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Naked Oil Wrestling

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It started out like a typical fall Saturday evening, if your typical Saturday evenings start out with dinner with your bi-sexual girlfriend and her bi-sexual girlfriend. Nicole and I had been together for about eight months now. A few months ago she introduced me to Alice, who she had met at the gym and had been enjoying a flirtation with. That night ended in a hot threesome, and that became the norm for us.

I’m a 39 year old divorcee, 5’11, 160 pounds, fit for the most part but getting a little soggy around the middle, if you know what I mean. Nicole is also divorced, 34, 5’7, 140 pounds, physically fit with long brown hair, C cup breasts, and an hourglass figure. Alice is 29 and single, 5’9, 160 pounds, blonde, voluptuous and gorgeous.

We get a lot of looks when we go out together. Nicole likes to wear tight blouses and long skirts that show off her hourglass figure. In the summer Alice wore frilly blouses and short skirts, but in the fall she had changed to tight sweaters and tight skirts that accentuated every curve of her body. A lot of heads turn our way. The women get ogled. People just look at me as if to wonder what I’m doing with them. Maybe I ran a modeling agency and these were two of my models. Maybe I had the biggest cock in the world stuffed into my pants and these ladies were the lucky ones. Eccentric millionaire and paid escorts? Mad scientist and his incredibly lifelike sex toys? I could go on like that all day.

Nicole and Alice were sharing knowing glances all through dinner, and I started to wonder what they had planned for that evening. Nicole was the creative and adventurous one. Alice and I just kind of went along for the ride. If Nicole knew that you had a particular fantasy, she would almost insist on living it out with you.

We finished dinner and went to Nicole’s apartment. That was where all of our non-exhibitionist adventures took place. Nicole opened the door and I was shocked to see her living room transformed. The furniture was all pushed back against the walls. The floor was covered with black plastic. It looked like several trash bags spread out across the floor. In the middle of it was an inflatable kiddie pool. It was about two feet high and six feet around.

“Surprise!” Nicole said.

We had talked a few months ago about my wrestling fetish. I liked to see women wrestling. I didn’t like it if it became violent, but the sight of two scantily clad, or better yet naked women rubbing up against each other was quite a turn on. After that talk Nicole and Alice staged a catfight for me, and I thought that was going to be the end of it. However, by the looks of it, it wasn’t.

“Nicole wouldn’t stop talking about buying a kiddie pool and wrestling,” Alice said, “So eventually I just told her let’s do it.”

“You guys… you don’t have to,” I said.

“No, I’m totally up for it,” Alice said, “I’m looking forward to dominating her again,” she added with a glance at Nicole.

“Who says this is all about you?” Nicole said to me. Then she turned to Alice. “We’ll see about that,” Nicole added. She turned back to me. “We’ve been doing some research, you know, visiting some instructional websites, like tribgirls, catfight central, and ultimate surrender. I think we have a pretty good grasp of the subject matter.” Nicole put emphasis on the word ‘grasp’, glancing at Alice as she did so. Alice was trying to look serious, but she smiled despite herself. I was left to imagine what they saw and what they did after they saw it. I was already getting hard thinking about what was going to happen.

The girls excused themselves to go change. I was told to make myself more comfortable. I had started wearing slacks and dress shirts out to dinner instead of my customary jeans and sweats because Nicole and Alice always dressed up and I felt like a shlub by their side. I figured that if I was going to continue to be the world’s luckiest man in this threesome, I may as well dress the part. I didn’t know what they meant by ‘more comfortable’ though. I didn’t have a change of clothes handy, and with the furniture all pushed up against the wall there wasn’t anywhere to sit.

Eventually the bedroom door opened and Nicole and Alice emerged. They were dressed in tight white t-shirts and bikini bottoms. Their breasts were clearly outlined beneath the shirts, their hardened nipples pressing against the fabric. I usually pride myself on being able to maintain eye contact with my busty girlfriends, but this time I gave in to the urge to stare at their chests.

“We thought about just wearing bikinis,” Nicole said, “But we saw a video where the women started out in t-shirts instead and ripped them off of each other, and we both decided that was what we wanted to do.” Nicole glanced at Alice, who was also staring at Nicole’s C cup breasts straining against her t-shirt. Alice nodded belatedly, never taking her eyes off of Nicole.

“Why are you still dressed?” Nicole asked me. “I told you to get more… comfortable,” she added, staring at my crotch. I’m sure she could see the outline of my hard-on in my slacks.

“Well, I don’t have anything to change into…” I started to say.

“Of course you don’t,” Nicole said, “But you don’t want to get those clothes covered in oil, do you?”

I glanced around the room and noticed that there was a large bottle of baby oil sitting on the coffee table where it was pushed up against the wall. I wasn’t sure how I missed that up until then. I looked back at Nicole and she smiled at me. I looked over at Alice and she playfully thrust her enormous chest out at me, as if to say yes, please rub oil all over it. Without another word I started to strip, pulling off my shoes, shirt, and slacks. I was going to keep my socks on, but I thought that my black dress socks looked silly, so I pulled them off as well. I was now dressed in a t-shirt and boxers. I usually didn’t like wearing boxers because my balls hung too low, but the girls insisted I looked better in them than in briefs. At any rate I was pitching a huge tent in the boxers, my 7 inch erection trying to find its way out through the hole in the boxers all on its own.

“Much better,” Nicole said, and she walked across the room to pick up the bottle of baby oil. She came over to me and handed it to me, pressing herself up to me and kissing me as she did so. I could feel her hardened nipples against my chest, and her thighs brush against my erection. Suddenly she pulled away. “Okay, me first!” She said, and bounced back across the room until she was standing in the kiddie pool.

Not to be outdone, Alice sauntered up to me, her breasts swaying seductively under the t-shirt. She grabbed my head and kissed me, hard, mashing her D cup breasts against me. “Enjoy the show,” she whispered, and then went to join Nicole in the kiddie pool.

I paused for a moment to praise whatever higher power made this evening possible. I slowly approached the kiddie pool, unscrewing the bottle as I did so. I reached Nicole and tipped the bottle over at her clavicle. The oil poured out and down her front. Nicole gasped, the oil quickly covering her front and turning the t-shirt transparent. I poured some down her back as well, for good measure, and stood back to watch the oil run down her body. Nicole grabbed her breasts through the t-shirt, caressing them and brushing her fingers against her hardened nipples.

“You need to make sure that I’m completely covered,” Nicole said to me seductively. I put the bottle down and started running my hands up and down the exposed skin of her arms and legs, making sure that the oil was covering her skin. I made sure to brush against her bikini bottoms with my hands as I ran them up and down her legs. “My breasts too,” Nicole said, clearly getting aroused, “Make sure my breasts are good and oiled.” She seemed to be extremely turned on already. I wasn’t sure how long she’d last in a sexfight. I wasn’t sure how long I’d last, either. I could feel that I was already as hard as I could be, as if my dick was thinking that if only it could grow another inch or so it could reach Nicole all on its own. Still, I obliged, taking hold of her breasts through the saturated t-shirt and massaging them. Nicole moaned, and for a second I thought she was going to suggest we skipped the wrestling altogether and just go fuck ourselves silly.

“You’re wet enough already,” Alice suddenly snapped, breaking us out of our sexual trance. “It’s my turn,” Alice said to me, reaching down for the bottle of baby oil. She handed it to me, and thrust her chest out at me. I looked at Nicole, who was already staring at Alice’s chest, waiting to see what it looked like in a wet t-shirt.

I tipped the bottle over and poured. Alice gasped as the oil covered her front and made her t-shirt transparent. I gave her the same treatment, pouring some down her back, and then rubbing it into her arms and legs as well.

“Don’t forget my chest,” Alice said, and I obligingly grabbed her D cup breasts through her t-shirt and started massaging them. “Mmm…” Alice moaned, although I got the sense she was exaggerating to annoy Nicole.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Nicole said. She didn’t sound angry, she just sounded impatient. “Pour the rest of the oil into the pool,” Nicole said to me. I tipped the bottle over and emptied the rest of the oil into the pool. There wasn’t much left, but along with the runoff from the girls there was a small puddle at the bottom of the pool.

“One more thing before we start,” Nicole said, and she looked over at Alice. “You’re going to really enjoy this, so when you’re ready to cum… we want you to shoot your load onto us while we’re wrestling.”

I gulped. “Really?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Alice said, “You don’t want us to dry out, do you?”

“Nuh… no,” I stammered. I don’t know why that statement had such an effect on me. I had shot my load all over both of them before. Maybe it was just the matter-of-fact way they said it to me.

“Okay, ready?” Nicole asked Alice. Alice responded by throwing her arms around Nicole. Whatever her intention was, her foot slipped in the oil and they both crashed to the ground, Alice on top of Nicole. They fell hard and I was afraid for a moment they may have hurt themselves. “You bitch!” Nicole suddenly shouted and pushed Alice off of her. She threw herself on top of Alice and they began to wrestle back and forth, sliding around in the oil. Compared to their previous experience, the oil was clearly making it more difficult for both of them to do what they were intending to do.

Lying side by side, Nicole grabbed hold of Alice’s t-shirt and pulled. I think Nicole was expecting it to just tear right off of her, but it didn’t. Alice responded by grabbing Nicole’s t-shirt, and they struggled like that for a while, side by side, pulling on the necklines of their t-shirts. Eventually Alice used her grip to pull herself up and on top of Nicole. Now straddling her, she was able to grab Nicole’s shirt with both hands and tear the wet fabric.

Nicole also had a grip on Alice’s shirt from below. When she realized that her own shirt was ripped, she became enraged and used her grip to fling Alice off of her. She pulled herself on top of Alice and began trying to rip her shirt the same way that Alice had ripped hers. Alice’s shirt must have been made of stronger stuff, though, because it refused to tear. Nicole’s shirt was ripped to her navel, and with her struggles one of her breasts had popped loose. It was a sight I had seen countless times before, however this particular view turned me on more than usual. Was it because it was unintentional? Nicole was a bit of an exhibitionist, and I didn’t think that flashing her breast bothered her very much, especially to her lovers. So why did that thought enhance my arousal? Even with the incredibly erotic show being put on before me, I paused to wonder about the deep psychological reasoning behind my sexual arousal.

A grunt and a thud caught my attention. Alice had pushed Nicole back off of her and had climbed back on top. Alice continued trying to rip Nicole’s shirt the rest of the way off while Nicole had given up on trying to rip Alice’s shirt, and instead reached for the bottom of the shirt to try to pull it up and over Alice’s head. Nicole succeeded in pulling Alice’s shirt up and over her head while Alice continued to tear at Nicole’s shirt until it was almost completely torn down the middle. Alice lost her grip, however, as Nicole pulled her shirt over her head. Alice’s huge breasts popped free, glistening from the oil, and Nicole’s hands immediately went to them, grabbing and kneading them. Alice responded by reaching into Nicole’s ruined t-shirt and grabbing her breasts as well. I stared at them, wondering whether they were trying to inflict pleasure or pain on each other.

After a minute or so Alice decided she’d had enough of the mutual breast mauling and slid herself up along Nicole’s body until she was able to pin Nicole’s arms with her knees, her bottom lying on top of Nicole’s breasts. As Nicole struggled to get her arms free, Alice reached behind her and untied Nicole’s string bikini bottoms. They fell away, leaving me a great view of Nicole’s exposed pussy, slick with oil and her arousal. Nicole was completely shaved. Alice was, too. They had begun shaving each other about a month ago. They offered to shave me too, but I declined. I had a fear of razors being that close to my pubic area. The view only lasted for a moment, however, as Alice quickly placed her hand over Nicole’s pussy and began to slide her fingers along her clit and pussy lips.

“Ugh!” Nicole grunted, a mixture of frustration and arousal. There was no doubt about my situation, however. I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it anymore, and pulled my boxers down to the floor. I grabbed my 7 inch erection and started jerking off like crazy. My hands were still slick from the oil that I had massaged into Nicole and Alice, and the lubrication was helping me approach orgasm even faster, my hand sliding easily along my shaft. I positioned myself beside the two wrestlers, who were too wrapped up in their struggle to even notice me. I went over the edge and came, with most of my cum landing on Alice’s naked back.

Alice was looking at me as I came back to my senses, bemused. “Already?” She asked. Nicole also stopped her struggling to see me standing beside them holding my dick, cum still dribbling out. I smiled meekly. “Pardon the interruption,” I said, “Please continue.”

Alice and Nicole laughed. Nicole’s laugh, however, turned into a gasp as Alice suddenly thrust a finger inside her pussy. I saw her hips jerk, and I wondered if Nicole was going to orgasm right then. She wasn’t ready to give up so easily, however, and with surprising agility she thrust her legs into the air and used them to knock Alice backward and off of her, and nearly out of the kiddie pool altogether. She slid back until her head was resting against the side. Now it was Nicole’s turn to climb atop Alice and straddle her with her knees pinning her arms. Nicole quickly reached back and pulled off Alice’s bikini bottoms, leaving her completely naked. Before Nicole could return the favor and attack Alice’s pussy, however, Alice lifted her hips into the air and knocked Nicole forward and out of the kiddie pool altogether. Nicole skidded to a halt on the trash bags a few feet away from the pool. I was worried that she was going to hurt herself, but as she skidded to a stop she thrust her arms out in front of her and shouted “Whee!”

Nicole rolled into a sitting position, laughing. Alice had also sat up and was facing her. Nicole’s t-shirt had come completely apart during her journey across the floor, so she decided to pull it off of her. Now she was completely naked too. Nicole looked at Alice, who beckoned to her with a finger. Nicole looked at me, and I smiled at her.

Nicole crawled back into the kiddie pool, her oily breasts swaying between her arms. She reached Alice and threw her arms around her and kissed her. Alice threw her arms around Nicole also, and they stayed like that for a while, kissing with their breasts crushed together. Alice suddenly threw Nicole down on her back and straddled her again. She climbed atop her chest and pinned her arms down with her knees. I was waiting for Alice to reach back and begin stroking Nicole’s pussy again, but I realized that something else was going on. I had to walk around the pool to the other side of the room to get a better view. Alice had lined her pussy up with Nicole’s right breast, and was basically humping her, her pussy and clitoris sliding back and forth across Nicole’s hardened nipple.

Alice caught my eye. “I saw this in one of the videos,” Alice said, “And I wanted to see what it felt like.”

My erection had never gone away, but I had managed to avoid its call up until that moment. I grabbed myself and started stroking again. My mouth had gone dry, but I managed to ask, “What does it feel like?”

“I can feel her nipple,” Alice said, pausing to gasp, “Right against my clit.”

“This is so hot,” I said, my voice barely a whisper. My statement seemed to egg Alice on even more, and she gave another gasp as her movements against Nicole became more pronounced. Alice gave another gasp and a sigh and slid off of Nicole.

Nicole and Alice began to slide around in the oil together. I couldn’t really call it wrestling. They were rubbing their bodies up against each other, slithering around in the oil in a kind of erotic dance, just enjoying the feel of their bodies against each other.

Eventually Alice found herself lying in between Nicole’s legs. She took one of her D cup breasts in her hand and lined up her nipple with Nicole’s pussy. She began to rub it against Nicole’s pussy.

Nicole gasped. “Oh my God,” she said, “I can feel your hard nipple rubbing against my clit.”

Of all the things that I had seen and done in the past several months since I had met Nicole and then Alice, this was one of the things I was still hoping to see. I wasn’t sure what it was about a woman rubbing her breast against another woman’s pussy that turned me on so much, but it did. I started beating myself off like mad, trying to get pleasure out of my dick, which was still recovering from my first orgasm. It had gone somewhat numb, but the scene in front of me demanded that I respond to it. The combination of mental and physical stimulation pushed my throbbing dick to its second orgasm. I grunted and staggered as the powerful orgasm hit, cum dribbling out onto Nicole’s body below me.

As I came back to my senses I was aware that Nicole had gone over the edge as well, she was gasping and bucking her hips against Alice’s breast, her hands kneading her own breasts and pulling at her nipples as she orgasmed. When it was over she laid her damp head back in the kiddie pool, looking completely satisfied.

Alice rose unsteadily to her feet, and then thrust her arms in the air. “I win!” She shouted, her glistening breasts jiggling. Without another word she walked off towards the bedroom.

I locked eyes with Nicole. I thought of the ‘instructional’ videos they told me that they watched. “Does losing the sexfight mean what I think it means?” I asked her. Nicole nodded at me dreamily.

I heard Alice rummaging around in the bedroom, and after a few minutes she returned, wearing a strap on dildo. “This was the other thing we picked up for tonight,” Alice said, placing her hands on her hips and thrusting the dildo out at me. It was longer and thicker than I was, probably eight or nine inches of lifelike rubber cock. Alice moved until she was beside me standing over Nicole. “Okay, loser,” she said, “Get up and suck it.”

Nicole glanced at me as she moved into a kneeling position. She took the dildo in her mouth and began sucking it. Alice was determined to put on a show. She grabbed Nicole’s head and started fucking her mouth with the dildo. “Oh yeah, suck it, bitch,” Alice said, her dominatrix side taking over. I heard Nicole gagging as the big rubber dildo went down her throat. Alice used her grip on Nicole’s hair to have her suck on the dildo a few more times, and then she pulled her off of it and pushed her to the floor. “Let me see that ass, loser,” Alice said.

Nicole obligingly raised her ass into the air, ‘presenting’ it for Alice. Alice had been standing just outside the kiddie pool as Nicole sucked on the dildo, now she stepped forward into the pool. She reached down to pick up a handful of oil and used it to further lubricate the dildo. Alice sank to her knees, moved up behind Nicole’s hips and entered her, burying the dildo up to the hilt into Nicole’s pussy. Nicole cried out as the dildo filled her up.

“Oh yeah, do you feel my hard cock in you, bitch?” Alice said. She began to thrust in and out of Nicole. She wasn’t able to get a good rhythm going, though. I wondered if it was the first time she ever used a dildo. She didn’t seem to have the hip action quite right. I thought about asking her but I didn’t want to break her dominatrix persona.

Alice’s technique might have been clumsy, but neither of them seemed to mind. Nicole gasped and moaned with each thrust. Alice closed her eyes, clearly enjoying the stimulation she was getting. I guessed that the dildo was pressing against her clit as she thrust it into Nicole, or something. I found myself staring at Alice’s crotch, wondering what was going on beneath the dildo and the strap on apparatus she was wearing.

Alice looked over at me. “You,” she said. “Over there,” she commanded, pointing at a spot directly in front of Nicole. I moved to where she was pointing. “On your knees,” she said, and I sank to my knees in front of Nicole. We locked eyes, Nicole’s filled with pure lust, and she gasped at another one of Alice’s thrusts into her pussy. I looked up at Alice. She was smiling at me. “Suck his cock,” Alice said, “Suck his cock while I fuck you.”

Despite having had two orgasms already, I was still hard. I relished my ability to stay hard, especially at 39. I had asked around a bit and believed that my sexual prowess was probably going to start going downhill in a few more years. I was glad that I was in this erotic, kinky, sexually charged relationship with Nicole and Alice so that it wouldn’t go to waste while I still had it. I scooted forward until I was close enough for Nicole to put her mouth on my cock. I was afraid that I had already masturbated myself to a pulp, but a blow job was a blow job, and I could feel myself responding to Nicole’s mouth, even though I was sore.

After a minute or so Nicole stopped sucking me as another orgasm hit her. “Ohh, fill me up…” she moaned, “Just like that… yes… yes… YES!” Nicole reached back below herself to rub her clit through her orgasm.

“You like that, bitch?” Alice asked. Nicole could only moan. “You love sucking cock while I fuck you, don’t you you little slut?” Alice caught my eye and smiled. She suddenly pulled out of Nicole and grabbed her by the hips, rolling her over onto her back. Alice stood up and took hold of my shoulders. I felt the dildo brush against my hips as she moved close to me. It gave me the creeps a little. She started pushing me down by my shoulders, and I suddenly worried that she was intending to try to use the dildo on me somehow. Instead she lowered me down onto Nicole’s chest. “Keep sucking that cock, slut,” Alice said to Nicole.

I was now kneeling on top of Nicole. She obligingly took hold of my cock and tried pulling it to her mouth. It was rock hard and wouldn’t quite bend down that way. Nicole ended up pulling me forward until I was on all fours on top of her. Nicole was able to get the head of my cock into her mouth in that position, however, so that was how the blow job continued. I was trying to stay still, but the sensations were causing me to thrust my hips a little, basically fucking Nicole’s mouth.

I looked behind me to see what Alice was up to. She was trying to figure out how to fuck Nicole with the dildo in that position. The thing was sticking straight out in front of her. She was in the process of rearranging Nicole’s legs so that her knees were in the air, raising the angle of her pussy and giving her a better angle of entry. I watched as Alice slid the dildo into Nicole, causing a gasp from Nicole that I felt on my cock more than heard. Alice grabbed hold of Nicole’s knees and began to thrust in and out.

We stayed like that for a while, Alice fucking Nicole with the dildo and me hovering over Nicole while she sucked on my cock. I kept looking behind me at Alice. I was acutely aware that I was in a prone position, and my own ass was pointing in the air. I wanted to be ready to run for my life if Alice made any kind of move toward me.

Suddenly Nicole was orgasming again. She couldn’t cry out with my cock in her mouth, so instead she gasped, which turned into a huge suck on my cock. It pushed me over the edge, and suddenly I was having my third orgasm of the evening.

It was my turn to gasp. “Oh my God,” I said, as I sat up, pulling myself out of Nicole’s mouth. I grabbed my cock and started stroking myself as what little cum I had left dribbled out and onto Nicole’s neck. Completely spent, I tumbled over and lay beside Nicole, feeling the oily bottom of the pool against my naked back. I realized I must have taken my t-shirt off at some point, and couldn’t even remember doing it.

As I came back to my senses I was aware that Alice was standing over me, the dildo still hanging obscenely from her waist. “It looks like Fred’s done for the evening,” she said, staring down at my penis, which at last had gone flaccid. “I was going to have you fuck her for the next part, but I guess I’ll have to do everything myself.” Alice pulled the straps down off of her waist and took the dildo in her hand. She kneeled down between Nicole’s legs while Nicole lay sprawled out in the middle of the pool, gazing up at her. She took the dildo and inserted it into Nicole’s pussy, causing her to gasp. Alice then sat atop Nicole in the position I had just occupied. “Suck me off,” she commanded.

I found myself staring at the ceiling and just listening to the sounds of Nicole sucking Alice’s pussy. “Yeah, suck it, bitch,” Alice said. The room was otherwise quiet except for the sucking sounds that Nicole was making, and the heavy breathing of Alice.

After a few minutes I felt my strength returning. I sat up and Alice turned to me. “You can fuck Nicole with the dildo, if you’d like,” she said. Without a word I crawled in between Nicole’s legs. The dildo was still buried in Nicole’s pussy. I took hold of it and pulled it out, then slid it back in. I pulled it out again and slid the shaft along Nicole’s clit. She bucked her hips and kicked her legs into the air. I slid the dildo back into her pussy and began fucking her with a slow and steady rhythm.

I paused for a moment to enjoy watching the sex going on in front of me without my pesky libido getting in the way. I watched Nicole’s shaved pussy as I slid the dildo in and out of it. I watched Nicole’s breasts rise and fall, her heavy breathing showing her arousal. I watched Alice’s perfect ass as she rode Nicole’s face. Alice had been quiet for a while, just enjoying the stimulation she was getting.

Eventually Alice let out an “ooh” and began her dirty talk again. “Yeah, slut,” she said, “Lick my pussy. Suck my clit. You’re my slut. Mmm… make me cum. Yeah, bitch… fuck me with your mouth… oh God… yeah…right there… right there… RIGHT THERE!!!” Alice suddenly screamed as her orgasm hit her. From my vantage point I watched her butt cheeks clench as she rode Nicole’s face through her orgasm. It went on for at least fifteen seconds, until Alice finally stopped moving, and rolled off of Nicole into a sitting position beside her.

I had increased the speed of the dildo moving in and out of Nicole while Alice was orgasming. Nicole was running her hands along her naked, oily body, her hips moving in rhythm with the dildo. Her right hand settled on her clit and it was all she needed to send her to her fourth orgasm of the evening, bucking her hips and moaning. I pulled the dildo out of her when I judged her orgasm to be over, and she sighed.

Alice was watching Nicole as she orgasmed, lightly touching her breasts. She leaned over and kissed Nicole, tasting herself on Nicole’s lips. She broke the kiss and looked down at herself, her naked body glistening with oil. “Ugh,” Alice said, “I feel all slimy from the oil.” She pulled one of the locks of her long blonde hair in front of her eyes. It was damp and lank. “And look what it did to my hair!” She said.

“Shower time?” I asked.

“Shower time.” Alice replied.

I tossed the dildo aside and rose unsteadily to my feet. I reached down to help Nicole up. She let me pull her to her feet, and then she crushed herself against me and kissed me. “Did you enjoy the show?” She asked.

“Yes, thank you,” I said. The three of us started walking towards the bathroom.

“So now that you’ve been fucked with a strap on,” Alice said, “Which is better, a man or a dildo?”

Nicole paused to think. “I still have to say a man,” Nicole said, “There’s just no substitute for the real thing.”

“Thanks honey,” I said.

“Suit yourself,” Alice said, “I’ll take the bigger, harder, never fails you dildo anytime.”

We crowded into Nicole’s stall shower. It was definitely only meant for one person, two tops, so the three of us were a tangle of arms and legs and lady parts with one hardening penis mixed in. It happened to brush up against Alice.

“Look what’s coming back to life,” Alice said, reaching down to give it a squeeze.

“Well, stuff me into a phone booth sized shower stall with two wet, naked women,” I said, “It never fails.”

I was by far the least oily of the three of us, so I rinsed myself off and then graciously volunteered to wash the oil off of their bodies while they took turns vigorously shampooing each other’s hair. I made sure to pay plenty of attention to their breasts, asses, and shaved pussies. By the time Alice and Nicole had washed the shampoo out of their hair and were satisfied that the oil didn’t completely ruin their hairdos, we were all horny again.

“I have an idea,” Nicole said while we were toweling off, and suddenly rushed out of the bathroom. Alice and I looked at each other. Alice rolled her eyes. Here we go again, we were thinking.

Nicole came back to the bathroom with the dildo and straps. “Is there a way to put this on so that it’s, you know, crotch less?” Nicole asked Alice.

“I think so,” Alice said, and they started working on putting the strap on around Nicole’s waist but leaving her pussy exposed. Eventually they figured it out, although the dildo was positioned more around her waist than her crotch, and looked kind of silly to me.

“Okay,” Nicole said, pointing to me, “You fuck me, and I fuck her.” Alice and I glanced at each other again. Nicole started for the bedroom and we followed her. It took some trial and error and a couple of false starts, but eventually we found a position that worked. I ended up lying on my back with Nicole sitting on top of me riding my cock. Alice was atop me doggy style, riding the dildo, her breasts hanging over my face. I fondled Alice’s breasts as she impaled herself on the dildo. When she leaned down low enough I would take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it. Somewhere behind Alice, Nicole was riding my cock. It felt good, but I had so many orgasms already I didn’t think I had another one in me. I’m sorry to say that despite the otherwise incredibly erotic threesome I found myself in, my mind started to wander. Nicole and Alice were far from done, however, and once every few minutes one of them would cry out from another orgasm.

Eventually Nicole and Alice got their fill of the fuck-a-thon, and they climbed off of me. I took a peek at my dick when I could see it again. It was still there, hard and glistening from Nicole’s juices.

“Are you okay?” Nicole was asking me. “I could suck you off again if you’d like.”

“No, thanks,” I said, “I’m all orgasmed out. It’ll just go down on its own if we ignore it for a while.”

“Okay,” Nicole said, and the three of us snuggled into bed together. When we were all comfortable Nicole dropped her latest bombshell on us.

“I bought a house,” Nicole said. Alice and I both sat up straight from where we had snuggled in beside Nicole and looked at each other. Alice and I had started out kind of awkwardly as Nicole’s ‘significant others,’ but as the months wore on I felt like we were growing closer together as well, if for no other reason than we could commiserate with each other when Nicole had one crazy idea or another, sexual or otherwise. We both congratulated her.

“There’s more,” Nicole said, “It’s a nice three bedroom house. Now, I can afford it on my own, so you both are under no obligation,” she paused to take a deep breath, “But I would like you both to move in with me.” Alice and I both looked at Nicole, and then back at each other, and then back at Nicole again. “You can take time to think about it,” Nicole said, a little nervously because neither of us had answered her right away, “You can wait until your leases are up, whatever…” She trailed off.

“Sure,” I said at last, “I would love to move in with you. It would be three bedrooms for three people, though. The only problem is my daughter…”

“Fred, you fool,” Nicole said with a laugh, “We would share the master bedroom. The third bedroom would be for when your daughter stays with us. The second bedroom is yours, Alice, if you want it. I know you said you want to find a man and settle down eventually,” Nicole said, “I don’t want you to think that this would hold you back. You could go anytime… you wanted.” Nicole forced the last part out. She didn’t like thinking about the possibility of Alice leaving.

Nicole was sitting up now too, and we were both staring at Alice. She was looking back and forth between the two of us. “What would happen when your daughter is there?” Alice suddenly asked. “Who would I be then?”

“You would be daddy’s friend who lives with daddy,” I said, “When she’s old enough to understand, she can know the truth. If you’re still there,” I added.

“I wouldn’t want to get you into any trouble,” Alice said, “Living in some unusual arrangement.”

“Hey, it’s the 21st Century,” I said, “As long as we have a happy stable home it doesn’t matter who’s a part of it.”

Alice was quiet for a while. I started to think that she was going to ask to think about it and probably decline. I liked Alice, and I liked having Alice around, but it wasn’t going to hurt me if she declined. She was younger than me or Nicole and felt like she still had her whole life in front of her. Even without Alice I was still going to be moving in with Nicole, and that would be wonderful for me. I looked at Nicole. She was much more concerned with Alice’s decision. This was her dream, her fantasy, her ideal, to have both a male and a female live-in lover, and I knew she would be hurt if Alice said no.

“I know that I’ve talked about wanting to meet a man and having a normal life,” Alice said, “But I just can’t imagine anything better than being with the two of you.” Suddenly Alice’s face broke into a wide grin, “Yes, let’s do it,” she said.

“Oh my God!” Nicole shouted, and we all hugged, and kissed, and made plans to go see the house the next day. I fell back into bed, listening to Nicole and Alice excitedly talk over their plans for decorating, and eventually dozed off, completely content.

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