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Twice Taken

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“So, you are here to audition for my movies,” Mr. S said to me as I entered the living room to the hotel suite. He was the director of Ruby Bulb films, and I’d been waiting for weeks to see him, as he only gave two auditions a day. I could tell which one was the big director immediately when I came into the room, as he was a Big Daddy Warbucks type, all height and big bones and muscles, and no hair.

The other two men in the room were holding movie cameras and were looking a little disheveled and disinterested. Mr. S. was all smiles and hearty handshakes and shoulder pats, the type of man who made you keep your hand on your wallet whenever you were within ten feet of him.

I answered that, indeed, I was here to audition for his movies.

“And you know these are gay art films, don’t you?” he continued. “There’s a ton of money for actors to make in these films. They can lead to the big movie world. Why, did you know . . . ,” and he was reeling off the names of several name-brand actors who had started in this segment of the industry only to rise to the big screen.

I wagged my head agreeably, trying to keep up with him and present him my best profile all at the same time.

“And why do you think these are the films for you?” he was asking.

“My boyfriend pushed me to take this audition,” I was saying, a little nervously. “He said I’d be a natural for it.”

“Your boyfriend?” Mr. S. said with a little bit of a sour look. “Well, that’s a start at least,” he continued somewhat more jovially. “At least it wasn’t a girlfriend.” And then he laughed a hearty laugh. “Well, put those application forms over on that desk and strip down over there and then come back over here.”

“Strip? Here, now?” I stammered.

“This is the audition, son. You did say that you understood that these were gay porn films? You can’t audition in your clothes. Don’t worry, this should only take fifteen or twenty minutes. We’ll have to put an audition scene on tape so that I have something to work with when I’m casting.”

I looked a little dubious and not just a little embarrassed. He was right, though. What had I thought would go into an audition for male porn films? I went over and put my applications down on the desk and started to strip, neatly folding my clothes on the desk chair.

“Oh, and there’s a release form for you to sign for the screen test tape there on the desk,” Mr. S said as he walked over to a sofa. “You’ll even be paid $50 just for being permitted to try out.”

When I had stripped, I turned and walked toward the sofa. Mr. S. was standing in front of the sofa. He’d stripped down to his jockey shorts.

“You?” I said, a big lump forming in my throat. “I’ll be auditioning with you?”

“Yes, of course,” Mr. S. answered. “I like to know exactly what my actors can and cannot do. Oh, and call me Rolf. We’re going to get to know each other much too well for formalities.”

Why should I be surprised, I thought. Tales of the casting couch were legendary in this town.

“Well, aren’t you the nice looker?” Rolf said to me as I came closer to the sofa. “Turn around for me. Ah yes, very presentable. The boy next door look. The athletic boy next door look. The horse-hung boy next door look. I suppose that’s why your boyfriend said you should be in pictures?”

“I suppose,” I said, very embarrassed at Rolf’s straightforwardness. “That and a few other things.”

“Come, come,” Rolf said and gestured his hand at me. I moved closer to him, and he kneaded and prodded me like I was some sort of stud horse he was contemplating buying, which, I guess, I pretty much was auditioning to be. He turned me this way and that way and ran his hands over my torso, arms, and legs. He handled my cock and balls like they were a purse and shoes set he was considering, and then he patted me on the buttocks and sat down in front of me.

“Stroke your cock to hard for me, please, Brian. The cocks are the real stars of our little movies. Ahh, yes, very nice. Very nice indeed. You are a big boy, aren’t you?”

I assumed that was a rhetorical question and didn’t require answering. This new experience was making me tense, and I was really afraid I’d cum here in front of Mr. S. and his camera crew. That would really be a problem, as one of the main reasons my boyfriend suggested this to me was my holding power, which I knew would be a big plus for these movies.

“Now, we will be running through this screen test fairly quickly, Brian,” Mr. S. was saying. “There are a certain number of things I have to check out. During the audition, I will be directing in a low voice what you are to do and what emotions you to project, do you understand? And how well and quickly—and without hesitation—you follow my directions will have everything to do with your audition success. You are to pay no attention to the cameras or to the boom mike when it comes down to pick up the dialogue, of which there will be practically none. Do you understand? Good. Lights and roll ’em.”

The room was suddenly flooded with strong lighting.

“I’m going to kiss you first, and you are to be surprised initially and then to surrender to me.”

He pulled me into his body brutally and took my mouth with his. We kissed deeply, with me slowly warming to him. When he broke away, he was smiling. “Very nice kisser,” he whispered to me. “I supposed that was part of the package your boyfriend was recommending.”

Then Rolf sat on the sofa in front of me, took me by the hips, and pulled me into him.

“Now, I am going to suck you off. I will do so rather quickly,” he whispered to me. You are to look surprised and to contemplate trying to push me off but come to love what I’m doing. And, with that, he pulled my hips into his face and drew my cock into his mouth. I arched my back away from him, tried to make it seem that I was going to try to move out of his clutches, put my hands on his bald head, and acted like I was trying to push him away. I tried to show fear, uncertainty, and unwillingness in my facial expressions. Rolf had his hands dug into my butt cheeks, holding me there, and the camera men moved in and out around us, creating and milking their shots.

I slowly changed my facial expressions to acceptance and then to desire. I moved my hands to the back of his head, cupping him into me rather than trying to push him away. And I started to move my hips with the motions of the pumping of his mouth muscles. It wasn’t all acting. Rolf really knew how to give head. The boom mike came down to pick up my light moaning and sighing. I felt one of his hands leave a butt cheek and move in between my legs and under my balls, and the fingers glide up to my asshole. He had a finger inside me now. It was pushing its way up my chute and stopped, finger pad on prostate.

Rolf took his mouth from my cock and instructed me sotto voce, “I’m going to make you cum now. I will release your cock just before you cum, and then I want you to shoot off on my chest. I will force you down to lick that off and then I will force you to suck me off. Again, you should show some form of unwillingness to do this, but not enough to prevent it from happening.”

I wondered how Rolf would make me cum on cue, but his finger on my prostate seemed to have that part fully under control. I shot off on his chest and then struggled a bit with him as he forced me to my knees between his legs and my head down to his chest. His chest was as hairless as the rest of him, and his pecs and nipples were massive. He had an elaborate starburst tattooed around one nipple that intrigued me greatly. I licked the saltiness of me off his chest and then struggled with him as he pushed his briefs down and off his legs and forced my face down to a cock that was even thicker than mine, although not nearly as long. It made me gasp, though, as it was crowned with a huge, bulbous, dark red head.

“Like it?” Rolf whispered. “Hence the name for my movie company. Meet and greet the ruby bulb.” He then took my head in both hands and forced my lips down hard on his cock, pushing it in and making me gag and gurgle. I didn’t have to act out the assault nature of this grinding of cock into face for the cameras at all. He laced his legs around my calves, holding me to him, and held one of my arms by the wrist, while burying the fingers of his other hand in the hair at the back of my head and moving my head back and forth in rhythm to the pumping of his prick in my mouth.

After just a few minutes of this, he brought his lips down to my ears and whispered. “Now, I’m going to backhand you with a stage slap and send you spinning to the corner of the sofa next to me, while I roll a condom on and come up with a tube of lubricant. And then I’m going to set you on my lap and you are going to struggle until I’m inside you and then you are gradually going to surrender to me. And then the screen test will end. Understand?

I nodded for him.

Rolf raised me up, snapping my head off his dick, and backhanded me strongly across the mouth, which, indeed made me spin naturally and breathlessly onto my back on the sofa beside him. If this was supposed to have been a stage slap, I certainly had no idea how those were supposed to be done. Genuinely stunned, I lay there while Rolf pulled a condom packet and a tube of lube from under the sofa cushion and rolled the condom onto his dick.

I was only half acting that I was struggling with him, as he turned and grabbed me by the biceps with strong hands and pulled me onto his lap, facing him. I was doing what I could to stay off his cock by crouching on the sofa cushions with my knees on either side of his hips. I was pushing at his pecs with my fists, arching my back away from him, and giving my best “This isn’t my idea of fun” expression for the cameras, which were buzzing around us and shooting the action from all angles.

Rolf got a gob of lubricant on the fingers of one hand and was fingering my asshole, lubing me up, while his other hand grabbed me here and there, keeping me on his lap. And then with one camera rolling up close from the front and the other one from the back, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me down onto Ruby Bulb and slowly down until the curls of down on my butt cheeks met his hairless groin.

The boom mike came down to catch my cries and grunts and groans, which followed Rolf’s directions nicely, but would not have changed regardless of what he had told me he wanted me to do. My body trembled and I arched my back and screwed up my eyes tight, as he was skewering me, but as I accommodated to him—and remembering his directions—I slowly let the tension drain from my body. His pelvis was undulating, letting Ruby Bulb rub around my ass canal walls deep. I let my fists open on his pecs and cup his pecs, my palms covering his nipples. And I let my eyes meet his, and the cameras watch the desire that we both could express with our eyes, and I leaned down into him, our lips meeting in a long, lingering kiss. Then I started a rhythm with my own hips, stroking his cock up and down inside of me.

Rolf rose from the sofa and turned me to where I was laying back on the sofa and he was crouched above me. He wishboned my legs and churned back and forth inside me with his thick cock in long strokes. The camera buzzed around and the boom mike came down to pick up my pants and moans.

Rolf quickly got tired of this position. He pulled out of me and stretched me out on my belly on the sofa and then straddled my hips with his knees and pumped me from above in long strokes. I heard him give a little cry, and he pulled out of me and showed the cameras that he was a virile man and this was a real fuck shoot by spouting out across my back. As he lowered his chest on my back, he huskily yelled “Cut!” and the strong lights died.

As I was dressing, I got up the nerve to ask him about the audition. “So, how was I?” I asked with a stammer in my voice.

“You were great, kid,” Rolf answered jovially. “Your boyfriend was right. You’re made to be a star in this business.”

“So, do I stand a chance to be in your film?” I pressed.

“Damn, that was the film, son. We just filmed it.”

“But I did that for just fifty bucks,” I said, suddenly flushed with anger. “I gave you a movie for just fifty bucks?”

“Read the contract, son. You are bought and paid for in this film. But, no worries,” he went on, seeing that I was about to explode, “there will be other films. You’ll make good money in those. You are one hot piece of ass.”

I took the fifty off the desk, tucked it into my jeans, and just turned and walked out of the room, not knowing how much of what he was telling me was bullshit. I should have trusted my instincts when I’d entered the room, except, instead of hanging onto my wallet around him, I should have held onto my jeans zipper.

I knew just what he should call his damn film: “Twice Taken.” Once in the ass and once in the wallet.

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