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Sunday Morning

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Imagine a lazy sunday morning. you are reading the paper in the kitchen, leaning your elbows on the counter, propping your head on your hands. Your parents are away so we are both wearing only robes to keep the winter chill off our bodies. In my hands I am carrying a pair of beautiful red heeled shoes, the kind with ribbons that lace up your leg like a corset, and a bottle of mineral oil.

I put one hand on the small of your back and rub gently up to the nape of your neck, relishing the luxurious feel of your red silk robe as you look over your shoulder briefly and smile at me. “What are you up to, mister.” you say with a hint of mischief in your voice.

“Oh, nothing, love.” I say coyly, “but would you mind putting these on for me?”

You turn towards me, slowly, and wink at me over your shoulder. “Of course, love, anything for you.”

You snatch the shoes from my hands playfully and immediately slide your feet into them and with a smirk say, “Well, a little help for your lady in red or what?”

Taking the hint I kneel slowly before you, sliding my hands ever so gently down your sides, over your hips and down your smooth silky calves. We sigh, almost in unison, relishing the feel of my rough calloused hands against your silky skin. Leaning in slightly I kiss your gently on the knee and look up at you with hooded eyelids, my hands snaking slowly up the back of your calf towards your ass, hoping for a quick feel. But you are too quick for me and smack my hand away before I reach my prize. “Oh, no mister. I am enjoying this article and would like to get back to it, you just tie up these shoes for me and no more funny business. Ok?”

“Sorry, love.” I say feigning disappointment and lace up your shoes, my eyes feasting on the contrast of the red ribbons crisscrossing over your pale skin to the middle of your calf.

The shoes laced you test your balance, the muscles in your legs straining and rippling beneath your pale skin. “Lovely,” you say and turn back to your paper, resuming your position with your elbows propped upon the table.

Standing behind you I take in the wonderful view before me. Your back is arched and with the heels on, your ass is thrust into the air slightly, pulling the silky robe up to expose the jewel of your sex and the firm roundness of your butt.

I step forward and lean into you, my hands once again caressing the small of your back and working their way up over your silken robe to the nape of your neck. I’m not certain but I think I hear a faint sigh escape your lips as I begin to gently massage your shoulders with my fingers. “Good article love?” I ask, my voice only a breathy whisper in your ear.

“Mmmmm, yes.”

I slide my hands back the length of your body working my thumbs in tiny circles around your spine all the while enjoying the sound of your breath quickening. When I reach the small of your back this time I don’t stop instead continuing my caresses until I can hook my thumbs under the hem of your robe. Using the palms of my hands I give your ass a gentle squeeze and then slide them slowly up your back again taking the robe with me this time.

As I slowly expose your back to cool air in the kitchen goose-bumps rise on your skin and you can feel me growing hard against your ass. Leaning forward I gently kiss the back of your head and the side of your neck and face while sliding my hands around your body to gently brush against your breasts. At my feather-light touch your nipples grow instantly hard and I can’t resist cupping your breasts lightly in my hands lifting their weight and squeezing ever so gently.

Your back arches away from the counter and another soft sigh escapes your lips as you press yourself back against me ever so slightly, feeling my straining cock pressing against your ass. My hands deftly untie your robe and it falls open slightly exposing your breasts to the cool air of the kitchen, and then find their way to your belly. I rub your belly for a moment before sliding the tips of my fingers into the holllows where your legs meet your body. I use a gentle pressure to roll your hips forward and pull you towards me arching your back even more and pressing your head and breasts down against the counter.

Stepping back I can see that you are almost completely exposed, wetness already glistening in the soft curls of your pubic hair, but I am not satisfied. I put my foot between your legs and gently urge you to part your legs, which you do willingly. You begin to speak, saying something about the article, but I quickly shush you and pull the tie out of your robe. The silken tie stretched between both hands I slide it over your head and pull it across your eyes. I tie it in a bow at the back of your head and whisper in your ear that you should be quiet now and just enjoy what is to come. I pull my own tie free from my robe and drape it over your bare back. “Wait here, just like this,” I say and leave the room.

When I return your are standing straight facing the counter, the tie from my robe at your feet your own robe open and once again just barely covering the round globes of your ass. In a stern voice I say, ” I thought I told you to stay just as I left you, and now here you are standing straight, not leaning. Whatever will I do with you?”

“But…” you begin to protest but your words are quickly muffled as I slip another tie over your head and into your mouth as a gag. “Shhh, love. It’s okay. Just kneel down and pick up the rope from my robe and hand it to me.” You try to mumble something but your words are muffled by the gag and you begin to resign yourself to your fate.

Kneeling slowly you feel around on the hard wood floor until you find the tie from my robe and then quickly stand up and hold it out before you. I step towards you, my footsteps padding softly on the cool floor and take the tie from you with my right hand as my left hand finds your hip and slowly turns you back towards the counter.

Standing beside you I whisper softly in your ear that you will enjoy this, if only you behave yourself and I am very satisfied when instead of speaking you nod your head slowly. Stepping behind you I take one of your hands in each of mine and pull them back behind your back while slowly sliding your robe off your shoulders so that you are wearing only the red heels and the blindfold and gag. Using the tie from my own robe I carefully tie your hands behind your back before kissing up and down the length of your spine.

With my hands once again on your pelvis I position you as you were before and gently spread your legs with my foot. “Now lean forward love, and put your head on the counter for me.” I whisper in your ear. For a moment you just stand there and I am forced to put my hand on the back of your neck and push you gently forward and down, your blind face moving slowly towards the counter, not resisting but not going entirely willingly either. You let a gentle sigh escape your gag as you feel the softness of the silken pillow I have placed before you without your knowing.

I step away from you and admire your beauty for a moment and then pour some of my mineral oil onto your back enjoying your muffled squeal of shock as the cool liquid hits your warm skin. Starting with your back I begin to work the oil into your skin rubbing in slowly warming circles all over your back and up the lengths of your arms and across your shoulders. Using my hands to warm the oil first this time I reach around your body my cock pressing once again against your ass and sliding against your quickly moistening vagina, and begin to massage it into your breasts and stomach.

Kneeling behind you I warm more oil in my hands and begin to massage it into your left calf, gently kneading the muscles as I move up your thigh, covering your leg in glistening oil. As I move around you to oil your right leg you feel my breath on your vagina, blowing warm air over you parted lips. I flick my tongue out quickly and tease your clit for the briefest of moments, enjoying yet another muffled squeal from you.

Starting at the top this time I massage my oil gently into your thigh, my fingers sometimes brushing your swollen pussy lips and your moist pubic hair and eliciting sighs and moans from you. With both your legs and your torso oiled I stand and move around behind you once again. You can hear me warming more oil in my hands the rough calluses making the softest scratching noise and you arch your back in anticipation thrusting your ass up towards me.

I start with the left cheek, working the oil into your butt in slow, firm circles making sure to coat every inch and then move to the right. You wiggle and wriggle your body enjoying the sensation of my firm touch on your soft skin and trying to prolong it for as long as possible.

With your ass cheeks oiled there remains only one spot left for me to coat and you raise your ass even higher in the air, your toes pointing in your heels, in anticipation. I step forward towards your ass and bring my whole hand down on first your left, then your right cheek. You are shocked, but do not move from your position, letting only the tiniest of squeals escape through your gag.

“That’s for being a naughty girl and not staying put while I was gone.” I say firmly. As I speak I admire the faint red hand prints that are forming on your ass. “And now, I think this is what you were waiting for.” I say, as I slide my middle finger between your legs so that the tip is resting gently on your clit and the length of it is nestled along the cleft of your sex.

I leave my finger there for a moment enjoying the feeling of your body wriggling beneath me as you move your hips trying to rub your clit and your vagina against my callused finger. “Be still my love, lest I am forced to spank you again for being bad.” My voice is only a breath in our ear once again, my body pressed against your back my cock resting in the valley of your ass.

I drag my finger slowly out from between your legs letting the gentle pressure part the lips of your vagina coating me in your warm wetness, and stepping back slide my finger tip over the puckered rosebud of your ass. I repeat this procedure a three or four more times, each time allowing my finger to slip a little deeper inside your vagina until finally your ass is glistening with as much of your wetness as your sex.

Kneeling behind you I slide my finger into your sex ever so slightly and pause there for a moment, wiggling ever so slightly before pulling it completely out. I lean forward and blow on your swollen vagina and then slip my finger back in up to my first knuckle before taking it out once again.

This time I blow gently on your asshole as I slide my finger slowly into your pussy up to the second knuckle. As I begin to slide it out once again you let out a low moan of pleasure and I stop for a moment at the first knuckle before thrusting my finger all the way into you. With a gentle pressure I begin to stroke the walls of your vagina my finger wriggling inside you and thrusting slowly in and out.

I am very pleased when you spread your legs a little more and arch against my exploring finger. I lean forward my hand still caressing your vagina and kiss you gently on your left and then your right ass cheek. As I slide my finger out of your vagina I cup your sex and begin to gently massage your clit with the pads of my fingers in slow gentle concentric circles.

Your hips respond and begin to move once again but I am lost in the moment and thoughts of punishment are long gone. I slide my hand away from your dripping pussy and with one hand on each of your ass cheeks I part your ass. I admire your glistening sex for a moment before leaning in and dragging my tongue over the cleft of your pussy from clit to ass darting it out slightly to penetrate you just a little. I play there for a moment teasing your lips with my tongue and thrusting it a little further into you every few seconds.

My hands still holding our ass open I pull my head away and blow gently on your vagina before leaning in once again and kiss you right on the rosebud of your asshole. As I swirl my tongue around your puckered ass I slide my hands around your body and begin stroking your clit with one while the other enters your vagina and begins to thrust in and out of you in time with my probing tongue.

As I press my tongue harder and harder against your ass you begin to relax and I can feel it entering you ever so slightly. Your hips are rocking furiously now, the muscles in your parted legs rippling beneath your creamy skin. When my tongue finally presses through the tight ring of your ass you let out a low moan that lasts for a few seconds and you begin to tremble slightly.

Abruptly I stop all my ministrations and stand up behind you, not touching you in any way. Your hips are still wriggling, rolling back and forth as you shift your weight from leg to leg trying to keep the sensations going. Faintly I hear you begging through your gag for me to continue. Your words are desperate, pleading. and so I step forward and you feel the warm pulsing head of my cock against your vagina.

I tease you a few times dragging the tip of my penis over the cleft of your sex before pressing firmly against you and sliding easily into you. I fall forward as I enter you and you feel the heat of my body press against the cool exposed flesh of your back as we both let out a long low moan. With my penis buried all the way inside you I cup your breasts in my hands and squeeze them firmly, once again lifting their weight, before tugging gently on your hard nipples.

As I begin to slowly thrust in and out of your vagina I cover your back and neck in soft loving kisses and pant words of love and encouragement in your ear. “That’s it love, enjoy it. Your so wet…mmmmm. So tight. My naughty girl, getting fucked like a slut in the kitchen. Good girl.”

I use my right hand to reach around and between your legs and begin to gently caress your clit with my finger tips in time to my slow thrusting. Your body is undulating beneath me now, your back arching and rippling up and down as your rock your hips taking me deeper and deeper inside you, always pressing your clit against my probing fingers.

I hear you moaning and trying to speak and then you spit out your gag. “Fuck me harder…please. I want to cum. Please.” With that I put both my hands on your hips and begin thrusting harder and faster, my cock moving quickly in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Like that love, is that how my little slut wants it?” My voice is broken, panting from the effort of fucking you.

“Mmmmm, yes. Please… I want to cum. Make your little slut cum all over your cock… Please” Your voice is strained and shrill, your back is flushed and you are rocking furiously against me the pillow sliding around on the counter beneath your head.

As I fuck you I slide my right hand away from your hip and let the tip and gently smack your ass, first on the right, then on the left and then again on the right. “That’s for spitting out your gag!” I pant and slide my hand over your ass massaging your ass cheeks.

When the tip of my thumb passes over your asshole you moan loudly and thrust your ass into the air so I apply the tiniest bit of pressure and being gently rubbing my thumb over your asshole in time to my frantic thrusting. “Mmm yes…” You moan, “Put it inside me. Put your thumb in my asshole while your fuck me.”

Without hesitation I apply more pressure and my thumb slides easily into your ass and you let out a low growl of pleasure. “You are a dirty slut aren’t you?” I ask breathlessly.

“I’m your dirty slut love….” You pant. “All yours.”

I fuck you with renewed vigor urged on by your dirty talk and I can feel your pussy growing tighter and tighter around my penis, your juices dripping down our legs as you get ready to orgasm.

Abruptly I stop everything and step away from you my penis sliding out of your pussy only seconds after my thumb leaves your ass. You moan with disappointment and thrust your ass into the air, begging me to fuck you with your movements. “No… Please. Fuck me. I want to CUM!”

I step forward and lean down over you my cock pressing against your asshole before sliding up the valley of your cheeks and resting there. I whisper in your ear as I replace your gag. “You have been very bad my love. Talking back. Spitting out your gag, I don’t know if you deserve to orgasm. You might have to prove it to me.”

Around your gag you mumble desperately, “Anything…I’ll do whatever you want. Just let me cum… PLEASE”

With your gag firmly tied in place I take my cock in my right hand and position it so the tip is pressing against your asshole. “Then I want this. I want your ass, and then you can cum.” You try to speak but your words are muffled and you nod your head frantically with frustration. “Good then…I’ll untie your hands and you can touch yourself all you want while I fuck your ass. Agreed?” You nod frantically again.

I untie your hands and you immediately begin using your right hand to play with your clit, rubbing it in quick little circles, desperately trying to regain the orgasm I robbed you of. Your left hand snakes back around your body and grabs my cock and presses it firmly against your ass. “That’s it love…” I pant.

You arch your ass into the air and slowly begin to press back against me, pressing the tip of my penis against your tight asshole. Finally you feel it begin to relax and the head of my cock slides a little ways inside you until the entire tip has disappeared into you. I moan loudly and you begin to wriggle your ass back even farther, ever so slowly taking me deeper and deeper into you. Once my penis is all the way inside your ass you let go with your hand and begin to move slowly back and forwards fucking me with your ass, the whole time your fingers are working frantically on your clit as you feel your arousal dripping down your fingers and legs.

I begin to thrust slowly my hands on your ass cheeks and move only slightly in and out being careful not to hurt you. “That’s it love…. play with yourself while I fuck your ass” I moan, lost in the moment.

After only a few minutes you arch your back towards me and stand up from the counter. I take your breasts in my hands and squeeze them hard, kneading your soft flesh and tugging at your nipples. You lean your head back and turn it to kiss me and I use my left hand to release your gag. You feel my tongue on your lips as we frantically thrust together and then on your ear and your neck. We are one moaning thrusting mass of pleasure now, both of us whispering dirty words of encouragement and love into each others ears.

Finally you bear down on me with your ass as you reach your climax, heat moving through your whole body, and instantly you feel my hot breath on your neck as my penis spasms inside your but filling you with my warm cum.

With a loud sigh I slide out of you and we fall together to the cool hardwood floor covering each other in loving kisses, both glowing with pleasure and love.


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