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Viva Last Vegas

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This memory is a continuation of an experience between friends that turned into lovers. Our first experience is captured in The Business Trip

Viva Las Vegas

After the trip to New York, Alison and I both returned to the office and things between us essentially went back to normal.

We’d share flirty glances and smiles from time to time and I’d always tell her when I liked the pants she was wearing (and I’m pretty sure she knew that was code for “your ass looks great in those pants”) but we simply went back to being friends. There was energy there but I think we both looked at the experience for what it was and decided to leave it in New York (but on a side note, she did read my first submission of our adventures and she completely approved).

While we both did indeed go back to our pre-New York lives following the trip, to say that neither of us remembered what happened wouldn’t be true. To this day it remains one of the most erotic, sensual and completely unexpected sexual experiences of my life and I am happy that it had happened.

It is an exciting memory for me and the truth is that I’ve masturbated thinking about Alison and the sex we had in that hotel room on many occasions. To this day, the thought of what we did together immediately makes me horny. It was about sex, for both of us, and about realizing a fantasy when the opportunity presented itself.

While I knew that I wasn’t in love with Alison, I was perfectly fine admitting that I was completely in lust with her. In certain moments, I thought about kissing her, I thought about going down on her and I generally always came quickly when I thought about our 69 that night (and our second one on the last night, too).

But when all was said and done, we were both happily married and, at least for myself, what happened on that business trip was simply turning a long-time sexual fantasy into reality. And great for me, my fantasy life continued to reap the benefits from it with the great memory that I got to play back in my head! It was amazing and sexy and wonderful and everything that I hoped it would be. I didn’t have any regrets about it—but I also knew that it was a one-time thing and that it wouldn’t happen again.

Until it did.

A little over a year after our trip, one of the women in our office, Laura, sent some of the other girls an email to see if we were interested in getting away for a girls’ weekend to Las Vegas. She had never been and decided that she was going to plan a trip and then see who else wanted to go. I’d been to Vegas a few times before and really found nothing special about it—but I was completely up for leaving my kid with my husband to sit by a pool, drink fruity drinks, eat well and take in a show or two. I responded to the email with a hearty “Yes, please!”

Six of us ultimately responded and we talked calendars and finally zeroed in on a three-day weekend that was just about a month away. Laura offered to organize the hotel rooms via email and wrote that we’d reserve three rooms and double up in each.

I sat at my desk, looking at the email on my screen that I’d just authored, fidgeting in my chair and deciding whether or not I should actually send it. While we’d be in a group this time, Alison and I were going out of town together again—and I was into it. The thought of it and of her, combined with the pictures in my head from New York, put butterflies back in my stomach and a shake in my hand as my fingers hit send.

“Want to be roommates?”

I sat nervously at my computer, wandering in and out of panic and hope and ‘oh God I shouldn’t have sent that’ as I waited for her response. It seemed like it took forever and I started to wish I hadn’t written the email in the first place.

“Yes!” she finally wrote back and I smiled, as my mind went back to that hotel room in New York, and my stomach dropped at the possible chance that Alison and I could be intimate again.

It seemed like the next four weeks lasted a thousand years and I was counting the days until Vegas. I was looking forward to getting away from my reality for a couple of days but, and quite candidly, I was also looking forward to sharing a hotel room with Alison again. I didn’t know if she felt the same way but I was obviously hoping that she did.

Finally the weekend was in front of us and we readily made plans to carpool to the airport and talked about which show we’d buy tickets for and what we’d all do during the day. We all agreed that we’d spend a good part of the weekend sitting by the pool and having drinks and eating food that we probably shouldn’t be eating. They were all really fun girls and, based simply on how excited everyone was, I knew that we were going to have a good time.

The Southwest flight was full but we all sat relatively close together. I ended up sitting next to Laura, Alison was with Julie, and Lisa was with Katie. We started the weekend with drinks on the flight and everyone was in a great mood.

We landed, claimed bags and all jumped into a taxi van as we made our way from the airport to the strip, giggling, teasing each other and laughing as we talked about checking in, changing into bikinis, and planting ourselves by the pool.

We arrived at the hotel and waited in a very short line, checking in two at a time and heading to the elevators in pairs, with the agreement that we’d meet down at the pool in 15 minutes.

Alison and I walked from the elevator to the room, making small talk and looking ahead to the rest of the day. I was nervous with anticipation as we made our way down the hall, to the hotel room that I was personally hoping would become “that hot memory from Las Vegas.”

She opened the door and we walked inside, with both of us letting out a good laugh upon seeing two queen beds in the room.

“I guess we’re safe in this room, right?” she said with what seemed to be a bit of a nervous laugh. “We each get our own bed…”

“Yea,” I said back, laughing. “We’ll be forced to behave ourselves this time!”

We both started to get organized and Alison pulled her bag onto her bed and unzipped it, pushing her hands through it while she fished out her bikini.

I went through mine, too, pulling out my bright red suit and pulling my t-shirt over my head. I slid my shorts off, too, standing there in my bra and underwear as Alison continued to look for her suit.

She finally pulled a little black bikini out and my heart started to beat in anticipation of her pulling off her clothes and changing in front of me. It had been just over a year since I’d seen Alison naked and I was dying to recharge my fantasy with a new image.

But, a bit to my surprise, she gathered her suit, turned and smiled at me in my bra and underwear and walked past me to the bathroom, where I heard the door click shut.

To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed that she hadn’t picked up where we left off on our last trip. I started to wonder that, perhaps, our exchange in New York was a distant memory for her and maybe she had crossed that off her bucket list and had no intention of going there with me again. I hoped that wasn’t the case but I committed then and there to have a great weekend regardless of whether or not Alison wanted to get together with me again.

I turned to the mirror, unclasped my bra and slid my panties off as I ran my hand across the short pubic hairs that I’d trimmed close the night before. I looked at my naked body in the mirror, turning to the side and admiring my tan skin and feeling pleased that, finally, after having a baby and putting in a lot of work, I felt like I was in good shape again. I slid my bikini bottoms on and then the top and pulled a tunic over my head.

“Ready?” Alison said to me as she came out of the bathroom wearing a white cover-up over her bikini.

“I am,” I said back. “Ready for the pool, some sun and a nice cocktail—not necessarily in that order!” I said, laughing.

“True story my friend.”

When we arrived at the pool the other four girls were already there and had claimed some chairs for us. I put my bag down and went to grab a towel, offering to get one for Alison, too.

When I came back Alison had already peeled off her cover and was standing there in sunglasses and her tiny black bikini. She looked really good and her body had become even more toned since I’d last seen it. Her legs were lean and muscular and her butt was to die for, and I tried really hard not to stare!

I threw her towel on her chair and kicked my flip-flops off, as I reached to pull off my tunic and bent over to shake out my hair.

“Damn, Kari,” said Julie. “When did you get so hot?”

“Whaaat?” I said laughing. “What do you mean?!”

“Your body…it looks amazing, have you been working out?”

“I have,” I said proudly. “And eating better and everything else that I should have been doing a long time ago.”

“Well you look great,” she said.


The sun was hot and the pool felt good and we each jumped in and out of it every half-hour or so. Alison was in my line of sight every time she’d get in and out of the water and I found myself staring at her body, with my head wandering back to the room in New York as I continued to play voyeur behind my sunglasses. Her butt looked perfect in that suit and not only was I jealous but the sexual distraction of her in a bikini was almost too much to take. It was hard not to imagine taking those bottoms off of her.

When I felt myself starting to get wet at the scene that was beginning to play out in my head, I knew I had to get up and dive in the pool, distracting myself from a fantasy that for sure wasn’t going to be realized in this setting.

After a few hours and a few drinks by the pool, we all started collaborating on the night’s plan. We’d go to the early Cirque show and then have dinner on the strip, with a nightclub and dancing to follow. Pretty sure we’d be doing a bit of drinking, too!

Alison and Julie were elected to go get us show tickets while the rest of us went back up to our rooms for showers and costume changes.

When I made it back in the room, I was tempted to look through Alison’s bag to see what kind of sexy panties she’d be wearing this weekend but then I thought better of it. And as much as I wanted to strip and lay down on that bed to get myself off, I decided that I didn’t know how quickly she’d return and that I was better off following the shower plan.

I took my shower and heard Alison come into the room just as I was finishing up. I wrapped a towel around me and came out of the bathroom, walking past Alison to my bed and bag.

“I’ve seen this movie before,” she laughed, as I walked past her to get my clothes.

“Ha-ha. Did you get the tickets?” I asked her, as I pulled my panties and bra from my duffel.

“We did…and we got really good seats, too!” she said excitedly.

“Excellent,” I agreed.

“OK, I need to take a shower and not make us all late,” she said as she quickly gathered her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom, as I heard the door close behind her.

Her “movie” line referenced our New York adventure but, for whatever reason, she just didn’t seem into it this time—and that was OK. It was a let down but certainly not a deal-breaker, as sex with Alison on this trip would have been the icing, but certainly not the entire cake. I put the thought of all of it out of my mind and made the decision to have fun that night, even if nothing was going to happen between Alison and I.

I put on a tight red shirt and a billowy skirt that stopped just above my knees, while I brushed my hair and slipped into my shoes. I twirled in front of the mirror a few times, smiling a deciding smile that I looked really good.

“Hey, Alison?” I said, cracking the bathroom door slightly to the sound of a running shower.

“Yea?” she replied.

“I’m going to meet Katie in the bar…come down there when you’re ready, OK?”

“OK,” she said back as I pulled the door closed and headed towards the elevator.

The show was really good and with the cocktails added in, we were all having a lot of fun. We walked along the strip to dinner and quickly found our way into the restaurant, securing a horseshoe shaped booth that fit all of us comfortably.

I was hungry and, more importantly, thirsty and I ordered a glass of cab and we all collaborated a bunch of different appetizers. The mood was fun and easy and we were all laughing, ordering more drinks and eating some really good food.

I was in the bottom of the horseshoe, with Laura on my right starting around the curve and Alison directly on my left, sharing the bottom of the ‘U’ with me. We were all having a good time and the restaurant was full and loud—pretty much what you’d expect from a dinner in Vegas!

I was even OK that it appeared that we were now friends without benefits; Alison was a friend before anything else and I was happy that she was sitting next to me and that we were able to talk more than we had up until that point.

“Show? Yes? Good?” I asked.

“Other than the fact that those performers are all completely crazy, it was great,” she laughed.

“I was thinking that the whole time! And they do that every night! It’s insanity!”

“Entirely. It was fun, though,” she said.


We continued our small talk as more food continued arriving and then Tequila shots courtesy of Lisa greeted us as we all toasted each other and tipped them back. The food was everywhere and our table was getting loud as more and more drinks filled all of us and we continued to laugh and have fun.

Rather innocently, and completely without intent, I let my legs drift open a bit and my bare left knee almost immediately and gently bumped into Alison’s bare knee. I left it there, even pushing slightly against her knee as we all continued to eat. I felt her push her leg into mine and I turned to her and smiled, while she grinned a little smile back at me as our knees continued to lean against each other.

I was admittedly pretty buzzed but reached in front of me for the bottle of wine anyway, as I poured myself another glass and turned to Alison with the bottle in my hand.

“More?” I said as I reached the bottle towards her glass, as my body began to beat with energy.

“Probably not a good idea but yes,” she said with a smile.

“I think it’s a great idea,” I said with a smirk, as I tipped the bottle into her glass.

“I bet you do, roomie,” she said back quietly, narrowing her eyes on me with a smile of her own.

Suddenly and gently, I felt her hand reach across my leg and come to rest on my thigh, as her fingers squeezed into my bare skin. Her hand then stretched as the tips of her fingers lightly smoothed over my skin and crept over the top of my leg and to my inner thigh.

I almost jumped a bit when she made contact, not expecting to have her hand on my leg. She was doing circles on my thigh with her thumb, as she began moving her hand up my thigh, dragging her fingers across my bare skin as my skirt started to rise as she pushed closer towards my panties.

I reached my own hand down and squeezed her fingers, partially to touch her skin and partially to get her to stop rubbing my leg—because the wetness under my panties was starting to get serious and we were at a dinner table full of friends who didn’t need to know about our little game!

I pulled her hand away from my leg and turned again to look at her, as she held a knowing grin at what she was doing to me. I quietly winked at her, smiling as we both returned to our plates and glasses.

When dinner was over, we paid the bill and went outside to figure out where the next stop was.

“We need to go to the Hard Rock and everyone I asked says that we have to get there before 10 or we’ll never get in,” Julie directed.

“We’ll it’s 9:30 so we should go now,” chimed in Lisa.

“Works for me,” said Katie, which was the general consensus of the group as we made out way towards the taxi stand.

“Uh, small problem,” Alison said as we all stopped and turned around. “I forgot my ID in the room! I’m so sorry—I can just meet you all there.”

Everyone paused as their drunk minds tried to absorb the information and figure out what to do next.

“You don’t need to go alone…I’ll go back with you,” I volunteered. “Alison and I will jump in a cab and meet everyone there in a little bit….no big deal.”

“Are you sure, Kari?” she asked me rhetorically.

“Yes, it’s fine and I’m sure—you guys go.”

With that, Alison and I jumped into a cab and made a u-turn to head back to the hotel.

“You really didn’t have to come with me,” she said to me. “I feel bad.”

“Oh please, ” I responded. “You knew I was coming with you when you said it,” I laughed.

“Ha!” she laughed. “Well, thanks anyway. I appreciate the company,” she said as she reached over and put her hand on top of mine.

“What are you trying to do to me?!” I asked her with a playful laugh. “You touch my leg at dinner and now my hand in the cab—you’re going to get attacked if you’re not careful,” I said to her.

“Promise?” she smiled deviously back at me.

“Be careful or you’re going to make us late,” I said, knowing that I was OK if she actually did make us late.

“Uh-huh. Promise?” she said again, smiling as she leaned her head closer to mine.

The cab pulled up in front of the hotel and we paid the driver and came out curbside. We were both pretty buzzed and laughing at the driver who had the worst toupee in history and we walked into the lobby, bumping into each other and holding one-another forward as we swerved to the elevator. The doors opened to empty and we walked in.

We both pressed against the back wall and stood next to each other in the elevator—perhaps a little closer than friends would be and a little farther apart than lovers would stand, with the backs of our hands just slightly and occasionally brushing against each other.

The energy created from the on-going contact between us was quietly spreading through my body. It wasn’t overwhelming or quiet, but more like a slow and deliberate burn that continued to grow.

I shifted to my right and leaned even closer to her, as she took my hand in hers and pulled our shoulders together. She then turned to me so we were facing each other.

“Hmmm, I think I might be drunk,” she said, as her hand re-gripped mine and she squared herself to me.

“And is that good or bad?” I said quietly, as our faces leaned in towards each other.

We leaned in closer to each other and my lips parted slightly and I watched hers do the same but then I stopped, tip-toeing in the excitement before our mouths actually touched. I waited a few seconds as we tilted our heads and I took the air that was slowly drifting out of her mouth until our breathing synchronized, and we were heaving at the same time. We leaned in closer as our lips started to touch.

“DING!” went the elevator as we stopped and quickly pulled apart, as the door slowly opened to a laughing middle-aged couple. We loosened our grips and pulled our shoulders away from each other, pretending that we hadn’t been doing anything out of the ordinary. They stepped in and Alison and I exchanged a smiling glance, as both of us looked away and to our fidgeting feet as the ride resumed.

We arrived at our floor and the doors opened again, as we stepped out and I took Alison’s hand, while we swung our arms like kids and laughed down the hallway towards our room.

I opened the door with my card and we both walked in, with me turning around the second I heard the door close—before we even made it out of the entry way.

I put my hands on her sides and used my arms and my pelvis to push her up against the wall, slowly leaning into her and whispering “can I kiss you now?” against her mouth.

I heard her breath rise as she took in air through her mouth and I felt a huge quiver move up inside me and begin to overwhelm my thoughts as she very slightly leaned towards me and our lips gently met.

The kiss was slow at first, as our lips barley touched and pulled our bodies closer. I could feel Alison’s breathing against my face and our heads turned slightly, as we pretended to find just the right spot to hold our heads before our lips actually pushed hard into each other.

We both gave in at the same time, as our lips pressed against each other and our mouths opened, with one tongue slowly licking across the other, as our erotic embrace played out into a long and slow passionate kiss.

Her tongue explored my mouth and I gently bit on her bottom lip while we pulled each other closer and I felt my pussy tingle and start to come to life with what was happening. Alison’s hands were on my back and soon starting passing over my body, as her palms made their way to my skirt and then on top of the skirt and my ass.

“They’re right about how good you looked at the pool,” Alison said to me as she pulled her lips from mine and cupped her hands tighter on my ass. “I couldn’t stop staring at your ass all afternoon.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned to her as I leaned in and kissed her neck, pulling out to bring my lips back to hers as our tongues met again and twirled inside our mouths.

“I didn’t think I’d get to do this with you again,” I said to her as I leaned back and met her eyes with mine. “You didn’t seem into it like I thought you’d be.”

“Well,” she said. “I am into it…as evidenced by the fact that I think I got myself off almost every night for the past week just thinking about sharing a hotel room with you again…I was just trying to be careful not to be too obvious because I knew I’d be completely willing to spend the entire weekend fucking you in our hotel room if we weren’t careful.”

“We’re not going to the Hard Rock, are we?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“No, we’re not—and my ID is in my back pocket” she said as she leaned in again and put her tongue back into my mouth, pulling me closer as our chests pressed against each other.

I pulled my hands from around her and leaned slightly back, reaching them towards her shirt buttons as I slowly began undoing her blouse while we continued to gently yet passionately kiss.

I finished the final button and pushed her shirt from her shoulders, as she stood there kissing me in her bra and perfectly tight jeans.

“I want you on the bed,” I whispered to her in between kisses.

“OK…but I have to pee first,” she said. “You and your and your hot ass should meet me there, though,” she said teasing, as she pulled away and turned towards the bathroom.

I turned to the bed with my head spinning and my wet pussy beating. I was completely tuned on and excited at what was happening. Alison and I had been here together before and both of us were ready to do it again. I guess the difference between then and now was that I knew what I wanted this time and felt more confident and planned to pursue it.

I reached under my skirt and quickly pulled my dampening thong off, as I kicked off my shoes and climbed onto the bed, laying on my stomach and my hands, resisting the desire to reach for my clit and run my fingers through my pussy.

“You really are going to give me your ass,” I heard Alison say with a laugh as she came around the corner.

“Well, yes, if you want it, but I was trapping my hands so I wouldn’t be rubbing myself before you got here,” I said. “I’m so fucking turned on right now,” I continued as I started to turn over onto my back.

“Wait,” she said softly, as I felt her weight climb onto my back and her lips press onto my neck. “I want to undress you.”

She reached her hands under my shirt and she pulled it up my body and over my head, as I felt her fingers gently unclasp my bra and slowly slide it out from underneath me.

She unzipped my skirt and gently pulled it down my legs, putting it next to us on the bed. Suddenly, I was completely naked, as her own bra hit the floor and as she pressed her skin and tits against my back, pressing her lips against my ear and leaving gentle kisses on my neck. She leaned forward around the side of my face and turned my head, as my lips met hers again, as our tongues pushed against each other and we passionately explored the inside of each other’s mouths.

She pulled away again and kissed across my cheek, to the side and then the back of my neck, as her pelvis pushed into my butt and her tongue left wetness across my shoulders. She continued to lick her way down, kissing my shoulder blades to the middle of my back, drifting to each side of my torso, sucking, licking and kissing my skin.

“That feels good,” I said with closed eyes, as I was relaxed and getting more excited with each kiss that pressed on my back.

She made it to the small of my back, licking across it from side to side, as I felt her move towards the end of the bed and lower on my body. Her hands were under the folds between the tops of my thighs and butt cheeks, as I felt her lips go lower, as she dragged her tongue across my right cheek and then back across my left.

I felt her hand on my pussy, as her fingers lightly brushed against my pubic hair, finally breaking through and into me with her index finger and I spread my legs open slightly as my dripping pussy welcomed her inside me.

I could hear my breathing grow faster, as Alison slowly began sliding her finger in and out of me, while her tongue continued to lick across my butt cheeks and onto the backs of my thighs. Her finger was slow, in and out, as she gently caressed my pussy with her hand and my skin with her lips, as my arms spread out to either side of me and I exhaled as I continued falling deeper into the passion.

Another finger slid inside of me, as I let out an audible moan and opened my legs further while Alison’s tongue continued to travel across the backside of my body. Rhythmically, she slid her fingers in and out of me, gently touching my clit with her thumb as she moved her hand back and forth.

I felt her left hand reach around me and then under my stomach, as she pressed up on me and pushed to lift my torso up. I arched my body slightly to give her access, and I felt her tongue circling my inner thighs and teasing across my pussy, while I dripped desire onto the sheets.

After what seemed like forever, I felt her tongue gently brush the top of my opening, as her two fingers continued to slide in and out of me. I could feel the skin of her forehead against me and the heat of her breath on my flesh, as her tongue traced tiny circles across my pussy and my moans became louder.

She pulled her fingers out of me and cupped my pussy with her hand, sliding her thumb inside of me and turning it in circles. She pulled it out and ran her hand back up my vulva, breaking the opening again with her fingers as she slid her slippery hands across my backside, coating me in my own wetness and juices.

The thick part of her tongue continued to lick me up and down and then higher again to my cheeks, back down to my pussy and then gently, yet purposely, across my taint and on to my butthole.

Her mouth stayed there and I felt her two fingers gently slide back into me as her tongue slowed down and she very gently began to rim me.

It felt as erotic and amazing as anything I’d ever felt before sexually. Don’t get me wrong: I’d had anal sex on more than one occasion and was generally good with it but had never had someone lick me there in such a sensuous way. Her tongue was soft and sexy and the pressure on that part of my body was nothing short of amazing.

“Oh my god that feels so good, Alison—please don’t stop,” I said as her fingers picked up speed in and out of me and as I pushed my ass further into the air, while her tongue excitedly licked across my butthole.

I felt her hand push my cheek to the side, as she licked me up and down, across my asshole and taint and I pushed my butt up higher, opening myself up to her mouth and inviting her tongue to do more.

Her fingers came out of me and again cupped my pussy, as her thumb found it’s way back inside and her tongue again traveled back down to my pussy. She gave a final long lick from top to bottom and I felt her climbing up my back, finally pressing her naked chest into me as she gently kissed the side of my neck.

“Was that ok?” she asked quietly. “It just kind of happened so I went with it. I hope it didn’t weird you out.”

“Are you kidding? It was more than OK,” I responded. “That was incredible and more erotic that anything I’ve ever done. I’m so fucking turned on by you.”

I slowly began to turn over underneath her, as she repositioned herself until I was on my back, and she leaned in to kiss me. Our tongues were slow, sexy and electric, with my arms around her naked back and her hand on my face, caressing my skin as we continued to kiss.

“It’s my turn to devour you,” I said smiling.

“Please do,” she smiled back, as she slid off of me and we switched positions.

I kissed her on the mouth again, sliding down from her lips to her neck as I licked and sucked her skin, with my hand sliding down her chest and onto her right nipple. I pinched it and she jumped, opening her mouth with a moan that told me she liked the pressure. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and index finger as I continued to bathe her neck and ears with my mouth.

I moved down her chest, circling her nipple with my lips and tongue, teasing her erect tits while she began to move and squirm underneath me. My mouth found her nipple and I ran my tongue across it. I could feel it stand even further at attention in my mouth, as I alternated between licking it, flicking the nipple back and forth with my tongue, letting it pop out of my mouth, and then pulling it back in and sucking it deeply.

I took my right hand and moved it down to her pants, pushing my palm into her clothes covered pussy as I heard her let out a “mmm” from her throat. I could sense the moisture through her pants, as my palm slid across her mound and my lips continued to taste her nipple.

I pulled my mouth from her chest and sat up, bringing my hands to the front of her shorts where I unsnapped the button and pulled her zipper down as she tried to hurry the process up by scooting her body up the bed.

I pulled her shorts down slowly across her thighs and then off her ankles, as her purple panties showed the drenched stain of her desire across their front.

“What do you think,” I teased. “Should I take these off of you?

“Oh God, Kari, please fuck me,” she said to me passionately. “I want you to fuck me however you want.”

I slid her panties down to find her pussy drenched in her juices. I put my fingers across her clit as I again leaned forward, taking her nipple in my mouth again while I continued to rub her pussy with my hand.

Her nipple was back at attention as I slid the first finger inside of her and heard her exhale a breath as it slid all the way in to the bottom of my knuckle. I picked up my pace on her nipple, pulling my head back and puckering my lips, with her nipple in my mouth like a straw, popping out into the warm air, and then back inside again.

I slid my second finger in, moving it back and forth, slowly and rhythmically as I felt her legs spread wider and draw my hand in further.

Her chest was soaked with my saliva as I continued to suck her nipples, gently nibbling them with my teeth and biting down softly, and then a bit harder, when I heard her breathing pick up.

My fingers began to move faster in and out of her, as my thumb went to work pressing against and circling her clit. In and out in and out my soaked fingers went, sliding effortlessly inside of her, with her hand on the back of my head and my mouth still glued to her nipples.

“I have to taste you again,” I said to her in a whisper as my chin led me towards her pussy.

I licked my way down her body, across her stomach and hips, to the tops of her thighs and back again. I pushed her right thigh out with my hand to spread her wider and very slowly dragged my tongue across her pussy, as the familiar and tangy taste of her bits once again filled my mouth and nose.

She was dripping wet as I went to work on her, licking her up and down and teasing her clit with the tip and then thick part of my tongue.

I reached underneath her left leg and pushed it up, grabbing the right one again in my hand and sending it the same direction, so that her legs were completely open and pushed back, like a butterflies wings.

“Do you remember our motto, Alison?” I said to her as I pulled my mouth back and made eye contact with her.

“Fair is fair,” she whispered.

“Fair is fair…” I repeated to her as I pushed her knees back farther towards her chest and shifted her pelvis up.

I leaned my face down and gently slid my tongue across her asshole, as I felt her body turn higher and she quietly squealed. It was an incredibly sensual feeling having my mouth on the ass of a woman, and I happily licked across it over and over, circling the tiny opening with my tongue.

“Oh god…that feels unbelievable,” she whispered, as I continued to lap her with my tongue.

After a few minutes I moved back up and again went back to work on her pussy, putting one and then two fingers inside her as I licked and sucked her. Her breathing grew faster and deeper and I could tell that I was on the road to making her come, as she lifted her legs onto my shoulders and spread herself further.

“Keep doing that,” she said in a fast voice, as I felt her arching her hips to put her pussy further into my mouth.

I licked directly onto her clit and sped my fingers up inside of her as I tried to bring her to the edge of her orgasm.

“I’m going to come…”

Alison lifted and then tightened her thighs on either side of my face, as her body shook and I felt her start to come as she let out a giant and releasing groan. Her body stiffened, followed by a quiet and vibrating whimpering and long and satisfying squeal that ended with a total collapse, as her body relaxed and she melted back onto the bed.

Alison was breathing so hard that she couldn’t talk and we just lay there for a couple of minutes catching our breaths. I rolled back up her body and gave her a deep kiss, with my face still glimmering and my lips still dripping with her pussy juice.

“That was amazing,” she said quietly. “Thank you.”

“Mmmm, thank you,” I said back to her.

“I want to make you come,” she said to me, as she leaned forward and pecked me gently on the lips.

“I’m not going to stop you,” I laughed as I leaned in and kissed her back.

“What will make you come?”

“I don’t think it will take much as this point,” I responded. “Honestly, I love being on top when we 69. I get myself off thinking about that all the time.”

“Let’s do that…,” she said back to me. “If we’re being honest, I loved it when you sat on my face…I was so turned on by it…”

“Oh yes, please,” I smiled, as I leaned in to kiss her again and then to turn my body around.

I swung my leg over the top of her and slowly lowered myself on her face while her hands reached around me and grabbed onto my ass, immediately pulling me down on her mouth.

I leaned my face down and buried in her pussy, with her juices flowing everywhere and they immediately soaked my mouth and nose while my tongue went inside of her and began licking her from top to bottom.

Her own tongue found my still wet pussy, too, and she buried it inside, spreading my ass with her hands while she licked across me. We went back and forth for a few minutes, sucking and kissing each other’s pussies and soaking each other with our juices.

I felt her pull away from me, as she kissed my inner thighs and ass, finally caressing the flesh on my butt as I heard her say: “Sit on me, Kari.”

I lifted my face from her and used my hands to push myself off the bed, as I immediately flipped my leg back over to face her and slid my hips up her torso, pulling myself across her chest and pushing my pussy across her neck and to her face—so she that was looking directly at it.

“Can we try it this way?” I asked as I leaned back on her and onto the balls of my feet as I began pressing my trimmed pussy against her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she said in the back of her throat as her mouth opened and pushed against me, with the middle of her tongue finding my clit almost immediately and dragging itself across my entire pussy, her hands wrapping around me and onto my ass, as she pulled me harder against her mouth.

Her mouth felt amazing on me and her eyes opened, and she looked up at me with a lustfully incoherent expression. We made eye contact and my chest heaved while my hips moved gently back and forth, as I pushed my pussy harder into her mouth, with my butt lifting off her chest and my knees lowering on either side of her face.

She was licking me everywhere and I could feel how excited she was, with her face energetically pushing against my pussy and her mouth devouring me back and forth, while my juices leaked down the sides of her face and her hands on my ass held me forward firmly.

She pressed into me and zeroed in on my clit and began using the tip of her tongue with consistent, long flicks that immediately signaled my orgasm was on its way.

I was beyond turned on and began thinking about the fact that my pussy was smothering my friend, as I arched my ass higher off her chest and pushed down harder into her face, while she picked up her speed on my clit.

My orgasm started slow but arrived quickly, as I pulled my wet hand from Alison’s pussy and reached up to pinch my own nipples as I started to come.

“Oh fuck, Alison,” I said as it hit me, finally pulling my hands from my nipples as my legs started shaking and I began to lose my balance. The orgasm was long and intense, and Alison stayed loyal to my clit, licking and sucking it quickly with her tongue while my entire body started to shake and I had to firmly grab the bed underneath her head to keep from falling.

“Ahhhhhhhh yeeeessssssss” I heard myself squealing as I came hard on Alison’s face, while she continued to press my clit with her mouth and let my orgasm ride her.

I collapsed forward on her and she playfully slapped my ass as we pressed together and I slid down her, telling me that she was “two for two” and laughing with me as I turned around and laid across her, so we could kiss again and collapse on one other. We sprawled naked on the bed for a while together and finally fell asleep with the lights on, wrapped into each other all night.

The next morning, Alison got up to check her phone and laughed that she had eight missed calls and even more text messages.

“Pretty sure they think we’re dead,” I said to her, laughing as we started discussing our alibi.

“Look, we got to the Hard Rock late, the line was forever, and we ended up going to Rain instead. We both accidentally left our phones in the room and that was that.”

“Air tight!” she laughed as she jumped back into bed. “Come take a shower with me so I can fuck you again,” she whispered to me as she gently reached over to my boob and started pinching my nipple.”

“If you insist,’ I said with a smile, as I leaned in and kissed her, pulling us both up as we walked our naked bodies to the shower.

When we eventually caught up with everyone at breakfast, we were amazed to learn that our little excuse worked like a charm with the other girls and nobody suspected what we’d spent the night doing.

The rest of the weekend was as fun as the first night (and Alison and I actually did go out with everyone on the next two nights) and all of us collectively deemed it to be a great trip.

Later that second night, Alison and I talked about what we’d done together as we lay in bed together and ultimately decided that we should turn each other on and admit to ourselves that we’d both be OK if we were to fuck more often. We rationalized that the experiences were good for both of our sex lives at home and decided that while it wouldn’t be a regular thing—we’d try to escape once a year and relive our completely satisfying girl/girl fantasies.

“I lust you my friend,” she said to me, just before she went down on me the first time on me that last night.

“Well that’s convenient because I am completely in lust with you,” I responded back, as we both laughed and pressed against each other in a long and wet kiss.

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