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Babysitter Seduction

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1. The scheme.

The sudden gust of frigid wind practically tore the storm door out of Ed’s hand as he went out into the wicked early March evening. An unexpected storm was moving in and a couple of inches of snow had already fallen as Ed helped his wife into their car which had been idling in the driveway. Ed ran around and slid behind the wheel, blowing on his hands and rubbing them together in an effort to restore some circulation.

Pat and Ed exchanged glances as he pulled out of the driveway and headed for town. Pat put her hand on Ed’s thigh and squeezed tightly, bringing a smile to Ed’s face as he fought the steering wheel.

“How do you feel honey?” Pat asked.

“Excited as hell. How about you?”

“You know how I feel babe,” Pat said as her hand slid a little further up Ed’s thigh. “It’s great how this worked out with the storm and everything.”

“You’re right,” Ed agreed as he pulled into the parking lot of a local saloon, the place nearly deserted despite it being a Friday night. “This way we won’t have to lie about coming back home early.”

Ed and Pat had been planning this for months, waiting patiently for the right time. How many nights had they lay in bed thinking through various scenarios for this night? Now the time had finally come and Ed was beside himself with anticipation and lust. What made it even more exciting for Ed was the fact that Pat seemed to want this just as much as he did.

They went into the bar and sat in a booth in the corner and ordered cocktails while the juke box played loudly at the other end of the place. They sipped their drinks while Pat put her hand on Ed’s leg again. This time she didn’t stop above the knee but continued on up Ed’s muscular thigh a bit, before coming to the sizeable bulge on the inside of his thigh.

“Holy shit, you’re hard already!” Pat hissed as she ran her hand over the outline of Ed’s stiff cock, causing him to moan quietly as Pat worked under the table.

“I’ve had a hard-on ever since she came in the house,” Ed admitted. “I can’t stop thinking about how great this is going to be. Thinking about you and her together. Maybe me too.”

The “she” that Ed referred to was their babysitter Katie, and the planning and scheming that had been going on all centered around that little innocent girl, who was probably sitting on their couch right now blissfully unaware of how much her life was about to change. If everything went according to plan, that is.

Ever since Katie had started watching Ed and Pat’s now three year old boy Todd last summer, Ed and Pat had thought about what it would be like to seduce her. Ed and Pat Snider had gotten involved in a swinging lifestyle of sorts, or at least as much as you could swing in the sleepy upstate New York suburb they lived in.

They had gotten together with another couple and all had sex in the same bedroom with their own mates a couple of years ago. From there, it was a short step to swapping partners, and it had gone on from there. They kept it very discreet and select, but it was now a part of their lives, and they sensed it would remain so indefinitely.

Katie was different. The perky little waif looked like she was 13 when she had first shown up at their door last year, recommended by a friend of Pat’s who said she was wonderful with kids. It turned out that Katie was a very dependable and reliable young lady of 17, an honor roll student and drama club president. They had befriended her and had even gone to the school play she had starred in last fall. All the time waiting in an anticipation, and now that Katie had turned 18 last month, the wait was over.

“Not feeling guilty, are you Pat?” Ed asked as he lit their cigarettes.

“I know you aren’t, just by feeling your cock!” Pat said a little too loudly. “Besides, I told you that I saw a rubber in her pocketbook when I stuck her Christmas card in it. She’s not as innocent as she looks, but I gotta admit she looks innocent as hell. That cute little smile and those perky little titties are all I can think about too!”

Just the thought of Katie sent a surge through Ed’s loins that Pat’s continued rubbing only made worse. Barely five foot tall and less than a hundred pounds soaking wet, that cute teenager with the dark brown shoulder length hair was not the type of woman that usually did much for Ed. He had always been attracted to women like Pat until Katie came along.

Pat was almost as tall as Ed, who was just shy of six foot tall. Pat had always been a voluptous woman, but since Todd was born she had become even more so, and the thought of Katie playing with Pat’s tits almost made him shoot his wad right then and there, and so he reluctantly took Pat’s hand off his crotch. The wet spot that Pat had caused made Ed feel embarrassed, but luckily the place was dark, and it would hopefully be dry soon.

“Don’t Pat!” Ed said after pulling her hand away. “Geez, I’m going to cum in my pants if you don’t stop.”

“Sorry babe,” Pat snickered. “So we wait a little while longer until Katie gets Todd to bed and then go back.”

“Right!” Ed agreed. “We go back and say that the weather was too bad for us to travel, and since she was going to stay over anyway we insist that she stay. We tell her that since we couldn’t go out and party, we have one of our own down in the family room.”

“And sort of a belated birthday party for her too!” Pat added.

“What have we got to lose?” Ed offered.

“A great babysitter,” Pat reminded Ed, and that was not a trifling matter as they had already learned from experience.

“True, but we just give it a shot like we had planned and let the chips fall where they may,” Ed said after he drained his Manhattan and looked for the waitress for a refill.

“No pressure and no getting her drunk either,” Pat added.

“You know me better than that!” Ed said as the waitress came toward them.

They had already discussed that, and on that point Ed was as adamant as his wife. They were never going to take advantage of anybody underage, and they had rigidly kept to that pledge despite the temptation. They were not going to get anybody wasted either, because there was no fun that either. The pursuit, the seduction and the conquest was what turned Ed on the most, and right now they didn’t get any more turned on than Ed.

“That waitress is cute too Ed,” Pat commented as she departed. “She’s got a nice rack, and check those legs out babe.”

“With the treat we have waiting for us at home, I’ve got no interest in anyone else,” Ed admitted.

“Almost time” Pat said as she checked her watch. “Todd should be out like a light.”

“One more drink and we go to work,” Ed said as he paid the waitress and tipped her generously because, who knows? Maybe some night they might make it back in here and get acquainted.

“Work?” Pat said with a laugh. “If we pull this off it’ll be all pleasure.”

2. The Sniders’ return.

Ed killed the lights as he pulled into the driveway, the snow cushioning the sounds of their entrance. Waking up Todd was not part of the plan, and as they stepped softly around the back of the house and up the deck steps they kept as quiet as they could. Looking in the door they saw Katie sitting on the couch reading.

“Oh look,” Pat whispered. “Katie’s in her jammies!”

White pajamas with what looked like little red hearts on them, Ed noted to himself as he looked at the girl reading intently, her feet tucked under herself.

“Not for long I hope,” Ed answered as he slid the door open as quietly as he could.

Katie was startled and bolted upright before seeing it was the Sniders’ at the door.

“Just us,” Pat whispered.

“What happened?” Katie asked in a concerned tone.

“The roads. They’re horrible!” Ed said. “We knew we could never make it up to the lodge so we decided to come back.”

“Oh, that’s too bad” Katie said. “I know you two were looking forward to getting away. Todd’s asleep. He dropped off about a half hour ago.”

“That’s good. We’ll let him sleep,” Pat told Katie. “You know, Ed and I were thinking that maybe we could have a party of our own right here. You know, just the three of us.”

“Down in the den,” Ed chimed in.

“Yeah, down there we don’t have to whisper and Ed’s got the intercom hooked up so we can hear Todd in case he wakes up,” Pat said. “What do you say Katie? You were going to spend the night anyway and it’s way too dangerous for you to drive home. Sort of a belated happy birthday party for you too.”

“Sure, that sounds far out!” Katie said excitedly. “I’ll go get dressed.”

“No, don’t bother with that Katie!” Pat told her. “You look so comfy the way you are that I think we’ll get our pajamas on too, and Ed can get a fire going. It’ll be like a slumber party!”

“Neat!” Katie exclaimed, and as the Sniders’ went to get their night clothes on they exchanged looks that congratulated each other, because so far everything was going just as they had planned it.

3. Movie time.

The fire was roaring in a matter of minutes, Ed having already stacked the wood and kindling earlier in the day. Mercifully Ed had finally lost his erection for the most part, because there would be no hiding it in these flannel pajamas. Pat had reminded him of that as they changed.

“Geez Ed, you gotta lose that before you go downstairs,” Pat snickered as she saw the outrageous bulge in his crotch. “She’ll run out the door if she sees you like that.”

Ed had managed to calm himself down and as he tidied up around the front of the fireplace and admired his roaring masterpiece Katie joined him.

“Neat PJ’s Mr. Snider!” Katie chirped.

“Oh yeah, thanks. They were a Christmas present from Todd,” Ed said, trying not to look at Katie. “Yours are nice too. Valentine’s day present?”

“Yes, from last year” Katie said.

Pat made her entrance, carrying a tray of snacks and placing them on the table. Pat was wearing light blue satin pajamas and looked elegant, except that even though they were loose fitting, her nipples were practically poking holes through the fabric.

“Wow! I love your pajamas too Mrs. Snider,” Katie said with awe in her voice, and Ed thought that Katie was staring at Pat’s nipples as much as he was. It was impossible not to notice them the way they were being displayed. Maybe Katie’s staring was msotly his imagination, but Ed felt his cock begin to stir nonetheless and fought back the feeling as best he could. Pat towered over Katie so much that her tits were almost at Katie’s eye level.

“Thank you Katie,” Pat answered happily. “How about a drink for all of us? I know what would be good on a night like this. Sambuca! Do you like that Katie?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never had it.”

“I think you’ll enjoy this,” Pat assured Katie as she handed her the little glass. “Sip it, because it’s a little strong.”

Ed and Pat sipped their drinks and watched as Katie took a little drink. She recoiled a little but recovered quickly and smiled.

“Mmmmm! Licorice. Really warms my tummy up!”

“Good isn’t it?” Ed asked as he exchanged nods with an approving looking Pat.

“I love it!” Katie said as she downed the rest. “Can I have some more?”

“Okay, but take it slowly. We don’t want you to get drunk, do we?” Pat said as she poured everyone another. “What are you going to do to entertain us Ed? We don’t want our party to fizzle out.”

“How about some home movies?” Ed suggested as he went over to the movie projector which he had set up on a cart. The screen went up in a flash and soon they were all on the couch watching Todd’s first birthday party.

The ten minutes of oohing and aahing went by fast, and as the film ended Ed got up and changed reels.

“Todd was so cute even then,” Katie said to Pat. “You and Mr. Snider should have another baby someday.”

“Maybe we will” Pat answered. “One thing though Katie. You can call us by our first names. You’re an adult now and we’re having a nice party here, so from now on just call us Ed and Pat, okay?”

“I’m Ed!” cracked Mr. Snider as he put a new reel on the projector.

“Wise ass!” Pat responded.

“Okay Pat and Ed” Katie giggled.

Pat put her arm around Katie’s shoulders and gave her a hug that Ed tried not to watch. Ed went over to kill the lights again and sat back down on the couch, with Katie between them.

“What’s next on the program?” Pat asked.

“I think this is when we went to the amusement park with Todd last year,” Ed said.

It wasn’t and Ed knew it. It was a stag movie, not a very good one either, but he didn’t want to scare Katie too much. As the film started and this couple started getting undressed Pat gasped in fake shock.

“Ed, what is this? It’s no amusement park!”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Ed said. “This must have gotten put in the wrong box. I’ll stop it.”

“No, that’s okay Ed,” Pat said. “I’m sure Katie has seen things like this before, right Katie?”

Ed looked over at Katie, and it sure looked like Katie had never seen anything like this before. She sat with her mouth open as the couple started getting into action. Ed and Pat both watched as Katie looked straight ahead at the screen, not even blinking or looking away as she took another sip of her drink. Pat putting her hand on Katie’s thigh didn’t even register on Katie’s face.

Finally the movie ended and the screen went white, the sound of the film slapping around bringing Ed back to reality. He got up and stopped the projector and turned on the lights dimly.

“What did you think of that Katie?” Pat said as Ed rejoined them on the couch.

“Int… Interesting,” Katie croaked meekly.

“You’ve done things like that with boys before, haven’t you dear?” Pat asked as she cuddled closer to Katie, who was blushing. “A girl as beautiful as you could never have stayed a virgin this long.

“You won’t tell my parents, will you?” Katie asked in a shaky voice.

“Of course not!” Ed and Pat said almost in unison.

“Anything that you tell us here will never leave here,” Pat promised.

“Well, do you know Roy Flood?” Katie asked, and the name certainly didn’t mean anything to Ed or Pat.

“He took me to the Snowflake Ball at school last month, and after the dance we went to Billy Carson’s house because his parents were away and we went into a bedroom and we did it!” Katie blurted out excitedly all in one breath.

“Wow!” Pat exclaimed. “Tell us more Katie. Tell us all about it.”

“Ummm, that’s pretty much all there was. It wasn’t very much fun.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Pat said while rubbing Katie’s thigh softly. “Did it hurt?”

“No,” Katie answered. “It just was over so fast. It took him longer to put the rubber on his thing than it did to do it. He just put it in me and moved back and forth a couple of times and that was it.”

“That’s a shame Katie” Pat said. “Sex should be a wonderful thing. Now if you were to do it with an experienced man like Ed here, I’m sure you would enjoy it a lot more.”

“Well, it’s probably not the boy’s fault,” Ed suggested. “A girl like Katie who’s so beautiful, well that makes it tough to keep control of yourself.”

Ed said that while trying to reposition his cock which was now fully erect and looking for a way out of his pajamas.

“That’s true Ed,” Pat agreed. “A girl as pretty as Katie must have boys lined up all the time.”

“I wish!” Katie said as she drained her glass and set it down. “Most boys are jerks. They go after girls that are built like my friend Marcia. She’s really… you know.”

“You’ve got a lovely figure Katie” Pat assured her.

“Boys think I look like a kid. They like the girls that are really stacked like Marcia.”

“They’re very immature and they don’t know what they’re missing,” Pat said. “Petite women are just as sexy as anybody, right Ed?”


“Now this Marcia, she’s a good friend of yours?” Pat asked. “Do you two do things together?”

“Oh yeah, we’re both in Drama Club and we go shopping and junk.”

“No dear, what I meant was that you seem very fond of this Marcia, and I was wondering if you two did things together. Like making out and things like that.”

Katie looked at Pat with a puzzled expression before finally offering, “But Marcia’s a girl.”

“Girls can make out with each other,” Pat explained to Katie. “It’s just like making out with a boy, and you’ve done that right?”

“Well yes, but… ”

Pat didn’t wait for Katie to finish. Instead she leaned over and took Katie’s face into her hands and kissed her. Ed watched as Katie’s eyes bulged out of their sockets when Pat’s lips met hers. The look of shock lasted a couple of seconds before her eyes gradually closed. By the time Pat had finished and pulled back, Katie was not resisting. In fact, to Ed it looked like Katie had begun to get into it.

“There, just like being with a boy, right?” Pat whispered huskily as she looked into Katie’s eyes. “That wasn’t so bad, was it babe?”

Katie shook her head and croaked out a response.

“No… nice.”

Pat glanced over at Ed, who was sweating like a pig, and not just from the warmth of the fireplace either. His face was beet red and his cock was making a tent of his pajamas. This time when Pat leaned over and kissed Katie, she responded. The sight of Pat’s full red lips and Katie’s thinnner and pale pink lips crushing together made Ed gasp.

While Pat and Katie necked, Ed put his hand on Katie’s thigh, his paw practically encircling her slender leg. Pat’s hand came up and cupped Katie’s right breast and squeezed through the material. Katie’s hand came up in shock and at first tried to take Pat’s hand off.

“It’s alright baby, don’t you like this?” Pat asked softly.

“My… they’re too small” Katie said breathlessly, her face flushed.

“They feel great to me baby” Pat said as she continued to massage her breast. “Doesn’t this feel nice?”

Katie nodded and didn’t object when Pat took the bottom of the pullover in her hands and lifted it up. Katie even accommodated her by lifting her arms to let her take it off. Ed felt cum dribbling out of his cock as Katie’s cute little treasures came into view.

Katie’s breasts were beautiful little cones about the size of lemons, with crimson hued aureolas about the size of quarters. Her nipples were rounded pea-sized nubs that were begging to be sucked.

“They’re incredible!” Pat gasped, just before leaning over and taking one into her mouth.

Katie’s head fell back against the couch as she moaned loudly. Ed bent over and took her other nipple into his mouth, which cause an even louder gasp from Katie. Ed’s eyes met Pat’s, who rolled hers in response as together they devoured Katie’s breasts.

Ed took Katie’s entire breast into his mouth, letting his tongue caress the pebbly textured nipple. Katie’s arms went to the back of the couch as she squirmed in ecstacy. Ed glanced up and put his hand on Katie’s bicep, letting his thumb glide gently back and forth over the tiny patch of fuzz nestled in the damp hollow of her armpit, resulting in even more moaning and writhing from Katie. Her head was rolling around in circles as this all went on and her eyes looked glassy to Ed as he looked up at her.

“Why don’t you take Pat’s top off so she can get comfortable too?” Ed suggested hopefully.

“I’d like that” Pat said, and took Katie’s hands and placed near the top button.

Katie’s tiny fingers were trembling so badly that it took forever for her to get the first button undone. Ed rubbed the teenager’s back and shoulders in reassurance.

“No reason for you to be nervous babe,” Pat offered. “We’re both women.”

“Ummm, I’m not really nervous,” Katie said haltingly. “Excited, I think.”

“Us too,” Pat said as the next buttons came undone and Katie opened the top and pulled it off Pat’s shoulders.

“Omigod!” Katie gasped as Pat’s breasts were exposed.

Pat’s breasts were still breathtaking even to Ed after all these years. She was a busty young woman when Ed had first met her, and she had become even more so over the years. At age 40 she had managed to maintain her flat stomach even after having a child. Ed would always get off on the way that other men and women looked at her, and the way Katie was mesmerized by the sight of Pat’s huge tits caused Ed’s heart to race. They didn’t stick straight out; real breasts the size of Pat’s just couldn’t, but they were pretty firm nonetheless. Pat was eager to have Katie learn just that, as she took Katie’s hands and put them on her breasts.

“Like ’em babe?” Pat asked as she squeezed Katie’s hands over her breasts, and smiling as Katie nodded and began to caress them on her own as Pat dropped her own hands.

“No need to be gentle with them Katie,” Pat suggested. “They aren’t as sensitive as yours must be. Pinch my nipples as hard as you want… yeah I like that! Ooohhh!”

Katie was twisting and pulling at Pat’s nipples, torturing the thick pegs that were already as stiff as Ed could ever remember seeing them. Katie’s little paws kept kneading Pat’s pendulous breasts despite their being physically overwhelmed by their size. All of this was actually becoming uncomfortable to Ed. His cock was oozing precum and he knew that if he so much as touched himself he would likely have an orgasm right away.

“My Eddie’s getting jealous at being ignored babe.” Pat said with amusement. “Why don’t you take off those pajamas and get comfortable Eddie? You look goofy being the only one dressed.”

Ed unbuttoned his top and set it aside before standing up. The grotesque bulge in his pants was accentuated by the massive stain in the crotch.

“What’s so funny?” Ed asked as Katie giggled something in Pat’s ear.

“Katie said that you have a lot of muscles but it looks like you wet your pants,” Pat said with a smile. “Ed works out a lot at the gym, and he’s got a great body for an old guy doesn’t he?”

“He’s not old, neither of you are,” Katie said. “You’re both really good looking.”

Ed took a lot of pride in his appearance, and the fact that Katie thought he looked good made him like his chances even better. He felt self-conscious about the fact that his scalp had started to thin a little on top, mocking the fact that from the neck down he was hairy as a bear.

“Bottoms too Ed!” Pat insisted, and Ed sheepishly unclasped the top and let them fall while watching Katie’s reaction as she stared at his erection.

“What’s the matter babe?” Pat asked. “You’ve seen guys before.”

“N… n… not like that,” Katie stammered and whispered something to Pat who laughed.

“What’s with the secrets?” Ed asked in mock anger.

“Katie said to me that your penis is huge,” Pat chortled. “The only problem was that she called you Mr. Snider instead of Ed.”


“How would you like to make love to Ed, Katie? How would you like to feel that cock of his inside of you?” Pat asked her in a loud whisper as Katie continued to stare at Ed’s arching manhood, so impossibly erect that it curled up toward his navel, fully exposing his oversized nut sack that dangled freely between his thighs.

“You’re right about Ed being big,” Pat continued. “He is, and he knows how to use it too babe. Look at how huge the head of his cock is. When that slides into your pussy you’ll think you went to heaven. See how those veins in the shaft are bulging? Why, you can almost see them throbbing! That’s all because of you, and how much you turn him on. He’d make you feel so good. It wouldn’t be anything like your first time, I promise.”

“But… you two are married,” Katie said with uncertainty.

“That’s okay baby,” Pat told her. “Besides, it would really turn me on to watch you two.”

“Pat, I gotta tell you that right now I would be as bad as her first guy was” Ed said with a little embarrassment. “I’m so turned on that I’m ready to burst any second.”

“Well, we can’t have that after all the buildup I just gave you, can we? Pat said. “Tell you what Ed. Why don’t you sit down and let Katie get a little familiar with your equipment.”

Pat reached under the couch and pulled out a bottle of baby oil and whispered to Katie, who nodded while holding her hand out. Pat poured some oil into Katie’s cupped hand and told Ed to lean back and relax.

Katie swiveled around to face Ed and very tentatively reached down with her oiled palm. Ed’s cock surged as Katie’s trembling hand first touched it, causing Katie to jump a little.

Ed looked down at the tiny hand that gripped his cock about halfway down the shaft and groaned as Katie began running her hand slowly up and down. She soon began taking longer strokes, going from the base of his cock all the way up to the bulbous mushroom shaped head.

“It’s so fat I can’t even get my hand around it!” Katie said in amazement as her hand slowly pumped Ed’s cock.

Whether it was the fact that it felt to Ed that Katie was very adept at jerking a guy off, the words she spoke and the way she said them, or the sight of those little fingers with the chewed-on nails sliding up and down his glistening cock, Ed didn’t know. All he did know was that it took less than thirty seconds for Ed’s cock to erupt wildly. Thick and milkly white jets of cum spurted into the air, landing on Ed’s stomach and chest as well as Katie’s arm.

When the orgasm finally ended, Ed looked over at Katie and Pat, who was looking over Katie’s shoulder with a big smile on her face. Ed shook his head in wonder.

“That was incredible!” Ed said as he looked down at the mess he created, amazed that the first hand job he had gotten in twenty-some years had resulted in such an intense and satisfying feeling.

“Looked like fun from here,” Pat said as she took Katie’s hand off Ed’s slowly deflating cock.

Katie’s hand was dripping with copious amounts of Ed’s semen, and Pat took Katie’s index finger in her mouth. Their eyes were fixed on each other as Pat sucked on her finger, licking it clean before taking it out of her mouth.

“Yummy!” Pat said with a grin.

Katie looked at the back of her hand and the milky goo that covered it.

“You want some more?” Katie said.

Pat nodded and started to lean over, but before she got there Katie put her hand up to her mouth. Her tongue scooped up the cum and she looked over to Pat with an impish grin. Opening her mouth and showing Pat the wad of semen still on her tongue, Katie left no doubt as to how Pat was supposed to get it.

It took Pat less than a second to figure out what Katie wanted her to do. Pat bent down and kissed Katie passionately, their tongues swirling around as Ed’s cum passed back and forth between them.

Ed watched this in astonishment, seeing his fantasies not only come to life, but the reality actually surpassing the dream. Already he felt some vague stirring in his cock as Pat and Katie climbed all over each other, and he knew that the best was yet to come that night.

4. Getting more familar.

The sound of Todd coughing briefly over the intercom got all of their attentions at once, as they looked at the machine and waited.

“Want me to go up and check on Todd?” Katie asked.

“No, I think he went back to sleep,” Pat said after they all waited silently and looked upward for a minute. “Besides, if he gets up we’ll hear the floor squeaking loud and clear. Stand up Katie. I want to see all of you.”

Katie got up and stood in front of Pat, who took her pajama bottoms down. Katie rested her hand on Pat’s shoulder and lifted each foot as she took them off. Next came the pink panties, exposing Katie’s pert little butt and the compact triangle of dark brown hair that adorned her pussy.

“What an incredible body you have!” Pat exclaimed as she leaned forward and kissed the tuft of hair, finding it unbelievably soft as well as damp.

“You’re wet too babe,” Pat said as she ran her fingers through the fur. “Me too, wanna see?”

Pat stood up and Katie knelt down before her, tugging the satin bottoms down and revealing the fact that Pat was not wearing anything underneath. Her lush and thick bush fanned out so wide that it peeked out of the leg holes of most of her panties.

“That’s what happens when you get on in years Katie,” Pat explained. “You get old and hairy.”

“I think it’s sexy Mrs., I mean Pat.”

“I’m not a real blonde either, but you probably knew that already,” Pat said just before Katie ran her fingers through her auburn bush, causing Pat’s entire body to shudder.

“You’re wet too,” Katie said shyly, and leaned forward.

“Ohhhh!” Pat moaned as Katie’s face nestled into the lush forest, and she felt Katie’s lips kissing her pussy.

“I want you… want to taste you,” Pat moaned as she pulled Katie onto the couch, positioning her so her butt was half off the edge.

Pat got on her knees between Katie’s legs and parted them, kissing the insides of her thighs and running her hands all over Katie’s body. Ed watched Katie reacting to Pat’s affection, as Pat’s tongue began running along her mound, flicking and probing before finally entering her pussy. Katie eyes were like those of a deer in the headlights of a car as she looked at Ed in shock, while Pat swirled her tongue around her clit.

Ed held Katie’s sweaty hand in his right hand while his left hand ran up and down Katie’s thigh, which was almost in his lap as Pat spread her legs wider. The faint down on Katie’s thigh felt soft and warm under Ed’s touch as he gently massaged her leg while growing more and more aroused himself.

Katie was now breathing heavier, her eyes as big as saucers as Pat brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, Katie began whimpering and panting madly, clawing at Ed’s arm with one hand while pushing Pat’s face into her with the other as her body contorted wildly.

Katie lay slumped on the couch with a dazed expression on her flushed face as Pat emerged from between her legs. Pat’s forehead was beaded with sweat, while her mouth and chin glistened with Katie’s juices.

“You want her, don’t you babe?” Pat said as she looked over to her husband, who nodded.

“You want my Ed? Want to make love to him baby?” Pat asked Katie, who was biting her lower lip.

After a brief hesitation Katie nodded briskly, and Pat helped her up and over to the white shag rug near the fireplace. Pat brought a little pillow and placed it under Katie’s buttocks while Ed unwrapped the condom and slid it down his cock.

Ed usually liked to have the woman do that for him but he didn’t want anything to go wrong, so after putting it on he went right over and knelt between Katie’s legs. Katie’s eyes had been fixed on Ed’s cock as it bobbed in front of him as he approached, and she still looked down at it as he pointed it near Katie’s pussy.

“Please… please don’t make it hurt,” Katie said meekly, her thighs visibly shaking.

“Ed wouldn’t hurt you for anything in the world,” Pat assured her as she knelt above her head and brushed Katie’s hair back from her face. “Just relax baby.”

Pat looked up at Ed and nodded, her face beaming as she watched Ed’s cock sliding up and down Katie’s dripping wet opening. Ed gently inserted the tip of his cock between Katie’s pussy lips, which made Katie gasp. He slowly moved the head of the dick around the opening, massaging her clitoris with his member in between making little jabs inside. Ed managed to get the head of his cock inside Katie before she cried out softly.

“Sorry,” Ed apologized as he retracted a bit and started to just slide that much in and out of Katie, hoping she would loosen up a bit.

After a minute Katie started to move her hips almost imperceptively along with Ed’s motion. Ed began putting a little more of himself inside of Katie, only a couple of inches at first before beginning to get a little more penetration.

“So tight!” Ed gasped to Pat, who had a couple of fingers in her own pussy and was watching with as much intensity as he himself was.

“Looks so good,” Pat gasped. “Work it in honey.”

Ed looked down at Katie, whose face was crimson and contorted in what he first thought was agony. As her breathing grew even more rapid and her hips started to thrust into Ed instead of along with him, he realized that her pain was losing the battle with pleasure.

“AAAAAHHHH!” Katie howled softly, and as she did her hips raised up into Ed and her legs wrapped around Ed’s ass, impaling herself with all nine hard inches of Ed’s cock.

Ed forced himself to look away as Katie seemed to rise up in the air like she was being levitated, her eyes bulging out of their sockets as she clawed at his arms in the midst of one incredible orgasm.

Looking at his wife was no help either as Pat was having an orgasm herself fingering herself furiously while watching all of this, so in order to maintain some self-control Ed screwed his eyes shut and waited for this incredible visual display to ease up. Otherwise, he would have joined them, and he didn’t want this to end.

Soon Katie eased back down onto the rug, looking dazed and spent. Ed began a rhythmic thrust into Katie, feeling her incredibly tight pussy clenched around his cock as he did. Pat came over to Ed’s side as he humped Katie, whispering in his ear as she ran her hands over his back and shoulders.

“How’s that sweet little pussy feel Ed?” Pat hissed, sliding her hand down Ed’s sweaty and hairy back.

“So tight… so good!” Ed choked out.

Pat’s index finger found Ed’s puckered anus and she began probing lightly inside of Ed, which got a loud groan out of Ed.

“Wonder how tight her asshole is Ed?” Pat said so softly only he could hear over the slapping sounds of Ed and Katie coming together. “How’d you like to try and cram that big cock of yours into that little hole?”

Ed fought to keep that idea out of his head and concentrated on watching Katie begin to react with renewed vigor to his pumping. She had a little smile on her sweat drenched face and was nodding in response to Ed’s pounding.

“Gonna come again babe?” Pat asked Katie and got got a curt series of nods in response as she began to almost hyperventilate with excitement.

“Y… y…yes!” Katie whimpered, and as she did, Pat pulled her finger out of Ed and grabbed his balls roughly in her fist.

“Cum with her babe! CUM!!” Pat demanded as she milked and kneaded Ed’s dangling nut sack savagely, a technique that Ed was never able to resist.

“ARRRGGGHHHH!” Ed groaned in as muffled a voice that he could manage as her felt himself erupt inside the condom, all the while Pat churning and twisting his nuts to get out every drop.

Katie was orgasming seconds before Ed, not as wildly or uncontrollably as before, but still causing quite a stir with her thrashing and bouncing before easing back onto the rug. Ed carefully extracted his member from inside of Katie before peeling off the spunk-filled condom from his cock and handing it to Pat.

“Down a quart?” Pat chortled as she held up the tube as she crawled over toward Katie.

“I can’t believe it!” Katie said breathlessly.

“Good for you, wasn’t it babe?” Pat said smiling.

“It was great!” Katie said. “I still don’t believe how Mr., I mean Ed got that big thing inside me. I thought I would split in two!”

“You did great and you were fantastic!” Ed said as he got from between Katie’s thighs.

Katie tried to get up and Pat helped her, Katie staggering and standing like she was on a horse.

“Okay baby?” Pat asked as Katie grimaced while bringing her thighs together.

“Yes, I’m fine!” Katie assured Pat while she waddled over gingerly to take another sip of Sambuca. “Ummm, can we do that some more?”

5. Insatiable Katie.

Katie came back from the bathroom and saw the Sniders’ on the couch necking like teenagers themselves.

“Hey, what about me?” Katie giggled.

“Hop on the couch with us Katie, there’s plenty of room,” Ed suggested while patting the cushion next to him.

Katie sat next to Ed and put her right arm around his shoulder and her left hand on Ed’s thigh. Slowly she slid her hand up Ed’s hairy thigh until it was right next to Ed’d flaccid cock which lay limply to the side. Ed looked down at the advancing little paw and snickered.

“Looking for something Katie?” Ed asked mischeiviously.

“Sorry, but I think it’s really neat,” Katie said as her index finger traveled slowly up the length of the limp shaft. “I can’t believe how big it is even when it’s soft.”

“Keep running your finger up and down and it won’t stay soft for long,” Ed warned Katie as he wiggled on the couch in response to the teenager’s touch.

“Is it okay if I… you know, play with it?” Katie asked, looking first at Ed and then Pat.

“I don’t mind, and I know Ed doesn’t,” Pat told Katie.

“If you have to, I guess I’ll let you,” Ed said with a grin, leaning back into the couch and sighing as Katie cupped his dick in her palm and began pulling at it.

“Ooooh, it’s like elastic!” Katie said in shock as she pulled on the rubbery tool, amazed at the stretching ability of his cock.

“Here babe, this will make it easier for both of you,” Pat told Katie as she squirted a little baby oil onto Ed’s cock.

Katie’s hand slid effortlessly up and down the lubricated cock, and it began getting longer and harder in her grasp as she worked it over.

“Oh wow, I can feel it getting bigger already!” Katie remarked as she pumped Ed’s cock with enthusiasm.

“You’ve done this before, I can tell,” Pat said. “Anything else you do to your boyfriends?”

“Well yeah but I don’t know if I can or not,” Katie said as she looked down at the semi-erect cock. “Can I try?” Katie asked Pat.

“Do anything you want to him baby, he’s all yours,” Pat said.

Katie nodded and gulped noticeably before she bowed her head over Ed’s cock. Katie’s tongue grazed the tip of the bulbous crown, clearing the bead of precum off, before swirling her tongue all around the cone. Katie put her mouth over the head and began moving her mouth up and down, taking more and more of the mushroom in until she had the whole head in her mouth.

“Sheez!” Ed exclaimed as Katie bobbed up and down the crown.

“Hard to get my mouth open wide enough,” Katie said momentarily coming up for air.

“Let me help you baby,” Pat said.

With that Pat bent over and took Ed’s cock from Katie and began sucking the now rigid cock. The more experienced woman began sucking her husband with deep and intense strokes, going down almost two-thirds of the length of the shaft each time she went down. After a minute Katie bent back down and watched closely.

“Here baby, we can share!” Pat said as she handed Katie Ed’s cock.

Katie ran her tongue all over the throbbing veins along the length of the shaft before taking him into her mouth again. Her hand pumped the shaft while she sucked on the rigid dick. Ed groaned in ecstacy and disbelief as his wife and Katie took turns sucking his cock, handing it back and forth like it was a lollipop.

“You want him again, don’t you Katie?” Pat asked her between sucks, and when Katie eagerly nodded Pat grabbed another condom and tore it open.

“You know how to do this?” Pat asked.

“No, but I’d like to try it,” Katie said, taking the packet from Pat and pulling the rubber out of the foil.

Katie positioned the rubber on top of Ed’s dick uncertainly and began rolling it down.

“Like this?” Katie asked as she tried to get it over the ridge of Ed’s cock head.

“That’s great baby, just leave room at the tip” Pat suggested.

“Gee, they should make these larger for guys that are, you know… big like this,” Katie said as she struggled mightly with the latex before getting it over the head and slowly unrolling it down the shaft.

Ed groaned as he felt the condom slide down, watching the little hands working it down and already feeling the possibility of an early end to this.

“Get on top of him Katie,” Pat instructed as the condom went down most of the shaft before running out of rubber.

Pat got Katie to squat over Ed as she positioned his cock at her pussy. Katie hovered shakily as Pat rubbed Ed’s cock around Katie’s pussy, finding it wet as could be. Katie moaned as she lowered herself down a little and felt Ed’s cock pop into her.

Pat held Katie by the shoulders as Ed’s cock went deeper and deeper as Katie lowered herself further. Katie was making all kinds of incredibly sensual and animal-like noises as Ed’s member slowly disappeared inside of her.

“Ooooooohhhhh,” Katie groaned as she ended up sitting on Ed’s lap with most of Ed’s cock inside the vise-like grip of her pussy.

Katie began slowly rocking as Pat steadied her while looking over Katie’s shoulder at her husband. Ed was cupping Katie’s breasts in his hands while Katie rotated onto him. Pat reached around and joined Ed in playing with the little boobies, her nipples feeling hard enough to cut diamonds.

Katie writhed around and moved her hips more and more passionately and allowed easier access to her breasts by raising her arms and clutching her hair in her hands. While this made her little breasts all but disappear as she stretched, it gave Ed an amazing view of all Katie’s treasures.

Pat leaned around and kissed Katie’s left breast, nibbling lightly on the nipple which made Katie gasp. Glancing upward as she did, Pat smiled and looked back at her husband, giving him a wink. Turning back to Katie, Pat went from Katie’s breast and kissed her way upward.

Keeping her head back as far as possible to give Ed the best view possible, Pat kissed Katie’s neck and shoulders before sliding over and letting her tongue slide under Katie’s arm. Pat’s tongue glided sround Katie’s armpit, her tongue moving slickly through the slight trail of fuzz nestled in the damp hollow.

Up and down and all around Pat attacked Katie’s underarm with butterfly kisses as Katie squealed with delight at this unexpected affection, Pat delighting in giving Katie the same thrill that Ed so often gave her.

“Pat… NO!” she heard Ed say, but it was too late. Unable to control himself as he watched Pat nuzzling away, Ed felt himself ejacualting as Katie contorted upon him, seemingly on the verge of coming herself.

Pat helped Katie off of her husband and laid her out on the rug, lifting her buttocks with her hands as she lowered her face into Katie’s crotch. Pat’s tongue danced up and down her pussy and then lower pausing to gently tongue Katie’s anus before going back to her pussy.

Ed was left on the couch pulling the dripping rubber off his deflated cock as he watched his wife devour Katie’s pussy. Katie’s fingers clutched at the shag carpet as Pat kept licking her clit relentlessly. The orgasm washed over her in a series of waves, each one a little stronger than the other, until Katie finally went limp.

Pat’s head came up from between Katie’s legs and she looked at Katie on her back looking up at the ceiling. Pat crawled up to see if she was alright and was startled when Katie sat upright and looked at Pat with fury in her eyes. Katie grabbed Pat by the shoulders and pushed her down.

Pat was shaken at first when she saw the look in Katie’s eyes. A look that she had misunderstood, she soon realized, when Katie spread Pat’s legs and knelt between them, running her hand through the thick pelt of hair that surrounded Pat’s pussy.

“My turn,” Katie said with a voice that left no doubt as to her intentions.

6. Dessert.

Ed felt helpless watching as Katie began licking his wife’s pussy. Pat spread her legs wide and told her how good she was doing while Katie lapped away. Katie looked so incredible on all fours like she was; her cute butt high in the air, cheeks spread allowing a perfect view of her hairless tan anal ring, a hint of fur just beneath it.

Ed pulled at his flaccid cock urgently, trying to get some life back into it. Three orgasms so close together had left Ed’s tank empty for the moment at least. He didn’t think Katie would let him take her in the ass even if he could somehow get it up, but the prospect was tempting.

The more Ed watched Katie going down on his wife, and the more he looked at that amazing butt of hers, the more irresistable it all got. Ed eased down off the couch and climbed behind Katie, running his hand between her legs and feeling her damp pussy. He toyed with his moistned fingertip around her puckered rear entrance momentarily before putting his limp dick between her ass cheeks and began slowly humping her, his cock sliding up and down the ass crack. Ed reached down and grabbed Katie’s dangling cones and kneaded them gently while he enjoyed the sounds of Pat beginning to cum.

Ed climbed around Katie and came over to his wife’s side. Pat was tossing her head back and forth, the veins in her neck bulging. Looking down, Ed saw Katie’s eyes peeking up from between Pat’s legs, the rest of her face buried in Pat’s bush as she tongued her.

“OMIGOD!” Pat whimpered, grabbbing Katie’s head with her hands and grinding her face into her pussy. “COMING… COMING!!!” Pat howled as her body spasmed violently under Katie’s affections.

Ed squeezed Pat’s nipples as she came, enjoying the show even if he was unable to offer much besides being an interested spectator. Katie finally emerged from Pat’s furry triangle with the lower half of her face glistening with Pat’s fluids, wearing it a medal of success.

“Did I do alright?” Katie asked with hope in her voice. “It looked like fun when you did it to me.”

“You are one quick learner baby!” Pat exclaimed as she struggled to sit up.

All three of them ended up in a group hug, although a lot more intimate than most. Ed squinted over at the fire, which needed some tending, and tried to figure how much wood to put on. The night was not exactly done in his mind, and as he relished watching Katie and Pat hugging, with Pat’s fat nipples sliding over Katie’s buds, he thought he felt a distant stirring in his loins. A feeling that grew a little bit with every second he watched them necking.

7. Departure.

Ed finally cleared the end of the driveway again after a plow had just undone all he had accomplished. He ran up to Katie’s car and gave her windshield and headlights a last swipe with the snow brush before giving her a wave and stepping aside, watching as her little Vega chugged out of the driveway and down the road.

It was nine in the morning, and already Ed was trying to calculate when Todd would need to take a nap. Ed was going to run the little guy ragged today, a snowman and some sledding were on the schedule. That would get the little guy in bed early tonight, so between the nap and the night Ed envisioned, he had a lot to look forward to. Ed had to remember to ask Pat how her shower with Katie went while Ed made Todd his breakfast. They had a lot to discuss alright, as well as a lot to look forward to when Katie babysat again in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Katie tried to keep the foggy windshield clear as she drove slowly home on the slippery road. She was really tired and had to get some rest before this evening. Plus she had to read her lines for their upcoming drama club presentation of ‘Camelot’, in which she would be starring as Guenevere next month.

Katie felt the dull but far from unpleasant ache in her pussy, a reminder of how good last night was. That Mr. Snider was hung like a horse! He had the biggest cock Katie had ever seen. And Mrs. Snider’s body was out of sight. What a pair of tits she had on her! Luckily Katie had been able to convince Mr. Snider that she wasn’t quite ready to try the back door just yet or else she’d really be aching.

It had worked out even better than Katie had planned. They were really a great couple and had beautiful bodies. Experienced lovers are always the best, Katie thought to herself. Why waste time with her goofy classmates and their feeble attempts at lovemaking when you could get the real thing from people like the Sniders’?

It was indeed a wonderful life, Katie surmised. She got to babysit kids, which Katie loved doing, and make a little spending money in doing so. She got to have great sex with nice people, which Katie loved even more. Plus, she got the opportunity to hone her acting skills, all of which made for an unbeatable combination.

Not much acting was needed after things got going last night however, although Katie had to admit that she was on top of her game right from the beginning. How shy and innocent she was to them, and how much Katie loved watching the Sniders’ exchanging their glances as they schemed while falling into her trap.

When the clothes came off the acting went into the background. Seven orgasms for the night and only one of them faked. Looking back Katie couldn’t even remember which one wasn’t real. Damn, that Mr. Snider was good! What would that big cock feel like if he put it in her butt? Maybe she’d find out next time, Katie thought.

Tonight she had to go to the Willard’s. They would go to the Albany Symphony concert while Katie played with the four year old twins. Then when they got home Jen and Brad Willard would take her into the bedroom and lock the door. They would undress her and Brad would watch while Katie and Jen went down on each other. Jen was a cute redhead, and her tits were about the same size as Katie’s.

After they went down on each other Brad would climb on and give it to Katie. Just once usually, and luckily Brad was a normal sized man down below, because the way Katie’s pussy felt, that was all she could imagine being able to take.

It was indeed a wonderful life.

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