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Sally’s First Night

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Sally was petrified. She sat on the side of the bed slowly pulling the nylon stocking up her leg, she fastened it to the suspender belt and stood up she checked to make sure that they both were the same length before stepping into her skirt. She zipped it up at the back and looked in the mirror. Her face was as white as a sheet and her heart was pumping faster than ever.

She slipped her shoes on, they were some brown stilettos that she had found in a charity shop, they hurt her feet when she walked but they looked all right which was the main thing. She looked around the small room before picking up her small bag checking her keys were inside and then stepping out of the room closing the door behind her.

Sally walked down the corridor feeling very self?conscious, she was constantly tugging at the hem of her short skirt, trying to make it longer. As she got to the top of the stairs she noticed an old man walking up towards her. As they got closer Sally could see the old man leering at her, checking out her full breasts encased in her tight top and her long legs extending from her short skirt. She felt repulsed and quickly scurried down the remaining steps and out of the building.

Sally walked briskly through the streets. It was a warm night and there were plenty of people out having a good time in the many bars and clubs that lined the streets close to where Sally lived. Sally kept her lead down and walked past everyone. She felt dirty, she felt everyone watching her, everyone talking about her, everyone judging her. Sally stuck to the back streets and alleys as much as she could as she made her way down towards the river.

The river was popular, it was known, Sally had often seen girls looking for work when she drove past there. Now Sally was on her way to join them. She could no longer drive past them and turn her nose up and she could no longer talk to her friends about how pathetic those girls were. As Sally reached the road she looked up to see about four or five girls, spaced evenly along the kerbside. The nearest one to her was quite tall, nearly six foot with a bright red wig and very tight black fitted dress. She looked over at Sally and sneered before turning on her heels and walking a little up the road away from Sally. Sally stood on the other side of the road from the other girls, looking at them, afraid to cross over and stand next to them, to be one of them. She felt a tear run down her cheek and quickly dabbed at it not wanting to ruin her makeup that she had spent so long applying. Sally took a deep breath and slowly walked across the road to take her place in the line of girls. She looked both ways; the girl in the red wig was still sneering at her from a distance. Sally looked to her right another girl with long dark hair was walking up towards her, she wore a very short leather skirt and tight sleeveless top. She smiled as she saw Sally and walked up close to her.

“Hi” she said in a very up?beat way.

Sally was surprised she had spoken, especially after the way the other girl had reacted to her. “Hi” said Sally.

“You must be new”, she said as she circled Sally, “you look a little different from your average working girl”. Sally was quiet watching the shorter girl circle her. She stopped in front of her and looked up into Sally’s eyes. “You should wear less foundation and more mascara” she said before looking down at Sally’s clothes, “and that skirt is alright but that top covers far too much”. Sally unfolded her arms and looked down at her top it was a long sleeved furry jumper that was slightly baggy. “What you got on under that?” asked the girl.

“Just a cami?top”, replied Sally getting more and more red in the face.

“Let me see”, said the girl gesturing for her to remove her top.

Sally looked around her most of the girls were talking among themselves and not paying any attention to Sally. She pulled her arms inside her top and then slipped it off over her head. She stood there a second before bringing her arms down and showing this girl her cami?top. It was made of a very flimsy silk material and did nothing to hide Sally’s quite large breasts.

“That’s better”, said the girl standing back to admire Sally’s new look, “you will get plenty more custom looking like that, I guarantee it”.

Sally didn’t really know what to do, she wanted to cover her breasts with her arms and run away back into the alley from where she had come, but she didn’t, she just stood there, smiled and said, “thank you”.

The shorter girl smiled and stood next to Sally, after a minute or so she turned back to Sally and extended her hand, “I’m Molly”, she said.

“Sally”, Sally replied, reaching to shake her hand.

The girl turned back, standing alongside Sally.

“Do you know your scale yet?” said Molly still looking out at the road.

“My scale?” said Sally slightly puzzled.

“Yeah, you know, you need to have a scale”, replied Molly incredulously.

“What do you mean by a scale?” asked Sally turning towards Molly.

“A scale, as in how much you are gonna charge for a particular service”, said Molly.

Sally hadn’t even thought about this, she had a hard enough time in coming to the conclusion that she had no other choice that to do this. She hadn’t thought it all through.

“What is the usual scale?” Sally asked looking down at the road.

“Well they all vary a little bit”, said Molly, looking around absent?mindedly, “but I charge, ten quid for the hand, twenty for the mouth, fifty for the puss and seventy five for the bum”.

Sally just stood there stunned. She had never though that she might have to do anal sex. She had done the others, but anal never, not even with her boyfriends. The idea had always repulsed her and her she was about to see her anal?virginity for seventy?five pounds.

Molly was still talking, “of course if they want to do something a little kinkier, then you can charge what you like. I had this one guy once who liked it when I dressed him as a baby. He paid me two hundred just to change his nappy and give him a bottle. What a twisted fuck but easiest money I ever made”.

Sally just nodded her head and started blankly at the road. She was surprised by the sound of a car driving slowly up the road in front of her; a bald man who looked to be in his fifties was peering at the girls through his passenger window. Sally looked to her right, Molly was cupping her breasts together and wiggling her hips as the guy checked her out. He drove on a bit and stopped by the girl in the red wig. The girl leant into the car and talked to the guy for a couple of seconds before opening the door and climbing in. The car then sped off up the road.

Molly turned to Sally, “you know, you ain’t never gonna get a customer if you just stand still like that, you need to move, you need to dance for them”.

“Dance?” said Sally wearily.

“Yeah, dance girl, you never danced?” replied Molly.

“Yes I’ve danced” replied Sally.

Molly stepped round behind Sally and put her hands on Sally’s hips and began to move them in a circular motion. Molly felt a little more relaxed and let out a small laugh and she wiggled her butt and rolled her hips. “That’s more like it, dance girl”, said Molly as she stood next to her and began to roll her hips in the same way.

Sally stopped dancing and stepped back laughing out loud. Molly laughed with her. Sally felt a lot better

Sally looked up the road to see a couple more girls had positioned themselves at regular intervals along the pavement. She looked back down the road and saw a car driving slowly up towards them.

“Here’s you chance girl, dance for him”, said Molly stepping back from the kerb to give Sally some space.

Sally tensed up she was scared again. She could just about make out the man sitting in the driver’s seat of the car rolling slowly up towards her. He looked to be in his late thirties or early forties, with short dark brown hair and an intense look on his face. He looked very serious as he checked out each of the girls. He stopped just next to Sally. Sally froze until she felt Molly hand smacking her butt. Sally took the hint and started to sway her hips, bringing her arms together to push her breasts up and out. The man leant towards the window, pressing a button it lowered.

“How much for all night?” he asked straight?faced.

Sally looked surprised, “Um, all night?” she said stammering, she looked over at Molly. Molly just held up her hand with her five fingers splayed out. “Five hundred?” Sally asked.

“I’ll give you four, get in” said the man leaning back into his seat.

Sally turned to look at Molly. Molly was waving her arms at her, “get in, get in” she said excitedly.

Sally opened the door and sat down in the big leather seat. No words were spoken on the short ride from the river. They pulled into a large estate to the North of the city. It was full of large luxury apartments. Sally got out and walked slowly behind the man. As she walked she started to look at him. He was handsome, fit, obviously well off, in fact if she weren’t in this position she would consider seeing him. He let her into the apartment block and led the way to the lift. They got in; he pressed the button for the top floor and stood back against the wall as they ascended. Sally was getting more and more nervous about what he had planned for her. I mean why would he want her for the whole night, did it mean that he was going to spend every second banging her brains out, or did he want someone to sleep with him? In that case, she thought, he’s handsome, rich he could get hundreds of women, why pay four hundred pounds for a girl when he could easily get any one he wanted for free? These types of questions rushed through Sally’s head as they she waited patiently for the lift to arrive at the top floor.

When the lift arrived the man stepped out first and made his way to the far end of the corridor. He opened the door and stepped in leaving it open for Sally. He took his coat off and walked through to the lounge area, Sally followed closely behind. As they entered to the lounge Sally stopped, she stood motionless, her heart raced and she felt her jaw literally hang open. In the lounge area were about ten men and three girls. The men were all completely naked whereas the girls were in various states of undress. Sally then recognised the girl with the red wig from the river; she was in the corner of the room sitting on a guy’s lap while she sucked another guy’s cock that was stood in front of her. The other two girls were nearly fully dressed and were laughing and joking with the men. It seemed to Sally that they weren’t ‘working girls’ at all. The man who had picked Sally up walked over to Sally, he had removed all of his clothes and a proud eight inch cock led his way to her. Sally took a deep breath.

“I’m Jim,” said the man as he stood next to Sally, “can I get you a drink?”

“Sure” said Sally. Jim wandered off and returned with a short glass filled with a deep brown liquid. Sally drank it all very quickly.

“Another?” asked Jim taking her now?empty glass.

“Please” said Sally starting to feel better.

Jim wandered off and returned with a full glass of the deep brown liquid. Jenny polished that of in much the same manner as the last and handed Jim the glass.

As Sally and Jim stood there for a few seconds in silence, Sally looking wide?eyed around the room she noticed one of the women looking seductively at her, she was a tall blonde lady with beautiful big blue eyes. She stood up from her seat and walked slowly towards Sally and Jim all the time not breaking eye contact with Sally. She was wearing a very short skirt and a very little bra top and a pair of strappy high heels about four inches tall with a pearl choker. As she got closer she looked at Jim and gave him a kiss on the cheek before running her hand over his hard cock, jerking it back and forth a little before pulling it down and letting it go slapping up against Jim’s stomach. Jim just moaned. The blonde woman then made her way around behind Jim and Sally coming to stand to Sally’s right.

“Hi, I’m Bethany”, she said smiling widely as she extended her hand, “please call me Beth”.

“I’m Sally”, said Sally, looking the Beth up and down, she was a little shorter than her, her breasts a little smaller but she was still very voluptuous and sexy. Sally took her hand and held it for a second before releasing it

“Its very nice to meet you Sally”, said Beth. “Please come with me and I will help you change”.

Beth walked slowly towards a room opened the door and beckoned Sally to follow her. Sally walked quickly towards Beth and entered the room. It was a bedroom with a large bed in the centre; it was well decorated in pastel blue. Beth sat down on the bed and crossed her legs swinging her foot back and forth; her heel tied tightly to her foot.

Beth watched Sally stand with her arms folded behind her back looking uncomfortable, “Strip for me Sally”, said Beth.

Sally looked at her and nodded, looking down at her clothes wondering what to take off first. She decided to unzip her skirt at least it would save her modesty for just a little longer. She let the skirt drop to her feet and she stepped out of it kicking it to one side. She then lifted her cami?top over her head and threw it down on her skirt. Her large breasts were now hanging free, Sally noticed Beth looking at them intently. Sally was sure she saw Beth lick her lips. Sally then stepped out of her shoes and unfastened her stockings she rolled them off placing them in the same pile as her other clothes. Sally then unclipped her suspender belt before she tucked her thumbs into the waistline of her panties. She took a deep breath before pulling them down in one quick movement, being careful to keep her legs together she tossed her panties into her other clothes and stood naked looking at Beth. Beth was staring at Sally’s pussy, not that she could see much, just the faint strip of hair that she had decided to leave.

Beth looked back up at her; “you are very beautiful Sally” said Beth in a deeper huskier voice, “please put your heels back on”. Sally did as she was asked slipping the uncomfortable brown heels back on.

Beth stood up and quickly slipped out of her bra top and slipped off her skirt, she hadn’t been wearing panties. “Please come and lie with me on the bed”, asked Beth as she shifted back on the bed a lay down on a pillow. Sally knelt on the bed and shuffled up until she was lying next to Beth. Beth looked deep into her eyes before propping herself up on her elbow and then lowering her lips to Sally’s. Sally froze; she had never kissed another woman before. Beth did have very soft lips and her tongue did feel nice licking across them as she tried to gain access to Sally’s mouth. Sally relaxed a little opening her mouth slightly. Beth needed no more invitation and soon thrust her whole tongue deep into Sally’s mouth. Sally relaxed even more as she started to enjoy the sensations. Beth had rested her hand on Sally’s waist and was now running her fingers down and over her butt. She had a much softer, much more delicate touch than any man she had been with and Sally really appreciated that. Beth was now starting to kiss down and over her neck, Sally was very relaxed, she started to sink back into her new role well, running her hands over the back of Beth as she kissed and gently bit at her neck. Sally let out a slight moan as Beth took her right nipple in her mouth and started to suck gently. Beth would nibble and bite at Sally’s breasts, while she ran her fingers over and under them squeezing and massaging them with her fingers. At one point Beth ran her fingers over Sally’s face and pushed a couple into her mouth that Sally eagerly sucked and licked. Sally then felt Beth slide her hand down over her body until she was cupping Sally’s by now very hot and wet pussy. Sally groaned as Beth slid the same two fingers deep up inside Sally’s pussy moving them back and forth rubbing the inside wall of her pussy, trying to connect with her G?spot. Sally loved this her whole body was now highly attuned to every touch and every sensation. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over Beth’s hair, feeling the soft blonde hair cascading over her breasts and stomach. Beth slid her fingers from Sally’s pussy and lifted them up to Sally’s mouth. Sally instinctively opened her mouth and began sucking and licking her own juices from Beth’s fingers. She had always loved the taste of her own pussy, many of her boyfriends had got off on her sucking their cocks clean after they had fucked her.

Beth sunk her head down between Sally’s legs and was now kissing and licking Sally’s pussy. Beth had a hand on each of Sally’s thighs and was pushing her legs as wide as they would go while she drove her tongue deep inside Sally. Sally was shaking from the sensations she was no longer in control as her body convulsed and spasms with orgasm. Sally opened her eyes to see Beth’s wet face rise up from her pussy. Beth then crawled up to Sally and kissed her passionately.

“My turn now little one”, said Beth as she raised herself up to her knees and straddled Sally’s face, lowering her puffy pink pussy to Sally’s lips. Sally had never licked a pussy before but she was now looking forward to it, she marvelled how pretty lit looked at it came nearer and how so much pleasure could come from such a little thing. Sally thrust her tongue into Beth’s pussy, licking and sucking at her lips before flicking her tongue over her clit. Sally had slipped one of her hands down between her legs and was rubbing her own clit as she licked Beth’s. Beth was getting carried away as she rode Sally’s face she was forcing her pussy harder against Sally’s lips as she yelped and groaned. Sally was also groaning as she felt another orgasm about to go through her and she really wanted Beth to cum at the same time. As Beth came screaming Sally felt a gush of pussy juice wash down into her mouth and over her face as she came for the second time.

Beth collapsed off Sally and lay on the bed catching her breath, “Mm thank you lover”, she said kissing Sally again before rolling over and laying on her back puffing and panting. Sally lay and recuperated also, thinking about what had just happened she felt warm inside and if possible even more turned on.

After a couple of minutes Beth stood up and walked to the end of the bed, “come on” she said extending her hand to Sally. Sally sat up and took Beth’s hand clambering off the bed and onto her feet. Beth opened the door and led her down the corridor and back into the room of people. Sally suddenly felt very self?conscious once again and tried to hide her naked body as much as she could behind Beth. Beth just laughed at her before flinging her out into view of everyone. Several of the people in the room looked up and smiled but most were already too busy to notice one more naked girl. Sally noticed Jim walking over towards her still with his cock standing upright in front of him.

Jim stood next to her and smiled, Sally smiled back, “you are very beautiful”, Jim said looking her up and down.

“Thank you”, said Sally smiling back broader.

“Please come with me,” Jim said taking her hand in his.

Sally let go of Beth and followed Jim around to the other side of the room. Jim sat in a big armchair. “Sit on the floor”, he told Sally. She did as she was told. Jim then held his cock out a little. Sally took the hint and took it from him, wrapping her hand around it and slowly sliding it up and down.

“Oh yeah that’s real nice”, Jim said as he rested his head back and closed his eyes, Sally pumped his cock back and forth for a while before climbing to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth. Sally’s boyfriends had always enjoyed oral sex and she always thought herself pretty skilled at it. She took his cock deep in her mouth before removing it slightly and sucking the head and licking the tip, she was still jerking it back and forth a bit while she sucked, at times grabbing his balls and giving them a little squeeze. It didn’t take long before she felt Jim’s cock tense and he sprayed hot cum into her mouth. Sally pumped it in swallowing it all down. Jim opened his eyes and looked surprised at Sally who let his cock slide out of her mouth as she licked her lips.

“Did you swallow?” asked Jim. Sally blushed as she nodded, “Excellent” said Jim as he patted her on the head, “what a good little hooker” he said before standing up and moving to the bar. Sally just knelt there feeling ashamed, was it not normal practice to swallow?

Sally looked up and around the room, all of the room had overheard Jim’s comments and it wasn’t long before another man filled the seat. “Suck me off whore and make sure you don’t waste a drop!” he said in a humiliating tone. Sally went bright red before she lifted herself to her knees and began sucking the guys cock. He wasn’t as big as Jim had been but he was above average. Sally stuck to her usual regime of pumping his cock with one hand as she sucked it cupping his balls with her other. Sally was totally engrossed in her job and the room seemed to be completely quiet to her. She was brought back to reality as she felt her pussy being stretched open by a cock. She screamed out on the cock in her mouth more in surprise than in pain. Her pussy was well lubricated and it slid in quite easily. She felt the man gripping her hips as he thrust his cock harder and deeper into her pussy. Sally found it difficult to concentrate on the cock in her mouth as she felt the balls banging against her butt hole. But it wasn’t long before his cock was tensing up in her mouth and spraying his cum deep down her throat. She licked it clean as the guy came in her pussy. She felt the warm sperm fill her pussy and slid down the inside of her legs as he pulled out. Sally dropped her head to the floor as an orgasm swept through her, moaning as she came. As she rested from her last fucking she could hear a guy saying, “and I fucked her without a rubber, what a fucking slut”. Sally was in no position to argue as another man took the seat in front of her and presented her with a tick hard cock to suck. He didn’t need to say anything Sally immediately grabbed it and suck her mouth onto it taking it into her hot wet mouth. It wasn’t long before her pussy was straining as another cock entered her. She felt the strong manly hands grip her hips as he pumped her pussy for all she was worth.

In no time at all Sally had taken another load of cum in her mouth and another load in her pussy and felt exhausted but very horny, she had cum twice more and each time felt better than the last time. She looked up to see yet another person sit in the chair in front of her, although this time there was no hard cock to suck. Sally looked up to see the girl from the river with the red wig sitting in the chair; she sat right on the edge of the seat and spread her legs wide.

“Here lick my cunt whore”, she said as she rubbed her clit tipping her head back. Sally looked down at the girls pussy, Sally could see that she had also been fucked recently and even had cum seeping out. Sally eagerly sank her face into the girl’s pussy, licking up cum escaping and thrusting her tongue in for more that wasn’t. As Sally sucked and licked she felt a hand cup her pussy and some fingers slide inside her. She arched her back and opened her legs wider to allow better access. Sally felt the fingers slide in and out of her for a while before they were removed and wiped over her butt hole. Sally anticipated what was about to happen and lifted her head to remonstrate only to heave the girl grab her and pull her closer to her as she came. Sally felt cum being squeezed out of the girl’s pussy as her pussy muscles contracted flooding Sally’s mouth. Sally also then felt a hard cock sliding forcefully into her butt. Sally screamed out but was muffled by the girl’s pussy in her face. The cock in her butt hurt but as it started to move in and out more easily Sally relaxed and started to enjoy the sensations. She began thrusting her hips back in time with him trying to get him deeper into her virgin ass.

Upload: If you choose to upload your story, it should be uploaded as a plain text file with a file name ending in “.txt” if possible. If your story has bold or italics and you need to upload a Microsoft Word (.doc) or a Rich Text (.rtf) file, you can do so, but you cannot preview it online and it may take slightly longer to be posted because we must process .doc and .rtf files manually. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.You may choose whether readers can vote on your submission or not. If you choosThe girl stood up leant over gave Sally a kiss and then moved of to another part of the room. Sally was pleased; it meant that now she could concentrate her attention on the cock in her butt. But not for long, the seat was soon filled and another cock was being forced into Sally’s mouth. She sucked his cock but it didn’t take him long before she felt him tense. It was at the same time that the guy in her butt released his cum into her butt. Sally felt the warm liquid sliding up into her butt and the loss she felt when he finally removed his cock. Sally half didn’t expect the mouth?full she got just after so focused had she been on the feelings in her butt. She struggled to swallow it all down spilling some out of her mouth and onto the floor. She swallowed all that she could before letting the now flaccid cock slide from her lips. The man must have seen Sally spill some of his cum, he stood up and grabbed a clump of her hair pushing Sally down to the floor, “lick it up whore, don’t waste any!” he said. Sally had no choice but to extend her tongue and lick up the small amount of cum she had spilt from the floor. She could hear laughing around the room but didn’t care as she sucked cum up into her mouth. Sally collapsed on the floor, she was exhausted, she had lost count how many cocks she had sucked or how many cocks she’d had in her pussy or butt. She rested for a while. She opened her eyes and looked up, Jim was stood above her looking down and he was now dressed in a robe.

“You had better get up”, he said, “you are making a mess on the floor, here wear these” he said throwing her a pair or white cotton panties.

Sally propped herself and looked down, she suddenly saw what Jim had meant, cum was seeping from her pussy and butt and gathering in a small puddle on the floor. She lifted her legs and slid the panties on careful to catch any more seepage’s. Sally went bright red in shame as the crowd of people around her were now all dressed.

“You had better clean that up”; Jim said pointing at the little puddle. Sally guessed what he meant and set about licking up the cum with her tongue slurping at the cold wet liquid trying to clean it up the best she could. Sally did a pretty good job and she smiled when she checked her final results. Sally looked up at Jim. He threw her clothes to her and told her to get out. Sally grabbed her clothes and made her way to the door. She stopped and re?entered the room red?faced, “um my pay?” she asked.

Jim looked harshly at her and took her arm before walking her to the door. He opened the door and stepped her out of it before taking out his wallet taking out ten fifty?pound notes.

“I know we agreed four?hundred”, he said, “but here is five, you were good”, he said before taking the money folding it into a tube. He waved it in front of Sally, she went to grab it and he pulled it away.

“Let me”, he said with a wry smile. Jim knelt down and pulled Sally’s panties to one side, he slid the rolled money up into her pussy letting it stick out a little, then replaced the panties. Jim then smiled laughed and closed the door.

Sally looked around the corridor, she stepped into her skirt and zipped it up and quickly slid her cami?top on. She kept her stockings, suspender belt and panties in her hand in a ball as she made her way to the lift. She pressed the button and the doors opened. She stepped in and pressed the ground floor button. Sally took a deep sigh, what a night she though as the lift descended. She felt a trickle of cum sliding down the inside of her legs she remembered the money, she quickly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side as she grabbed the money and pulled it out of her pussy. Sally then replaced her panties and pulled her skirt back down just in time as the lift doors opened to reveal a couple waiting to get in. Sally gave a small smile and walked past them and out of the building.

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