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Dom and Annie. And Suzanne.

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“It’s time, Annie,” I told her. “We can’t wait a second longer, because this baby won’t.”

“But Dom,” she answered. “The hospital is so far away, if the contractions slow down again, we’ll be up there for nothing, and that snowstorm is coming. We could be stuck up there.”

“Yes!” I snapped. “This is a nasty storm, suppose we stay put, it hits, and then the baby comes. We’ll be stuck here, 80 miles from help. It’s time!”

She sighed her relent. Her mom had come to visit us so she could be there for the birth of her first grandchild. We had married and moved to Wyoming from New York immediately after college, and took teaching jobs in a small rural town. We had both agreed it would be fun to have the adventure of living in an entirely different culture, although still within our own country.

Three years later, we were expecting our first child. Annie had a difficult pregnancy. She had lost three babies in earlier pregnancies to miscarriages, and was very anxious to carry this baby to term. When premature labor started early in the second trimester she was diagnosed with an “incompetent cervix,” and put on bed rest.

Her mom, Suzanne came a couple of months early to help out around the house and carry out the “nesting” tasks expectant mothers are compelled to do. Suzanne was a huge help, cooking and cleaning as well as keeping Annie company in our remote little town.

All was not rosy however, since along with bedrest, Annie had been told not to get overly excited, and especially not to have sex. We were both only 24, and living in a remote area, where we were each others’ prime source of entertainment. Until this pregnancy sex had been frequent, if not daily. Now, with everything Annie had going on in her reproductive tract, she didn’t miss it. With absolutely nothing going on in my reproductive tract, I experienced a near constant state of arousal.

There were also nasty mitigating factors contributing to my frustration. Annie frowned upon masturbation, her strict rearing leaving it labeled as “dirty” in her mind. So not only would she not do anything for me, she wouldn’t hear of me taking care of myself. Besides, our house was small, and with Annie monopolizing the bed and Suzanne sleeping on the pullout couch, someone was always in either visual or auditory range, so I couldn’t find release anywhere.

Oral and anal sex were out of the question. She told me if she could endure months of bedsores I could endure a little lack of sex. She had a point, so I sucked it up…a little. I did cheat by getting up a little earlier in the morning and enjoying an extra long shower, paying special attention while soaping the parts that seemed to have the greatest needs.

It isn’t as if sex just left my world. I was one of only four men in town between the ages of 20 and 30, so I was a prime target for single and divorced women of any age. Older divorcees would sidle up to me at the local café or lounge, and my high school students (who were only a few years younger than me) were difficult to keep on task as they actively worked to steer the direction of class from curriculum to personal preferences and issues of mine. Sometimes I felt locked in a tower looking down at the land of opportunity.

Now, the ordeal was near its end, as the baby had announced its intentions. Today there was no thought of sex as we were moving towards the door. I put the pre-packed suitcase in the trunk of the already running car. Then I brought Annie and Suzanne out to the nice warm car, and off we went. Of course, the pre-packed suitcase accounted for Annie. When we planned ahead, an approaching blizzard was not in our thoughts, so we did not pack for Suzanne or I to stay for more than a couple of hours.

We had an 80 mile drive ahead of us, but if what the doc had told us over the phone was correct, we still had a couple of hours to make it. Then, at the town line, a half mile from home, Annie’s water broke.

I don’t know how fast we went after that. No, literally, I had no clue. Our car was the first we had bought on our own, and on rural teachers’ salaries, we couldn’t afford much. All four cylinders were pumping as hard as possible, and the speedometer was pinned at 85 mph. I knew we were going much faster by the fact that the needle remained firmly pinned, but my economy “limo” just wasn’t prepared to measure our current speeds. We no longer had the luxury of a couple hours time. She had been in premature labor for months, so all she needed was the water to break, and things got intense.

“Honey, I want to get there as fast as you, but please be safe,” Annie admonished as she and her mom worked in the back seat to both clean her up and try to make her comfortable. “I’ve never heard this engine so loud.”

“It’s ok Annie,” I answered. “The engine will be fine, the road is straight, flat and clear, I can see for miles since the storm is still well behind us. Let’s just get there!” She was right about the engine, but that is a different story.

Ten minutes after we arrived at the hospital, our daughter was born. Everything was now right with the world. The baby was beautiful, and the three of us were exhausted. The hospital was happy to let us stay there, but we were exhausted and decided to get a hotel room with beds rather sleep in hospital room chairs for what was left of the night. Annie and the baby were already asleep when I kissed them goodbye. Suzanne and I walked to the parking lot in the driving wind of a high plains blizzard.

There was only one local motel, a little Mom and Pop operation. The blizzard had chased truckers to shelter, and the place had only had one room left. The room only had one bed, so they brought a roll away.

It was a little uncomfortable sharing the room with my mother-in-law. She was in her mid forties, and though a little out of shape, she had all the moving parts needed to make me aware of what had been missing in my life.

“We can handle this,” she told me. “We’re both mature and sensible, and we’re here for such a beautiful thing. If we think of that, we can share this room without doing something we might regret.”

“Ok, then,” I said and turned to set up my bed. When I turned around, she had removed her pants and sweater, and was standing there in panties and bra neatly folding them and hanging hem up.

“What’s good for the goose…” I thought, and likewise removed my outer garments. I went to use the bathroom, and when I came out she was standing right there, brushing her teeth with one of the hotel-supplied brushes. I grabbed the other and stood beside her at the second sink. As I brushed, I couldn’t help but glance down at her body. Hey face it, it had been months and we were both nearly naked.

And she looked good! She wore nice panties and a delicately sculpted little bra that made her look like she would readily pop out, or else that I should readily pop in. Though 24 years older than Annie, Suzanne still had an almost identical figure, and I was enjoying my discreet little inspection a little too much.

“Down boy,” Suzanne said as I put my toothbrush in a cup on the sink. I looked down I realized that my dreamy view had caused a throbbing hard on, and my briefs were now stretched so thin you could see the flesh color of my penis beneath its weave.”

“Aw shoot, Suzanne,” I said, “I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be,” she giggled. “I’m flattered. Your father-in-law Len doesn’t have much time for me lately, and when he does, he never looks like that anymore.” She stared directly at my swollen erection. “You get old, things slow down, other things soften up.”

She reached over and kissed me on the forehead. It didn’t help my situation to be pulled so as to stare directly at her luscious bosom, have her place her hand on the skin of my neck and kiss me gently. Another throb pulsed through my system.

“Goodnight Dom,” she said, “thank you for making Annie so happy, for giving me such a beautiful granddaughter, and for letting an old lady feel incredibly attractive and desirable.


She climbed into bed.

“So damned uncomfortable,” she said as she squirmed beneath the covers, “I hate these things.” She tossed her bra to the chair by the bed.


I climbed into the squeaky roll-away. It was a miserable bed, and I began to wonder if I might have been better off in the hospital chair. However, I was so tired from an amazing day, I felt my erection deflate, and my eyelids grow heavy. I was vaguely aware of the night getting even darker just as I drifted off to la la land,

“Gees…its so cold,” Suzanne’s vice came from her bed as she woke me from a state of unconsciousness that was too uncomfortable to call sleep.

“It sure is,” I said, still sleepy, but stretching all the spots the cursed bed has made stiff or sore. “I think the power went out.”

I rose and went shivering to the window. The whole town, streetlights included, was pitch black, except the hospital down the street, which obviously had emergency generators.

The blizzard was at its peak, and I could see that we wouldn’t be going anywhere the next day without having to dig out the car in that mess. We were stuck, and it was cold.

“Can you hand me my sweater?” Suzanne asked, and I happily retrieved it.

“Or maybe take that blanket off your cot and get in bed with me, we’ll keep each other warm” she said.

“Bad idea,” I replied. “You saw what happened when I just stood beside you looking at you.”

“You mean ogling me?” she interrupted.

“Ogling, lusting, fantasizing, you name it! I was rarin’ to go, ready to take you to bed and make wild and passionate love all night. If I crawl in bed with you, I won’t be able to resist.” I was adamant.

“All night? Really?”

I wasn’t getting very far.

“Ok, Dom, listen to reason,” she explained. “We can’t leave. It is freezing. We have one nice bed and that squeaky mess you’ve been tossing and turning on for the last hour and a half. However, we have two warm bodies and if we pool our resources, four blankets! Now get in with me!”

Just as I thought she began to make sense, I felt the first warning creep into that familiar spot.


I grabbed the blankets from the rollaway and laid them over the middle of the king sized bed. I climbed in to the other side, and rolled to face away from Suzanne, hiding the fact that my arousal was a growing problem.

“Stop worrying,” she said. “This is not all bad you know.”

Puzzled at that statement, I rolled over to face her. Her face was so beautiful looking at me inches away in the dark, and her body heat was indeed a comfort. It was a comfort on more than one level.


“Ok, it’s my turn to be sorry, Dom,” she continued. “I haven’t been able to shake the picture of you looking me over, then getting so aroused and hard. Then it was so cute the way you got flustered. It’s been a long time for you, and with Len’s issues, it has for me too. I think I might like to explore ‘all night’ if you would.”


Her hand slid up my side beneath my t-shirt. She slid closer and kissed me on the lips.


“No one needs to know, Dom. It’s just one night, just you and I making each other happy.”


I kissed her back.

She pulled her body close to mine.

“You had me get your sweater, but didn’t put it on,” I said.

“I didn’t need to. That was plan B, in case you didn’t come to bed,” she stopped my queries with a kiss.

She kissed me deeply but gently. I couldn’t believe how electric her touches were. I had my share of lovers, but none ever had the touch Suzanne was using on me so effortlessly. She guided my head deftly to kiss her neck. And though I never felt pushed, somehow she had me moving down her body. A gently nudge here, a shift in weight there, and my lips were at her chest. I took her cue, and used as light a touch with my hands, with my lips, with my tongue as I possibly could. I enjoyed her luscious breasts, tasting and feeling every inch simultaneously.

She alternated moaning and speaking. She was leading me with her voice as gently as her hands had led me before. It was utterly hypnotic. Masterfully she guided me on a tour of her most sensitive areas until I found myself in the soft downy hair between her legs.

“Len would never go here,” she whispered. Please gift me this gift tonight, Dom.”

I was delighted to oblige. I glided through her public hair, feeling its soft texture brush against my face. I found her clit and teased it, it flicking it with my tongue as I slid my hands down to help. I spread her pussy open, and begin to lick in earnest, alternating between her clit and vagina, oozing with her wetness. I felt her breathing increase, and began to lick more intensely. I probed her with one finger, which I slid in slowly but surely, curling up to her most sensitive spot inside. She exploded with orgasm, and for the first time used a touch that was less than gentle by pulling my head firmly harder against her pussy, grinding against it as she came.

She sat up and pulled me up to kiss her. She kissed all over my mouth, lips and face. She sucked my tongue. She seemed determined to share the taste of her sex which I had eagerly enjoyed.

“Dom, I can’t tell you how much that means to me,” she said as she laid me down and rolled me on my back. “That was a first for me, to receive oral. However, I am no beginner at giving it.”

It was clear to me that she intended to match me step for step. She disappeared beneath the blankets, and I felt her breath on my dick. Her hands cupped my balls while she teased me by alternating her hot breath with blowing cool air as my dick twitched again and again at her whim. It was sweet torture, and I was just beginning to enjoy the changing sensations when I felt her mouth engulf my entire dick in one motion.

She held it there, sucking lightly for sometime, and then slowly withdrew. As she got to the end she let her teeth contact my skin just for a second, then let it pop out where her waiting hand caressed it. The quick alternation of textures and temperatures was incredible, as each new sensation caused another twitch and a dick that was a little harder, a little longer. Suzanne’s sexual habits and preferences seemed to be in surprisingly stark contrast to her daughter’s prudishness.

“Now Dom, I know Annie has some old fashioned ideas when It comes to sex,” she said as she began to throw her arsenal of sensations at me a second time, “but they didn’t come from me. Her father always talked somewhat Puritanically about making love to the children, but we both believe that adults should enjoy each others treasures as much and as often as possible.”

“I like the way you think, but if you keep that up for long, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up very long,” I said.

“It’s Ok,” she smiled “I want to taste your cum the way you tasted mine.”

She then took me long and deep, and her tongue and throat worked in consort on my fully engorged cock. I felt myself tighten, and soon I was cumming into her pumping mouth. As I spent my orgasm, she remained clamped on my dick. When it began to soften, I pulled her to me, returning the favor of cleaning the excess cum from her face, and kissing her with my tongue deep in her mouth tasting my salty musk in her kisses.

We lay back, face to face, kissing, looking at each other, and no longer thinking at all about the cold or the storm.

“So,” she said, “All night?”

“All night,” I replied and rolled her on her back to kiss her. She closed her eyes, to accept my lips, but they opened wide when she felt me hardening against her bare leg.

“Alllll night,” I said, and felt my now hard penis slide into her soaking wet pussy.

As I entered her I had no idea what I was in for. Sex had always amazed me since my Junior Prom date had astounded me by eagerly going all the way in the back of my family’s station wagon in the parking lot of the dance hall between the prom itself and the post prom party. Every girl after her had offered a new twist to enjoy, a way she moved, a different feeling due to her size or how tight she was.

Suzanne had them topped. I slid all the way in slowly. We both moaned together as I did, but she opened her eyes and whispered to me “Hold it there, baby.”

I did. And she commenced to pulse the muscles surrounding her vagina. I knew all about Kegel exercises, and had laughed about it with the other couples in our LaMaze classes, but Suzanne could pulse more than that one point at the entrance, and I went nuts feeling it. She continued this for what seemed like hours to my delight, but read me like a book. Just as I began to build to a second climax she stopped, “Shhh” as I began to ask why “just enjoy this moment.”

We practically froze.

“I love this feeling,” she murmured. “Len is usually impatient, and rarely lets me feel this. Feeling you still inside me, not limp and spent, but hard and strong, is such an amazing sensation. Knowing you were ready to cum but can hold it there, filling me, lends me your strength. I’ve invited the most intimate part of you to be a guest in my most intimate place, and you’ve accepted. You accepted politely, and gently, and are letting me bask in your being there. The she began to move her hips.

“Now,” she went on “You are ready to finish. You will not cum as fast, because you are accustomed to being there. You will enjoy a longer build up to your satisfaction, and you will bring me to climax much more quickly….like now. Her fingers latched onto my shoulders, and I could feel her mouth clamping on my ear even as her pussy clamped down on my dick. Her entire body stiffened, and I moved into my role as the one to keep our bodies in motion, grinding myself deep with each thrust, and pulling almost entirely out with each alternating stroke.

“Oh geeesssss Dommmmmm,” she called out, nearly screaming my name. But still I wasn’t ready, and kept pumping in and out. She twisted her body and spun herself on top of me. She buried her tongue in my mouth while we both kept our hips dancing in sex. She kept grinding, harder and harder, and began that sequence of heavy breathing, moaning, and bucking hips that I had come to recognize as her buildup to orgasm. Her body shook again, and almost immediately after, she began to spasm again. The speed with which her waves of orgasm were hitting her was incredible, and drove me towards orgasm as well. As she shouted my name one more time, my body stiffened with her, and as we both came together I wondered how often I could get Suzanne to come visit us.

Suzanne rolled off me, and we fell asleep like that. As dawn arrived and the light began to brighten the blizzard outside, I woke to feel Suzanne still in my arms, but her back was pressed against me, and I felt myself growing in the crack of her butt. I moved around enough to tease her pussy from behind with my dick, and to my surprise she moved to accept it. Again we fucked, and again we fell asleep. When I finally woke, Suzanne was in the shower, and the lights were shining again.

I stepped into the shower. She smiled.

“Had enough yet?” I asked as I grabbed the soap and egan to apply it to her back.

“I said all night, Dom, not all day too,” she replied. “Remember, I’m a little older than you, and I don’t have quite the energy you have.”

“Then just stand there and I’ll do the work.”

I pressed her against the wall, and lifted one leg up high, giving me easy access to her.

“Dom, I’m not going to be able to walk! Remember you’ve got to go see your little girl, and I’ve got to go see mine!”

That last remark hit home. Her little girl was my wife, the mother of our new daughter. How ironic that one her family was the reason mine was in jeopardy. Once again, Suzanne read my feelings, or maybe it was the rapid fashion that my erection shriveled to a limp mass of jellied meat.

“Oh Dom, relax,” she said as she scrubbed my back. “Annie has had a tough time of it, and you gave her everything she needed to get her through it. You’ve had your own tough time of it, and she couldn’t help you out with what you need, so I just did it for her. Think of it as a mother taking responsibility for her child’s oversight.”

Somehow her warped logic made sense. On some level everyone wound up with what they needed. I felt bad about the infidelity on one level, while on a different level I was smiling at the amazing gifts my mother in law had given me.

The blizzard continued to blow. Rather than dig out the car only to face a yet unplowed parking lot, we walked the quarter mile to the hospital in the plow track. It was slow going. We spent the day as a family rejoicing in a new arrival was beautiful, and I don’t think either Suzanne or I gave the last night a thought. When the night rolled around, the storm was still raging, and predictions called for it to continue to snow until the next afternoon.

Late that night, Suzanne and I made the trek back to the motel. As we faced the bitter wind and the stinging snow, I replayed the events of the last twenty four hours over and over in my mind. I weighed the guilt of my infidelity against the incredible feeling of release from making love with Suzanne. I loved Annie so dearly. I knew Suzanne loved Len.

I turned the key in the lock and we walked into the hotel room. We were greeted with a warm glow of lamplight, and the equally welcome sensation of a working heating system. We undressed. Both of us had the same thought and moved to a sink, washing our undergarments by hand, as we had been wearing them for a day and a half. There we stood, stark naked, side by side and didn’t touch. We finished our task, and one after the other hung our wet clothes in the bathroom to dry.

I walked out as Suzanne climbed into bed.

“Suzanne, we have to talk,” I began to speak.

“Shhh,” she stopped me. “No we really don’t. What we did wasn’t entirely wrong, but it wasn’t right either. What was it? It was beautiful, it was sensual, it was amazing, it was incredible, it was invigorating, it was rejuvenating. I could go on Dom.”

I felt so right at that moment. Standing naked in front of this wonderful loving woman, who was in an entirely different way making me feel good for a second consecutive night.

“Dom, you’re my baby girl’s love. You mean everything to her. I just borrowed you on a night she didn’t need you. Let it go at that. I don’t want things to change between you and Annie or between me and Len just because we shared each other’s sexual charms last night. Can we just treasure the memory and go on from here?”

I looked at her and smiled. I sat down on the bed beside her, leaned over and gently kissed her forehead.

“Good-night Suzanne. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I settled into my bed, squeaking and creaking my way to reasonable comfort on what I was sure had been built more as an implement of torture than of blissful slumber. The wind was beginning to subside, obviously signaling the storm was near the end of its stay. I knew I’d spend an eternity the next day digging out the car, but was looking forward to seeing Annie and the baby again. Once again, my mind was replaying the events of the last days, feeling incredible love for Annie and our new family. I also however had a new love for Suzanne.

“Dom?” Suzanne asked in the dark.


“Come here.”

She didn’t have to say it twice.

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