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When I was younger I lived a quite outlandish life. I partied, I travelled, I entertained. I spent lots of money that I didn’t have. My plastic friends were great – I just didn’t give it another thought. When my cards were full, I borrowed money from people I shouldn’t have. At the end of the spending came the truth. I was over £20,000 in debt, to a variety of credit card companies, and latterly the loan sharks who inhabit the low life of London.

They came asking for their money. When I couldn’t pay, they started threatening me. Violence, on my property and my self. I didn’t believe them until a couple of heavies came to my flat, burst in and trashed every item in my flat. They didn’t touch me….that was for next time.

I tried running. I went to stay with one of the true friends I had. One who hadn’t deserted me as soon as the money ran out. But they knew. They had ways of finding out. I returned one evening to my friends after a day’s job hunting to find my friend beaten up. She was lying on the bathroom, her face was bleeding profusely from punches and kicks, her arm had been broken, as well as a couple of her ribs. The hospital doctors said it was one of the worst beatings they had ever seen. I felt terrible. I had brought this on my friend. As soon as she was confirmed as OK I returned to my flat. I was being watched, for as soon as I had arrived, the heavies were back. I wished I were dead. I thought that I probably would be when they had finished with me. I pleaded with them. But there was something about their manner which confused me. They were asking questions. Not beating the shit out of me. What was going on?

After ten minutes of details of my personal life, if I had a boyfriend, what I liked in bed, if I had ever been photographed naked, having sex….. they looked at each other, considering something. This was it…..pain, hurt….death? But instead, they told me to get a coat and escorted me from the flat. We walked for ten minutes, then round into a cul de sac where I was bundled into a waiting car. One of the brutes drove – the other came in the back with me. He told me to put my head down on his lap. A dark blanket covered my head.

We drove for 45 minutes. Stop. Go. Through the streets of London, through the rush hour madness. I wasn’t sure where we were when we finally stopped. East London would have been my guess. We walked into a building which looked like a warehouse. I was taken up a flight of stairs and pushed roughly into a dark room. The door was closed behind me and locked. There was minimal light from a small window high above my head. The room contained nothing. No furniture, shelving, nothing. I sat on the floor. I still had the blanket. I wrapped it around my shoulders and put my head into my hands and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke with some sunlight coming though the window. I could hear no sounds from the building. I needed to pee, so I pulled down my panties and squatted in the corner. I wiped myself with some tissues I had in my coat pocket and pulled up my pants. My waiting continued for what seemed hours.

I was starting to think that they weren’t coming back when I heard noises. My door was unlocked and the two hoods came crawling in the room, big smiles on their faces.

“You’re going to see Mr Christos. You better be on your best behaviour.”

A warning of sorts! But what the hell did it mean?

We made our way through narrow corridors and past a windowed room. Empty apart from a large cheap table in the middle. Two chairs stood at the table facing each other. One chair contained a man, looking impatient, with dark short hair, wearing a long, expensive looking coat and a well tailored suit. He looked about 55, perhaps 60. He had the unmistakable look of a Mediterranean. His voice confirmed his Greek origins as he spoke his first words, which were addressed to the two monkeys.

“Strip her!”

There was a delay as the command sunk in.

“Quick” he shouted and the two moved to me and quickly and efficiently stripped me naked, leaving my clothes on the floor. I didn’t help, but I also didn’t resist. I was too afraid.

I stood, arms by my side as the old man looked at my body.

“Turn around” he said, more gently this time. He inspected me as if looking over a second hand car. He gave nothing away as he looked.

“Put your foot up on the table”

I hesitated, but he nodded to me, a warning not to resist. I was now standing with my legs far apart. He sat and looked from my foot up my legs and to my crotch. He seemed happy with the state of my pussy – neatly trimmed like a V shaped Brazilian.

After he finished his inspection, he told me to sit. I faced him, now starting to feel cold. He looked at me. My stomach turned.

Minutes passed. Finally, he broke the silence.

“Miss Hills. I understand that you owe the gentleman who employs these two … a great deal of money. And that you are unable to repay these debts.”

He spoke slowly and very deliberately. I nodded.

“I have a problem which you may be able to assist with and for which I would be willing to write off your liability. Would that be of interest to you?”

Again I nodded.

“Good” he replied. He continued. “I am about to start the filming of my latest film. Unfortunately, one of my leading ladies has met with a quite unfortunate accident and I require someone with certain talents.”

“I’ve never acted before” I meekly answered. He smiled. “The roles for which I need you require little in the way of acting ability. A young, attractive, sexually active woman in her 20s should have all of the experience that I need. My friends here tell me you are sexually experimental and should have little problems with the role.”

My fears were answered. A porno film. But the promise of having my debts cancelled was also too appealing.

“What would I have to do?”

He smiled again. A tolerant, friendly smile.

“My dear, the role will require nothing you haven’t tried with your numerous boyfriends.”

A pause.

“Or girlfriends,” he added, smiling again. “The film is about a Victorian family, about lust, about the love of two sisters and family love. You will have sex with men and women and you will enjoy it. You will do exactly as you are told. ”

“Yes” I answered.

Suddenly he rose and spoke to the heavies.

“Bring her to the Annex. Tonight. I want wardrobe to get working as soon as possible. After that, bring her to me.”

He quickly left the room without a backward glance and the two heavies took the opportunity to maul my naked body, as I tried to dress.

They returned to the storeroom and one of the guys followed me into the room. He told his colleague to fetch some food and I was alone with this gorilla.

My fear was rape. I wasn’t naïve enough to think that the sight of my naked body wouldn’t have some effect on this gorilla. But he wanted to humiliate me. He called me a slut, a whore and a porno bitch who had to sell her ass to the whole world to pay her debts. It wasn’t nice, but it was better than a beating or being raped by “Guy”. His continued taunts were ended with the return of Gorilla II with some bananas. Well, sandwiches to be precise. I was famished and ate my share with gusto. They laughed at me and the taunts about me eating more than bread and cheese began.

After lunch, I asked to go and get some stuff. Toiletries, clothes. They agreed and we set off, again with the blanket. I grabbed what I could with the two goons keeping close attention. They said little whilst together – more once the other was out of earshot, as if afraid about reports of their behaviour would get back to the “boss”, whoever he was. My questions about the film, where the “Annex” was or anything else were met with silence or “You’ll find out soon enough.”

We drove off and again I was hidden from view. We drove for a couple of hours and it was dusk as I was pulled from the powerful car. Wherever it was, the building was large, and barn like. In fact, it was the remains of a large farm yard and had been converted to a film studio. I was taken to a small residential block, with about 20 basic bedrooms and a single shower and toilet room. The place was empty – I dropped off the meagre supplies on the one double bed in my allocated room and joined the heavies. We walked in the gathering dark to another building, somewhat less basic, but hardly in the five star hotel category.

I was escorted into a large hall, filled with tables and I took a seat as a stew was served to me. I ate hungrily – the stew was good. Lamb and vegetables made for a tasty, filling meal. Four guys and a blonde girl entered and sat near my table. We acknowledged each others presence and nothing else. I learnt later that these were technicians. A further group, looking somewhat more “industrial” joined us – from the snatches of conversation I heard they seemed to be responsible for deigning and building the set.

After my meal I was taken to yet another building – this time well appointed and very opulent. I sat on a massive red leather sofa and waited. My “keepers” left and within five minutes I was joined by Christos, this time looking less stressed than at the morning session.

“Hello my dear” he said. “how are you?”

I shrugged my shoulders and was alarmed when he told me to follow him. We went upstairs and I was shown into a large bedroom dominated by a four poster bed. He spoke in a quiet, deliberate and faintly menacing way as he told me to strip. Once again, I removed all my clothes for him. He sat on the bed and told me to come to him.

“Show me how good you are.” He said.

I sat next to him on the bed. He was old enough to be my grandfather. I placed a hand on his crotch, immediately feeling his erection. I slowly undid his trousers, and his boxers. When his cock was free, I slowly licked around his mushroom head, paying particular attention to his hole. I licked down his rod, tracing the heightened veins down to his hairy balls. I took both of them in my mouth, one at a time, sucking and licking on them like sweets. Back to his cock I went, this time taking him into my mouth. Just the head to start with, then I opened my mouth wide and slowly let him fill my mouth, deeper and deeper. I stopped when my mouth was full, and looked at his tortured face. When he looked at me I forced his cock down my throat, all in one violent motion. I started to bob my head down faster, enjoying the feeling of his meat deep inside my mouth and throat. I cupped his balls in my hand, manipulating them as I continued to suck his cock.

He didn’t last long before he shot a load of cum at the back of throat. It was a shock and I released him from between my lips. He shot another load over my face, He seemed to enjoy his orgasm as he moaned in delight as he covered my face with his thick creamy emissions.

“You are good!” he moaned. “You will do well in my film”

He stood and replaced his cock in his trousers. “Come with me” he said.

I followed him into the next room, darkened. He opened another door and we walked into a games room dominated by a billiards table at which two guys were playing, watched by three elegant women seated on two leather sofas. He introduced me as his new film star to his two sons, their wives and his own wife. I was extremely self-conscious – I was naked, and my face was covered with her husband’s sperm. If it affected me, it seemed to have little effect oh them. His wife rose and thanked me for the pleasure I had given her husband. She took out a handkerchief and wiped away the sperm from my face. Christos brought drinks for everyone from a cabinet. I was handed a large balloon glass of brandy. The two sons barely gave me a second look and continued their game.

Christos chatted to the three women about his film, and I gleaned a little of the plot. I was barely spoken too and was getting cold without clothes. Christos seemed to notice and asked his sons to accompany back to my room. The guys reluctantly put down their cues and took me back to my room. I noticed that several of the other rooms were now occupied. Including mine.

I girl, older than I, sat on my bed. She seemed totally unfazed by my arrival and continued a conversation on her mobile. After a minute or two, she said her goodbyes (to her boyfriend, I assumed) and smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Mandy”

I told her my name and asked if this was her room.

“Ours” she corrected me. Due to the large number of people on the set, we would need to “bunk up” as she put it. I put on a gown that was hanging from the back of the door and we learnt a little about each other. She was a veteran of porno films and had done a number of low budget films for Christos. She had been hired through one of the agencies she was a member of. She said she expected to be here a week. It was well past 10 and I thought a shower would be a good idea. Mandy thought so too and we made our way down the block to the communal shower room. The water was refreshing and we were alone. As she showered I took a furtive look at Mandy – she had a quite gorgeous body with short black hair. I was ashamed to say I took quite an interest in her pussy, which was completely shaven with lovely pink lips. She asked me to rub her back and as I started to soap her, two guys entered the shower completely naked. I was taken aback, not so much by their arrival as by their cocks, which swung down well towards their knees.

“My God!”, I thought. “What wedding tackle”

They obviously knew Mandy as they let out a cry of “Fuck, its Randy!”

Mandy turned and as she saw them she cracked a big smile and rushed over to them. There were very close hugs and kisses for both of them. I continued to wash myself as they caught up with all of their news. I grabbed for my towel and started to leave when they suddenly remembered me and Mandy supplied all of the introductions. I left Mandy, Steve and James to it and returned to our room.

Feeling much refreshed I put on my tshirt I had brought to sleep in and climbed wearily into bed.

Sleep was obviously not on the agenda as the threesome returned after another ten minutes. The guys had been back to their room and had brought some wine and we all had a glass of cheap Merlot. The atmosphere was good and Steve and Mandy seemed to get on very well – flirtation turned to more overt sexual behaviour and it didn’t surprise me when the two of them suddenly disappeared at around midnight. James had been talking more and more to me as the other two became more entangled in each other. He was very cute, mid twenties, short brown hair, well spoken and very funny, if a little shy. He explained he was sharing a room with Steve but felt he might be interrupting something if he went back. We both laughed. He offered to try to find another room to stay in, but I put my hand on his and said “Stay here please”.

We kissed, softly at first, then more deeply and passionately. He was only dressed in a gown and as we fell to the bed I pulled at his cord to expose his body and that awesome cock. He was on his back and I was on top of him, my hands exploring between his thighs. His cock was stiff, long and wide. God, I wanted it inside me. But first, I wanted a closer look so I made my way down his torso, kissing and touching his skin as I went. His cock was standing up firm, almost to his navel. I marvelled at the beauty of it. I planted kisses down the length of his shaft loving the way it reacted to the touch of my lips and tongue. I took him into my mouth and started to suck him slowly. He pulled me round so that my legs straddled his face and he began to lick my labia. The classic 69 is a position I love and his tongue was expertly bringing me crashing to an intense and satisfying orgasm. I was taking perhaps two thirds of his cock down my throat, more as my orgasm started to build. I came with my clit being suckled deep into his mouth and his tongue flicking the tip of my hard bud. His fingers were buried deep inside my vagina, knuckles rubbing hard against my g-spot. My orgasm lasted ages and my moans got louder and louder. I was suddenly aware of another presence and saw Mandy join me at the business end and start to suck his balls into her mouth. James started to moan and as Mandy and I swapped, she amazed me by taking the whole of his cock deep down her throat. A second cock came into my view as Steve shoved his wet, slick meat towards my throat. I took him deep into my mouth and sucked him. Mandy and I swapped a couple of times before James unleashed a stream of hot jism from his cock. It sprayed over Mandy face and my breasts.

As the hot cum hit my face Steve went behind me and buried his cock deep into my pussy from behind. James extricated himself and went to work on Mandy, first with his expert tongue then wih her legs high in the air, he started to fuck her. I watched in awe as his cock penetrated her and couldn’t believe how her vagina took his full length. I was about to find out as the guys swapped and James positioned himself at my bum and slid his cock into my waiting cunt. He penetrated me slowly and his entrance seemed to take forever. When he was fully in, I could feel the pressure of his cock head on my cervix. When he started to thrust with some speed and passion, I felt as if I was being punctured. The pain was also accompanied by the pleasure of my cunt being stretched as he sawed into me. My clit was on fire and I came again and again as he rammed me again and again. Suddenly, I felt his climax inside of me, and I came again, fiercely. He withdrew and I watched his cock slick with love juices. I wanted to taste but Mandy was too quick for me. She licked him with relish, tasting the exquisite mixture. I sought out Steve, but his cock had been licked clean by the voracious appetite of Mandy. I lay down exhausted and Steve and I kissed what I thought would be a goodnight kiss.

Mandy had other ideas. As Steve and I kissed she put her head between my legs and started to lick at my lips and clit. My clit was so sensitive I could hardly take much of her tongue, and she lapped deep inside my vagina tasting the cum that James had so generously donated.

The guys turned Mandy around and they watched as we performed a 69 for them. Mandy’s pussy was incredible tasty with a heady mixture of salty cum and her own musky, rich aroma. We gave each other mini-orgasms as we continued to lap at each others cunts for 30 or 40 minutes. When finally Mandy collapsed onto the bed the guys applauded us for the performance. Their cocks had once again swelled, obviously turned on by our Sapphic display.

We debated if we should let them fuck us again, or suck them off. The guys smiled at each other, kissed us both and went back to their room. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. It seems like the last action of the night would be between two consenting adults, behind closed doors.

After a couple of minutes, we decided that that wasn’t fair – they had enjoyed us make love to each other and we wanted to see them do the same. We crept to their room – both of us completely naked. When we burst into the room we were greeted by our two hunks lying flat on their backs being ridden by two young girls. We shrugged our shoulders and went back to bed.

At two in the morning we cuddled close and slept arm in arm until the sounds of a new dawn filtered through to the room.

We were asked to attend a meeting at 1, with lunch preceding it at 12. After a nice buffet of mixed salads, we took our places in a hall where the film director addressed us all. The guys joined us just before the start and explained that they had picked up the two admin girls before seeing us in the shower. They had arranged to see them later. They said we were better fucks so that kept us happy.

The director told us we had limited time to shoot the picture and therefore fuck-ups were not allowed. He handed us over to a middle aged woman who looked like she should have been a head mistress. She talked through the story in a totally matter of fact way.

“The film is about a Victorian family. Mother, Father and two sisters. Younger sister goes out with her boyfriend for a walk in the woods. He pressurises her to wank him off which she reluctantly does, first using her hands and then her mouth. He then rapes her, including forced sodomy. After her ordeal, she returns to the family house upset at her rape, where she is comforted by her sister, who tends to her bruised body. As she comforts her, they become close and have oral sex with each other. Their relationship develops and they regularly have sex together. The older sister has been having sex with an older man – a family friend. When the younger sister discovers them, she joins in and there is a frenetic sex scene on a deserted beach with them all. Later on, their mother discovers the two sisters having sex and she cannot help but masturbate as she spies on them. The sisters see her and they all join in together in a three-way lesbian session. The final act is when their father also discovers their secret. At first he is dismayed and punished them all, tying them up in the cellar and beating their naked bodies with a leather whip. However, he cannot go through with it and they end up in an orgiastic encounter in their dining room, with the large mahogany dining table being used.”

The story sounds quite fantastic, and there is a murmur of expectation around the room. She then hands out a shooting schedule – obviously each shot is not filmed in strict chronological order. Next she introduces the cast. First she introduces the two sisters, Emily and Mary.

“Mary” she says “will be played by Mandy Davies”. Mandy, next to me, is asked to stand up and she gets a round of applause. She is obviously well known to the cast and crew.

The woman continued. “Her younger sister is to be played by a newcomer, Jacqui Hills. Please stand Jacqui”

“Me!!”. I am to play the younger sister who gets anally raped……I was too shocked to speak and had to be asked again to stand. Mandy pushed me up and I looked around the room at about 40 expectant people.

After the introductions the main cast is called together. James is playing my boyfriend (who rapes me) and Steve is playing the family friend who is fucking my sister. Our “parents” are introduced. She is a woman of about 35, very full breasted and very good looking. He is an older guy, probably in his early 40s, with grey hair.

We look at the schedule. Most of the outdoor scenes are being shot first (I guess to allow for poor weather). The first scene is being shot tomorrow morning, and is my rape scene. We are given what is a very limited script and told to learn as much as possible. Costumes will be ready at 7am. The rest of the day was taken up with costume fitting (I have about 15 changes of costume).

Afterwards, James and I make ourselves scarce and learn our lines. There really isn’t a great deal to learn and the director has said that they will use “cheat boards” with script written out so we can read if it gets difficult. The scene starts with the two of us in a crowd at a country weekend. He pulls me away and we head off into the woods for a walk. We are laughing and happy. As we get deeper into the wood, he suddenly pulls me to him and kisses me passionately. I am shocked. I think I am only supposed to be 18. He indicates his hunger for me, and asks if I will help him relieve his desires. I am unsure what he wants. He takes my hand and places it on the front of his trousers where an erection is clearly visible. I protest, but he pleads with me. Eventually I relent and extract his member and start to rub him. However, he is too dry and he forces me to my knees where I take him in my mouth. He face fucks me harshly and I cough and gag before he cums over my face. As soon as he has cum, he rips the clothes from me and forces me onto my back where he enters me and rapes me. Holding my legs high in the air, he then places his cock against my ass and in one single movement slips deep inside me. The scene ends with him cumming in my ass, making me lick his cock clean and him leaving me crying in the woods.

James asked if I am ok with the scene and I nod, feebly.

“What’s the matter?” he asked. I looked at his eyes and explained that I was really afraid of his cock in my ass. I had tried anal before but not with someone as large as him.

“Do you want to try?” he smiled. “I could help you get loose.”

He knew the place like the back of his hand, so we found a secluded place and armed with a tube of KY jelly, he lay me down on a large mattress (used to cushion jumps and falls). I raised my ass as he pulled down my pants and immediately started by licking the soft lips of my labia. He moved deftly onto my clitoris and I was immediately aroused. He told me he was going to give me an orgasm first before he worked on my ass. He was true to his word as I orgasmed quickly at the touch of his electric tongue. He raised my legs, exposing the brown ring of my anus. His tongue worked around my ass and then on the hole as he tried to open my ring. His tongue felt incredibly good and soon he had a finger inside me. He inserted his middle finger down to the bottom and worked the gap open. Two fingers then three followed with his tongue providing lubrication. It had only been ten minutes when he said I was ready. He quickly unbuckled his belt, opened his flies and smeared jelly around the tip of his penis and inside my ass, before he positioned the head of his cock against my ass. It slipped inside without a problem. He continued and forced his giant cock deep inside my bowels. I was in some pain, but also enjoyed the sensation of his meat deep inside me. He asked if I wanted to be fucked and I nodded. He reamed his cock inside me and within a few minutes I was starting to cum. He sensed my orgasm and he started to cum deep inside me.

I slept with James again that night and we practiced my anal rape scene some more. By the end of the night, I was enjoying anal sex as much as I did other varieties. As my latest anal orgasm subsided we lay in each others arms and he suggested we do the same thing tomorrow morning and I wear a butt plug to keep my ass open.

The first morning of filming and I was so nervous. James helped me with the butt plug and we took our places at seven. By 3 we had completed our work. I had been humiliated by James and I had loved every minute of it. The director was especially pleased and asked to see me after dinner. James had completed his entire filming and made his departure at around 6. I made sure he left with a nice memory of our first film as we spent two hours in bed. We confined ourselves to a great fuck and a final 69. We showered together and, despite being watched by a couple of the technicians, I gladly knelt and gave him a last blow job.

The director had a large room in the main house, where the Christos family lived. I saw one of the two sons and he directed me to his room. I noticed a quite lascivious look on his face as I made my way to his room. The director was a timid looking man, in his early 30s, quite attractive with jet black hair. He reminded me of Alan Alda from MASH, but he was not dominant or confident. I must admit when he asked to see me I expected to be fucked. However, after pouring me a drink, he questioned me about why I was there and said some complimentary things about my acting. He said that I was very sexy, provocative and I should keep it up. At no point did it seem like I was there to provide some comfort for our esteemed director. However, his room was superb – in stark contrast to our own rooms, it enjoyed a four poster bed, an en-suite bathroom, and luxurious fittings. I started to talk about his room and how lucky he was. How our rooms were miserable and cold in comparison. Despite my obvious hints I didn’t seem to be making any headway.

Finally he turned to me and suggested it might be time for me to go. Go? I felt somewhat rejected and I asked him if I could stay the night in his room. He smiled and suggested that would be improper. I retorted that having no company could also be improper but I was bundled out of the room after making quite a fool of myself.

I slowly dawdled down the stairs, when a voice called me. It was one of the sons – one I had seen earlier. I turned to look at him and he stepped closer, almost touching me.

“I think he’s gay”

We both started laughing and he pulled me back upstairs to another room. We were in a small room, nothing like the size of the one occupied by our gay director.

He pulled me close and we kissed as his hands roamed over my body, especially my tits. As our kisses intensified, his hands caressed my buttocks and then slipped up inside my top, and then my bra. For my sins, my hands also started to fondle the package which seemed to have grown in his trousers. Suddenly he was pulling me towards the bed. My top was pulled roughly up over my arms and then my skirt was opened and I lay, exposed in my underwear. He stood, kicked off his shoes and removed his belt, trousers and shirt. I unhooked my bra letting my firm breasts free. He stood in front of me and removed his socks and I put my hand inside his boxers. Not quite to the same scale as James, but he would do. I pulled down his boxers and watched his cock spring up. I held it and guided it to my mouth.

He was much more manageable than James and I enjoyed sucking him deep into my mouth without the fear of gagging. He tried to pull out but I wanted him to cum inside my mouth. I continued sucking and squeezing his hairy balls with my hands. Suddenly, without warning he was cumming, a great big thick load hitting the back of my mouth, making me choke. He milked the last drops from his mouth and pushed me back on the bed, raised my legs and pulled down my panties. He lowered his legs and started to blow his hot breath all over my pussy. My sensitive labia reacted and I started to tingle. When his tongue hit my clit I was nearly on the verge of an orgasm. As I climaxed he started to rhythmically finger fuck me, bringing me to a peak time and time again. Now he rose and lifted my legs high in the air, over his shoulders. I needed a good fuck. But what was to come surprised me. Instead of entering my waiting vagina he placed his cock to my ass, and slowly penetrated my abused ass.

It was pain and pleasure, I came and came and so did he, flooding my back passage with yet more of his semen. He dropped heavily on top of me, his cock still firmly embedded in my anus. We almost hit the ceiling when a voice from the gloom said

“You lucky bastard. I saw the rushes of her being fucked today and she is hot!”

It was his brother who had been watching us fuck since he heard the bed creaking next to his room. He made his way to the bed and his brother rose.

“She’s hot and she’s all yours” he said as he collected his clothes and walked away. As he left the room he turned and said “Thanks babe, great fuck”.

I looked at his brother – I was completely naked and sweaty from my exertions. He looked down and dismissively told me to get dressed.

I made my back to the annex where Mandy was worried about my disappearance. I recounted the events of the night and she giggled as I told her about my fuck with the Christos son and my encounter with his brother.

The next day was the beach scene so we had an early start to a deserted Norfolk beach. Only Mandy, Steve and I were involved. It was quite cold, and difficult to film. I think because of the difficulties they decided to cut down the scene. They told us to be natural and enjoy ourselves. Essentially, we appeared on the beach down a stairway from a tall cliff. We lay out a blanket, opened some wine, and progressed from there. Soon we were giving him a double blow job and we enjoyed a variety of sex positions and experiences. After two hours of fucking and sucking, the director called it a day.

We were not required on set for the next day, so Mandy and I showered together and made our way to the local shops. We spent a lovely girly day, including some window shopping, and finally made it back by 6. We were in trouble – wardrobe had been looking for us all day for our outfits for the morning. We got a good telling off from Quinton, the wardrobe “master”. His telling off was like being savaged by a dead sheep and we laughed it off.

The morning dawned and we spent an hour in make up and dressing before presenting ourselves for filming. It was to be Mandy and me, in our first lesbian encounter. I had made my way back from my rape, and was lying on my bed, tearful and upset, when discovered by Mandy. She cuddled me and comforted me, then started to wipe away my tears. As I recounted my ordeal she ran me a bath and helped my undress. She checked my body for bruises and signs of injury, paying particular attention to my crotch. As she wiped away the semen from my pussy, she started to make me aroused. Her fingers gently entered my pussy, and as she withdrew she put her fingers slowly to her mouth and tasted the semen. From the look on her face she seemed to take delight from the taste and I looked, entranced as she slowly lowered her face and started to lick me. As she lapped up the sperm, I began to cum, and she moved to my clit to finish off a massive, violent and very noisy orgasm. As she let the spasms subside we kissed and she whispered

“Emily! Not so loud, you’ll alert Mama. You do taste delicious, though ”

We smiled and kissed, and I started to explore my older sister’s body, which I had seen and admired for so long. She was soon naked and I was soon kissing between her legs, making her cum like she had to me. We ended our bedroom session in a slow 69 which took over an hour to film from different angles. I don’t think my pussy has ever been so indulged! The next scene was a final shot of the two of us in the bath, soaping each others breasts. I then kneel as my “sister” finger fucks me to yet another loud orgasm. We started filming at 10 – we finished at around 4. At the end, we got a round of applause from the gang.

The following day, we would do much the same, this time with our “mother” who would be alerted by the noise of our lovemaking, slip quietly into our room and watch us indulge in sex play. As she does, she feels dampness between her legs, and cannot help lift her skirt and places her fingers inside her pants, and starts to gently rub her clit as she watches her two daughters enjoy themselves.

We only hear her when she gasps as her own orgasm is close. I look up from my sisters wet cunt – the gleam of her vaginal juices clearly visible on my face.

“Mama!” I cry. She turns as if to flee, but my sister is off the bed and prevents her escape.

We all sit on the bed and she asks how long we have been doing this. We explain about the rape, and what happened next.

Our mother seems to be in two minds – concerned at what we are doing, but delighted that we are such loving, supportive sisters.

Mary turns to our mother and asks her

“You seemed to be enjoying our love-making as well Mama”

Our mother seemed to redden with embarrassment.

“Don’t be worried, mother” said Mary “You too can enjoy.”

Before I knew what was happening, Mary was kissing our mother and her hand was exploring inside her skirt. Before long, all three of us were naked and indulging in mutual love-making. I straddled my mother, laid flat on our bed, as her tongue explored my wet hungry cunt. Mary’s head was buried between her legs, licking my mother’s sweet cunt. We swapped places as we orgasmed time and time again.

After a particularly hot lesbian scene, I was busting to go for a pee and went to the basic facilities within the studio. As I sat and released a stream of urine from my full, stretched bladder, I heard two of the technicians in the gents next door talking about the scene I had just appeared in.

They certainly seemed to have enjoyed the sight as they indicated that they had watched most of the shoot with massive hard-ons and could do with getting off. I must have giggled at something they said, as it all went quiet in the next room. As I was pulling up my pants two pairs of eyes appeared in the loo, and the two guys were staring at my very juicy and raw pussy.

“So you liked it, did you?” I said

“Fucking awesome” said the taller of the guys – black, completely bald and very sexy.

“Want some light relief, boys?” I responded. I was in the mood for a cock and these guys looked to be horny and ready for some action. The black guy walked forward, unzipping himself. I helped him with his lovely black dick which I took in my mouth with some relish. The other guy, after watching me gobble his mate’s dick decided he was missing out and he exposed his own weapon. I sucked his cock in turn with the black guy.

“come on” I said “one of you has to fuck me.”

I settled on the black guy. I now stood and put my hands on the white guys waist as I sucked on his cock. Opening my legs, the black guy positioned behind me and stroked his cock up and down my hot, horny cunt. As the ridge of his mushroom rubbed against my clit I started to get after-shocks of orgasms. Then without warning, he plugged me with his meat, and I felt him enter me deeply. I could feel his hairy ballsack on my ass as he started to slowly fuck me from behind. His mate was also enjoying himself, fucking my mouth with his cock, realising I could take it deep into my mouth and throat he started to thrust with some abandon.

I came again quite suddenly and the contractions in my cunt obviously had their desired effect as my black stud started to ejaculate his semen deep into my waiting cunt. He grunted as he emptied his balls deep into my body. My mouth then got a deserved drink as his friend sent a stream of hot, salty cum to the back of my mouth. After two days of girl on girl action I was certainly ready for a couple of hot cocks.

My break was up. I went back to the studio to find out that a few more shots were required – filler shots from different angles which would be cut into the main action to provide some variation. First they wanted me giving oral to my “mom”. After five minutes, we were asked to swap and I lay down and opened my legs. As she went down on me I suddenly remembered my pussy wasn’t as sweet as it was before the break. It didn’t seem to matter as she ate me out with what looked like real pleasure.

When it was Mandys turn to eat me, she tasted the remains of my mans cum and her reaction was funny. She obviously realised what had happened, just couldn’t think who or when.

After about half an hour of extra shots we were finished for the day. The two girls went for me and were firing questions at me.

“How did you get spunk in your pussy?” “Who was he?” “Didn’t you realise we had to eat you?”

I managed to get a word in and explained about my escapade in the loo. When I described the two guys, the girls calmed down, looked at each other a rushed off. My guess was that they wanted some of the action too. I went for a shower, alone and returned to our empty room to sleep.

Tomorrow was our last day of filming, with our “Father” taking a leading role. I dropped off to sleep thinking about the sex that I would enjoy on the morrow. My sexy dreams were shattered as Mandy returned to the room, smiling. She jumped on the bed and on me. She had a short skirt and very tiny t-shirt. When she squatted on my face, I knew that she wanted to return the favour of this afternoon. She was pantie-less and her engorged pussy lips and the signs of cum around her juicy cunt told me she had just been fucked.

“Lick me out, you bitch” she shouted. I was more that happy to taste that glorious mixture of her musky juice and the salty cum that filled her twat. My tongue went deep inside her, lapping each drop of that tangy juice. As I drank her heady juice I started to swirl my tongue around her hard, well defined clit. I gently bit it and could hear her moaning. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked the end with my tongue. She was near to cumming. I now decided to add to her pleasure by bringing my hand around. Wetting it with her flowing juices I started to push it inside her tight brown ass hole. One finger went in easy and I doubled it. She was moaning loudly as I continued to manipulate her clit with my tongue. Suddenly she ground her cunt hard into my face and she exploded in an almighty orgasm which I could feel wash over her body.

Her cunt released a shower of cum. Most went over my face leaving me with a shiny face. She dropped to the bed and we both lay there trying to catch our breath.

Eventually she rose and moved so as to kiss me.

“That was So good!” she said. “but don’t surprise me with a cunt full of cum again” she laughed.

A quiet meal together was how we spent the final night. We drank a couple of bottles of wine and made our way unsteadily to the studio. We had said that we needed to sleep for a long day tomorrow, and that was our plan. But not the Christos brothers. Both were waiting for us, and whisked us off to the main house.

They took us to a large bedroom, and stripped us quickly. Both the guys were horny and liked to be on the receiving end of oral sex. We swapped partners regularly and had a good time with the brothers. With both of them sitting together on the bed and the two of us kneeling in the floor, we sucked the guys in harmony, and I enjoyed working with Mandy again. When they had both filled our mouths with what seemed a pint of cum, they made us perform 69 on each other, which we undertook with great pleasure. When both of us had climaxed, we looked to see the guys doing the same, side by side on the bed. Watching them suck each other was highly erotic. When they realised we were watching they stopped and pulled us to them. We were fucked mercilessly. The guys seemed to have enormous stamina and by about four in the morning, we were well and truly shagged.

The guys woke early and told us to go. We sheepishly got dressed and made our way to shower and get ready for the day.

The last day of filming was super-charged. With “father” discovering his wife and two daughters engaged in a frenzied lesbian encounter in his marriage bed, he goes wild. He locks us all in the room whilst he fetched his whips and a variety of chains and handcuffs. We are all secured and he starts with his wife, severely beating her across her bum cheeks, across her sex causing her to cry with intense pain. Both my sister and I try to ask for mercy but instead he turns on us and administers a wild swipe to our naked backs. As our mother is almost unconscious with pain, I make myself heard above the cries and sounds of the whip.

“Please stop! Whip me instead of mother” I implore.

Something seems to stop him in his tracks and he takes me in his arms. We kiss and I notice his cock, erect and making his trousers “tent”. He is getting aroused by all of this! He looks at me and he notices me looking at his erection. He lets me go and I fall in a heap at his legs. I don’t know what to do. I am still terrified but decide to take decisive action. I put my hand in his leg – at the bottom near his calf. I move it slowly upwards, towards his erection. As I reach his balls I fondle them and he moans. I continue and slowly un-buttons his trousers. He doesn’t move to stop me so my hand enters the gap when I come into contact with the hard rigidity of his cock. I take it in my hand and slowly pull it out. At first I use my hands but I cannot resist putting his rod deep into my mouth. I take him deep and long sucking him. I pull down his trousers and throw them to my sister who is secured to the top of the bed. She finds the keys and unlocks herself and joins me on the bed. Both of us suck at the cock that gave us life. Soon we are the recipients of his cum, sharing his precious seed.

He pulls my naked body to him and turns we round so that I am in a 69 position. His mouth soon finds my clitoris and he starts to make me cum. My sister leaves and tends to our mother, who seems to be awake and conscious. I flush my fathers face with my own vaginal emissions, covering his shirt.

My mother joins us on the bed and starts to suck his cock back to an erect state.

“Who do you want to fuck?” she asks.

“All of you” he replies and looks first at my mother. She is still sore but she lays back with her feet high in the air as he mounts her and slowly fucks her. We watch and fondle each other as they climax simultaneously.

Father withdraws his cock, wet with their juices and Mary sets about cleaning him. Remarkably, he stays erect and he is soon fucking my sister, his eldest daughter, from behind as she gets on all fours.

He still has enough to fuck me and as he lies down I climb on to of him riding his cock and stimulating my clit with my own finger.

The film finishes with the four of us engaged in cunnilingus, fellatio, anal and vaginal sex.

After filming finishes and the director is satisfied with the results, people leave quickly. I go for a shower to rid myself of the variety of bodily fluids which I have eaten or been filled with. As I am finishing, my “father” enters the shower and we smile. He congratulates me on my performance and I do likewise (I don’t think I have ever seen such stamina in a man). I make to leave and we kiss goodbye. I am amazed that as our bodies touch his cock again is aroused. He pulls me towards him and we kiss again. His hands are under my buttocks and he quickly lifts me onto his shaft. I encircle his waist with my legs and he fucks me standing up. Suddenly, he turns me upside down and he is eating my cunt again, with me sucking on his outstanding cock. He cum almost makes me choke but he hits my button hard with his tongue on my clit.

As he replaces me on terra firma I can hardly walk. I manage it back to my room (Mandy having disappeared long ago).

As I take my leave, my two heavies are waiting and escort me to their car. I am whisked off to see the boss. It is a quick meeting, He is very happy with my performances and my debts are now written off. I am without any money for the most exhausting 10 days work ever, but I guess I do have a new career!

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