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Switching Her On

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Jim came home from work, to find the apartment totally dark. He called out for Tina, but she did not respond. Jim had moved to turn on the light, but a voice stopped him.

“Don’t turn that on.” Tina told him from the darkness.

“Damn, You scared the hell out of me. Why didn’t you answer when I called?” Jim asked, while sitting his coat on the couch.

“I have my reasons.” She replied as she walked toward him.

Jim couldn’t make out what she was wearing, and reached out to touch her as she came near. Tina side stepped Jims’ reaching arms, and stepped behind him.

“Ah…ah. You can’t touch yet.” she teased him.

Jim soon felt her cool hands against his neck, and then felt the cool cloth of a blindfold wrap over his eyes. He did not try and resist her as she tied the cloth securely behind his head. Jim knew that Tina must have a big surprise for him, and he was right. Tina began to unbutton his shirt, and then his pants. Jim was soon standing in a puddle of clothing.

“Okay. What now?” he asked jokingly.

Jims’ desire to be dominated were no secret to his wife, and she in turn enjoyed dominating him. His cock was already growing stiff, and Tina gave it a few strokes before continuing her work. Jim knelt down as Tina pressed his shoulder. She pulled his hands behind his back, and he expected a pair of handcuffs. Jim was surprised when he felt the cool touch of leather creep up his arms. Tina had bought a pair of arm binders! She cinched the leather straps tightly, and Jim soon felt his arms bound by the heavy leather

“I see someone went shopping.” He said to her once she was done.

“Oh, I did more than you know.” she told him in a wicked voice.

Jim heard the click of the lamps being turned on, but the blindfold blocked out all of the light. He then felt his feet being pushed apart, and leather cuffs tightening around his ankles. The cuffs were in turn, connected to a spreader bar. The final touch was the connection between the arm binder and the spreader. Tina had never tied him so securely before, and Jim was aching with excitement.

“Now that you’re all set, I have a few surprises for you dear.” Tina told him.

“When I was sick last week, I had a lot of time to play on the computer. I went searching for some stories to read, and I happened to come across some real good ones.” She continued. “I found a few chat logs that were pretty hot. Some guy named Simon, and a few other women. The women were all Domme’s, and they did some interesting things with that guy. Where did you come across those logs?” She asked innocently.

“Well…I.” Jim stuttered. Simon was the name that Tina had given to Jim when he took on the role of slave.

“Well. I decided to go chatting on the web, and by chance, found the women that were in those chat logs. They had some pretty good stories to tell. In fact, they made me really think about this guy named Simon. God! You should see the things that they did to him.” She continued.

“Uh hon., I was just playing around you know.” Jim stumbled on his words.

Jim could hear Tina laugh softly. “I know. Remember, I get to have some digital fun myself. I’m not mad.” She said. “What I saw, did give me quite a few thoughts as to what to do with my nasty little slave.”

Jim began to get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had no idea how far Tina would take things, and he was not too sure if he were ready for the consequences.

“Look hon., that stuff is just fantasy. I don’t even know if I want to do some of those things.” He said quickly.

Tina smiled and patted Jim on his cheek.

“Well, I guess that’s your problem. I found all of the things in your dirty little chats to be quite interesting. I’ve been dying to try them. Now, since I am the one in charge, you’ll just have to go along for the ride.” she laughed.

Tina walked over to the couch, and searched behind it. She pulled a black plastic bag out, and then sat down on the couch.

“As you can already guess, I made a few purchases.” she said while laying her goods out on the table. Jim could hear the crinkling of the bag, and the sounds of objects being placed on the table.

“You had so many dirty little activities on those computer logs, that I can’t possibly try them all in one night. So, I called your boss Rita, and told her that I wanted to surprise you with a vacation. She agreed to let you go, so I have you for an entire week.” Tina said as she tossed the now empty bag behind the couch.

Jim was nervous now, but was also becoming excited. Tina had put quite a bit of planning into this, and she seemed prepared to carry it out. Jim listened as Tina walked up behind him. Jim could smell the heavy scent of leather, mixed with what seemed like rubber. His mind was quickly distracted as Tina’s lips pressed tightly to his. She kissed him deeply, her tongue pressing into his mouth. Tina broke the kiss abruptly, and Jim gulped for air. Tina took advantage of Jims’ breathlessness, and pushed the end of a rubber dildo into his mouth. The dildo was harnessed, and Tina quickly buckled it behind Jims’ head, before he could expel it from his mouth. Jim tried to speak, but the thick rubber in his mouth kept him from speaking.

“I’m quite sure that you will recognize this. I’ve even seen it in a few pictures that you have on the computer.” Tina said as she wiggled the thick Dildo that protruded almost seven inches from Jims’ mouth.

“Now, I think we’re almost set here.” Tina said as she adjusted her clothing. She reached behind Jims’ head, and unfastened the blindfold. Tina let the blindfold drop to the floor, and stepped back so that Jim could get a full view of her. Jim blinked as his eyes focused, and the look on his face was priceless to Tina. Jim would have whistled if he could have. Tina had slipped into a sheer black nightshirt, with matching garter and stockings. His eyes were wide opened when he glanced at table, and the toys that Tina had laid out. Among the various pieces was a thick blue cock that was attached to a black leather harness. Tina laughed as she watched him gaze at her new toy.

“I think you can figure out what part of your logs we are going to try out tonight. I must admit, I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck a man. I can’t wait to see how you squirm and wiggle as I slide my cock deep in your ass.” She said as she playfully stroked her cock.

“It’s getting me pretty hot just thinking about it. Mmm. Fucking that ass all night long is going to be so good.” She said with a grin.

“First of all, I think I need a quick cum. My pussy is just itching for it. You better know how to use your new cock, otherwise you’re going to be in a shit load of trouble.” She said.

Jim had totally forgotten his facemask, and stared at it quickly. It was slightly different than the ones he had seen, but the basic shape was the same. The one difference was the holes that ran down the shaft. Jim gave an experimental suck on the mouthpiece, and groaned. The dildo acted like a straw, and he would be drinking all of her pussy juice as she slid down the shaft.

Jims’ revelation was cut short as Tina backed her pussy up to his face. His position did not allow him to move if he wanted to, so he pressed his face forward, watching as Tina’s pink pussy lips devoured the black cock. Tina pushed back, and wiggled her hips, the pungent odor of her cunt filling Jims’ nose.

“Oh yeah. That feels damn good.” Tina growled as she swiveled her hips.

“Tina slowly slid forward, and Jim could see her sticky white pussy cream coating the shaft. The sight was quickly eclipsed as she slid back down, a slurping noises escaping her slick lips. When Tina pulled forward again, the dildo was smeared heavily with her cream, and Jims’ tongue worked around the bit in his mouth with excitement.

Tina’s next thrust was more forceful, and she pressed her pussy against Jims’ face. Jim took a tentative suck on his mouthpiece, and His mouth was quickly filled with the tangy taste of Tina’s aroused pussy. Jim tried to stifle a moan, but a small shudder ran through his body. His already half hard cock shot up like a blooming flower.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you? You like the taste of my pussy. I’ve been creaming all day long. I soaked two pairs of panties thinking about tonight, so drink it up boy.” Tina grunted as she began to move again.

Tina drove her hips backward, and corkscrewed her pussy down on the dildo. She had been waiting for this all day, and it was coming quickly. Jim groaned as he tried to match her thrusts. He sucked on the mouthpiece constantly, trying to suck down all of her pussy cream. His back was aching, and his neck was stiff, but his cock was hard as a rock.

“Yeah…fuck it baby. Fuck it!” Tina groaned as her orgasm approached. She slammed her hips backward repeatedly, unaware and uncaring about Jim. Tina reached back, and awkwardly grabbed Jims’ head, holding him as she fucked his face with abandon. She growled and pumped, and soon felt that usual feeling flutter through her stomach.

“Suck it down honey. Don’t miss a drop.” Tina growled as her climax shot through her. Tina held Jims’ head like a plaything, as she bucked against him. Jim kept sucking all the while, his mouth gurgling from the tangy cum that drip through the cocks’ shaft. He kept sucking until Tina stopped.

Tina slowly pulled herself from the dildo, and turned around to look at Jim. “That was a good boy.” She told him as she fiddled with a strap on the front of the dildo harness. “Take a good suck, and get it all.” she said. Tina watched as Jims’ cheeks hollowed, and the last of her cum was sucked through the shaft. Once he was done, she pulled the strap, and freed the dildo from his mouth, leaving the harness in place.

Tina grabbed the base, and pulled the still slimy cock from Jims’ mouth. “Waste not, want not.” She told him as she reversed the shaft. She slid the longer end into his mouth. “Lick it clean baby.” She told him. Jim sucked the dildo hungrily, savoring the thick slimy pussy juice. He almost felt disappointed when Tina pulled it from his mouth.

Tina quickly grabbed a red ball from the table, and placed it where the cock had been. The ball had a strap that connected behind the head harness, and Jim was once again unable to speak. Tina then took the blue cock and harness from the table, and fastened the straps around her waist. She secured the final strap between her legs, and smiled evilly as she stroked her fake cock. “Oh baby, that was great. I love a good fucking, you know that.” Tina said as she rearranged Jims’ restraints. She removed the spreader, and left his arms bound behind his back. Tina then helped Jim to stand, and walked him to the bedroom, where she dumped him on the bed. “Get up on your knees.” Tina commanded him, and Jim scrambled to comply. He knelt as Tina removed the armed binders, and began slipping leather restraints onto his hands. He could have broken free, and both him Tina knew it. Jim could have stopped everything, but was too excited to do so. Tina moved him about until he was on his hands and knees, and then connected the restraints to posts of the bed.

“Yep, that looks really inviting hon.” Tina quipped as she left the bed. Jim heard her moving about, and then felt as she climbed back onto the bed. Tina ran her nails along Jims’ back, and over his ass. She parted his ass cheeks with her thumbs as if she were splitting and orange.

“Mmm. This is going to be good.” She said as she wiggled a thumb into his ass. Jim tried to keep still as she dry rimmed his ass, and gasped as she quickly removed her finger. Tina replaced her dry thumb with a lubed finger, and began to work it deep into his ass. Tina had given his ass some light finger play before, but she was really thrusting deep this time. Jim grunted as she added another finger, and some more lube, twisting his ass open with each thrust. He was panting heavily, and his cock was dripping by the time she had three whole fingers sawing out of his ass. Jim could feel the now, warm gel as it dripped from her probing fingers.

“That ass looks ready to fuck now.” Tina giggled as she pulled her fingers out. “Look at how it winks and pulses.” she said as Jim shook.

Jim knew what was next, and braced himself as Tina moved between his legs. He could feel her legs on his, as she sidled up behind him for the ride.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot!” Tina exclaimed, and then scrambled out of the bed.

Jim heard her run into the living room, then back into the room. Tina reached beneath him, and grabbed his erect cock. She gave it a few jerks, and then Jim felt something slide down his shaft. He gasped as he felt a tight squeezing at the base of his cock. He looked back between his legs, to see a thick rubber ring, cinched tightly around the base of his cock.

“I don’t want you coming all over the place yet.” Tina said as she hopped back onto the bed. She quickly resumed her former position, and began to rub the tip of her dildo between Jims’ ass cheeks. “I gotta make sure that your ready for the long haul honey.” She said.

Jims’ breath became uneven as Tina teased him. The dildo was slick and wet with lube as it glided against his ass. Tina waited for him to become comfortable with the feeling, and as she made a sweep down his ass, she stopped. Jim immediately felt a pressure as the tip of her cock found his ass, and began to worm inside.

“Mmm.look at that.” Tina exclaimed. “Yeah baby, suck it in.” she said as the cock disappeared in Jims’ willing ass.

Jim could feel a deep fullness as his ass expanded to enfold Tina’s cock. Her fingering had relaxed him, and he was surprised when he felt her hips resting against his ass.

“Oh. I know why a man loves this. This is so hot.” Tina cooed as she leaned back slightly. She watched as the blue cock slipped a bit from Jims’ ass, his tight red hole sucking on it like a small mouth. Tina moved her hips slightly, watching as the cock slid around.

“Oh yeah.” she growled. “I am gonna enjoy doing this. I think we’ll do it every day.” She told Jim as she leaned forward. Tina gripped Jims’ hips to hold them steady, and began to slowly thrust in and out. She could feel his ass muscles grip and shake her cock as she picked up speed. Meanwhile, Jim was beginning moan into his gag, the pressure in his ass becoming overwhelming. The pressure was soon accompanied with the hot friction of the cock that was pounding deep into his ass.

“Baby likes that don’t you?” Tina crooned. She grabbed the back of Jims’ harness, and pulled his head back. Tina had him on his hands and knees like a prized greyhound. She tugged his harness as she began to slam into his ass. Jim began to grunt, as his ass became a flurry of sensation. He did even realize when he began to drive his ass back against Tina’s hips, driving her cock in as deep as possible.

“That’s it baby, give me that ass. Show me how much you want it, take all in baby.” Tina growled and fucked harder. Jim was biting the ball gag like he had been shot with a hundred thousand volts of electricity. His whole body ached to cum, and his hips seemed to be working on their own. Jim felt as if he were climbing mountain, but every plateau only brought another climb. His body twitched, and a deep throbbing that he never felt before began to pound through his groin.

“Yeah, come on baby.” Tina coaxed him.

Jim was rocking back with so much for that he looked as if he were running on all fours without moving his legs. Tina could feel his muscles straining, and dug her nails into his hips so as not to be thrown off.

Jim ceased to breathe as the pounding in his groin exploded into a series of convulsions. He would have flung his head down if not for the tight grip that Tina had on the harness. Jim felt as if his whole body was out of control, and his cock throbbed forcefully. The usual rush of semen spurting down his shaft was gone, but it was replaced by a deeper sensation that threatened to make him collapse.

Tina continued to thrust until she had wrung the last of the convulsions from Jims’ body. She stopped, and left her cock embedded deep in his ass. After a few minutes, she slowly pulled out, and let Jim slump to the bed, exhausted.

Tina laughed as she straddled his ass, her cock pressed between his cheeks. She nibbled his neck, and then whispered in his ear. “I hope you enjoyed that, because I sure did. I think I’m going to enjoy it even more when I put the vaginal plug onto this strap. This was just a test run. I think I will be up for the real thing in about a half hour.” She said, and caused Jim to groan.

“I might even let you shoot that load your carrying. It’s got to be pretty large by now. I’ll even be generous to share it with you. I know you’ll love the taste. She added before climbing off of him, and out of the bed.

“Take a rest honey. We have all week. I’ll be back in a bit, after I put a fresh tape in the video camera. I promised to share you with your on-line Dommes.” Tina said, and then left the room.

Jim was exhausted, and didn’t think he could take another fucking, but his throbbing cock knew otherwise. He knew that Tina could last all night long, and she was really getting off on being in charge. Jim relaxed as he heard her bumping around in the living room. He began to drift off to sleep after a while, but was awoken by Tina’s return to the room.

Tina came back to the room for a long bout of play. She brought the camcorder, mounted on its tripod, and a large bottle of water. Jim watched as Tina set up the camcorder and adjusted it to the perfect angle.

“I hope that you got enough rest, because I am just getting warmed up.” Tina told him as she climbed back onto the bed. Once she was on the bed, she clicked the remote to the camera, and the red recording light came on.

“Let’s see now. You should be pretty opened up, but lets get a little more lube in this fuck hole.” Tina told him while reaching for the tube of lube. Jim wanted to comment, but didn’t. His ass was very opened after the hard fucking that she had given him, and he was sure that he could take anything else that she had in mind.

Jim jumped when he felt the cold tube of lube press against his ass. “Hold still baby, I wanna get you all ready for your major film debut.” she told him. Jim felt the cold tube press harder to his ass, and realized that Tina had pressed the tip of the tube into his now yielding ass. Tina continued to push until the tip had disappeared. She grinned at the camera as she began to squeeze the bottom of the tube.

“Going to make this hole nice and slick.” she told him as she continued to empty the tube. Jim found himself squirming as the cold lube oozed deep into his ass. The thick gel was heavy, and he could feel it fill his ass like it was solid. Tina didn’t stop until the tube was totally empty of lube.

“Don’t you let any of that out, or you won’t be coming for a long time baby.” Tina told Jim as she pulled the tube from his ass. Jim felt the immediate need to push, but clenched his ass muscles together. He waited as Tina tossed the spent tube of lube onto the floor, and positioned herself behind Jim.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Tina asked him, as she pressed the tip of her cock to his ass. When Jim didn’t answer, she asked again. “Aw come on baby. You better tell me or you don’t get any.” she teased him.

“Please fuck me.” Jim said, finding more difficult to hold the lube inside.

Jim almost sighed in relief when he felt the head of her cock push into his ass. He could feel the sticky lube as it spurted out around her cock and dripped down over his balls. Tina didn’t stop until her cock was buried to the hilt in his ass. She could feel his tight ass squeeze and churn around her tool as she wiggled her hips from side to side. Jim grunted as Tina began to pump his ass. She took long steady strokes, driving the length of her cock into him with each stroke.

“Ooo…I love the way your ass sucks my cock.” Tina said, her nails digging into his ass.

Jim’s excitement was beginning to build again, and he thrust back toward Tina, driving her cock even deeper into his slippery ass. Every thrust of her cock sent jolts of electricity through him, and groans of ecstasy escaped his lips freely.

“Yeah baby. Give me that ass!” Tina yelled. She gave Jims ass a few more strokes, the abruptly pulled out of his ass. She manhandled him, and forcefully flipped him onto his back. Jim was taken by surprise as she flipped him, his arms crossed in front of him by the twisted restraints. He had not time think as Tina raised his legs, and rammed her cock back up his ass.

Jim yelled out as Tina drove her cock in to the base. She drew herself up on her toes, and began to hammer his ass. Jim almost blacked out as her cock battered his prostate. The slick slurping sounds of his ass, mingled with the moans that came from both of them.

“Does baby wanna cum?” Tina asked him through gritted teeth.

“Please…Yes, Please!” Jim moaned as Tina bounced her hips down on him.

Tina grinned, and leaned back on her knees. She grabbed his cock, and chuckled at how red and swollen it had become. Even the cock ring could not stop the flood of cream that leaked from his tortured rod. She gave his cock a few strokes, and then grasped the rubber ring. She slowly slid it up his cock, watching as Jim thrashed about from the feeling. She finally pulled the ring off, and tossed it to the floor, but began squeezing hard, in the same place the ring had been.

“I want you to cum good for me hon. I wanna see you shoot like a fountain.” she told him as she resumed raping his ass.

Jim didn’t need any encouragement, and began to hump his ass up to meet her cock. Tina stroked his cock firmly as she fucked him, and could feel the tension building in his body. She picked up the pace of her fucking, timing it with the strokes of her hand on his cock. Jim shuddered as she exploited her control over him.

Jims’ orgasm overtook him out of the blue. It ran through his legs, and ass, and resulted in a contraction like he had never felt before. He yelled as the hot flow of sperm shot through his cock, jetting into the air.

“Yeah baby! Give it to me!” Tina shouted as she angled his cock toward her. She tried to catch his cum, but was only to get one good spurt in her mouth. She continued jerking him until his cum coated her hand, and Jim lay breathless on the bed.

“Oh man, that was good. I still love the taste of this stuff.” Tina exclaimed as she cleaned her sticky fingers. She pulled back slowly, and watched as her cock slithered like a snake out of Jim’s ass. She smiled, and quickly hopped off of the bed. She retrieved the video camera from its’ tripod, and moved back between Jims legs.

“Look at the way it stays open. It wants more cock!” Tina narrated for the camera.

She kept her place, filming his ass hole as it slowly closed, and the remaining lube oozed out. Once she was done, she switched the camera off, and replaced it on the tripod. She leapt onto the bed, and proceeded to unlock Jim’s restraints. She gave him a kiss, and giggled when she pulled away.

“You weren’t expecting that were you?” She laughed.

“Hell no!” Jim laughed “But it was fantastic.”

“I am glad that you liked.” she said while hugging him.

“As soon as you collect yourself, head to the bathroom. I drew a nice hot bath, with some bath salts, and fixed you a drink. You deserve to relax.” Tina told him.

Jim eventually made it out of the bed, and to the bathroom. He soaked in the tub, enjoying the hot water.

“You really had me going dear!” he called out to Tina. “I don’t think I could survive a full vacation as your slave!”

Jim slipped lower in the water and sighed. He heard Tina coming toward the bathroom, but couldn’t hear what she was saying.

Tina reached the room, and poked her head in the door. She had a wicked smile on her face. “That wasn’t a joke dear. You have the week off, and your mine.” She said, and then quickly withdrew.

Jim could hear her whistle as she walked down the hallway. He was in for a long vacation, and couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

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