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I am home alone when the phone beeps. It is a text message from you. It says: DADDYS COMING HOME. It the end of the day and you have been working for a very long time. You must be messaging me from your car because that is where you do most of your work.

I message back. UR LITTLE GRL HAS MISSED YOU.. CANT WAIT 2 C U. I press send and eagerly await your reply.

R U WEARING UR NEW OUTFIT BABY? Comes your question soon enough, although it seems like forever and my anticipation is almost unbearable.

“YES DADDY,” I message back. I walk into the bedroom where there is a full length mirror. What I see is the red plaid skirt that you bought for me and even hemmed. Its so short it barely covers me properly. I wear a red fuzzy sweater that is cropped above my belly-button. My belly is soft but pretty flat, I suck in to give myself a more pleasing shape and run my hands down my petite body. My waist length hair is put up in high pigtails, giving me a younger appearance, but my nearly D-cup overflowing breast betray the truth. Still with no make-up I’d say I look pretty innocent, yet somehow alluring.

R U DADDY’S GOOD GIRL, SUGAR? You text me back, and I feel my skin tingle.



Take care of it? I wonder what that means? Am I going to be punished or forgiven? I can only guess as my mind races. A few seconds later you come through the door. You look so tall and handsome. You’re broad shoulders and muscular arms make me feel like you could protect me from anything. Your blond facial hair is cut into a goatee that makes you look devilish when you smile at me as you greet me. “Daddy’s home!” you say, and I run to give you a hug. I throw my arms around your neck and you lift my feet a few inches from the ground.

“Did you bring me anything, daddy?” I ask looking up into your face with wide eyes. You chuckle. “Let me get my coat off little one, before you start asking all these questions.” You hang up your coat and sit in your favorite spot on the couch. “Come on over and sit on daddy’s lap, sugar.”

Happily, I crawl up sideways on your lap, my legs curled beside you on the cushion. You run your hand softly over the top of my head and down my long auburn pigtails. I sit in silence, happily letting you pet me gently and lovingly. This is the moment I have been waiting for all day. To be next to you, smelling your soft masculine scent. To be in your strong capable hands. To feel at once so fragile and so protected. I feel tiny but you are big enough to care for us both.

You have been working hard all day to do just that and I let you known how much I appreciate all you do by showing my interest and concern. “How was your day daddy?” I ask in the sweetest voice I have.

“It was tiring baby, but it was worth it. I got in a couple hours of overtime today.”

“That’s great daddy!” I squeal excitedly, bouncing slightly on your lap. You smile, enjoying my exuberance. You run your hand over my hair again and chuckle.

“I brought you a present, little one,” you say producing a sugar free lollipop.

“Sugar free, daddy?” I pout, pushing my lower lip out at you.

“Yes, baby. No sugar for you. You know it’s bad for you.”

“But daddy, regular is better. I want sugar.”

“Yes, honey, I know you do. That’s why you have daddy. To make sure you get what you need and not what you want. Now put that lip back and be a good little girl.”

“You’re right daddy,” I say pulling my protruding lip back into place and putting on a bright smile instead. “I’ll be a good girl and do whatever you say.”

“That’s my girl,” you say stroking the back of my head. I look into your pretty blue eyes and I see calm. Daddy is always calm and in control of things. That is how I know that everything is going to be all right.

I also see contained amusement. You are enjoying our little game wondering how far you can take it. Is there a point where I will change my mind and just walk away? If I do will you let me go or will you grab my arm and pull me back to you, back to the warmth of your lap and the [insistence] of your [dominance].But I don’t go, I stay and play. Because I am enjoying this game too. And I too am curious of where it will take us. There is an electricity in the air, every time you stroke my hair in that paternal way that seems like such a protective gesture, yet at the same time, proprietary. There is safety here, yet also a very clear sense of the forbidden.

Yet when I wiggle on your lap, I know that not all of your amusement is so easily contained or controlled. There is now no doubt in my mind that this is what you want. And I want it as badly as you do. “Does Daddy love his little girl?” I ask almost cloyingly.

“Of course, baby. Daddy loves you very much.”

“Daddy hasn’t given his little girl a kiss since he’s been home.”

“Oh, come here, baby.”

I lean towards you, supported and guided by your hand still cupping my scalp. Our lips touch at last, softly at first but I press into you, eager for your warm tenderness. Your tongue flicks out, and I catch it with my own. We taste each other gently but with growing urgency. There is desire; hunger. The naughtiness of what we are doing fuels our need. I dart after your tongue in an illicit game of hide and seek. My dainty body angles into yours crowding my body tightly against yours. Ravenously I taste you, hungering for more of you, unable to get close enough to you to satisfy my wanton desire. Our bodies are joined, yet I continue pressing, squeezing myself against you.

Our breathing is rapid. You continue nuzzling me, but find time to ask in your sexiest voice. “What do you want daddy to do to you baby?” The words make me giddy. Your hands are everywhere on my body now. I can feel your body heat through my clothes.

“Oh daddy!” I call out saying the first thing that comes into my addled mind. “Spank you daddy. I’ve been naughty today. I need a good spanking daddy.”

You take hold of my wrist, “Bend over my lap,” you tell me. Combined with your action of pulling me across your legs, this statement is redundant, but we both now you said them to send delicious cold shivers down my spine and back up the back of my neck. You lift my skirt and administer a soft whack. I inhale softly, letting you know i enjoyed it but can take much more.

You continue paddling my round little bottom and I hear you whisper gruffly, “Tell daddy how naughty you are. What naughty things did my little girl do today?”

“Oh daddy. I was thinking about how strong and handsome and wonderful you are, and how nice you smell. And I couldn’t help it- I started to touch myself.”

You reach up underneath the front of my skirt and rub your hand against my white cotton panties. “Like this, baby?” you ask as you continue to spank my naughty bottom.

“No daddy, not like that…” I say shaking my head.

“Show daddy how you did it, baby.”

I slide my underwear to the side and run my finger between my damp pussy lips. In no time I’ve increased the lubrication and I push my finger up into my slit. I stroke in and out of my slippery opening. I hear your breath coming just a little unevenly.

“That certainly is very naughty,” you say. “I’ll have to spank you a little harder and a little longer.” Your slaps become harder but I squirm and giggle. “What’s so funny?” you ask as you smack me harder still.

“You said longer and harder, daddy! That just makes my pussy even more wet. Spank me daddy, make your little girl cum.” You slide my underpants down all the way now, and let them fall to the floor.

“YOU’RE- A- VERY- NAUGHTY- GIRL,” you tell me with a spank for each work. I continue to giggle and wiggle my now-warm butt in the air. You push my hand away and slide your own finger in its place. “Like your juices off your finger,” you tell me. I bring my hand up to my mouth and crook my finger. I start to lick and suck on the tip, and twist it coquettish-ly behind my teeth and inside my cheek. You pump your finger inside of me and spank me at a fiendish pace.

“Spank me daddy! Harder!” I cry. “Harder, I’ve been very naughty! Spank your naughty little girl! Teach me a lesson daddy! Teach me a lesson for being so naughty!” I can feel your cock growing harder now, pressing against my belly. Each time you slap my bare ass, I try to wiggle against you more. My breathing gets harder, my heart pounds. I can feel my ass burning yet I continue to beg for your punishment. Your breathing too, grows rapid as you paddle my ass. In my minds eye, I can see the bright red of where your hand has hit me standing out against the paleness of my naked skin.

“Is my ass red daddy? Tell me how red my ass is!”

“Daddy’s girls ass is bright red, baby. Are you sure you want more?”

“Yes daddy! Spank me again. Do you like it daddy? Tell me how much you like it.”

“Oh daddy likes spanking your hot little ass baby! Wiggle for daddy, wiggle that naughty little body. Daddy’s got a present for you baby, after you cum on my hand.”

“Oh god, daddy, god daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I call as you finger fuck me. “Harder daddy, harder!” I can barely feel the sting any more, I’m so close to the edge. My body is tense, my eyes are squeezed shut. My heart is pounding in my chest.

Sensing how close I am you whisper to me, “Come for daddy, come on daddy’s finger, baby. Come on daddy’s lap.”

I can’t stand it any more, my orgasm shakes my body so hard I nearly fall off your lap. But you hold me, and stroke my hair once again until I open my eyes. “Now about that present daddy?”

“Look what you’ve done too daddy,” you say pointing to your lap. “You’re a very naughty girl. You better take care of that for daddy.”

“Of course daddy,” I say, sliding off your lap. Now I kneel in front of you, fumbling with your button and zipper. I get frustrated and start to pout. “I can’t get it, daddy. Help me.”

“You can do it baby. Just keep trying. And get that pouty look off your face,” you say as you softly tap the side of my face.

After a few frustrated attempts I finally get them undone, and pull them down. I reach in the little flap of your black silk boxers and pull out your engorged pole. Its so hard and thick and long from all of the wiggling that I did, it really does look sore. I look up at you timidly through the fringe of my eyelashes as if to ask forgiveness for causing you pain. My mouth is salivating now as I hold your huge organ in my mouth and consider what I am about to do. I feel myself drooling unintentionally, and involuntarily flick my tongue out to the corner of my mouth. Seeing your reaction I smile shyly, and swipe the pink tip across my lips.

I lower my head and crouch down further so as to be beneath you. I then look up and lick your smooth hard shaft with my tongue protruding so that you can see very clearly what is being done to you. Modestly, and feeling somewhat shy all of a sudden, I keep my eyes half closed so that I can see what I’m doing, but my eyes are shielded from yours. I lovingly lick long laps up the sides of your shaft and then the bottom. I squirrel around to lick the top as best I can, then back to the underside, finishing with a swirl around the head.

I tease the tip of your cock, flicking back and forth over the long slit, hoping for a taste of sweet pre-come. I grow even more excited as you grab hold of my pigtails and attempt to force me to take you quicker. I feel your hunger and your urgent desire, yet I know that prolonging your anticipation will ultimately increase your pleasure. I pretend that I don’t know what you want, and that I don’t know how to do this, that I am inexperienced, even as I use my experience to artfully tempt you with my feigned innocence. I grab the waistband of your boxers and pull them from your butt onto the floor, you kick them to the side.

I know that it is working as you groan and again try to push your cock completely into my mouth. “Daddy!” I exclaim, “It’s too big! I can’t fit the whole thing in my mouth, I’ll choke!”

I lick my lips and flick your raging hard-on. This time I take a little more of you into my mouth, but still not all. I suck on your cock-head and stroke your shaft with my hand.

“Mmmm,” you moan. “Take my dick in your mouth baby. You can do it. Your daddy’s good little cock-sucker. I know you want to please daddy. You can do it.”

The words are so true, I long to please you. Hearing you say them, down on my knees in front of you, playing the role of your subservient little girl, what can I do, but sink my mouth around your cock, taking you deeper, deeper, deeper until I feel your belly against my nose. I try to hold there as long as possible, but its difficult to keep you back this far in my throat. I must come up for air now and I release you from my mouth momentarily, saliva running out of the corners of my mouth. I lick you again, and then take your thick manhood again, this time bobbing furiously as you buck against my face holding firmly to my hair.

Pretty soon your breathing is quick and you actually have to slow me down. I know that you have much more in store for your little girl tonight. Our game has pushed our limits but we are not stopping now. I never knew how our naughty little charade would effect me, how much I would enjoy breaking what I thought was an unbreakable taboo. The pleasure that rushes through my body has taken me by complete surprise. The shock of my enjoyment of this forbidden game has made me bolder, and I think that you too are getting more daring as well, wanting to press this to its absolute limit. Yet the sheer naughtiness is going to ensure that neither of us is going to last much longer, that much is obvious.

You stand in front of me and pull me to my feet. You kiss my neck and whisper to me, “are you daddy’s naughty little girl?” you ask.

“Yes, yes,” I whimper, pressing my body against yours.

“What do you want daddy to do to you?” As you nuzzle me, I feel your hot breath on my neck.

“Mm,mm,mm,” I whine, reaching for your hard cock.

Instead you grab my arm and hold it behind my back. “Say it,” you tell me, ignoring my whining and writhing. “Say it, or you won’t get it.”

“Fuck me,” I beg in whisper.

“Fuck me what?”

God, your so insistent. You know what I want, but you want to hear it. “Fuck me daddy,” I whisper.

“I can’t hear you,” you tease. You lay me down on the couch, my hands above my head. You pin my wrists while you wait for my reply.

“Fuck me daddy,” I say louder. You press your cock against my wet opening. My body is aching now.

“Louder,” you insist.

“Fuck me daddy!” I say as loudly as I can muster. You plunge inside of me, our sweaty, sticky bodies pound together.

“You want daddy’s big cock inside you?” you ask as you slide in and out of me. “Are you daddy’s little whore?”

“Yes, daddy, yes!”

“Say it baby.”

“I’m daddy’s little whore! I’m daddy’s little whore! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard!”

“Your daddy’s naughty little cock sucker aren’t you?”

“Yes daddy, I’m your naughty little cock sucker. Are you gonna come in your little girls mouth? I wanna swallow all of daddies hot come! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME HARDER! COME IN MY MOUTH DADDY! MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE WHORE!” I was so loud now, I was sure the neighbors could hear, but I didn’t care. Let them know what sick perverted games we where playing. Let them now what a nasty little slut I was. The shame of being exposed and humiliated only added to my enjoyment. Maybe later I would regret it, but now I wanted the whole world to know that I lived to feel your cock pounding inside me while I called you daddy and begged to be fucked.

“Daddy’s little whore, yes. Open your mouth,” you order. “I’m gonna come.”

I part my lips and stick out my tongue. You give me one final thrust and I cry out as you leave me, feeling empty with my juices gushing out onto the couch. You grab one of my pigtails and pull my mouth toward your squirting penis.

My mouth reaches out for your cock, but you pull me back instead, spaying your hot jizz over my face and hair. You continue coming, splashing my neck, my cheek, my eyelids; luckily I have closed my eyes because no part of my face is spared the assault of your salty load of semen. You jerk my head back to get more of my neck, and use your free hand to smear your juices into my skin and push your cream past my lips. I lick hungrily at your thick fingers, cleaning them obediently, wantonly. At last you are spent, and your seed stops splashing against my skin.

You roll off of me to the floor and catch your breath, then quickly bury your face between my legs. You lick me furiously, wanting to finish me off quickly. My legs tense as I push my cunt up into your face. “Lick me daddy,” I now whisper. “Eat my pussy daddy! Make me come.” I grab onto the sides of your head and press you against me. You grab my clit with your lips and suck my cunt into your mouth. My legs shake and jerk as I feel the most amazing orgasm travel through my body like lightning.

“DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!” I moan as I toss my head back and forth, and arch my back. My whole body is rigid as you continue sucking and electricity seems to shoot back and forth forever. I am coming, and it is lasting longer than it ever has before. At last my body goes limp. My skin tingles delightfully as I feel my body slowly returning to earth, floating like a dropped sheet of paper.

I turn with a smile and look over at you, your lips glistening with my juices. You smile back at me and laugh. “And you thought you wouldn’t like this game.”

“Oh well, you know my motto,” I chuckle. “I’ll try anything once. Who knows, maybe even twice!”

You kiss me on the forehead and head for the shower, “I’ll take that as an open invitation!” I lay blissfully naked on my back, immersed in a feeling of utter satisfaction and contemplate whether or not I want to get up to join you in the shower.

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