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Dolly’s Romance Continues

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It had only been six days since Dolly Hamlin and Dr. Vince Ferugia had consummated their blossoming torrid relationship. To Dolly, the days had flown by in a rosy romantic haze that she had never experienced before. To Dr. Vince, the growing fullness in his balls and the soaring remembrance of his initial intimacies in experiencing the glorious body of his new paramour was a opening to a new world of sensual excitement.

The two were thrown together in the regular visits to the nursing home where Dolly worked as the Director of Nursing. It was all each could do to restrain themselves after they had become intimate. Sly glances and knowing smiles accompanied each occasion when either looked at the other. Even a casual observer could deduce that “something” was going on between these two very attractive people.

It was standard procedure in the nursing home for the attending doctor and the head nurse to review the charts of the doctor’s patients. When that occasion presented itself, at about 11 AM, Dolly and Dr. Vince were alone in the conference room doing that very thing. As he held the chair for Dolly to sit, Vince casually brushed her soft left breast. Dolly smiled up at him and gently pushed her full tit into him. Vince said, “Doll, I want you so bad I can taste you.”

“Me too, when can we get together again?”

“How would you like to see ‘Guys and Dolls’? It’s playing over in Tulsa and we could make a weekend out of it, if you can get off work. We could get a nice room at the Crowne Plaza and just be decadent for a few days.”

“Dolly beamed and replied, “Oh, Vince, I’d just love it…and you too!”

“I’ll see if I can set it up for this weekend. OK with you?”

“Oh yes…I’m getting wet already.”

A conspiratorial smile passed between them and they continued with the patient review. Still reveling in the first blush of a new relationship, the two novice lovers shot furtive glances at each other. Dolly’s lush and still petite body with her luxuriant deep breasted bosom with it’s round pink tipped 37 DD tits, curvy hips, flat tummy, platinum tresses, and chiseled exquisite Scandinavian features was aglow in Dr. Vince’s presence. Vince, rugged, dark, muscular Mediterranean good looks were the perfect contrast and compliment to Dolly’s fairness.

As Dr. Vince got up to leave having finished his patient review, he winked at Dolly and whispered, “I’ll pick you up at your house right after work on Friday.”

Dolly flashed her brilliant smile and nodded.

The rest of the week flew by as the lovers met during the course of their respective duties, casting flirtatious glances and knowing looks whenever it was safe to do so.

At last, Friday was here! Dolly had packed for the romantic weekend the night before, so she rushed home to change into her traveling clothes. She cupped and lifted her swelling breasts as she closed her eyes and imagined her erotic weekend the Vince and she had planned. For her traveling trousseau, she chose a light blue peignoir for bedroom enticement, a filmy light blue see-through demi-bra and (as much as she didn’t like them) thong set. She picked one her sleek basic black wrap around sheath dresses that showed “just enough” swelling decollete’ for their night at the theater and some tasty casual outfits and her standard Lily of France lace bra and panty sets for their in the room and “walking around” activities.

She gave a little start as the horn sounded on her magic chariot with her handsome lover at the controls. Grabbing her weekender luggage and giving her bounteous bosom a reassuring heft, she ran to the door and into the arms of Dr. Vince just as he arrived to ring the door bell. She planted a quick kiss as a preview of what was to come and cooed, “Oh, Vince, I’m sooo excited! This has all been like a dream to me.”

“Me too, Vince replied. Who would have thought such a thing could happen?”

The got into Vince’s gleaming black Lexus and started out for Tulsa and their anticipated weekend of fun and intimacy.

The drive to Tulsa usually takes about two an a half hours from their Arkansas home. Today it seemed to “fly by”. It seemed like every ten miles or so, Vince would reach over and massage one or the other of Dolly’s gorgeous tits. Dolly responded by unzipping Vince’s pants and liberating his rampant cock. Whereupon she worked it into steely hardness with a masterful hand-job followed by slumping down and engulfing it with her mouth so that his spurting cream would not soil their beautiful car. Vince sighed as he released his pearly, ropy load into Dolly’s sucking oral cavity. Using her index finger, Dolly scooped the creamy excess into her mouth and throwing her head back noisily swallowed his copious emission. “Oh Vince, I love the taste of you!” Dolly murmured.

The beautiful reflexive Lexus drove itself as Vince cupped and gently massaged the soft warm flesh of Dolly’s swelling left breast. He could feel her .45 caliber nipple harden to his caress and he reached into her open blouse and lightly pinched and flicked it with his fingertip. “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to make you pull over and finish what you are starting.” Dolly breathlessly said.

They had hardly traveled 50 miles or so and they had already sampled the exotic prospects of the weekend to come. Dolly took the opportunity to bring the conversation to sex, sex and more sex. “I love your cock, Vince, she observed. It’s not only longer than I ever was used to but it’s so much thicker.” With that innocuous remark, Dolly deftly steered the conversation to the subject more on their two minds: sex!

Dolly shrugged and replied, “I’m all for that. The orgasms you give me are the best I’ve ever had. I’d never felt so absolutely transported. When we make love it’s simply fantastic! It’s like a whole body flight into ecstasy, I lose all control! I really love it! Love it! Love it!”

Vince smiled broadly and playfully tweaked Dolly’s hardened left nipple. “Oooo, you rascal!”, Dolly playfully exclaimed. “You really know how to fire up a girl..don’t you?!” As she cupped, pinched and pulled her hardening pink nipples and lifted and jiggled her gorgeous globes for effect. Any passing trucker would have rolled his eighteen wheeler had he seen her. Vince glanced over at her and smiled broadly anticipating the passionate joust awaiting them in Tulsa.

For a while, they traveled in an erotic charged silence. As they neared Tulsa, Vince asked what they should do first? Dolly immediately suggested that they go to the Crowne Plaza and check in. She was in an agitated and excited state and said, ” I can’t wait any longer. I have to have your big cock inside me!”

“And I can’t wait to slip it into you and feel your satin wetness enveloping me! I wish we were there already.”

“Oh, Vince…I’m so happy! I never thought I’d feel this way again.” Dolly sighed.

Time seemed to compress as the lovers cruised to their destination, the Tulsa Crowne Plaza. Vince deftly navigated the downtown streets until, at last they arrived at their ” Lover’s Lair”. Handing the keys to his Lexus to the parking valet, Vince ushered the radiant Dolly into the lobby of the opulent hotel. Registering as husband and wife, they were escorted to their pre-arranged “king suite”.

Their large sumptuously appointed love nest was a two room luxuriously furnished locale for the erotic fuck fest that was to follow. The bedroom was dominated by a large white spread king-size bed with tasteful leather chairs spaced on each side. A parlor or sitting room adjoined the bedroom with a large over stuffed paisley cover sofa and two matching chairs. A large mahogany armoire dominated the space and a fully stocked mini-bar completed the scene.

After the bellman deposited their luggage and received his generous tip for Vince. The super-heated duo was, at long last, alone! Vince wasted no time to sweep Dolly into his strong arms, pressing her voluptuous body to his, kissed her passionately and full mouthed. Dolly responded by engaging in a rapturous tongue battle and hung on for “dear life.” “Hhhhmmmmm!, she hummed!

Being so engaged, their hands roamed insistently over each other bodies. Dolly cupped and pulled at her lover’s buttocks, while Vince did the same to her muscular globes. His hands reached for and massaged her luscious full breasts. All the while pressed to each other by pure animal magnetism.

As if on cue, they began to undress each other.

Dolly undid the buttons on Vince’s sunflower yellow Izod Golf Shirt and slid it over his head. At the same time, Vince had unbuttoned Dolly’s sky blue sleeveless summer blouse and it now joined his shirt on the plush beige carpet.

His hands moved to her lush full satin and lace covered tits and began a slow kneading and cupping of their warm softness. Dolly gasped at the sensations emanating from his expert mammary manipulations. Her nipples were already hard and extended and were attempting to punch holes through her expensive Lily of France bra.

For her part, she ran her hands through the thick forest of black chest hair and playfully caught tufts of it between her fingers as she rummaged over his muscular body. Her lips locked on his nipples and her tongue flicked rapidly over her target. But, not for long, she reached up and reattached her sucking mouth to his and resumed the most passionate kiss that she had ever experienced.

Adept fingers found the bra clasp on her smooth back and quickly unhooked all three hooks…down fell the confining garment. Dolly’s wondrous breasts and their hardened puffy nipples were thrust into his ravenous mouth. Dolly pressed his head into her luscious swelling tit and nipple. Her head flew back….”ooohhhhh, oooooohhhh!!!”

Vince’s suctioning mouth and flicking tongue and his kneading, rolling strong fingers were transporting his lovely Dolly to grander and grander heights of sensual passion. Her beautiful breasts responded by swelling under his ministrations and her nipples felt like growing bullets. “OOOHHH, MY GODDDD!!”, Dolly gasped and pushed her tits harder into his face.

Running her hands over his muscular body, his sculptured pectorals, his well developed biceps; loving every second of her rediscovery of his body. Her right hand found his stiffening maleness. Wrapping her fist around it, she began stroking it in a loving manner. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Vince breathed. He reached around and lifted his yellow golf shirt off his body. They were now both nude from the waist up and were rubbing their fabulous bodies all over each other.

All along, he was busy defrocking his lovely prize beauty. Dolly was releasing Vince’s belt and pulling his traveling shorts off, with one hand caressing his hardened cock. While still massaging Dolly’s succulent right tit, Vince ran his left had across the satin pantied crotch that held the secrets of this darling piece of womanly ass. Gliding his hand across the puffy cleaved mound, Vince felt the increasing dampness from Dolly’s sexual secretions. The heady aroma of a hot, and getting hotter, woman filled the room. Vince hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of Dolly’s elegant panties and crisply slid them over her curved hips.

Dolly, for her part, had enveloped his throbbing cock and was sensuously and slowly milking it into steely stiffness. Dolly grasped his Jockey shorts and quickly slipped them from his body. As they rolled around the cloud soft bed, they launched into the serious love making they had come here for. Now, they were both totally naked and ready for action! Pre-cum was oozing from his cock slit and pooling into a crystal drop of silver lubrication. Dolly dropped her head down and licked it off and proceeded to take his cock head into her hot mouth.

As if moved by an unseen hand, both lovers reversed position and locked their fevered mouths on each other’s pulsing private parts. Vince, for his part, was overwhelmed by the heady musky aroma of a gorgeous woman in heat! As he laved the flat of his tongue over her swollen and engorged labia, he used his stiffened tongue to occasionally rim and penetrate her steaming cunt. Vince loved the intoxicating earthy, redolent female taste of Dolly’s lubricating sexual secretions. He saved special attention for her stiff aroused button of bliss her throbbing clitoris. Along the sides, flicking the bud, sucking and releasing, he worked his lady in a cloud of ecstasy

Dolly, herself an accomplished fellatrix having serviced numerous suitors in her exciting life, was fervently engaged in working Vince’s prodigious love prod over with consummate skill. Her tongue circled his velvet skinned cock head, it tickled his piss slit and sucked any pre-cum that oozed out. Occasionally, she used the flat of her tongue to attempt to stimulate the underside area where Vince’s cock head attached to his long and thick shaft. All, at the same time, pushing his cock as far down her open throat as she possibly could, she “face-fucked” her man with uncontrolled enthusiasm.

The lover’s moans and exclamations of pleasure filled the room. Neither one wanted to carry the erotic titillation to climax. Vince was the first to break away. “Doll, please STOP! I can’t take much more before I erupt all over the place!”.

Smiling broadly and gasping, the two semi-satiated lovers came up for air. “Oh, God, you make me feel so very good!”, Dolly exclaimed.

“And, you, Doll, he replied, can suck a cock with the world’s best. I won’t even ask where you learned how to do that!”. Dolly’s eyes twinkled and she smiled a knowing leer.

As they rolled and wrestled, locked in erotic embrace, the time came for real fucking! Four hands smoothed, rubbed, kneaded, squeezed; fingers pinched, pulled, dipped, fondled, caressed the two gorgeous bodies and all their erogenous zones and openings. Breasts, buttocks, biceps and bellies all vied for attention…and all got it…and more!

“Ohhh, Honey, Pleeeze. Pleeese Fuck Me! Now! Now!” Dolly breathlessly cried. OOOOHHHH! Goddd!

Vince rolled quickly on top of the writhing woman and spread her gorgeous legs to the farthest degree that he could. He gazed down at the open lovely woman beneath him and marveled at the stunning beauty of what his eyes beheld. Dolly’s engorged labial lips were glistening with her sensuous secretions giving a deep pink aura to the throbbing flesh flower that cried out for his penetrating baton.

He deftly slid his ready cock up and down her satiny smooth cunt slot, coating himself with her juices, mixing with his pre-cum, and making the inevitable entry into her heaving body that much more exhilarating. Finally, unable to resist any longer, he slowly pressed downward and inward with as little pressure on Dolly’s snug cunt hole as he could. He, and she, could feel and delight in the lingering expanding and stretching of her hymeneal ring. POP!! Dolly’s head flew back, she gasped, “OOOOHHHH! GODDD!. Vince smiled to himself as he felt his cock slid past her tight ring. At last, his enormous swollen cockhead burst past the trivial restriction and he was on his way to the complete possession of his wonderful, gorgeous lover. Jeessuus! She was GOOD!!

Dolly thrust her pelvis up to complete Vince’s penetration of her cunt. Her legs shot out to their widest extreme and up into the air. She was struggling to get as much of Vince’s awesome cock into her as she could. Vince felt the slick silkiness of his cock’s slide to the warm, wet, clenching depths of Dolly’s being. He loved to tease her by just moving a few inches inside her to coat his cock with her lubricating juices, pull back…just to her “ring”… and then slip back in …adding another inch or so…over and over again until he was fully seated and lubed up in her glorious vagina. Dolly’s head rolled from side to side with the pure ecstasy of the sensations she was feeling arising from her cunt and tits! Her tits, by the way, had not been ignored by her masculine lover. His broad hands had squeezed and kneaded her engorged mammaries, tweaked and roughly pulled and pinched her half-inch long nipples, all the while he was plowing his rock hard cock into her steaming cunt!

By now, the unrelenting power of Vince’s battering ram had reached the limits of Dolly’s vaginal vault. She cold feel the unrelenting force of his cock at the furthest confines of her cunt…but she wanted MORE! She pushed her now sopping pussy up to drive the remaining two inches of Vince’s cock into her belly! Simultaneously, Vince pushed just a little bit harder and the two inches vanished. The area previously occupied by her removed cervix yielded and stretched, just enough to admit the last two glorious inches of Vince’s cock. The two were now locked in a eternal lover’s embrace!

Dolly had orgasmed at least twice during the wonderful seduction. She moaned in a state of semi-captivation, trying to drink in all the hypnotic sensations coursing through her body and mind!

“Wait”. Dolly exclaimed! With Vince’s cock firmly encunted to the hilt, she wanted to revel on the total fullness of his cock in her cunt! “Don’t move yet”, she whispered. “I want to feel you buried inside me!” With that, she began to use her cunt muscles to perform “kegels” to milk Vince’s cock. Not to be out done, Vince used his groin muscles to make his cock jump and throb inside her clasping cunt!

“AAAHHHH, AAHHH, AAAAHHH!!” Vince groaned.

“Now, Honey! Fuck me now! Fuck my eyes out! Fuck ME!! Dolly sighed.

Vince gave his cock a special final push to drive it in to the hilt. She raised her legs, pointed her toes to the ceiling to allow his cock the maximum depth. Vince moved his arms behind her knees to help her elevate her ass for him. Dolly’s cunt was now customized for his cock and no others…EVER!! He slowly withdrew his magnificent destroyer until his swollen cockhead was just at the constricting hymeneal ring of Dolly’s cunt. Then he pulled back just an infinitesimal amount to begin the stretching that felt so terrific to Dolly and then pushed in about an inch or so. He did this about eight or nine times and then slammed to the bottom of her love channel!

Dolly gasped, “OOOHHHH! OOOHHH!, OOOHHH!!!!”

He drew out again…just to her tight little ring…stretch, push, stretch, push, stretch, push, stretch, push, stretch, push, stretch…Dolly was also involuntarily lifting her pelvis up to try and impale herself on his taunting and teasing cock! Gasping, moaning, mewing, she was being transported to nirvana by her skillful and resourceful lover.

“Yess! Yess! Yess!” Over and over again, she urged her lover on!

Now…fewer short stretches and pushes…more and more plunges to her core!!!

Vince, being a doctor and having had a robust and sophisticated sex life with his late wife, was well educated in various sexual techniques; including tantric sex. The method he was using to consign Dolly to sexual bliss was known as “The Nines.”

By just insinuating his cockhead with short teasing strokes right at her hymeneal ring, the muscle ring at the very opening of Dolly’s cunt and then plunging to the bottom of her over-heated, clasping, silky, stretching vaginal vault.

Dolly slammed her cunt into Vince’s powering thrust, rocking her hips with every thrust to amplify the contact and pulling on her clit, crying out, “Harder, harder Honey!! Deeper, deeper, fuck mee! Ohh, Honey fuck me hard, really HARD!!! Yess!, Yesss!, Yess!! Oh! God it feels so GOOOOD! Yess! Yess! Yess! As his cock frictionized and buffeted her G-Spot and lifted her orgasmic plateau to soaring heights.

Vince, looking down at his cock hammering into her swollen weeping cunt, loved the quavering flesh on the inside of her thighs, loved the circles and figure-eights traced in the air by her erect nipples and her rolling and jiggling tits, loved her facial expression with her eyes heavy lidded and her tongue rolled up on her upper lip. All along breathing, gasping and exhorting him to take her to ecstasy. God! This was a REAL woman!! He felt like he could fuck her forever!

The room was filled with the sounds of gasps, exhortations, wet slapping of copulating organs and the heady aroma of rampant lovemaking.

Vince cried out, ” Honey, honey I can’t hold it much longer…I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Dolly half moaned, half cried, “I’m cumming too! Slam it it into me, MAKE ME CUM TOO! Oh, Oh, Oh, Yess! Yesss! I’m cumming too…RIGHT NOW!!!” She felt successive waves of nerve racking excruciating pleasure course through her shuddering body. From her cunt to her breasts to her brain and back again…over and over again!

She felt his cock swell, Her tits were about to burst, Her cunt was alive, hot semen flooded her pulsating vagina. “Oh God,” she thought, sex was NEVER like this!”

The dam had burst and their ecstasy was ebbing. Vince kept up a very leisurely thrusting in Dolly’s now overflowing cunt. As he relaxed and allowed a greater amount of his body to rest on Dolly’s soft sweating frame, she experienced another long forgotten thrill. She had always loved the feeling of a heavy man’s weight pressing down on her body during sex. Perhaps it was the total surrender to the man’s domination or just the effect of being under the complete control of another…she loved the sensation.

Another five or ten minutes of luxurious after glow and Vince’s turgid member began to deflate…in spite of the continuing stimulation of Dolly’s clasping cunt. As he withdrew a generous amount of pearly semen/juices clung to his cock. As Dolly lay there, exhausted, a growing outpouring of “turtle butter” began to leak from her cunt. A more beautiful “cream pie” could not be imagined. Vince took his fingers and scooped up the dollop and massaged it into her still swollen tits.

“Not that you need this,… but there is an ‘old wives tale’ that this makes your breasts bigger.” Dolly giggled and pulled up a nipple and gave it a quick lick and a suck.

Dolly, still in a fog of lust and love, dove at Vince’s withering, but still slightly tumescent cock and took it in her hot mouth to suck and lick the love liquors from it. She reveled in the salty sweetish taste of the two of them.”UUMMMMMMM!!! UUUUMMMMM! UUUUMMMM!!!”. she unintentionally was giving her man “a hummer!”

Vince threw his head back and just enjoyed the ride! Oh, this woman was a real keeper!

Lying there in the rosy coital afterglow, Dolly and Vince continued to fondle and arouse each other by heavy kissing, oral and tactile play. Tongues working every crevice and hollow on two beautiful bodies, fingers sliding, dipping, caressing every erogenous zone and millimeter of skin, sweaty and sticky bodies themselves sliding against each other, a more erotic scene could not be imagined.

In this environment, Dolly grasped Vince’s hardening cock and extracting some more succulent juices from her sodden cunt began to give him the handjob from heaven. Vince closed his eyes and took great gulps of air and relishing the wonderful sensations that Dolly’s fingers could bestow on his magnificent cock.

Vince, wanting to prolong the exquisite effects of Dolly’s ministrations, and in trying to take his mind off the prospect of coming too soon, reached over and slipped the first three fingers of his right hand over Dolly’s still swollen clit. With his index finger and his ring finger on either side of Dolly’s clit, he rested his middle finger on the magic spud! Dolly’s breathing became more ragged as she approached the orgasmic plateau. Vince took his left hand and inserted his thumb into her throbbing vaginal opening and his ring finger into her anus. Jiggling and stretching the tissue around the clit he imparted the electric jolts the drove Doll into a stellar explosion.

When he felt Dolly cumming, Vince felt his own impending climax. His cock felt like it was doubling in size, particularly his cock head savoring the friction from Dolly’s vaginal rugae, the corrugated lining of a woman’s love tunnel. With the tension reaching stratospheric heights, he let it go…!! Contraction after glorious contraction spewed large amounts of semen into Dolly’s hungry cunt. The hot effluent drove Dolly’s higher into sexual heaven! She reacted by pounding her cunt furiously into Vince’s cock!!!

“OOOOOHHHHH!! OOOOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! She moaned in complete ecstasy!!! Vince accompanied he vocal expression with a series of grunts and groans as he came with terrific force!

The two had accomplished something so rare and unusual, it had to be an omen from above, A SIMULTANEOUS handjob orgasm!

Again, laying there on their sumptuous king size bed, thoroughly satiated and exhausted, holding and fondling each other they felt the warm afterglow of extraordinary romantic sex.

“Doll, you are simply fantastic.” Vince sighed. “I could make love to you for days on end.” he said.

“Ohhh! You are a wonderful lover.” Dolly replied and closed her eyes in sweet remembrance.

As the sun cascaded through the chiffon curtained windows and bathed the lovers in a golden sheen, Vince said, ” Doll, I think perhaps we should start to get ready for our big night on the town…don’t you?”

Dolly raised up on one elbow and responded, “Yes…I do. Come with me.”

Taking his hand, she led him to their sumptuous gold and cream elegant bathroom. There, she turned on the shower and stepped in, bringing him along. With the warm water streaming over their bodies, each soaped and bathed the other never missing a crevice, hollow, curve or a single millimeter of the other’s body. The exquisite feelings they both were having started to reignite the simmering passion that they had just experienced.

Vince had to say, ” Doll, we have to save this for after the show. It’ll be better if we let it build up a little…I’m fairly drained right now.”

Dolly smiled and pumped his soaped-up cock one more time and replied. ” I guess so, but I just can’t get enough of you and this magnificent monster.”

They finally exited the shower, squeaky clean and smelling like perfumed soap. They slowly and sensuously dried each other’s body…taking extra time in the really moist parts.

Then dressing in elegant style, they prepared to make it a real “night-on-the-town.” Vince donned his Paul Frederick light blue shirt and his dark blue Armani pants. Adding another Paul Frederick’s touch… he swiftly and deftly knotted his silver blue tie before slipping into the matching suit coat to complete his smashing outfit.

Meanwhile, Dolly was dressing in her white A.B. Lambdin shirred, calf length, deep V-necked silk theater gown. The dress accented her beauty perfectly. Her short cut platinum tresses, her bountiful swelling bosom; held in pace with a built-in shelf bra; and her exquisitely sculpted face made her the radiate enchantress that she was. Her white patent Victoria’s Secret pumps and her metallic silver purse completed her ensemble.

No two people could possibly looked so perfect together!

“Doll, you look smashing! You are simply beautiful.” Vince said to his paramour.

“Darling, you look like a movie star.” she replied. “Let’s go show this town what two stars can do!” With that, the couple made their way to the hotel’s new Daily Grill for a light repast before embarking for the theater. Dolly was impressed with the new Southwestern decor and loved the food. Vince was just impressed with Dolly!

Finishing their sumptuous meal, the radiant couple called for their Lexus to transport them to the Performing Arts Center. Upon arriving and turning the car over to the valet parking attendant and alighting from the car, every head in the area was turned at the spectacular entrance they made. People were heard to exclaim that they must be show-biz types…they were so attractive and matched.

Vince’s dark swarthy handsomeness contrasted with Dolly’s beauty and shimmering perfectly filled-out white outfit was simply a “show stopper!” Her tits jutted out and and her regal bearing drew admiring looks from everyone who saw her.

After being ushered to their seats, they expectantly waited for the famous show to start. The two lovers engaged in intimate whispered small talk while others around them pondered just who the two could possibly be. At last, the house lights dimmed and the famous Frank Loesser music swelled and the show began. The road company put on a wonderful rendition of the classic Broadway musical play. It was thrilling and exciting to both Vince and Dolly. It certainly helped her excitement when Vince slid his hand over in the darkness and slid up her nylon sheathed leg and rubbed her puffy pussy through her silken panties.

Dolly reciprocated by reaching over and surreptitiously squeezing Vince’s semi-somnolent penis. He slowly sucked in a full lung full of air and whispered, “Wait ’til I get you back ing the room, you vixen!” Dolly smiled and replied, “You’ll get yours, fella! See what I’ve got planned for you!!” She smiled and leaned into him as she felt his bicep push into her over flowing demi-bra into her puffed up breast.

The play went on!!! And, while it had nothing to do with the production on stage…Vince felt a thrum in his groin! He couldn’t wait to get his cock into this lovely woman beside him!

At last, the wonderful production was over. The couple called for their Lexus and made quickly for their suite at the Crowne Plaza and their next rendevous in “fuck heaven.” Having turned their luxurious chariot over to the valet parking attendant, the couple hastened to the elevator to take them to their room. Once inside the enclosed space, Vince swept Dolly into his arms and the two engaged in an open mouth, tongue dueling passionate kiss. “Uummmmm! Uummmmm! His hands pulled her firm round ass to his raging crotch!

Dolly felt her soft yielding tits press against his muscular chest. Felt her fleshy mound being ground into his demanding penile “package”. SHE WANTED FUCKED! AND BADLY!! She was already wet and they hadn’t even reached their room yet! For his roaring hard-on, satisfaction was the sole goal…and QUICKLY!

The elevator opened and Vince swept Dolly up in his arms and carried her to the door of their suite. With Dolly embracing with all her might, Vince fumbled for the door locking card. Finding it, he opened the door and swiftly deposited the gorgeous woman on the luxuriant bed. They both went into a frenzy of removing the dress clothes that they had so carefully attired themselves with only hours ago. Vince slipped his hands under the lacy demi-bra that supported and sculpted Dolly’s gorgeous, pink tipped tits, and hefted and lightly compressed each in turn. Dolly squealed with delight!

“OOOHHH! You rascal!” she exclaimed.

He eased his hands to cup and massage her satin covered semi-furry mound and press his finger along her seeping pussy slit. The effect was instantly electric! Dolly shivered with overpowering delight.

“OOOOHH! OOOOOH! OOOOOH! You are soooo baaddd! Ummmmm! Ummmm!!”

Naked at last! They both paused and gazed at each other in their state of passionate arousal and flew together in a rapturous embrace. Vince’s hands found Dolly’s heaving breasts and squeezed and kneaded them. Dolly loved having her breasts handled in just this semi-rough fashion and moaned through her kiss. “Ummmm!! Ummmm! Hmmmm!!”

Dolly found and caressed his tumescent cock. As aroused as they both were, Vince AND Dolly were believers in extended foreplay to amplify their ultimate sexual sensations. Sooo, Dolly slid fingers along his shaft and ringed and titillated his velvet helmeted cockhead. She played with his piss hole and pulled and fondled the tight area right below the glans. Vince reveled in her efforts for the pleasure she was giving him.

He, on his behalf, was concentrating on bringing Dolly’s bountiful breasts to their maximum feeling and fullness. He softly and lightly drew his fingers across the swelling underside of her tits, drifted over the swelling firmness, and settled on her, by now, stiffened bullet-like nipples. He teased his index finger slowly around the pink pebbled aureola of her nipple and flicked it a few times, rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, tugged it to twice it’s size and popped it into his steaming mouth. And then he did the same to her other tit and nipple!

Dolly gasped and rolled her tits into his hands! “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Over and over again. And like a roaring locomotive or a growing earthquake; Dolly felt the building of sexual tension growing in her cunt, her ass and her throbbing tits! “OOOH! OOOH! UMMPH! OOOOO!” ZAPP! She came with a rush! “MY TITTIES! OHHHH! MY TITTIES!!! Ohhh! Ohhh! YESSS! YESS! YESS! YESS!

Vince smiled to himself with the marvelous effect he was able to elicit from this beautiful and responsive woman. He knew he was an accomplished lover…but he loved to prove it to himself every time. GOD! He just might mold Dolly to his demanding sexual specifications. She seemed the perfect voluptuous model for his sexual “practice!”

When Dolly’s breathing slowly returned to normal after her “tit come”, she immediately turned her expert attentions to Vince’s tumescent tower. Flipping into the classic “69” position, she drew his cock to ruby lips and kissed and licked the head of his steely monster cock. She worked her tongue around and slightly into his piss slit and tickled his frenulum ( the sensitive area just below the slit where his circumcision had ended). The resulting sensations drove Vince wild!

“God! Doll you are fantastic!, Ohhhh! That’s sooo good!, Don’t stop now!” he implored.

Dolly had no intention on stopping. She wanted to extract the same intensity of coming from her lover than he had done for her! She would not be satisfied until she had gulped down gobs and gobs of his pearly essence.

She now enveloped his entire erection in one swooping deep throating deed. Sucking, as best she could with Vince’s whole cock stuffing her mouth and throat, she hummed and moaned around his cock! Moving her head up and down on his cock she maneuvered to bring her man to climax so she could enjoy her reward!

Vince did not lay still and quiet during this masterful “head job” he was getting. He moved his hips up and down to facilitate the friction on his cockhead and held Dolly’s head firmly in his two hands and helped force it up and down, too!

“OH!, OH!, OH!, OH!, OH! he sighed! So Damn GOOD! So Good!

Dolly felt his cockhead begin to swell in her mouth and withdrew just a bit to allow her to swallow his on coming load of semen. Vince gasped and came with a rush! Spurt after spurt blasted into Dolly’s oral cavity. She was almost overwhelmed with the amount and force of his ejaculation.

“UUUMMM! UMMMM! Dolly murmured as she scooped up any of Vince’s wonder fluid that had escaped her overflowing mouth as he had cum!

Having been temporarily satiated. Vince took directly to lapping Dolly’s soaked pussy with the flat of his large tongue! Dolly shivered with delight as she felt the electric nerve firings surge through her body. Vince was a skilled lover who understood how to bring a woman to twitching anticipation for the exquisite fucking that would follow. He used this mastery to bring Dolly to a state of sexual passion that she had never experienced in her storied past.

As he zeroed in on her engorged and weeping pussy, he teased her senses by tonguing the erogenous area where her gorgeous thighs and her muscular legs joined. He tantalized her by kissing and licking this extremely sensitive area and making her squirm and hump in trying to get his insinuating tongue closer to her open and secreting pussy. But, he was in no mood to hurry the final event. He took his time, just flicking his tongue down along her larger labial lips and occasionally dipping along her inner most sensitive labial lips. Dolly was writhing and twisting in growing ecstasy!


Vince smiled to himself. He loved to be able to inflame a woman into raving sexual heat as he was now practicing on Dolly. He reveled in the aroma, taste and sights of a cunt in full flower, as Dolly’s now most certainly was.

“Ahhh! Huumm! Ahhh! As he redoubled his efforts.

He kissed and licked the larger labial lips! Dolly moaned and humped wildly! She alternately clamped his head between her sleek thighs or flung her legs up and out to afford Vince the greatest possible entree to her voracious cunt.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!, she mewed. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Don’t Stop! Don’t Ever Stop! More! More! More! She howled!

And more and deeper and harder…he gave her! He licked, sucked and laved her inner labia, he flicked her clitoral hood as he passed from one side of her glorious pulsing cunt opening. By now, her fully erect clitoris was out of it’s hiding hood and receiving as many nerve shattering stimulations as was humanly possible.

It was time for the “piece de resistence”! Bring her OVER the edge! Vince latched on to her swollen clit with his voracious mouth! Flicking! Sucking! Humming! Working her little stub to the maximum, he felt her stiffen, shudder and tremble in her monumental orgasm!

“Oh God!, Oh God! Oh God!, Do Me! Do Me! ….I’m gonna come! Oh God!…Cumming! Cumming! Oh God! Oh God! …Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!”

Dolly came with a body wracking shudder! It felt as if all her nerves had fired at once! Vince smiled as he continued to assuage her quivering labia. She was like an blank palette for his expert carnal talents.

Vince loved it when he was able to draw his lovers into multiple orgasms. He now worked Dolly in to multiple dizzying sustained thundering climaxes! Dolly lay back exhausted and gasping as her breath came in deep as she slow began to recede from her soaring heights.

Vince kept up a slow stroking, fondling and caressing her heated sweating body to help maintain her at a high sensory plateau for the nest phase of this elegant seduction. As Dolly lay there breathing deeply now with the most satisfied look on her beautiful face, Vince again began to kiss and suck her heaving breasts. The raging heat inside Dolly began to burn again.

It was time to fuck this beauty! And fuck her he would! And NOW!

She involuntarily opened her legs as he rolled to mount her. His cock was enormous, so full of blood it strained it’s containment. He couldn’t wait to impale his exquisite prey and give her the ride of her life.

Dolly’s cunt was in a constant flood stage of fuck juices and Vince’s cock was seeping pre-cum like crazy! This was going to be an easy, slick slide to paradise. His cock just touched the outer labia of Dolly and she detonated with her first cum of this extraordinary fuck!

“Ohhh! Ohhh! OOOO! YESS! YESS! YESS! Ohhh VINCE! Ohhh VINCE!”

Dolly’s head flew back and she gasped as his thick flared cockhead separated the engorged large labial lips and pressed by her tight muscle ring guarding the pink portal to her slick velvet corrugated passage to her overheated fiery core. Oh Gawd!! It felt sooo GOOD!

His bursting rod bored inward; then back; then in, deeper this time, to coat itself with the streaming lubrication flowing from Dolly’s cunt. Like a piston custom made for the slick channel it was now ploughing, Vince’s cock renewed it’s now familiar path to the bottom of Dolly’s vaginal chute.

Dolly felt her innards distend and expand to embrace Vince’s turgid invader. She couldn’t remember when she felt so full of a man. Her earlier encounters with gigantic cocks had faded from her recollection. Vince felt so good, so very, very good, she hoped he would want her for the long haul despite their age differences.

Now he was fully encunted inside Dolly’s exquisite body! The wet, slippery wetness enveloped his cock with it’s luxurious clasping embrace. How any woman could feel this good astounded him. He began the slow plunging rhythmic driving that spurred Dolly to greater orgasmic heights.

She loved the sensation of her vaginal opening being pushed inward and her clit being pulled toward the wonderful pleasure producer, Vince’s steely hard cock. Her breath came in staccato pants.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ohh! Ohh! Ugh! With each pressing thrust of his muscular torso, Dolly soared higher and higher into sexual heaven. Sensing her approaching climax, Vince shifted his focus. Grasping her hips, He rolled over placing Dolly on top. Now, she was in total control! She determined how deep, how fast, what angle to afford her clit the most response, all of it! She LOVED it!

Vince reached up and grabbed both of her delectable, bouncing tits! Pulling her down to he, he latched his ravenous lips on the nearest (right) swollen nipple and began to suck and tongue tease! Flicking the other nipple with the fingers of his free hand, he propelled Dolly into unheard-of bliss.


He now pinched and pulled her nipples out and Dolly responded with even greater vocalization! Oh God, what a fuck she was receiving!

She hammered his turgid tormentor as if to devour it completely! To the hilt and beyond, if she could. She wanted ALL he had and more! As she rode his pleasure prod with wild abandon, she rocked her pelvis back and forth to increase the friction and surging sensations from her super sensitive clit.

“Ohhh, God! Ohhhh GOD! OHHHH! YES! YES! MORE! MORE! OHHHHHH!!!!! Dolly groaned!

Vince, for his part, pounded his pelvis and cock up, and up and up! Packing his manhood into Dolly’s welcoming cunt as hard as he could! He wanted this to go on forever! What a fuck! What a fuck!

Her sumptuous tits rocked and shook with the rhythmic pile driving she was providing to her super lubricated and oozing cunt! Dolly was feeling sensations throughout her body that she had never felt before in her whole life. It was as if every nerve ending was sizzling!

Suddenly, she threw her head back and cried out. ” I’m Cumming, I’M CUMMING!!!” and slammed her cunt down on Vince’s powering cock at the precise moment that he felt his balls lift and his cock head swell and blast a monumental load of jizm into Dolly’s steaming core! Dolly’s cunt spasmed, grasping and ballooning around Vince’s cock actually sucking the semen out of his balls.

As the lovers slowly spooled down from their sexual summit, they kissed long and passionately. The opalescent love butter generated by their frenzied fucking began to seep from the junction of cock and cunt. What began as a trickle soon became a pearly river of ambrosia that flowed over his balls and onto the luxurious bed clothes making a large wet spot that symbolized their love.

Exhausted and drained, the lovers clung to each other, breathing deeply. Vince thoughtfully raised himself from the soft enfolding warmth of Dolly’s body and went into the bathroom to bring her a toasty washcloth to clean her still seeping pussy and to clean up his own now wilting cock.

Vince spooned his body around Dolly’s soft warmth, placed his right hand on her still swollen tit with her nipple between his fingers, pushed his cock between her ass cheeks and dozed off into a rapturous sleep. Dolly too, sexually spent (for the time being) likewise slipped into a recuperative slumber, dreaming of the next chapter in this fantastic weekend.

Sometime during the night Vince awoke with a raging hard-on nestled between the slumbering Dolly’s warm ass cheeks. He began, almost imperceptibly moving his cock back and forth closer and closer to the still puffed up vulvar lips of her cunt. Even in her sleep, Dolly’s fleshy labial flower began to swell, open and lubricate, adding to the pre-cum coming out of Vince’s ever hardening cock. Dolly began a soft humming, almost a purring, as Vince slightly changed the angle that his cock was sliding up and down Dolly’s moistening cleft. As his cock slid up her labia, it brushed and teased her clitoral hood. As the sensation mounted, “The Little Man in the Canoe” that was her clitoris itself emerged from her protective hood and hardened.

Dolly now was in that rosy half-sleep and was breathing raggedly as her slow motion seduction continued. Vince had placed his right hand over her right breast and was cupping and kneading it…along with twisting and pulling on her stiffened pillar of nipple. Dolly was wallowing in the torrent of sexual sensations coursing through her body when she felt a subtle change in the angle of Vince’s cock. Instead of sliding along her slit…he now aimed his triumphant cock upward and into her weeping and waiting cunt.

She felt his cock press by her now somewhat slackened and stretched hymeneal ring and deeper into her belly. Vince savored the leisurely conquest of his lady, carrying her off to undreamed of sensual heights. He drove his truncheon to the warm depths of her cunt and allowed it to rest there marinating and reveling in the hot, wet, clasping and milking of her vagina. Dolly loved the fullness feeling in her belly and the pressure he brought to bear in her vagina. She felt completely filled with his wonderful cock! She particularly loved it when his cock would involuntarily twitch and stimulate her love tunnel.

Dolly murmured, ” Ohh! Honey! FUCK MEEE!! GIVE IT TO MEE! FUCK MY PUSSY! GIVE IT TO MEEE! NOW! HARDER! FASTER! HARDER!!!!” Vince’s now rampaging cock picked up speed and power as he ploughed into her steaming innards! Dolly, for her part, pushed her curvaceous buttocks rhythmically to meet his forceful thrusting.

“Ohhh!, Ohhh!, Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohh Gawd! Ohh Gawd!! Fuck Mee! Fuck Mee! Deeper!, Deeper! Deeper! Ohh! Gawd, I LOVE YOUR COCK!! Give It To MEEE! GIVE IT TO MEE! ”

Vince sensing, through his cock and Dolly’s frantic humping, felt her impending climax, redoubled his pounding of her cunt. He exhorted her by whispering in her ear, “Come baby! Come for me!, Take it, Baby…TAKE IT.”

Dolly erupted! She quivered, shook, quivered, quaked as she climaxed! Over and over again! She came with a volcanic shock!! “Oh, Oh Vince! You make me feel SO GOOD! I love loving you!” As the lovers “cooled down” from their olympian crescendo, they hugged and caressed each other sharing their body heat and reveling in their cocoon of happiness.

As he felt his shrinking cock marinating in their combined love juices still enveloped in Dolly’s warm silkiness, he became overwhelmed with his wondrous good fortune. Finding a gorgeous, stacked and sensuous woman to share his raging sexual energy was a divine stroke of luck.

Dolly, for her part, veritably hummed as she again drifted off to slumber with her lover’s cock still soaking in her cunt. Her cunt, still occasionally giving a little contraction spasm, as if to indicate an unconscious wish to continue being fucked. As that rosy half-sleep overtook her she had recurring visions of what glorious fucking lay ahead for this fantastic weekend. She had always loved being fucked “doggy style” and looked forward to riding Vince’s towering monster cock in uncounted positions. This weekend was going to be absolutely delicious!

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