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An Uncertain Fate

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When my father died, I blamed my mother. Not for his death – the car accident that killed him was due to bad weather and a teenage driver – but for all of the unhappiness that settled on our home and stayed there after he was gone. My mother locked herself away in darkness, and tried to keep me there, too.

So I rebelled. I snuck out at night, didn’t come home for days at a time, skipped school, stole clothes and makeup from the mall, smoked pot, and drank anything I could get my hands on. Playing up my bad girl image, I modeled myself after Bettie Page, dying my brown hair a deep blue-black, wearing thick bangs, keeping my skin pale and my lipstick deep red. Skintight clothes paired with black or red patent leather shoes completed the look.

But it was just a sexy look. For all of the attention I received from boys, the kissing and pawing and fumbling in the dark, I never let things get out of control. Once, I let an older boy put his hand down my pants, but his probing fingers hurt, so I stopped him after a few moments and made him take me home. I avoided spending much time alone with boys after that.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived home one day to find my uncle, my father’s step-brother, waiting with my mom to stage some sort of slut intervention for me. He and I had once been close, but I hadn’t seen him since the funeral. As I stepped into the living room, he and I sized each other up warily.

Paul spoke first. “Maggie, we are concerned about your behavior. Your friends seem to be a bad influence on you and you are in danger of being permanently expelled from school because of your truancy. You are smarter than this, and I have a plan to help you make better choices for yourself.”

Angrily, I told him, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You abandoned us after Dad died, and Mom has been more concerned with feeling sorry for herself than anything else. You can both fuck off as far as I’m concerned.”

“I thought that would be your response,” my uncle said. He turned to my mother. “I will take her in, then, and you probably won’t hear from either of us for a week or so, until we get her settled in and used to the routine.”

“Where do you think you’re taking me?” I demanded. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I have a life here!”

Uncle Paul ignored me. He and my mother discussed their plans for me, offering scant details that I could use to figure out what they had in store for me. I ran to my bedroom and found it stripped bare of my possessions. My mom entered the room behind me. I yelled at her, screaming at her for stealing my stuff. She said, “This is what is best for you. You will just have to trust us. I’m sorry things haven’t been good for us, but I do love you, Maggie.”

I pushed past her, heading for the front door. Uncle Paul grabbed me by the arm, then held both of my wrists in his one large hand and led me to his Jaguar like I was a naughty child. I would have fought like one, too, but I was beginning to realize just how worried my mom had been about me. He pushed me into the passenger seat and slowly fastened the seatbelt to secure me in place. As he pulled his hand back, his palm slid across one of my breasts and I gasped. Our eyes locked for a moment, then he stood up and closed and locked the door as if nothing had happened.

I watched him walk around the front of the gold car, his expensive suit not the least bit rumpled after manhandling me into his vehicle. He and my dad were only stepbrothers, and did not look at all alike. Dad had had curly, light-brown hair and cornflower blue eyes that matched my own. Uncle Paul had straight, almost black hair and dark brown eyes. He was also considerably larger than my father, easily 6’4, with broad shoulders and narrow hips, built like a swimmer.

After removing his suit jacket and carefully arranging it behind the driver’s seat, Paul climbed in and started the car. With a throaty growl, the sports car leapt forward as my uncle expertly navigated the residential streets and we made our way to the interstate. Once on the open road, Paul relaxed. He tugged his silk tie loose then tossed it behind him. He unfastened the top two buttons of his dress shirt and with a sigh, turned up the air conditioner.

I was cold, but I didn’t want to be the first to speak, so I didn’t ask him to turn it down. Instead, I looked out the side window, studiously ignoring him. After several silent minutes passed, he said, “I understand why you went with the Bettie Page look, Maggie. Your figure is very similar to hers – long legs, tiny waist, and all the rest. You even have good-sized nipples, like she did.”

Outraged, I turned to face him. I realized that my blouse did little to conceal my breasts with the seatbelt wedged firmly between them, and the cold air left my hard nipples clearly defined against the silky fabric. I said, “You really are a creep, you know that?”

Paul laughed. “Actually, I’m a nice guy. My niece has turned into an out-of-control slut, and when her mother called me, distraught and in tears, I dropped everything to try to help them both. But I do find it funny that you dress like a pin-up girl and then pretend to be offended when someone notices your figure.”

I looked away again and was surprised when he suddenly took an exit leading to a tiny town that I had never even heard of. After a couple of turns, he stopped in front of a doctor’s office. He said, “Don’t embarrass me here. I had to call in some favors to get you scheduled for a complete physical to assess your overall health and know if you can handle what I have in store for you. I know you aren’t going to like this, but please, just think of your mother. If you don’t comply, I don’t know what she will do.”

Feeling guilty over what I had put my mother through, I agreed to behave. The nurse quickly ushered us into a large exam room and handed me a paper gown to change into. My uncle turned his back as I stripped, quickly wrapping myself in the short, crinkly garment. It was a bland green that went from my neck to the very tops of my thighs, barely hiding my pussy from sight. It was open in the back, but the fabric was wide enough that I managed to arrange it to cover my ass. I perched on the edge of the exam table, nervously awaiting the doctor’s arrival.

An average-looking middle-aged man bustled into the room, wearing a white jacket and carrying a clipboard. He looked at the clipboard, then at me. With a smile, he said, “Okay, Maggie. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Matthews. Please lean back and let me get you settled in so that I can perform your examination. I’ll make it as quick as possible, I promise.”

He seemed warm and professional, so I slid backwards on the exam table, the gown riding up a bit to reveal the tuft of light brown curls at the top of my mound. I felt the back open up and cool air waft down my spine. I looked over at my uncle, who was seated in a chair slightly behind the exam table and to my right. He was reading a magazine and didn’t even look up, so I quickly laid back to cover my nakedness.

The doctor put my legs into the table’s stirrups, opening and exposing my pussy even further. I tensed up, but tried to remind myself that this was a normal part of a physical for girls my age. After all, I was eighteen. I should have had my first annual earlier this year, right? And my uncle wouldn’t be able to see anything from his vantage point. So this was all fine.

The doctor walked up to my left, securing my arm into a cuff. He explained, “This will help monitor your blood pressure during the exam – it may be a little tight, but don’t worry, it’s good for us to know what’s going on there. He walked to my right and secured my other wrist above my head, then attached a few electrodes along my forearm. He said, “These take other necessary measurements that will help us assess your overall health.”

The doctor settled down between my thighs. He pulled on gloves before stroking the soft hair on my mound. He said, “I need to remove this. It will just take a moment, but you need to hold absolutely still.”

I heard the ssssssh noise of a shaving cream dispenser and felt him spread the thick foam thoroughly across my hair. I watched him expertly maneuver a razor across the delicate flesh between my thighs, removing every strand of hair. He snapped off his gloves, which were covered in shaving cream, and used a damp washcloth to swirl away every bit of foam from my center. His bare fingers gripped my pussy lips as he opened them up, cupping the washcloth against my pussy and slowly grinding his palm against me. Without realizing it, I moaned at the sensation. He looked up at me and said, “You’re ready for the first part of the exam now.”

The doctor pulled out a small, silver capsule attached to a cord. He placed it against the top of my pussy, near my clit, then used a couple of clips to hold it in place. They painfully clamped on my lips, and I was about to protest when the doctor flipped a switch and all of it started to vibrate. The vibrations were low, but caused a liquid heat to immediately flood my body.

I choked out, “What are you doing?”

The doctor said, “Part of health is a normal sexual response. I need to see if you are properly sensitized, and will know in a few moments. So hang in there, okay?”

Nodding, I closed my eyes against the sensation. It was incredible. I wished it were more intense – as it was, the buzzing ignited my whole body but wasn’t enough to promise any satisfaction. Still, I writhed and wriggled and tried to find some sort of release, with no luck.

After several moments, the doctor made a harrumphing noise. Standing over me, he said, “This is highly unusual. You may need a little additional stimulation, so I’m going to try that now before we decide whether you are properly sexually healthy. There are two other erogenous zones that I think we’ll explore before I make a diagnosis, so bear with me.”

I nodded. He showed me a device that looked like a small black belt with a shiny, mushroom-shaped ball sticking out of the middle of it. Before I realized what he was doing, he had it fastened behind my head and the soft, pliable ball was nestled into my mouth. I must have looked alarmed, so he smiled reassuringly and said, “The tongue is highly sensitive. Stroke the little head and see if it helps you achieve release.”

As I focused on his instruction, I felt him suddenly cut open the top of my examination gown. He tore out a wide section, framing my milky white breasts with the green material. He plucked at my thick, pink nipples, and when they were fully extended, fastened first one then the other with a tight clamp. It stung, at least until he made a couple of adjustments and they started to vibrate. Although I was restrained, I felt my back arch and I undulated against the currents running through my most sensitive parts.

I heard a quiet moan behind me and suddenly remembered that my uncle was in the room, but I was too wrapped up in the examination to be properly embarrassed by his presence. The device in my pussy suddenly ratcheted up the intensity, and I came, crying out against the gag and thrashing against my various restraints. The buzzing that had brought me pleasure now caused pain as it continued its work, unabated, on my overly sensitized clit.

The vibrations in my pussy stopped and I relaxed. The doctor removed the clamps from my tits, my long nipples now red and engorged, standing straight up from my full breasts. Dr. Matthews bent between my thighs, pulled on another pair of gloves, and slid his fingers into my drenched opening. After a few seconds, he looked up with surprise. “Paul, come here and check this out.”

My uncle quickly walked around to the foot of the exam table, my nearly nude body spread out in front of him. I flushed with shame as the doctor guided Paul’s hand into my opening and I felt him push up against the barrier inside me. Paul looked at me and said, “Are you really a virgin?”

I nodded, still gagged and unable to speak. Tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes. He and the doctor spoke in low voices as they both continued to stroke their fingers in and out of my tight opening. Much to my embarrassment, I felt my juices start to flow again as my clit recovered from my previous orgasm. Paul finally looked at me and said, “Maggie, I wouldn’t have taken you from your home if I knew you were still a virgin. But I can’t bring you back to your mom – she would be devastated. We’ve decided that Dr. Matthews is going to provide me with a way to help you with this… situation.”

I tried to tell him no, not to do whatever it was that he was thinking of. But nothing came out but a few muffled whines, and Paul didn’t seem to notice. He and the doctor removed what was left of my gown, and Paul said, “I need a few moments to prepare for this, so I’m going to have to touch you a bit first.”

Paul came around to my side, ignoring my whimpers and my attempts to plead with him. He cupped my tits firmly with both hands, massaging them painfully, then twisted both nipples lightly with his fingertips, stretching them out further than I would have thought possible. He bent his head, holding my nipple in his teeth as he swirled his tongue all over my sensitive flesh before sucking and toying with it. I groaned around the intrusion in my mouth. He leaned across me and repeated the process on my other nipple, teasing me until I was all but sobbing with pleasure into the ball gag. When his mouth left my body, I was bereft, wanting more of his caresses.

Suddenly the doctor reappeared, making adjustments to the table. I felt the hydraulic lift jerk once, twice, before the exam table was slowly lowered, me with it. The table tipped, angling my head downward as my hips were lifted. With a final jolt, the table stopped moving. I felt my tits bobble against each other, settling high and firm on my chest. I could see the naked folds of my pussy, puffy and open, as eager as the rest of me. My whole body was on view for these two men, and I had no thought other than what wonderful feeling I would experience next.

Through lowered lids, I watched as Paul unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. His cock looked impossibly huge, but he rubbed it firmly against my dripping slit, bumping the swollen tip against my clit slowly, once, twice, three times. I gurgled eagerly from behind the gag, thrilled by the sensation.

The head of his cock jabbed into my tight passage. I grunted in surprise, the pain dulling my pleasure as with a sharp cry of triumph, my uncle pushed past the delicate membrane deep within me. My body tightened and jerked against his invasion. He paused and said, “Relax, Maggie. You will love this in a moment. Take a deep breath.”

I did as he told me, and he pulled back slightly. My relief was short-lived, however; he slammed into my tender cunt, stopping only when his balls slapped against my ass. I cried out in pain, but he and the doctor shushed me. The doctor began massaging my breasts, and soon Paul’s finger reached between us and he rubbed my clit in a matching rhythm, his cock still buried deep within me.

The pain disappeared, and ecstasy replaced it. I slurped around my gag, a wet chant of yes, yes, yes as both men sped up their ministrations. Lightning struck and I shook and keened as my second orgasm reverberated through me. Paul took the opportunity to begin thrusting into me with vigor, but rather than hurt, all I felt was a wonderful and complete fullness. I felt a slow burn begin deep in the center of me, and knew a third orgasm was not far away. But Paul was at his limit, and with a final thrust and a bellow, he scalded my insides with his cum.

As he pulled out, I whimpered, wanting that one last chance at bliss. The doctor finally let go of my tits and took Paul’s place between my outspread thighs. Without hesitation, he unzipped his trousers and thrust into me. Furiously, he pistoned his hips, pumping into me like some kind of robot. While he did not have nearly the girth that Paul did, his frantic pace set my body afire. As I screamed out my delight, my pussy convulsing around his cock, he filled me with his juice, then collapsed on top of me. The room went black.

When I woke up, I was still naked, but my body had been thoroughly cleaned. I was damp from the sponge bath the doctor had apparently given me, and he was rinsing out the tub in the sink in the corner of the exam room. Paul was sitting across from me, once again fully dressed, and he smiled warmly. “Maggie, you are almost too beautiful to allow you to get dressed. But don’t worry, we won’t put too much clothing on you.”

He walked over and pulled me to my feet. Paul slowly unbuttoned a white blouse that had been hanging from the back of the exam room door. He brought it to me and I held out first one arm, then the other, as he pulled it over my back. Before buttoning it, he reached up and caressed my tits, rubbing his palms against my hardening nipples. Then, with a sigh, he fastened the three middle buttons on the shirt, leaving two buttons above and below undone. You could see from my belly button all the way down to my bare pussy, and a generous amount of cleavage pushed against the open top. My nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, especially now that my uncle had teased them erect.

He pulled a pleated plaid skirt from the hanger on the back of the door. I stepped into it as he slowly tugged the short skirt into place. Paul then nudged my legs apart with his own, stepping close and reaching behind me. His large hands cupped my bare ass under the skirt, pulling me tight against the growing bulge in the front of his pants. His hands slid more firmly under me, a couple of fingers tracing my dampening slit. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, making as much contact with his body as I possibly could. He lowered his mouth to mine for a passionate kiss, his tongue probing into my mouth as his fingers probed into my pussy. It was heavenly.

Paul whispered against my lips, “Let’s get back on the road, Maggie.”

I nodded and reluctantly let go. He gestured to a pair of simple shoes, dainty kitten heels with a leather strap across the top of the foot. I slipped them on as Paul and Dr. Matthews shook hands. Dr. Matthews grinned at me as I followed Paul out the door.

Once back on the highway, Paul said appreciatively, “You are incredibly sexy. We just fucked, and I’m hard again.”

I looked down at his lap. The bulge looked like it was ready to burst through the fly of his trousers. I felt a now-familiar wetness spread through me. Paul reached down and unzipped his pants, his 9-inch cock rising like a phoenix from the ash-grey fabric. He said, “Unfasten your seat belt, get on your knees in the seat, and take me in your mouth.”

I didn’t even think to tell him no. I just did what he said, bracing my arms against the seat back and the dashboard as I lowered my head and tentatively licked the deep red tip of his cock. Impatiently, Paul pushed my head down, so I struggled to take more of him into my mouth, pulsing my tongue against his shaft as I slid further along his cock, my ass stuck up in the air.

As I worked on his cock, trying my best to make Paul happy, I felt him reach behind me. He flipped my skirt up over my back, so my most secret parts were fully exposed. When I heard the tick, tick, tick noise of his turn signal, I realized that he was going to pass someone on the left, so if they looked at the car as we went by, whoever was driving would get an eyeful of my bald, freshly fucked pussy and tight little ass.

I tried to protest, pulling up so I could tell him no. Paul pushed firmly on the back of my head, forcing even more of his dick into my mouth. The thick head of his cock bumped my tonsils and I gagged, giving him even more access to my throat. He shoved harder, until my nose was nestled in the crisp hair at the base of his shaft. Desperate for air, I sucked furiously and tried to breathe out of my nose as my splayed lips drooled against him.

Paul said, “Don’t try to defy me. You want this – you want it all. I’m going to give it to you, and if you fight again, I’ll punish you for it.”

With a big, open palm, Paul slapped the left cheek of my ass, the spanking leaving my skin hot where his hand had been. Without thinking, I yelped and tried to jump away. Once again, he forced my head back into position. I didn’t know what to do, so I tried to focus on making him cum as quickly as possible. Assured I was being compliant, Paul resumed my spanking, paddling me as best he could while still driving down the highway. To my horror, instead of being angered by his behavior, I could feel my juices flowing, wetting my inner thighs, as my flesh turned red and hot from the abuse.

I continued my ministrations on Paul’s cock, moving up and down as if I were fucking him. My tongue swirled around his shaft then played along the underside of its mushroom-shaped head. I pulled my mouth away from him, keeping only the head of his cock in my mouth as I gave it a deep, suction-filled kiss. Once again, I plunged down the length of him, trying to avoid gagging as his big prick filled my mouth. Luckily for me, the gagging motion itself caressed Paul’s cock, and it seemed to push him over the edge. He yelled out as thick ropes of his cum filled my throat and mouth, the acrid, salty taste assaulting my senses. He held my head in place, giving up my spanking for the time being. My ass throbbed as I drank down his thick offering.

The car swerved a little and I felt the Jaguar pull onto an off-ramp. By the time I finished swallowing Paul’s deposit and wiping the corners of my mouth, the car was stopped. I sat up, pleased with myself for getting him off. I looked to Paul for praise, but he ignored me as he zipped up and opened his door. Feeling abandoned, I sat back down in my seat, my right hand automatically creeping up to rub my soaking pussy.

I looked in the side mirror and realized that some people in a large truck, pulling an even larger trailer, had followed us off of the highway. There was a girl who was probably a year or two older than me standing next to Paul and another man. The girl had bare feet and was wearing a sundress that was nearly translucent in the afternoon sun – blonde and tall, with strong features and an athletic build, she had the tits of a 1950s starlet, and her exaggerated areolas and unbelievably fat nipples were visible in the mirror even though she was several feet away. Her companion was a light-haired man in his late 40s or early 50s, and wore overalls and a straw hat like he was some kind of pot-bellied hillbilly.

I could see Paul ogling the Jayne Mansfield clone, and decided I should remind him of what was waiting for him back in his car. With the most seductive stride I could manage, I walked over to Paul, the farmer, and his daughter. I felt the fresh air swirl under my skirt, and my skirt rubbed deliciously against my freshly shaved pussy. And I had thought I was turned on before!

All eyes were on me as I grabbed Paul’s arm affectionately. I made sure he could feel my tits brush back and forth against him as I asked, “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

Paul flicked his eyes in my direction, then extracted his arm from my grasp. Grabbing me by the shoulders, he pulled me in front of him, into the center of the little circle they had formed on the side of the road. Paul said, “This is Maggie. She’s very eager, and I think you are going to get along really well with her this evening. Maggie, this is Mr. Yoder and his wife, Sally.”

They were married? Oh, that poor girl! Having to fuck that country bumpkin all of the time must be so disgusting. I gave her a sympathetic smile and said, “Pleased to meet you both. Paul, what do you mean, this evening?”

Mr. Yoder spoke up, his thick drawl making his words hard to understand. “Turns out I’m not much of a farmer, like this’un’s daddy thought I was. But that’s jus’ fine, because I’m a helluva businessman, and my girl here is a helluva entertainer. We drive around lookin’ for folks like you, to make you famous on th’ Internet doin’ things that some guys will pay to watch.”

“You’re a porn webmaster?” I sputtered in disbelief. Yoder smiled and nodded. His wife stepped forward, and before I could react, leaned in and began kissing me passionately. Paul was holding me in place, and when I tried to protest – I’m not into girls! – my lips opened enough to allow her tongue access to my mouth. It was soft, and delicious, and wonderful. I could feel Paul getting hard against my ass. Again? The man was a sex fiend!

At least, I thought so until I noticed my own wetness seeping down my thighs.

Sally broke the kiss with a giggle. She said, “You’re a great kisser, you know that? We’re going to have so much fun together!”

She led us behind the trailer, which was essentially a large wood box the size of a storage shed with two doors at the back. Yoder unlocked a padlock, yanked a chain through the metal rings on each door, and they sprung open to reveal what could best be described as a porn studio on wheels. The walls had been painted a deep blue and the back two-thirds of the trailer was covered by a thick mattress and silky, cream-colored sheets that looked surprisingly clean. At the edges of the mattress were assorted pillows in various colors, fabrics, shapes, and sizes – exactly what you would need to attempt complex positions and configurations. Thick silver eye hooks were bolted into the ceiling and at varying heights along the walls. Near the trailer doors were stage lights, colored filters, a pile of metal legs that I assumed were used as tripods, and a couple of boxes labeled “costumes” and “toys.” There were also silver camera cases, one of which Yoder immediately opened up, extracting a complicated looking digital camera.

Paul said, “Get undressed and climb onto the mattress, Maggie. Sally will be with you in a moment.”

I whispered to him, “Paul, I can’t have sex with her! I’m not a lesbian. There’s just no way.”

He snapped, “You will do what I tell you, when I tell you to do it.” Seeing my eyes fill with tears, he relented a bit. “Okay, honey. How about this: you get naked and sit on the mattress. You let Sally touch you, and you touch her a bit, but then I will fuck her and you just watch. Would that be okay?”

Relieved and grateful, I nodded. Slowly, I removed the little clothing I was wearing. Yoder whistled his appreciation, which boosted my confidence even though he was kind of gross. I stepped onto the mattress and tried to balance myself on the cushiony surface, and Yoder moved in for a close-up. He slowly panned from my head down to my toes, lingering at my more interesting parts. I felt my whole body flush pink as I blushed, embarrassed by the situation.

When I was finally calm enough to look at the others, I saw the effect I was having on them. Both Paul and Yoder sported thick bulges at the front of their pants. Sally’s eyes were half-closed and she was pinching and teasing her nipples through her sheer dress as she gazed at me. Gauging their reactions, I felt lusty, wanton, powerful. It was intoxicating.

I was beginning to understand why those Girls Gone Wild chicks always seemed so eager to participate. You could really get off on exposing yourself like this!

Yoder gave me some basic instructions, and I quickly complied. I got down on my hands and knees, my breasts swinging underneath me. Then I turned around, thrusting my ass up as I pressed my tits into the mattress, spreading my legs to more fully expose my bald pussy and asshole to the seeking camera lens. With a smile, I looked over my right shoulder in time to see Sally drop her dress to the ground. Her tits really were spectacular – gravity-defying globes tanned to a healthy glow, thick brown nipples that were already hard and nearly as big around as they were long.

She knelt next to me and slowly caressed the cheeks of my ass. I shivered in delight. In her melodious, breathy voice, Sally said, “I see you have been spanked recently – you still have welts. Are you a naughty girl?”

Closing my eyes, I mumbled that I was. She laughed, a low, throaty chuckle, and said, “You look pretty good to me.”

I allowed her to roll me onto my back. Yoder moved to the side as Sally lay down next to me, curled up against my hip, her huge tits pressed against my own smaller breast and ribs. She leaned over and kissed me, softly at first. But when I parted my lips and ran my tongue along hers, she became more aggressive, plundering my mouth with her own. I ran my hand along the smooth angle of her cheek, then down her back. She ran her hand along my jaw, dancing her fingertips across my collarbone before latching on to one of my tits. Rolling, pinching, and kneading my nipples, Sally finally caused my body to respond. Unfortunately, what I wanted, she couldn’t give me.

I wiggled, trying to get out of Sally’s grasp. As if she spent all of her spare time wrestling, she grabbed my arms, pinning them above my head before centering herself on me. At first, she knelt with her legs on either side of my waist, rubbing her breasts against my own. The unbelievable softness of her skin against mine was unlike anything I had ever imagined, and when the rigid tips of her tits met mine, we would both shiver with pleasure.

Still fighting not to have sex with another girl, I tried to free my hands, but Sally was having none of it. Eventually tired of the struggle, she lowered herself fully on top of me, her huge tits crushing mine. Slowly, she began to rub her shaved pussy against my own, more soft skin on soft skin, her heat and the smell of her sex – fresh, almost woodsy, and sweet – emanating from our fused centers. With increasing intensity, she stroked herself against me, humping vigorously. I felt her juices seeping onto my skin, merging with the hot wetness seeping from my own pussy. She murmured, “I’m so close…”

Suddenly, she shifted. She dropped my hands and slid up to my chest, sitting her firm, round ass on my breasts so that her cunt was spread open below my chin. Sally used her legs to pin my arms in place, keeping me trapped. With a small cry of pleasure, she plunged both hands into her pussy, her right hand furiously stroking her clit as the fingers of her left hands pumped in and out of her slit. As Sally came, her juices coated my chin and throat, bathing me in her soft scent.

Without giving Sally time to recover, Uncle Paul swept in, turning her onto her belly on top of me so that our pussies were level with each others’ mouths. Determined not to give in, I clamped my lips shut just as Sally opened my other lips, tunneling her tongue deep into my cunt. She spread her legs in invitation, but before I could make my last stand against girl-on-girl action, I was shocked to see my uncle’s lovely cock savagely plunge into her pussy. Her cry of pleasure vibrated against the folds of my own sopping pussy, and she renewed her efforts, nibbling and sucking at all of my most tender flesh as I began to squirm.

Paul switched up his game, pulling out completely. I marveled at the sight of his glistening cock as it emerged from deep within her cunt. He murmured, “Just watch, Maggie.”

As if I could take my eyes off of him! Paul pushed the purple head of his prick against the clenched crinkles of her asshole, and to my amazement, I watched her relax, allowing him access. With a groan of satisfaction, Paul slowly forced his cock into her backside, sheathing himself fully in her tight hole. Equally slowly, he pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside of her. Before he could push in, Sally thrust back against him, moaning into my slippery center as he filled her again.

Sally caressed my pussy with her fingers, pushing deep inside my pussy as she continued her vigorous licking. She removed her fingers briefly, then I felt one press against my own backdoor. I tried to relax as Sally’s digit entered my ass up to the second knuckle, stroking against the fleshy ring as she caressed my asshole in time with Paul’s thrusts. It was a strange pressure, but felt so good that I couldn’t help but cry out. Paul and Sally both sped up, and she began suckling gently on my clit. It was so hot, and she was bringing me such intense pleasure, that I decided to return the favor.

Reaching up, I parted her smooth lips with my fingers until I saw the deep pink center of her. Her clit was so swollen, it popped up from within like a juicy pearl, just begging for attention. Hesitantly, I ran my tongue across her clit, emboldened as she shouted and bucked in response. Paul and I made eye contact, and he began pounding into her ass for all he was worth as I captured her clit in my lips and thrashed it with the tip of my tongue, savoring her sweet taste and scent. Sally jammed her finger deeper in my ass as she mimicked my motions. It was all she could take and she screamed out like someone was killing her as her whole body shook with orgasm.

I let my head fall back as Sally sucked my clit almost violently. I wrapped my legs around her head, bringing her in deeper as the first shocks of my own orgasm began to spread. Paul pulled out of her ass completely as he came, coating my face with his cum. The three of us collapsed in an exhausted heap, their combined body weight smothering me for a few moments before they rolled to either side of me. After several moments passed, Paul got up and began putting on his clothes. Sally did the same. I was too tired to try yet, so I rolled onto my stomach, wiping my cum-covered cheeks onto the sheets before closing my eyes.

I felt hands at my hips and I groggily tried to push them away, only to be rewarded with a firm slap to my bare ass. I looked over my shoulder to see Mr. Yoder unzipping the fly to his overalls. What he wanted was obvious, so I pushed up to my knees, intending to crawl away from the disgusting man. He took my raised bottom as an invitation, hissing, “That’s a good girl, always ready to fuck.”

Without preamble, he slammed his enormous cock into my newly broken in pussy. I screamed in pain, only to be rewarded by the sound of his laughter as he drilled into me. His hands reached underneath me, fumbling against my breasts until he latched onto my nipples, pinching until the throbbing in my tits matched the throbbing in my cunt. It was excruciating, at least for the first couple of minutes. Then he gentled his touch, teasing my breasts and slowing his pounding of my pussy considerably. With a shock, I realized I was close to coming, my nipples and cunt pulsing in a matching rhythm as his thick cock stroked my insides. All at once, a fiery liquid pleasure rippled from one part of my body to the other as I keened and bucked in delight. Mr. Yoder’s cum bathed my hot sheath momentarily, but he pulled out before I had milked him dry. I felt two thick spurts lash my ass and thighs.

“Something to take with you to remember us by,” he chuckled. My mind was racing as I gathered up my clothes and stepped out of the trailer.

A silent car ride took Uncle Paul and me to an upscale hotel. As he checked us in, I self-consciously tugged at my skirt, which was now apparently glued to my ass with Yoder’s semen. A deluxe room with a single king-sized bed told me that Paul and I would now be traveling as lovers, to whatever fate he and my mother had decided for me. Try as I might, I couldn’t conceive of what he had in mind, so I shrugged off my questions along with my clothes and headed for the large bathtub.

To be continued if there is interest…

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