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Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

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The mom’s set the rules and Dad gets involved.

I woke in the night, to find Aunt Marie sliding into my bed. I felt her cuddle up to me, her hand wandering mischievously.

“That was mean of you, Jeremy, to let me fall asleep in the horny clutches of my son. Your Momma had him so worked up, he had to take it out on me,” she pouted.

I drew her in close, hoping she wouldn’t try to do anything. I wanted her, don’t get me wrong, but not enough to endure the wrath of Mom. “I’m sorry. Dad found out that Mom wasn’t safe with him. He made us change seats.”

I was awash with a mix of emotions. Hot Aunt Marie was touching me, and I wanted to kiss her, push her back on the bed and fuck her senseless. At the same time I was nervous, afraid I’d be unable to resist her touch, and ruin everything I had going with Mom. I settled for a soft little kiss.

I was regretting sleeping naked. Aunt Marie’s hand had settled on my cock, stroking me.

She sounded irritated. “He was so nice and well behaved, holding me, cuddling me nicely. I just relaxed and drifted off. I couldn’t believe I woke up damn near naked, my shirt pulled up to my chin, and my panties missing. I would never have believed it of him!”

“C’mon Aunt Marie. How could any red-blooded man resist you, even your son? Someone as hot and beautiful as you, asleep in his lap, half-naked?”

“But he’s my boy, Jeremy! You wouldn’t do that to your mother, would you?”

That, and a whole lot more. “If she had tits half as nice as yours, I’m not sure I could resist.” I reached over and gave her breast a squeeze.

She gave me a warm kiss. “I know I promised I’d make it up to you, but we can’t make love here. It’s too dangerous. Your Momma would kill me if she found out. I mean, literally, kill me.”

I tried to find an out. “I love you Aunt Marie. So much it hurts. I’m worried that if we do much more, it could mess things up between us.”

She kissed me again, silencing me. Aunt Marie was a great kisser. Even better than Mom, I hated to admit. I figure she’d had a lot more practice.

I was hard in her hand. “Let’s take it slow then. We don’t have to do everything first time out the door. We’ll have some fun and see where it goes. Remember, your old Auntie loves you, and I’d love to be your teacher.”

She pulled away from me, sitting up on the side of the bed, her hand still under the covers, jerking me off. “Do you want me to finish you off?” she asked teasingly.

She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and the bottom was pulled up high enough for me to see her panties. Damn, I’d love to get inside of them. I reached my hand inside her shirt and cupped her tit. Fucking incredible.

The light came on in the room and both of our hands made quick retreats. Probably not quick enough. I turned my head to see Mom standing in my doorway. She appeared disheveled and worn out from the day’s activities. “What’s going on, Marie?” she asked, in a scary tone.

“Saying goodnight to our sweetie,” Aunt Marie answered innocently, leaning down and giving me a quick kiss.

“Can I speak to you a minute?” Mom said.

Aunt Marie stood, and straightened out her shirt. “It’s kind of late, Alice. I was just going to bed. My head’s still spinning a little. I think we overdid the drinkin’ a bit.”

“It’ll only take a moment,” Mom answered, walking in and taking her sister by the arm. As they walked out, whispering in hushed tones, I heard my Mom. “Don’t even think about it,” she hissed.

“Why don’t you ask him…” was the last I heard from my Aunt on the matter, before they closed my door.

What I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

* * *

When I woke, I lay in my bed for a long time reviewing the previous day. It was almost too good to be believed. I’d been able to play with my gorgeous Aunt’s incredible body before she gave me an amazing blow-job. Then I’d had my Mom, playing with her, teasing her, feeling her tits, kissing her, before she fucked my brains out in the front seat of our car, with Dad only a few feet away. Twice. She was so hot. I had fantasized about her a bit, of course, but never really thought of having sex. I’d dreamed of seeing her naked, and maybe even having her walk in on me while I was jerking off, and helping me finish. But as far as Mom went that had been pretty much it. I’d never really seen myself replacing my father in her bed.

Even when they had sex and I listened at the door, I could imagine what they were doing, listening to her muted cries, but didn’t really envision myself in Dad’s place. They had a good marriage. They still seemed to enjoy being with each other a lot.

It was easier to fantasize about my hot-to-trot Aunt, who chewed up husbands and spit them out. Those huge tits of hers were a fantasy magnet. The way she was always so playful with me, it was easy to dream of our activities becoming less socially acceptable. I had thought about doing all kinds of naughty things with her. I had for years.

Aunt Marie, yes. Mom, no.

They looked similar, eerily so, similar face shapes, same eyes, usually the same hair, although they both liked to change it up now and then. But there was something that set them apart, other than the boobs and butts. Mom was the pretty one, and sweet as the day is long. Aunt Marie was the sexy one, one look at her enough to start the fantasies running. Mom was the girl you’d take home to mother, Aunt Marie was the girl you’d lock in your basement, chained naked to a pole. Easy to see how I’d made Aunt Marie the object of all my late night Kleenex sessions.

But after being with Mom, all my old fantasies seemed inadequate. Mom was incredible. So much sexier and naughtier than I’d have possibly dreamed. I wanted her. I wanted all of her. I wanted to feel her lips around my cock. I wanted to watch her mouth drain me. I wanted to make love to her in every position I could possibly imagine. I desperately wanted to know what it was like to slide my hard cock into her ass, fucking her until she screamed. Like Dad did.

I knew I’d do anything, anything at all, to make those dreams come true. Even if that meant saying ‘no’ to Aunt Marie.

I threw on shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see what a new day might bring.

It was already after 9:00. Dad had left for work. I walked into the kitchen where Mom and Aunt Alice were sitting at the kitchen table, deep in conversation. There was a palpable chill in the air.

“Mornin’,” I said loudly, making my presence known.

Mom glared at her sister, then stood and came to me, giving me a hug. “Mornin’ slugger. At least one of our mischievous boys is up. Hear anything from Colin?” she asked, walking over to the oven.

“Nothin’. His door’s still closed.” I walked over to Aunt Marie, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I always did, and figured it was safest to try to maintain some normalcy. Even if the kiss was longer than usual, and on the edge of her mouth.

“Good morning, handsome,” she said, glancing over at Mom warily.

Mom had pancakes warming in the oven, and she deposited a tall stack of them on my plate when I sat down at the table. She put several pieces of crispy bacon beside them. She’d even warmed the maple syrup.

While I feasted, Mom sat down and worked on her coffee. There was a tenseness at the table, and I didn’t know what to do to change it.

Mom fired the opening salvo. “Jeremy, things got a little crazy in the car yesterday. Marie and I want you to know that even though the playfulness might have gone too far, it’s alright. We all do some things we, well not regret, but think better of afterwards. It was the wrong time, and the wrong place for something like that. You understand?”

“Sure Mom. I know it was over the top, with Dad right there,” I admitted between bites. “It’s not like we planned it; it sort of just happened.”

“Precisely. Our silliness in the lake started something we should have nipped in the bud. I’m sure the booze didn’t help. What happened wasn’t only inappropriate, but it was foolhardy to do it where we did. I know it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle once he’s loose, but we have to consider everybody.”

Aunt Marie added her two cents. “It wasn’t just your father, Jeremy. Colin isn’t as worldly as you, and he could misunderstand what went on. We had fun, yes, but I think we all know it was only a moment of crazy naughtiness. You understand that your mother and I, we’re family. There’s things that people wouldn’t condone, happening between you and me, or even you and your Mom.” She nodded toward Mom who was blushing.

“I know Aunt Marie. I’d never say anything.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Mom interjected. “None of us would. It stays between us. And I know you’re not going to want to go back to the way things were. Things have changed, irrevocably.”

Aunt Marie put her hand on my arm, giving me a squeeze. “They don’t have to go back to the way they were, but things can only go so far, and we have to be very, very careful about what we do, and where we do it.”

“I understand,” I told them. I was willing to say anything. This was going much better than I would have dreamed possible. After the previous night, I figured I might find one of them strangled this morning. I would have bet on Mom doin’ the strangling.

“I’m sure you do, but it’s so easy to make a mistake. Even now, I bet you’d love to reach out and touch your aunt’s breasts. They’re almost irresistible, aren’t they?” Mom asked.

I nodded, slightly embarrassed I was so transparent.

“But that’s exactly what can’t happen! What if Colin were to come down and see that. You touching my breasts,” Aunt Marie said sliding over next to me, pressing those big tits against my arm. “Or worse, seeing you touching your mother’s.”

“Marie,” Mom said warningly.

“I’m just sayin’. We have to be careful and responsible.”

I was nervous about where this conversation was heading.

Mom moved closer. “Touching like that has to be very private. We have to set boundaries. You’re a healthy teenager, and your hormones are raging. We understand that. Your Aunt and I can help you with your journey into adulthood, but only up to a point. What happened in the car is already pushing the boundaries.” She was blushing. “Doing things with your hands is one thing. Using your mouth is dangerously risky. If anyone were to find out about that, it could be a disaster.”

I nodded again. It sounded like touching was still on the table at least.

Aunt Marie spoke up again. “Your Mom and I had a long talk. A very long talk. We agree that we won’t stop everything, but full-blown sex has to be off-limits. We can’t take things that far.”

“And nothing at all happens if your father or Colin are around,” Mom said firmly.

I suspected that their talk hadn’t covered everything we had done. I looked at Mom. “So what we did in the car is Ok, but we can’t take it much further than that?” I asked.

She nodded. “If we can draw our limits there, and understand the time and place for it, I think we can accept that our relationships have changed.”

“Exactly,” Aunt Marie agreed. “Even some of that might have been a little over the top, and will have to be a very occasional thing. Can you agree to that?”

I had finished most of my breakfast and pushed it away. “Of course. I’d never do anything to mess up our relationship, or hurt anybody else in the family. I love you both so much, and even though I’d love to do more, I understand what you’re saying. I can let you each set your limits.”

Mom shook her head. “No! We don’t each set our limits. We have to agree on the limits together, or I don’t know how much I can let the two of you be alone.”

“Alice, don’t start. I’ve told you I’m willing to follow your rules,” Aunt Marie argued.

Mom was determined to have her say. “No sex. Are we understood, Jeremy? Aunt Marie is a gorgeous, sexy woman. You’re going to want to do things. Naughty things. Can you stop it before sex? Or do we have to end everything?”

I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. “By ‘no sex’ you mean no screwing right?”

Mom reddened and nodded.

Aunt Marie made it even clearer. “You don’t get to put your thingie inside my woohoo,” she said very softly.

“Marie!” Mom whined.

“Making it crystal clear for him. That’s what we’re saying, right?”

“Am I the last one up?” Colin spoke up walking into the kitchen.

We broke apart like a football team out of the huddle, Aunt Marie scooting away, and Mom leaping from her chair. “Morning, sleepy head. Any longer, and your cousin would have eaten your share of breakfast.”

He was acting nervous, sitting awkwardly in his chair, his glance constantly moving back and forth between Aunt Marie and Mom.

Mom retrieved Colin’s breakfast from the oven. “Jeremy, if you’re done, your father said you should change the water in the coolers, and make sure the meat is iced down enough. He said if you’re feeling up to it, you can try butchering one of the smaller pigs.”

It appeared they wanted to have a talk with Colin similar to mine. I’m guessing from the sounds of things, his access was going to be more restricted than mine. Probably a lot more. Poor guy. To be that close to heaven, and to have it yanked away.

I headed out to the garage, and dragged the coolers out to the backyard. We had the better part of five whole pigs on ice, and Dad’s mysterious concoction that they were bathed in needed regular icing to keep the water cold. I dragged the coolers over to the drain out back, and dumped the water. I filled them most of the way with the hose, adding a gallon of Dad’s additive, and three bags of ice to each. I’d see about butchering one later, when I had Colin’s help.

Afterward I headed up for a shower. I was feeling distinctly grubby. And the shower provided great cover for a release I desperately needed.

When I came out, Mom was waiting for me. “Feeling better?” she asked.

“Tons.” I was wearing only a towel, and wondered how much it would hide if I kept talking to her. Just being near her was making me excited. I had come only 10 minutes earlier, alone unfortunately, but it appeared my cock hadn’t been informed of that.

“Your Aunt and Colin are loading their car. They’re going to head home after lunch,” she said, walking with me to my bedroom.

When we were inside, she closed the door and didn’t resist when I pulled her into my arms. “You understand why we had to have that conversation?”

“I think so. You didn’t tell Aunt Marie what we did, did you?” I asked, holding her close, enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

“Of course not! I told her that you did what Colin did. That and nothing more. This way she thinks that if she gets to continue doing what you guys did, she’ll be one up on me.”

I kissed her, and even though she didn’t reciprocate much, she didn’t stop me. “What about us?” I asked.

“If you follow my rules with your Aunt, and can keep a secret, we can have our own rules,” she said reaching down and adjusting my wrap.

I loosened my towel, letting it drop to the floor. “Jeremy. We have to have rules, and I told you, not in this house.”

“I’ll follow your rules Mom. I’ll do anything you say,” I assured her.

“Good. Once Marie leaves, you and I can talk about those rules.” She picked up my towel, her face nearly brushing against my hard cock. She turned and handed it to me. “I don’t mean to tease you, but this isn’t the time, understand?”

“Perfectly Mom. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me now. You’ll get your chance later. I promise.” She stood in the doorway. “I’m going to send Marie up here to you, and keep Colin busy for a while. Say your goodbyes.”

Damn. I loved my Mom.

I didn’t bother getting dressed. I lay on my bed, gently stroking the erection Mom had left me with, keeping it primed for my hot Aunt.

Within a few minutes, I heard the knock on my door. “It’s me, Jeremy. Can I come in?”

I stood and went to my dresser, acting like I was getting dressed. “Sure, Aunt Marie. It’s open.”

She opened the door, closing it tightly behind her. “We’ll be leaving in an hour or so, and I wanted to make sure we both agreed on where things stand.”

She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and before I could turn around, she had her t-shirt off, and was removing her bra. One look at those tits, and I wanted to throw all the rules out.

I went to her and took her in my arms, pulling her face up for a nice kiss. Her hand was already gripping my cock. She stepped back and pulled her shorts off, wiggling out of them, standing before me in just her panties.

“We only have a few minutes,” she said sadly.

“Let’s make the most of them.”

She smiled. “I like the sound of that.”

I drew her over to the bed, and we both stretched out on it. She was in my arms in a heartbeat. I kissed her, my hands exploring her body.

“I know the rules sound extreme at the moment, but we have to follow them for now. I’m hoping to change them before too long, with your mother’s permission.”

“I don’t know, Aunt Marie. She’s gonna want to maintain her limits.”

“Trust me, sweet boy. I’ll work on her. In the meantime, the way I understand it, there’s only one thing we can’t do. As much as I’d love it, you can’t put that big thing inside my pussy. Other than that, we can have some fun.” Her stroking of my cock assured me she was willing to do plenty.

“Did you have something in mind?” I teased.

“I’m willing to use my mouth, if you are, stud,” she said. “Just warn me before you come, Ok?”

“I’d love to,” I assured her.

“Good. Why don’t you start then? I take a little longer to get warmed up.” She rolled over onto her back, and started pushing her panties down.

I helped her remove that last slip of clothing, then moved between her legs. “I’m kind of new to this,” I warned her, suddenly nervous.

I needn’t have worried. She was very open, even eager to give me directions. I was a willing pupil. After about 10 minutes of her tutelage, I knew my way around her warm pussy pretty well, and even though my tongue in particular was tiring, I did my best to follow her directions and learn my way around.

I knew I was doing Ok when she grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face down into her moistness, and came for me.

I learned that I liked going down on her. A lot. I liked the feel, the crazy sexy smell, and the taste of her. I loved feeling her react to what I did, and hearing her sexy whimpers, gasps, and moans. I especially loved the feeling of her losing control, crying out my name, and her entire body shaking when she came for me. I was going to do that a lot more often, if I had my druthers.

She was as good as her word. After I got her off, she had me lie down and she attacked my cock with her mouth. She was so good, knowing what to do to drive me crazy. Her hands and mouth worked together, the perfect tandem.

Aunt Marie pulled off after a bit, still stroking me. “You want to know a secret, Jeremy?”

“Yes,” I moaned for her.

“I don’t do this for many men. Almost never, to be honest.”

I groaned. “That might be the meanest thing I ever heard.”

She laughed so sweetly, it nearly made me shoot. “But I’ll do it for you. I can count on one hand the number of times I let a man, even my husbands, come in my mouth. I have a feeling you’re going to change that.”

She went back down on me, watching me, while she sucked me off. It had only been a couple of minutes, but I couldn’t hold off any longer. “I’m going to come,” I warned her.

My sexy Aunt pulled her mouth away, stroking me. “Where do you want me to take it? On my tits? On my face? Or maybe in my mouth?” she teased.

“In your mouth,” I gasped, holding back as long as possible.

“Greedy boy,” she giggled, and then lowered her mouth over my pole, bobbing her head on my cock beautifully.

I groaned and let loose, filling that sexy, warm opening.

She let me finish, and I felt her tongue teasing me, the wetness of her full mouth incredible. She pulled back, until just the head was between her lips, and swallowed. She slid her lips back over the head, sucking me, making me squirm. I was super sensitive, and each time her tongue stroked me, I jerked.

She pulled away, grinning. She slowly opened her mouth, showing just a hint of my juices, then closed it again, swallowing. “There. That’s two for Jeremy, and four for everyone else. Ever.”

“That was amazing, Aunt Marie.”

“I’m glad you think so. I can’t believe I actually like doing that for you.”

“I’m glad you do.”

“I’m sure you are.” She moved up on the bed, and kissed me deeply. I could taste the difference, after she’d sucked me off.

She climbed off of my bed, and started getting dressed. “I guess I better head back down before your wicked mother drives my poor boy crazy.” She had her panties on and was buttoning her shorts. “I know you’re going to want to do things with your Mom, I understand that. She’s not going to be able to get past her ideas of what’s allowed. Any time she drives you too crazy, you know I’m only a few miles away. Give me a little warning, and I’ll get rid of Colin, and we can take care of you proper.”

“I’ll be callin’ a lot,” I told her.

“Good. I like to hear that,” she said, adjusting her shirt. “You better get dressed now, before your Mom comes up to check on us.”

I did, demanding one last kiss from her before she could leave my room. “You are the best aunt ever, Marie,” I told her.

She grinned. “You’re probably right. And you don’t even know the half of it yet.”

* * *

I got dressed and headed down to be with everyone else. Colin may like hunting, but it didn’t take long to figure out he didn’t like the butchering that comes with it. Kind of squeamish.

He was watching me cut some ribs out, standing to the side. “Pretty crazy car ride, huh?” he said out of the blue.

I almost cut off a finger. Luckily just nicked it, nothing a little duct tape couldn’t take care of. I put the knife down and reached for the cabinet that held the tape. “Yeah. I think crazy describes it pretty good.” I grabbed the tape, tore off a strip, and rinsed my hand clean.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” he asked cautiously.

I dried my hand, and wrapped the tape around twice before answering. “I was a little, last night, but Dad said to keep it cool,” I admitted.

He sounded like he was ready to shit his britches. “Your Dad knows?”

I went back to work, a little slower and more careful this time. “He knows that you were feeling up Mom’s boobs, and you got hard for her.”

“Jesus!” Colin groaned, pacing up and down the garage. “I couldn’t help it, you know? Having her on my lap like that, all the bouncing around, and especially after she flashed me in the lake. I’m sorry.”

God, if he started crying I was going to pop him one.

“Stripping your own sleeping Mom naked probably wasn’t the smartest thing either,” I reminded him.

He leaned back against the sink, and held his head in his hands. “I know. God, I know. Don’t think I didn’t get an earful about that. I just couldn’t help myself. I was so worked up.”

“You in trouble?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I thought I’d be in deep shit, but they both sat me down, and told me my behavior was unacceptable. Especially any touching below the waist. Aunt Alice said if that happened again, she’d tell your Dad.” He was back pacing the floor. “They didn’t seem to be too mad about me touching their boobs. You don’t think that might be Ok now, do you?”

The stack of meat next to me was growing. “I wouldn’t press my luck. Maybe special occasions, when the time is right, things are private, and everyone’s had a couple of drinks. Then we might get away with something like that.”

He stopped and stood next to me fidgeting. “You did it too, didn’t you? You touched my Mom’s boobs.”

I wiped my hands before wrapping up the meat in butcher paper for the freezer. “Let’s just say I took some liberties too, and they spoke to me about it as well.”

“They’re pretty incredible, huh? You going to try it again?” he asked.

Already did, and once you leave, even more. “When the time is right. For now, they laid down the law, and I’m going to do whatever Mom says. Take it easy, until the time is right.”

“I…I kissed your Mom,” he blurted out.

“Damn it, Colin! I don’t want to hear that. Keep it cool! If you ever get another chance like last night, play it smart and don’t get carried away. And whatever you do, keep it to yourself. If you ever talk about this to anybody else, I swear I’ll kick your ass.”

He backed away. “No. I’ll never say nothin’. I promise. I figured it was Ok to talk to you, but only you, ya know?”

I moved the meat to the freezer, and washed up for good. “I understand. I guess if you need to talk to anybody, I should be the one.” I turned and faced him. “How far did you go with Mom, anyway?”

He glanced at the closed door to the house. “She let me feel her up, inside her shirt. She even let me rub between her legs a bit. At the end she let me kiss her a couple of times.”

“Pretty brave,” I teased.

“I was scared spitless that she was going to shoot me down at any moment,” he admitted.

“What about with your Mom?” I asked.

He turned a deep red. “I was bad. Once she fell asleep I felt her up pretty good, and even took her panties off so I could see what it was like, you know? To see a real one. She was completely out of it, and I couldn’t think straight. When she didn’t respond to my doing whatever I wanted with her tits, including sucking on her big nips, I had to try more. I mean, even with my fingers inside of her, she didn’t wake up. Good thing we didn’t have much more time on the road. I was real close to doing something that she would have killed me for.”

I had closed up the coolers and put away the tools. “Good thing is right. I don’t imagine that would have gone over well. She seemed pissed as it was.”

“Yeah. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get in more trouble.” He shrugged. “Too bad your Mom was awake the whole ride, huh?”

I shook my head. “If she was passed out, I don’t think I would have done anything. Not like that. Especially with Dad three feet away. I was happy the way things worked out anyway. Mom and I had the best talk ever. It was epic.”

The door opened at that moment, cutting off any reply. “You boys about done in here? We have some sandwiches ready before we have to leave,” Aunt Marie said from the doorway.

“Just finished,” I told her, heading for the door, with Colin a step behind.

Fifteen minutes later we were seeing them off, after loading their gear into the car. Aunt Marie surprised the shit out of me by giving me a big kiss after Colin got in on the passenger side.

“Remember what I said,” she whispered. “Give me a call anytime you feel the urge.”

I held the door for her, watching her bare legs as she got in the car. I couldn’t help but think where those sexy pins lead to. “I will.”

Mom walked over to me, sliding her arm around my waist, possessively, while we waved goodbye. “What was that about, at the end?”

“She said anytime you leave me too frustrated I should give her a call,” I explained, wrapping my arm around her waist.

She turned and we walked back into the house. “God, what am I going to do with that tramp? Are you going to behave with her?”

I locked the door behind us, and slid my hand into Mom’s. “100%. We talked about that while we said goodbye. We both agreed we would keep to the rules, but she said she’s going to work on you to get them changed.”

I turned to pull her into my arms, but she stopped me. “Slow down, cowboy. Last night doesn’t mean you can grab me anytime you want. I’m still your mother, and you need to show me a little respect.”

“Mom, believe me, I’m going to show you so damn much respect, you’re not going to be able to walk straight.”

I was shocked when she slapped me. “Don’t talk to me like that! I thought you understood we’d have rules. We’re not going to turn your father’s house into some incestuous playground. I won’t have it!”

I stepped back from her, confused and ashamed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean anything bad, I was only teasing.”

She closed her eyes, and brushed her hair away from her forehead. “Shit. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Listen Jeremy, I’m tired, grouchy and a little mixed up. I got almost no sleep last night. I’m going to take a nap for a couple of hours.” She looked at her watch. “Let me put another load in the wash, then wake me at four, so we can straighten things out before your father gets home.”

She walked past me, brushing her hand against my arm before heading to the laundry room. She turned before she’d gotten far. “If you’ve got so much energy, why don’t you put away the laundry, clean out the jeep, and see what you can about those coolers of meat.”

Crap. I’d really stepped in it.

I was folding the clothes when Mom headed up the stairs. It was a little after twelve; she’d get a few hours of sleep in. And I had a small window of opportunity to get back into her good graces.

Or I could just call Aunt Marie.

I did every chore I could think of, helping with the laundry, cleaning up in the kitchen, emptying the Jeep and washing it, and doing what I could with the hog meat.

It was nearly four when I took another quick shower to get the hog stink off me, before going in to wake Mom.

I opened the door to her room, and she was dead to the world. “Mom?” I said softly, getting no response.

She looked so pretty, so relaxed, I hated waking her. I knelt down on the bed next to her and nudged her shoulder. “Mom, it’s 4:00.”

She rolled away from me. “A few more minutes,” she mumbled, barely audible.

Damn it. I had been such a jerk. I slid into the bed next to her, sliding under the covers, and put my arm around her. “I love you, Mom. I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Shh,” she whispered, reaching up and holding my arm.

I slipped my other arm under her head, and spooned up close to her, holding her. She sighed and pushed back against me, her hips meeting my crotch. I nuzzled my cheek into her hair, kissing her neck and hugging her tighter. “Mmm,” she purred.

It was nice to hold her. When she let go of my arm, I ran my hand down her side, across her soft skin. A lot of soft skin. When I reached her hip I still met nothing but skin. Mom was naked.

That had the expected reaction down below. I pushed my new erection against Mom’s soft rear. She pushed back a little. “Be good, Jeremy.”

I brought my hand back up and pushed her hair away so I could get to her soft neck. I kissed her there, while my hand sought out her breast, holding it softly.

Mom sighed, scooting away a bit and rolling onto her back. I moved my hand away from her breast and rested it on her smooth belly. She cracked one eye open sleepily. “What time is it?” she mumbled. I peeked past her at the bedside clock. “It’s 4:08.”

“Ten more minutes.”

I kissed her lips lightly, and was surprised when they parted for me. I kissed her again, and felt her tongue brush mine. My hand returned to her breast, cupping it gently, caressing it.

She seemed OK with me touching her. I sat up and pulled off my shirt and shorts. I wasn’t going to be too bad, I just wanted to feel her skin against mine. I curled up next to her again, pressing my lips to hers, sharing the longest, sweetest kiss, while my hand explored her soft body.

When I reached between her legs, rubbing her pussy, she opened her eyes a little. “Gentle, baby. I’m horribly sore down there.”

I kissed her cheek. “I’m sorry Mom, if I got carried away.”

She chuckled softly, coming awake. “It wasn’t you, sweetie. Your old man was feeling his oats last night. He got a little crazy, making me tell him all about what Colin did and quizzing me on your behavior.”

I was stunned. “What did you tell him about us?”

She turned toward me, her hand fluttering across my chest. “It’s hard for me to keep secrets from your father, baby. I told him everything about Colin, and I told him what you did with Aunt Marie. I hope you’re not mad.”

My Mom was naked, and she was accepting my caresses. How mad would you have been?

“Of course not, Mom. But what about us? What did you tell him about us?”

She reached down and held my cock which was pressing against her, and giggled. “Look at you. So worried about what your father might have found out, and still sporting a boner for your old Mom.”

The smile left her face slowly. “I’m sorry I hit you.”

“No. I deserved it.”

She turned on her side, and slid her thigh between my legs. “We have to have rules, Jeremy. This could all get so out-of-control if we do whatever we want.”

“What are your rules, Mom? Not the Aunt Marie rules, our rules.”

My hand was sliding across her back and her ass. Damn she felt good. “No sex in the house. Kissing, touching, all has to be done when nobody is here. We don’t do anything in here, in your father’s bed. If we can follow those rules, you can find out how much better your mother is than her slutty sister when it comes to oral entertainment.”

She pushed me onto my back with a gentle nudge, and moved on top of me, straddling my waist. “Do you think you can live by those rules, Jeremy? Or do we have to cut you off completely?”

“I swear Mom. I’ll do whatever you think is best.”

She looked down at me grinning. “Did you do your chores? Or did you run off to your Aunt to get your rocks off after I rejected you?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” I told her, shocked that she would even think that I might. “I did everything you asked and more. Two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed the Jeep, and finished what I could with the meat.”

“But you thought about running off to her, didn’t you?” she said, with surprising sincerity.

“Are you kidding? All I could think about was hurting you and disappointing you. I wanted to make it up to you.”

She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. “I believe you.”

She was straddling my hard-on, and rubbing herself against me, driving me nuts. “Are you going to follow the rules with your Aunt?”

I nodded. “That’s what we talked about during our goodbye. I made sure she knew that I wasn’t going to go against anything you said. No way.” I moved my hands up to her hips, and pushed back against her. “She told me not to worry, she was going to get you to change the rules.”

Mom stopped her rubbing, sitting still. “You’re willing to tell me your Aunt’s plans to let her fuck you?”

“After last night, there’s no way I’m keeping anything from you, Mom, ever. The sex, that was incredible, but the talking, the opening up, that was the greatest. I feel so much closer to you now than I ever have. Closer than I’ve ever been with anyone. Thank you for sharing all that with me.”

I could see her eyes were moist. She leaned down and kissed me again, so tenderly it made my heart ache. I felt one of her tears fall down and hit my cheek. I held her. “I love you, Mom. You could never understand how much.”

She pulled back and smiled. “Tell me I can’t understand, when you’re a parent. Until then you’ll never really know how I feel.”

She sat up again, and tapped my chest. “Jeremy. I’m going to bend the rules this once. What we did last night was pretty damn incredible, but I want to move past that craziness. You understand this won’t happen again? Not here?”

I nodded mutely, unable to believe what I was hearing.

“Like I said, be gentle. Between you and your father, I’m very sore.” She lifted up and guided my aching cock between her legs, slowly settling down onto me, until I was deep inside of her.

“Mmm,” she hummed sweetly. “Let me get used to you.”

She moved up and down a couple of times, slowly, until the movement was smooth and easy, and then she lowered herself to my chest, lying on me. “Now what was the question you had about your Dad?” She said it teasingly, giving a small wiggle with her hips.

“God, Mom. You feel too good for words,” I gasped, holding her incredible ass cheeks in my hands while I pushed into her, feeling the glory of her warmth engulfing me.

She chuckled. “That was the question?”

“Dad,” I finally was able to utter. “What did you tell him? About us?”

She sighed, rocking back against my gentle thrusts. “After I told him what Marie said to me, I explained that I had to know what you had done, and in the process of getting the story out of you, you showed more than you explained.”

“Oh God, Mom! Dad’s going to kill me!” I groaned.

She rose up a bit and gave me a soft little kiss. “He nearly fucked me to death, during the tellin’.”

“He wasn’t mad?”

“A little. But more worked up than anything else. To think his boy was feeling up his wife, just a couple of feet away. It near drove him crazy. Especially the part of you gettin’ me naked. I told him that we didn’t do everything that you and Marie did; that a blow-job was over the line.”

She spread her legs a bit, raising up so I could get a little more motion. I was fucking my Mom! Not crazy like, just sliding in and out of her, and relishing the feeling. But I was doing it. I was fucking my Mom, with her full cooperation. In her bed. I wasn’t going to last much longer. “What about the rest?” I had to ask.

She sat up, settling down on my cock, looking down at me. “He asked me if I had wanted to blow you. I admitted you had me pretty worked up, between telling you all about our old history, and acting out your little episode with Marie. ‘He’s big, you know, just like you,’ I explained to him. ‘So much like you when we were young, it was hard not to.'”

She started screwing me slowly. “He couldn’t leave it alone. ‘Poor bastard. All worked up like that, and not getting to find out what he’s missing,’ he said, then he made me go down on him. After he got off he still wasn’t done and he had me get him hard again.”

Mom stopped her movement, grinning at me. “I figure he was right. It’s a shame that you didn’t get to experience my mouth. Would you like to?”

All I could do was nod.

She climbed off of me, kneeling between my legs. She held my cock up, her juices glistening on my skin, stroking it slowly. “You have a beautiful cock, Jeremy.” She licked the entire length of it, while watching me.

I groaned loudly for her, reaching down and stroking her hair.

She smiled, and her tongue explored my shaft and head, teasing, tasting. Her lips pressed small kisses all around it. She rose up a bit, still looking up at me. “Don’t hold back. Enjoy it, and let’s get this first one out of the way.” Her mouth opened, and I watched in amazement as my cock disappeared in Mom’s loving mouth.

She used her mouth and hands together, driving me wild. It was the most incredible thing, far surpassing Aunt Marie, Penny, and any of the other girls. She closed her eyes and pushed, taking my entire length inside of her warm mouth, until her nose was pressed against my pubes.

The third time she did that, I couldn’t hold back any longer. In spite of her direction to not hold back, I didn’t want it to end, and did my best to make it last, but I was doomed from the start. “Mom,” I gasped.

She pulled back off of me, stroking my cock with her hand, massaging the head with her tongue, and keeping her lips clamped around my shaft. “Mom!” I cried, erupting between her lips, and letting her milk me dry.

Mom swallowed my load, sucking me gently, and then turned sideways, laying across my thigh, while she used her mouth to clean me and return the steel to my shaft.

She pulled back after a bit. “Better than Marie?”

“Jesus, Mom. That was incredible! Comparing what Aunt Marie did to that would be blasphemy. You are amazing.”

She was playing with my new hard-on, stroking it, kissing it, sucking it for short moments. “How about Penny and your other conquests?”

“Not even in the same league. If you’re a ten, there not even five’s. Hell, I might have to come up with a whole new scale.” I rose up on my elbows, looking down at her. “That was mean, Mom. Completely unfair.”

She looked at me puzzled. “What?”

“You’ve ruined me! I thought what they did was pretty spectacular. I loved it. I couldn’t believe how hot it was coming in Aunt Marie’s mouth, and watching her swallow my cum. And the first time Penny sucked me, the sensation was so new, I could barely contain myself. Now I know better. I’ll be comparing every blow-job I ever receive to yours. How are they ever going to measure up?”

She smiled, sucking me for a bit, before answering. “You know what the worst part is, Jeremy? That wasn’t even a good one. I’m going to blow your mind, once we’ve gotten you past your hair trigger.” She grinned, climbing up the bed, and settling into my arms. “So you’ve got your naked Mom in your bed, and she’s willing to do anything you want, this once. What are you going to do now?”

“Anything I want?”


“I want to be on top of you, to start,” I explained. “I want to see you come on my cock.”

She smiled, and kissed my chest. “That’s sweet. I want to come on your big fat cock.” She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs.

I climbed between them and she pulled her legs back, exposing herself to me. I gazed between her legs at the smooth flesh, curving into twin mounds, with that mysterious slit in the middle. A small wrinkled line of flesh occupied the center. “Uhh, Mom? I changed my mind.”

She raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Really?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind, I want to go down on you.”

She giggled. “Please, be my guest. I don’t think you’re going to find too many girls who are going to say no to that offer.”

I lowered my body, examining her smooth pussy up close, kissing her inner thighs. “I’m new to this,” I explained hesitantly.

“Shh. Don’t worry. You’ll do great. If you need any guidance, Mommy will make sure you get things right.”

I had to taste her. I just had to. I needed to feel her with my tongue, open her, revel in the texture, the taste. I licked her slowly, parting her lips, working from bottom to top. I pulled back, opening her with my fingers, seeing her up close. The smell was intoxicating, and I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with her glorious odor. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her, tasting her wetness. I peeled back the hood at the top, seeing her little bulb of flesh. It was smaller than Aunt Marie’s. I touched it softly with the tip of my tongue. “Is this your clit, Mom?”

“That’s it baby. Be gentle, Ok? That’s particularly sore today. Your father gave it a serious working over last night.”

I teased it carefully, running my tongue around it, seeing how it reacted. I moved closer and took it between my lips, sucking on it lightly, teasing it with the tip of my tongue.

“Not right on top of it, baby. Suck the skin around it,” Mom said softly, brushing her hand across my hair.

I backed off, blowing gently across it, while I slid a finger inside of her, feeling her warmth and wetness. I had her squirming nicely.

“You didn’t tell Dad we had sex, did you?” I asked, still unable to get the thought of her confessing what we did to him.

“After I told him I wouldn’t blow you, I guess he assumed that was as far as it went, and I didn’t volunteer any more,” she said softly, reaching down and pushing my head back between her legs. ” I have to be honest with you, baby. If he had asked, I don’t know if I could have lied to him. I just can’t.”

“I understand.” I played to my heart’s content, sucking on her lips, sliding my tongue inside of her, teasing her clit the way she’d told me, all while fingering her. I practiced what Aunt Marie taught me, and I seemed to be getting a nice result.

“He was on top of me, fucking me like it was 18 years ago, hard and needy. He made me tell him everything we talked about, about our past. I told him what we had discussed, of course, and it seemed to drive him wild. I hadn’t seen him like that in a long time.” She was talking softly, breaking off when I did something she particularly enjoyed.

When I pushed her legs back and pressed my tongue against her little brown star she gasped and went quiet. That was something I came up with on my own. Aunt Marie meant it when she said that area was off limits.

I found if I stiffened my tongue and pressed hard, I could get the tip inside of her, making her moan. My Mom’s sexy moan. I loved that sound.

With the talking out of the way, I concentrated on what I was doing, seeing how I could get her to respond to my actions, each additional moan, groan, whimper or squeal driving me on.

It wasn’t long before I had a finger in my Mom’s ass and was pumping her while I licked her pussy for all I was worth. I felt a new change come over her, her body tensing up, her butt-hole opening up for a second finger, her pussy getting wetter. I moved up and sucked on her clit. It felt larger now, swollen, and I used my tongue to play with it. Her legs stiffened and closed around my head, her fingers in my hair pulling me harder against her.

Mom cried out loudly, crushing my head between her legs, while her ass clenched down on my fingers like a fist. She drove her hips up against my face, hard, while she came, trembling. When she started to relax I eased up on her, pulling my fingers out of her butt, and licking her slit.

I had made my mother come on my tongue.

It was without a doubt the best thing I’d ever done. I felt God like. I’d made Mom come. Huge.

She was breathing heavily, her hand caressing my head. “Now, Jeremy. I need you inside of me.”

I moved up between her legs, my stiff rod more than ready. I pressed the head against her slit, and she pulled her legs back, opening for me. The sight of my cock head pressed against her swollen pink lips was far better than any porn, short-circuiting my brain. I pushed the head inside of her, then pulled it back out so I could watch it open her again. After a few seconds, I pressed a little further, watching the first couple of inches disappear inside of her. I was enthralled with the view, and fucked her carefully, with short little strokes, slowly opening her up, driving further, feeling the sensation of her hot channel allowing me in. I thought about the fact that I had come out of that mysterious space, amazed that it would even be possible. She was too tight with my cock only halfway in.

I giggled.

She rose up on her elbows looking at me. “Something funny?”

“Not funny. It’s just hard to believe that 18 years ago, I came out of here. Now I can barely get my cock inside of you, you’re so tight. How could I ever have come out of this?” I was still sliding my cock back and forth, watching it as if my life depended on it.

She laid back. “It wasn’t easy, I assure you.” I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock, making me groan. “Those are some naughty thoughts. Thinking about your Mom like that, while you’re sliding your thick cock inside of her.”

I pushed hard, burying the entire length inside, stopping when I was balls deep. “It’s just so amazing. You and Dad doing what we’re doing, ending up in me coming out of here 9 months later. It’s all so incredible.”

“Does it bother you?” she asked tentatively.

“Bother me? Are you nuts? It’s the most wonderful thing in the world!” I leaned over her, my arms extended on each side of her chest. “You and Dad doing this. Making love, and making me. You made me. You brought me into this world and cared for me. I love you so much, Mom.”

I dropped to my elbows, and started driving inside of her, feeling my full length penetrate her repeatedly. It was too much to comprehend. Mom, who had done everything for me, who had given me life, now giving her body to me completely. I felt myself tearing up, and turned my face away.

Her hands reached up for me, turning me back. I could see her eyes were moist. “Don’t turn away, Jeremy.”

I brought a hand up and brushed the tears away, sniffling. She pulled my face down to hers, kissing me softly, and then more intensely. My movements had slowed but I sped up again, pounding into her, trying to push more and more of myself back inside of her.

She turned her lips slightly away from mine, gasping. “Like that, baby, don’t stop. You’re going to make Mommy come.”

I held her face in my hands, our lips barely touching, my tongue exploring her lips and teeth, while I drove into her, long strokes, as hard and fast as I could.

Her mouth went slack and I was breathing hard, gasping as I felt the impending need to come build inside of me. I closed my eyes, concentrating on fucking her, intensifying her own need, determined to last long enough to satisfy her.

I was at my limit. “Mom, I’m going to come,” I gasped.

She whimpered, humping back at me, her hands grasping my biceps, digging into them.

The urge burst upon me, and I slammed down, my insides turning to lava and flowing into her. I pulled back and pounded into her again, making her cry out. Her legs flailed at my thighs, while I filled her. Her body turned to stone, every muscle clenched and she threw her head back with a cry. I fucked her all the way through my orgasm, stream after stream pouring into her, until I was spent. She was still coming, and when I slowed I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock. Her upper chest was flushed, and I started screwing her again, short, fast strokes, for as long as my stiffness would hold out.

I felt her body start to relax, and she opened her eyes, looking around until they slowly came to focus on me. “Jeremy,” she gasped, and I was astounded to see her eyes roll back, and her body stiffen up again, tiny senseless noises escaping her lips.

It was the most amazing, most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Mom was coming on my hard cock.

I couldn’t keep up the blinding pace with which I’d been fucking her, and slowed down, giving her longer strokes, at a less breakneck speed. My arms were tired, my thighs were burning, and my lower back was straining. Still, I pounded her, pulling her through her orgasm, and only moments later setting her off on another.

My mother was multi-orgasmic. Unbelievable.

I rose up onto my knees, pushed her straining legs back almost to her chest, and with the change of position the pain faded and I went back to driving into her as fast as I could, my hips a blur. Somehow my hard-on had maintained itself throughout, and I was again as hard as ever.

Mom was blowing like a buffalo, coming off her latest orgasm, when she screamed out, coming hard like she had the first time. I was starting to get worried for her. Her face was bright red all the way down to her perfect tits. She was holding her breath, and then gasping for air. I slowed down to an easy pace, released her legs and leaned over her.

She was slow to come to her senses after the last one, her entire body shaking, her legs spasming uncontrollably.

“Shh,” I whispered, caressing her face. I leaned down and kissed her softly, and I saw her eyes focus on mine again. “No more,” she gasped.

I slowed to a stop, still hard inside of her, and lowered my body onto hers, letting her feel some of my weight. I was physically incapable of stopping, but the motion of my hips was now minimal, working away at her slowly, with only a few inches of back and forth motion.

I kissed her gently, while she relaxed completely.


She was gasping through her mouth, her chest heaving. My mother was staring at me, her eyes wide open, as if she didn’t recognize me. I slowed further, pushing deep. She groaned softly, and a smile turned up the corners of her mouth. “Wow! That was unexpected.”

“Everything Ok?” I asked.

She swiveled her hips beneath mine before stretching her entire body, her back curving deliciously, her breasts pressing up against my chest, her arms stretched out over her head, pushing against the headboard.

“Kiss me, baby boy,” she asked softly.

My lips pressed against hers, and we shared a long warm kiss, gentle and exploring, our tongues playing together. I ground my hips against hers, moving in circles, playing inside of her.

She abruptly hugged me close, pulling me down onto her, her arms squeezing tightly. Her calves wrapped around my rear, pulling me tight and slowing our screwing to a crawl.

She released me, and I rose up over her, my cock still buried, amazed at how good she looked.

“Remember how I told you about the time your father wore my ass out and then fucked me silly? The first time I really enjoyed sex?” she asked.

“Sure, one of the hottest things I ever heard. That and tying a bow on your ass to give him your anal virginity.”

“I haven’t come like that since then. That was incredible. You were incredible.”

“Inspired. I am with the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world.” I gave her a long hard thrust.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “Now that you’ve fucked your poor mother senseless, what are you going to do with her?”

“I…I’d really like to do you from behind, if it’s Ok.”

“After that, I don’t think I could deny you anything. So you want to do my butt?”

“Uh, not yet. I just want to see your amazing ass, and hold your soft cheeks while we do it.”

“So you want to fuck your Mommy doggy style, fill her pussy up with your sweet cum again, and then fuck her in the ass?”

“And then do it all over again,” I told her with a smile.

She grinned for me. “Sounds like a plan. So what are you waiting for? I’m yours. This body is yours. Position me however you want me. Do whatever you want. I’ll never say no to you, baby.”

I pulled out of her, kneeling tall. “Let’s start with that talented mouth of yours around my cock for a bit.”

She got on her hands and knees and crawled to me, her mouth open, and taking half my length all at once. I pulled her hair to the side so I could get a better view of her pretty face full of my cock.

“Suck me like you sucked Dad last night,” I urged her, thrusting into her mouth.

She pulled off gasping, a string of saliva stretching from my cock to her lips. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

I grabbed her head, and pushed my cock back into her mouth. “Do it, Mom. Suck me off, make me come for you. Then get me hard for you all over again.”

She pulled away again, and then pushed me to the side. She quickly climbed on top of me, straddling my face. “This is how I sucked your father, Jeremy.” She engulfed my cock again before lowering her crotch down to my face.

Mom was a demon. She sucked me feverishly, fast and deep, her hands teasing me. I gave it my best effort to return the attention, licking her soaked slit, and playing with her rear, but she was too good, too demanding with her mouth. Each time she took me down her throat, it was like a cattle-prod to my nervous system. I could feel the hitch in her motion, and the tight penetration, driving me insane.

She pushed my legs apart and licked my shaft before working on my balls. First licking and sucking, I groaned when I felt one slide into her mouth, her tongue rolling it around like a marble. Then she was working on the other one, her hand stroking me the whole time. She managed to get both of them in her mouth, sucking and licking, before she went back to tending my cock, taking me deep.

She pulled off, gasping. “Your father can stay hard for me for a long time, no matter how hard I work him. Ten minutes is common. He’s made me suck him for upward of an hour at a time.” She pounded her head up and down on my pillar, freeing it from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. “Do you think you’re going to be able to hold out, baby? Are you going to man up and make Mommy earn it?”

I reached down and pushed her face onto my cock, forcing it down her throat. “Suck it,” I demanded, pressing my face back into her pussy, distracting myself from the action below, while I tried hard to make her come for me. I’d show her how much of a man I could be.

It worked for a bit, while I concentrated on what I was doing, my tongue working over her sensitive clit. I was feeling proud. I may not last an hour, but I wasn’t going to shoot off in two minutes either.

Then Mom cheated. She slid her finger in my bottom, pushing in deep, and had me keenly aware of everything she was doing. She took me down her throat, pounding on my cock for what seemed an eternity, before pulling up and gasping. As soon as her mouth left my cock, her evil finger started stroking inside of me, sending shockwaves through my body.

I’d brought a knife to a gunfight. No way I was winning this one.

I completely forgot about my efforts to pleasure her, and her mouth slid straight down my cock to the root again, her tight throat massaging the head, her wicked teeth scraping my shaft, that unavoidable finger doing things to me that I couldn’t fathom.

With a loud groan I lost any semblance of control I had, shoving my cock upward and erupting. I was as far inside of her mouth as I could reach, and when she swallowed, ripples of pleasure ran down my cock, milking me dry.

I gasped, my world suddenly gone black, as if I’d stood up too quickly. I closed my eyes, grabbing onto the sheets, oblivious to her cleaning me up. I could hear my pulse beating in my temple, hammering away like a sledgehammer, my heart racing, ready to burst within my chest.

I swear I was within moments of passing out completely. I opened my eyes slowly, to see Mom looking down at me, with a teasing grin on her face. My eyes tracked down to that miraculous mouth which I’d never be able to look at the same.

My mouth was dry, and my tongue sore. I opened my lips and croaked, “Wow.”

She laughed a little, bringing her moist lips down to mine, brushing them lightly. “Not quite ready to replace your father in my bed, are you, sweetie?”

I reached for her, and she slid into my arms, letting me hug her. I tried to speak, but nonsense sounds came out at first, making her giggle.

“I would never want to replace Dad,” I eventually was able to reply. “Never.”

She hummed pleasantly, her hand softly stroking my cock, which in spite of my professed desires to do her all over again and finishing inside that mysterious back door, was down for the count.

“No? Then what are you trying to do?” she asked.

“I just want to love you too, Mom,” I confessed. “Love you as much as him. Have you love me just as much. Show you my love as intensely, as thoroughly.”

“Your father’s a special man, Jeremy. He’s going to be a difficult one to compete with.” Her tone was very serious.

“I don’t want to compete with him. I want to share you with him.”

She rubbed her crotch against my hip, nibbling on my shoulder. “Now that’s a thought. Being shared by both of you. Two huge cocks, one at each end. Or one in back and one in front. Jesus, that would be wild. Marie would be so jealous,” she murmured.

It wasn’t what I had in mind by sharing. I was thinking more one-on-one, and keeping my end of it a secret. But her words had me envisioning her lying on my father, riding him, her perfect ass sticking up in invitation. Dad reaching up and spreading her cheeks for me, as I climbed onto their bed, my hard cock in hand. Mom looking back at me in anticipation, her desperate need portrayed on her pretty face. Sliding in behind her, seeing where my father’s shaft was spreading her open, pressing my cock-head against her other opening, and pushing it in firmly.

“God, you’re bad,” Mom teased. I felt her hand wrap around my new erection, stroking me. “Where were you in that little fantasy you just had?” she asked.

“In your bottom,” I confessed.

“And your father?”

“Underneath you, all the way inside you, holding your ass cheeks open wide for me.”

She sighed, her hand caressing my hardness. “You know, don’t you, that of all the ways this thing we’re doing could possibly work out, that’s about the least likely scenario possible.”

“I know,” I said, stroking her smooth back. “When I said I wanted to share you, I meant like now. He can have you sometimes, and so can I. Not together.”

She ran her tongue across my chest, making my erection harden. “I know, sugar. It’s just too easy to tease you.”

She sat up, looking at the clock. “We have to stop now. There’s still a lot I need to do before your old man gets home. We’ll have time together later, I promise, Ok? I’m sorry to leave you like this.”

I sat up, pulling her to me for a quick kiss. “Don’t apologize. That was spectacular. But just because we’re being naughty, doesn’t mean the house has to suffer, right? If you were late with dinner every time we did anything, that wouldn’t be good.”

She grinned, climbing off the bed and heading for her bathroom. “See? That kind of thinking will make sure that there’s plenty of this,” she waved her hand up and down her body, like she was modeling, “in your future.” She did a little spin for me, then turned and wiggled her ass. “Lots of this, too, if you’re very, very good.”

I headed to my room for my third shower of the day. Wouldn’t be good to go to the dinner table smelling of sex and Mom.

* * *

We always ate pretty early, and that night was no different. Dad came home and changed out of his suit, while Mom put the finishing touches on dinner. I set the table in the kitchen, where we ate most of the time, unable to stop myself from staring at my Mom’s ass every chance I got. Damn, I’d been so close.

She was wearing light grey yoga pants, so tight they crawled up her butt, and when she leaned over, I could see the perfect outline of her incredible pussy. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. This was a Mom I didn’t know or recognize. My Mom would never wear pants like that where anybody could see her. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if Aunt Marie would.

Mom was a yoga fanatic, going to the studio nearly every day. She mostly went in the mornings, but a couple of times a week she’d go in the evening, sometimes both. I loved those yoga pants on her, but her normal wear was black, and never this tight. These were practically obscene. God bless her.

When Dad came down, she was leaning over the oven, checking on the roast. He walked up behind her, obviously ogling her ass. He ran his hand over her butt, down her crack, sliding it between her legs.

Mom gasped, looking back at him, and rolled her hips teasingly.

“Harold…” she warned him, looking over at me.

Dad looked over his shoulder at me, gave me a wink, and smacked Mom on the rear.

Jesus. We were in new territory now.

Mom and Dad kept their intimacy behind closed doors, except for the usual kisses in greeting, and some evening cuddling. I’d never seen him fondle her like that. I felt like he was laying claim to her.

“How’d the butchering go?” he asked me, sitting down at the table.

“Not bad. Got maybe a quarter of it done. Colin wasn’t much help, no stomach for it.”

Mom turned to me. “Fetch your father a beer from the garage.”

I ran out to the beer fridge, returning with a Shiner. His daily beer. Walking into the kitchen, I came to a halt. Mom was bent over, kissing Dad deeply, and his hand was between her legs again. When she pulled away, I could see she was blushing. “Now that’s how you welcome your man home,” he said grinning, holding his hand out to me for his beer.

I couldn’t help staring at Mom. To go with those painted on Yoga pants, she was wearing a skin-tight white yoga top, and her nipples were so hard, I could see the outline of her areola. This was fucking nuts.

Mom served up dinner, and we ate, casually talking about cleaning up after our trip. There was still plenty to do, butchering, gun cleaning and maintenance, vehicle work, and lots more. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I had to admit, summers at the cabin were worth the trouble before and after.

“You going to the studio?” Dad asked, a comment on Mom’s outfit.

“If you don’t mind. It’s been over a week. You know how I get,” Mom replied.

“Go ahead. Jeremy and I will finish up with the meat. Don’t worry about the dishes, we’ll take care of them,” he told her.

She glanced at the clock. “I don’t have to leave quite yet, I can do them.”

Dad shook his head. “Nonsense. I know you like to get there early. Go on.”

Mom cleared her own dishes, then came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She turned and gave Dad a kiss, and it was almost as good at the one I’d interrupted. Damn, they were in a lovey-dovey mood.

As soon as Mom left, Dad had me on the dishes, while he got things started in the garage. I was happy enough to work separately from him. I was feeling nervous about what had happened with Mom and Aunt Marie, and what he knew about it. I figured that his behavior with Mom that evening must have had something to do with it.

I couldn’t spend the whole night washing dishes, and it wasn’t long before I was in the garage, back to butchering the beef. It was illuminating watching Dad work. What had taken me half a day to do, he was able to finish in minutes.

“Don’t just stand there,” he said, “get working.”

“I’ll only get in your way. You’ll finish twice as fast by yourself.”

“Yep. But gettin’ done fastest ain’t what we’re talkin’ here. Only way to learn is to get in there, get your hands dirty, and give it your best.”

He watched over my work, spare with his advice, more apt to show me how it was done, then correct my work. His work with the knife looked so smooth and easy. “I don’t see how I’ll ever be able to do it as good as you,” I admitted.

He laughed. “Are we competing now? I’ve had a hell of a lot more practice. All I ever want is for you to give it your best, learn from your mistakes, and never settle for good enough.”

He showed me his pinkie on his left hand, which was missing the final joint. “Speed is not the end game. Rushing things can make a mess out of everything. I learned that the hard way. I only pray that you can learn from my mistakes.”

“If speed ain’t the name of the game, how come you finish so damned fast?” I asked, only half joking.

“Skill’s all that counts. You get the skills down, the second nature, automatic ability to do anything as naturally as breathing, and the speed comes with the territory. You can finish fast, or you can drag it out as long as you desire. You can do a ‘good enough’ job, or you can achieve perfection. Focus on the skill, not the speed.”

We’d already done the rough work in the field, skinning and gutting the pig, and cutting it into three parts, shoulder, body and hindquarters, for transportation.

I was working my knife down the bone, turning the handle to angle the blade close to the bone, without catching it. When I had it right, the meat turned to butter, the razor sharp edge of my blade gliding along perfectly. Dad put his big hand on my shoulder, giving a painful squeeze. “There, that was it. Technique. You do that 100 times without having to concentrate on it, and the knife will not only slide through, but you can do it as fast as you want.”

I stopped to sharpen my blade, and Dad hit the beer fridge, dropping an open one in front of me. I took a long draught, enjoying the cold refreshment.

“Sounded like you and your Mom had a hell of a conversation last night, quite a bit of it at my expense,” Dad said casually, wrapping up the meat, the easy job, while watching me deal with the more technical butchering.

“I wouldn’t call it at your expense. That woman worships the ground you walk on. I can only pray that someday a woman feels for me like Mom feels for you.” I had my snips out, cutting out two racks of ribs from the torso I was working on.

“Not exactly typical mother/son conversation, though.”

“Hardly.” I had a feeling I knew where this was going, and figured it was just as well if I took control over the conversation. “Truth is, I didn’t know about the issues between Mom and her sister. During the first half of our drive home, things between me and Aunt Marie got a good bit carried away, and during our rest stop, Aunt Marie rubbed Mom’s nose in it. When Mom got in the car she was livid, and had to know everything that went on between us.”

“Do I want to know how bad it got in the backseat?” Dad asked, taking the ribs from me, and passing me another torso.

I laughed. “As long as you promise not to get jealous. To start with, having her sit on my lap, half-clothed in the dark, was bad enough, but I gotta lay some of this at your feet. Things were ok, until she started bouncing around the back seat like a Superball, thanks to your driving. Trying to hang onto her was like trying to hold on to a greased pig, and without even intending it, I was holding onto her in places that were pretty damn interesting.”

Dad laughed. “You can thank me for that later.”

“Thank you?”

“Hell yeah. You think I don’t know what Marie’s like? When I saw those women stripping down to their T-shirts and panties, I knew she was up to no good. Your Mom might have some self-control, but Marie’s a walking hormone. I figured a little bouncing around might do my boy a little good. I don’t think there was a single pot-hole I missed.”

I laughed. “I guess I do owe you a thanks. Troublemaker. Mom mentioned how Aunt Marie welcomed you into their home the first time.”

“She was brazen, no doubt about it. Naked big titty teenager climbing in the shower with me. To this day, I still haven’t told your mother the whole story, for fear it would cause a rift between ’em that might never heal.”

I chuckled. “Don’t hold back on my account.”

Dad took a sip of his bear. “No you don’t. This story telling ain’t about me, not this time.”

I couldn’t believe we were talking like that. Once we’d started hunting, we joked around more, and hinted at things, but not so openly. I told him about holding Aunt Marie, playing with her, stripping her practically naked. Getting my hand in her pants, and how she’d been playing with me.

“Pretty incredible, I bet. Almost shameful the way God split them up. Blessing your Mom with the most incredible ass ever, and legs that can stop traffic, then putting that unbelievable rack on her sister.”

“Good thing you’re an ass-man,” I teased.

“Good thing your Mom believes that,” he said softly.

I let that statement go, afraid to chase down that trail. “I swear, Dad, I’d have been happy as hell just to get to play with her tits. The fondling and feeling her up was a bonus. It’s those damn tits of hers I’ve been dreaming about since I was old enough to care.”

“Join the team, bucko. I don’t know a man alive that could resist ’em.”

“Yet, somehow, you’ve managed to,” I observed.

He nodded. “For the most part. If it was anyone but Marie, your mother’s damn sister, I’m not sure I’d want to. But anything I did with your Aunt would sure as shit get back to Alice, and she might forgive me with some other tramp, but not with Marie. Not a chance in hell.” He turned to me, finishing his beer. I noticed he was working through them pretty quick. I decided to catch up a bit, and pounded the rest of mine.

“I guess you learned about that, huh? Anything you did in that backseat, your Momma was bound to find out. 100% guaranteed. You should understand that. You keep doing things with your Aunt, Alice is gonna know.”

“I know. Now. I didn’t then.”

“You really made her come for you?” he asked quietly.

“In a big way. She had set some limits at the beginning of our playing around. She told me I couldn’t…” I was stuck for a way to put it.

“You couldn’t fuck her?” Dad finished my statement succinctly.

“Yeah, at least not then, not in the car with Colin in the front seat.”

Dad chuckled. “Every word of that statement was carefully planned. Believe me. She knew exactly what she was saying and implying. She’s a vixen.”

“After she came for me, she stripped me naked, straddled me and practically begged me to break our rules. I wasn’t ready for that, no way. I mean, she was rubbing against me, skin on skin, pushing down on me, grinding like a mad woman. I made her come again, even harder than the first time. It was a miracle y’all didn’t hear it.”

He laughed. “You’ve got good instincts. I’ll give you that. You get a woman off good enough, and she’ll be begging for more. Pavlovian. She’ll always come back to the bringer of pleasure.” We’d finished up the lion’s share of the rough butchery, but things were slowing down.

“You didn’t do it though, did you? You didn’t screw her?”

“No. Not that I wasn’t tempted. Wrong place, wrong time. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far. Not completely. So many possible problems.” I admitted.

“Still, nothing to complain about. Not by a long shot. I’d have traded seats with you in a heart-beat, if not for your mother.”

“That wasn’t the end of it. What we were doing had me at my limits. I was going to have to finish, but was afraid of making a mess. Aunt Marie had a solution. She got down on the floorboards and finished me with her mouth.”

“Jesus H. Christ! Marie? Gave you a blow-job in the car?”

He made a good act of being surprised, if Mom had told him the full story last night. “Yeah. I don’t know if you remember, but when she first took me in her mouth, I was surprised and yelled out. That’s when we started talking about our hunting that day. She was sucking me off the whole time.”

“How was she?” Dad asked, his interest definitely piqued.

“Fucking incredible. Of course I don’t have a lot to compare her against. Penny of course, and a couple of others that were nothing to brag about. But Aunt Marie killed them all.”

“Better than Penny then?”

“Penny’s just learning. I was her first blow-job. She can’t take much more than my head and a couple of inches, but she’s so damn cute when trying. Watching her pretty face, blushing with embarrassment while she sucks me, I thought that was pretty spectacular.”

“No shit. That’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing,” Dad laughed.

I wiped my hands down and pulled out my phone. I scrolled down to the pictures, and passed it over. “Don’t tell Mom, Ok?”

He was flipping through the images, obviously entranced. “Damn, she’s a pretty girl. Surprised she sees anything in a scrub like you.”

I laughed. “I could say the same about you old man. Like there’s anyway you deserve someone as hot as Mom.”

He grinned, passing me back the phone. “You got me there. Shit, I wish I’d had a camera when your Mom first went down on me. Un-fucking-believable.”

“I bet.”

“Why wouldn’t you want me to tell your Mom about this? You don’t think she knows a thing or two about blow-jobs?”

“To hear her tell it, she knows a lot more than a thing or two,” I laughed.

“Jesus, Jeremy! How much did you talk about?”

“A lot.”

Dad picked up the packaged meat and stuck it in the freezer. He brought us both back a couple of beers. “You feeling up to telling your old man the rest of the story? The second half of your adventure last night?”

“You don’t mind hearing it?”

“If you don’t mind sharing.” He closed up the coolers, even though we hadn’t quite finished. We were 90% done. “You can finish up the rest of the butchering tomorrow. Let’s move this out to the porch.”

While I was washing up, and cleaning our utensils, Dad did some organizing and grabbed us a six-pack. Good thing. I imagined it was going to be some thirsty work.

Dad brought the guns out to the porch, so we could give them a good cleaning. I wasn’t sure how happy I was about that. With the story I was about to tell, I was glad there was no ammo out there.

I explained how angry Mom was, and how I had to give her every little detail about my shenanigans with Aunt Marie. “Hell, as soon as Aunt Marie got out of the Jeep, she went to Mom and told her I had the sweetest cum she’d ever tasted.”

Dad broke out laughing. A deep gut laugh. “That little bitch. She knows how to press your Mom’s buttons, you’ve got to give her that much.”

I explained that I’d done more showing than telling, the whole time watching Dad to see if he’d suddenly decide to take my head off. He seemed more intent on breaking down the firearms for cleaning. I talked about the touching, the holding, brushing her thigh, moving her around my lap, pressing my erection against her. I explained how Mom had my hard-on wedged between her cheeks when she decided to show off. “‘Bet your Aunt can’t do that,’ she said.”

“She’s got a point. Not much of an ass on Marie. Still, kind of surprising Alice would try something like that. It’s the competition with her sister, you know.”

“I get it now. That’s when I got to asking her about what the deal was with her and Aunt Marie. She opened up to me like I never would have imagined. We spent a long time, easily half the trip, her telling me the history with Aunt Marie, starting in high-school and all about you guys. God, Dad, to hear her tell the story of you shooting down her sister, you had to be there. It was like she was describing a legend. ‘Nice tits, but I’m an ass-man. Have you seen the ass on your sister? God Almighty!’ It was like a holy sermon she was sharing. I’d never heard anyone talk about someone else like she was talking about you. I never thought I could be so jealous of anyone, especially not you and Mom.”

“You should have seen her back then, Jeremy. She’s a beautiful woman now, but when I saw that little freshman, pretty as a picture, with an ass worthy of carving in stone, I had to get to know her. She was sweet, innocent, and unbelievably nice. She had no idea how beautiful she was, spending the last few years in her sister’s shadow.”

“Hard to believe Mom could get any prettier.”

“Not prettier, different. God, I had it bad for her.”

“From the look of things earlier, I’d say you still do.”

I couldn’t believe I saw my father blush. “She still does it for me. Twenty years, and when I saw her ass in those pants, I still almost lost it on the spot.”

“There you are!” I heard Mom call out, nearly making me jump through my skin.

She walked out, hot and sweaty from the workout in a 100 degree room. “What’re you guys up to?” she asked.

“Chatting. Man talk.” Dad said abruptly.

She nodded. “I’m going to take a bath.” She faced my father, “Can you help me out of this top? I can barely lift my arms.”

She turned her back to us, and Dad got up, grabbed the bottom, and pulled it over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. He reached around her and I could tell he was grabbing her tits. “Harold!” Mom hissed, looking over her shoulder.

“Have I told you how much you drive me crazy, Alice?” he said softly, still loud enough for me to hear it.

“I’m a mess,” she murmured.

He turned her around, giving me a flash of tit before his body got in the way. “Harold!” she gasped.

He kissed her. Really kissed her. I watched her hands move around his body, clasping him. They were turned at a bit of an angle, and I saw his near hand slide into the back of her pants, tugging them down her hips a few inches.

I probably should have been embarrassed or something. Instead, I drank my beer, and watched with more than a little envy.

He pulled away, letting me see a glimpse of her tit again. Damn it. I was hard for my Mom, and my father was only a few feet away.

“Do you know how much I love you?” he said to her.

She nodded quietly.

“If we didn’t have an audience, do you know what I’d have you doing?” he teased.

I saw a slow smile appear on her face. I almost lost it when I saw her open her mouth in an ‘O’ and push her cheek out with her tongue a couple of times. “After,” she said softly.

“You bet your sweet ass,” he laughed. He turned her around, letting me see her pants were already half-way down her butt, the top of her crack temptingly exposed. He slapped her on that big bubbly butt. “Go bathe. Clean everything.”

Mom wiggled her ass. “You boys have fun,” she said cheerfully, heading into the house.

Dad sat back down and took a deep swig of beer. “Almost forty years old. Your Penny might be cute as a button, but she’s got nothing on your mother.”

“I’ll drink to that,” I said, holding out my bottle.

Dad smiled, clinking glass. “Not that there’s anything wrong with Penny, mind you.”

“Hell no. But she’s not Mom. Not by a long shot.”

“Still, she’s not bad. And from what you’re saying, a willing learner. We’ll give her bonus points for being a barely legal, innocent hard body. How’s things between you and her? Haven’t seen much of her lately.”

“It’s so-so. I think we both know that once I’ve gone to college, it’s over.”

“Then I’d figure you’d be taking advantage of these last few weeks. She may not be your Aunt Marie, but I imagine she’s as willing, and a lot less trouble.”

I had to laugh. “Not near willing enougth so far. It’s taken most of the year to get to a blow-job. I don’t imagine I’ll get any further before we both leave.”

“Now that’s a damn shame. Can I give you a piece of advice?”

“If it has to do with women, I’d be a fool not to listen.”

He chuckled. “Young women today don’t want to go to college inexperienced. That last summer makes for willing experimenters. If Penny’s not one of them, you might want to cut bait, and troll elsewhere.”

I was surprised when Mom showed back up, a six-pack in her hand, holding her arm across her bare breasts, hiding very little. Tight yoga pants, pushed down on her hips, barefoot. Fuck, she was tempting. “Looked like you guys were bone dry out here. That’s no way to have a man-to-man.” She put the beer on the table, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then gave Dad a better kiss, before departing.

I couldn’t help but stare at her, coming and going.

Dad coughed to get my attention. When I looked at him, he was grinning. “About Penny?”

“Truth is, I haven’t been pursuing much. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“Making a woman out of her wouldn’t hurt her feelings. I’d guess the opposite. Better you, who cares for her, than the first upperclassmen whose eye she catches. I read once 20% of girls lose their cherry their first year in college. Half of them lose it before then. Penny’s already behind the curve.”

“Worth thinking about.”

“Now that you’ve done your best to distract me from your story, you want to get back to it?” Dad said, opening two of our new beers, and passing me one of them. I could already feel the first four, and considered passing on it, but that wouldn’t be manly now, would it? And Dad was definitely all about being a man.

I took a long drink, building up some courage. I was still confused and surprised by their latest actions. I had a feeling there was a message for me, in the way Dad was acting with Mom. Was he showing off? Proving his place with her? Or was he teasing? God, I was nervous about how things were going, but I figured Mom was right. Hell, he already knew most of it. I’d have to see if I could finish the discussion without mentioning the part where I fucked his wife.

“We were talking about you visiting her family for the first time, and Aunt Marie coming on to you, right?” I asked, receiving a nod in return. “Mom said that was when she lost her virginity. I couldn’t believe it. She was sitting in my lap, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, telling me you were her first. How you were so patient, going down on her over and over again, to get her ready.” I took another sip. “I was hard, Dad. Really hard. It was so embarrassing, getting hard for Mom. I couldn’t help it. Not between reliving what Aunt Marie had done, holding Mom in my lap, and then listening to her tell her story.”

“I should hope the fuck so,” Dad said, leaning back. “Not much of a man if that didn’t get you worked up.” He took a sip of his beer. “Mom or not.”

I grinned. “The point was, I was hard as stone, and she noticed. She couldn’t help but notice, the way we were seated. She actually touched me, commenting on how similar you and I were. I think that was what had her going. She kept telling me how much I was like you at this age. She closed her eyes, and described how you took her the first time, and I don’t even think she realized what she was doing. That was when things changed. I mean, before then, I hadn’t done anything more than hold her. I hadn’t touched her bad, or nothin’, I swear. Then she held my cock, telling me all about your history, her first time, tying a bow around her ass for Valentine’s Day, all the blow jobs she gave you, even about the first time she really liked sex – the night you wore her ass out, flipped her over and pounded her into multiple orgasms.”

Dad was watching me intently. “She told you about all of that? Jesus, Jeremy, doesn’t a man’s love life get any privacy?”

“I swear, Dad, I wish I could have taped it. She was so into it, her eyes closed, reliving it all in her mind. She worships you. She practically came just talking about it. It was so hard to hold her, and hear her talk about another man like that, even if it was you. I was so fucking jealous. I know it’s wrong, but Damn, Dad! She’s telling me how good she is at blow-jobs, how often you do it, and that she’ll do it for you anytime you ask. How she’ll deny you nothing. That you take her ass at least a couple of times a week. God, it was so weird hearing that about Mom.”

He nodded. “I imagine it would be. You’re Mom gets kind of worked up when she’s drinking, then that bit with Marie, it’s a recipe for trouble.” He grinned, playing with the label on his beer. “She exagerrates a bit. I don’t take her up the backdoor twice a week, probably not even once a week. She won’t do it anytime I ask. She has her limits. Pretty hard ones. She is generous and accomodating. I’ll give her that.”

“Can you imagine? I never thought about Mom like that. Aunt Marie, of course. But not Mom. It’s not that she’s not pretty, I’m not stupid. But she was just my Mom. Then to hear her talk about you. Her panties getting wet while she talked, her hand sliding down and holding me, telling me how I was big around, like you. How wonderful you were, that you were the best man she’d ever known, like I didn’t know that.”

“She said that?”

“You know how she remembers every word about how you rejected Aunt Marie? Mom is in my lap, holding my cock in her hand, describing losing her virginity to you. ‘Your father’s a good man. The best I’ve ever known.’ Her exact words. I’ll never forget them.” I put the beer aside, and started reassembling my rifle. “She started talking about Aunt Marie, and how she had to get married first, the issues with getting pregnant and how that brought them back together again. She said things had improved, and she’d gotten over most of the past. Then she dropped the bomb. She told me that Aunt Marie was trying to steal me away from her.”

Dad grunted. “Fuck. She’d see it that way of course. Maybe rightfully so. We can’t ever really understand the dynamics between them.”

“Yeah. She was furious that Aunt Marie said I had the sweetest cum she’d ever tasted.”

Dad laughed at that. “She’s got a point. Your Aunt is known for being stingy with the BJs, while your mother considers that her personal area of expertise. That would burn her up.”

“I know. That was the end of the intimate chat-time, and Mom wanted the rest of the story about exactly what happened between me and Aunt Marie.”

“And you were still re-enacting as much as telling?” Dad asked, settling back with a new beer. I was getting left behind. He’d finished two while I was working on my last one.

“Mostly. I didn’t mean nothing by it, I wasn’t thinking straight. I feel like such a shit now, handling Mom like that, your wife. I swear, Dad, I’m so sorry! It was just that she was there, half naked, in my lap, talking about such naughty things. Then when I would show her what I was doing with Aunt Marie, God! It made my head near explode. I hope you’re not too angry with me. That you’ll forgive me. I swear Dad, the last thing I want to do is interfere in any way between you and Mom. It would destroy me to mess that up.”

Dad watched me quietly. “Take it easy, Jeremy. Let’s not worry about that right now. I don’t think we’re going to be any the worse off for you taking a few liberties with your Mom. Let’s finish the story, and we can talk about repercussions later. Ok?”

I nodded. I described how Aunt Marie was sitting on my lap, encouraging me to play with her tits. How the touching escalated as I fondled Aunt Marie’s boobs and removed her shirt, while she rubbed my cock. “That’s how I got Mom’s shirt off, but she wasn’t rubbing me anymore, she was more fixed on what exactly happened. Every little detail. Even to the point of describing how I’d gotten Aunt Marie off. When I started showing her, I thought for sure she’d stop me, but she didn’t.”

“Jesus, Jeremy! Don’t tell me you fingered your mother!”

I was embarrassed. Obviously he felt I’d stepped way over the line, and he was right. “Dad, listen. It was a crazy time last night. I did some stupid things, and Mom let me. But I don’t want to lie to you about it.”

“You didn’t do everything you did with your Aunt, did you?” He looked both worried and upset.

“No! I made her come for me, exactly like I made her sister, and I explained how the next part came to happen, with her removing her panties and straddling me, both of us practically naked. I don’t know if she would have done it, but you have to remember, I still wasn’t thinking straight about the competition thing. When I told Mom she might not be able to turn around, lifting her leg straight up in the air, over my head, like Aunt Marie had done, Mom gave me grief, and proved she was just as flexible as her sister, if not more so. I guess the Yoga pays off. Of course at the end, she was sitting naked in my lap, facing me, rubbing my hardness between her legs.”

Dad shook his head. “I swear, there probably was only one chance in a million of getting your mother like that, and you found it, telling her she couldn’t do something her sister could.”

I nodded. “I know that now. She’s kind of predictable like that. I wouldn’t do that on purpose, I didn’t know. I told her how worked up I had been with Aunt Marie, about to make a mess, with no way to clean it up. I’m holding her by the hips, sliding her wetness up and down my aching cock. Aunt Marie’s solution was to get on the floor boards and blow me. Mom went ballistic when I told her that. She was so angry, I’m surprised she didn’t crawl into the back seat and throttle her sister. As it was she told me that we were done with show-and-tell, and she started to get dressed again.”

“But you wanted to, didn’t you?”

“I had mixed feeling, honestly. I mean, Hell, she’s beautiful, and talking about how good she was had me wanting her bad. At the same time, she’s my Mom, and as soon as she put on her shirt, I couldn’t stop thinking how I’d fucked up, touching her and all. I was practically groveling through my apologies.”

Dad put his fully reassembled gun aside, thankfully. “Don’t take this wrong, but you don’t apologize for doing what any sane man would do. What you did was wrong, not just because she was your Mom, but you betrayed my trust in you. Still, you don’t tell her your sorry after you did it. It’s a screwed up message. If anything you tell her it was good. Don’t thank her like a wimp, and don’t apologize.” He finished his last beer. “It’s water under the bridge. It happened. I’m not happy about it, but I can’t say I’m surprised given the situation. Hell, I have to take part of the blame. If you’d started with Alice on your lap, I dare say none of this would have happened.” He shook his head, draining his beer. “Your Mom is no longer just your mother, now she’s a sexy, beautiful woman. That can’t be helped. You understand that you can never say a word about this to anyone, right?”

“Of course! God, who would I talk to about it?”

He held my eyes with his. “Me. You can talk to me. I understand. I’m not going to kick your ass, or punish you for doing what you did. The God’s honest truth is I don’t know if I’d have had any more restraint. Probably less with Marie. Your relationship with your Mother’s changed, for better or worse. Whatever happens in the future, you can talk to me about it. Man to man. And not just about your mother either. Marie, or Penny, or anyone else for that matter. I’m here.”

I finished my beer, putting it down, and turning to him. “You know this is messed up, right? Talking to you, about this?”

He nodded. “But I also see where you’re coming from. This opening up, this talking about your Mother as a woman, and our history, your honesty about this, it’s … I don’t know, it’s special. I’m just a guy, you know, and that’s my woman. Mine. But you’re not some poacher, you’re my son. You can’t know what that means. Not until you have your own.”

I chuckled, humor the instant defense against anything sentimental. And I was afraid if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. “Mom said pretty much the same thing.”

“She’s right. It’s weird. I’m fucking confused. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I want to tear into you for messing with my girl, at the same time I want to congratulate you, and even thank you for opening up about everything. I want to hear about you nailing that teasing bitch Marie, someday soon, and still I want to stop you, knowing how it would drive your Mom bats.” He grinned. “If you do manage that one, have your camera ready. Those are some pictures I’d love to see.”

“What pictures?” I heard my Mom ask, once more nearly making me leap ten feet in the air. She moved around so damn quietly. We were going to have to put a bell on her, if Dad and I were to have any more private talks.

Dad grinned. “Can I show her? Penny?”

I rolled my eyes, “Dad…”

“I won’t if you don’t want me to,” he said.

“Jeremy! Are you keeping things from me now? After everything?” she asked, suddenly blushing when she realized what she was saying.

I passed the phone over, and gave it to Dad. “Knock yourself out.”

He turned away from the table, and patted his lap. “C’mere Alice, let me show you a little of what our boy’s been up to.”

Mom gave me a smile, then sat down sideways across Dad’s legs, the lower part of the robe opening, exposing her thighs all the way to her hip. Sitting in his lap. I was instantly jealous. That should be my lap she was sitting on. She was my lap Mom.

They were both huddled around the phone screen, getting an eyeful of my girlfriend’s efforts. Penny would be horrified. “Hey, guys, you can’t talk about this, Ok? It would kill Penny to know I was letting anyone see those pictures.”

“We’ll keep it in the family,” Dad told me, while Mom figured out how to zoom in on parts of the picture.

“Who’s that remind you of?” Mom asked jokingly, holding the camera up to Dad.

Dad grinned. “A certain, inexperienced freshman as I recall.” Dad turned to me. “I still can’t believe you’re not hittin’ that. She’s a cutie.”

I rolled my eyes. “We had this discussion. I’m going to give it a shot, Ok? It’s not like it’s that easy. We’ve been away at the cabin half the time, and even when we’re both around, it’s a little tough to find places to be alone.”

Mom turned to me, and I saw that Dad had his arms around her waist, one sliding inside her robe, obviously playing with her tit. “It you want some privacy, you can always bring her around here. I’ll make sure to give you a little space. You always have your bedroom.”

I was more than a little surprised. “Over Christmas break you gave me hell for bringing a girl into my bedroom.”

“That was before. You’ve graduated, about to go off to college. Things are different. And besides, it was that trashy little whore Tammy I disapproved of, not you having a nice girl like Penny over.”

“Jesus, Mom! Now you tell me? Hello? A little info like that might have helped.”

She raised her eyebrows at me. “Me? If we knew a little about your girlfriends, and we didn’t have to hear about it second hand, maybe we could have talked about it. You think I like having to hear about your conquests from Marie? You never tell me anything anymore.”

I blushed. She was right. I was very private about that kind of stuff, at least until the last two days. I sat back. “You’re right Mom. As always. Don’t you get tired of always being correct?”

She smiled. “Nope. But I’ll take a little of the blame. It’s not like we’d opened up much in the past.”

Dad laughed. “Not like the last 24 hours, that’s for damned sure.”

I nodded. “No more secrets. Hell, I could use some advice. It’s not like I’ve made much progress on my own.”

Mom grinned, turning the phone screen toward me, with the close-up of Penny’s mouth wrapped around my shaft. “Not doing too bad.” She showed Dad the image. “What do you think?”

“I wouldn’t be whining,” he smirked. “She might be new at that, but she looks willing enough. You’ll be able to train her. Hell, I bet in a few weeks, she’d put your Aunt to shame.”

“Harold!” Mom hissed, poking him.

“What? It’s true, and you know it! Attitude is 9/10 of a great blow job, and your sister is the poster girl for the wrong one.” He turned to me. “How does Penny feel about it?”

God, these conversations were becoming awkward. “She was the one who suggested it, actually. She was worried she wouldn’t be any good, but I have to say, she seemed to like doing it, and once I got that first one, the next dozen or so were all incrementally better. And she swallows with a smile. I like that a lot.”

Mom grinned. “Sounds like a keeper. Some girls really like doing it. And if they do, they usually become very good at it. You just have to keep working with her.” She turned, her arm around Dad’s neck, hugging him. “Your father taught me almost everything I know.”

Dad grinned. “She knows a lot. She was a complete natural. By our second week together, she was the best I’d ever had.” He was still fondling her. Her movement in his lap, and his caresses had opened her robe halfway, and I was seeing a lot of flesh. I could have seen her tit if Dad’s hand wasn’t in the way.

Mom smiled. “Have her over soon. Maybe for dinner. We’ll let you have the evening with her, and see if you can’t make a little more progress.” Mom was wiggling in Dad’s lap. “What’s got you so worked up?” she asked him, making a show of rubbing her ass against his crotch. “You like the idea of that little girl giving our boy a blow-job, don’t you? Maybe you’d like to help train her? Pretty little teenager choking on your big, thick cock?”

“Please,” Dad growled. “You and I both know she couldn’t hold a candle to you.”

“Big blue eyes looking up at you, pushing her hair back out of the way so you can see her beautiful face,” she said softly, slowly, sexily. “Teenage painted lips stretched tight around your thickness. Holding her head while you pushed past her resistance, her innocent tongue teasing you. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like that.”

“Mom!” I said. “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about.”

“Alice,” Dad said warningly.

She laughed. “Oh, so it’s Ok for you to feel up your Dad’s girl, but you would begrudge him the same? Don’t you think you should at least let him hold her in his lap, both of them naked? Wouldn’t that be fair?”

“God, Mom, this isn’t some kind of trade!”

Mom grinned, reaching down between her and Dad. “Your father likes the idea. A lot. I can tell, even if he won’t admit it. The big guy don’t lie.”

“Enough, Alice!” Dad barked. “This kind of teasing is why he doesn’t share more of his life with us. Nobody likes a tease.”

Mom pouted. “I’m not teasing. Not completely,” she said softly.

He lifted her off his lap. “You’re done teasing me,” he growled, standing up and jerking his pants down roughly. I could see why Mom said Dad and I were so much alike.

“Harold!” Mom gasped.

“Now Alice. I’m not waiting a minute more.”

She stood and moved next to him. “Let’s go upstairs. I’ll make it good.”

“You’ll do it now. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Mom took off her robe, suddenly naked except for panties, folding it and putting it in front of Dad’s feet before kneeling on it. “Jeremy? Can your father and I have a little privacy?” she asked piteously.

I started to stand up, but Dad glared at me. “Sit down. Don’t let her tell you what to do.”

I was embarrassed for her. She was already licking Dad’s hardness, her eyes glancing over at me in shame. “She’s my mom. She’s supposed to tell me what to do.”

“Not when she’s naked. Then she’s a woman. And you’re a man, or I hope to God I’ve raised you to be a man. Sit down and see what a real blow-job should be like. Then you can give your girlfriend some pointers next time around.”

“Please, Harold,” Mom pleaded, stroking him. “This is wrong.” For someone who thought it was wrong, Mom wasn’t hesitating over performing in front of me. Hell, she even turned to give me an improved view.

“How is this any worse than you playing grab-ass with him in the car, 3 feet from me. Letting him make you come on his fingers. You forgot to mention that little detail, didn’t you? And Marie gave him a blow-job? How come I find out about that from him, and not from my wife of 19 years.”

Mom had to pull his cock out of her throat to answer. “I told you about Marie. How she said she loved his taste.”

“No, you said she told you he had the sweetest cock. That could mean anything.”

“I…I thought I told you,” she whined.

“No you didn’t. You were holding back. Hell if I know why. Your sister gave our boy a blow-job in the back of our car, and you didn’t think that was worth sharing with me?” He turned to me. “You weren’t lying, boy, were you?”

He seemed pissed off. I wasn’t going to contribute to it if I could help. “No Dad. Aunt Marie sucked me the whole time we were talking about our hunting. It was so dirty. When I told you about taking the shot, that ‘Bang’ was when I came in her mouth. I came a ton, and she swallowed every drop.” I was watching Dad hold Mom’s head and push her down on his cock. “We barely had time to get dressed before we were getting gas, then she had to go and tell Mom that I had the sweetest cum. Mom was furious by the time we left.”

Dad looked down at Mom, while her eyes looked back and forth between us, sucking him deeply. “Was the Colin stuff crap, just to get Jeremy away from your sister?”

She pulled off gasping. “No. He was being bad, I swear. But that was only part of it. I did want our boy away from that conniving slut. From the very beginning, but you were being obstinate. You wanted him with her, didn’t you?” Mom sounded angry. “You knew what would happen.”

Dad was standing the whole time. After her accusation he sat down, opening his legs, and pulled her forward, back onto his cock. “You were both drunk, wearing only a t-shirt and panties, and practically begging to sit on the boys’ laps. I thought it would be better if it was her on his lap, rather than you. God, woman, you’re too much temptation for the boy. An ass like yours rubbing against him for 2 hours? I couldn’t do that to him. So I gave him Marie. I knew you could handle Colin.”

Mom’s head was bobbing up and down in his lap. I pulled my chair closer for a better view, the steel legs scraping noisily against the concrete, no subtleness about it. Mom turned her head, and I almost crapped my pants when she winked at me. Things got quiet for a few minutes, while Mom took exquisite care of Dad. He reached for his beer which appeared to be just out of reach. I got up and got it for him, so he wouldn’t have to move. He took a long swig. Mom just kept on going. And going.

I finally had to ask, “Jesus, Dad, how can you last this long? With Penny, I was lucky to last two minutes. Same with Aunt Marie. Against that assault I don’t think I’d last 30 seconds.”

He chuckled. “A lot of practice and training. Tell him, Alice, how long did I last the first few times?”

She pulled off of him, and I saw she was smiling, stroking his thick cock. “First time? Not even 5 seconds. As soon as he was in my mouth he was coming. God, I almost choked to death. I wasn’t ready for it.” She looked up at Dad and smiled. “He wanted me bad back then.” A long slow lick had me squirming.

Dad laughed. “Back then?”

She grinned, sucking him once, deeply. “I don’t think he lasted more than a couple of minutes ever in those first few weeks. But we worked on it together, taking breaks when needed, changing things up, learning together. Doing it back-to-back helped. Now, he comes when he wants to, no matter what I do.” She lowered her face, looking at me, while she sucked.

Dad chuckled, reaching down and caressing her face. “Don’t believe her. She lets me enjoy it, but when she’s determined, I’m still helpless. She’s playing now. She knows it, and I know it. It’s obvious she likes giving you a show. I could go another ten minutes easy, but if she wanted to, she could have me coming in less than two.” He looked down at her, brushing her hair back. “Go ahead, baby. Show him.”

Mom looked at me, a smile turning up the edge of her lips. Then she went to work. She took him deep, one hand moving underneath him, the other wrapping around his shaft below her lips. She sucked him fiercely, aggressively, her mouth pounding down on him, his entire length disappearing. Dad leaned back moaning softly, while she did her magic.

I eased in closer, amazed, even though I’d been on the receiving end once. I hadn’t been able to see it then, and it was a sight to behold. I pulled her hair back away from her face, and caressed her back with my hand. I could feel her tremble when I touched her.

Dad was right. It couldn’t have been more than a minute before he was holding her head and exploding between her lips, groaning her name. Her movements changed, becoming more gentle, more playful, while she finished him. When she pulled away a full minute or more later, he was only half-hard, and his cock was clean.

He tilted up her chin, smiling. “Still incredible. The best ever.”

Mom gave his cock a kiss, then climbed back into his lap. He held her close, and they kissed briefly.

“Did you notice?” she asked him. “When he pulled my hair back and touched me? God, I came so hard, I almost had to stop.”

Dad smiled, his eyes only for her. “I noticed. So fucking hot, I almost lost it right then.” He turned to me. “Was your Aunt anything like that?” he asked with a smirk. He knew the answer.

I shook my head. “Jesus, Dad. I didn’t know. Aunt Marie didn’t blow me, she let me come in her mouth. I’m going to have to teach her how to give a blow-job like that.”

Mom and Dad both laughed. “Good luck with that,” Dad said. “I’d concentrate on Penny, she’s a lot more likely to have that kind of potential. Give her 20 years, and maybe she’ll be half as good as your mother.”

Mom blushed. “Now you’re teasing me,” she said softly.

“God’s truth. You are one in a million. Saying she’ll be half as good as you in 20 years is giving her the benefit of the doubt,” Dad told her, hugging her close. “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

He turned to me. “Show’s over, young man. I’m going to take your gorgeous Mom upstairs now. You know how I told you she has the most incredible ass ever? I’m not talking about how it looks.”

She giggled, doing a little wiggle in his lap.

I stood up and gave her a hand, getting up off of Dad. I leaned over and picked up her robe, opening it for her. She slid her arms into the sleeves, before turning to face me. “Enjoy the show, Jeremy?” She reached down and rubbed the front of my pants.

“Don’t tease the boy, Alice,” Dad growled.

She pouted cutely. “Close the deal with Penny, or you’ll be getting blisters on your palms.”

Dad opened his arm for her, and she slid in close. “Can you clean up for us, son?”

“No problem. Have fun,” I teased.

He smiled. “I can pretty much guarantee that.”

Fifteen minutes later I was upstairs. The parents were the noisiest they’d ever been, and when I walked by their room, I saw the door was wide open, and Mom was riding Dad, facing the door. She smiled and winked at me, then lifted her hips high, and let me see her slowly take his full length, groaning loudly. I headed for my room, leaving my door open as well, taking my time releasing my own need, several times, while imagining it was me making Mom scream like that.


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