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Uncle Henry’s Cabin

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We arrived at the cabin about 3 in the afternoon. After storing our gear and “opening up” the cabin that meant making sure all the lights, refrigerator and the pump still worked plus bringing in enough firewood for the first night we headed off for “Maxine’s.” This was not your usual steak house. Maxine’s was attached to a grocery store. The kind of place that has everything you might need for a week of hunting or fishing but little else!

Just one brand of chips, milk and butter and cheese, bread and some canned goods but don’t even think of asking for Grey Poupon…just the basics! Still the butcher would cut your steak to order, you cooked it yourself over a wood fired grill and you helped yourself to a baked potato, garlic bread and salad all for the price of the steak plus five bucks. Sometimes you had to wait for an hour just to get a seat. And, it was BYOB!

We got back to the cabin about 7pm and since Dad and Uncle Henry wanted to get an early start we all went to bed. No TV, no cell phones back then so it made perfect sense to turn in early. Terry and I didn’t even hear our fathers the next morning. We made our own breakfasts, bacon and eggs and toast cooked on that wood fired stove. There isn’t a restaurant anywhere that can make a breakfast the can compare to cooking it yourself on that pot bellied stove. One of my favorite activities to this day is getting up early, making coffee, and watching the sunrise over the lake. Terry and I didn’t actually hunt; we were there for the “male bonding.”

After breakfast we found some wood that had been cut but not split so we got out the ax and busied ourselves playing lumberjack. About noon Dad and Uncle Henry returned to the cabin for lunch and a nap. They had to get ready for an evening of cards. Terry and I went into town so I could get an out of state fishing license. What happened when we returned changed our lives forever.

We parked the car a few yards off the road and walked the fifty or so yards to the cabin. We weren’t trying to sneak up on them in fact we weren’t even trying to be quiet but when we rounded the corner of the cabin there was my father sucking my uncle’s cock!

Terry and I stopped dead in our tracks and just stared. They hadn’t seen us yet. Uncle Henry was sitting on the porch swing with my father between his legs sucking on his cock like it was the best Popsicle he’d ever had.

Terry broke the silence, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Dad and Uncle Henry had no place to hide. Uncle Henry was buck naked, well actually not naked but he might as well been because all he was wearing was his socks and boots and his boxers were around his ankles. Dad at least had his boxers on like you’re supposed to. It was the last thing I ever expected to see my father doing and certainly not with my mother’s brother.

“It’s not what you think!” Uncle Henry stammered.

“It looks like uncle Larry was sucking your dick.” Terry shot back.

I was speechless. I just turned and started walking back to the car.

“Get back here, Clint.” My father ordered. “Nobody is going any where until we sort out this mess.”

“Both of you get inside.” My uncle ordered. “At least let us explain.”

Terry and I went in the cabin and sat at the table. My dad went to the refrigerator and brought out four beers. He handed each of us one and said, “Take a deep breath and calm down.”

Terry spat back, “calm down? You expect us to calm down when we catch you cheating on our mothers?”

“That’s just one way of looking at it, Terry.” My dad calmly answered. “There are two sides to every story.”

I looked at him with all the disgust I could muster, “I can’t wait to hear the other side of this story.” It might have sounded like I was spitting out every word.

“Ok, faggots!” Terry challenged. “Let’s hear your excuses.”

“First of all, Terry,” uncle Henry began, neither of us are faggots or queer or gay for that matter.”

“It kind of looked like it to me, Dad.” Terry sneered.

“Let me have a crack at this, Henry.” My dad offered. “Guys, this all began about twenty years ago when we were about your age right now. We were right here at our annual deer hunting expedition. It was the first trip that your moms begged out; early in the evening and we were watching a porn tape on the old black and white TV we keep in the closet.”

“I thought you said it doesn’t work.” Terry interrupted.

Uncle Henry explained, “we never said it doesn’t work; just that there’s no reception out here.”

“Any way,” my dad continued, “one of the tapes had a swinging scene where one of the men started sucking the other one.”

“So you just decided to become cock suckers, just like that.” I interrupted.

“No, Clint, that’s not what happened.” My father continued. “Neither one of us said a word. We just watched the videotape and went to bed. The following morning I took my sheets down to the lake to wash them. Your uncle wanted to know what happened. I told him I had a wet dream and made a mess in my bed. He laughed and said he waited till I was asleep and went outside to rub one off.”

“This is getting better and better.” Terry laughed. “My dad likes to jack off at night in the woods!”

“Don’t be so smug, Terry, I’ll bet you’ve jacked off at least once in the last week, maybe once a day.”

Terry didn’t answer and my dad continued. “We cleaned up after breakfast and went fishing. Nothing more was said about the porn video.”

“I don’t get it.” I said incredulously, “This doesn’t explain a thing.”

“Well, Clint, I’m getting to that; if you two will just keep quiet for more that ten seconds.” Uncle Henry scolded. “That evening your dad asked if I’d like to watch the video again. We did but this time we both pulled out our dicks to rub one off.”

“Really, Dad, Really? You jack off with your brother-in-law?”

“Yes and that’s all we did. The next day we went home.”

“So that’s your story?” I asked, confused.

“For that year, yes. It wasn’t until the next deer camp that things took another turn. On the first night we watched the video and jacked off. The next day while we were fishing the subject of women and headaches came up. Neither one of us was getting much at home, once or twice a month at best. You guys were going to college and they were on some kind of ‘change-of-life’ kick. It wasn’t pretty. We both had one too many shots of JD. One of us said that he wouldn’t mind a blowjob once in a while. The other agreed. We decided it wasn’t cheating if you weren’t denying your wife your affections. After all it wasn’t sex it was just a blow job.”

“You sound just like Bill Clinton.” Terry laughed.

“That might have had something to do with it.” His dad agreed.

“So that’s how it started, and now you give each other blow jobs?”

“That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. We both love our wives but they don’t give us enough sex. We don’t want to break up our families so we hope you two can respect that at least.”

My father broke out the Gentleman Jack and poured two fingers for each of us. “Here’s to women, you can’t live with them.”

Uncle Henry finished the toast, “and you can’t live without them.”

We sat in silence as we sipped the Gentleman Jack. Finally, uncle Henry announced he was turning in.

My dad agreed, “I’m tired and we can talk about this more tomorrow.”

I was drinking my coffee as the sun came up the following morning. Terry joined me on the dock. “Should we start fishing or have breakfast?”

“Let’s start fishing.” I decided.

“Good idea. I’ll get a couple of peanut butter sandwiches and a thermos of coffee. You get the poles and worms.”

With in ten minutes we were on the lake fishing for bluegills and sunfish with twelve-foot cane poles. Our method was simple. Use a very light sinker with a worm and no bobber. We drifted until we got a hit and the dropped anchor. Within an hour we had enough for lunch. As we rowed back to the dock Terry asked me, “What do you think about last night?”

“Are you asking me if I approve of what our fathers said or would I do it?”

Terry smiled, “maybe both. Angie hasn’t been the most responsive girl lately. What with three kids and a job at the elementary school she claims to be too tired. She used to come into our bedroom and snuggle up behind me. When she wanted some she would rub my chest and breath on my neck. If I didn’t respond she would work her way down and squeeze my balls until I couldn’t resist. Usually I would roll over and start by kissing her neck then her tits and gradually work my way down to her pussy. When she was ready she would let me know and I’d climb on and pound her pussy with everything I had.”

“Susie was a lot like that except she would like to climb on top and fuck my cock with her pussy.” I agreed. “Heaven help me if I came too soon! She’d sit on my face and make me eat her until she had two or more orgasms.”

“She made you eat your own cum?”

I glanced at Terry. “Doesn’t Angie?”

“Sometimes.” He admitted.

“Have you ever done it?” I challenged.

Terry smiled again, “back in college during hell week at my fraternity. You were in a frat too, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” I admitted. “There were five of us. They had a toga party. All the members wore togas but the pledges were naked. We had to go under each member’s toga and suck their cock. We didn’t have to make them cum just suck each one for a few seconds. There were twenty-two active members; it took at least half an hour. They all made comments about our technique. It was humiliating.”

“But you did it? Why?”

“I wanted to belong. It was the cool frat.”

“Me too. I lost track of most of those guys after graduation but back then it seemed very important.”

“Did you like it?”

“Not at first. We were all voted in as probies and for the rest of the year we had to serve our pledge master or our mentor. They expected us to suck them off as a thank-you for helping us. I kind of liked it. Especially my senior year when I was pledge master!”

I smiled, “I guess we don’t have any basis for criticizing our dads.”

“I guess not,” Terry agreed. “What are we going to do about it?”

“There’s only one thing we can do. We have to let them know we understand and over reacted.”

Our plan was simple really. After we cleaned the fish and got ready for lunch we took a shower together in the solar shower down by the lake. Once we dried off we put on boxers and boots and socks just like our fathers were wearing when we caught them. Then we waited. When we saw them coming back from the tree stand I got on my knees and started sucking Terry.

It had been almost twenty years since graduation but taking Terry’s cock between my lips brought back a flood of memories. Being forced to clean the frat house naked. Being forced to walk around the Greek area of campus with a string tied to my penis with a pen attached and asking coeds for their signature on a petition. It seemed like they all knew the score and would pull on the string and giggle like silly school girls which, of course, they were.

It had been a long time but the memories flooded my mind. I had almost forgotten how good a cock feels. How soft and velvety the head is even though the shaft is hard as steel! My dad and uncle were almost to the cabin and I was really getting into sucking cock again. I was bobbing up and down like the cum slut I became in college before I met my lovely bride to be, graduated and went straight.

“What the fuck!” My dad exclaimed when they saw us.

“What’s the meaning of this?” My uncle demanded.

I kept sucking Terry’s cock as he answered. “Isn’t it obvious, Dad? Clint and I talked it over while we were fishing and discovered that we had similar experiences in college and that we were hypocrites for being so judgmental about you and uncle Larry. We decided the best way to confess was to show you.” I was still sucking Terry’s cock.

“Maybe,” my dad observed, “a better way would be for you two to apologize by sucking us off instead of each other!”

“I couldn’t agree more!” Uncle Henry added as he started to strip on the porch of the cabin.

Terry pulled out of my mouth and I stood up. We both removed our boxers and stood before our fathers buck naked…except for the boots and socks! They both were dressed just like us as they sat down on the swing.

“Don’t be bashful boys! Come over here and show your perverted old daddies what kind of packages you have.” Terry stood between his dad’s legs while I stood in front of mine. They reached up and held our balls gently in their hands. Uncle Larry sighed wistfully. “It’s been ages since I had a nice young cock to suck on.”

“Nice length!” My dad agreed. “But mines fatter.”

Uncle Larry laughed. “Your whole damned body is fatter you old fool!”

“I’m not fat!” Dad objected. “A little stout, maybe.”

We all laughed. My cock wasn’t really hard but it was getting there. It was a nice six inches and I knew it would grow another inch if it was stroked or sucked.

“On your knees, faggots!” Uncle Larry ordered.

“Kiss the balls that made you!” Dad added.

Terry and I dropped to our knees and started kissing our father’s balls. I don’t know about Terry because my face was buried in my father’s crotch but I kissed and sucked my dad’s big balls for all I was worth. First because I owed it to him and not only because I fained disgust and acted holier-than-thou the day before but because all that I am started in those very balls! And secondly because even though it had been so many years I really did enjoy sucking cock! Dad’s was pretty normal and at his age I hope I can get it up like he did. It was thick with a nice head and as I sucked his balls it flopped against my cheeks and nose.

“So, you old pervert,” my dad chided his brother-in-law, “how does it feel having a son that’s as big a pervert as you are?”

“I wish we had invited them along years ago when they came back from college,” Uncle Larry sighed, “it would have made it so much easier.”

“And more fun,” Terry blurted.

“Keep your mind on what you’re doing, cock sucker! My uncle scolded.

“My balls feel really good, Clint, what do you think? Are you ready to enjoy your daddy’s cock for the first time?

“I mumbled my approval.”

“Let’s have a little contest,” uncle Henry suggested, “which ever team cums first has to do the dishes.”

“You’re on, you perverted old faggot!” My father agreed.

After ten minutes of licking their dicks and sucking gently they were no closer to cuming than they were in the beginning. “This feels great, guys, but at this rate we’ll never have lunch.” Uncle Henry moaned.

“Clint’s a really good cock sucker but he’s not ever going to get me off. He just keeps bringing me to the edge. He’s a born cock sucker but I don’t think he wants to do the dishes!”

“Terry’s just as good as Clint!” Uncle Henry bragged, “you’d have sucked me off by now but he knows just when to ease up.”

“Then there’s just one thing to do.” My dad suggested. “We’ve got to let the boys go on offense!”

“You mean….”

“Exactly, they have to switch cocks. That way they can get serious. Whichever uncle cums first is the loser and his nephew is the winner. The losing father and son have to do the dishes and suck off the winners after lunch!”

“Agreed!” Uncle Henry laughed. “Switch you cum lovin’ cock suckers!”

Terry and I started sucking off our uncles and we meant business. We were bobbin’ and suckin’ like two bit whores. “Holy shit, Ralph, your son’s amazing, I don’t think I can last much longer!”

My dad groaned. “Finish’m off, Clint! I can’t last with Terry sucking like this and I don’t like doing dishes!”

Uncle Henry’s butt came off the swing as he arched his back. His legs were trembling as he gave up his load. The first two shots filled my mouth and the third dribbled out of his cock as I jumped up and raised my arms in victory. “I win!” I shouted with my uncle’s cum spilling out of my mouth.

Terry let loose of my father’s cock and backed off hanging his head in shame. “Hey cock sucker, you’re not done!” my dad shouted.

“Yes I am, you’re the winner!” Terry said dejectedly.


“You’ll get your reward after lunch.”

Lunch was fried bluegills and sunfish with home fries cooked in bacon fat and some coleslaw we got the first night at Maxine’s. The pan fish were mostly in the six to seven inch range. We fried them in about a quarter inch of shortening in a cast iron skillet. Uncle Henry is our fish cook. He learned from his father. He pats the fish dry and dredges them in flour first then they go into an egg wash and then back into the flour. He says the oil needs to be about 360 degrees but I don’t know how he measures it since he has no thermometer! When the fish are a golden brown he takes them out and seasons them with his secret fish “shake.” They are delicious! Someday he may share his secret but until then I’ll just have to enjoy them when he cooks them. We each had a couple of beers with lunch. After lunch Terry did the knives and forks and the fish spatula, everything else was disposable except the two frying pans and uncle Henry said to cover them to keep any pesky bugs out and just save the grease for tomorrow.

After clearing the table and washing what few utensils we used for lunch Terry and I joined our dads on the porch. My father threw a small pillow on the floor between his legs saying, “time for you to finish what you started, cock sucker! Come get your desert!”

Terry dropped to his knees and using both hands massaged my dad’s thighs rubbing up to but not touching his balls or cock. He was enjoying the massage but I could tell by how he squirmed that he was getting annoyed. “Quit playing around you fuckin’ cock teaser.” He growled.

Terry grinned and started licking his balls. “That’s better!” My dad sighed.

“Come over here, Clint.” My uncle ordered. “Let me get a good look at you!”

I stepped between his legs and let him examine my crotch. “Nice balls, boy!” He said as he held them in his strong fingers. “I’ll bet you can deliver a nice load. Damn Ralph, your boys cock is pretty as a picture!”

I must admit I am proud of my cock! It’s seven inches at least and about as big around as a smoked sausage.

“I’ll bet Sarah makes good use of this beauty!” My uncle pondered.

“Not really Uncle Henry, we’re down to two or three times a month and she hasn’t sucked it in six or seven years.” I admitted.

“What’s wrong with women?” Uncle Henry asked rhetorically. “They can’t get enough before you’re married and then after the kids come along they act like they’re nuns or something.” He started licking my shaft and within a minute or so he was sucking my cock. He surprised me by deep throating me and moaning at the same time. I closed my eyes and marveled at what an expert cocksucker he was. My hips had a mind of their own; it was all I could do to keep from grabbing his head and fucking his face!

“So, Clint, what do you think? Is your uncle as good as your cousin?”

Not wanting to offend either of them I was evasive, “like father, like son,” I replied.

“You’re right, son,” he agreed, “they’re born prick polishers!”

Uncle Henry reached between my legs and lightly brushed my ass. My legs began to tremble as I started losing control. “Oh.h.h.h…! That feels so good!” I mumbled not wanting to squeal like a girl. I bit my lip trying to hold back but he increased the speed and intensity of the sucking he was giving my cock until I couldn’t take it any more. I threw my head back and almost shouted, “yes….yes…yes..yes!”

Uncle Henry gladly accepted every last drop of cum my balls could produce. “That should last you till this evening! He exclaimed with a smile.”

“You do this more than once a day?” I asked not sure my balls were up for so much sex.

“Usually twice,” He explained, “a nooner after lunch and before our nap and again before bed.”

So, that’s how it all started. At deer camp the four of us took turns sucking each other off. Since we lived so far apart when we were at home it was a father/son thing. We eventually decided to have a golf weekend in the early summer, which naturally was just an excuse to get together for some serious male bonding.

It was mid August, dad and I were in the basement cleaning our “guns.” We were cleaning our deer rifles too but you’ve heard that old army saying. “This is my rifle, this is my gun; this is for shootin’ this is for fun!” So yes, we were cleaning our rifles but at this moment while I was thinking back on the last seven years of deer camp I was sucking my dad’s cock.

Completely out of the blue he asked, “Don’t you think it’s about time to ask the boys to join us at deer camp?”

The “boys” were Edwin and Robby his grand sons. Robby was Terry’s boy and Edwin mine. “Don’t you think they’re a little young?” I asked, briefly pulling off his cock.

“Naw, Amanda’s pregnant again! Ed most likely isn’t getting any for a while. I’d say he’s more than ready to learn the family secret.”

Annoyed at being interrupted I pulled off again, “What about Robby?”

“I hear Lori is closed for business five and six days a week. Terry said Robby was complaining about it and he told Henry.”

“Maybe it is time.” I mused as I pulled off once again. “Let’s think about it. Now quit interrupting so I can get what I came for!”

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