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Still Irresistible

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I washed my bowl out and set it in the sink. Glancing over at the stove, I put the lid back on the pot of Chili and wiped my hands on a towel hanging from the oven. Turning up the glass of iced water, I all but chugged it down to wash the spice from my mouth. I knew I needed to quit eating hot chili. I dreaded the inevitable heartburn I would no doubt experience later.

I heard the front door open. Peering around the corner I saw my daughter Julie kicking off her sneakers in the small foyer. Her hair was tied on top of her head. Her white shirt and black gym shorts were soaked.

“How was the gym?” I asked.

Julie’s eyes widened dramatically and she blew out a loud gust of air.

I smiled. “Broke off, huh?”

“I think I might have over done it today,” Julie told me.

She pulled open the refrigerator and fetched herself a bottled water. Julie wasted no time putting it to her lips and guzzling the water.

I motioned to the stove. “Well, I know this is probably a bad time to say this, but I’ve got chili made if you want any.”

“Dad, are you serious?” Julie protested. “You can’t be eating stuff like that. Are you begging for stints or something?”

I patted the air. “Sorry, sorry. A little every now and then won’t hurt.”

Julie raised an eyebrow and looked at the stove. “Right. And what does a whole freaking pot do?”

I leaned on the island in the middle of my kitchen.

“Did you work out with Tamara today?”

Julie shook her head as she put the water back in the fridge. “No, she’s still on vacation with her mom. Sarah came with me. Oh, she’s gonna crash here tonight, is that cool?”

The image of my daughter’s incredibly beautiful friend flashed in my mind. I remembered vividly the last time Sarah had been in my home. I felt a throb in my shorts. A mixture of emotions tumbled inside of me, excitement and arousal wrestling with discipline and guilt. I was about to invent a negative answer to Julie’s question when Sarah stepped into the kitchen.

I hadn’t realized she had come in with my daughter, but there she was. Her hazel eyes were on the floor as she retied her luscious brown hair into a ponytail. Dressed similarly to Julie, she wore a tight pair of pink gym shorts. Her smooth tan stomach was exposed beneath her black spandex sports bra. I wanted to absolutely melt when I saw her, partly because I had been nervous to see her ever again, but mostly because of how amazing she looked.

Those warm eyes rose to meet mine. They made me feel simultaneously comforted and filthy. The corner of her mouth twitched into a smirk when she saw me. Sarah then glanced away and went to the refrigerator.

“Dad, that’s cool right?”

I blinked at my daughter before making a snap decision. “Yeah, sure. It’s no problem.”

I instantly pondered on my answer. To avoid being awkward or raising any sort of suspicion, the reasonable thing to say was yes. I realized, however, what this meant. Sarah, my daughter’s gorgeous friend whom I had shamefully had sex with during her last visit, would be in my house all night. My skin grew hot and my mouth felt sticky. I tried not to look in Sarah’s direction. I had to play it cool.

Julie headed into the laundry room, leaving Sarah and I alone in the kitchen. I stood awkwardly quiet by the island, trying not to look Sarah’s way. She made this hard to do when she set the bottle of water she had gotten on the counter and leaned on the island on her hands. Our eyes met. A small polite grin formed on her face.

“Hey, Mr. Harris,” she said. “How’ve you been since I saw you last?”

The hair on my arms stood as I glanced nervously toward the laundry room door. I hoped Julie wasn’t listening too closely or reading too much in to what was said.

“Great,” I replied.

“You’re sure it’s okay I stay over tonight?”

Sarah licked at her top lip as she bit gently at the stud in her tongue. Her hazel eyes watched me tauntingly. I swallowed hard and managed a smile.

“You’ve been welcome here ever since you and Julie were little girls, Sarah.”

I made sure to emphasize the last bit. It was my attempt to shake her loose, to get her to realize that I wasn’t comfortable having sex with a girl that had been my daughter’s best friend since they were no taller than my waist. Still, my resolve was wearing thin. Sarah was practically leaning over the island, affording me a look down her black spandex top. I beat my little moth wings away from the flames and glanced back at Julie as she reentered the room.

“Hey Dad, don’t start that load of clothes tonight,” Julie instructed. “I’ve still got some stuff upstairs that needs washing.”

I nodded. “Alright, honey.”

“Oh, if you go back to the car, can you get my phone, Sarah?”

Sarah took a sip from her water and nodded. “Yeah, mine is still in there, too. You taking a shower first?”

“Yeah, I gotta get outta’ this skin.”

“Okay, I’ll be up in a minute.”

I watched as my daughter let down her hair and headed for the stairs. Instantly, my chest grew cold when I was alone with Sarah in the kitchen. I turned away from her and went to the sink to wash my hands, not because they were dirty, but I needed something to keep my eyes away from her. For a moment I considered going to the living room, or even to my bedroom, but something kept me from leaving her. It was all so confusing to me. I wanted her gone, but I basked in her presence.

“Are you still mad at me?” I heard her say.

I shot her a confused glance over my shoulder.”Do what?”

Sarah leaned again on the island, cocking her head to one side and letting her ponytail drape over her shoulder. The motion drew my eyes to her round breasts concealed in her tight spandex top. Before I glanced away, I saw the tips of her nipples poking through the fabric.

“Well, you were a bit short with me the last time I saw you,” Sarah said.

I sighed, wiping my hands. “Don’t you think there’s a good reason for that?”

She shook her head innocently, pursing her lips.

“No, not really,” she answered. “I mean, you were just fine when you were filling me full of dick.”

“Sarah!” I hissed.

“What?” She said with a naughty smirk.

I shot a glance at the stairs before whispering, “I told you to stop. I told you it was wrong!”

Sarah leaned even closer, her head dropping low and her hazel eyes glimmering with excitement.

“That’s what made it feel so good, huh?” She said. “Tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

I glared at her with my hands on my hips. Sarah slithered around the corner of the island and crept closer to me. I felt like cornered prey as I stood watching her lithe body.

“Tell me that it was so wrong that you haven’t thought about me since then,” Sarah teased.

My eyes wandered over her body, across her slender stomach, and down her long shapely legs. Seeing her tan thighs, I knew Sarah was right. I had thought about her climbing into my lap nearly every single day since I’d last seen her. I had stood in the shower and waxed my dick thinking of the way her hips had rolled into mine. Even now, I was throbbing as the events of that day resurfaced, remembering the warmth of her pussy swallowing my shaft whole and her body pressed to mine. The sweet fragrance of her hair had stayed with me for so many days. I had all but ached for her.

And there she stood, a mere foot away. Her caramel candy eyes pored over me. Sarah was breathing slow, but with every breath her breasts rose and fell. I knew I could grab her and have her if I pleased, but the rational half of my brain jerked the reins aside.

“Look,” I started, “I… we can’t do this, Sarah.”

“Oh really? Why not?” She said cocking an eyebrow up and smiling. Sarah was so close now I could nearly taste her. “It’s not like we’re breaking any laws.”

“Because you’re Julie’s best friend, that’s why!” I hissed. “Do you know what that would do to her if she found out that I… Jesus, she would be disgusted with me!”

Sarah smiled at me, her eyes flickering across my lips. “But you know you want more. And I told you I would give it to you….”

She gently placed her slender hands on my hips, forcing me to drop my own hands away. Pressing her body close, she gazed up at me with her dreamy eyes. The feeling of her body against me sent chills through my chest. Her soft breasts touched me. I thought I would crumble right there in the kitchen. It made me feel like a younger man to have such a gorgeous young woman teasing and flirting with me.

I was already intoxicated by her hypnotizing eyes and the sweet but sweaty scent of her skin. The fragrance had filled my nose once before… after I had climaxed inside of her. Sirens were sounding in my head, but I couldn’t push her away. Sarah had me tangled in her web. I couldn’t honestly say that I wasn’t enjoying it.

Then, I felt her fumbling with the button on my shorts. My mind fell from the heavens as I shook the webs away.

“Sarah!” I protested. “What are you doing?”

She caught my hands before I could grab hers and pushed them around my back. This drew her body even closer to mine. Her lips were then an electric inch from mine. Leaning in to me, she whispered against my lips.

“I want to give you more,” Sarah told me. “I know you want it.”

Her soft lips brushed my cheek and made me stiff all over. A battle raged inside of me. I wanted her but I wouldn’t let myself have her. It made me want to scream. Sarah took advantage and began to unfasten my shorts. Her body was close to mine while she worked, her lips now kissing at my neck gently.

My shorts fell to my ankles. Wasting no time, Sarah shot me a naughty grin and squatted next to the island. She took hold of my boxers and pulled them to my feet. My straining cock nodded free before her face. I felt her hands slide up my thighs as her hazel eyes widened with lust at the sight of my exposed sex. Her right hand found my balls and began to caress them. She looked up at me and smiled, her tongue gliding under her teeth. Then, she gripped the base of my dick, opened her mouth wide, and took me inside of her.

I was frozen in utter shock. Warm moist heat enveloped my shaft just before her lips closed around my dick. Her head moved back slowly, and I stifled a moan when I felt her tongue against the underside of my swollen tip. The odd but familiar sensation of the metal stud in her tongue was incredible.

Sarah’s head dove in and I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. One of her hands snuck around to squeeze my bare ass, while her other stroked the base of my shaft. As her wrist worked, so did her tongue, swirling and sliding around me. It was nearly enough to make me double over from the pleasurable sensation.

I fell partially forward, planting both hands on the island. My eyes searched the foot of the stairs frantically. I hoped like hell that my daughter stayed upstairs. I fought to stay silent as Sarah worked her head back and forth on my cock. My breath came in shallow gasps from my open mouth. One of my hands nearly slid on a magazine on the counter.

I wanted to stop her… no, I needed to stop her. What I really wanted was to grab her shoulders and thrust her skull like a madman. The guilt and the doubts in my mind slowly melted away. Still, Julie was in the house and my eyes repeatedly monitored the stairs, thankful that much of the staircase was walled in.

A quiet moan escaped my lips when I felt Sarah’s jaw relax and her head forcing its way down my shaft. The head of my cock slipped into her throat. Her chin pressed into my balls and her grip tightened on my ass. I felt her breath on my skin as it escaped her nose. For several seconds, we remained that way, with my dick buried in her throat and my hand crumpling the cover of the magazine.

Finally, Sarah slid her mouth off of my cock and gasped for air. Stroking my wet dick in her fist, she spit a thick film of saliva on my tip. I strained hard in her hand. Jolts of orgasmic sensations were already surging through me. Sarah flipped her chocolate ponytail to the side and turned her head so that she was looking up at me. She batted her eyelashes slowly and ran the flat of her tongue along the bottom of my shaft. I felt her stud flicking and swirling as she made her way to my balls.

With my stiff cock resting on her smooth cheek, Sarah licked and sucked at the skin of my balls gently. I could feel her tongue rolling against my sensitive scrotum. Her hazel eyes watched me the entire time. I felt like screaming out in pleasure. My knees felt like noodles and my elbows trembled above the counter. Sarah drew her face back. My slimy dick traced its wet trail along her cheek as she did. I felt a burn in my cock and an ache in my balls as my body begged for release.

I glanced up to see Julie stepping off of the stairs. I froze in shock. There was no time to pull Sarah to her feet without my daughter noticing. I was caught. Julie was about to find her best friend with my cock in her mouth. Panicking, I fumbled with the magazine on the counter and flipped it open to a random page, leaning on the counter as I had been all along. Cutting my eyes downward, I saw that Sarah had sensed my panic and frozen behind the island with my wet dick in her fist.

Julie seemed oblivious. She made her way into the living room, dressed in a tight grey T-shirt and a thin pair of red shorts. Her hair was partially dry but hung in strings, and a towel was slung over her shoulder. Her skin still glistened with moisture from her shower.

Julie never so much as looked toward the kitchen, but rather found the remote control on my recliner and began surfing channels. Thankfully, even if she did look our way, the island we were behind stood as tall as my stomach, hiding Sarah from plain view. If Julie decided to come into the kitchen however, she would see her beautiful best friend squatting in front of my slimy cock.

“Hey, Dad?” She called.

I flipped a page in the magazine nervously.

“Uh, y-yeah, what’s up sweetie?”

“Could I borrow the Explorer tomorrow? I have a bunch of boxes I’m supposed to take to Kristin’s grandmother’s house. I don’t think they’ll fit in my car.”

“Sure, honey,” I said.

I felt my dick being swallowed whole again. Biting down on my lip hard, I flipped another page in the magazine, trying to act like nothing was happening. It was difficult to ignore the slow and stealthy movements of Sarah’s mouth. She slid her wet lips back and forth, swirling her pierced tongue around the head of my pulsing cock. All the while she stroked me in her fist and worked the thumb of her other hand behind my balls.

Julie was still searching for an unknown channel on the TV. I watched her through the large entryway to the living room that joined it to the kitchen. My heart was pounding in my chest and my face was on fire. It was the most awkward feeling I had ever experienced before in my life, looking at my oblivious daughter as I received a blowjob.

“Damn it,” Julie said.

“W-what is it?” I asked.

I tried to sound normal, but I could feel the faint sting of my orgasm building deep within. It wouldn’t be much longer and there was nothing I could do.

“Nothing,” my daughter answered. “One of my shows was supposed to come on tonight, but I guess they’re skipping a week or something. I can’t find it on here.”

It was becoming harder to control my breathing. Sarah’s warm mouth felt incredible, and with every flick of her tongue and its studded adornment, I wanted to groan and writhe about. I shot a glance down to see her sweet, innocent, but deviant eyes looking up at me. Her lips were sealed around the bulging vein in my dick. She appeared to be having the time of her life. As her head nodded in and out, her breasts wobbled ever so slightly in her spandex bra.

The sight of her hazel eyes and tan cleavage had my knees shaking, and Julie had turned to look at me.

“The Explorer has gas in it, right?” She asked.

I nodded as calmly as I could. “Yeah, it should.”

“Oh, that reminds me, too,” Julie said, still looking directly at me. “My car is squealing now, so you might have to take it somewhere.”

The sensation was overwhelming. It was about to happen. I shifted uncomfortably on my feet and turned another page in the magazine.

“It’s… uh, it’s probably the brakes,” I said. “I’ll take a look at ’em tomorrow.”

Julie nodded and set the remote down in my recliner. My hands were pressed so hard on the counter that they had begun to turn white. Sarah’s fingers caressed my balls as she applied pressure with her thumb behind them. I heard her moan ever so faintly into my dick as she slid her lips up my slimy shaft once more.

Just as Julie neared the stairs, my cock burst in her best friend’s mouth. I expected Sarah to freeze, but she continued to slowly milk me with her mouth. A trembling breath escaped me. I blinked my eyes, my brow furrowing and my jaw shaking. I felt stream after stream of my cum being shot against Sarah’s wiggling tongue. It was as though she was lapping at my cum as it pumped from my swollen tip.

It was then that Julie turned to look at me from the foot of the stairs. She studied me curiously. White hot flashes fired behind my eyes as I tried to look normal, with Sarah nodding slowly on my pulsing cock. I was frozen like a possum in the road.

“You okay, Dad?” Julie asked.

My slimy tip was being pulled from Sarah’s lips. It felt like the world had rushed up to meet me again.

“Uh… yeah,” was all I managed to say at first.

I dared not look down while my daughter’s eyes were on me, but I could feel the flat of Sarah’s tongue sliding up the slit in the head of my cock. The intense sensation nearly made me jump. Trying to ignore the beautiful girl squatting below, I fumbled for any sensible words to say.

I put a hand over my chest and grimaced slightly.

“It’s nothing, honey,” I said. “Just a touch of heartburn.”

Julie’s face twisted into a bored scowl. She rolled her eyes and headed up the stairs.

“Well, eat you another pot of hot chili, Dad,” she called down.

I exhaled as every bit of tension and energy drained out of my body. I felt relieved and weak at the same time. Stepping back awkwardly, I leaned against the counter behind me.

Sarah, wiping her lips with a single thumb, stood and eyed me seductively with a hint of a smile. Even with my cock hanging used and sticky, I marveled at her beauty. I drank in her slender curves and tan skin. With my senses returning to me, I wanted to scold her, to ask her what the hell she was thinking. Looking at the gorgeous young woman before me though, I couldn’t ignore that she was breathing life into my fantasies.

I could not deny how amazing it had felt for her to ride my dick in my recliner that day, and I could not dismiss the dangerous excitement I experienced only moments ago. All from a girl that was so sexy it hurt to look at her. Sarah made me feel wanted and risky, like a young man I had once been. It was unbelievable that an attractive girl like her would be so smitten with me that she would throw herself at me sexually with such abandon.

As I stood there with my shorts around my ankles and my flaccid cock still dripping traces of cum, all I could manage to do was shake my head at the lovely Sarah.

Sarah stepped close to me and draped her arms over my shoulders. I made no protest, though my eyes did cut over toward the stairs. Actually, I had a passing urge to take her bare narrow waist in my hands and hold her against me. I even pictured, in that moment, that I would slide my hands over her plump little ass and give her cheeks a firm squeeze. My dick nodded in agreement.

“You’re amazing,” I said, “and you’re insane.”

Sarah stared at me, a mixture of love and lust pooling in her caramel eyes.

“And I’m here all night,” she whispered.

She then brought her face to mine and kissed my cheek with her soft sticky lips. I felt her breath on my ear.

“Maybe you could tuck me in tonight,” Sarah said.

I blinked and Sarah was headed for the front door. I watched her tight ass bounce in her pink shorts with her every step as she walked down the hall and out the door. As I pulled up my shorts, I feared that maybe Sarah was leaving, but she returned with two cell phones in her hand. She closed the door behind her, flashed me a little grin, and made her way upstairs.

For the next twenty minutes, I wondered if I would be able to muster the nerve to tuck Sarah in later that night.

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