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Young Nephew

Category: Incest
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My first and only experience involving incest happened the summer I was 28 years old with my nephew he was just 18 years old he had the look of a young boy for his age. That was 15 years ago, and even though I’m married with children now that intimate encounter left me with fond memories.

My story,

It was the summer of 1996, I worked full time I was 9 months free from an abusive fiancée and 12 months since I had last had sex, he became controlling the year we lived together, I left him and moved back home. My parents were glad since my mom was ill and my dad needed help.

I was the youngest of my six brothers and sisters they would stop by a lot as well as their children. The nieces and nephews frequently stayed the night at our parent’s house.

A little about my appearance, I’m Julie, an SWF I have always been petite a size 5 or 6, 100 lbs. about 5’6 tall reddish brown hair, cheek to shoulder length. I exercise a lot and am a vegetarian. I’m not big chested about a 32b, but I keep myself mostly shaved just a little above my slit. I have dated my share of men though only have slept with 4 including the boy I lost my virginity to at age 18.

My nephew Ben just turned 18 and had a baby face, he was about 5’10 tall, lanky and a skinny, hansom and very athletic, Hockey, Baseball. He was about 110 pounds still shy with the girls and I’m quite sure he was still a virgin. Even at adult age of 18 a medical thyroid problem caused him to be behind in his pubescence development. I’m really sure, I cleaned up what I’m sure was cum that I found on the toilet and later, as I tell this story, I find out he has a nice size dick definitely more than 6 inches and thicker than a polish sausage.

Well here goes what happened to us. My families’ nieces and nephews stayed the night all the time Ben was the eldest and an only child, he stays the night all the time, over the years his parents have developed a business and traveled often.

I have baby-sat Ben all his life. He has always slept with me in bed when he stayed just as the other family kids did, it has always been innocent – very normal, even when I was engaged and they visited me at my apartment we would all stay on my pull out couch bed. Everyone wore bed clothes or pajamas, but I wore mostly a long shirt and panties. The night it happened Ben was wearing boxer shorts and no shirt.

I never paid much attention to Ben’s physique but he was growing up, he was developing muscles and armpit hair and you could tell his boxers were restraining his package. That night was like many, we talked about life, school, friends. We watched a movie after my parents went to bed. It was the weekend and we stayed up late. I fell asleep on the couch I woke up a couple hours later Ben was gone, he went to my room to sleep on the bed. I got up from the couch to go back to sleep in my bed with Ben. My room at night is lighted with a small night light so when I entered my room I could see Ben and man could I see Ben.

To my Shock, embarrassment and wonder I could see Ben asleep but his dick was erect and sticking out of the opening of his boxers. I sat on the bed and stared at it, after a few minutes in shrank and slipped back into his shorts he never woke up. I decided it was ok to lie down with him now but I put a pillow between us. I know guys get hard when they are sleeping and they like to roll over and press it up against your back, that’s why I put the pillow down just in case he got hard again or had a wet dream.

Well guess what happened. I woke up again a couple hours later. I could tell Ben had cuddled up next to me and I could tell he was hard, and now his dick was touching the skin of my lower back my night shirt had hiked up while sleeping, the other thing I could tell was that his dick was twitching and that he had also cum on my back and shirt. I believe that Ben was asleep when this started and happened and I do not know for sure if he ever woke up and was too embarrassed to speak, I waited a minute and got up to go get cleaned up without saying a thing or looking back at him.

While I showered, I thought about what happened. I had not had sex in over a year. It had been a long time since I last felt a dick pressing against me or the hot stickiness of cum on my skin. Now I will admit that even though I had not had sex I did from time to time masturbate. Thinking about what happened in the shower I began to rub myself, I’m not much into finger fucking I like to rub my clit hard and fantasize. This experience with Ben must have worked me up good I had the most powerful orgasm I could remember.

I went back to my room Ben was asleep and I was tired I got back in bed and fell asleep, that morning I woke up Ben was already awake and having breakfast. He did not act different or embarrassed or bring up anything that happened so I did not say anything, I’m curious if anything will happen when we go to sleep tonight.

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The story is not good at all…..Why didn’t you fuck him?

Roger Dousay wrote

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