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The woman sat in the semi darkness of the living room. She softly replaced the phone in the cradle, and sighed. Her husband was on the road. He was a long haul trucker, who was on another long haul. She made her way down the hallway, which was lit by a small night light in case the kids had to get up in the night. She peered into the first room, and saw the small figure of a young boy snuggled down in his blankets.

The streetlight outside of his window illuminated his regular breathing of sleep. She moved down to the next door, and quietly opened the door. Her nine year old daughter was asleep, and her covers were kicked to the floor. The woman picked up the tangled mass of blankets, and gently placed them back on the sleeping form. She glanced at the alarm clock at the side of her daughter’s bed. It was 10:15. Another 15 minutes to go before she turned on the computer, and then would be transported to a world so far removed from this one.

She made her way to her bedroom. She turned on the bathroom light, and began to undress. As the clothes came off, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. At 42 she was no head turning “babe” anymore. Two kids, a lack of exercise, and the ease of fast food had rounded parts of her more than she cared for. Her hands went to her nipples. Breast feeding her children had made them huge. She was told often that they were the sexiest nipples ever. She smiled as she saw how they responded to her touch, and the jolt of electricity that sped right from the nipples down to her groin. All it ever took for her was a touch of the nipples, and her motor was running.

Her gaze drifted down. Her stomach was no longer flat, and the stretch marks bore testimony to her two pregnancies. Further down, she saw the barest hint of stubble around her pussy. She had shaved the area three days earlier, because she was told it was a turn on. It was a mess to do it, but the person that told her it was a turn on wanted to watch, and so she let them. The orgasm she had after the shaving session was powerful, and she was glad she had done the shaving for that kind of payback.

She ran a brush through her hair, and threw on the old t shirt she slept in. It was time for her nightly ritual, and she did not want to be late. Heading down the hall to the kitchen, she grabbed her diet Pepsi and headed to the living room. Sitting down at the desk, she turned on the computer. The screen booted up, and her fingers acted from memory and typed in the address for a messenger program. A few keystrokes and her password, and her friends list appeared before her. She clicked on “NightOwl4u” and typed a private message. It said simply “”

There was a brief delay and then a reply of “Hi Sexy!” It made the woman staring at the screen smile. She like seeing that in the little message box, especially from this person. This was the person that she shaved for, that made her cum so many times, and who made her hunger for this time of night. “Missed you lots!!!” she typed. Soon the reply of “Right back at you!!” appeared. Another smile crossed her lips. She maneuvered her mouse to the web cam option and clicked it on. While waiting for the other person to accept, she again ran her fingers through her hair. Soon the screen showed the image of the person that made her smile.

The person had blonde hair, and it was cut short. Their smile was electric, and melted the woman who was looking at it. The body was not as rounded as the person who was looking at it. It was slender, and sleek, and oh so very sexy. They were putting on a headset with a microphone. “Can you hear me now?” they said with a laugh. “Oh can I ever. Just checked on the kids, talked to the man, and now I am all yours baby!” was the reply.

The two people who were exchanging words of affection, who expressed terms of endearment, and enjoyed each others bodies, had never actually touched. They had touched themselves for each other, and watched as the other pleased themselves, and they longed for each other. They often talked about meeting, but each had families that made planning that difficult. Even more challenging was that they were both married, and both were women. Their husbands traveled in their jobs and it was a common link that brought them together. Carol, the one sipping the Diet Pepsi started surfing the internet late at night to cut the boredom of being alone. She ventured into chat one night, and was hooked. People from everywhere talking about anything, and it took her from her living room to a whole new world. There were the men that wanted to know what you were wearing, how big your tits were, and if you swallowed. She actually became a “good friend” with one of the men in one of the rooms. They would email, chat for hours, and once she even talked to him from a pay phone. Soon though he drifted to a younger woman, and she was again “single” in chat land.

Judy was the blonde woman. She began chatting for one reason and one reason only. She was tired of being married to the man who was never home. He left her and the kids, and while he called every day, when he was home his mind was elsewhere. There was no affection, no tenderness, and little sex. Judy craved sex. She missed the wild and crazy days of nothing to the imagination sex that were there when she was first married. Well, and before she was married. She had several on line relationships with men in the chat rooms. Her cell phone was a gateway to steamy phone sex with guys she may have only known an hour. It was not uncommon to have three or four encounters in a day with her chat friends. Then along came Carol. The first chat one night on nothing in particular, other than their lives, their kids, and where they lived. Soon they talked every night. While they would sign into a room, they would private message each other, and ignore the others in the room.

After a few weeks the talk turned to sex or lack there of on both sides of the conversation. Judy was the first to bring up the subject about being horny. She talked about the various guys she had called for phone sex, and how it helped her get through the “tough” times. Carol admitted to flirting in private chat, but without a cell phone had not done the phone sex method of sexual release. The conversation moved towards masturbation, and how often each did it. Carol bravely stated she did it maybe three times a week, and usually when she was in the shower with the shower head there to help her. Judy then related she was playing with herself as much as three times per day. She also commented that she had a new toy that really worked well, and that Carol should get one. Carol asked about how well it worked, and Judyl turned on her camera, and proceeded to demonstrate just how good it worked. The next day Carol went out and got her own camera, and installed it. She was not nervous about turning it on. When Judy asked her to play for her, Carol undressed and rubbed her clit for her new friend. When Carol opened her eyes after cumming, she saw Judy using her toy to bring herself to a moaning climax.

About three weeks later the love word was introduced in a chat. They talked about how much they thought of each other, how they wondered what they were doing, and how much they craved each other.” Its like I am in love,” said Judy. “I am in love,” said Carol. That night Judy asked Carol to shave for her. She told Carol it would turn her on. Carol spent an hour getting things ready and slowly shaved on camera so Judy could watch. “God, I wish it was me doing that,” said Judy. “I want you doing that,” replied Carol. When she was done, she sucked her own breasts and pulled her nipples. She leaned back and spread her cleanly shaven pussy for her new love to see. Then she pulled out a toy just like the one Judy used and proceeded to make herself cum. Judy then returned the favor.

The hard times for each were when the husbands were home. There was no free time to get on the computer. They would sneak a call in to each other, as Carol went out and got a cell phone. She told her husband it was so the kids could reach her if she was out. When her husband commented on her shaved pussy, Carol lied and said it was for him. Judy was miserable when she did not have her “Carol time” as she liked to think of it. Her husband had no interest in sex, and even less in conversation. It was like he didn’t even want to be there. When she got a phone message from Carol that was of her having a loud orgasm, Judy knew there had to be a way to get together with her on-line lover.

The next night on line, Judy talked about getting together. “I need to touch you baby. I need to hold you, and I need to taste you. I need to feel your touch, and be loved by you.” She had looked at a map, and decided that Chicago would be about halfway between them. “I don’t care what it takes we have got to do this,” she stated. Carol agreed.

Over the next few weeks, the two of them developed a plan. They set a date when they knew both of their husbands would be gone. They talked about alibis and who would watch the kids. For each it was to go see an old roommate that was dying for one last get together. Each said they would have their cell phones, and would only be gone a few days. While Judy got little more than a grunt from her husband, Carol had to convince her husband that the kids would be ok, and she would check in on them often. He finally consented to her going.

The next time on line neither could contain their excitement, and they became more bold about what they were going to do to each other. “I am going to lick you all over,” Judy claimed. “I mean everywhere!” Carol wondered what that meant, but liked the thought.

“Well baby, I am going to stick my tongue as far as I can into your pussy, and move it sloooowly around.” Carol said. “Wait I mean my pussy. Your pussy has been mine for a long time now,” she added.

The day came, and Carol was both excited and nervous. She had the MapQuest directions to the place they were staying. Judy had booked a suite, with a king size bed. They agreed to put it on Judy’s credit card, but would pay cash in the end. The thought of sharing a bed was thrilling to both. Carol backed the mini-van down the drive after kissing the kids good bye, and headed towards her lover. Judy rushed to throw clothes together. She gave the babysitter her cell number, left money on the refrigerator for pizza, and headed towards Chicago.

During the trip they called each other often to update where they were. As each mile brought them closer together, the excitement and nervous tension grew. Each of them wishing the miles away, and fearful that it would not be as good in person as it had on the computer. Carol pulled into the parking lot first. She pulled her suitcase out and headed into the lobby. No Judy yet. Carol sat in a chair that faced the front door. Each person that walked through brought a rush of excitement. Finally, 45 minutes late, Judy walked in. Carol felt her heart leap into her throat as she jumped out of her chair. They embraced as Judy whispered;” I want you.”

Judy went up and checked in. They refused the help of a bellman with their suitcases, and headed to their room. As they opened the door, Carol was amazed at the amount of space they had. Her eyes took in the king size bed, and the refrigerator, and the microwave. “We would never have to leave the room,” remarked Carol. “Sounds like a plan to me,” responded Judy.

Each of them made calls to their families, and husbands to let them know they were safe. After the last call was made, Judy announced she had a surprise. She pulled out a bottle of pre-mixed margaritas from her suitcase. Along with the drink were two glasses, and a container of salt. “Have to celebrate with our favorite drink baby,” she announced. Carol went looking for ice to fill the ice bucket as Judy arranged their little “mini bar.”

Judy made each of them a drink. They sat on the couch in their room, and talked about the trip, their kids, and commented on the room. There was no lull in the conversation, and Judy refilled their glasses on more than one occasion. As the light faded from their room, Judy filled the glasses yet again. As she approached Carol, she said, “This drink is going to cost you a kiss.”

Judy leaned down and handed Carol her drink. Carol lifted her head and met Judy’s lips. Each could taste the margarita and salt. Never had Carol felt lips so soft, and Judy was amazed at how tender a kiss Carol gave her. “Wow,” was all Carol managed to say.

“Stand up baby,” Judy whispered. Carol stood up as if in a trance. Judy moved closer and kissed Carol again. Judy found the buttons to Carol’s shirt and slowly unbuttoned it as they kissed. She slid the shirt off over her shoulder, and on to the floor. The kissing never stopping, tongues seeking each other, Judy slid the bra straps down the shoulders of Carol. She pulled the cups down off of Carol’s breasts and kissed each nipple.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?” Judy asked. “I hope as long as I have wanted you to do that,” replied Carol. “Suck them.”

Judy took each one in her mouth licking them slowly up and down before gently sucking them. Soon her hands were at the slacks that Carol wore. Never breaking contact with Carol’s nipples, Judy unbuttoned Carol’s pants. She slid them down, and Carol stepped out of them. Putting her thumbs in the waistband of Carol’s panties, Judy slowly slid them down. “God, I was so turned on when you shaved for me. It was so fucking hot,” Judy murmured.

Judy guided Carol to the couch, following her down. She forced Carol’s shoulders back, inviting her to lay back. She kissed the insides of Carol’s thighs, and could see the wetness and feel the heat from her pussy. She kissed around her shaven lips, and liked how the stubble felt on them. Finally, she could wait no more. She took her first taste of another woman. Her tongue flicked over Carol’s clit, and then probed down finding the moist opening. She placed her tongue at the entrance, and pushed it in. Carol spread her legs wider, giving her lover more access to her dripping pussy. Judy obliged by probing deeper into her pussy. The salty taste of the wetness was not unlike her own, which she tasted on occasion. She wanted more and moved her tongue around the wetness. She dropped even lower, and her tongue touched Carol’s ass. Carol gave a gasp, and ran her fingers through Judy’s hair. The smell of sex was heavy around them. Judy moved her tongue slowly back up to Carol’s clit, and began sucking it. Soon Carol was moving her hips, forcing them closer to Judy’s lips. The sucking was replaced by licking, and Carol was now bucking in time to the licks. “Oh yes. Oh yes. Keep going baby,” Carol gasped.

Judy began licking even faster in response, and put a finger in Carol’s pussy. Finger fucking her as she licked, Judy’s mouth and face were covered in Carol’s juices. Carol applied more pressure to Judy’s head, and gasped,” I am close.” With a moan and a gasp, Carol came like she never had in her life. Judy kept licking and tried to keep up with the flow of juices, but simply could not. They ran down her face, her chin, and even dripped off her nose. She moved up and kissed Carol, and for the first time Carol tasted herself on Judy’s lips. “I love you,” Judy whispered.

Carol was moved to tears. The emotion of the orgasm, and the tenderness of Judy were more than she ever had dreamed of. She sat up and hugged Judy tight. “Never, ever have I been loved like that.” She pushed Judy back and stood over her. The sight of Carol’s huge nipples, and the depth of her feelings had Judy wanting Carol even more. Carol moved quickly, and in one movement tore Judy’s shirt open. Buttons scattered across the room. She pulled if off, and the bra followed. The sweat pants of Judy’s were down around her ankles, and Carol did not even notice there were no panties. Carol licked Judy’s face, cleaning it of her pussy juice. She quickly moved down to Judy’s breasts, kissing and touching them. While Judy always complained that her breasts were too small, Carol thought they fit in her mouth just fine. She sucked the pert nipples as hard as she could, and pinched them remembering Judy had said she liked that. She moved down her stomach, and her tongue licked Judy’s bellybutton. Down even more, she gently pushed Judy’s legs apart. While she often wondered if she would be able to make Judy cum with her tongue, there was no such fear now. She gently spread open the waiting pussy of Judy, and her tongue touched the tip of Judy’s swollen clit. Carol had always been amazed at the size of the clit she was licking. She told Judy once as a joke that it was not much smaller that her husbands cock. They had both gotten quite the laugh at that. Carol gently licked around, and then over the clit. It grew even larger under her tender licks. Finally, she took it in her mouth. She began to suck it hard. Alternating the licking and sucking made Judy moan. Carol moved her tongue down, and inserted it into Judy’s pussy. She was amazed at how sweet Judy tasted. Her tongue explored as far as she could get it in. Moving it in and out, Carol could feel Judy getting wetter.

Judy could not believe how good having Carol between her legs felt. She had been giving plenty of oral sex in her time, but nothing compared to this. Tender, caring, thoughtful with only thoughts of pleasing her, and not doing just so she would let the man fuck her. She didn’t want the feeling to end. “Lick my clit again baby,” Judy whispered. Carol responded to her request. Judy loved the slow movement of Carols tongue over her clit. “Slide a finger in me,” commanded Judy.

Carol heard the whispers of Judy, and slid a finger in as she was told. The heat was unbelievable, and her pussy juice so thick it clung to Carol’s fingers. She licked and sucked Judy’s clit. Going faster and faster, Judy started to moan. Her hips moved and ground Carol’s tongue into her clit. Judy reached out and grabbed a handful of Carol’s hair. Carol could feel the shudder of Judy’s orgasm travel throughout her body. With a final gasp, Judy went limp.

“Wow,” was all Judy managed to say. She was covered in sweat. Totally spent from the strength of the orgasmic wave that hit her, she laid on the couch looking at Carol. She did not feel like she could move. “I think that deserves another drink,” she said with a laugh.

Carol fixed them each another margarita. She brought the two drinks over and handed Judy hers and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Can it really get any better?” she asked.

Judy smiled and said, “We are just warming up my dear.” Judy struggled to her feet. She felt lightheaded as she made her way to her suitcase. Never had sex made her feel this way after it was done. She brought out a small case, and carried it over to the couch. She unzipped it, and proceeded to remove several sex toys. There were vibrators, dildos, and a strap on. She picked up one that could be inserted into both the pussy and ass. “This one is to see how brave you are,” Judy said with a smile.

Carol looked at the toy displayed before her. She had never allowed anything in her ass before. She wondered what it would feel like, and she looked and Judy, Bring it on baby.”

Judy reached for lube and stood behind Carol. “Bend over the couch hun,” she commanded. Carol finished her drink, and did as she was told. She spread her legs as she bent over, allowing Judy better access to the two openings that were her target. Judy put some lube on her finger, and rubbed around the opening to Carol’s ass. She then slowly slid the finger into the opening. Moving it back and forth to relax the tight sphincter, and to relax Carol. She withdrew her finger and put a generous amount on the toy. She put the longer part in Carol’s pussy. It was still wet from their earlier session. She placed the shorter part next to Carol’s ass and applied gentle pressure. Slowly, it moved in. Hearing no complaints, Judy kept inching it into Carol’s ass. When both parts were in the intended places, Judy turned on the vibrator.

Carol gave a little jump as the portions of the toy in her pussy and ass came to life. It felt different having two vibrating parts going at once. Soon she felt Judy start to slowly move the toy in and out. Each movement out was followed by a little deeper penetration in. Soon the toy was in as far as it could go. Steadily, Judy increased the speed of her moving the toy. Carol moved her body in rhythm with Judy’s actions. “It….feels……wonderful,” Carol panted.

Judy took her free hand and found Carol’s clit. She lightly touched it, as she continued to pump the toy in and out of Carol’s pussy and ass. “Oh yes, oh yes,” was all Carol could manage. Judy was amazed at how hard Carol’s clit felt. She applied more pressure, and started rubbing it faster. The wetness from Carol’s pussy made it easy to glide over the engorged clit. By the sounds of Carol’s moans, and the rapid breathing, Judy knew she was close.

Carol felt like her all of her insides were vibrating. There was no in or out, just the sensation of vibration filling her. The fact that her clit was being rubbed too was just icing on the cake. Carol could feel the orgasm building, and it felt like another level was being reached. In seconds, it rolled over her. Her entire body consumed with the pleasure of the orgasm. She could not speak, only a groan escaped her lips, and she let the moment carry her away.

Judy watched Carol cum, and it was a sight she would never forget. The closing of the eyes, the two of them moving together, and the moan that summed up the intensity of the moment, were forever etched in her mind. Carol sagged to the couch as Julie removed the toy. She was panting as if she had run a marathon. “So good,” she managed,” Love you.”

Judy gave Carol a hug and sat beside the best thing to happen to her in a long time. They held hands and sat in silence for a short time. “You know my motor is still running,” Judy said. She looked at the strap on that was laying on the floor beside the couch. “I think I know something that might help it really purr.”

Carol followed Judy’s gaze to the strap-on. She had never even dreamed of using one. She wasn’t even sure how to put it on, but picked it up. Judy helped her put it on, and said, “Now here is how I want you to use it. First, my pussy and then my ass I think I am wet enough thanks to you to have it in my ass without lube.”

Judy moved over towards the bed. She leaned over and supported herself by placing her hands on the bed. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that Carol would be able to enter her in that position. She watched as Carol moved towards her. Carol placed the tip of the strap-on in her pussy. Judy moved back to meet it, and it slid in the full length. “Now that hits the spot,” she hissed.

Carol began thrust her hips. She soon heard the wetness of Judy’s pussy as she moved it in and out. She was amazed at how wet the toy had become. “Now my ass,” commanded Judy. Carol pulled all the way out of her new lover, and slowly inserted it into Judy’s waiting ass. Carefully, she advanced the toy in. Judy let out a low moan, and again pushed against it to help slide it in.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” Judy said. Carol slowly moved the toy in and out of the tight opening. Judy started rubbing her clit as she felt the toy work her ass. She looked back and smiled at Carol, and continued rubbing her hard clit. Faster and faster she felt the strap on enter. She matched the rhythm of the strap on with her fingers on her clit. Soon she felt the building of the orgasm, and she lost herself in the pleasure that was rushing at her in waves.

Carol watched Judy cum. She was so completely taken with how lovely Judy looked as she achieved climax. Eyes half open, a low moan, and her whole body becoming rigid. Time stood still as Carol watched what they had spent the last few minutes working towards finally happen.

Together they collapsed on the couch. They did not speak for a few minutes. Instead, they held each other as though someone would come through the door and take them away from each other.. “That was fantastic sweetheart,” Judy said. “Where have you been all of my life?”

“Waiting for you to come into mine,” Carol answered with tears in her eyes.

They kissed gently knowing that they still had two days together, and already dreaded the fact that it would go way too fast. For now they would take what they had found, and worry about tomorrow when it came.

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