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Tonight’s Lesson

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I pulled in the yard on time. Before I rang the door bell I took a deep breath and squeezed my thighs tight together, squeezing the dildo hidden tight into my wet shaven cunt. Then I took a deep breath and rang the door. It opened and there he stood. I smiled and he motioned me inside with a smile, immediately pressing me against the wall, pinning my arms over my head, staring into my eyes the entire time. I didn’t look away, I didn’t want to.

While one hand secured both my hands on the wall, his other roughly reached under my skirt and pushed my legs apart. His fingers roughly traced up my thigh and brushed against my swollen mound parting my wet pussy lips in search of the dildo I was told to put there.

ummmmmmmmm….a moan slips from his lips, and then a smile as he started rocking and twisting the long cream colored toy that was deep in me. I moaned and whimpered as he continued to work the dildo in me then he spoke. “Only a slut would go out in public with no panties and a dildo buried deep in her cunt. Only a slut would get so wet being so nasty. Are you a slut?”

All I could do was nod.

Then he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “No you’re not. You want to be, but you don’t know how. You’re tired of being a good girl all the time, aren’t you? You want me to teach you how to be a slut, don’t you?”

Taking a deep breath “Yes,” I whisper. “I want to be your slut.”

Looking into my eyes he knew what he was doing to me..I couldn’t hide it. Then he spoke again as he crammed the toy deep and hard in my wet cunt. “We have a lot of work to do.”

I let out a moan that seemed to come from my toes, long a deep as he continued rocking and twisting the dildo inside me.

“You have a very hard time letting yourself go, giving yourself over to someone else, don’t you?” he asked.

Again I nod unable to think, let alone speak

“You crave submission and pleasure and pain, they’re so mixed together that you can’t tell them apart. You need that, don’t you?” again he asked looking in my eyes.

My breathing is heavy “Yes,” I moan as he starts pumping the dildo deep in and out of my cunt. The sounds it was making let it be known that I was more than just a little wet. “Yes, yes, please I whispered.”

“Do not move, and don’t let the dildo fall out, or I’ll have to punish you.”

He let go of my hands and then let go of the toy which was still buried deep inside me. He reached for something I wasn’t sure of for a minute, but then I saw that it was a leather collar. He grabbed my hair and my head went back as he secured it around my neck. Then hooking the leash to it, he pulled me away from the wall and into his bedroom. Cuffs were placed on my wrists and ankles, then he said, “Take your blouse off.”

Somewhat self-consciously I did as he requested. “Hmmm. Such nice tits for me to play with.” And with the back of one his hands, he stroked each one, making lazy circles around each nipple.

“Do you want me to touch your nipples?” I took a deep breath and managed a “Yes,” trying so hard not to let the dildo slip out.

“You’ll have to earn that, along with every other pleasure you might experience tonight.” he said.

I felt confused and disappointed trying not to show any expressions as I looked away from him. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” I jumped as his hand cracked against my breast. His voice strict, I swung my gaze back to his face. He pulled my skirt down and told me to take off my shoes. I glance down as I do, and immediately realize I have made another mistake.

“Did I tell you that you could look away? No, I didn’t. Bend over and look at me through your legs.” I spread my legs and then bent over. I could see how wet my thighs were. I was starting to panic thinking the dildo was going to fall out. I quickly found his eyes and locked onto them.

His face registers no emotion as the first slap lands on my ass. I feel my skin burn as the slaps continue, on both sides, harder now. I am crying out now with each smack, trying to breathe between each slap, Tears starting to well up in my eyes. But I have learned to not look away. I kept my eyes fixed on his. And then he stops and his hand gently caresses my burning skin and I find myself grateful for his touch.

“Stand up and turn around to face me.” I stood almost losing my balance, and quickly lock my eyes into his. Once again I took a deep breath and heard him say, “That is what happens when you don’t obey me. I will punish you every time you don’t do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I sobbed. “I understand Sir.”

“Good……. now to continue your training. A good slut needs to be able to suck cock deep in her throat.”

And with that said he reached into a large bag on the bed and pulled out an enormous black dildo. It was so huge that I had to fight a rising panic. There is no way that I can take something that big in either my mouth or anywhere else. I struggle to keep my gaze on him as he rubs it against my face and my breasts.

“Lick it,” he ordered. I began to run my tongue over its rubbery surface.

“Lick it like you crave it.” he yelled.

I licked harder and faster, feeling it grow slick with my spit.

“That’s better, but still not how a real slut would do it. Move your tongue around more, tease it at the tip, suck the skin between your lips. Savor it.”

He watches me as my inexperienced tongue moves in circles, probing and darting and then I close my eyes and run my tongue over it in long slow strokes over the whole length of it, over and over getting into it, and a moan escapes me.

“Yesssssssss, much better. I’ll make a slut out of you yet. Now it’s time to suck a cock deep in your throat.”

“Lay down on your back,” he pulled me by the leash toward the bed. “Slide down, more, more,” he said, until I find my head tilted back over the edge of the bed. My heart is pounding as I dreaded the overwhelming intrusion of his hard cock. Unexpectedly he reaches down and withdraws the dildo from my pussy.

“Ummmmmmmm…nice and juicy,” then you tease my lips with it. Having me taste my own salty wetness, it’s more erotic than I could have ever imagined.

His hand lay on my throat gently massaging it and I heard his voice, “Now relax and breathe while I fuck your mouth.”

The dildo slips past my lips, over my tongue and toward the back of my throat. I start to gag hearing my own gurgling noises and start to panic. Then I hear his voice again whisper next to my ear, “Relax. Keep breathing. Relax,” as he stroked my face and throat gently.

My heart slows as I concentrate on the softness of his hand as it gently strokes my face and neck. My throat relaxes and I listen to his voice again, “Now suck it hard and deep.”

I manage to keep breathing as you rock the rubber cock back and forth in my mouth, my lips tight around it. A moan escapes deep in my throat.

“Good girl. That’s my sexy slut,” Then you slowly slide it out. I breathe heavily before you fill my mouth once again. “What a good cocksucker you are; you look so nasty with this enormous cock between your sexy lips.”

My mind is wandering for a moment, thinking you are taking such delight in fucking me this way, murmuring encouragement as you slide the dildo in and out of my mouth, then your words ring in my ear as I hear my slurping and gurgling. “Suck it baby. Suck it hard. That’s it. Take it all. Take everything I can give you.”

I wanted it all; I want to please you, tears spring to my eyes as I fight not to gag.

“Ummmmmmm…Yes, that’s how a good slut does it.” you whisper in my ear. Then slowly removing it from my throat I hear you moan as you gently kiss me and lick the last of my salty cum from my lips. I moan when you slip your tongue into my mouth and tell me to suck on it.

I whimper as you stop and pull away I hear my voice beg for more. With a slap to my tits I hear, “Roll over and kneel on the bed”

My breasts sway as I get in position and wait for what is next. I see you reach into your bag and pull out several sets of clamps attached to shiny silver chains. Then your fingers stroke and tug at one nipple I close my eyes and wonder if cows feel this good and then I let out a scream as he slips one of the clamps onto my nipple, slowly releasing it I cry out from the pain. As quickly as I cried out in pain, it switched to a low guttural moan when you slid your hand between my thighs groping my wet cunt.

Your fingertips gently explore my silky wetness. Despite the throbbing in my nipple, I moan with pleasure at your touch. Then I feel you attach the clamp on the other end of the chain onto my pussy lip, so that my nipple and cunt are connected by the swinging silver chain. Taking a deep breath I held it for a second, then I heard…”Does that hurt?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” I whisper again.

“Good. Then let’s do it again.” And you repeat the process, connecting my other nipple to the other side of my pussy. Any movement of the chain intensifies both the throbbing and the sexual ripples just above my cunt. “Don’t move,” you command, and I stay as still as I possibly can. The pain was intense and I didn’t dare move. Looking between my legs at you I see a bottle in his hands and being opened, a liquid being poured into the palm of his hand. One hand placed on my back just above the crack of my ass and then the other hand I feel between my ass cheeks where you rub the cool lube

“Uummmmmmm. That’s a good girl, nice and still.”

His fingers slipping deeper into the crack of my ass, up and down, up and down and then I feel one finger tip just at the edge of my puckered asshole and I hear him talk in a low voice, “You know I’ll have to punish you if you move, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” and I close my eyes.

“Good. It’s not that I want to punish you, it’s just that I may need to, to ensure that we make you into the nasty little slut that you so desire to be.”

Then I felt his finger tips stroking around and around my tight little opening and despite my embarrassment, god it felt so good. I wanted to sway my hips in time to his stroking. To get my tits moving to. To feel the pain as I moved but I keep still to avoid being punished. I just closed my eyes and concentrated on each stroke, round and around his fingers went.

Then I felt the sting on my ass and him yelling. “Answer me slut!! do you think sluts like to take it up the ass?”

“Yes Sir I do think sluts like to take it up the ass.”

And with that he slowly slid his finger tip into my nastiest hole. I took a deep breath and just held it. Every once in a while he’d wiggle it until I relax, and then more and more, deeper and deeper his finger went until his entire finger is buried inside me. Breathing heavily as my asshole adjusts to his finger.

“So tell me something do sluts like to be fucked in the ass?”

At the same time his finger is pulling back, almost all of the way out then back in stroking the inside of my passage, rubbing first along the front and then turning his hand to stroke the back. In and out, back and front his rhythm is driving me wild my moans and whimpers are loud now and I think I will scream if I can’t move soon.

I hear him laugh softly. “I think the nasty slut in you likes this. Let’s see if she also likes this.”

He stops fucking my ass with his finger and takes it entirely out. I moan in frustration.

“Oh there’s more where that came from, don’t worry.” he said.

I hear more rustling in his black bag of tricks and then I feel him press something hard and plastic along the crack of my ass, moving it up and down, Obviously lubing it up before he uses it on me. I feel its tip at my nasty asshole and him tease me before he starts to insert it. I can’t help clenching my muscles as it starts its way inside. Its bigger than his fingers and I cry, “I can’t take it…it’s too big please sir nooo….”

“Relax, breathe, just relax and feel it, don’t fight just let it happen..”

His fingers slip down between my legs and fondles my wet cunt until my thoughts are there and not the enormous butt plug going in my ass. I start to hump his fingers and I hear a chuckle..

“Ha..ha…It feels good don’t it slut? Tighter than my finger did.,…ummm yess thats it ride it.. feel it!”

Suddenly I feel it settle into place and I know it’s in. Grabbing my hips he slams me back into his hips. The butt plug goes deeper….three times he slammed me back into him.

Then him laying down on the bed beside me he idly starts to swing one of the silver chains with his finger. The throbbing intensifies for a few seconds. Then he swings the other chain.

“You can move now but I want you to stay in that position.” he tells me.

Gratefully I shift my weight a bit, causing the clamps to swing and I realize that being able to move is not exactly the treat that I thought it would be. it pulled and hurt both my nipples and my cunt.

“OK, time for the next lesson. Good sluts should know how to talk dirty, too. I think we should practice that for a while.”

Still on my hands and knees I watch as he pulls a book out of his bag, I can tell by a quick glance at the cover that it is full of erotic photographs. I listen to what he is saying..

“I’m going to open this book to one of my favorite pages and then you’re going to describe what you see, and I want you to use the dirtiest, nastiest words you can think of. I want you to turn me on with your filthy,sexy talk understand?”

“Yes sir.” I reply.

I panic because I have never talked dirty to anyone. He flips through the pages until he finds the picture that he’s looking for and then he sets it just below me.

I look down and I see my tits swaying back and forth. My nipples hard from the pain and pleasure. I don’t know where to begin. He swats my ass with his hand and yells..

“I said to describe what you see. Now.”

“Uh, it’s a picture of a penis sir.”

He tugs on one of the dangling chains and I cry out.

“I said nasty, dirty talk. I’m going to pull on these chains each time you’re not as nasty as I want you to be. And when I like what you say, I’ll let you know that, too.”

“Yes sir..Um, there’s a huge cock it’s nice and shiny like it’s just been licked or been in a pussy, and he’s putting it into, I mean he’s fucking a pussy, a cunt that’s been shaved, completely shaved and the pussy is pink and wet and there’s another woman who’s licking his balls, sucking one of them deep into her mouth, and she’s fingering the cunt, I guess the clit, of the woman being fucked.”

“Very nice, slut,”

Feeling his hand between my legs he stroked my cunt, like the woman in the picture.

“Tell me how that picture makes you feel slut.”

“I wish I were in that picture.” his hand felt so good I would have said anything to keep him stroking me.

“Which woman do you want to be?”

I was so distracted by his fingers stroking my wet cunt I didn’t answer him, I screamed in pain as he tugged the clamp on my right nipple and yelled ..”Talk to me slut….What woman would You want to be??”

“Um, first I would want to be the one licking his balls and then I would want to change places and be the one getting fucked and fingered.”

“Would you like to lick her pussy?”

I was embarrassed to admit that I had never tasted a woman before, but I said.. “Yes sir, I would love to plunge my face into that beautiful, pink cunt.”

“Well, that’s not in the picture.”

Immediately his hand leaves my cunt and tugs on both chains.

“Oww,” I cry out.

“I asked you a question and you didn’t answer it. Now tell me, would you like to lick her pussy?”

“Yes,” I whisper. “I want to lick her pussy.”

“Tell me how you would lick her.”

Staring at the photograph I started to panic what do I say? Again his fingers left my cunt and he tugged on the silver chains. I screamed in pain and started, “Um, I would….I would… take my fingers, start at the top of her pussy lips, just where they start to separate. then I would spread the lips and.. and..bend down and kiss her clit. Then I’d suck and nibble each lip, all the way down to her asshole and back up to her clit. I would put a pillow under her hips to left her up so I could see her cunt and the wetness and what I was going to lick.”

His hand returned to my cunt and continued to teasing my pussy lips while I talked about hers.

“Uh, then I would go back to the top and work my way down through her wet cunt, oh god Sir, that feels so good, um, I wouldn’t lick her clit right away. I would go around it, to tease her and keep licking all the way to her asshole, and then I would flick my tongue at her puckered little hole.”

I felt his hand on my ass and moving down he started playing with the butt plug, rotating it around, tugging slightly on it.

“I, oh god, I would lick my way back to the middle of her cunt and shove my tongue deep inside her cunt”

I could feel his fingers trailing down and then Id feel one slip in my swollen cunt, then another finger inside me fucking and stroking my cunt like he fingered my ass earlier.

I’m moaning and moving my hips and I don’t care if the chains pull on my nipples; it feels good and I need more and more of this.I am desperate to keep his hand moving.

“I, uh, I would, fuck her pussy with my tongue, rubbing my face against her wet cunt as I went deeper and deeper inside her. Oh god, yes, please, yes, that is so good, um, then when her hips were bucking up and down and she was begging me to suck her little pearl, I would, I would finally, um, I would brush my tongue over her clit, oh god, yes, over my clit, I mean over her clit, slowly, softly, and she would moan for more and I would tease her, oh please, yes, like that, I would tease her like that and I would take her hard little clit between my lips and suck it into my mouth, roll it between my lips, oh my god, yes, please, yes, that’s how I would do it, stroking her clit with my tongue, teasing her and then, jesus, yes, I would start to lick her with that rhythm, just exactly like that, slowly up and down and in little circles, oh my god, yes, up and down.”

His finger is making soft little circles around my clit and I can barely talk, I can feel my nipples throbbing and sending little jolts of electricity to my cunt and my ass feels so tight and nasty and his hand, his hand keeps giving me what I crave more than anything right now.

I moan and start again..”She’s begging me to make her cum so I keep up my licking, nice and steady, making her clit harder and harder, drawing it out so she will cum hard, cum so hard she’ll scream”

“Do you want to cum?”

“Oh god, yes, please, please, I want to cum.”

“Beg me for it.”

“Yes, I’ll beg for it, I’ll do anything, please make me cum, please oh god, yes, please don’t stop, I’ll do anything, OH GOD, yes”

Tugging at the nipple clamps with one hand while he stroked my pussy with the other

“The pain makes the pleasure stronger, doesn’t it slut?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, I need this, I need this, I need to cum, please may I cum, please oh god, make me cum, please, I’m begging him to let me cum, please, OH GOD, YES, YES, YES, I’M GOING TO CUM, I’M GOING TO CUM, PLEASE, AAAAHHHHHH, YES, YES, AAAAHHHHHHHHH GOD”

I buck and moan and scream until I finally collapse against the bed, panting and spent. I feel him gently remove the clamps and I cry out as pain surges into each nipple. he presses the palms of his hands firmly over my breasts to contain the throbbing pain and after a minute or so the pain eases and my breathing starts to return to normal. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, not because I am sad but because my body needs to release my emotions in every way it can.

His cock has been huge all this time and he decides to satisfy his hunger. Quickly he places a condom on and kneels between my legs and guides them over his shoulders. his hard cock slips into my cunt effortlessly and now he concentrates only on his pleasure after having satisfied me so completely. Deep, firm strokes plunge inside my pussy and I feel his balls slap against my wetness. I am looking him in the eyes and willing him to cum inside me so deeply and so hard that he cries out as I had.

I squeeze my cunt around his cock and thrust back in time to his rhythm. His grip on my legs is harder now as he pumps wildly, panting and groaning as his eyes bore into mine.

“Your cunt is mine, I’m going to cum in my cunt,” he grunt as his final thrusting strokes drive him to the ultimate release.

“Yes, my cunt belongs to you,”

I murmur as his body tenses and his hot cum shoots from his cock. He collapse next to me, eyes closed, panting as I had done just minutes before. We hold each other until his breathing slows and then he gives me one last wicked smile.

Carefully he reaches down and removes the condom filled with his creamy cum. He reaches for a small saucer on the table next to the bed and slowly empties the contents of the condom onto it.

“The last thing you’re going to do is beg me to let you lap up my cum from this plate.”

“Am I worthy of your cum? May I please lap up your cum Sir?”

And with a smile he placed the saucer in front of me, and kneeling on all fours, like a grateful kitten I lick and lick until every precious drop is gone.

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