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You, Me, & All Our Children

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This is the stand alone sequel to Cross-country Road Trip which I would ask that you read first, but it really isn’t all that necessary.


We were married almost immediately after our cross-country road trip was over. I called my oldest daughter and she and her husband joined your two children and their spouses for the ceremony which really was a simple affair. We dressed in our finery–you in a medium length white dress with a lot of lace and me in my Highland formal wear including my Prince Charlie jacket with its vest–but we did do without the fancy wedding with all the guests.

Neither of us wore underwear the entire day. That night the kids joined us for a very fancy dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. After all, we could afford almost anything we wanted to have after our successful forays into the casinos in Nevada, Cherokee, and Atlantic City.

“Kids, your mother and I have something to tell you.”

“What, Daddy?”

“Well, Fiona is going to have a baby in about another 8 months.”

You could have heard a pin drop at the table when that news was out. You spoke to the kids saying “Well, don’t all wish me well all at once. I know that all of you are pretty well grown, but you’re all going to have either a brother or sister to help me with.”

“Gee, Mom, I don’t know what to say.”

“Then dear Donna, don’t say a word. Just smile and be happy for me. I’m carrying a baby inside of me and that makes me and your new father very proud and very happy.”

“Mom, it’s just that baby is young enough to be our baby.”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“No, but Harry and I were going to break the news that we’re going to have a baby, too. In fact, we might be due at the same time.”

“Oh, honey, that’s great! I’m so happy for the two of you. I know you’ve been wanting a baby for a long time now.”


“Yes, Kathleen?”

“Marvin and I think it’s great that you are having this baby, but does that mean, you know?”

“No, and I know what you’re talking about, but Ian doesn’t have a clue, so let’s not go into that here at the table, OK?”

“OK, Mom. We’ll talk about it later.”

“Whoa! Fiona, what am I missing here?”

“Something we need to discuss later, Ian…in private.”


“Later, dear. Trust me. Have another Lochnagar and my new daughter and I will go powder our noses, won’t we Jane?”

“OK, Mom.”

You and my oldest daughter, Jane, left the table and headed in the direction of the ladies room. When I tried to ask about what it was we had to talk about later, nobody wanted to talk about it–until later. It seemed that you Jane were gone an awfully long time to just powder your noses, but then that must be a girl thing that men wouldn’t understand. When you finally got back to the table, the two of you were laughing and Jane looked at me in a way she had never looked at me before. Jane sat down beside Hank, her husband, and smiled into his eyes and then gave you a wink. You smirked and turned to the table at large and said, “While we were gone, I went ahead and made reservations for everybody for the night. We’re all a little too worse for wear to drive any place tonight.”

A murmur of thank you’s floated around the table. Kathleen and Marvin were the first to say their good nights, followed by Donna and John. Jane and Hank were still sitting at the table when you said good night to them and looked at me. I stood up on some wobbly legs and followed you to the elevators where I placed my hand under your skirt as the floors whizzed past. You moaned your appreciation and your pantyless crotch was soon dripping with your sweet nectar. Your hand found its way beneath my kilt and grasped my hardened dick giving it a short little pump before disengaging itself as the doors opened at our floor. After I had fumbled with the key and dropped it on the floor, you bent over and picked it up opening the door as I pulled your dress over your naked hips.

“Down boy! We have to talk first, then we can play.”

“I don’t want to talk, I want to fuck.”

“I know you do, but Donna and John will be here in a few moments and there’s something we need to talk about before they get here.”

“Why are they coming to our room?”

“That’s what we have to talk about. For some time now, Donna and John and I have been having a menage à trois.”


“Yeah, we’ve been fucking each other. Ian, I’m bi-sexual as you know from our trip. Donna was the one that taught me to enjoy eating pussy and having mine eaten as well as being fucked with a good stiff dick. Since then we added Kathleen and Marvin to the parties though I think she’ll slow down now that she’s pregnant. I know I’ll have to slow down with my fucking and that’s why we decided to come clean and let you fuck Donna and Kathleen. All five of us are bi and we come up with some very interesting combinations. I’ve got to remember to ask Kathleen if Marvin or John is the father. Well, I guess that we’ve actually had a menage à cinq.”

“Wait a moment here! You’re having an affair with your own daughters and their husbands? Isn’t that quite a little bit of incest?”

“Yeah, and what was fucking your dear sex mad cousin Erin? Wasn’t that incest?”


“It was incest and you know it. Now don’t go getting holier than thou on me. You and I have just finished fucking our way across the country. You’ve seen me licking cunt and I’ve seen you with a cock up that ass of yours, so don’t even pass judgement on what my family has been doing. Now, I have one simple question for you, Ian. Are you in or not? If you’re not going to participate, Donna, John and I will go to their room to play.”

As a knock came at the door I replied “Well, if you put it that way, I’m in. I’ve just got to see Donna’s tits without anything covering them.”

You called over you shoulder as you reached for the door handle “You won’t be disappointed. Kathleen’s got a fine set of tits and a great cunt. You’ll see.”

In walked Kathleen and Marvin and they stopped as you closed the door.

“So did you tell him, Mom?”

“Yeah, she told me. I’m not sure if I should fuck you on my wedding night or not, but Fiona got me really hot talking about the three of you fucking each other. Come here Donna. Come to your new daddy and suck his cock.”

You grabbed Marvin’s cock through his pants and squeezed as Donna dropped her dress revealing that she was wearing nothing beneath it except a pair of thigh high hose. She flipped the front of my kilt up and bent over.

“So this is what a Scotsman doesn’t wear under his kilt. Yummy. Dad, that looks good. May I?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Have at it, dear daughter. Suck to your heart’s content.” Donna’s mouth engulfed my rather nice cock and slurped it down to the balls. I was surprised that she was able to get as much of my dick into her mouth and then realized that I had slipped into her throat.

You smiled as you pulled Marvin’s cock out of his pants. He helped you take your dress off and smiled as you dropped to your knees in front of him. Your mouth sucked his cock like a vacuum cleaner looking for the last speck of dirt on the floor. You and Marvin fell onto the bed and he stuck his tongue up Kthleen’s dripping cunt, lapping all the juices that her cunny could produce and sucking more out. I pulled you around until my beard was drenched in your juices and my tongue could explore both of your lower holes. The moans were soon getting louder and longer as we all approached our very explosive orgasms. Neither Marvin nor I did anything more than grunt a little louder as we spewed forth our seeds into two very receptive mouths. Our cum seemed to encourage your bodies to go into their own spasms of lusty delight.

Kathleen moved up the bed, mashing her gorgeous tits into my chest as she leaned in to let me taste my cum on her tongue. I sucked her tongue as if it were a miniature cock and then dropped down to encircle her inch long nipples surrounded by dollar size areolae. She moaned as I kissed my way down her body. About that time Marvin poked his cock into my ass and I spread my legs to allow him easier entry. Your mouth went to work on my cock and balls bringing new starch to my flaccid prick. Kathleen almost screamed when my tongue finally hit her clit and my teeth gently nibbled on it.

Marvin finally got his cock deep in my bowels and started a slow movement which you matched with your mouth on my cock. Actually, John was fucking your mouth using my cock since every time he thrust into me, my cock was thrust into your very receptive mouth. My tongue was now lapping at Kathleen’s labia, sucking the ever flowing juices from deep inside her pussy.

“Fiona, love, I have to fuck Kathleen. Let me get my cock out of your mouth. No, Marvin you can keep going, I just have to put my dick in your wife’s pussy.” You took your mouth off my cock and guided it to Kathleen’s waiting hole. I didn’t know how big John’s prick was, but Marvin’s was a bit on the short and thin side. Kathleen’s pussy was tightly wrapped around my cock head and she moaned her appreciation for my thicker, longer dick as I slid it into her. It took two or three strokes to reach her cervix, but when I did, it was as if I had poked Kathleen’s cunt with a cattle prod. Her entire body shook and spasmed under me as a primitive scream came from her mouth.

You smiled as you moved up and sucked her nipples with your very talented mouth. I learned that Kathleen was a screamer and that Marvin was a grunter. They both came together, Kathleen around my prick and Marvin deep inside my rectum. The force of their orgasms drove me over the edge and I emptied my sperm deep inside Kathleen’s cunt.

“I hope you just made me pregnant, Dad.”

“You want me to make you pregnant?”

“Yeah, Marvin has a very low sperm count, so it’s gonna be up to either you or John to get me pregnant. We know John can since he knocked up Donna and we know you can since you knocked up Mom, so we have a good chance of one of the two of you doing us a big favor and getting me pregnant.”

“In that case, no more drinking my cum. It’s got to all go to the cause.”

“Well, I can have one mouthful each time we fuck can’t I?”

“OK, one mouthful and the other cum goes into your little twat to make a baby. Is that OK with you Marvin?”

“No problem, Dad, we just want a baby and I can’t do the job.”

“Fiona, doesn’t this sound familiar?”

“You mean Todd and Erin?”

“Yeah. They took it to an extreme, didn’t they?

“Yes, Ian, they did, but you don’t have to worry about performing like they wanted you to perform. You fuck Kathleen and if she gets pregnant, great! If she doesn’t, you, John, and Marvin keep trying until she starts to swell.”

“Sounds like I haven’t been told everything about your family, Fiona.”

“Well, some things take time. But, when you married me, you also married my daughters and, unknowingly, agreed to get fucked by their husbands.”

“It could be worse. I could have married an iceberg.”

“Yeah,” you laughed and Kathleen and Marvin joined in, “but you didn’t. You married a family of nymphomaniacs who will fuck you silly and want more. When Donna and Kathleen got married, the three of us broke the bad news to John and Marvin. Funny, but we didn’t get any complaints from them either.”

“Well, if all of you won’t complain, who am I to rock the boat?”

“Don’t rock the boat, fuck.”

“Yes, dear.” And we all settled in for the third round which lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. We dropped off to sleep somewhere around 4 AM and Donna and John knocked on the door to wake us up long after the sun had come up.

When you let them into the room, Donna took one look at the bed and turned to you saying, “Well, I see he agreed to our little ménège.”

“I’d say, dear daughter that he agreed to the entire package. Who’s the father, John or Marvin?”

“Marvin of course. John’s sperm count is way too low. You know that.”

“Yes, Donna, I know it, but I still had to ask to make it official.”

“I know you did Mom. I’m so happy that even the morning sickness isn’t getting me down.”

“Oh, it will. Believe me it will. I can hardly wait. So far it hasn’t been bad but with Kathy, I was throwing up left and right all day long. And I constantly craved dill pickles with pistachio ice cream. It’s amazing that Donna didn’t come out green and dill.”

Donna walked over to where I was laying on top of the covers still asleep with my dick half hard. “May I mother?”

“But of course. He’s your father now and I expect you to help keep him happy.”

I awoke with Donna’s mouth playing games with my cock and balls. Of the three of you, I hated to say it, but Donna could definitely suck cock better than either you or Kathy. She twisted her mouth in a corkscrew manner and used her tongue to stimulate my dick while her head was bobbing up and down. It didn’t take long before I grunted a quick warning just before my sperm bathed the inside of Donna’s mouth.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

“Good morning, Donna. And, thanks. That was a great way to wake up.”

“You’re welcome. Mom taught us both all about sucking cocks.”

“She taught you both very well.” Donna looked up at you and smiled as your mouth dropped to my dick and slurped up what cum had escaped from her mouth. John was standing over in the corner watching the show in obvious delight with his hand wrapped around his cock.

“Now, Donna, I want to see your tits.” She lifted her blouse to show she wasn’t wearing a bra over her 36B tits. “Nice. I’ll have to suckle them some time real soon.”

“How about now, Daddy?”

“Sorry, but we’ve got to get dressed and get out of here sometime today. I’ll take a rain check though.” I noticed that Donna looked very disappointed and I lifted her blouse and gave both nipples a quick lick and gentle suck before I dropped the material back over their braless forms. “That will have to do for now, daughter of mine. I’ll suck them and fuck you very well later on. OK?”


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