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I Kind of Missed You

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I’d just showered and put on some make up when I got a text from you.

“Just landed, at baggage claim, can I stop by for a bit?”

It had been over a week since I’d seen you and I wasn’t really expecting to for another day or two. You’d been stuck in California for days longer than you had expected.

“Of course” I replied.

Oh, I thought, the airport is only 30 minutes away! I hope I can do this quick enough, I hope I can do this at all!

Thankful I was already clean and as hairless as I like to get, and that I’d already gotten everything I needed for the little surprise I had planned for the next time I saw you, I went into my room to get ready.

I grabbed a box from my bedside table and took out a black butt plug that could only be described as challenging and a bottle of uberlube. I’d never used a butt plug before, but I knew how…pretty self-explanatory I guess. So, hoping I could do this by myself, I laid down on the bed on my side with one leg bent and after putting some lube on my fingers I reached back and massaged and stroked my anus. When I had relaxed a little bit I placed the tip of my finger at the center if my anus and pushed slowly in until I felt my finger pass through both rings of muscle. I held my finger in place for a moment letting my anus relax around it, then gradually moved it in and out, adding more lube to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt myself. I added a second finger and followed the same pattern: insert, hold, relax, stroke, lube.

Oh, wow, I had no idea that doing this to myself, would feel so good.

I took my hand away from my ass, withdrawing my fingers and grabbed the butt plug. I placed it against my anus; I pushed gently and felt it opening me, different than my fingers, cold and smooth. It stopped, at its widest point and I could tell that if I pushed any further I was going to hurt myself, so I stopped and replaced the butt plug with my two fingers, once again stroking in and out. Soon, I added a third. I stroked my fingers in and out of my ass and wondered why I hadn’t been doing this to myself before. I stilled my hand and spread my fingers a bit, trying to stretch the muscles of my anus. Once I’d felt the muscles stretch a little more I picked up the butt plug to try again. I once again placed the tip of the butt plug against the center of my anus and pushed gently. The butt plug went in, not easily, but without pain and felt HUGE. I was surprised I’d managed to make it fit. I got up off the bed and walked around. The familiar sensation of being full and the unfamiliar sensation of the butt plug moving when I walked combine into something new and different. I could feel my pussy quivering, my nipple tightening and my skin breaking out in goose bumps. I was wet, I was ready.

I glanced at the clock and saw I only had about 10 minutes until you got there. I picked up a small black bag from the same bedside table and withdrew a wad of black fabric from it. I shook it out revealing the black lace babydoll I’d gotten for this and slipped it on. I’d never actually owned anything like it, sheer and revealing and very feminine, it made me feel sexy. I hoped you’d like it, I was a little worried that all it showed were the things I wanted to hide, but I felt damn good when I put it on.

My preparations complete I put on a robe and went out to the living room to wait for you. I could hardly sit down; the butt plug was causing just too much sensation. I paced. It felt like a damn long 10 minutes…

Knock, knock, knock.

Finally the wait was over! I ran to the door and glanced through the peephole to make sure it was really you. I opened the door and stood behind it. You were dressed like you’d just come from a gig, jacket, vest, button up shirt and all. You walked into the living room and turned to face me as I shut and locked the door. I let the robe drop to the floor and walked toward you, the expression on your face told me that my worries about actually looking sexy and you liking the outfit were groundless.

You held your arms open to me and I walked right into them, we hugged for a minute before I stepped back. I put my hands on your chest and under your jacket, to slide your jacket down and off your muscular shoulders and laid it on the arm of the couch. I undid the buttons on your vest; it joined the jacket on the couch. I moved my hands back up to your neck and unbuttoned your shirt; between each button I slid my hands under your shirt to touch your skin, brushing your nipples with my fingertips. I slid the shirt slowly over your shoulders and down your arms; I enjoyed the feel of your skin, the shirt dropped to the floor. I knelt in front of you and unbuckled your belt, unbuttoned and unzipped your pants. I pushed my hands into the sides of your waistband and ran my hands down your thighs and calves as I pushed your pants down to your ankles, you obliged me and stepped out of them, keeping each foot raised long enough for me to take your shoes and socks off, leaving you completely naked.

While I was doing this, the butt plug moved a tiny bit with each of my movements. I felt every tiny movement from my head to my toes. I was wet and achy with desire; I needed you to feel the same way.

Still kneeling, I raised up as high as I could and put my hands to your chest lightly pinch and rolling your nipples. I skimmed my hands down your abdomen, and over your hips, taking your dick in one hand and your balls in the other. I saw the muscles in your thighs tense as I gently ran the tip of a finger around and over your head and down to the base, following closely with my tongue, only pausing to flick the tip of my tongue across and over the glans. At the same time I applied a tiny bit of pressure to your balls, in a pulsing rhythm. Bringing my mouth down from the base of your shaft I alternately lifted each of your balls to my mouth and one after the other drew them into my mouth sucking and licking them at the same time. You groaned and reached out a hand to steady yourself on the arm of the couch. I moved my mouth a little further down and swept my tongue back and forth over your taint, I put my whole mouth over it and sucked, almost like I was trying to leave a hickey. I followed this with a few more flicks of my tongue then in one long lick brought my mouth back up to your head. I sucked it into my mouth, rotating my head from side to side with my lips tightened around your shaft just under your head. Not just my bunched lips providing sensation, but also the ball on my lip ring rubbed the underside of your head. Soon, I took you deeper into my mouth, until you hit the back of my throat. I moved my head up and down simultaneously sweeping my tongue back and forth across your shaft and fucked you with my mouth.

After a few minutes licking a sucking, I took my mouth away and straightened, feeling the butt plug move again made me gasp. I stood and pushed you in the direction of my room.

When we got into my room I gestured for you to lie on the bed. I straddled you, my wetness pressed against your penis. You pushed your hands under the black lace and on my hips; I wiggled them, rocked back and forth a little. I raised myself up onto my knees and took you inside my wet pussy. You looked at me quizzically, and I knew you must have felt the butt plug, even if you didn’t know what it was. As I continued to rock back and forth you moaned. You thrust up to meet me as I moved up and down. I wondered if it added anything to the experience for you, but I couldn’t think about much of anything for very long. The feeling of the plug in my ass and you in my pussy was amazing, like the spot where all my pleasure comes from was being rubbed on both sides. Soon my hips were shaking and I was coming, my pussy clenching around you and my ass clenching around the butt plug, I almost screamed in pleasure.

“Yeah, cum on my dick”

Your hands moved around to my ass and your fingers went searching, finding the butt plug and wiggling it a little as though you were asking what it was. I couldn’t take it, I gasped and rose up, letting you come out of my pussy.

“I wanted to be ready already. Take it out” I said and leaned forward until we were chest to chest.

Gently you pulled it out; I felt a pop as it passed my sphincter. I grabbed the lube and reached behind and beneath me to put some on both of us and make sure my ass really was ready. I moved forward just a little and holding your dick to make sure you were in the right spot I slowly took you a little ways into my ass. I had to stop for a minute when you finally popped through my anus to let myself adjust. Soon I began to rock up and down, taking you a little deeper each time, until you were completely inside my ass. I began you fuck you with my ass in earnest. Raising and lowering myself faster and faster. I couldn’t control m myself, my hands on your chest for balance I kept going faster and harder, my breath came in panting gasps. You sat up just a little to take the babydoll off of me and rubbed you thumbs in circles over n my nipples. I felt a delicious tension growing in me…

“Oh yeah, fuck that dick”

Your words were the catalyst; my second orgasm came so fast it caught me by surprise. My empty pussy began to convulse I felt the liquid running out of my pussy and the muscles in my ass clenching around you. I couldn’t move anymore, the sensations were too intense.

When my orgasm subsided you gently pulled out of my ass, pushed me to the side and rolled me onto my stomach.

“Up on your knees” you said, a hand on my hip guiding me up.

You teased me a little, just barely pushing back into my ass and pulling back out, torturing me with the tantalizing fullness that is synonymous with pleasure in my mind.

“Oh, please, fuck my ass, fuck it please” I could hear the pleading note in my own voice.

At that you pushed all the way in, you reached your hand around and as you stroked in and out of my ass you rubbed my clit and played with my piercings. I was panting, gasping, moaning, and begging all at once. Your hands and cock bringing me so much pleasure I couldn’t control the words or sounds I was making. You sat back on your knees, your hands on my breasts pulling me up with you so that I was once again on top of you, kind of sitting on and straddling your bent knees, your chest pressed against my back. You thrust and I thought you’d never been so deep. You played with my nipple rings as you thrust in and out of my ass. I heard an almost singing cry escape me, I reached down and began to rub my clit and finger my pussy, while I pushed my ass back against you as much as I could, trying to meet your thrusts. You moved one of your hands so it was tight across my chest and with the other grabbed my shin and calf, holding me up as you pulled my leg up and out to the side, changing the angle of your thrusts. “I’m going to cum in your ass” I felt the hot gush of your cum in my ass. At this an even more intense orgasm shook me, every muscle in my body tensed and released with the pleasure of it. Once again my ass clenched and unclenched around you, tighter this time, my pussy convulsed over and over. This time, I heard myself scream. You groaned. Neither of us could move now, we were cumming together.

We stayed like that for a minute, then I slowly straightened so that I was no longer sitting/straddling/kneeling on your bent legs causing you to come out of my ass. You felt so long I could feel every bit of it and it made me shudder. You rolled to the side so you were no longer behind me, in a moment we lay side by side, breathing hard.

“Well that was a nice welcome back. So, I guess you’re glad I came by?”

“Yeah, I am. I’ve kind of missed you.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you hungry?”

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