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Customs Violation

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It was nineteen eighty seven. I was nineteen and my eighteen year old sister and I had visited my father in Dubai where he was stationed with the airforce. We had a wonderful three weeks there and were travelling back to the U.K via Heathrow Airport at 2 a.m. when we were arrested.

When we reached the Customs area we were called aside and our luggage was searched thoroughly. Whether we were stopped by design or simply chance I don’t know.

When the male customs officers didn’t find anything a senior female officer was called, accompanied by a younger female officer. The older woman was about forty years old, ashen-faced with hard cold eyes.She was really scary looking with her starched uniform and short cropped bleached blonde hair. The other, a brunette, was slim and quite pretty but wore no make-up. This and the fact she never smiled made her too look quite severe.

The older one took charge, telling us she had reason to believe we were smuggling drugs. We were told we would be strip searched and if necessary an internal examination would be carried out. The idea of this had us both really scared.

The two customs officers took us to a large windowless room at the rear of the customs area. The room was about twenty foot long by fourteen foot wide. At one end was a large padded examination table such as found in a Doctors surgery. On either side of the room were two large mirrors.

We were both told to strip to our knickers after which the older woman put on a white coat and searched through our clothing in minute detail as we stood there shivering, scared and virtually naked.

The senior officer approached us and staring directly at me said “We know you are smuggling drugs on you, you don’t think we do this by chance do you? We have our informants.”

“But we…” I tried to say.

“You might just as well tell us now…it would be easier on you.” she said threateningly.

“We haven’t done anything, honestly!” I cried. Jane just stood there dumbstruck. She was in shock…

“Okay girls, play it your way. Go to the toilet back there and empty your bladder and bowels.” she instructed us. She took us into a toilet area out the back of the room and made us sit on these special toilets which didn’t seem to have a flush handle.

They watched us closely as we tried but neither of us could do as they asked; We had not eaten for hours and didn’t need to. They made us take off our panties after that and we had to stand there naked in front of them while they looked us up and down. We were both feeling extremely vulnerable and scared.

Before we left for Dubai our mother had advised us to have ourselves waxed ‘down there’ to avoid unwelcome visitors making a home there. This we had duly done and once we realised how much we preferred the look and feel of going bare we had it done again in Dubai before our return. The senior officer seemed very interested in our hairless pussies… “Why the bald vaginas girls?” she asked “How do you get them so smooth?”

“Uh…we had them waxed.” I replied “Our mother advised us to have it done.”

“You do know that women acting as Mules have that done don’t you?” She said “in case they have to have the contraband removed in a hurry at a clinic.”

“No you’ve got it all wrong” I cried “We haven’t got anything inside us, please?”

They made us go back to the other room and I was made to sit on a plastic chair while they had Jane stand in front of the examination table, legs apart with her hands on her head. I became aware just how much like me she had grown. She really was quite beautiful, with her pretty face, long dark hair and deep brown eyes.She was tall and very slim, with nicely shaped tits; small round and pert. We both had bodies we could be proud of.

I am sure the mirrors on either side were of the one-way type and that we were photographed during the ordeal. The woman stood in front of Jane and proceeded to look in her hair, nose, mouth, ears and mouth. She ran her hands down her body, feeling under her arms and around her breasts then down over her hips and belly. She then went between her legs and down to her feet, carefully checking the soles for patches covered by plastic skin.

She then went round behind her, again feeling between her legs, running her fingers along the slit and the mouth of her vagina.

“Lie across the table young lady” the officer said “No not like that!”

She roughly positioned Jane so that her head was hanging down one side of it, her feet on the floor the other side. She made her spread her legs wide apart and adjusted her position so that her pubic bone was just clear of the edge of the examination couch.

In this position I was looking directly at Jane’s bottom, her pussy slit totally exposed to view. The older woman went to a drawer in the desk and removed a pair of surgical gloves and a tube of lubricant.

She approached Jane and putting one hand on her bum she went between her legs again with the other and deliberately rubbed her fingers up and down her slit from clitoris to her arse.

Jane was getting very turned-on, she was getting more and more aroused, moaning and gasping, squirming about helplessly on the table.

“Keep still you silly little bitch!” the younger officer said. Unfortunately for Jane she was completely unable to. The woman then went and got some straps from the drawer in the desk and proceeded to strap her firmly to it, still stretched over the table in the same position.

“Stop it, you can’t do this to her!” I cried, jumping up from my chair.

“I think you better sit down and shut up” the older woman said “You are both in very serious trouble… don’t you get it little Miss prim and proper… you’re looking at a three to five years inside!”

I was dumbstruck, just sitting there as the woman went back to work on Jane. She put on a surgical glove, lubricated her fingers and inserted one, then three of them up her vagina and put her thumb up her back passage, examining her internally.

She seemed to take her time doing this; her fingers moving in and out in a steady rhythm, her thumb eventually withdrawn from Jane’s arse and moving to her clitoris.

The woman withdrew her fingers and added another, four fingers pumping in and out of her rapidly, Jane moaning and gasping as the woman fucked her like this. She was clearly incredibly excited but still totally unprepared for what happened next…

Just as it looked like she would come, the woman deftly slipped her thumb up her pussy as well.I barely noticed it happen… Jane gave a strangled cry as, to my horror; the woman’s whole hand disappeared inside her widestretched slit, buried to the forearm in her little hairless cunt!”

With wet slushy sounds the woman’s fist began working in and out of my little sister’s cunt, her moans and whimpers again betraying her arousal. Within a few seconds she began to come, again and again, crying out with the intensity of it.

I was absolutely transfixed at the sight of my sister being brought off in this fashion but when the pretty young officer reached into the drawer and took out an artificial rubber penis I was even more horrified… The instrument was far too large for any woman to take, let alone an eighteen year old girl!

“No please…you can’t be serious…you’re going to hurt her with that!” I cried.

“I told you before, sit down and shut the fuck up!” the woman shouted at me. She had a glazed look in her eyes, half crazed like she was possessed. She was evidently determined to do this to my little sister; to fuck her with this monstrous black rubber penis, no matter what.

The woman withdrew her fist from Jane’s hole and took the massive artificial penis from her colleague, presenting the bulbous cock head to her entrance. I was feeling extremely worried for her but glad she couldn’t see it herself…the size would have terrified her, it was easily ten inches long and over two and a half inches thick!

The younger officer reached between her legs and started diddling Jane’s clitoris while the other one started gently working the gigantic knob of the thing further and further into her saturated hole.

Despite the size of the rubber cock jammed in her tightened vagina Jane was in an absolute frenzy, whimpering and gasping as she got ever closer to coming. The woman kept on pushing the enormous rubber cock into her hard, then relenting, pushing and relenting, trying to make it fuck it’s way into her body.

All the while the younger officer kept on at her clitty until she could stand it no longer, screaming out loud as she came, followed by a long drawn out groan as the huge ugly great dildo slowly disappeared up inside her dreadfully dilated cunt!

The woman let it rest there, letting me see in detail my poor sisters violated slit, stretched tight around the massive girth of the instrument. I noticed it jerking slightly with Jane’s vaginal contractions, the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Despite the horror at the sight of her like this I couldn’t help thinking how incredibly sexy she looked too… especially when I felt a trickle of my pussy juices running down the inside of my thigh. I hadn’t really appreciated how turned on I was till then.

Jane was moaning loudly, acutely aware of the intruder in her vagina but with no idea what it was. The young officer worked her clitoris all the time, forcing little cries and whimpers of pleasure from her.

The older woman removed her surgical glove and grasping the dildo firmly she retracted the gigantic glistening shaft several inches then plunged it back in again, in and out, slowly at first, fucking my poor little sister with it.

Faster and faster she worked it back and forth inside her, each thrust forcing a cry from her lips, fucking her relentlessly until she could stand it no longer, screaming out loud in ecstasy as she orgasmed on it time and time again.

The customs officers were merciless, taking turns they fucked her with that massive cock incessantly, on and on so much that she actually passed out with sheer pleasure!

They seemed pretty exhausted themselves by the time they had finished with her. They unstrapped her from the table and laid her on the floor while she recovered. I was expecting the same treatment from them and to be honest by this point I was actually looking forward to it with relish. The fact that Jane had evidently enjoyed it so much had relieved most of my fears and I was feeling incredibly turned on by watching my sister getting such a huge cock up her!

“You little sluts have been very bad girls haven’t you? The older officer said to me. She was holding up a small package.

“What? That’s not ours!” I shouted out in desperation.

“I found it up your little sisters cunt… you witnessed it didn’t you officer Dolman?” she addressed her colleague.” And here’s the one I found up yours” she said, holding another package aloft.

“Absolutely, no question about it, you definitely found those packages during the perfectly legitimate body cavity searches we have just conducted” she smirked. “I’ll have them sent for analysis right away”

She left the room as I sat there defeated, knowing full well there was nothing we could do about this. As far as any one else would be concerned if we complained it would be seen as two drug smugglers attempt to avoid getting into trouble.

Jane soon stirred and she gingerly extracted the monstrous dildo from her pussy. She was shocked when it slithered out of her and she could see the size of the thing she’d been fucked with.

We were made to have showers and then get dressed. We had to sit and wait for a couple of hours and then the police arrived. They were very nice about it but we were taken to the police station and charged before being remanded to Holloway Prison.

We were driven there, sat in the back of the prison van with two scary looking prison officers. As soon as we were inside the prison we were both humiliatingly strip searched then shunted off to different prison cells.They were horrible; we were barely given time to say goodbye.

It was a cold, bleak looking room and I was on my own at that point. It was the first time I’d been alone since this whole nightmare started, all alone and scared shitless. I had never felt as lonely as I did then and I knew Jane would be feeling the same way. I wanted to be with her but they wouldn’t allow it. The tears just welled up in my eyes and I rolled myself up on the mattress and cried myself to sleep.

The next thing I knew a gang of tough looking women barged into my cell and surrounded me. I was terrified; they were all extremely brutish and threatening…

“Well, well, look what we’ve got here girls…a new girl” said one of them. Her name was Ruth but she was known as Checker. I never discovered why they called her that. She was tall and musclely, very butch looking, with close cropped hair, shaved at the sides. She had several tattoo’s on her arms and she looked really ‘hard’. More like a man than a woman. She was evidently the leader of the gang.

“You’re a pretty one aren’t you, what are you in for?” she asked.

“Drugs…they planted drugs on me and my sister… we’re innocent!” I said.

“Oh I bet you are… just the way we like them, innit girls?” she laughed evilly “Right hold her down, we’re gonna have some fun here!”

I was already feeling pretty scared but when they pounced on me I panicked, screaming my head off till one of them put her hand over my mouth and Checker snarled in my ear. “Keep that up and you and your fucking sister will have a real hard time here, you get it?” I nodded. I was in little doubt what she meant. I also knew I was about to be raped and there was nothing I could do about it.

“I run this fucking prison and don’t you forget it!” she yelled.

I had no choice; they ripped my clothes off and held me down on my bed. Two of them held me down by arms and shoulders and another two gripped my legs, forced my knees up to my chest and held them very wide apart.

“Nice tight little bod, you’re one sexy chick, you know that?” Checker smiled “Look at that girls, the little slut shaves her cunt. Perhaps she’s not as innocent as she likes to make out…” she said, staring lustfully between my widespread legs.

I felt so incredibly vulnerable and exposed, spread wide for this lecherous bunch of lesbians, one of them at least intent upon forcing themselves upon me. Whether it was my experience of watching Jane getting fucked against her will and expecting it to happoen to me at the airport but I was getting turned on again..

“There’s only one way to find out” she said, idly running her stubby fingertips over my breasts, teasing them down over my stomach, getting ever closer to my hairless pussy lips.

“There is a sure fire way of telling if a girl is innocent or a complete slut, ain’t that so girls?” she laughed. “Only a slut would get turned on against their will… it’s a conditioned response you see…” she continued.

I thought of Jane, how she’d got so turned on against her will and wondered if it was true… She’d even come against her will…lots!

“Who wants first taste?” Checker asked.

I had barely comprehended the question when an ugly looking woman in her fifties called Rags answered and was dipping her head between my legs. I felt her hot breath on my exposed pussy lips then her tongue darting out and gently nibbling at me with her lips.

They held me tighter, anticipating my struggles. I could feel their fingers digging into me as I tried to break free. It was useless, they were all far too strong. They just held me open for her do what she wanted.

I felt disgusted, but there was nothing I could do about it, this ugly old woman was licking and teasing my pussy lips apart. I had lesbian fantasies before but they were never like this…

But she was well-practised; she knew exactly what to do to please a woman, she was slow and gentle, concentrating on my whole pussy to start with before homing in on my clitoris.

“Oh God!” I moaned as I became more and more turned on. The feeling of her tongue making circles around my clitoris was exquisite. I was squirming around with pleasure but they still held me tight.

“Look at the little slut!” I heard one of them say. I couldn’t tell who it was. “She’s humping your face like a bitch on heat!”

My face burned in embarrassment. It was true; my hips were jerking in rhythm with her tongue, I couldn’t help it. I was gasping and panting, remembering what Jane was like when she was made to come. I suddenly realised I wanted to be fucked, hoping my captors might have a big fat dildo to use on me!

“That’s enough of that Rags.” Checker said, pulling her away from me.

“Now I’m going to have to do a body cavity search… check her for anything valuable, ain’t that right girls?” she laughed.

I watched her hand go between my legs with apprehension as I was again gripped tightly… I knew what was coming and I was scared… I hadn’t really noticed before but her hands were like the rest of her; very large, more like a mans than a woman’s!

I cringed as I felt three large fingers enter my sopping wet pussy with ease. When Rags was licking my pussy I wanted my eyes closed, to pretend it wasn’t happening…

With Checker I had to see her. She had this effect on me; it was like she held me in a kind of hypnotic spell. As her fingers pumped squelchily in and out of my extremely wet pussy she transfixed me with her eyes.

“Get ready for another one.” she said as her gang all crowded in closer.

I felt another finger squeezing in beside the other three as she increased the tempo of her fucking… my pussy slowly relaxing, loosening as she pumped her hand back and forth. As she fucked me other fingers from the crowd were rubbing my clitoris and playing with my nipples.

“Now you little slut, I’m going to fuck you with my fist!” she said, fixing me with her eyes “And you had better co-operate or it’s gonna fucking hurt!”

I could feel her hand withdraw just enough to slip her thumb into my cunt and she plunged her whole hand in to the knuckles. It hurt as she pressed into me and I began to panic and struggle again.

They held me tight as she scolded me “It’s no use resisting me, whether you like it or not I am going to do this…if you want to make it easy on yourself do as I tell you… your choice, makes no difference to me.”

“Okay, do what you want…tell me what you want me to do.” I said, defeated. I knew I was going to have her fist me, just like Jane had been by the customs officer. Despite the circumstances, in truth I was actually wanting her to do it, I needed to have my pussy filled and to be fucked senseless!

“Right…breathe slowly and deeply…that’s it, and when I push my hand into you, you relax your cunt and try to push it out, understand? Like having a baby only in reverse!” she chuckled.

As soon as I did this I found it much easier and within a few thrusts I felt her hand going deeper and deeper, the knuckles stretching my pussy wider and wider. It was hurting more and more but I still kept trying to relax and ‘bear down’ on it.

I kept my eyes fixed on hers and she held me with her gaze…

Suddenly I groaned out loud as a searing pain shot through my cunt. I struggled in desperation as I felt the full width of her hand slithering, huge and bulky inside me! God it felt massive… stretching me terribly…it was way too much!

“Ohhhh, God..take it out!” I cried in desperation. “It’s too big, aaaghhh!”

I felt panicky and light-headed,my whole body felt numb. I was trembling violently, impaled on her big bulky hand. It felt so sore I was desperate to have her take it out. I could feel my pussy going into involuntary spasm, its own attempt to reject the fist. But there was no chance of that… after a few seconds of holding the full width of her hand in the entrance of my cunt she gave an extra push and I felt her whole hand curling up into a fist inside me!

“Fucking hell, the bitch has taken it!”

“She’s a fucking horny slut, look at the way she’s swallowed your fist!”

What a greedy pussy, it just can’t get enough!” they all chimed in… crowding in close, touching my pussy, feeling how stretched my pussy lips were around their leaders fist.

“Now that’s what I call a real woman… one who can take me whole!” said Checker approvingly, smiling at me for the first time. “And such a pretty one at that…”

She really had an effect on me, I really felt proud of myself then. It just felt really good to be appreciated by her. I still can’t explain why.

Now that her hand was completely inside of me it no longer hurt at all. I just felt extraordinarily full and amazingly turned on by it!

She began to fuck me with it, gentle movements of her fist inside me, gradually getting more vigorous the more excited I became.

Checker held my gaze the whole time she fucked me, it was as if no one else was in the room, just her fucking me, gazing at me like a lover, not some butch lesbian rapist… It was weird, I could feel the other women holding me down as I was raped with her fist. I could feel them grasping my breasts, running their hands all over my body. I could hear them shouting encouragement and obscenities but it was still just her and me.

“Wow, look at the way her cunt bulges when Checker pulls back… she’s gonna get her clenched fist through that ring any minute!” said one.

“The slut fucking loves it, look at her she’s gonna come pretty soon!” said another.

“What a fucking whore, she’s been fisted before I’ll bet; anyone can see she loves a big dildo or fist up her!”

Their words and taunts only served to excite me more. It was true; I did love getting fucked like this, raped in front of her gang. I was only too happy that it pleased her as much as she pleased me.

They held me tight but I was soon jerking my hips and panting breathlessly, moaning out loud with pleasure. The longer she fucked me the better it felt. I was in seventh heaven, blissfully riding her clenched fist as she pumped it ever more forcefully in and out.

With a shock I felt her whole clenched fist slip out and immediately went back in. Incredibly it hardly hurt at all. My cunt was so relaxed her whole fist was able to pass through the entrance with only minimal discomfort.

They all cheered, which spurred her on to fuck me harder and faster, the whole fist now passing through my entrance muscles, an incredibly erotic sensation that soon had me screaming out in ecstasy as I came on her thrusting fist…

But that was not the end of it; Checker redoubled her efforts and made me come again and again as she fisted me. I was delirious with pleasure by the time she finally slipped her fist from me.

I was exhausted but I gathered the rest of her gang were so intrigued that I was able to be made to come against my will they all wanted a turn! One after the other all eleven of them raped me with their bunched fists while the others held me down.

As my rape continued Checker was the one that they were doing it for, checker was having me raped by them and they all made me orgasm for her. Some of them made me come two or three times in succession. I looked into her eyes throughout and she watched me come for her.

I barely even noticed the other prisoners coming in and watching. A couple of the warders even looked in and watched at one point. I was too far gone to care. Jane was in the crowd at one stage and she looked shocked to see me gang raped like this. I managed to smile weakly to her before I came yet again on someone’s thrusting fist.

“It’s alright, I’m okay.” I managed to say weakly. “Don’t worry, they’re not hurting me.”

I was horrified when someone brought a milk bottle and they proceeded to force it up inside me. It was huge and cold and hard. I thought they would tear me apart with it. I was terrified but Checker made me relax and ‘bear down on it’ and to my horror I actually managed to take it inside me. It was painful, but not as bad as I would have expected.

Another cheer went up and they took turns fucking me with that, again forcing me to come time and time again. I must have been fucked for hours… The faces of the women blurred into one, I feltlike I was drugged; on an incredible sexual high. I was only vaguely aware of Jane watching me anxiously in the crowd when I had yet another incredibly intense orgasm and everything faded away…

Jane was with me when I woke up. I had passed out and they had left me to sleep all night with that milk bottle embedded in me. They had even put my jeans back on so it couldn’t slip out of me and I must have been so exhausted I was unaware of it.

Jane helped me out of my jeans and we both watched in horror as the massive bottle slid out of me onto the bed. My pussy was really sore for the next few days but within a week the news of my gang rape had got around and the fact that I had come so much during it was a complete disaster for me and Jane.

I was repeatedly gang-raped nearly every day for the first month we were there and once they discovered that Jane was like me they did it to her too, seeming to delight in making us come against our will, humiliating us by calling us ‘nympho’s’ and ‘sluts’ while they did it.

Despite all that the truth is we actually loved every second of it. Once it had happened the first time we were no longer scared of what they might do. We knew they just wanted to make us come as much as they could which was an incredibly erotic experience for us. Knowing you are powerless to resist such intense pleasure is really mind-blowingly erotic!

Eventually our trial came up and although we were found guilty the judge felt we were unlikely to re-offend and gave us two year suspended sentences. Finally we were free of the prison bars but both of us are still complete slaves to sex! Total sluts!

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