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No, Thank You

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I had just settled onto the couch to watch some television when the phone rang.

“You available?” a familiar voice asked.


“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“I’ll leave the door unlocked, I’m going to jump in the sho–.”

But he’d already hung up.

As the hot water poured over me, I lathered my body — with special attention to my stiffening cock — and thought about how Randy and I had met.

I’d read personal ads from men seeking sex with other men for years, but none had ever prompted me to respond. The ad read, “WM, mid-30s, no time to waste. Only want some quick action. Send me your number. No games, no crap, no strings.” The words shot through me like lightning. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d clicked on the ad and sent my name and cell number to a complete stranger.

About an hour later, he called.

“Have you ever done this before?” he asked, by way of an introduction.

“A few times, a long time ago,” I replied.

“And what do you want?”

I paused, before stammering out a reply. He cut me off before I’d gotten two non-coherent words out.

“Just tell me what you want,” he said, in a tone that was at once insistent and inviting.

“I want … I want to suck and fuck,” I said. “I don’t need anyone else to know about this. It’s been a long time, but I can’t get the images of a hard cock waiting for me to pleasure it out of my head. I don’t want or need a relationship, no sweet talk, no after-sex cuddling, nothing. Just the sex.”

There was a slight pause at the other end of the line.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear,” he said.

I gave him my address.

“I can be there in 10 minutes.”

Thirty minutes later, I lay naked, slumped on my couch. My cum covered my crotch, thighs and chest. Randy’s load was in my belly.

Since then, the routine was always the same. Randy would call when he wanted me. If I was available — and I always was — he’d be at my apartment in less than 30 minutes.

I dried myself and wrapped a towel around my waist, my cock pushing the material out from my thighs and walked toward my darkened bedroom. A shaft of light from the hallway let me see him laying naked on my bed.

He was on his back, his legs spread slightly and his semi-hard dick resting against his thigh. When I walked in the room, he propped himself up with one arm behind his head to watch me.

I let the towel fall from my waist and it cascaded over my erection before falling to the floor.

I crawled between his legs, taking care not to touch him before I reached my goal. I touched the tip of my tongue to his balls and gently ran it up along his shaft to the head of his dick.

A small moan escaped his lips and his cock began to swell as I kissed the head. When I raised up slightly, it sprang into the air. I took him into my mouth, sliding the shaft along my tongue and into the back of my throat before closing my lips around the base.

I held there for a moment, gently sucking, while feeling Randy’s 7-inch cock fill my mouth and rubbing my nose in his tightly cropped pubic hair.

I let his cock slide from my mouth until just the tip remained between my lips. I plunged down on his dick, pushing up with tongue on the underside while sucking harder. He moaned his approval.

I continued work his cock with my mouth, while my own hard cock rubbed against the duvet. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and gently milked the shaft while paying special attention to the sensitive part below the cockhead with my tongue. I could taste the precum dribbling from his dick and I was already thinking about swallowing his load.

But that’s not what he wanted. When I was sure he was about to unleash his sperm into my mouth, Randy lifted me off his cock and pushed me back until I was sitting on my haunches, my stiff prick sticking out from between my legs. He leaned forward and took me into his mouth. He sucked me gently and slowly, knowing that my cocksucking had pushed me close to the edge of release.

Through the dim light, I could just make out the edge of my cock as it disappeared slowly in his mouth.

Randy’s hand slid between my legs, his fingers brushing past my balls. He reached behind me before running two fingers down the crack of my ass to my rosebud.

It was almost more than I could take. I moaned loud enough that I’m sure the neighbors could hear.

He let my cock fall from his mouth and leaned back toward the nightstand and the bottle of lube he’d brought. After squirting some on his fingers, he reached again between my legs and rubbed the goo on my asshole before gently sliding his finger inside. After he was sure I was properly slick and pliable, Randy scooted from in front of me, allowing me to move forward on the bed and roll onto my back.

I lifted my thighs and held them open giving him total access to my backside. He moved forward and touched his cock below my ballsack before rubbing this head of his dick along my ass, picking up some of the lube he’d just applied.

He positioned his dick at the entrance to my ass and looked me in the eye as he started to push inside, as if I was unaware that my body was his to use for his pleasure. When his scrotum reached my ass cheeks, he paused for a minute and I let the warm, wonderful feeling of being full wash over me.

He slid his cock out of me, leaving only the head inside before pushing all the way back in. He found a pleasurable rhythm, settled in and fucked me.

He reached between my leg and grabbed my dick like a rider might hold a saddle’s pommel. With his fingers, he gently stroked the base of my cock as he continued to push his dick into my ass.

It was too much for me to take.

“Please,” I said in a tone that was more a plea than a request. “I want come in your mouth after you fill my ass with your load. Please.”

He nodded in agreement, and dropped my cock from his grip. He pushed my hands away from my thighs and replaced them with his own. He pushed apart my knees and began fucking me harder.

I could see a sheen of sweat on his brow and his breathing quickened as he pushed himself inside me with long, full strokes. It didn’t take long before his torso stiffened and he pushed deep into my bottom. With a low grunt, he held there, his cock spasming and filling my ass with his cum.

He pulled his softening cock from my ass and I could feel some of his load begin to run down my crack. Randy wrapped his fist around my dick, and sucked me between his lips.

With two or three quick pumps, I was coming. He swallwed my juice and continued sucking until my squirming told him I was too sensitive to continue.

He released me and got off the end of the bed. After wiping himself on the towel I’d dropped earlier, he dressed quicking and walked toward my door. I stayed on the bed, one of my fingers gently rubbing the cum that bubbled from my ass and watched him go.

As he opened my door, he glanced over his shoulder.

“Thanks,” he said.

“No,” I said to the closing door. “Thank you.”

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Bob wrote

O my a hot story that had me so hot and wished I was the bottom.