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One’s mind can play tricks when the brain is on overload the last week of the semester? Which is trick, and which is reality? Hard to say when one’s in a fog, as I am.

Here we three are again. It’s about 1:00 am, and Tanner, Mitch and I are working away in the fraternity house dining room. Tonight’s scene will undoubtedly repeat the last few nights.

We’ll be up all night again working on school projects, or maybe catch a couple hours of sleep and a shower before our first class. This is the fourth such night in a row for me.

I study marketing, and I’m building a retail display. Tanner is assembling some hydrology report and PPT that’s 50% of his civil engineering course grade. Mitch is painting for his fine arts studio. No nudes; just shapes and colors that mean nothing to most, including me.

Since what we are doing for our degrees often entails making tangible, visual objects, rather than taking 4 or 5 final exams at the end of the semester, only a little mind cramming at the semester’s end is required for us. As time-consuming as these projects are – and they’re extremely time-consuming — at least we can chat while we work.

Being the red-blooded males we are, the conversations inevitably turn to sex and more sex. We also talk about other stuff, then sex. Many tales of sexual conquests are told, real or imagined. Mitch’s are likely true. He’s quite the stud.

Mitch is 6′ of a solid runner’s physique and has longish, naturally spike-ish blonde hair. He has large eyes and an enormously wide, friendly grin. His muscular ass from miles of running makes chicks swoon. I can say from the showers that the blonde drapes match the rug, and his tool is 5″ and thick even when the showers run cold. The word is it tops out at 9.5″ real big inches when angry. He has no trouble getting dates, and getting what he wants on these date, or so he contends. I believe every word.

Reality dictates that Tanner and I must admit to more mundane specifications, neither grotesque nor particularly impressive. Tanner is a bit shorter than 6′ and has reddish, ginger-colored hair, top and bottom, and extremely fair skin. His long hours at the gym more than compensate for his somewhat modest manhood. The ladies say they like my blue eyes, and at 6′-3″ I at least have this one redeeming quality, in stature vertically, but like Tanner not so much verticality of appendage when horizontal. We’re just what you might call average.

Did I mention sex? After days of this shit, our minds are frantically looking for anything else to escape the tasks at hand, and sex is seemingly the only place our minds will lead. Mitch’s soft-spoken tales of tails he nails are mesmerizing. As I carefully apply some of the artwork, I can easily visualize his massive tool lifting some hot, tight-assed co-ed off the bed by the pussy as he unloads into her.

Tanner and I tell a couple of tales each because a couple is about all we have. I say “about” because he and I have one we aren’t about to share. It involves fellatio and each other. Tanner and I glance at each during these chats knowing what the other is thinking: having one of our little twosome include a threesome with Stud Mitch. The exhaustion and horniness under which Tanner and I labor provide enough questionable judgment to act on our lurid thoughts given the opportunity, if any.

I go into the adjoining women’s restroom to take a leak, and Tanner soon follows. We are peeing side-by-side, eyes fixed on each other’s enlarging dicks. We finish peeing and linger a while, looking and stroking. I reach over and stroke Tanner’s tool, which makes me harder. Tanner returns the favor, and his gets harder too. We’re thinking the same thought: how we’d both like to write a new chapter in our book of fellatio. Man, I wish we could continue this, but Mitch is just outside the door. When we finally speak I say: “you want him to fuck you, don’t you.” Tanner replies simply and succinctly with only a large grin. As much as we hate it, we drop our hand, put up our organic toys and return to our work.

Although we’ve known each other well since we were freshmen, Tanner and I began to bond earlier in the semester through innumerable drunken chats sitting at our bar of choice. A frat brother tends bar there, and it features $1.75 mixed drinks. They’re so filled with alcohol we sometimes have to ask for more mixers. We save the quarters for what seems like a free round. You can do the math.

It’s always a turn-on as we get wasted and talk about sexual fantasies we have. I told Tanner I have a weakness for blondes. I’m an ass-man, I explained, and like modest-sized tits. I even admitted to Tanner, best I recall, that I’d like to try man-on-man sex. Tanner, in a similar drunken state, once confided in hushed words in an alcoholic haze that his fantasy is to pull a train while others watched and gave instructions. A queer thought, I thought at the time, but certainly no more so than my subsequently — that very night — placing my lips around my dick’s dick and sucking his cum into my mouth and swallowing.

As well as I know Tanner, though, he’s still an enigma. After we shared our very secret fantasies and even traded loads, one would think barriers to more buddy-fucks would be broken. One would think he’d go for it again. That’s what I though, but he never takes the bait I toss. As exciting was the experience we had, I almost wish it never happened for the simple reason that now I spend countless hours wondering what the fucking deal is. My mind finds an obvious target and blames my innumerable shortcomings. As we exit the restroom I hope — probably in vain – that maybe Tanner and I can sneak away later for a little action.

As we return to the dining room, I’m even more turned on at the more lurid thought-grabbing fantasy of some action tonight with Mitch and sport an enlarged dick strapped against my pubes by my jeans. My mind suggests that maybe tonight really will be different. Alas, the reality of the absurdity of this mind trick quickly sinks in. Tanner takes a seat and continues pouring over his numbers. Fuck; he ain’t biting – again. I look at Mitch to see him contentedly painting away and become convinced that my thoughts of something sexual delivering me from this drudgery won’t happen — again. I’m pissed at myself for allowing my exhaustion to play a trick on my mind by momentarily believing my fantasies might become a reality — again. The real mind trick is how completely wrong I was.

I can’t say with certainty what turned Mitch’s light on. Was it the knowing glances Tanner and I gave each other earlier, Mitch’s clairvoyance, the heavy sex karma and good mo-jo that has been filling the room for three nights, or Tanner and me lingering a bit too long in the can? Shit, maybe he’s just tired and horny like the rest of us. Whatever his motivation, Mitch says out of the blue that he’s always wondered what it would be like to “butt fuck a tight pink hole.” The X-acto blade I’m using nearly takes off a finger. The fact that Mitch didn’t mention gender is not lost on me. Tanner and I quickly agree, of course, we’d like to try that too. We all laugh that not even the skankiest of bitches we would be caught with would give that up. Inside, I’m receiving a huge shot of adrenalin from Mitch having possessed and shared the thought, which will at least provide fodder for my modest cannon when I later jack it off, with or without subsequent sleep or help from Tanner. I laughingly observed, and internally half seriously say, that I know Mitch fancies redheads, and damned if we don’t have one sitting in the room with us (Tanner, of course). More laughs, but no one says no or has any negative reaction. Instead, Tanner and I look over as Mitch’s chair scoots backward across the floor and see him leaning back kneading his remarkable tool. There’s renewed excitement of sexual possibilities. Incredibly, Mitch suggests that we take a break and “go pull one off.” Tanner says he just downloaded a new porn video. Off we go to Tanner’s room for a break.

We respect the considerable quiet in the dorm area of the house by talking in whispers as Tanner sets up his laptop and turns on a small bedside lamp for minimal light. I quietly ask Tanner whether this video is to be part of his hydro PPT. Our chuckles are subdued and a bit nervous. We lie back on the floor against a couple of gigantic, upholstered pillows and stare at the screen. Our minds leave engineering, marketing and the fine arts to focus instead on Tanner’s video, which turns out to be a bi-MMF. I get a bit nervous from this development, but it’s not my video. Mitch doesn’t comment, complain or care.

As we become engaged in the porn, we are each soon rubbing our throbbing dicks through our cloths. My left arm is rubbing lightly against Mitch’s right, which fuels my horniness. Tanner is the first to overtly act. He unbuttons and unzips his jeans and slides them down below his round hips, which look nice as he lifts them. Mitch and I follow Tanner’s lead. Mitch’s exposed ass is even nicer – much nicer – as his pants slide past, and it’s exposed.

In fact, Mitch’s whole long, lean, lithe body is superb. The rumors about the size of Mitch’s tool are not exaggerated in the least. My God, it is something to see! It’s got to be 2″ across and at least 9.5″ long as rumored. It’s as white as his fair skin, including the large helmet-head. His otherwise mostly hairless upper body has a vertical trace of dark hair running to and just above his navel. Dark blonde hair surrounds his package, his large low-hanging balls, which drop down between his legs when he bends them at the knee, and between his upper legs. As I lean back after bending upward to turn up the sound on the video, I can see his tight pink hole nestled beneath the darker blonde hair.

We smell the musty man-scent of hot meat as our breathing has become harder. Mitch even reaches down with his left hand to fondle his balls and then rubs on his asshole. He stops stroking his meat and slowly works up the courage to reach over — hesitantly – to stroke my much more modest meat with his right. I almost shoot my load. I tentatively reach over with my left hand to Mitch’s monster dick for some slow stroking. Tanner’s left hand slides up his torso, rubbing his chest and pinching on his nipples as he stares at Mitch and me stroking each other. I stare at Mitch’s tool as I scoot more to my left to further position my entire left side against Mitch’s warm body. Our legs begin to rub on each other. It’s all I can do not to immediately go down on Mitch.

Our attention leaves each other when the butt fucking Mitch had pondered earlier presents itself on the screen. One guy is on his knees eating the girl’s pussy when he starts receiving the other guy’s big sausage from behind. The look of pain as it slides in is not lost on us, but as always happens in these videos, his eyes are soon rolling back into his head while his panting, moaning mouth is begging for more. Mitch wryly observes, “see Tanner, he likes it,” as we resume our slow stroking. A hundred unasked and unanswered questions race through my mind, and Tanner’s I suspect, at this comment. As he presents this observation, Mitch’s massive member gets a rush of adrenalin and blood, which makes it twitch noticeably in my hand. He wants to take Tanner, I think, about as much as Tanner wants to be taken.

After a moment’s contemplation, Tanner’s incredibly provocative and deliberate response to Mitch’s observation is physical, not verbal. Tanner gets up and pulls off all his cloths, revealing his buffed-out self. Quite nice. He reaches in a drawer and fishes out a box of condoms. Tanner pauses for a moment then throws the box down onto Mitch’s chest, as if the gauntlet. Tanner steps over to grab one of the enormous pillows on which we’re leaning and pulls it into the middle of the room. Mitch and I are incredulous as Tanner kneels himself over it, with legs spread wide with his exposed ass up pointing proudly up. Tanner puts his head down and says: “so, make me like it, Mitch.”

Mitch stops stroking me and just sits a moment. He picks up the condoms and stares at it like it’s a Moon rock. After a few moments of deep contemplation, Mitch quietly, nervously asks condom-/gauntlet-thrower Tanner: “got any lube”?

Tanner with his head lying on the pillow casually says without moving: “in the same drawer.”

Mitch and I look at each other, then at Tanner’s shapely and truly inviting ass, then back at each other. We grin at one another and spring to our feet and start shucking cloths. Seeing Mitch getting naked in this context is fucking awesome. His great white Moby Dick of a dick is pointing straight out notwithstanding its length and mass.

Now naked, I kneel down to reach under Tanner to stroke his prick. I lean over and take Mitch’s meat in mouth. I’ve craved this for a long time. Mitch enjoys it too as he moans softly. I can only get about half in my mouth before I get a gag reflex. My free hand rubs the copious patch of blonde hair running up his ass cleavage. I feel the moist warmth of his ass hole as my hand rubs past it.

Mitch pulls his dick from my mouth, depriving me of my supreme enjoyment. He applies lube to the taught protection he now dons. Mitch squeezes more lube onto his fingers and kneels down behind Tanner. He carefully applies the lube around the reddish-brown fuzz encircling Tanner’s wrinkled hole and slowly slides a finger, then two, inside Tanner. Tanner moans a bit at this, and his dick becomes rock hard in my hand. I wonder whether Tanner’s been holding out on me given the ease with which that second finger stretches his not-so-tight pink hole. I keep watching in a state of great excitement, slowly stroking my meat and Tanner’s.

Finally, it’s party time. Mitch moves closer to Tanner’s and slides his lubed dick up and down the crevice of Tanner’s buffed, exposed ass. Mitch ‘s throbbing meat shows he’s turned on. Mitch then positions and pushes his dick head against Tanner’s pink hole. Tanner’s sphincter muscles resist, and Mitch’s muscular, round hips clamp together for a harder push. Mitch bends down over Tanner a bit for a better angle, and the head finally pops in. Tanner instinctively pulls back a bit and softly but urgently cautions in a strained, higher-pitched voice: “go slow.” Mitch complies but continues his methodical, pulsing strokes into Tanner’s hole, deeper each time. Tanner’s face starts turning red. It’s got to be quite painful for Tanner, I think, so I go ’round front to give him something else to concentrate on.

I kneel before Tanner with my dick staring him in the face. Without speaking, Tanner’s arms became erect, and he pushes his torso upward with a deep guttural, off-key “unngh” with each stroke Mitch provides. Tanner draws in a deep breath, licks his lips and musters the will to suck my boner, and does it like a pro. I moan at the glorious first – ok, second – contact. Tanner’s specialty, I learned, was his taking a whole dick into his mouth to the base, sucking is lips around the whole while bathing it with his tongue inside his mouth. Tanner has no gag reflex as I’m poking his tonsils.

As Tanner gives me an outstanding blow job, I lean in and gently put my hand behind Mitch’s head, pull him forward and plant a deep kiss onto his red, full lips. I can’t believe I’m kissing another guy, especially one as hot as Mitch. Mitch and I are breathing heavily through our noses. The stubble on our faces heightens the pleasure. The unique smell of another person so close makes me harder and hornier. As Mitch continues slowly plowing Tanner’s ass, Mitch and I intertwine our tongues and deeply explore the depths of each other’s mouths. Some of Mitch’s saliva drips down my chin, and he collects it with his tongue. This is the most sensual and fucking sexy thing in my life. As Mitch and I pulled apart I look down to see his whole massive tool buried inside Tanner: blonde pubes pinned against the fair skinned twin globes of Tanner’s ass.

Mitch picks up the pace. Each thrust begins at Mitch’s mid-back, slowly rolls down his back into that fucking gorgeous ass and into Tanner. Tanner has to stop sucking on my dick to lay his head down again and catch his breath but lowers his back in a reverse arc to raise his ass for a deeper treatment. Tanner is now answering Mitch’s thrusts by forcefully pushing back onto Mitch’s throbbing dick. I think, “Tanner really does like this.” Since Tanner now has this friendly assault under control, it’s time for me to move on. I fancy more of Mitch in my mouth.

I move past Tanner and kneel down on all fours behind Mitch. Mitch grasps Tanner’s shoulders while his massive meat is fully inserted into Tanner’s gut, slowly rocking and grinding his full force in a way that made Tanner’s body move with him. Tanner is moaning quietly with each revolution. I gently grasp and push Mitch’s ass cheeks upward and apart to expose his pink hole. The male scents at this position are driving me wild and I lower my mouth onto Mitch’s ass. Mitch’s pumping stops for a moment as my nose is buried in the patch of hair running up the length of his ass crack and my lips surround his ass hole. I can feel the hair around Mitch’s ass against my lips. Extending my tongue to bathe his hole is inevitable. Mitch moans with deep pleasure, which only heightens my pleasure. Leaving his dick fully inside Tanner, Mitch simply lowers his chest onto Tanner’s back, giving me better exposure. My tongue slowly licks Mitch’s ass hole up, down and around. I stab at his ass hole with my tongue, frustrated that it won’t penetrate. I nibble on and lick one ass cheek and then the other. I feel his blonde ass hair against my tongue. I smell his skin. I follow the trail down to Mitch’s swollen balls and slowly lift and suck one into my lips, bathing it with my tongue; then the other. I continue down to lick on Tanner’s balls and pull Tanner’s dick back to suck on it. I go back up again. We are all involuntarily moaning and whispering lurid instructions to each other: “fuck me”; “suck my ass.” The heavy breathing is quiet but audible. I tongue-fuck Mitch’s ass until Tanner softly pleads: “fuck me more – now — please.”

While Mitch obliges Tanner’s plea for more deep sodomy, I decide that Tanner too might enjoy some rimming. I go back ’round to Tanner’s front, get onto all fours and back my ass into Tanner’s face and tell him: “eat my ass.” Tanner lifts his head and does as he’s told. My mind is devoid of thoughts save Tanner’s hot, wet tongue pleasuring my hole. I stroke my meat and fondle my balls. As Mitch plows more forcefully into Tanner, Tanner’s mouth is pushed harder into the sweet spot of my ass. We were all in heaven. If only it could last.

We’re lost in a state of pure lust that none of us, least of all me, thought possible. This is when we all hear what seems like – and proves to be — the far other end of the pleasure spectrum, being caught in this most compromising of positions imaginable. All our movement and breathing stop abruptly. There are voices at Tanner’s door, a rattling of the doorknob and in come, Marc and Zach. Fuck! Tanner forgot to lock the motherfucking door!

Picture this. Tanner, Mitch and I are all three facing the bedroom window opposite the door with all three of our exposed asses up in the air facing the intruders. Our three faces, red from hot sex and embarrassment, simultaneously turn toward the door to see these most unwelcome guests who just came back from the library to hear our goings on whilst passing down the corridor. Marc’s stunned response to this shocking sight is: “what the fuck,” followed by his and Zach’s howls of laughter. WTF is right! Zach quips: “you fucking faggots. ” More howls of laughter.

To my amazement – and great relief, though – they soon shut the door as the laughter subsides. Marc asks: “this looks pretty hot; can a brother get a b-j?” My mind is now completely tricked a second time by this unprecedented turn of events without me even trying to instigate anything. Go with the flow, I chortle mentally – yeah, the flow of cum that will soon be flying.

Going with the flow will not be difficult with our two new participants, both of whom are superbly built varsity athletes. Zach has the 6-2″‘ long, thin, muscled body of a swimmer. His otherwise dark hair is bleached blonde on top from the sun whilst lifeguarding. He has a thick bush of dark hair in the genital regions and up his ass crack. He sports a hefty 8 incher, and it’s already at attention with a bulbous purple head.

Marc’s a wrestler. He’s a bit short at 5′-6″ but with an enormous, muscular chest. [I think of learning to appreciate his considerable strength at his first sorority social after he joined the frat. He picked up a full keg of beer, laid it on his shoulder like a can of beans and calmly asked: “where does this go”?] Marc’s better feature, though, is his boyish good looks and longish, delicate blonde locks of hair that covers his forehead. His even better feature is his sizeable uncut penis attached to his almost hairless body, save golden blonde pubes below.

I should have known that Zach would be all over this. Zach is one of the horniest guys I’ve ever met. He constantly talks of sex. I often hear his bed across the corridor from my room squeaking as he frequently beats off. Notwithstanding how “gay” all this is tonight, it’s no surprise to me that he soon unbuttons and unzips his jeans, pulling them down just below his wide-ish, svelte swimmer’s ass. He straddles Tanner facing Mitch, whose dick is still inserted into Tanner. Mitch instinctively leans in and starts blowing Zach. Zach seems to have gotten over his urge to cry “faggot.” Zach closes his eyes, leans his head back, draws in a deep breath and softly utters a simple: “fuuuuck.” Mitch continues his friendly violation of Tanner’s ass.

I again assume the position of “letting” Tanner rim me. Marc stands before me and slides his cotton sweats and tighty-whities down ’round his ankles. I smell his hot package. I bend upward, and my hand encircles Marc’s uncut dick. I stroke it. It’s simultaneously warm, soft and hard. I pull back the foreskin to expose the tapered head, which I lick. His dick arcs gently upward, and if I had to describe the perfect dick, this is it. I lick my lips, enclose them onto Marc’s uncut wonder and begin sliding my mouth up and down whilst stroking. Marc seems really happy, and I reward his shown pleasure by taking the whole tool deep into my salivating mouth. I hold the foreskin down to expose the head, my face cheeks concave from the sucking, and my tongue swirls around the head, just like Tanner taught me. I can even taste something salty. Damn, with all five of us lined up working each other, this really is looking like Tanner’s fantasy train, and it’s soon time to rearrange the “cars.”

Zach puts his hand on Mitch’s head and gently pushes him off his throbbing, saliva-covered member. Zach looks down, and Mitch looks up. Zach says to Mitch: “my turn.” Zach steps aside and gets completely naked. Marc follows Zach’s lead, pulls his pants completely off, pulls his t-shirt over the back of his head. I continue giving Marc the best dick sucking I know how to give. Mitch pulls out of Tanner whose formerly tight little pink hole is now gaping. Before it can contract, Zach condoms up and lubes up, pushes his considerable manhood up Tanner’s ass hole with one smooth stroke. Zach pumps hard – all the way in, and then all the way out. Zach’s face reveals that this horny bastard is lost in a state of sheer lust. Tanner gives a guttural moan with the inward thrusts.

Lust has also overtaken Marc. He grabs my shoulders and forces me to the side. He kneels down and shoves Tanner’s head onto his aching prick. Marc head-fucks Tanner’s mouth while Zach butt fucks Tanner’s ass. By his moaning, it’s clear that Tanner loves this. Marc and Zach bend in toward each other and kiss wildly, each licking the other’s face and take turns sticking their tongues into each other’s ears.

Marc takes his dick from Tanner’s mouth and kneels down lower to kiss Tanner deeply. This fully exposes Marc’s smooth, tight ass. I take this opportunity to lie on my back and slide between Marc’s legs to continue blowing this his most perfect of dicks, while Marc and Tanner kiss deeply. The room is filled with man scents, heavy breathing and low, dirty exhortations to “fuck” this and “suck” that.

Mitch kneels astride my legs behind Marc to give him with the same good fucking he’s been giving Tanner. I can tell through Marc’s dick in my mouth this must be a completely new sensation for him. The muscle man Marc is now gyrating and shaking in pain trying instinctively to escape, but Mitch firmly holds Marc’s ass in place for the good, hard fucking he’s about to get. Soon enough, Marc’s dick is once again hard in my mouth. Marc’s chest is heaving, and he lets out a pathetic and incoherent: “Mitch; please; yeah; uhhn; fucccckkk.” Mitch’s is shoving Marc’s dick down my throat with each thrust. Mitch soon calls the next play: “switch.”

Mitch’s massive member pops free from Marc’s smooth, white ass. This time it’s Marc who’s pushed aside by Mitch, and I clear away. Mitch’s manners are lost as he doesn’t even think to remove the condom that’s been up two asses so far, shoving his dirty tool into Tanner’s waiting mouth. Tanner gags from the size but vigorously sucks Mitch. Mitch says: “that’s it you red-head fuck wad, suck me clean.” Tanner follows orders even though Zach continues to jam his 8″ cock fully into Tanner’s ass.

Marc moves in and plants his face into Mitch’s exposed ass, as I had earlier. Marc’s ass is again exposed, and I don’t miss the second opportunity. Did I forget the condom? Fuck it! Marc’s warm hole, which is not so tight now after Mitch’s treatment, engulfs my member. The sight of my dick moving in and out between Marc’s beautiful, bulbous, almost hairless, white-skinned ass is incredible. I work it slowly in and out. Marc abandons the rimming of Mitch’s hole, grabs some floor and pushes his ass back harder onto my dick. Marc’s warm, soft ass and thighs are now grinding against my legs and onto my rod frantically trying to get all of me inside him he can. I’m getting very close to blowing my load. I think we all are. Everyone’s movements have become abrupt and urgent.

Mitch, the de facto quarterback, has hatched a new play. Mitch extracts his dick from Tanner’s mouth with a wet pop. Mitch’s places the palm of his hand against Zach’s chest and shoves Zach backward out of Tanner. As Zach falls back, there’ a loud “shlop” sound as Zach’s dick quickly exits Tanner’s well-fucked ass hole. Mitch turns a bit and takes his other hand and shoves Marc back against me. I fall back against the windowsill almost pulling the curtain from the wall. I had instinctively grabbed onto Marc’s massive torso as I fell back, and Marc falls with me into my lap, impaling himself deeper onto my dick. As we land, Marc lets out a loud, “uunnnnh.” Marc quickly regains his rhythm and continues to shove his ass onto my dick even harder. He can’t get enough of me inside him, and his huge torso pushes against my chest. I meet Marc’s thrusts with mine. We’re on the floor fucking like dogs in heat. I pull Marc’s head back and kiss him deeply, pinching the nipples of his massive chest.

Soon enough it’s time for Tanner to play double jeopardy. Mitch now has the look on his face of someone about to beat the shit out of one of us, but luckily his anger is more focused. Mitch grabs Tanner with both hands and tosses him off the big pillow onto his back onto the adjacent floor. Mitch plops onto his back atop the pillow. He reaches over and yanks Tanner back into his position, but now atop and facing Mitch. They exchange saliva for a moment. Mitch then grabs Tanner’s shoulder with his right hand and while holding his tool at the right angle with his left, pushes Tanner back onto his completely enraged member.

Marc and I are content to continue our intense fucking on the floor to watch the show at a slight distance. Mitch pushes Tanner’s head to one side and leers at Zach. Zach receives Mitch’s telepathic command to double-stuff Tanner. Zach re-approaches Tanner from behind. It takes some effort and more lube, but Zach slowly gets his tool inside of Tanner too. Tanner’s face is a mass of red wrinkles from the pain, his mouth wide open gasping for air. Zach’s dick vein is pressed against Mitch’s by Tanner’s ass hole. They rub their dicks together inside Tanner’s splitting ass. Tanner can only moan with mouth wide open as he gasps for air. A long string of drool drips from his mouth onto Mitch’s chest. Not wanting to be left out, Marc and I manage to stand before Tanner. Marc pushes his dick into Tanner’s open, moaning mouth, and Tanner bobs up and down trying to breathe and suck while being double-stuffed. I jealously grab Tanner’s head from Marc’s dick and push it onto my throbbing dick. Tanner can only loosely hold his mouth open to try to breath. I’m overcome and soon fill Tanner’s mouth with my load. The first shots into the back of Tanner’s throat are swallowed, and some drops onto Mitch’s chest.

Marc pulls Tanner’s head back toward him, rolls back his foreskin, arches his back while pinching his butt cheeks together and blows his load into Tanner’s open mouth. Again, some cum is swallowed, and some drips onto Mitch’s chest.

Zach pulls out of Tanner’s ass, but Mitch keeps pumping. Zach quickly, comes around front and shoves Marc and me back. Zach squats onto Mitch’s face, planting his hair-covered ass down onto Mitch’s mouth. Mitch ‘s face is beet red as he breaths frantically through his nose and frantically sucks on and licks Zach’s hole. Mitch grasps Zach’s thighs to pull Zach’s exposed ass hole harder down onto his mouth. Zach grabs his dick with one hand and grabs Tanner’s hair with the other. Zach turns red and explodes cum onto Tanner’s face. Zach’s runny cum slides down Tanner’s face onto Mitch’s chest.

Mitch thrusts his legs down, which pulls his dick from Tanner’s ass, and manages to yank off the condom. He strokes Moby Dick a couple of times, squeezes his ass cheeks together, and a fountain of white globs of hot jizz fly upward and land onto Tanner’s back. This fountain exhibits onomatopoeia with an audible splooge sound as each of four giant loads lands. Mitch continues jacking, pumping up with his hips even more jizz which runs down his dick and into his hand and pubes.

Mitch then pushes Zach’s swimmer’s ass off his face. Tanner, with the look of a junkie on heroin, tries to stand. As he does, he blows his load all over the quarterback’s torso too in one huge, thick, flowing, sticky white glob.

Amidst all this afterglow and panting, Mitch quietly tells Tanner: “eat all the cum.” Tanner is still beat red and panting. He smiles, leans down, and laps and sucks up parts of five loads. Tanner sucks and licks up every drop. Tanner thinks to nibble on Mitch’s erect nipples while he works. Mitch just lies there and moans with the lapping of Tanner’s tongue. Tanner finishes cleaning and then slowly lowers his chest onto Mitch’s. Tanner plants his lips onto Mitch’s so that Mitch can have a good taste of the sex havoc he started. They embrace tightly while kissing deeply and slowly grind their dicks against each other.

Marc and I collapse onto the other big pillow to make out. Zach plops down face-first with Marc and me, and we three trade deep kisses and gently rub our hands about each other’s bodies. We’re soon all too spent to even kiss. We all look at each other and begin snickering. The party’s over.

We all wobble a bit as we stand. We go to our respective rooms, grab towels and meet in the shower. There’s still enough lingering after-glow and lust for us to make out in the warm cascading water and wash each other. Mitch is especially solicitous of Tanner, even dropping to his knees to gently wash and kiss on Tanner’s tender hole.

There’s no time for a debriefing. We quickly dry ourselves and re-dress in Tanner’s room. There’s no talking. What could one say? Our minds now can and must return to the projects we have to finish and exams we have to take. It seems like hours have passed since Mitch merely suggested we go “pull one off,” but it’s only 2:45.

Damned nice break! The post-finals party should be interesting.

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