in my peripheral vision. He leaned into the booth for a better view so I upped the ante.

I had some sachets of lubricant and I tore one open and squeezed some of the cool gel onto the finger that had been caressing my crack. Reaching back again I massaged it around my entrance hole before sliding the slick finger inside me.

It was as I worked it in and out that I felt the cushion dip and heard the door close. I had him hooked!

I felt him move behind me so I removed my finger, pushed my rear back towards him and waited expectantly. I felt like a total slut, offering myself up like that to someone that I hadn’t even seen. My cock was achingly stiff and I hoped his was as well!

I soon found out. He moved between my legs, nudged my knees further apart which spread my cheeks even more. Then I felt the head of his cock rub against my hole. I held my breath. I didn’t even know how large it was and felt a moments panic. Would it be large enough, would it be too large for me to take?

His hand brushed my cheek as he moved his cock into position, poised at my entrance then without any preamble, he was pushing against me. His cock slipped a little off target but he corrected with his hand and I felt my slick hole expand around the head until it surrendered to the pressure and he was in me. I gasped as it stretched m,. it was very thick. He paused and I thought he was going to give me a minute to adjust and I relaxed but as I did so, he forced the entire length in!

I tensed up at the pain. It wasn’t that excruciating, blinding pain that you read about in stories but non the less it hurt when he was fully embedded and I knew he was just a little bit too big for comfort.

As he withdrew and plunged in again I made a conscious effort to relax and found that the pain was manageable. Then he began to fuck me with long smooth strokes and I found that the pain wasn’t manageable, it was nice!

It didn’t disappear like you hear people say but it became something that I wanted to feel, it suddenly flashed through my mind that this was almost like being raped. My cock got even harder at the thought but I didn’t touch it. Suddenly, everything had changed. This was no longer about mutual satisfaction, I wanted to be taken, I wanted to be used. I groaned aloud at the thought!

As if sensing this, his thrusts became more savage, hurting me deep inside but I only pushed back to receive him, opening myself that little bit more so that every millimetre of his cock was inside me. We must have been on the same wavelength for I suddenly felt his weight on my back and a meaty forearm across my shoulder blades, pinning me to the cushions.

He fucked me hard then, savaging my hole with his thickness but I was urging him on, begging him to fuck me, to stretch me, even though my fingers clenched the cushions and the breath was driven out of me each time he bottomed out inside me. It was completely wild and manic and couldn’t, didn’t last long but when he came inside me, I felt his cock swell, felt the ripples as his seed spurted out, and he cried out and knew the intense satisfaction of having brought someone intense pleasure.

Afterwards, when our breathing had returned to normal, when his cock had shrivelled and left my body I turned and saw him sitting back on his heels, removing the condom that had encased his cock. He reached for his towel to wipe himself but I stopped him and instead, took his softening cock in my mouth and sucked him clean, glorying in the taste and smell of him and in the knowledge that it had so recently been deep in my ass bringing me such pleasure.

When I had finished cleaning him he looked as if he was about to say something but I stopped him with a finger on his lips. He understood. There was no need for speech and he turned and left the cabin. The perfect anonymous fuck!

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