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Tracy Gets Reprimanded

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Greg sat in his office smiling. He could not believe his luck. The 44 year old electrical contractor had been given the CCTV system by one of his customers. The installation of the cameras was easy. He and one of his electricians had mounted the five cameras up in the various areas of the office and had the entire system up and running in less than two hours. He had no idea the benefits that this thing would reap until now.

A ruggedly handsome man, Greg stood at 6’2″ and weighed a very solid 210lbs. He had that sturdy blue collar build about him. He was muscular and strong, but not like one who spent his days in the gym. Rather his was work induced muscularity.

He shook his head and laughed. “Goddamn, this is fucking awesome.” He mused. But the question was what to do with it. Obviously he would keep the recording, but ‘there had to be something more’ he thought to himself as the rubbed his course goatee. Then a big grin spread across his face and he leaned back in his big leather chair.

He reached down with his left hand and adjusted his rapidly thickening cock. “That’s it baby, suck that boy’s dick, you sexy little bitch!” He stared at the monitor on his desk. Since his divorce two years ago, Greg had fucked plenty of women, but there never seemed to be enough to sate his sexual hyper drive. And know he realized he had a little fuck toy right under his nose.

He didn’t want to hire the girl initially, but his partner, Jerry, was pretty adamant about it. She was Jerry’s wife’s little sister and she needed a job. Greg finally gave in and gave her the job. All she really had to do was answer the phone and perform some minimal accounting functions. And here she was on his screen, kneeling down in front of her boyfriend in Greg’s place of business on her lunch hour.

Greg continued to knead his thick meat through his jeans as he watched. There was no sound, but that didn’t really matter at the moment. His eyes were glued to the petite 21 year old blonde as she sucked on her boyfriends cock. It was not overly large, but it was still fairly impressive Greg thought. And Tracy certainly seemed to know what she was doing. Greg could feel his cock thicken as he watched the boy give Tracy physical feedback by slapping his meat all over her gorgeous face.

It was well past 7pm at this point and there was no risk of anyone stopping by the office at this hour. Greg undid his jeans and slid them down around his ankles. He wrapped his fist around the base of his cock and casually slid it up and down as he watched the hot young couple. He smirked and leaned back in the chair as he stroked. He knew how to handle this. He knew just what he needed to do.

When he came in the next morning, Tracy was already at her desk. Greg eyed the young woman from head to toe as they exchanged pleasantries. Tracy was a naturally petite girl. Standing a mere 5’1″ and weighing a perfect 100lbs, she had medium length straight blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. Today she wore a mid-thigh length, charcoal skirt, black 4″ heels, and a crisp white blouse. The fullness of her ripe young breast could easily be ascertained as could the scalloped lace edge of her bra. Her legs were encased in dark hose, or ‘maybe stockings’, Greg silently wondered. And the heels really made her calves stand out. Already a very sexy and pretty young woman, Greg’s new revelation made her that much hotter to the older man.

“Oh, okay. Well, I’ll be here.” She smiled up at Greg as he stood over her desk.

The day had been pretty uneventful. All of the jobs in the field were on schedule and even if not, Greg was more than a little preoccupied with his evening plans. As for Tracy, the office had been quiet as well. She had hoped that David, her boyfriend, would have stopped by again like he had yesterday, but he had several meetings across town that prevented him from fucking his hot girl. Tracy would be looking forward to feeling him pound her horny pussy tonight. Her sexual appetite was seemingly boundless. She could feel her pussy tingling in the confines of her panties as the thought of David’s cock. A thick 7″, he was the biggest of the 5 guys she had slept with. She loved to play with it and feel it get soooo hard for her. She reached down under her desk and slid her hand up her short skirt. Moaning softly, she dragged her fingertips over her encased crotch. “Mmmmm…” she purred. Pulling her hand back after only a few seconds, she violently shook her head and began to giggle. “Damn. So horny.”

She was shaken from her reverie by the telephone. “Thank you for calling Stintson Electrical, this is Tracy, may I help you?”

“Tracy, it’s Greg. Listen, hon, I need to go over a few things with you when I get back. I should be there, right around 5:45. Sorry for the short notice, but it couldn’t be avoided.” Tracy was immediately depressed. She didn’t want to stay here one minute past 5:30 and now she was going to be here for who knows how long. But she was grateful for the job. She didn’t argue. “That’s okay, Greg. I understand. I’ll see you then.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”


As Greg drove back to the office, he could feel his cock swelling in his jeans. His mind was already playing out all of the filthy scenarios. He squeezed the big cylinder that stretched down his thigh.

As he entered, Tracy was sitting at her desk surfing the web. Greg’s eyes appraised the sexy little blonde once more. “Just give me a second and we’ll get started.” Greg told her as he passed and entered his office.

Once inside, he unlocked his desk and pulled out the DVD from yesterday’s security camera. He inserted it in his PC and waited for it to cue up. He fast forwarded it to the part where David came in and began making out with Tracy. Greg paused the footage and then minimized the screen on the monitor.

He stepped into the doorway and called for Tracy. “Okay, hon. Ready if you are.”

Tracy stood and straightened out her skirt. “Do I need to bring anything?”

“Nah, just you.” Greg admired the outfit even more when she stood. The skirt was even shorter than he originally thought. It showed off a good portion of her thighs and conformed to her juicy ass. She looked professional, yet there was something sexy, almost secretly slutty lurking beneath her outward appearance. Greg eyed her hungrily as she walked towards him. “Come on in and have a seat.” He motioned her into his office and towards one of the guest chairs.

Even in her heels, Greg towered over the girl. “Oh, this is gonna be fun.” He thought to himself.

Once Tracy was seated, Greg walked around his desk and sat opposite her. He looked at her with a very serious face. Tracy was immediately nervous.

“Tracy, something has come to my attention that I think you and I need to discuss.”

Tracy gazed at the man with an innocent, almost pouty face. “Yes, sir.”

“First, I think you’ve done a great job since you’ve been here. I wasn’t initially too keen the idea of taking on more personnel, but you have truly been a big help around here. Thank you.”

Tracy sat up proudly. She smiled. “Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Everyone’s been real nice.”

“That’s good. But there is something not so positive that I want to talk to you about.”

Tracy nodded silently.

Greg’s stern tone made her very nervous. “Do you have any idea what I am talking about, Tracy?”

She shook her head. Her eyes looking down and then back up at him. “No. No, sir.”

Greg leaned back in his chair and sighed. “Hmpf. No idea, huh. Well that’s not good. Because if you don’t know what you’ve done, then you probably don’t see anything wrong with your behavior.”

“Greg, I’m sorry, I, I don’t know….”

“Stop!” He commanded her. Pausing, he stood. With her sitting, he seemed even taller, even bigger. It made her feel so small and subservient. Greg closed his office door with a deliberate action and locked it. “I’m going to tell you exactly what the fuck I am talking about young lady.”

The emphasis he placed on the word “fuck” startled Tracy. She jumped at his rough tone.

“Saturday Rod and I installed closed circuit security cameras in the office, Tracy.” He let his words sink in.

She looked up at him, still not sure what he was talking about. “You did?” Then suddenly it hit her. She looked up at the towering man like a whipped puppy.

“Yes. We did. Now did you think you might know what behavior I am referring to, Tracy?”

Tracy nodded as she looked down. “I think so.”

Greg turned the monitor on his desk to face the two of them. He reached down to the key board and maximized the screen and started the video in one quick movement. Once the video began playing, Greg stepped back, making sure Tracy had a full view of the screen. He stepped behind her.

“There you are.” He mocked. “And look, there’s your little boyfriend.”

“Greg, I am, oh God, I am so sorry, I don’t know….”

“Shut up! ” He barked at her, cutting her off. “Watch!” He growled.

On the screen the young couple was standing. Tracy was leaning back against her desk as David kissed her passionately. His hands were fondling her big breasts through her blouse.

Greg placed his hands on Tracy’s shoulders and kneeled down behind her. He leaned into her ear. “You are a verrrrry, very bad girl, Tracy.”

Tracy began to turn her head to object. “Greg, I…”

He cupped her chin and turned her face back to the monitor. “Watch.”

Her breathing was becoming labored. She was nervous. She didn’t want to lose her job. Greg would certainly have to tell Jerry why he let her go. Her sister would find out, maybe even her mom and dad. Greg watched the rising and falling swell of her breasts in her blouse.

Greg massaged the girl’s shoulders as they watched the video. David had opened her blouse and was squeezing her big tits through her bra as he licked all over them. “I think he really likes your big tits.” Greg whispered into her ear. “I bet you liked that didn’t you.” Greg’s hand began to slide down off of Tracy’s shoulders towards her firm young melons. His big rough hands cupped their fullness. “Yeah, I bet you love these big fucking jugs played with don’t you?” He squeezed them roughly, kneading the girl’s breast meat through her blouse and bra.

Tracy’s breathing was audible. She was gasping softly as she stared at the video.

His fingers easily found her nipples. They were thick and strained against the material holding them in. “Oh yeah.” Greg breathed arrogantly. “Yeah, baby, you like these hot young tits groped don’t you. I can feel your fucking nipples. They’re so stiff right now. “He pinched them, rolling each one between his thumb and forefinger.

“Please….” Tracy whimpered.

“Please what?” Greg hissed into her ear.

“Please don’t. Please…. “She stammered weakly.

Greg continued his assault on the girl’s breasts, alternating between mauling the fleshy orbs and singling out the swollen nipples. His fingers then began to deftly undo each button starting at the top, which already exposed a nice little valley of cleavage.

Tracy turned toward him again. “Please, Greg…”

“Watch!” He commanded her softly.

She turned back to the video. David had his hand up under her skirt.

Greg now had her blouse completely unbuttoned. He spread the two sides of her shirt out, exposing her lacey white bra. The girl’s tits seemed to swell out and over the tight lace confine. He again found her nipples. He teased them through the bra, pulling and twisting them. Without warning he slid his hands up to the tops of her breasts and then shoved them into her bra. Using his fingers he forced the bra down, over her ample flesh. The bra ended up below her breasts pushing them up even more. Tracy gasped.

“Oh god, Greg, please….”

Greg’s callous hands attacked the girl’s smooth flesh. He repeated the cycle — first groping the entirety of her breasts, squeezing them roughly then his fingers trapped her nipples. “Goddamn. Fuck, baby, you do like this, don’t you. Look at these big fucking nipples. Mmmm so thick and meaty.”

Tracy moaned. Her nipples were painfully hard. Thickly swollen and rubbery. They stood out from her areola by a good half inch and were easily the diameter of a dime.

“You’re such a horny little bitch aren’t you, Tracy?”

“Yessssssss….” Was her whispered reply.

“Yesss. Yes, you are. You’re not even trying to put up a fight. You like being a submissive little slut, don’t you?”

Tracy whimpered incoherently.

Greg rolled her nipples savagely, pulling them. “Don’t you?” He demanded.


“Yes? Yes, what, Tracy?”

The girl’s head tilted back. She panted. “Yesssss, Sir.”

“That’s a good girl.” He released her breasts and stood. She immediately missed the sensations her tits had been subjected to. She reached up and cupped them. Rubbing her hands up and around her huge young jugs.

“Stand up! Put your hands on my desk.”

Tracy obeyed without thinking. Her blouse dangled open. Her tits protruded over the top of her disfigured bra. She bent slightly at the waist and placed her hands on Greg’s desk.

“Spread your legs, Tracy. Wider.”

Again she complied. She forced her legs apart until they were straining against her skirt.

Greg leaned over her. His hands reached around and once again molested her breasts. “And just what do you think I should do with you, Tracy?”

“I, I, I don’t know.”

“I bet your sweet little pussy is soaked right now, isn’t it, honey?”

Tracy mewed almost silently.

Greg slid one of his hands down over her breast, down her stomach, over her skirt and then he shoved it up under her skirt, reaching up for her hot crouch. He was not disappointed. Through her panty hose and the tiny thong she wore he could feel her heat radiating like a furnace. Her juices had begun to permeate both layers of fabric. Greg cupped her hot mound. Rubbing his palm ever so slightly back and forth. He nibbled at her ear. “You’re hot as fuck right now, Tracy. This turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yessss.” She breathed. “Yes, Sir.”

“Reach back and unzip your skirt.” Was the simple command.

The girl stood and very docilely reached behind her back. First was the clasp. Then she pulled the zipper down opening the back of her skirt.

“Let it fall and put your hands back on my desk, Tracy.”

Tracy let go of the fabric and it pooled around her heeled ankles. “That’s a good little girl. Mmmmm goddamn, baby. Look at that. Look at that juicy young ass.” Greg’s hands began to roughly knead the girl’s bottom just as they had her breasts before. Then suddenly he drew back and his right palm crashed down on the young woman’s nylon encased ass. The crack of the impact was loud and crisp.

Tracy yelped.

He stepped back. He looked at the petite young woman only barely clad before him. His eyes traveled from her sexy heels up the backs of her legs. Her calves were accentuated and muscular. His eyes continued up the backs of her thighs. There was a little gap at the top, in between her thighs. Her ass looked round and full. Juicy, yet so firm. Greg admired the sexy young woman. His cock was already thick but was now beginning to stretch down his thigh. He rubbed his palm over the obscene bulge.

“Tracy, I want you to ease your panty hose down your thighs. Do it. Slide them down off of your sexy little ass.”

She looked back over her shoulder at the gruff man.

“DO IT!” He barked at her, shocking her with his forcefulness.

Her hands reached down and grabbed the tops of the hose on each of her sides. Her nipples throbbed. They felt so fat and thick. She began to gently push the nylons down over her round bottom.

Greg interjected. “Your thong, too.”

“Yes, yes, Sir.” Tracy nodded as she complied. She hooked her fingers in the tiny straps of her thong and rolled it down along with her hose. As soon as the sheer material had cleared her ass, Greg reached out and grasped her right wrist.

“That’s enough. Right there. Leave them right there.” He looked down at the demure young woman standing practically nude in his office. Her big fleshy young tits hung out of her blouse. Her panty hose and thong were rolled down to her mid-thigh, leaving her ass and pussy completely exposed and vulnerable. Greg stepped up behind her and leaned down so that his mouth was right at her ear. “You’ve been a naughty little girl haven’t you, Tracy?”

“Y.. Yes, Sir.”

He began to caress her gorgeous ass with his open palm. She was trembling. He could feel her ass tighten up and then relax.

“And you know what happens to bad little girls, don’t you?

“They… they get spanked.”

Greg’s fingers dipped between the cleft of her cheeks. His fingertips grazed her moist cunt lips several quick times. She shuddered. “That’s right, Tracy. They get their little asses spanked.” He pulled his hand from between her thighs and continued to caress the young beauty. “Are you nervous, honey?”

“Yesss, Sir. A little.”

His breath was so hot on her neck and in her ear. “But it excites you too, doesn’t it?”

“Uh huh.”

Without warning, Greg’s big hand reared back and immediately collided with the girl’s right cheek.

“Ohwww…. Oh god…..”

Greg caressed the pink flesh and then repeated the action on her left cheek.

“Ooohhhh…. Ohwwww… pleasseeee….”

“Please, what, Tracy?”

A tear ran down her cheek. Her lower lip quivered. “I’m sorry… please, Greg. It stings. Please, oh God, I’m sorry…. I promise…”

With his left hand he reached around her and rolled her obscenely thick nipple through his finger. He laughed sadistically. “Mmmmm but your nipple is still so fucking hard, Tracy. Look down at it.” He expertly tweaked her fat nipple as she looked down at his big thick fingers.

She was so focused on the bolts of pain and pleasure that were shooting from her nipples that she was totally unprepared for the second thundering swat to her right cheek. It was immediately followed by another to the left. And then the right. The left. He continued to alternate sides with each savage landing leaving the man’s big paw print on her smooth white flesh. Tears streamed down her face from both eyes now. Greg had continued to tease and torture her nipples as he disciplined his young employee.

Finally after ten brutal spanks to each cheek he stopped. Tracy was panting. Greg again caressed the gorgeous young ass. His touch was delicate. It sent shock waves through the girl’s entire body. She whimpered incessantly. Sliding his hand back between her tingling cheeks, he rubbed his oversized fingers across and through her drooling cunt lips. “Are you going to be a good girl now, Tracy?”

“Yes, oh God yes…. Yes sir, Yes, Sir.”

“Your cunt is drenched. You like this, don’t you? You like being disciplined by your boss. Being humiliated by an older man.”

Tracy was biting her lip. She could barely speak.


Greg stood upright and walked around his desk to his chair. “Take your blouse off, Tracy.” He sat down and leaned back as she compiled. She tossed the blouse into the adjacent chair. Greg smiled arrogantly. Now your bra.

Her fingers were trembling as she reached behind her back and unclasped the lace bra. It fell free from her abused flesh.

“Good girl, now stand up straight. Put your hands at your side.”

Tracy felt so embarrassed. Her boss, a man 20 years her senior was forcing her to strip in front of him. His eyes roamed all over her body. Her beautiful face. Her big, ripe young tits. A perfectly flat tummy. And that sexy fucking, perfectly trimmed, little triangle of dirty blonde bush. It was immaculate. About 3″ across the top and angled down to a point right above her clit. She could feel his eyes devouring her young flesh.

“Cup your big tits for me, Tracy. Let me see you rub your hands all over those hot young jugs.”

Her hands shot up to lovingly caress her big tits. She rubbed the two meaty orbs together, sliding them against one another. Her little hands slid all over her sexy balloons. Her pouty little eyes were staring at Greg, watching him lewdly rub what looked like the outline of a really big cock. She could feel her cunt leaking. She didn’t know if she had ever been more sexually charged and excited in her whole life.

“Mmmm fuck that looks good, Baby. Yeah, pull on those fat nips for me.” Greg sneered at the obedient young woman. His cock throbbed hotly. “You know, I jerked off watching you suck that boy off last night. My cock got so fucking big and hard it hurt. I loved watching you spit and drool on that kid’s dick.” He licked his lips watching his young assistant. “Such a hot little cocksucker.”

Greg stood up and began unbuttoning his work shirt as his eyes continued to eat up the young submissive. Tracy looked up at her boss. She had never realized how well built he was. He had very broad, masculine shoulders, a well defined chest and powerful arms. His chest was covered with a peppering of brown fur. He smiled knowingly at the young woman as he tossed the shirt onto the credenza.

Suddenly it was as if all of Tracy’s senses were heightened. She could smell the musky masculinity of him. He stood over her. She looked up meekly as he glared down at her. “Does it excite you to know that, Tracy? That you had this older man’s big cock so fucking turned on I had to haul it out of my jeans and pump out a hot load right here in my office.”

She only nodded. Staring up into his eyes.

“And it is big, baby. A real man’s cock.” He grabbed her wrist and brought her hand to the obscene cylinder outline hanging down his thigh. Urgently he rubbed her hand up and down the long, thick bulge.

Tracy’s eyes went wide. She looked up at the man, who just smirked back down at her. “That’s right, baby.”

“Oh my God. Is that… is that real? It feels sooo big.”

“Yeah baby, it’s real, real fucking USDA prime meat.” Her hand continued to slide up and down the huge outline trying to accurately measure the impossibly big dick. “Mmmmm yeah, that’s it, baby, rub all over that big prick.” Greg chuckled as the young woman frantically groped his thick cock through his jeans.

Then he stepped back. He looked down at her and sneered. His hands unbuttoned the top button and then he pulled the zipper down. As his fly parted, Tracy could see a thick matting of pubic hair. Greg hated underwear and rarely wore any.

“Rub that hot little pussy, baby. Feel how wet that sexy young cunt is for this older man.” Greg kicked his boots off and began to push his jeans down. Tracy watched in awe as the man’s hairy crotch came into full view. Then the base of his enormous prick. She could tell it was going to be big. As he pushed the jeans down his thighs, inch by inch of the elongated fuck spear was revealed along with two big, hairy, low hanging balls that would have looked more appropriate on a prized bull. When his jeans finally cleared the head of his prick, the big log swung up powerfully, springing towards the ceiling like a restrained tree limb.

Tracy gasped out loud as the giant pole slapped against his stomach. “Holy shit…..”

“Hahaha. Yeah baby, this ain’t no little boy cock here. “He wrapped his fist around the swollen shaft and pumped it up and down a few times. “Look at that big ‘ol bull dick, Tracy.” He slid his fist over the fleshy pipe a few more times and then released it. He sat back down in his chair and peeled off his socks.

His cock reared up out of his hairy crotch and swayed back and forth. Greg spread his thighs and leaned back. His fingers encircled the thick base and gripped it hard. It seemed to surge.

“Come here, baby. Come here and get down between my thighs you sexy little slut. I wanna see just how good you really are. Let’s see how you handle a man-sized fuck pipe.” Greg casually pumped his massive organ as the girl came from in front of the desk. Her steps were restricted because of the hose bunched around her thighs. When she was standing between the man’s hairy thighs she stared down at it. “Get on your knees, baby. Come on, you know how to worship a cock. I want you looking up at this big majestic rod”.

Mindlessly, the girl sunk to her knees. Her eyes never left the swaying limb. Greg grabbed her around the neck and pulled her face to his. He drove his tongue into her hot mouth. They moaned into each other’s mouth as the giant knob swung against her bare breasts. “Oh God, Greg….. ” Tracy looked down and saw the mighty column bobbing from left to right against her fat tits. He grabbed it and slapped it against her swinging tits several times to let her feel the weight and power of it. He let it go. “Wrap your fist around it. Let’s see how big that hot fucker looks in your sexy little girl hands.”

Tracy’s tiny hands were no match for the horse cock before her. The girth stretched her fingers out ridiculously. It felt hot, fiery hot to her touch. She had never seen or experienced anything like this. It was so hard. The shaft was soft and smooth and covered with thick, gnarled veins and it felt as if the inside had been forged with some indestructible metal.

Greg moaned and leaned back into the plush chair as the girl began to slide her dainty hands up and down his enormous prick. “Yeah, baby. That’s it. That’s how you stroke a big man’s horny cock. Mmmm fuck yea. Work that big prick you hot little bitch. ”

Tracy watched her hand slide up and down the iron hard pole. The knob flared and throbbed wildly. A thick stream of precum began to ooze from the huge helmet and drool over the back of her hand.

“God it’s so big, Greg…. So fucking big…” Tracy kept murmuring as she stared at it.

“That little boy friend of yours ain’t got a big ‘ol fuck rod like this does it, Tracy?” He teased.

“Oh my God…. No. No…. you’re, oh wow, it’s the biggest ever…..” Her words trailed off as she continued to shuck the man’s fuck stalk.

“Spit on it. Get it good and sloppy. Show me what a hot little cockslut you really are, baby.”

Tracy’s hand slid down to the base and tried to hold it still. It continued to sway from its unreal weight. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth and then puckered up. She looked directly down on the vertical pole and stuck her tongue out. A huge dollop of saliva rolled down her tongue, then streaming off of the tip like a gooey waterfall sliding down the length of her boss’ prick. Greg’s head tilted back. He groaned. “God yessssss, you sexy young bitch. Drool on my giant fucking cock.”

Tracy knelt down lower, placing her face at the base of the man’s fuck tube. She looked at it as if it were a statue. Her nose nuzzled his hairy sac. She moaned hotly as she inhaled his masculine scent. Her tongue slithered out and began to bathe the hairy nuts. Greg’s cock throbbed wildly, flexing and bouncing with fuck lust. She looked up at him and began to slather saliva up and down Greg’s massive rod. She let the knob slide across her face. She moaned as she felt the heated helmet sear her skin. “Fuck its soooo big, so hard.” Back and forth she wiped the slimy dick all over her gorgeous face. “Do you like that, Greg? Do you like how I play with your big hairy cock you dirty old man?”

Greg sat back like a King as the young woman worshipped between his thighs. His cock glistened. It was completely covered in the girl’s hot spit. “Yeah baby… fuck you’ve got a hot little mouth on you. A natural born cock sucker. I’m gonna have you licking this big log every day.”

With an evil grin he grasped her wrist and pulled them from his dick. His prick reared up powerfully, straining towards the heavens. “Put them behind your back. ” He shook his head as he looked at her. “No hands. I’m gonna fuck your young mouth.” Greg wrapped his fingers in the girl’s hair and pulled her face to his throbbing knob. “Open up my little whore!”

Tracy’s stretched her mouth wide to accommodate the bulbous mushroom. It was like having a racket ball shoved into her mouth. Her nostrils flared as oxygen from her mouth was cut off by the giant helmet. Instantly her saliva glands began to flow. A river of spit leaked from the corners of her mouth.

To be continued?

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