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One Silver, One Pink and One Black

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It would be easy to discount the occurrences of the last week as a fantasy, a fleet of fancy or even a dream had I not had the evidence before me. Three pairs of pretty, sexy, women’s panties, each enchantingly sheer undergarment of delicate lace and silk defining the character of their wearer in colour shape and style, each still bearing the distinctive intoxicating fragrance of the woman who had scented them with her exquisite sex and soaked them with abundant juices.

As I felt drawn to holding each pair to my nose the memory of each extreme encounter flooded my mind and made my cock firm with excitement.

I am a postgraduate student in sociology at my local University and sometimes my academic supervisor employed me to tutor groups of undergraduates in the subject of sociology of rock music. Last week I led a discussion amongst a small class of students about Grunge music which as a ‘Gen X-er’ I held a particular affinity. I always enjoyed these brief tutorials as a welcome relief from the tedium of day-to-day research. They were more social than the isolation of a doctoral student locked in a library or office. The tutorials also gave me a chance to check out the cute young undergraduate girls who enrolled in the many popular culture social science studies in our faculty. The class was a small one with perhaps twelve or so students in it probably equally divided in gender with a couple of quite cute but very straight laced evangelical Christian types in the class. The cute ones were always untouchable, I lamented. Nevertheless I was involved in the intellectual discussion so much that I hadn’t noticed a new girl in the class who sat up the back. We were discussing the musical implications of Grunge and from the back I heard a sweet bell like voice with a distinctly Scandinavian accent and a slight breathy tone, forward an astounding insight.

“I think that the absence of the third from say Nirvana’s music allowed the harmonic structure of Grunge to change key freely and oscillate in a new way between a kind of depressing minor tonality and a powerful major one. This gave the music lots of expressive qualities that former rock music didn’t have because it locked itself into straight diatonic harmonies and the tension that came from blue notes. It kind of freed them up to move more freely and it showed their expressive angst. Don’t you think?”

This girl obviously knew her musicology and had a deep understanding of the interaction between music and society. I looked up at her and the entire room looked at her. The men like me fell instantly in love with her, the women in envy. To say she was breathtakingly beautiful was an understatement. Her visage was imbued with its own source of light that seemed to glow and radiate when she smiled. In life she looked like she had been photographed with a soft filter. Her long honey blonde hair reflected the light in the room with its silken shine falling sensuously to her creamy shoulders. Her complexion was fair, peaches and cream without a blemish or birthmark on her face or the exposed skin of her body. She was petite and beautifully proportioned. Slender but shapely long legs, a shapely pert ass, firm round tear shaped breasts that were lifted together by her sweet sexy white silk and lace bra, visible beneath the tight white halter that encased them. The slightest trace of a nipple visible each side, her cleavage exposed and inviting. A slender waist and curvaceous hips where a short white skirt sat with the slightest hint of matching white silk panties peeking through at the waistline. I said everyone fell in love with her not lust because she had a kind of optical purity that spoke of virginity, freshness. She seemed to inspire admiration and love rather than desire. Plus her intellect was immediately apparent. When I finally found my voice I answered her question by agreeing with her and this stimulated a spirited discussion about the music as an expression of adolescent angst. Like every man in the room after that initial moment I glanced at her furtively often and each time that I did the same enticing greeted me, loving and gentle smile. When the class ended she waited for the throng of questions about assignments to leave me and came up to introduce herself.

“Hi I am Xana Sorensen. I am from Malmo in Sweden and my sister and aunt are working near here so I asked if I could come to your university to do some extra classes. I am studying sociology and music at home. Your class was very interesting to me I would love to talk to you more about this subject.”

I couldn’t believe I was getting a clear signal that she wanted to spend some time with me even if it was about sociology. I had rarely been so entranced by a woman so quickly and I wanted to continue being with her for as long as possible to continue the effect. I invited her to have coffee with me in the university cafŽ where we talked intensely about music and sociology and at the end of the two hour coffee conversation I somehow plucked up the courage to invite her to see an art movie that I was intending to see that evening. She surprised me by agreeing to come with me and wrote down the address where she was staying and her mobile phone number. She then got up and smiled, thanked me for a lovely time and walked towards the exit. I followed her splendid shapely figure as she walked away from me her hips swaying slightly on her high heels, her long shapely legs and the exquisite contours of her hips and ass swinging like a slow hypnotic pendulum out of sight.

I spent hours making myself clean and presentable and knocked on the door of her apartment at precisely 7 pm. The door swung open and a tall, willowy brunette in a figure hugging red dress greeted me. She was so obviously a model. Perhaps in her late twenties maybe my age even. There were traces of her relationship to Xana evident in her stunningly pretty eyes and face but her complexion was more tanned and olive but equally as smooth and translucent.

She smiled like Xana too, lighting up the doorway as she greeted me, introduced herself and invited me inside.

“Hello I am Felicia, Xana’s aunt. She told us about you, you are the good-looking intellectual from the university that has been so helpful and friendly to Xana. Do come into our apartment. Please excuse the mess we have come her to do a modelling assignment for our family’s lingerie business and we haven’t yet had a chance to unpack so there are women’s clothes everywhere.”

She led me down a narrow hallway and I scanned her delicious tall figure from behind. It was like being in a Penthouse photo shoot she was achingly beautiful and strangely familiar. Perhaps I had seen her in a picture somewhere. The lounge room we entered had large robe suitcases opened and designer dresses and underwear strewn about chairs and hanging from every available surface. Felicia moved a few items of sexy lingerie from an armchair and bade me to sit down. She sat on the arm of a chair opposite and crossed her legs which made the split of her pencil skirt fall open to display her long shapely brown legs.

“Xana will be ready in a minute she was doing her make up a few minutes ago and she know you are here.”

At that point a door opened and an almost naked young woman entered the room clad only in a pair of hot pink silk boy leg hipster panties, rubbing her shock of red hair with a white towel. Her small pert breasts exposed and her perfect body on display. Once I had gotten over the shock of yet another stunning woman this time almost naked in the room with me I noticed again how similar in appearance she was to Xana except she looked slightly older perhaps 25 and her breasts were smaller. Her hair of course was a brilliant red that made her fair complexion seem even more translucent.

“Have you seen my pink bra Felicia? I thought I saw it on the chair…”

Her voice trailed off and her face lit into one of those enchanting smiles that seemed to be a family trait.

“Oh this is the nice man Xana told us about. She was right he is very cute. Felicia you must get her to share him with us.”

“You must excuse Candice, she is use to walking around naked for photo shoots and doesn’t realise she might be embarrassing people not in the industry. But she is right we have such busy schedules and we seldom meet people who are not either business associates or photographers and many of them prefer the company of other men to women. So can I invite you to dinner say Saturday night. I promise we will clean up our apartment and I will try to make sure Candice wears clothes for you.”

“Sure that would be lovely I’ll bring some nice Australian wine for you to try.”

As we spoke Candice made a deliberate and cock achingly sexy show of bending over to look for her bra beneath piles of clothing on chairs and sofas and finally when she found it snapping it on and fondling her sweet round tits into the undersized cups until her petite tits were pressed into an eye catching cleavage. Then she found a short hot pink dress and shimmied into it, smoothing the tight stretch material over her luscious form and casting furtive sexy smiles at me in the process. It was then that Xana entered the room smiling profusely.

“I see you have met my over sexed unsubtle older sister. I hope she didn’t embarrass you she can be such a tease when there are nice men around.”

“Oh no Xana it’s fine honestly I’m sure I am the envy of every man being with so many beautiful women. Your Aunt has just invited me to Dinner on Saturday so I can get a chance to get to know you all a bit better.”

“Ok then we must go I want the chance to have you to myself for a while before I share you with my demanding family. I’ll be back late so don’t wait up for me.”

She held out her hand and I took it and led her out the door to my car. I held the door open for her and took in the luscious vision in white. A tight halter clasping her exquisite breasts together, tightly flowing the contours of her delicious curves to the short hemline where her legs radiated their own attraction of bare-flesh. As she sat the hemline rose and just before I closed the door I caught a glimpse of white silk panties. She smiled as if she knew I had seen them and was countenancing the view. In the car I found it difficult not to look at her. In the movie I found it difficult to watch the movie and not her radiant form in the darkness. She held my hand with the kind of sensual gentleness that a lover has, and we drank coffee and walked in the warm summer evening together discussing the movie. I drove her home and when we parked outside the apartment it was she who leaned across to kiss me. The moments our lips touched I felt a tingling sensation like static electricity. The taste of her, the scent of her femininity the touch of her tongue as she swept it around my lips and then into my mouth. She kissed unceasingly pausing only for sensual caresses around the nape of my neck sending chills through me. We kissed and caressed our lips, teasing each other’s neck and ear lobes. I kissed her soft eyelids, her slender neck, and her delicate lobes. Our breathing became urgent and insistent we ate each other’s lips ravenously like hungry children. I was over whelmed with the urge to touch her exquisite body but fought it. I didn’t want this sweet perhaps virginal creature to be offended by my insistent sexual urges. Our kisses were love not desire I told myself despite the insistent bulge in my pants. When we finally broke from our embrace it was 2am in the morning we had kissed for hours.

“Can I see you tomorrow at the University?”

She asked as she smoothed her hemline down over her exposed legs.

“You bet. I don’t think I can wait until then. My office is number L42 in The Hardmore Building.”

She smiled and pecked me on the lips sweetly and got out of the car and walked to the door. I watched as her delicious form disappeared behind the door and drove home crippled with sexual tension, my cock distorted with passion like I had never experienced. At home I couldn’t bring myself to masturbate. It seemed to somehow cheapen the experience and I slipped into blissful dreams about her waking with the same hard on that I had fallen asleep with. Even a cold shower was unable to dampen my enthusiasm. I rushed to the university and tried to work for a few hours before Xana knocked on the door. She was wearing a stunning red ensemble today a simple shoes string strap tight red mini dress that hugged her curves and showed off her breasts and legs.

“I brought some coffee and Danish pastries. You have been working hard and deserve a break. I went to some good lectures today but they weren’t as good as your class yesterday.”

She placed the coffee on my desk and laid out the pastries as if we she was my partner sharing a meal and looking after me. The warmth of her presence and her gift of food touched me. We ate and talked animatedly about the campus and the bad coffee and then she became more serious and just said.

“Last night when we kissed in the car you were afraid to touch me. Why was that? I wanted you to touch me.”

“I um, didn’t want to offend you and come across as a, you know over eager only wants one thing kind of guy…I just wanted to get to know you first and…”

She stood up and came and put her finger to my lip to silence me then sat on my lap and kissed me again. This time I could not resist the urge to touch her firm round breasts through the sheer stretch fabric of her dress. I felt her nipple stiffen as I caressed her perfect globes and slid my hand inside the top of her dress to pull at the nipple that lay uncovered by a bra beneath the dress. Her breath quickened as I squeezed her nipples and pulled at them until they hardened and elongated between my thumb and forefinger. She wriggled her ass knowing that my aching cock was being tantalised by her gyrations and we kissed again with a ceaseless sensuality, I had lifted the shoestring strap from her shoulder and exposed her breast and began to suckle the nipple as she moaned and panted with pleasure. I shifted a hand underneath her short hemline to find the soft white silk triangle of panty dampened by our enthusiastic exploration. She gasped and I found her clit easily and in moments she was shivering and her panties filled with dampness. She paused between kisses to groan and shiver as she came repeatedly and with increasing intensity. I slid the fragment of silk aside and pushed one hand into her super tight wetness and she gasped and came again this time more violently. I forced two fingers into her and brought her to another series of orgasms and then lifted her up so she could lie on my desk. She opened her legs eagerly and looked at me with a smile that melted what little resistance I had left.

“Do you want me Daniel?”

A rhetorical question without a doubt but I resisted and buried my face in her pussy. I felt the rush of her sweet juices fill me with unbelievable desire, the tingle I had felt on her lips was multiplied a thousand times as I kissed her sopping panties until she came. I sucked her swollen clit through the filmy white silk. Stretched the legs aside and suckled her clit as she exploded. Fingered her hot tight cunt until she was almost delirious with pleasure. At the height of our desire there was a knock at the door. It was my 2-30 appointment. We hushed quickly and hurriedly recomposed ourselves before pretending to discuss the sociology of sexuality to a bewildered technical assistant who came to set up a new program in my computer. We agreed to meet and go again that night to dinner.

Once again I arrived at the apartment at 7 and Xana greeted me at the door and we left immediately for an intimate Malaysian restaurant. Once in the car Xana leaned across and kissed my neck and ears as we drove.

“I’ve been so selfish Daniel. You made me so horny today and I never even touched you.”

As she spoke her hand fell onto my lap and she caressed the outline of my cock through my pants making it firm in response. She kissed my neck and whispered.

“You were so big today when we were in your office. Mmmmmm you are yummy! So thick so hard.”

She continued to trace the outline of my cock through my pants with her finger tips and nails until it was throbbing insistently then she unzipped me and slid back my foreskin hood and clasped her small slender hand around the thick girthed tower of flesh. She began to pump it expertly. Better than I could do myself, better than anyone had ever done. I knew that I was a hair trigger waiting to be pulled and in what seemed like seconds I exploded expecting to shoot all over myself. I had managed to pull into the restaurant car park by this stage. I was semi conscious that her lips had left my ear, my eyes were closed in bliss and ecstasy and the moment I exploded I felt her wet mouth engulf my cock and I shot the load into her eager mouth. She swallowed and sucked at me so that the orgasm elongated and the pleasure seemed to double then triple then I just shook with joy as the last few throbbing pulsing shots of cum pumped into her sweet wet mouth. Her hand squeezed my shaft tightly matching the throbs with her own clenching fingertips. Her fingernails grazed my balls sending tickling shivers through me. She had swallowed most of my cum and licked her lips as she let go of my cleaned cock and put it back in my pants.

“There does that feel better? It’s the only way I know to say thank you for how good you made me feel today.”

With that we left the car and enjoyed a sumptuous Malaysian feast. Pausing to hold each other’s hand beneath the table and kissing sweetly between courses. The night was perfect and we ended it simply by kissing at the doorstep and promising to meet in the morning. I went home more besotted than I had ever been. Dreaming of what it would be like when we fucked. She was full of surprises and seemed to know exactly what I wanted. I wanted her so deeply noting else occupied my dreams and waking thoughts.

The next day we met in the cafŽ and she opened my hand and secretly placed a small item in it and quickly closed my hand.

“These are my panties. I’m not wearing any today so we can fuck whenever and wherever we like. ” She whispered. ” And I’m sure it will be soon.”

I felt the soft purple silk panties in my palm and looked at the vision in a purple hipster skirt and transparent lace halter with the matching bra beneath. I wanted to throw her on the table and enter her now, but she sat down and giggled when her short skirt rose up and I glanced at it excitedly. There is something about knowing a girl has no panties on that makes being in her company so amazingly erotic. I knew we were going to fuck like wild things, she knew it and we knew access was easy. We just didn’t know when the opportunity would present itself nor where and how often. As it happened it was quite sometime before we managed to be in a place discreet enough to do it. Knowing she was attending classes without her panties in that short skirt and transparent blouse and knowing every guy in the place was being driven crazy with desire but her made me even hornier. We couldn’t chance fucking in my office as the noise and traffic of other Doctoral students and particularly the one I shared an office with made it impossible. It was about 3 in the afternoon when Xana found me in the corridor outside my office and took my hand and led me to the library. She had booked a private seminar room that was lockable from the inside and suitably soundproofed. Once inside she turned and kissed me as she pulled her skirt up around her hips to expose her luscious pussy and then quickly unzipped me and pulled out my semi firm cock. She slid to her knees and blew warm air across the tip through her moist lips and then took it into her mouth pulling the foreskin back with her nimble hands. She sucked at my shaft swirling her tongue around the tip and covered it with a million tiny wet kisses until it swelled to capacity. The veins popped and my cock was so thick and long I barely recognised it as my own. She let it slip form her mouth and stood and kissed me then turned and bent over the large desk her pussy presented to me, wetness visible running between her thighs.

“Do Me Daniel, I want your big cock inside me. Fuck me until I scream.”

I never wanted anything as much as I wanted her, I moved up behind her and ran my cock between her crack and felt the wetness gathered there. I fingered her pussy to feel the tightness and the drizzle of succulent juices. She let out a satisfied moan as I fingered her wetness.

“Ooooooh Mmmmmm fill me up with your hot cock!”

I resisted and bent down to run my tongue over her slit until she began to gyrate and shiver I fingered her pussy and sucked her clit until she came then quickly just as the orgasm began to subside entered her with my cock. I felt her tight lips part and a gush of excited wetness shoot out from her and my cock felt the wetness and tightness grip me as I pushed past the luscious opening until my shaft moved deep inside her and my balls touched her clit. I grabbed her shapely hips and began to fuck her with a wild fury. Pounding her as she came wantonly and frequently. Then reducing my pace to a gentle loving tempo. I forced my thumb into her ass hole and she screamed the house down. We rotated positions without disengaging and faced each other fucking furiously and tenderly for almost an hour. Finally she sat me on a chair and mounted me and rode me until my aching swollen balls let burst a huge load inside her. It felt as if her pussy was sucking me into her. She rocked on me, as our sexual organs seemed to merge her pussy was so tight and pulsing continuously while my cock throbbed and swelled inside her. Waves of endorphins passed over us both for an indeterminable amount of time while held each other tightly kissing like fevered adolescents as we rocked against each other’s continuous and seemingly un- abating pleasure. It was as if her pussy fed on my cock she drew every ounce of energy from me as we held each other in bliss. It was dark in the library when we left the room and we quietly let ourselves out of the deserted building.

We rested for a time and I took her back to my apartment where we showered together and then continued with our lovemaking throughout the night. Each time I came it was the same I felt unbelievably exhausted afterwards and it seemed that the only cure for the exhaustion was to suck at her delicious juices which I did throughout the night until we both drifted into blissful sleep. When I finally awoke it was noon and she had gone. There was a note on the dresser.

Dear Daniel, Sorry I had to meet with my sister for a photo shoot today. Don’t forget you are invited to dinner tomorrow night. Looking forward to seeing you. Love Xana. XXXXXXXXX

PS: I can’t wait to make love to you again.

Wow! Not only had I just had the best sex of my life from the most beautiful woman on earth but I was about to get more. I took the day off to recover and pottered around home thinking of Xana and all the positions we had been in throughout the night. She was the most imaginative and energetic lover I had ever seen. She knew how to tease to extremes with her clothing and her body. She knew how to drive a man out of his mind with desire so that they fucked her the ways she begged to be fucked and for as long and as hard as she wanted it. Then she was so tender and loving as to draw you into her sensuality. So gentle and generous with her joy, her laughter her cries of pleasure her encouraging dirty talk. It would be a long wait until Saturday evening I thought and then I fell again into an exhausted sleep and didn’t wake until Saturday morning when I was wakened by a phone call.

“Daniel, is that you darling? Mmmmmm I’ve missed you so much I just had to call you.”

She sounded breathless. She was panting. At first I thought there was someone there with her and a flush of jealousy broke over me but then I realised she was masturbating as she spoke to me. I recognised the rise in her breathing and the breathy speech. I could almost smell her pussy and taste her juices.

“Mmmmmm Danny your cock is so big, so hard, so delicious. You make me so wet when you eat my pussy. I can’t wait until you fuck me, Mmmmmm fuck me Daniel! Mmmmmm I’m cumming ooooooh yes! Yes! Yes!”

She came repeatedly and the conversation was reduced to sexy breathy groans and shivering moans. My cock was rock hard and I wanted her so much I ached. She moaned her way through half a dozen more orgasms and begged me to come over early. When the phone call finished I was in a cold sweat with a raging hard on and an urge to drop everything and race over to her place. I resisted and took a long cold shower and rested for what I knew would be a long intense extreme session of sex, but I couldn’t have imagined what actually lay in store for me when I arrived shortly before the appointed time of 7pm. An enthusiastic and outrageously sexily clad Candice greeted me at the door. She wore a silver and black evening gown that was sprayed on to her exquisite body. Her small firm round tits pushed upwards into a prominent cleavage in a tight halter. The dress had no back and plunged to her waist where it clasped her slenderness and held the split of her halter then curved tightly around her generous hips and split from just below her panties to the floor where her petite feet were elevated in silver stiletto heeled shoes. Her legs shined from the silk stockings that she wore. She directed me to the dining room where an equally sumptuously clad Felicia handed me a martini. She too wore a stunning gown of black satin that hugged her statuesque figure. She was tall perhaps 6 foot as tall as me anyway especially in hi heels. She too was wearing stockings and her dress was off the shoulder with a tight bodice that hinted at a black lace bustier beneath pushing up her generous bosoms.

The apartment had been tidied for my visit and was decorated tastefully with a dining table spread with fine silver-wear. It was sometime before Xana appeared. Candice used every opportunity to entice me to look at her and she flirted obviously while Felicia merely had to cross or uncross her leg and I felt myself drawn to look at her delicious legs and ogle her sumptuous breasts. When Xana appeared at about half past seven I was crippled with sexual angst. She quickly came to me and kissed me longingly and it was all I could do to stop myself throwing her onto the table and fucking her there and then. We moved to sit at the table for the first course. Candice left the room only to return without her dress on wearing only a bar panties and suspenders and stockings. She carried the first course of Malaysian spring rolls.

“This is the way we Sorensen’s share food and men.” She giggled as she served us each the course and then sat down to eat hers. We ate and talked and joked about Candice’s preoccupation with stripping. She cleared the table and this time Felicia left the room. She returned with a large soup tureen and she too had removed her dress. She wore the black bustier I had spied earlier and a pair of black satin bikini panties with stockings and a suspender belt. I was entranced by her quiet beauty her statuesque grace she was achingly beautiful. She served the soup as if nothing had changed and we sat ate and talked. When we had finished Xana cleared the table and left to fetch the main course. She had been wearing a hot pink-strapped evening gown and she retuned like the others wearing only her hipster boy-leg panties, a bra and a pink suspender belt and stockings. She looked good enough to eat. So sweet so desirable I wanted her so badly that as we ate the delicious array of Asian main courses I stroked her smooth legs beneath the table, and she returned the favour by stroking my cock.

We finished desert and each girl removed her stockings in a sexy dance while I ate and enjoyed the show. I had no idea what they had planned until about midnight when Felicia stood up and came toward me and sat on my lap.

“Mmmmmm you are excited already. That’s good because Xana has agreed to share you with us and we have agreed we all want to fuck you. Would you like that?”

I could only nod my head in amazement and I had no time to refuse before I was kissing Felicia. My hands found her large firm tits immediately and she rocked on my hard cock as we kissed and I fondled her. She stood and encouraged me to undo her bustier until her luscious tits were freed. I feel upon them suckling the thick nipples as she undid my belt and let my pants slide to the floor. I became aware of another pair of hands near me and Candice was on the floor hurriedly removing my shorts and within moments fondled my cock and guided it to her wet mouth. Then another wet mouth lanced a tongue into my asshole from behind, it was Xana she kissed her way across my cheeks to find my balls ands suck them as her sister engulfed my cock voraciously.

They guided me to a couch where I lay back and was presented with Felicia’s Black satin panties pressed against my lips and I sucked and poked and licked at her as she rocked on me in orgasm. The two sisters sucked and licked and bit playfully at my cock and balls. When Felicia had cum Candice’s silver panties met my mouth soaked in abundant juices and screaming like a banshee when she orgasmed. Then Xana’s familiar scent and familiar sounds filled the air. My cock ached with desire and then I felt a hot wet pussy slide onto me. I opened my half closed eyes to see Felicia bouncing on my cock taking it deep into her tight velvety depths, drizzling wetness on me screaming in pleasure. Meanwhile Candice sucked at my balls and Xana dripped her sweet juices into my mouth. I must have fucked them all for hours without cumming. I felt superhuman. Finally I had mounted Candice from behind and while Xana kissed me and Felicia fondled and suckled my balls I exploded inside Candice.

I passed in and out of consciousness. The same sensation of being drawn into her super tight cunt gripped me. I felt my cock merge with her pussy walls. Waves of orgasmic endorphins passed over me as we both shivered in bliss. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew it was morning and Felecia was sucking my cock to wake me. I spent the next few hours eating her and fucking her until I passed out again only to wake to Candice and finally perhaps two days later Xana lay next to me encouraging me to eat her energy giving juices and then spend the day fucking me. It was as if they all needed me to refuel their lustful bodies. As if they were feeding on me.

The days and nights blurred. Fucked and sucked and was teased beyond extreme. Each time I came it was mind blowing. Each time I came I passed out and woke up with another girl until I woke up knowing I’d lost a week alone in my apartment. Who were these incredibly sexy and voracious women? They were like nymphs from a Greek myth, so beautiful, so enchanting and so ravenously horny. When I awoke at home in my own bed all I had left to verify my lost days was three pairs of sweet, sexy panties, one silver, one pink and one black.

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