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Away with the Fairies

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Tanya had been having strange dreams for several weeks now. At the start she blamed her habit for late night snacking; cheese after midnight was renowned for causing nightmares. Except it wasn’t nightmares she was suffering from; to be honest she was not sure what she was dreaming about as she had no memory of them when she woke. What she did know was that since she had started having them she had felt extremely sexual.

This was something more than sheer horniness this was more…rabid. She had actually licked her lips the other day when her boss was talking to her about the proposals she was drawing up and as he sat on the corner of her desk she had watched the bulge in his trousers and had to swallow hard because her mouth was watering. Her boss was not attractive in any way, shape or form.

She had thought that it was caused by her break up with her boyfriend, that was a few months ago but they had not had much sex for months before they finished and it hadn’t bothered her then. She knew that it all started around the time she moved to her new house but surely with all the work that it needed doing to it she shouldn’t have any energy left for anything else.

Tanya was puzzled; she toyed with the idea of seeing her doctor; maybe there was something wrong with her. The thought of seeing the old family doctor who had nursed her through chicken pox as a child was enough to have her changing her mind. She couldn’t even think of mentioning sex to him and in her current state she may well try offering herself to him. No, best to be avoided.

Another week passed and Tanya finished her proposal for work, her presentation went well and she asked her boss for some time off. A couple of weeks to get the new house in order and maybe even have some time to relax.

At lunch time on her last day Tanya ran head down into a sex boutique, it was very upmarket and there were at least another dozen women in there examining dressing up outfits and racy underwear. Barely looking around her Tanya picked up a small vibrator from the shelf and started towards the till.

“Tanya, fancy seeing you here.”

Tanya went bright red and turned round to see Alison her old friend from school. She mumbled a greeting, the short brunette was clutching an armful of PVC underwear and was dutifully blushing herself.

“Trying to spice up the old marriage.” She said with a grin.

“I am trying to go it alone.” Tanya said, attempting to brave it out. She hadn’t had time to hide the device behind her back and was trying to be grown up about being caught with it when all she really wanted to do was run screaming from the shop.

Alison gave her a knowing nod and took the box from her hand, tossing it back on the shelf she took a large misshapen vibrator from a higher shelf and placed it Tanya’s palm.

“Honey, this will save you coming back for an upgrade.” At Tanya’s horrified look she laughed. “Honey nobody says you have to have it all in one go, and one night you are going to thank me.”

She moved away with a finger wave towards rack of sale items.

Blushing an even deeper shade of red Tanya shuffled up to the counter and gave the assistant her credit card.

When Tanya finally got home that evening she pulled the boutique bag from her oversized handbag and dropped it on the table. All afternoon she had been convinced that everyone in the office knew what she had in there and she had ended up checking the fastener numerous times just to make certain its contents couldn’t fall out.

Tanya rolled her head in a circle, the disadvantage to moving out to the countryside was the long journeys to and from work. She didn’t begrudge it though, she now lived truly in the middle of nowhere. Her garden was two acres of wilderness and the house was ancient, if a little crumbly round the edges.

She poured herself a glass of red wine and tried to ignore the box on the table. After another glass of wine Tanya snatched the box off the table and took it upstairs to her bedroom. She was torn between putting the unopened box into the bin and snatching the device from its packaging and plunging it into her ever moist centre.

She couldn’t bear this any longer she thought, she had to do something about this constant state of arousal.

With a fortifying sigh Tanya stripped off her clothes and lay down on her bed in the dark. As she had no neighbours she had no curtains at the windows and the window itself was propped open to allow a cooling breeze through.

The breeze played over her sensitive nipples making her shiver with more than just cold. Putting batteries into her new toy Tanya lay back on the bed awkwardly for a moment wondering where to start. It had been a long time since she had last felt the need to pleasure herself and never this strongly before.

With a growl of frustration Tanya picked up the vibrator, this one was twice the size of the first one she had picked. At least ten inches long and worryingly thick. She remembered Alison’s words and she agreed she didn’t have to use it all.

With her knees bent and parted Tanya began to rub the length of the dildo over her slit, she could hear her own wetness as the large rubber phallus parted her lips. Tanya let out a shaky sigh which moved to a low moan as she revelled in the sensations of something so firm and wide at the entrance to her sopping pussy. She so needed this.

In the darkness a dozen tiny pairs of eyes watched her with glee, it was working; it was really working. The mare was ripe and ready; she was touching herself. Several tongues licked their lips at the sight; their night vision much stronger than human eyes.

They flitted closer, feeling the heat coming off in waves from the naked woman on the bed. The delicate winged fairies inhaled the sexual energy the new mare was giving off and they fed deeply.

They had been preparing the human for weeks now, every night they would send her into a deep forgetful sleep and they would work tirelessly sucking and licking at her flesh drawing her sensual energy to the surface. They had been weak at the start barely able to crawl from their homes in the skirting boards and floorboards and make the daunting trek up onto the enormous bed the humans so liked. Eight of them at first had slipped beneath the bedclothes and under the mares nightclothes to place their lips to her skin. By the end of the first week some of them had recovered sufficient strength to carry the very weak and fly onto the bed. They were given the prime feeding position and were latched onto the mare’s enormous nipples so that they could feed from the desire flamed heat.

With their strength returning the fairies had begun the task of making honey with the mare, this was what they needed to restore their strength and allow them some use of their powers once more. For weeks they had endlessly milked the woman, kneaded her nipples with their mouths and their tiny hands and worked on her honey nub in the same way. Their efforts were rewarded with a stockpile of the juicy sweet honey they savoured; in their weakness however they had been unable to get her to produce the cream that was the one thing that would restore their powers.

It was a magical twist of spite that said that in order to retain their magical powers they needed the cream of the queen mare but without their magical powers they were unable to make it. Without their powers they could arouse the woman but not bring her to orgasm; it seemed that their new mare was about to do this for them.

They drew ever closer and watched as she twisted and writhed on the clean sheets, they licked their sharp tiny teeth to hear the honey slick against the object with which she played. It dipped deeper and deeper, never going further than half way in but it grew wetter and wetter until strings of the thick honey clung to it.

“Quickly, get milking and we shall have cream.” Cried the leader of the tiny creatures.

Four fairies flew to her pale breasts, two to each nipple, and began to knead and suck at the enormous raised peaks of flesh. They were rewarded with a rumbling deep moan from the mare who doubled her efforts pushing the huge phallus inside herself. The remaining fairies fluttered down to make skin contact wherever they could, the latching of their mouths drew sexual energy from deep inside the mare making her writhe and moan in ecstasy. They drank the desire fuelled sweat and doubled their efforts.

Tanya couldn’t believe how good the new vibrator felt as she worked more of it inside herself. She had barely taken six inches but the girth made her feel like she was full and stretched to the limit. Her breath came in sharp pants and her skin felt like it was on fire, she began to raise her hips to the beastly device, opening herself to its proportions. The cool breeze from the window played across her nipples until it almost felt like they were being suckled.

She gasped and bucked and moaned with waves of building desire flooding through her. She had never felt this wanton before. Withdrawing the rubber dildo nearly fully she rubbed it hard against her sensitive cunt making her knees shake with the desire that threatened to drown her. She stabbed at her core twice more with the vibrator and gave in to a toe curling orgasm that nearly dragged her into foetal position with its intensity. Her cunt clutched at the phallus within her and began to strongly pulse around it causing Tanya to cry out again and again until finally she lay back limp on the sheets.

The group of fairies cheered with delight as the mare fell to sleeping. Her legs were still splayed and the phallus lay pressed against her entrance but lay mainly on the sheet.

“Get the baskets.”

With a flurry of wings they hurried to get their water tight baskets to collect their first batch of cream. It was their duty to collect for their King, when he was restored to power he would take control of the Queen Mare and they would never lack for honey and cream again. With that in mind they set about collecting the thick cream oozing from the new mare. They scraped cream from the phallus and into their baskets and then set about cleaning the mare of all her juices. As best they could they separated the cream from the honey but they knew their latest batch of honey would be all the more potent for the traces of cream within it.

Their leader, Sterling, worked himself high inside the mare claiming every last drop of cream. Though he steadfastly dropped it all in the baskets he did allow himself to lick the long delicate fingers of both hands. He cried out in joy as new power surged through him.

The rest of the fairies watched enviously as he shot around the corners of the room at blinding speed. He came to rest at the foot of the bed, taking a breath he began to grow.

Sterling grew from the height of three inches to a staggering two and a half foot.

Watching him with awe the others flew about him and questioned him mercilessly.

“How does it feel?”

“What is it like?”

“Could you poke her?”

At the last question Sterling took hold of his cock with both hands and felt it grow, he gave a sure nod to his men. The cream was promised to the king but they needed for at least one of them to be able to penetrate the mare to secure a new batch of cream.

“Keep one basket so that we may feed, the rest goes to the king.” Sterling ordered.

“But shouldn’t it all go?” One of them asked nervously.

“I will inform the king myself but we need to boost production urgently.” He said sternly. He spoke as though it was a duty to be upheld but in truth he couldn’t’ wait to penetrate the mare. It had been too many years since they last had a successful mare and the harvest had long since dried up. Their group had nearly withered to nothing; originally there had been over a hundred of them and now there were less than twenty.

He couldn’t wait to fill the mare with his cock and milk her for all the cream she could make. Almost as good was the knowledge he would feed her his essence thus making her ever more productive. Their colony would thrive once more.

The fairies carried their heavy baskets back to their hidey holes in the walls and back to their dormant king.

King Buck lay on a bed of mouse skins such was his weak state. He had sipped on the honey from the new mare tentatively ensuring that the workers had most of it to build their strength. Once production was set up he planned to gorge himself. His yellow eyes lit up when he heard the workers return, they were making slow progress and singing celebratory songs. He finally dared to hope that they were truly saved by their new found mare.

They arrived in the corner of the great hall beneath the house each carrying two buckets.

“Sterling, what news?” He coughed.

“My Lord, the mare impaled herself and we have cream.” Said Sterling proudly.

The king gasped, there had been tales of such things but he thought them to be myths to sustain them through famine. He gaped as the harvest was set down before him.

“Sterling, take enough so that your men can penetrate the mare I will take command of her soon.” King Buck ordered. Unable to believe the harvest before him, he longed to meet this new mare. It had been such a time since he had last been full sized with a cock large enough to make a human woman scream. With the famine rife throughout the fairy kingdoms he may be able to make new allegiances with other colonies of fairies. This mare could bring him great wealth and his colony much respect and power.

He scooped a hand into the nearest bucket of cream and let the spicy sweetness coat his throat.

“Feast quickly men, I want another harvest brought in before sunrise. I will bind her to us tonight.”

“But sire?”

“If you feast then you will be able to use human containers and bring them down the trapdoor.” Buck indicated the large hatch in the wooden ceiling that hadn’t been used for so long.

Giving a sharp salute Sterling nodded to his men to begin, there was a free for all as a dozen fairy folk began to scoop out the creamy contents of their baskets.

When the men were sated and could feel the rippling of their power returning to them they set off. They lifted their wings and set off at a pace they had near forgotten was possible.

“Sterling,” Called the king just before he left the hall, “Ensure she takes your seed, it will make her beg for more.”

Holding back a grin Sterling nodded formally and dashed to follow his men. Before they entered the bedroom once more they stopped to discuss strategy, Hasp one of the youngest of the group was all for them holding down the mare and forcing themselves on her but Sterling shook his head. As much fun as that was it was not productive for the harvest. He decided to they should weave a spell and make her believe she was dreaming as they had done over the last few weeks if she had stirred. Fairy powers were strong on glamour and they were able to persuade humans to do many things they would ordinarily refuse, better still Fairies could make them enjoy it. With their feast of cream they would be strong enough to perform the necessary glamour.

Tanya roused from her deep sleep her body prickled with delight, she blinked and raised her head from her pillow. She started at the sight of two heads bent over her breasts suckling her, she moved to jerk away as a beautiful man hovered above her. He held her face between his hands and soothed her with his words even though she could barely hear him.

She was dreaming, he told her, she was having the most delightful dream and they were there to serve her every desire, all of them. She looked about dreamily and saw the beautiful little men surrounding her. There were tiny ones the size of Tinkerbelle flitting near the ceiling and a half dozen close to her who were between three and four foot tall.

“We are here to serve your wishes, tell me what you want.” Sterling called persuasively.

She looked up at him hovering directly over her naked body, “You.” She sighed, partly reacting to the glamour but also the hypnotic pulse of the two small men suckling on her naked breasts. She felt her nipples fill their mouths as their hands kneaded the flesh of her breasts, with each suck she felt herself grow wetter until she began to writhe beneath them.

She frowned up at the man, and looked downwards. He grinned at her.

“Don’t worry; it is a dream and we can be whatever size you wish.”

Sterling floated down until he positioned himself at the juncture of her thighs. He stroked himself to magical hardness until his cock reached eight inches, the fresh magic that flowed inside him wanted to produce double that but he did not want to frighten or harm her tonight.

Tanya gasped as her dream man began to slide is hardness inside her, it had been so long since she had had a real cock. He felt large and round in her tight hole, she gasped as he pushed the mushroom of its head inside and then slowly began to work in the rest. She was panting with desire by the time he came to rest, his hips to hers.

Slowly he worked backwards and forwards, milking her of honey, as she rolled her head against the pillow he added another inch to his hard cock making her cry out with joy.

Sterling had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling to the back of his head with the long forgotten pleasure of milking their mare. His disproportionate cock glistened with her juices and she had nearly filled the first bowl.

Tanya felt herself begin to shudder beneath her magical man, the suckling on her breast grew in intensity as the others sensed her arousal. She felt hands hold her thighs apart and tickling the sensitive skin all around, in time to the deep thrust of the man inside her. She cried out her orgasm so loudly that she did not hear the little men cry out their own cheer.

As she lay gasping and panting Sterling moved to her head and motioned another to take his place between her thighs.

Tanya shook her head as Sterling offered his hard cock to her lips. She murmured that she didn’t like it. He had already shrunk it down to a non threatening size and began to murmur to her again; telling her over and over that would really enjoy the taste of his cock on her tongue.

She cried out as an unknown cock plunged into her, Sterling took the opportunity to place his own on her tongue.

Tanya gasped, chocolate; he tasted of chocolate. She began to suck on him until she had his abbreviated length in her mouth.

Hasp could not control his size in the overwhelming sensations of plunging his cock into the mare, he grew it to seven inches and had to work at keeping it there, he watched in awe as his lieutenant fed his cock into the mares mouth. She was sucking greedily on him, her tongue flicking out to clean his balls. Hasp looked away so that he could concentrate on the task at hand, he focused on the thick creamy honey coating his cock. Their king would feast soon and then he would tie the mare to them so strongly that they would not have to endure the effort of this persuasion again.

Tanya was mindless with desire, she didn’t question how she could dream of all these strange men lining up to fuck her, or how incredibly delicious she found this cock to be but she sucked him to the back of her mouth and thrilled at the feel of him. Sterling had already grown twice since entering her mouth endeavouring to be as deep inside her throat as possible. He bucked against her lips as he spewed his essence at the very back of her throat. He held his breath and then released it as he felt her swallow down his cum.

He was a Fairy and as such his essence was a rich aphrodisiac to humans, he held himself inside her mouth for a few moments longer panting and revelling in his orgasm.

It took only seconds for his cum to work its magic; Tanya began to writhe in earnest, grinding herself against Hasp as she began to orgasm again.

“More” She cried, as the aphrodisiac worked its way into her system.

Sterling persuaded her onto her hands and knees and called Hasp to her mouth. He motioned another to take the place of Hasp. The next one indicated his cock with a questioning look, it was twelve inches long and broad, Sterling gave a shrug. Try it he thought.

Tanya all but growled at the enormous cock thrust into her, the insatiable appetite that grew from swallowing Sterling had her begging and shouting demands at her dream lovers.

From her position on her knees the new fantasy man stood behind her pummelling her with his huge cock and Hasp stood before her in rapture as she licked and sucked him. There was no hesitation now and she greedily placed her mouth on his juicy cock, she could taste her own juice and strawberries. With Sterling’s essence burning through her she gasped at the feeling of the cock his the back of her throat in alternate time to the cock in that was now sloshing inside her cunt.

Hasp sprayed his strawberry disguised essence and again Sterling ordered his men to move places. A second dose of essence sent Tanya into a frenzy of need; she bucked against the next cock, grinding herself with such force she nearly knocked the fairy from the bed. With animal grunts of desire she sucked the cock before her as deep as he would go, she gagged hard again and again despite the fierce gag reflex she experienced. Tanya had never more than lightly licked a cock in her life before this night.

After an hour Sterling declared that she must take no more essence before nightfall, the mare wailed and cried demanding the small men fill her mouth with their cocks such was the fever pitch of her arousal. Sterling was forced to order the men sit on her to hold her down so that the last four men could pump the frenzied woman for yet more cream. He looked down at the bowls they had carried up from the mare’s kitchen, there were eight of them and they were nearly full; three held pure honey, two held creamy honey and the remaining three held their prize; pure cream. It was enough supplies for their king to perform the binding ceremony every night for a week. He smiled to himself; it would only need one ceremony and the colony was assured for years.

Tanya awoke late in the day, she checked her clock twice when she saw that it three in the afternoon. She swung her legs out of bed and felt her muscles scream in protest. She must have got a bit carried away with the new vibrator. She felt stretched and aching between her legs but for the first time in several months she felt normal. She looked about the room and had no desire to impale herself on any near phallic objects in the room. For the last two weeks she had had to fight not place the curvy bottle of deodorant to her nether lips and plunge it inside. She gave a sigh; maybe life was returning to normal.

Tanya pottered about in her new house for the afternoon; she sanded the floor in the kitchen and stripped a hundred years of varnish from the tired old banister rail on the stairs. Dressed in only shorts and skimpy vest top she hummed to herself as she worked. She paused to make herself a ham sandwich but her stomach curdled as she tried to swallow it. Her throat felt sore as though as though abraded; she pondered whether she might be coming down with a cold. That would explain the unusual aches in her limbs and a sore throat. Tanya shrugged and picked an apple from the fruit bowl and tossed the sandwich into the bin.

Deep in the cellar the fairies began the ritual; the king had spent the day consuming the harvest of cream the triumphant soldiers had brought home. With every handful he had grown in size; with each new growth the amount of cream he could swallow increased. By the time he was eight feet tall the king had hands the size of snow shovels, he gazed at the empty containers with satisfaction. There were no lights in the under cellar but Buck could feel the setting sun in his blood, he looked around at his expectant colony and smiled wickedly.

“Bring her to me.” He cried. “Sterling, is she truly as sweet as you say?” he asked softly.

“More,” Sterling replied, “We had to withhold the essence sire for she was uncontrollable with her desire.”

King Buck contemplated the words as Sterling led the soldiers up the narrow steps and through the hatch into the upper cellar of the house. He felt lust coil and ripple through his belly; it had been so long. He stroked at his hardening cock and strode to the altar table in the centre of the room. It was five foot long and made of black marble, standing at knee height to his current size it had been an unscalable mountain to him only the day before.

Once in the upper cellar the half dozen fairies took up positions around the room, they were in tiny form and flitted like glittering butterflies around the boxes and old furniture that were scattered about the darkness. Hatch took a deep breath and concentrated on throwing the electricity switch.

Within minutes they heard the door above them open and the shaky beam of a torch being waved over the slatted staircase. As Tanya stood before the fuse box studying its array of fuses and switches Sterling flitted by her ear. He muttered to her softly casting a glamour over her; suggesting that fuse box was really below her in the lower cellar and that he would lead her to it.

Tanya was unaware of anything untoward as she followed the fairy down the narrow steps towards the altar and the awaiting king, she saw nothing such was the spell the soldier fairy had cast. With a blank face she stepped passed the huge fairy king and lay on her back on the altar table; calmly allowing the flitting figures to place her wrists and ankles in the rings attached to the stone table.

“Break the glamour.” Buck commanded. Sterling waved away the magic he had created. As the spell dissipated Tanya blinked upwards at the giant figure standing over her and struggled against her bonds. She screamed with shock and fear, pulling at her bonds which only tightened with her struggles.

Tanya looked up at the fairy king, watched his orange eyes flicker over her body and tried desperately to understand just what was happening to her. She had been in the kitchen when the lights had gone out, she had only put them on a few minutes before. Assuming that a bulb had blown somewhere she had gone to the cellar to reset the fuse box and then she had remembered the fuse box was somewhere else… hadn’t she? She gazed at the tiny figures flittering around the head of this monster standing over her.

Her eyes glanced downwards as the beast began to stroke himself and she let loose another scream when she saw the size his cock. The beast was over eight feet tall, with a man like body that was completely hairless except for the wild looking tangled hair flowing over very large, very pointed ears and down his back. The face was broad with high arched eyebrows and from his long starched lips peeked two rows of very sharp pointed teeth like a mouthful of daggers. He was very definitely not a man. Jutting out from between his thighs was the most enormous cock, it appeared to be the wide of her forearm and nearly as long. Tanya’s eye’s widened in fear and she began to thrash about as much as she could within her bonds. With a cry of dismay she realised that her struggles were pulling her bindings more tightly around her wrists and ankles.

“My queen,” The King called, in his current height his voice boomed, echoing around the large empty room. “The ceremony will bring you only pleasure; our union will bring you a life time of pleasure. I will bind to me, to my people forever, you will be our mare, our food and our queen. We will serve you for as long as you serve us; we will meet your every desire; but I will begin the ceremony now and I will not ask your permission.”

Tanya’s eyes rolled feverishly in her head as she tried to fathom the meaning of the kings words; serve, ceremony, queen; what did he mean? It wasn’t too hard to work out his intention as he began to pull apart her clothing. Huge hands ripped her t-shirt in half, then tore her bra down the centre seam. Those same huge hands swept over her bare breasts, rubbing roughly over each pink nipple before tailing downwards towards her shorts. Within seconds the thin fabric of her shorts lay in tatters on the floor, on top of them sat the broken lacy scraps that were her knickers.

Tanya began screaming in earnest, the king rolled his head back and drank in sound of her. She would not argue with him for long; it would not take long for her to succumb to the desire that they could arouse in her. With a knowing smile he leant over her and began to chant something she could not understand. As he did her dipped one finger between the folds of cunt; she was dry with fear and it took a minute of teasing pressure before he gained entrance to her opening.

Tanya gasped, the finger that probed at her opening was the size of a normal cock. Try as she might to clench herself tight and reject his advances her body worked against her. As the finger moved harshly in and out of her entrance her body began to create the lubrication such action required. King Buck withdrew his finger and sucked the honey from the digit, as a reward he stroked the pre-cum from the head of enormous cock and rubbed over her clitoris before plunging his finger back inside her. Tanya screamed again at the force of the entry. Her eyes bugged with shock as she felt a tingling where he had wiped his essence over her, her clit began to throb and pulse mercilessly.

Buck looked down at her and laughed as she fought the building orgasm. He watched her honey nub pulse under the power of his essence; felt it in the honey that coated his thick finger but still she shook her and denied her reaction. He continued the spell; removing his finger and placing the fist sized head of his cock at her opening.

In the same way that all the men of his race could, Buck could change the shape and size of his cock at will but today for the ceremony he would grow to his fullest and stretch the mare’s openings to fit him; today was not for her pleasure but for the magic. After so long being trapped in his tiny body he revelled in his magical one.

He felt her juices coating the head of his cock; his essence already working as an aphrodisiac on her. She was highly susceptible as Sterling had warned him and he could not wait to unleash the desire within her but he would not work any glamour on her now.

With a bark of laughter he thrust the bulbous head of his cock into her opening, her juices easing the way a little but he could feel her walls stretching to capacity to take him.

The tightness was sublime, he thrust hard forcing half his cock into the small cavity; she was already full.

Tanya screamed, she felt that she was splitting in two, she could feel his breath on her cheek as he continued his chant, his huge fingers digging into her breasts. She felt the heat of him over and inside her body until she felt that she would burn from it. Beneath her the altar warmed under her skin and the honey that flowed from her ran down a carved channel to a pot below. The flow of her juices penetrated the altar, activating the magic within. Beautiful vine-like tendrils sprouted from the edges of the marble table, oozing with a thousand years worth of sexual magic they slid and danced across the surface until they reached the warmth of her skin. A dozen tentacles caressed her arms, rubbing and squeezing her like fingers, the same number wrapped themselves around her thighs and calves; once in place the manacles fell away and she was gripped securely in place by the table itself.

Buck finally thrust himself to the hilt inside her, he gave a satisfied grin as he looked down upon her shocked expression. He watched as she held her breath and blinked hard trying to reconcile herself to his invasion of her. The throbbing of his essence on her clit and the near agonising stretching of her innards had her gasping beneath him. As he finished the first half of the spell he gave a cry of joy, throwing his head back and revealing the mouth full of sharp spiked teeth that glittered in the lamplight.

The fairies danced around the table looking down on the joined figures beneath them, the knowledge that their part would follow soon had all fifteen stroking their tiny cocks to hardness as they danced and dipped around their king.

Tanya’s throat was raw with screaming, her fear of this beast man fought with her body’s urge to welcome him. Her insides were stretched beyond every imagining; it felt as though he would pierce her completely and that his cock would make its way into her throat. He pressed against every part of her core, Tanya closed her eyes in ultimate shame as her body betrayed her and began to pulse around his invading cock.

Buck thrust hard and fast, he would have ripped her body to pieces had it not been for the flexibility of his magical cock. He heaved himself in and out, revelling in the wet tightness that held on to him, stroked and greased him. He felt the very moment when the mare’s cream slid down his phallus, infusing it with yet more powerful magic.

As he pulled himself free he gasped at the surge of power within him. It was time to complete the ceremony. The human laying sobbing in shame as her empty cunt continued to contract in orgasm.

Buck moved to her head and the vines holding her legs firmly apart, keeping her open and on display to the awaiting colony, flexed and grew creeping across her skin to burrow inside her. Tanya gasped as she was filled with the flexing vines.

The king tipped her head back and placed his cock on her lips Tanya tried to pull away in horror but he held her too firmly. His mouth moved over the final part of the spell as he pushed himself into her mouth, once he reached the back of her throat he let go of her face with his hands aware that his cock pinned her sufficiently.

Tanya became still with shock as she felt her throat fill with the impossibly long cock, it felt as though it would reach into her very belly before it would stop. She closed her eyes against the sight of the beasts body moving ever closer, she groaned in despair as she felt the his balls rest on her lips. They were hard and heavy and coated with her own juices.

The vines pulsed deep inside her cunt and the cock began to slide deep inside her throat, vaguely she could hear the beast murmuring unknown words as he deepened his thrusts inside her helpless body.

The king ended the binding spell with a roar and bit down into the soft flesh of her breast, he felt the tremor of fear and pain shudder through the mare and the sensation caused him to pulse within her throat and spew his essence deep inside her. His seed combined with the spell completed the ceremony; Tanya was forever bound to colony. Buck pulled out from her jaws and gazed down at her, she looked up at him with confusion as her eyes glowed orange and her body tensed as the pure aphrodisiac hit her system and she came in an orgasm that blinded all her other senses.

Tanya’s fear disappeared the moment she felt the huge cock pulsing in her throat, she couldn’t deny the extreme sensual thrill from feeling her cunt throbbing beneath the ministrations of whatever it was that fucked her with the added sensations of throbbing in her throat she felt a helpless joy at the sensations overwhelming her. She felt the sleepiness from extreme satisfaction creep over her but within seconds she felt a wash of desire ripple through her so strong it brought tears to her eyes.

“What have you done to me?” She gasped weakly as she pushed down against the vines thrusting within her cunt.

The Fairy King threw his head back and laughed with joy, he crouched down and traced the clear imprint of his teeth on her breast.

“I have marked you as mine, I have made the cream in your belly and you have swallowed my essence. You are bound to me and my colony, we need your essence to survive and you want our essence more than food. Do you want to stop?” He asked with a devilish smile.

“No,” Tanya cried, fire burned through her veins, all she could think of was her cunt and the swell of the vine pulsing inside her.

Buck stood up and signalled to the rest of his men, the fairies dropped from their flight and rose before her, surrounding her at their magical heights of between three and five foot tall.

Sterling stood between her thighs, at his touch the vines slithered out from her body and he placed his cock against her entrance. With a growl of pleasure he flexed his growing cock to its full size and plunged the whole length inside her wet warmth. He watched as Tanya bucked and writhed in blind joy. The creamy honey soaked into his cock making it grow as he thrust deep inside her, he slid easily in and out as her juices ran down her skin to be captured in the channel that guided them to the bowl beneath. He gazed down at her breasts, her nipples were tight buds pointing straight upwards. Remembering how she had responded the night before Sterling ordered two men to suckle them.

Tanya was drowning in desire, the man inside was thick and long and she thrilled at the feel of him pounding inside her. When he instructed two more to suck on her breasts she felt her eyes roll to the back of her head, she gasped as another orgasm rocked her. Unfazed Sterling pumped harder, revelling in the sensations of pushing his magical size deep inside her and buoyed by her cries of delight. He brought her to orgasm once more before he withdrew and placed himself at her mouth.

There was no hesitation, no persuasion; Tanya opened her mouth and moaned as Sterling slid deep into her throat. He looked up to see his senior man thrust into her sopping cunt, they shared a look before they both began to move deep inside her. Tanya lay limp, absorbing the cocks and the sensations they stroked within her. When Sterling finally began to pulse in her throat he thrust deep and fed her with his essence making her gasp in shock as fresh desire surged through her body causing her come around the cock pumping at her cunt.

Tanya was in frenzy; she had never known a feeling like it, the more cocks they plunged into her the more she wanted. Mouths sucked and chewed at her breasts making her want to scream as they fed the desire. Again and again cocks plunged deep into cunt and throat; swapping places as they forced orgasm after orgasm to rock her body. As each one fulfilled her she felt her desire renewed until she incoherently begged them to continue.

“Sire, she is in frenzy.” Said Sterling to the king.

“Aye,” Said the king with pride, she would welcome the attentions of the woodland folk and the earth people who were already willing to pay handsomely for the use of her. “She has another entrance, fill her.” He commanded.

The altar uncoiled a vine from her thigh and writhed itself to entrance of her arse, Tanya tensed momentarily as a finger sized vine tip probed at her tight virgin hole. She felt a slight hesitation before the sensation hit her senses, she gave a gasp and a shudder before coming again.

When all the men had fucked her cunt and face once the king ordered her to be turned over, Tanya was slick with a sheen of sweat that coated her whole body. She lay on her stomach, two thick vines pushed into her cunt; they thrust and pulsed within her causing her to writhe against them.

The king took his place astride her thighs, he looked down watching her grip the edge of the table, using it to give herself leverage to push back against the magical vines thrusting inside her. Almost unheard of; a mare so desirous she may exhaust an entire colony he thought with a surge of pride Buck placed his cock to the star shaped entrance of her arse. He narrowed his cock so as not to damage her and began to force his way in.

Tanya was beyond desire, as she felt the two vines writhing within her dripping cunt the sensation of the kings huge cock pressing against her sphincter was more than she could bear and screamed as orgasmed racked her. She lay limp as he pushed hard forcing himself inside her, she felt herself stretched painfully wide but everything these people had done to her had brought her so much pleasure she didn’t doubt it would continue. Proving herself right she felt Buck reach a point where the pain subsided and she screamed with the unbearable erotic sensation of his size deep inside her bowels. Her cunt spasm in orgasm and Buck felt the writhing vines through the thin walls that separated them. Spurred on he thrust deep until his hairless balls rested on her bare arse, he indicated another man to fuck her mouth; a woman like this only existed myth he thought to himself.

Tanya closed her eyes; she didn’t care whether she was whore or not she just wanted all she could get from these men. She swallowed the cock in front of her with abandonment taking it deep into her throat as her cunt and arse were filled as deep as they could be. She bobbed and swallowed around the thick cock making the man before her cry out in surprise.

Watching her eagerness Buck increased the length of his cock, he gazed enraptured as the mare arched her back and cried out, her voice muffled from the engorged cock pushing down her throat. He felt the spasms of satisfaction through the thin walls separating her two orifices and allowed his cock to extend to its full width; her tight tiny hole was now stretched beyond capacity; forced open to obscene proportions. Tanya clutched at the table edge and pushed backwards grinding herself against the king as he plundered her virgin hole. Tanya screamed; she could feel herself tearing and stretching to absorb the monstrous pole, but she was beyond thinking and her whole world had shrunk to include only the sensations that could be created within and around her body. As she swallowed more nectar from the cock that pumped almost in her chest, or so it felt, she growled like an animal demanding more still.

A fresh cock presented itself to her lips, Tanya looked over her shoulder directly at the king and screamed at him hoarsely.

“Fuck me.” She gasped, “Fuck me now you bastard.”

Throwing his head back with laughter the king withdrew his cock fully. After a beat he brutally plunged back inside, she arched her back unable to speak as her lips pressed against the belly of the man before her and twelve inches of thick hard cock buried itself in her willing throat.

Tanya would have screamed as the huge cock hammered its way to her bowels; with the fairy aphrodisiac in her system she was driven for more and more sensation. Tanya had never felt anything like this before it was as though she were possessed.

By the time each fairy had fucked her arse Tanya was exhausted, she fell asleep where she lay on the table.

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