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Bundle of Joy

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As I closed my car door and stepped toward my house, a small voice cracked like leather on an old saddle called out, “Alan, you’ve got a package over here.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Taylor. I’ll be over in just a minute.”

I carried my satchel into the house and picked up a envelop of photographs I’d just gotten developed the day before.

My elderly neighbor, Sue Taylor, would enjoy seeing the images, so it would be a way of repaying her generosity.

My wife and I shop online sometimes. If the deliveryman comes while we’re both out of the house, Mrs. Taylor will tell the driver to just leave the box with her for safekeeping.

I tried to remember what I might have bought recently that would be in the package. An eBay item? Or, a gift for somebody? That’s it! Then I blushed. Sitting in a cardboard box in this sweet, little old lady’s house was a box of, ahem, “marital aids” that I compiled for me and my wife: assorted toys (two or three needing batteries), massage oil and flavored body lubricant.

I crossed over to the neighbor’s quaint one-story house and knocked.

“Come on in, my boy. Your box is on the dining table. Would you like something to eat? I made soup, and Walt and I have eaten all we can hold.”

“No thanks, ma’am. I got off a little early today, so I thought I’d make dinner for Lynn.”

“How sweet. What have you got there in your hand?”

I handed her the pictures and walked over to the box. I breathed a sigh of relief that nothing on the packaging gave any clue as to what was inside. Picking up the box, I thought about how sexy my wife would look when I used this bundle of joy to send her body aflame.

“Alan, sweetie, perhaps you should sit down. Your face is all flushed.”

“What? No, I’m fine.”

“The pictures are beautiful. Your little girl is such a darling.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking back the envelope. I reached inside and pulled out a shot of my daughter at her 2nd birthday party. “Here. I got double prints. Would you like to keep this one?”

She accepted graciously and again tried to persuade me to stay and eat or drink something. I declined, excited to get home and check out my goodies.

Into my living room, I checked the clock to see how long I had until Lynn would be home. Figuring in the drive, I had about 45 minutes. I took off my dress clothes, found a T-shirt and jeans and tossed them on the bed. Sitting on the bed, I ripped off the packing tape and dumped the contents on the sheets. I’d spent more than $200 on this care package, but it would be worth every penny if it resulted in sweaty bodies thrashing together in orgasmic bliss.

After the birth of our daughter, my wife’s sex drive hadn’t just diminished, it disappeared altogether for eight or nine months. Even when those old urges started to return, she didn’t feel sexy and worried I wouldn’t find her attractive anymore. Foolish woman. My wife is 5’9″ with long legs and a great ass. She has naturally curly blond hair that varies in length from short to reaching her shoulders depending on her mood. Her breasts are somewhat small in size, but have responsive nipples that plump delectably when stimulated.

A few weeks ago, we discovered something new and promising in our lovemaking. She modeled a bra and thong set that got me so excited I wanted to lick her all over. To the surprise of both of us, she wound up having a thundering orgasm with my tongue stuck in her ass. I’d never done anything like that, and she certainly had never experienced it. Now all sorts of new ideas were running through my head.

Early in our marriage I asked her if she’d ever tried anal sex. She said she had once, and it hurt like hell so she would never do it again. She asked me the same question. I said I’d done it from time to time with the last girl I dated before her.

“So what’s so great about it?”

“Well, it’s something people don’t talk about. Maybe there’s a lot of people doing it, or maybe very few are, but it’s still a taboo topic. Sliding into a woman’s butt just seemed like a kinky idea, and it really turned me on. I had sex dozens of times before I ever went backdoor, and the anticipation was so strong.”

“But that’s all in your head. Once you’d actually done it once, shouldn’t the urge have left?”

“No, because it’s still a kinky act. But also because it felt nice. Different, but nice. The outer ring of muscle is really tight and keeps a strong grip on the shaft, but then the soft inner folds tickle and massage the head. I always ended up coming sooner than I wanted – I couldn’t hold back.”

“I’m sorry you enjoyed it because you ain’t doing that to me. I’m getting a tattoo on my ass that says “Exit Only.”

And for the length of our marriage, that motto had remained true.

Now, however, I felt energized because I could see a chink in her armor. She hadn’t expected to like anal play, but she had. Now if I could make backdoor stimulation a part of our routine, then she’d give in eventually. Maybe even sooner than later.

I sifted through the Styrofoam packing and picked up what would be my first step toward breaking her in. The toy was an anal stimulator: a vibrator with a long, slender tip about 4 inches long and only as thick as my pinkie. Even her tiny sphincter would be able to accommodate such a small intruder.

Next was a butt plug, the smallest the merchant carried. It was 41/2 inches long with a slender tip that barely grew to a modest middle before tapering down at the other end. A wide, flat base would keep the toy from going in any further. If I could get her used to the tiny stimulator, then this would be only a gradual step up.

Looking for a package, I found the next step in my plan. A slender 6-inch vibrator came with four rubber sleeves of various shapes. We could switch covers on the vibrator and see which would give her the most pleasure.

I was afraid she might be turned off if every single toy was specifically bought to use on her ass, so I had another item in the box for her, a long, soft rubber dildo. The head was thick, bigger around than I am, but soft. The shaft was somewhat flexible so I could hold the end and pump it into her pussy without worrying that I was aiming with the wrong angle.

My underwear felt tight. I reached to adjust myself and found I had a full erection. I gave myself a couple of tugs and looked at the clock to see if I had enough time to have a little fun by myself before dinner.

Shit! I’d been back here 20 minutes already. I’d zoned out for a few minutes thinking about how I might use my new toys. I raked everything back in the box and set it down on my side of the bed, which is on the opposite side from the hall and bathroom doors.

A light bulb went off in my head, and I went into the bathroom and reached into the cabinet under the sink where I’d left a bag with new AA batteries inside. I removed the batteries from the package and dropped them loosely into the box with the toys. Then I rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


Later that evening, I read a bedtime story to my daughter, then tucked her in and turned on the baby monitor. Even though she wasn’t a baby anymore, it was reassuring to have the monitor on. Besides, if I were going to be fooling around with the missus, I would prefer to have some warning that our daughter was getting up and wandering down the hallway to our room.

I found Lynn in the bathroom washing off her makeup. I leaned against the door jam to admire her upturned ass as she leaned over the sink.

“I guess since you made dinner, you think you’re entitled to a little something extra, don’t you?” she asked, smiling at me in the mirror.

“God, I hope so. You look really good from this angle.”

“Glad you like it.”

She resumed rinsing her face as I approached and dropped to my knees. I grabbed her hips firmly and pushed my face into her crack and breathed warm air through her pants.

“Ooh. Uh, how about giving me a chance to get done here?”

As an answer, I grabbed her cheeks in both hands and massaged while stretching up to plant warm kisses on the small of her back.

She giggled and reached for a hand towel. “Can I help you, mister?”

“Thanks, but I’ve found what I want,” I said, nipping at her buttocks with my teeth.

“No, not that.”

“I want to kiss your cheeks and run my tongue over the flesh.”

She wriggled around to face me. “No, I’ve been at work all day. I don’t feel clean.”

“I can clean you up.”

The creases in her forehead softened, then she said, “Alright.” She reached into the linen closet and pulled out a washcloth. She handed it to me, saying, “Why don’t I get out of these clothes?”

My body tingled with excitement, but I couldn’t shake off a nagging fear of rejection. What if she saw my goodies and became offended or scared? We’d never tried any toys in the bedroom before. Call me silly, but I’d always had this feeling that if I bought her a nice vibrator or dildo that she wouldn’t be as interested in me anymore.

Should I be up front with her now and show her the box, or should I wait until later and risk having her think I’m trying to sneak them in on her? I opted for waiting until later. It should go over easier when she’s aroused, I reasoned. Besides, sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

After taking off my clothes, I soaked the washcloth in warm water, then headed into the bedroom to a glorious sight. My wife’s nude form lay upon the bed; a pillow under her stomach raised her hips and made her ass an inviting target.

I spread the washcloth out over both cheeks, then climbed up on the bed. Kneeling beside her, I softly caressed her shoulders and neck so she would relax. I moved down her back very slowly, alternating between deliberate rubs and faster, lighter touches. I pushed my palms up along the sides of her spine, eliciting from her an “mmmmm.” Then I turned the palms up and dragged the backs of my fingernails down again, earning an “oooooh.”

Leaving the washcloth in place, I rubbed her cheeks, starting soft, then using slow, strong motions. I used circular motions that first pushed the cheeks together, then spread them apart.

I picked up the washcloth, folded it twice, and scrubbed it up and down both cheeks, taking my time to watch the beautiful mounds move with the motions. After the thorough washing, I unfolded the cloth once, then laid it longways down her crack and began massaging the cheeks barehanded. Not only did the sensations feel much stronger to touch her directly, but the warm friction dried up any remaining moisture so she wouldn’t feel chilled.

I put my hand over the washcloth, stretching my thumb up high and my middle and ring fingers down into the crease between her legs. She spread her legs as I softly massaged the length of her crack. With my other hand, I caressed her upper thighs. After a moment, I concentrated my energy on lightly rubbing the cloth over her anus, first up and down and then in tight circles.

She hadn’t made a noise since I began with the washcloth, which made me uneasy. Still, I hoped she was just nervous and wouldn’t call it quits before we could get to the good stuff.

With one hand, I moved the washcloth to the nightstand, while the other lightly rubbed the upper part of her crack, again wanting to keep the skin warm. Then I moved around on the bed so I was kneeling between her legs. I rubbed her cheeks with one hand while easing myself down onto my stomach. I slid up and kissed her left cheek, easing my hands up under her thighs and curling my fingers up to keep myself pulled close for when her hips bucked wildly in orgasm.

I kissed on the right cheek for a moment, too, but couldn’t wait to get on to the next part. I inched closer and stuck my face between her cheeks. My lips wetly kissed just to the right and left of her puckered hole. Then my tongue snaked out to draw circles around the bull’s-eye. I spread my tongue wide and slowly lapped up and down over and over. The muscular ring was pinched tight at the start, but softened under my careful ministrations. As she relaxed, I gradually shifted into the next phase. I lapped upward as before, but then just as my tip reached her hole, I pushed forward to apply gentle pressure. I repeated the motion over and over until I could feel her open slightly. I was relieved when she moaned into her pillow.

I pointed my tongue and alternated between pushing in and tickling her with soft flicks. One hand moved to her crotch and spread her growing wetness around over her lips and clitoris. After a few minutes, my tongue was fatigued and she had grown very aroused, so I figured it was time to introduce the toys.

I crawled up the bed directly over her and rubbed against her skin. She wasn’t the only one who was wet as my penis felt very slick as it rose up against her inner thigh. I gyrated my hips to rub the head around her clit as my lips found her sensitive neck. Her moaning grew to a throaty growl. “I want you inside me,” she breathed.

“I’ve got something for you.”


“A little gift I hope makes the evening even more fun.”

She opened her eyes and turned her head, trying to make eye contact. She looked apprehensive.

“It’s nothing bad or scary. I’ll show you.” I climbed off her and reached down to the floor and picked up the box. Rather than dump the contents out like I had earlier, I thought it wise to show her just one or two items right now. I pulled out a bottle of a cinnamon-flavored syrup. When rubbed over the skin and breathed upon, it made the skin warm and tingly. It was an innocent gift, and she looked relieved. Then I brought out the anal stimulator.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a vibrating wand. This wire runs over to the remote so that you can adjust the speed faster and slower.”

She picked it up and felt the soft texture of the long wand. She raised an eyebrow, “And where does this go?”

I grinned and felt my face redden. “Well, we’ve been having fun exploring new territory, I thought it might add to the pleasure.”

Lynn likes electronic gadgets, and her curiosity showed. She picked up the remote and opened the battery cover. Excited, I tried to look calm as I reached into the box and pulled out a couple of batteries. She put them inside and turned the remote on, feeling the effect on the wand. She turned the speed up, but didn’t like it and quickly turned it back down.

“Wanna give it a try?” I asked.

“If it hurts, it’s coming out and never coming near me again.”

“Then we’ll take it slow.” I reached into the box and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. She took it and applied a few drops to the slender probe rubbing it up and down the wand and the wide base. She lay on her side and pulled her knees up. I leaned over to watch as she put the tip against her hole and wiggled it slowly up and down, wetting the skin. Even though I’d tongued her well a few minutes ago, she already had clenched up again, and the muscles squeezed the wand as she eased it inside, first a half-inch, then all the way until the wide base touched her bottom.

I looked at her face, where her eyebrows were pulled down in concentration. “Feels weird.” She turned on the remote to the lowest speed. I couldn’t read her face. After half a minute she said, “It still feels weird.” After a pause, she raised her upper knee, exposing her pussy with its soft patch of light, curly blond hair. “Rub me.”

She turned the bottle over and squeezed a few drops of lubricant out, as if she weren’t wet enough already. I rubbed the slickness over her lips, dipping inside to touch her opening before easing up to her clit. My ring and first fingers pulled back the hood so my middle finger could flick over her tiny nub. Her eyes closed, and her head eased back onto a pillow.

Her breathing grew shallow. Her hips moved slightly back and forth, while a hand cupped one breast. She opened her eyes to see me sitting on the bed, watching her intensely. “Lie back,” she directed.

She rose up and over my body with the light buzzing continuing. I expected the toy to slip out when she rose, but her hole clenched tight around it. I used my slippery fingers to wet my dick as she lowered herself. Putting her clit to my head, she ground up and down for a few seconds, then moved up to push the head into her pussy. She closed her eyes and sucked her lower lip between her teeth as she slid onto my shaft. My own eyes wanted to roll back in my head, but I didn’t want to miss a second of the action.

Her breasts hung down above my face, but I didn’t dare move yet. When she reached the bottom of the stroke, the base of the stimulator pushed against my scrotum, putting pressure against her ass, too. The buzzing tingled my balls. A sigh escaped her lips.

Just as slowly as she went down, she slid back up until the head was at the opening again. Then down she went, slightly faster. Up and down she moved, increasing speed into a relaxed rhythm. She opened her eyes and looked beside me. She reached out and picked up the remote. Without stopping her riding motion, she turned the dial. The buzzing sound intensified, as did the sensations I felt when she lowered the base against me again.

She shortened her stroke, going only halfway up my cock before dropping down with a light smack of skin. The buzzing and slapping of skin made sweet music for her increasing vocals. I couldn’t resist her swelled nipples and rose up to suck one into my mouth. She gasped and dropped down onto me. She switched to grinding herself against, keeping the toy base constantly against my sack, causing me to throb.

With one hand she pushed me back against the bed, while the other turned the remote dial further. My tingles increased until I shivered with enjoyment. She sped up her grinding and dropped her mouth to my shoulder and neck. She knows this is a sensitive spot for me and often attacks it when she wants me to come. I groaned loudly and ran my fingernails over her back. She gasped, “Oh, God.”

She bit into my shoulder, sending wonderful pain through me. “Oh, fuck!” I grunted. “Don’t stop!”

Her hips snapped back and forth quicker, and her hands clamped onto my biceps. “I’m gonna come!” she cried. “Come with me. Come with me.”

Her orgasm started, muscles clenching my dick as the buzzing toy sent its shivers to my balls. My hips pumped up and down by themselves just before the first blast roared through me and into her wet canal. We both cried out, then she dropped upon my chest. For several seconds, we lay perfectly still, hearing our gasps for breath and the still-present buzzing. She turned her head to locate the cast-off remote, then turned off her new toy.

Without lifting her head, she said, “I don’t know how much it cost, but it was worth every penny.”


I would have loved to have kept going for hours, but it was a weekday, and we both had to work the next morning. Instead, I set my sights on the weekend. I made plans with my sister for her to keep my daughter Friday night, then fibbed a little bit and said it was all my sister’s idea.

On Thursday night, I snuck out to her car and placed a small plastic bag in the driver’s seat. Inside the bag was the medium-sized vibrator with one of the rubber sleeves over it. A short note explained that this was for our enjoyment when we got home Friday night. I wanted her thinking about sex at different times all day so she would be plenty aroused when we started.

I called her office around 3 p.m. I had coworkers sitting close to me and chose my words carefully, telling her I was looking forward to our evening’s entertainment. Even over the phone, I could tell she blushed.

I watched the clock carefully, thinking about sneaking out a couple of minutes before quitting time to beat the rush for the door. Instead, my phone rang just as I was logging off my computer. I stayed on the phone with a client for 10 minutes and stuck in heavy weekend traffic on the way home. Lynn’s commute isn’t as congested, so I figured she’d gotten home half an hour or more before I did.

Going through the front door, I looked around the empty room and stopped to listen for sounds. I heard a faint noise coming from the bedroom area, but couldn’t tell what it was. I didn’t want to startle her and called out in my awful Ricky Ricardo imitation, “Lucy! I’m home!”

No answer. I assumed this meant she wanted me to come find her. I loosened my tie and pulled it free as I made my way back to our room. Getting to the door, I could hear music playing on the shelf stereo system. I opened the door slowly and heard rhythmic Latin music while candles flickered atop the dresser, drawer chest and nightstand.

Lynn lay on her back with a single sheet pulled up just over her breasts. She looked up at me with dreamy, glazed eyes that reminded me of the way she looks when I’m licking her body. I quickly looked down the sheet and made out the shapes of her hands slowly rubbing her crotch.

“I thought I’d get ready for you,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Long as I can watch,” I replied, unbuttoning my shirt.

She pulled down the sheet and continued her caresses while I undressed.

“You know,” I said, “I never did show you everything in the box.”

“There’s more?” Thankfully, she sounded more curious than concerned.

I pulled out the rest of the items and took special notice of her face as I pulled out the long rubber cock. Her eyebrows raised slightly in surprise, but she also sucked her lower lip into her mouth, one of her cues she’s having a good time.

“Do you remember long ago when you were saying how much you liked my talented tongue? And you said you wondered what it would be like to make love to me and also be able to feel my tongue on you, too?” She nodded her head and held out her hand. I placed the dildo in her hand. She bobbed it up and down and little.

“Weighs more than I thought it would.” She looked it over and reached around it with her right hand.

“It’s just a little bigger around than I am,” I said, “but it felt really soft, so I figured you wouldn’t mind. Try it out.” I handed her a bottle of lube. She lay back, slickened the cock and moved it to her labia, rubbing up and down and then back and forth. At first, both of her hands were playing with the toy and had her clit covered. After a few minutes of massage, she put the head at her opening with her right hand and reached out with her left to take my wrist.

I took the hint and moved in to blow warm breath on her body. Her hand moved to the back of my head and pushed me down to her clit. I love it when she lets me know exactly what she wants. She was rubbing her hand softly over my hair, so I used light pressure to kiss and lick her skin. When she increased pressure on my head, I moved my tongue and lips faster. When she ground her pussy against me, I sucked the clitoris into my mouth and gave it soft flicks.

She moaned and groaned and scissored her legs on the bed. I expected her to quickly reach climax, but she had more in mind. My right hand was lying against her hip while I licked. I felt her touch my hand, then noticed that it wasn’t her hand that touched me. She’d picked up the little anal wand she’d enjoyed so much a couple of nights before.

She didn’t stop easing the thick rubber toy in and out of her pussy, but rather pulled up her knees to make access easier. I lubed up the wand and also my left thumb. I moved around between her legs, returned my mouth to her clit and pushed my thumb against her asshole. I used constant pressure and very little movement against her tight ring of muscle. She kept one hand on the dildo, sliding in and out, while I kept her relaxed with my tongue. When she seemed more at ease, I moved in with the anal wand.

The hole still looked tight, but the tiny tip of the wand fit in readily – it seemed easier than a couple of days ago, so maybe she was learning what muscles she could squeeze and which she shouldn’t. I slid the intruder all the way in to the base, then heard the click of the remote dial being turned on. She cried out and grabbed my hair.

“Faster!” she panted. “Harder!”

She climaxed violently, bucking me away from her. She thrashed on the bed, then dropped lifelessly onto the bed. Her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath. The only other signs of movement were the aftershock tremors that twitched the base of the toy in her ass.

After a few minutes, she exclaimed, “God, that was good.” She looked at me with a devilish grin, “Now it’s your turn.” She rolled over onto me and assaulted my dick with her mouth. She pushed my legs wide to lie down between them and then returned to sucking me. Her lips and tongue felt so warm and wet I could feel an involuntary urge to pull up my legs. Lynn had laughed about that before – whenever she gives me a blowjob, she can tell if I’m really enjoying it because I draw my knees up in the air. It just feels better that way.

This time, she didn’t wait for me to do so on my own; she put her hands behind my knees and pushed them up. I groaned loudly as she sank back down on my shaft. Then I felt a pressure.

Lynn had wet her fingers and was rubbing lube along my crack. With her skillful mouth on my dick and her fingers sliding over my ass, I felt myself growing closer to coming.

A new sensation started as I felt her fingertip push into my hole. Then I realized that this wasn’t her finger – she had pulled the anal wand out of herself and was using it on me.

All my nerve endings were tingling as she eased the wand in and out of my ass. She pushed it all the way in up to the base and then gave the end of the toy more pressure, increasing the feeling of the base inside me. Then she flipped on the vibrating action, and my eyes rolled back in my head.

Curses escaped my lips as I rushed madly forward into an orgasm. Lynn pulled her mouth off of me at the last instant and tongued my balls. Come flew into the air and splattered near my belly button. The second blast soared higher and landed up between my nipples. A few more spasms spewed come on my belly. Then Lynn closed her mouth back around my head. The tip was still very sensitive, and I jumped at the tickle. She chuckled lightly, then dropped her head to my stomach and sucked up all the come around my belly button. Her right hand reached the gob on my chest and smeared it around.

Rather than let me relax down from my high, she continued to give tugs and licks to my penis. Electricity shot through me when she looked into my eyes and said, “I’m not done with you yet.”

She propped up on an elbow and slid the box to her. She dug through the contents and pulled out two AA batteries. Then she reached over to the nightstand and picked up the vibrator I’d put in her car the night before. She loaded the batteries and examined each of the four rubber sleeves. She handed the vibrator to me and asked, “Why don’t you show me how it all works?”

The sleeve that I’d put on the vibrator was a smooth rubber one with a fake set of testicles at the base. I slid that one off and put on a sleeve that had a round knob at the end. I added some lube, turned on the vibration and moved between her legs. The bulbous tip was a little smaller than the dildo, about the same size as my dickhead. I slid the knob over her labia and inner thighs, then I slid it up and down her slit, coming to rest against her clit. I dipped my head and put my tongue against the tip. As I moved the toy around, the tip vibrated my tongue, too, drawing moans from Lynn.

I pulled my head back and propped my weight on my elbows. With the vibrator still in place, I used my other hand to pull a new sleeve into action. I opened the lube bottle, dropped a couple of drips on her clit, then a little on the new sleeve, which was shaped like an hourglass. The hollow end of the sleeve was about the diameter of the vibrator, but then it squeezed down pretty narrow in the middle before filling back out on the end that slid over the vibrator.

Thinking here goes, I touched the wet sleeve to her perineum, then slid it down over her butthole. She didn’t protest or stiffen up as I moved it up and down. I pushed lightly against the opening and gave the sleeve little back and forth twists. The buzzing on her clit obviously had her relaxed, and I took advantage to increase the pressure on her backdoor. The soft rubber tube was so flexible it was collapsing in my hand, so I gripped it around the narrow part and resumed my pressure.

Wetness flowed down from her vagina. I shifted my attack from straight-on pressure to a rhythmic pushing, switching from barely making contact to a light thrust, simulating intercourse. I kept up the gentle assault for three, maybe four minutes without trying to go any further. I could feel the opening loosen, allowing the tip to push in half an inch.

Lynn reached down and grabbed the vibrator and moved it as she wanted. I let go and moved my hand down to her crack, gently massaging the muscles and skin around her hole. While manipulating the flesh, I pushed more firmly on the sleeve. I could feel resistance, but anticipation urged me to continue pushing. At last, I felt the sleeve go in.

“Oh, stop, stop,” she said softly, reaching with her free hand to touch the hand holding the sleeve.

“It’s okay,” I said. “That’s as far as it’s supposed to go.”

We lay still for half a minute with the vibrator still buzzing. Then, she resumed moving the tip over her clit.

I hated to interrupt the show, but I wanted to try something new. I took the vibrator from her and pushed her fingers down to her clitoris where they took the toy’s place. I turned off the vibrator and slid it out of that sleeve. Then I gently pushed it up inside the one in her butt. The narrow part of the sleeve was gripped by her sphincter. The thicker part inside her kept it from sliding back out. The vibrator’s tip came up to the narrow waist and stopped, putting it just at her opening. Remembering how much she liked the anal wand, I hoped this would be as stimulating for her.

I turned the dial at the base, restarting the buzz, while looking up to her face.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, her skin flush with excitement. Her nipples stood out majestically, making me aware that I hadn’t yet paid any attention to them. I let go of the toy and watched it hang by the sleeve. Her fingers played over her clit quickly, alternating from light wiggles to circular rubs. The other hand moved between her breasts, rubbing and tugging at the nipples before moving down to her crotch. Two fingers slid into her pussy, and her body shivered with enjoyment. The tingles escalated into quakes as an orgasm erupted. Lynn thrashed, then dropped back against the bed, running her fingertips over her chest, face and hair.

I turned off the vibrator as she reached for my arm. She pulled me to her, kissing me passionately with her tongue flitting in and out of my mouth. I moaned in response and let my tongue dance with hers. She still had one knee raised in the air, and I slid a hand down and under her thigh to grip the vibrator. While continuing to kiss her, I gently pulled and pushed, feeling her hole stretch out and in while maintaining its squeeze on the narrow part of the sleeve.

I broke our kiss. “I want to be where this vibrator is.” Her afterglow clouded with unease.

“You are doing fine, and you’ve been having a good time each step of the way,” I said. “I’m sure you’ll like this, too.”

In a whisper she said, “I’ll try.”

When she first tried the anal wand, she’d turned over on her side. I suggested this, and she moved into place with her legs drawn up. I lubed myself, then eased the vibrator out of her ass. I could tell the hole had loosened more, but I was thicker than the sleeve.

On my knees I moved close, then lowered my hips to align. I put the head up to her hole, but didn’t push yet. She instinctively clenched, so I spoke softly to her and caressed her back and side. I pulled her cheeks apart and pushed forward, getting just the tip inside her before she tightened again. I continued speaking and pushed the cheeks back together, enveloping my head between her fleshy orbs. It felt so nice I pulled back and pushed forward a few times. Next I increased the pressure lightly while sliding forward.

The sensations shot through my body, my breath grew ragged. Thank goodness I’d come once already or I would have lost my load before we ever got to my ultimate prize.

I stopped thrusting and again pulled her cheeks apart while pushing. The pressure was causing my dick to bend in the middle. I reached down to hold myself steady and felt the head slip into the hole. The sphincter slid over the tip and clenched just behind it. Lynn reached back and grabbed my wrist, the tight grip letting me know her discomfort. I held still, waiting for a cue from her. After a minute, she relaxed her hold. I rubbed her hip and buttocks, then pushed forward. Before I’d gotten half an inch, she tightened again. I pulled back slightly, and she relaxed. I was so excited to be inside her that I almost came. I kept reminding myself that it would feel so much better in just a few minutes.

Over the next couple of minutes, we gradually increased the depth until I could feel my pubic hair touch her ass. Then I leaned in and pushed the last inch inside, reaching up to run my hands over her blond hair as my stomach touched her top buttock.

Rocking back on my knees, I felt the sphincter squeeze my shaft all the way up to the start of the head, then back down as I pushed forward. Her soft insides tickled the head as I rocked. I put my hands on the bed and thrust in and out. Between excitement and physical exertion, sweat ran down my forehead as pleasure rocked my body. As I continued, Lynn slid a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy and clit. I slowed down as I noticed that her fingers were causing her to rhythmically squeeze her vaginal and anal muscles. Those contractions felt so nice I stopped completely.

“No, don’t stop now,” she urged, her hand continuing its magic.

I pushed forward and slid back, another contraction squeezing me as the sphincter reached the head.

I cried out. “God, that felt good. If we keep this up, I’m gonna come.”

“Don’t stop.”

I leaned my weight over to my right and reached my left hand around to cup a breast. I wished I could suck the nipple in my mouth, but my angle to her body didn’t allow it.

Desire burned through me. I fought to control my speed, but the urge to fuck her silly was too powerful. My hips sped up and so did the hand between her legs. I reluctantly removed my hand from her breast and put it back on the bed as I pounded her ass. The sound of my body slapping against her ass made me want her more.

Lynn screamed in pleasure, and her orgasm milked me until I reached the point of no return. I pushed in as far as I could go and spurted over and over in bliss.

Carefully shifting my weight, I gradually moved into a spooning position with my cock still inside her. Despite having come twice this evening, I was still hard. After a minute, I began to withdrawn, but she put a hand on my hip to hold me in place. I remember hearing the sounds of our heavy breathing, then I drifted off to sleep.

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