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Love and Revenge in an Elevator

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A beautiful, outraged, and thirty-nine year old brunette with an elfin face, full lips, clean white skin that dove past her neck into an ample vertical line of cleavage, and authentic silk stockings – the seams of which climbed upward in a perfectly straight line from her trim ankles to disappear under the hem of her professional, side-slit skirt – swept down the long, richly carpeted corridor of the sixty-ninth floor like a small tornado, sweeping a cheap imitation dynasty pitcher from an expensive walnut sidetable with a vicious blow from her open hand and pausing not at all as it cracked like an egg on the plastered wall and tumbled to the floor.

A heavy oak door flew open at the end of the hall – a door that she had blown through and slammed shut behind her just moments before with a strength that would have astonished a casual observer – and a flawlessly coiffed female head peeked briefly out before quickly withdrawing and quietly closing the door behind itself.

She turned at the soft noise, grinned fiercely at the rapid retreat of the bottle-blonde head of her husband’s divorce lawyer’s latest conquest-qua-secretary, shouted a final unprintable insult at the quickly closing crack in the rich, varnished wood, and took the last few steps to the elevator before punching the button. The door opened in seconds – she had exited it just minutes before and it had not yet been summoned to another floor – and she bolted inside before turning and cursing loudly, flabbergasting the well-dressed young man standing by the control panel who had not, it seemed, expected to be caught in the eye of such a powerful and unforgiving hurricane of feminine anger. Having greeted him politely as he served his button-pushing function on the way up, she now took stock of him in moments and gifted him with a contemptuous smile that made it clear she considered him to be of the some verminous gender that had so recently and so richly offended her. While he took in her angelic form and attempted to reconcile her heavenly cleavage with her unprovoked contempt, her ire quickly rose and spewed forth in a holistically understandable but nonetheless unjustifiable torrent of bile.

“P-One. Press the button. Press the goddamn fucking button. And stop looking at my tits you lecherous little fuck or I’ll be in your manager’s office in five fucking minutes and I’ll have your sorry ass fired before you can fucking BLINK. PRESS THE GODDMAN FUCKING BUTTON!”

Paralyzed momentarily by her assault, which lay in deep contrast to her friendly and even warm nature just ten minutes prior on the pleasant and very long voyage up in the old-fashioned, non-express elevator, he tore his eyes from the plump line of her cleavage, averted his gaze completely, and stabbed the button for the parking garage so quickly that he stubbed his finger. He shook it frantically while he blushed, and tried to fade into the darkly-stained, mirrored wood paneling. It didn’t help that she wasn’t done cursing.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK! No-good motherfucking cocksucking BASTARD!” She noted his discomfort as he tried to crawl inside his own shirt. “And fuck YOU too, you minimum-wage, button-pushing FUCK!” And with that, she was done. The anger faded as quickly as it had manifested and, leaning sideways until her shoulder touched the wall of the elevator, she raised her hands to her face in a sudden gestalt of shame and grief as the first tears rose in her throat, burst from her brown eyes, and coursed under her fingers and down her cheeks.

Jake did what any man would do who was subjected to such a moving and powerful display. He coughed softly and tried not to move until his immediate environment returned to a semblance of sanity – and for a few moments, while she wept, it seemed as if he would get his wish. Over the course of a dozen floors, she regained the composure necessary to stop the tears, and an awkward silence permeated the air of the small space. As they slowly passed the fifty-seventh floor on their way to the lobby, she inhaled deeply, sighed, wiped the tears from her eyes with her fingertips, and lowered them to her sides, brushing the salty fluid off on the dark fabric of her skirt. She spoke into the air of the elevator as if apologizing to the machine, but obviously speaking to her silent and intimidated elevator mate.

“I’m sorry. I truly am. I don’t even know you and that was a horrible thing to say. It was intended for my husband… my ex-husband. I’ve only been divorced for two and a half minutes and so far, it’s not sitting very well.” Her elevator mate said nothing, and continued to press himself softly against the wall adjacent to the control panel. Feeling more than a small amount of shame at treating him so poorly, she turned to him, damp cheeks still showing the stain of her tears, and extended her right hand. “Please forgive me. My name is Tammy.”

The young man looked up briefly, turned just enough to extend his right hand for a quick handshake, and retreated to the relative safety of the elevator panel. Tammy had already begun to turn back towards the elevator door when she heard his soft tenor voice, in what was barely more than a whisper.

“Jake. And your ex-husband is a blind idiot.”

For reasons she couldn’t begin to explain to herself, she blushed from the cleft of her cleavage to her cheekbones. Nonetheless, she smiled in honest appreciation and retained the presence of mind to reward his forward but well-intentioned compliment with a reply.

“An idiot, yes, but no so blind. His new fiancé is fifteen years younger, three shades blonder, and a cup size larger.” She sighed softly to end the sentence, in a tacit admission of the unkindness and inevitability of time. So certain was she that etiquette had been satisfied and that the conversation was at and end, that she was unprepared for his next, equally soft-spoken sentence.

“Then he’s as careless as he is blind.”

Surprised by the both the unexpected continuation of the conversation, and the ambiguity of the statement itself, Tammy laughed briefly to cover her own awkwardness before thinking the statement through and realizing that it made little to no sense. She paused, as the small circular light on the panel passed from fifty-two to fifty-one, and decided that it would be harmless to ask for an explanation.

“How so?”

He paused before turning his head to the left, meeting her eyes, and answering her question.

“Careless because he spills fine wine. An idiot for thinking she’ll be with him twenty years from now. And blind for failing to appreciate a face that can stop traffic, a perfect, heart-shaped ass, and flawless natural breasts that make a young man regret being young.” His deadpan explanation was delivered so softly that it took a moment for it to register.

She had smiled broadly and openly at his first two comments, but her jaw dropped past her bright white teeth and her eyes popped open as her mind processed the third and realized that he had, without hesitation or apology, just expounded on the qualities of her tits and bum. The elevator chimed cheerfully and slid to a quick stop on the forty-eighth floor, temporarily liberating her from the obligation of deciding whether she was gratified or offended. She stepped quickly to her left, away from Jake and the panel, to make way for a paunchy, nondescript, middle aged gentleman who casually claimed the space directly between them. Jake and Tammy both moved to the back corners of the elevator to space themselves equidistant from the new arrival in a casual triangle. The suit leaned forward and to his right to press the button for his destination, only three floors lower in the skyscraper on forty-five, and Tammy suppressed a contemptuous snort at his sloth.

Tammy decided, in the moments provided to her by the interruption of the unexpected stop, that her response to Jake’s compliment – either offense or quiet satisfaction – would only be decided after she stole a look at him. Yes, she had apologized to him for her forwardness. She had even shaken his hand. But she hadn’t actually looked at him. If he expected her not to slap him as soon as they were alone in the elevator, he had better be worth not slapping. The elevator chimed blithely once more, and Tammy used the moment of triploid motion, as the new arrival walked out and both she and Jake re-adjusted their positions in the elevator to reclaim their former spots, to spend a moment appraising her elevator-mate. She paused for a fraction of a second as Jake moved forward, to put herself just behind his motion, and turned her head slightly to the right to take him in.

Jake stood just under six feet, and Tammy pegged him, at first glance, at just under two-hundred pounds – athletic, muscular, and fit in the way that comes so naturally to young men in their twenties. His brown hair fell in waves past his ears and ended midway down his neck, in line with a strong, masculine jaw. He was clean-shaven, but already had a healthy scruff of shadow, at almost five in the afternoon, on his neck, mouth, and cheeks. She turned her eyes down the line of his neck and noticed, with approval, broad shoulders and a strong chest covered by a classic, beige, button-down shirt that flowed into a nearly flat stomach. She skipped past his khaki-clad thighs and looked, out of habit, at his bare left hand at his side before moving her eyes down past his ankles to his black, well-polished shoes. Too artistic, perhaps, to be a prima facie babe, but the shoes made up for the hair, and her curiosity had won out over anger. Before she could speak, she noticed that he had begun to turn to his left, towards her, and she averted her eyes forward, to focus on the seam of the polished steel elevator door as it finished closing. As the elevator chimed yet again and began to sink towards the lobby, sending a brief flutter through Tammy’s stomach that could have easily been mistaken for quiet butterflies of approval, he spoke in the same soft, tenor voice she had heard him use moments before in describing her rather flattered and suddenly shy anatomy.

“I meant no offense, Tammy, but after you introduced yourself with such honesty and enthusiasm, I though I would return the favor. And while you’re wrong on a number of points in describing me, at least everything I said about you was true. Will you shake my hand now and forgive me in return?” Her mind raced to find a suitable response. Part of her wanted to challenge the confident and moderately disrespectful young man who had, however charismatically, used her intimate flesh so lightly in conversation. She latched onto polite confrontation as the proper format for the reply she wanted as the elevator slowly passed the forty-first floor.

“No forgiveness required… Jake. But how do you know everything you said is true?”

“Was I in error in describing your husband?”

“Ex-husband, and no. He is, I assure you, a blind and careless idiot.”

“Forgive me, then, for being forward, but in reply to your question I can assure you that do, indeed, have a perfect and heart-shaped ass, that your breasts are aesthetically flawless, and that you are, without question, beautiful enough to make me wish I was ten years older, or you ten younger.” She found herself blushing, both at his forwardness and his quiet, assured sincerity, and found it impossible to reprimand him when he spoke so softly, even when he was speaking of her ass so unapologetically.

She stammered through a sentence. “It would take almost twenty years, Jake.”

He looked at her and smiled a soft, regretful smile. “I assure you, Tammy, that it might not even take ten.”

Tammy flushed again, and felt her breath catch before her mind recovered and sought, once again, a challenge to reprimand him. She decided to tell a small white lie, simply to break the pattern that had quickly grown between them, and recover her dignity. She straightened herself, quite professionally, and squared her shoulders.

“You are right about my ex-husband, Jake, and although I have my doubts, I don’t have unbiased thoughts about my own ass. It may very well be heart-shaped and perfect, to you. In the same way, you may be right about your own regret, however wrong I think you are. But you’re wrong about my breasts. They’re not natural. Edward paid for implants two years ago.” In hindsight, she tightened her stomach and pressed her chest toward the ceiling to support her harmless lie.

Jake shook his head slowly and grinned.

“No, Tammy, your breasts are real. You’re lying.”

Tammy found herself suddenly irritable with this ultra-confident, disrespectful cuss of a young man in her elevator, no matter how well polished his shoes. She felt herself blushing, both at being caught in a lie and at his obvious lack of respect for her dignity. She turned to him, squared her shoulders, and raised her voice.

“I assure you, Jake, they’re fake. Now is there any chance we could stop talking about my breasts? You don’t even know me. I think you owe me another apology.”

“I can assure you that I don’t. I’ve already apologized for any offense. And your breasts are quite wonderfully real. Perhaps you owe me an apology for your insouciance with the truth.”

Tammy knew the definition of the word, but had never heard it spoken aloud. His confident tone, the smug look on his face, his insolence, his liberty with her private parts, and his reckless use of the English language sent her over the edge of her patience. What had been a raised voice became a very loud, very insistent shout.

“How the hell would YOU know whether MY breasts are fake or real? And what gives you the right to even TALK about them, you lecherous FUCK?” His grin remained, but his eyes lost their playfulness. “And don’t even begin to tell me that you can tell just by looking at them, because you CAN’T!”

He stood in front of her, saying nothing, but never looking away from her angry, brown eyes as the she continued to yell and the elevator descended past the thirty-fifth floor. Tammy knew she was winning, however unfairly she was fighting. The anger that she had felt towards her husband was repossessing her powerful, tiny frame, and she no longer cared. This stupid, young shit, however right, needed an ass-kicking and she was wearing steel-toes boots.

“You don’t know SHIT about SHIT, you useless FUCK! The only way you can tell if they’re implants is by TOUCHING them you PRICK, and there’s no way in hell you’re ever going to get the chance, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it that they’re…” She stopped in mid-sentence, rendered temporarily speechless by a powerful feeling that something was very wrong. She felt as if someone had splashed cold water in her face. Her nearly overwhelming anger was like a red fog over reason, and she swatted at if feebly with what remained of logic, trying to clear the haze in her mind, to discover the cause of what was a sincere feeling of growing panic. As the fog in her mind dissipated, and as curiosity once again won out over anger, she assessed her surroundings. Jake was still standing in front of her, smiling smugly and evidently quite pleased with himself. The elevator had just passed the thirty-first floor and was still moving. So what was the source of the incredible fluttering in her stomach that continued to rise towards her throat and threatened to overwhelm her?

Having assessed her environment with her eyes and finding nothing, she engaged her other senses. She could smell Jake standing in front of her – the musky, subtle smell of a man mixed with hours-old Eternity. She could feel the slight vibration of the elevator as it continued to move towards the parking garage. And she could feel a slight pressure just above her stomach that seemed a little out of place. Lacking, in the moment, the ability to theorize about cause and effect, she turned her head down to examine the cause of her unease. And she found two very masculine hands cupping her tits.

Jake had raised his hands up from his waist, while she shouted obscenities at him, and had called her bluff. His large thumbs were pressed together and upward into the seam of cleavage between the globes of her breasts. The ball of each of his hands pressed upward against the ripe lower curve of each breast, pressing each one up and amplifying the effect of the exposed upward curve of her tits. His large, warm palms were spread over the firm, convex curve of each fleshy orb, and his fingers splayed gently across the upper curve of her tits, the first two fingers of each hand resting softly on her cool titflesh of her lower neck, while the smaller fingers rested on the fabric of her blouse. And, to add insult to injury, he was squeezing, slowly and rhythmically, in an appraisal that was half mockery, half clinical examination. Jaw agape, she turned her head upward towards his in utter disbelief until she met his smug, knowing smile. He inhaled slowly, and spoke softly.

“They’re real. I may be a lecherous fuck and a useless prick, but I know perfect breasts when I see them and feel them. Yours are perfect.”

She stepped back one small pace, wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock. His hands lifted from her breasts, but remained at chest level, vulgarly held in the perfect shape of her tits. Without thinking, and with more than sufficient cause, she twisted her hips to the right, opened her clenched right fist into a flat, tiny wall, and twisted forward with all of her strength to deliver a powerful slap against his left cheek. Before Jake’s head had even begun to snap back from the blow, her left hand swept forward and connected, with a smack, on the right side of his face under his eye. Stunned, Jake stepped backwards towards the wall of the mirrored elevator, but Tammy pursued him and, clenching her open hands into small but powerful fists, began to rain blows down on his head and shoulders. Stepping back too quickly, the small of his back met the polished, wooden, elevator handrail and, before he could stop himself, his head cracked against the mirrored wall. It was only the chime of the elevator that stopped Tammy from battering him to the floor, as the elevator slowed and approached the twenty-third floor.

With a final cuff to his stomach with her left hand that drew a gasp from her victim, she twisted away, only slightly winded, to reassume her place in the elevator. Jake recovered as quickly as he was able, smoothing his hair and trying to recover his senses after the rapid series of blows he had received, both to his pride and his aching head. The elevator bounced softly as it arrived, the doors opened, and two young women paused briefly before entering the elevator.

Tammy and Jake, whose left eye had already begun to purple from a well-placed feminine fist, stepped backward into the farthest corners of the elevator and the two young women, although obviously close friends, occupied the two front corners. The young woman nearest the elevator panel pressed the button for the sixth floor – the floor that adjoined the neighboring shopping plaza – and all silently began the seventeen story descent.

Tammy was enraged – absolutely enraged. No man had ever dared to touch her so openly without her permission. She resented the intrusion of the young women in the elevator – an intrusion that had robbed her of the chance to finish beating him to within an inch of his cocky young life. She glanced to her right and saw Jake slowly shaking his head to clear it from the cobwebs her fists and the mirrored wall had delivered. Not even her lie gave him the right!

The elevator chimed again, slowed, and stopped on the thirteenth floor to admit another young woman, an acquaintance of the vapid young waifs from twenty-three, who, after moving to the centre of the elevator, quickly agreed to join her friends on the sixth floor. Cooling slowly, Tammy quickly noticed that all three were wearing less-than-professional clothing – too revealing and far too distracting for productivity. Had they been her own staff she would have sent them home to change. Suddenly aware of Jake in the corner once more, she turned her head directly towards him and watched him intently, for reasons she couldn’t begin to explain, waiting for him to lift his lecherous head and stare at the young, pert, miniskirted ass of the tease in the tight skirt not three feet in front of him, or turn his head to take in the profile of the vacuous, blathering, fake-breasted slut who stood just ahead of, and between them.

Surprising herself with this uncharacteristic intolerance, Tammy felt suddenly like screaming at the small herd of sheep in the elevator and throwing them off at the next stop so she could kick Jake in the testicles and laugh maniacally as he sank to the floor in pain. She stared at him relentlessly, breathing heavily but quietly, waiting for him to betray himself and lift his head towards youthful tits and asses, until the elevator chimed on the sixth floor and the gaggle of insipid and giggling geese in spiked heels strode off in search of sales. Not once had he lifted his head. Not once had he looked up at the barely post-pubescent flesh in front of him. Oh God, she wanted to hurt him so badly! The door closed slowly, and the elevator lurched gently as it continued its voyage to the parking garage. Jake coughed softly and an awkward six seconds passed before Tammy snapped.

With no warning, she pushed herself from the wall and rushed across the six feet that separated them, throwing her shoulder into his stomach. The wind rushed out of his lungs and he managed a soft yelp of defiance before he was pressed into the back corner of the elevator to defend himself. Standing not a foot in front of him, feet apart to brace herself, she lashed out at him with all the power her tiny frame could muster. The soft thudding sounds of her fists echoed in the tiny chamber of the elevator, between gasps from Jake, as she punished him for a crime she could no longer name. She could hear him asking her to stop as the elevator passed the second floor. After a few more blows, she felt him begin to rise, in spite of the blows she was landing on his head and stomach, and his voice rose and was no longer soft, insisting that she stop. She redoubled her efforts and shouted at him, a monosyllabic yawp of defiance, as her fists put bruises on top of bruises. As the elevator passed the lobby on its way to the garage, she felt his hands roughly grasp her shoulders and try to push her away. She shook his hands free and slapped him once more, roughly, with her left hand. He was, in spite of her best efforts, standing upright, almost a foot above her and staring at her with an almost frightening intensity. Refusing to be cowed, she slapped him again, now with her right hand, and he barely flinched. It was only when she raised both of her arms, to deliver a powerful double blow with her fists, that he finally moved.

More quickly than she would have thought possible, while her arms were still raised over her head, she watched, horrified, as his hands moved once again towards her chest. Instead of cupping her breasts as they had before, his powerful fingers clenched the fabric of her brassiere and blouse at her cleavage, and his powerful hands moved apart. Tammy felt the buttons pop from the fabric of her blouse, from cleavage to stomach, as tiny pauses in the lightning-fast separation of his hands. She felt the lace of her brassiere rise from her flesh, and felt the cooler air of the elevator sweep upward from the bottom edge and over her nipples, as the fabric stretched in his grip until it tore silently and his fists flew apart to reveal her naked neck, breasts, and stomach. As her fists descended towards his head, she felt his hands slide up into her armpits, lifting her upward and preventing her arms from descending. He took a step forward and turned to the right, carrying her bodily and shoving her gently, eighteen inches of the floor, into the mirrored side wall. She felt the polished handrail under her ass, and had only begun to struggle against his when his head descended to meet her naked chest and he took the nipple of her left breast into the warmth of his open mouth.

Tammy’s shout of indignant outrage had no effect, and it was only then, as the warmth of his mouth, the slickness of his saliva, and the friction of his tongue on her nipple sent shivers down her stomach and into her thighs, that she realized, rather quickly and without a single scrap of surprise or shame, that she very, very badly wanted to fuck him. A warm, nearly overwhelming wave of lust, formerly sublimated into violence but now free to wash through her in its pure form, swept from her breast up into her neck and down into her belly as he inhaled her breast and spread his arms around her back to press her chest yet further into his mouth. Lust turning her amorous as quickly as rage had turned her violent, she lowered her arms around his neck and pulled his head onto her, spreading her legs to each side and wiggling her thighs to raise her skirt to her waist before wrapping her silk-clad legs around his stomach and wondering, with what little reason remained to her, whether they would even make it to her car before she was filled with a glorious, strange, new cock.

Clinging to him with her left arm, she lowered her right down his side until it slid past his belt. Moving her right hand under her ass, she felt the bulge of flesh inside his pants that was, quite obviously, his growing cock. Without hesitation, and with a remarkable dexterity borne of an urgent need, she unclasped his belt, unbuttoned his pants, lowered his zipper, slipped her flat hand under the band of his underwear, and grasped his sideways-twisted but growing erection before lifting it up until it popped free of its cotton prison. Once his hardening penis was free, she reached down further and quickly but carefully lifted his warm, hursite testicles. He moaned as she handled him, switching his mouth to her right breast and earning a cry of contentment from Tammy as she liberated him from the prison of his pants. She could only guess at Jake’s size, certainly bigger than Edward, but regardless of his length or girth she was looking forward to feeling his cock slide upward into her cunt with an unrepentant, indecent, and wholesome glee that she hadn’t felt for many, many years. Fourteen months of drought was over, and – like a woman dying of thirst who throws herself into the water before drinking it – she wanted nothing more, in the moment, than to be covered – from the flushing skin of her tender neck to the ticklish skin of her inner thighs – in a cleansing, worshipful, degrading flood of his sex.

The elevator door chimed, obscenely cheerful, as it reached the parking garage where Tammy had parked her car. As Jake continued to savage her right breast with his tongue and pressed his thighs ineffectually upward into her willing but frustratingly panty-clad crotch, the door opened. She felt Jake pause for a brief moment before lifting his head from her breast and turning slightly to look out the open door. From his relieved expression, Tammy deduced that no-one was there, but his moment of confusion opened the door to hesitation, and she could tolerate none. She lowered her head and whispered urgently in his ear.

“Carry me to the panel.”

Jake lowered his hands from her back to her panty-covered asshcheeks, lifted her bodily so she could relax her grip on his neck, and carried her easily over to the control panel. Turning to put his back to the panel and twisting slightly so she could see and use the controls, his heavy breathing had nothing to do with the small weight he carried, and more to do with the sweet, musky fragrance of happy cunt that was slowly filling both the elevator and his sinuses from her wide-open thighs. Tammy felt his cock press upward against the fabric of her panties and she moaned once in raw anticipation, flexing down against him in anticipation before straightening herself and pressing the top button on the panel. The elevator doors closed quietly, and with another cheerful chime the elevator began its slow climb to the top of the building. Tammy lowered her head to his ear, and whispered again, with a purposeful urgency that brokered no debate.

“No-one will be going up at this time of day. We’ve got sixty-eight floors of complete privacy, so hurry the hell up and fuck me.” She moved her hands to his hair and pulled his head back, forcing him off balance. He stepped back quickly to regain his balance, and in two steps was standing against the rear mirrored wall of the elevator.

Jake groaned and buried his face in her bare chest, and she felt his cock buck underneath her, sliding off the fabric that separated them. He began to thrust upward against her, almost stupid with lust, but his cock was nearly horizontal and slipped ineffectually between her asscheeks, succeeding only in staining her thin cotton underwear and the skin of her ass with warm, sticky precum. Desperately wanting his cock inside her and not willing to take the time to remove garters and silk stockings, Tammy wanted nothing more than to banish the thin layer of cotton between them, so she could reach down and guide his penis upward between the warm lips of her pussy and into the tight, eager channel of her cunt. Thought alone, however, wouldn’t remove the almost translucent but incredibly effective obstacle to what promised to be a remarkably satisfying fuck.

Allowing her meager 120 lbs to settle fully into the hands gripping her asshcheeks, she lifted her hands from his neck and pressed them firmly against his cheeks to gain his attention. She tapped his face with the palm of her right hands, then again more firmly, to get his attention. He looked up at her in confusion, logic nearly banished by the sensation of her thighs around his cock.

“Tear them. Just tear them.” He looked at her and blinked quickly, not understanding her request for a moment, before regaining sufficient composure to visualize the process that would culminate with his cock firmly entrenched in her body. Tammy reached around his neck with both arms, crooking her elbows behind his neck and holding on tightly, supporting almost all of her weight on his shoulders. Her legs tightened around his waist, using his thighs as a ledge that she could perch on, if only for a moment, so he could free his hands from her asscheeks. When he felt her weight settle firmly on his shoulders and thighs, he quickly reached underneath her body, as she hiked herself higher on his, before slipping his thumbs inside the thin, sodden fabric of her panties, soaked with as much of her slick fluids as his own. As his thumbs brushed the tender skin of her engorged labia, Tammy felt her eyes begin to roll, and heard a high-pitched moan that could only have come from her own throat fill the elevator. She curled her hips against him, slowly and rhythmically in an unconscious and autonomic reflex, as he gained a grip on the slick fabric, losing herself in the sensation of slick friction between the balls of his thumbs and the skin of her inner thighs and pussy. She felt his arms tighten, from elbows to the muscles in his powerful hands, before he pressed downward with his thumbs and outward with his wrists to effortlessly rip the fabric halfway between the seams of her panties, directly below the glistening, sodden slit of her pussy. After his thumbs pushed through, he gripped more tightly and pulled outward more strongly. A long tear opened in the thin cotton, parallel to the strong, stitched seams that curled around her inner thighs. Her panties tore open from the apex of her labia where her clitoris had begun to sing, all the way back past the puckered wrinkle of her anus, until the tear reached the seam of her panties under the small of her back and stopped – a tear that she knew would soon permit the entrance of an eager, throbbing cock that hung only inches beneath the tender, slick seam of her pussy. His strong hands rose from her savaged panties to grip the strong fabric of her skirt, pulling it higher until it rose past her waist and settled against the bare skin of her stomach, before he once again lowered his hands, tugged the now loose fabric of her torn panties aside, and firmly grasped the warm, firm skin of her buttocks. He lifted her once again, holding her meager frame easily against his stomach, and looked up at her face with an almost desperate inquiry.

There was no barrier between them. Tammy knew that Jake could have just as easily lifted the head of his cock with one of his hands in passing and slipped his cock into her slick and admittedly eager vagina without permission. She was going to fuck him regardless. But the knowledge that he hadn’t slipped his cock inside her, that he was giving her the final right of refusal, and that he was able – even as his cock hung, ripe and hungry, beneath her exposed and vulnerable pussy – to restrain himself and think of her made him eminently more fuckable. A warm sense of purpose settled in the pit of her cunt, and she felt her breath catch as he looked up at her. Oh God, yes, was she going to fuck him. Just a few minutes ago she might have even asked him if he was carrying a condom. Now there was nothing more she wanted, after her own glorious orgasm, than to feel his cock kick as he came inside her and feel the first warm spurt of his semen gush into the tight, eager pit of her cunt. Nice guys always finish last, and after she finished first with her own orgasm on his naked, spewing cuntfucker, she was going to make damn sure he finished by bucking and spewing his sperm into her greedy, unrepentantly hungry vagina.

Never breaking their locked stare – and shouting lusty, hedonistic promises at him with her eyes – she released his neck with her right arm. She felt him shift his weight to compensate, leaning backward more strongly against the rising elevator’s mirrored wall. The motion lifted the shaft of his incredibly erect cock, and Tammy felt her breath catch as its girth pressed upward, kissing open the wet seam of her pussy and catching between her asscheeks. She was, only now, beginning to realize that Jake’s cock was an impressive mass of flesh. He moaned underneath her as the wet heat of her cuntsap-soaked pussy impressed itself along the four inches of cock that had pressed her swollen lips apart, and he began to slowly thrust, sliding the warm skin of his exposed cock forward and backward through the slick warmth of her flared labia and asscheeks. Tammy, expecting to be able to rotate her hips and take his cock inside her as he pressed himself against her crotch, felt the hard ridge of the edge of his cockhead near the back of her ass each time he pulled backward, and her eyes widened as she realized he was much larger than she had expected. Still eager, but tempered for the moment with honest surprise at the unexpected largesse beneath her vulnerable and suddenly timid cunt, she reached down with her right hand and placed it in the small of her back, sliding her fingers down until they reached the tip of the crack of her ass. Following the seam of her asscheeks down to where she felt the stout girth of Jake’s cock pressing upward and sliding against the puckered bud of her anus, she cupped her hand and waited for Jake’s next thrust. When she felt him pressing forward, and felt the wonderful sensation of his cockskin sliding through the flared lips of her pussy, she held her breath.

The slick head of his cock slid pressed against her palm and she quickly curled her fingertips around it. The soft, plum-shaped head of his cock popped through her fingers and she tightened her grip, drawing a loud groan from Jake as he threw his head back against the mirrored wall in untempered delight. He held himself against her, cock held motionless but pulsing in her hand, as she softly stroked the first few inches of his penis to encourage him to remain still against her. She slipped her cool fingers around his girth and squeezed gently, to measure the diameter of his cock by how far her fingers overlapped. Shocked, she realized that her fingertips failed to touch on the other side of his penis. She squeezed harder, bringing a soft shout of pleasure from Jake, and just barely felt her fingernails tap against each other before her hand tired and she was forced to ease her grip. She realized that her mouth was open, and closed it quickly before Jake could see her astonishment.

In any other situation, Tammy would have immediately dismounted to inspect the stout bat of flesh. Given the circumstances, her open commitment to taking the beastly thing into her cunt, and the fact that only forty floor remained in their upward climb before the elevator might be summoned for a downward trip to the lobby, she swallowed hard, reminded herself not to clench as he entered her pussy, and committed herself to the task that was, quite literally, at hand.

She lifted her toes slightly, curling them over the edge of the polished walnut handrail that horizontally bisected the elevator. The slight toehold gave Tammy the opportunity to lift herself slightly from his hips. As she lifted her body upward, she leaned forward onto Jake’s chest. Quickly realizing her intent, and unaware of her alarm, he flexed his arm muscles and lifted her bodily by the asscheeks, raising her body three inches and, serendipitously, lifting her nipples to his mouth. He opened his mouth and pressed his warm lips against her left breast, sending a rush of honest pleasure into her body. The wave ran up through her neck and down into her thighs, sending a ripple of anticipation through the ridged muscles in her cunt. Taking a deep breath, Tammy took advantage of the wave of wet heat in her thighs – hoping that it would offset the pain of taking him into her cunt – and pressed his cock upward with her hand, past the tender but of her anus and the ticklish flesh in front of it, until she felt his cock begin to slide into the mouth of her pussy. Lifting herself even higher with her toes, neck muscles tight in an effort to control the inevitable sharp pain from her vagina, she positioned him just beneath the tight ring of muscle that guarded the gate of her cunt. Jake panted in anticipation as he felt the tip of his cock kissed by her swollen, flared pussy and restrained himself, refusing to thrust upward into her vagina until she had committed herself. Deciding to do the deed quickly, Tammy took a deep breath, grit her teeth in consternation, and sent conscious direction to her trembling leg muscles to relax their almost defensive grip on Jake’s hips and the elevator handrail, keeping just enough leverage to prevent herself from slipping off of her tenuous perch – and the world dissolved.

She heard an anonymous tenor bellow his satisfaction into the air of the elevator, and realized, with what detachment remained to her, that Jake had caught her by her asscheeks in spite of her effort to take him in a rush, that he was lowering her slowly onto his delightfully thick cock, and that the soft head of his luscious penis was slowly climbing upward into the depths of her very wet, very happy cunt. She heard another voice, an anonymous alto shouting delighted obscenities into the same elevator and realized, with bestially contented glee, that the voice was hers, and that she was trying to describe, without assistance from the socially appropriate portions of her brain – and in the most vulgar and descriptive words she could find – the unprecedented and immensely gratifying sensation of Jake’s cuntfucker as it slowly pressed open the tight mouth of her vagina, parted the muscular walls of her cunt, and began to build a home for itself in the fecund profundity of her belly. His monosyllabic and rhythmic shouts formed the counterpoint to her obscenity. The words she was using began to make sense, as she recovered her faculties after the initial wave of pleasure from the moment of penetration, and she found them shamelessly satisfying as he embedded himself deeply and purposefully in her vagina.


He opened his eyes and looked at her, head thrown back, eyes rolling in uncorrupted contentment, breasts damp with his spit as he slowly lowered her onto his blissfully happy cock, and fell, quite intentionally, in love. Far from thoughts of love, Tammy wanted only to feel the hilt of his cock press upward onto her clit, and the gentle smack of his testicles upward against her ass as he thrust himself into her. She began to bounce on his hips to encourage him to press himself fully into. Obligingly and lovingly, he relaxed his arms and let her sink, uncontrolled, onto the remaining five inches of his cock. She took it eagerly, unmoving but panting recklessly, eyes wide open, neck and breasts flushed and heaving, twitching her hips now instead of rocking, as inch by glorious inch of his generous cock was consumed by the rapacious mouth of her cunt and entered the clenching, singing tunnel of her vagina. She felt the soft head of his cock press against her cervix, giving her a moment of pain, before she shifted on his hips, took the silken skin of his cockhead to one side in the nadir of her cunt, and opened her thighs slightly to take the last inch of his cock inside her body. Only when the final fraction had been consumed, and in spite of the dull ache in her abdomen as the soft head of his cock mashed itself upward into her abdomen and stretched her cunt channel to new lengths, was she content.

Still breathing heavily, she looked over her shoulder to check their floor – just rising past thirty-five with almost thirty to go. However frustrated she had been with the slowness of the thing over her initial trip up, Tammy was quite understandably thrilled, given their almost guaranteed privacy and the thick young pipe of cock she had captured in her suddenly famished and promiscuously content vagina, that it would be some time before it chimed to announce their arrival at the penthouse office suites. If they were lucky, it would be even longer before the elevator was summoned by another passenger and they could fuck to their hearts’ content before she invited him home for dinner. She looked back towards her new lover, leaned forward to kiss him softly on the mouth, and began slowly flexing her thighs to move his cock gently within her body as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and sighed in contentment. She knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, as young as he was, but she was sure he would last long enough. She could already feel the blissful whispers of an orgasm begin to stir in the channel of her cunt – whispers that would only require the briefest touch of a fingertip to her clit, when she was ready, before they exploded through her thighs and set her body on fire.

Jake desperately tried to leash the rising orgasm as it threatened to overwhelm him. As deeply entrenched as he was in her cunt, it was only through a massive effort of will that he slowly overpowered the sensation and forced it to come to heel. Even so, the remarkable heat of her cunt, the wantonness of her as she fucked him, and the intense look of purpose in her eyes as she kissed him, eyes open and intensely aroused above him, made war on his will. He felt the wave begin again, and he closed his eyes, hoping that the absence of sight – and the absence of the beautiful image of her as she rode his cock with unrepentantly wholesome, gleefully uninhibited lust – would forestall the inevitable rush of his semen long enough to have her come. Jake thought briefly of the condom in his wallet – placed in high hopes but not used for months – and realized with philosophical delight that he not only didn’t care to interrupt their embrace to use it, but very much wanted to spend himself in the delicious cunt of this gorgeous creature, consequences be damned. He leaned his head back to the mirrored wall and moaned softly with every motion of Tammy’s hips on his own, as she fucked him with a soft intensity that was almost inhuman. He felt his testicles begin to rise, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to control his treacherous testicles for much longer.

Tammy heard him moan, felt his cock twitch rhythmically within her as if in orgasm but without the warm rush of semen, and knew he was fighting a noble but losing battle against his own flesh. Eyes open, she raised her right hand to his face and began to gently stroke drops of sweat from his cheeks as she continued to build the foundation of an orgasm from her blissfully impaled cunt. In another minute or two, she was sure, she would be ready to reach down, gently tap the engorged tip of her clit, and summon what promised to be a truly magnificent orgasm – immediately after which she intended to reach down, cup and squeeze his testicles, and take spurt after glorious spurt of his ropy, warm semen into her vagina with glee. She wasn’t sure which she was looking forward to more – her own orgasm or his.

The elevator chimed cheerfully past the fifty-second floor, and began to slow as it approached the penthouse offices. Oblivious to its announcements, Tammy and Jake continued to fuck.

As Jake remained motionless and panting in his efforts to restrain himself beneath and inside her, Tammy realized, almost clinically given her perch on his stout penis, that she was having trouble catching her breath, and that a warm glow was building inside her thighs. Her clit was slowly catching fire, and it began to sing a soft, greedy song of lust into her vagina. She heard Jake groan underneath her and shake his head in desperation as her cunt muscles began to softly flex on him, making his job even more difficult. Where just moments ago she would have felt sympathy, she now felt nothing but desire. She could feel it building in her. She knew it was coming. It had been so long since she had felt the inspiring swell of a truly outstanding orgasm. And it was her time. She moaned into Jake’s ear and began to lift herself higher off his thighs before lowering herself again onto him. Three glistening inches of stout cockflesh, soaked with its own precum and her cunstap, slid into and out of the mouth of her cunt with each slow bounce. Nothing but the blissful sensation of Jake’s cock in her cunt and the sound of his labored breath in her penetrated her lust.

The elevator reached the top floor, chimed for the last time on its upward journey, and opened on an open corridor. Too deeply entrenched in both Tammy’s cunt and his war against his impending orgasm to take note, Jake failed to notice. Tammy heard the door open, and simply didn’t care. She didn’t even look in the mirror, on the rear wall over Jake’s trembling shoulder, to check. Nor did she care that, when the door closed, it immediately began to descend towards the lobby.

She began to whimper as she fucked him, and knew it was time. She moved her right hand from his face to her bare chest, slowly sliding it down past his forehead, down the crack of her cleavage, around his nose and mouth where they lay buried in her breasts, and across the flat, trembling skin of her stomach. She pushed herself a mere inch away from him as she continued to bounce softly on his cock, flattened her hand, and slipped the fingers over the sensitive skin on her pubic bone until the tip of her forefinger descended into the apex of the shallow slit of her pussy. So flared was her pussy with the girth of Jake’s cock that the firm wall of his flesh was just below her clit. She touched his cock with her fingertip, harvesting a small amount of cocksap and cuntjuice from it, then raised it to the expectant tip of her clitoris.

Once again she heard an alto voice in the elevator, tremulous and expectant, that she knew to be her own. The sensation flooded over her like wet, hot lightning and she knew that it would only be seconds until she came. Wide eyed and panting uncontrollably, she heard Jake whimper underneath her and felt his cock begin to pulse inside her. Desperate for her own orgasm, she forced her throat to form urgent, hoarse words.

“Wait…. wait…. not yet… almost there…. almost …. please god wait…. don’t come yet… oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god…”

He groaned beneath her more loudly, and she realized, distantly, that her eager voice had made his task more difficult. Not caring, and knowing that in just a few seconds it would no longer matter, she tuned out his voice and focused completely on the growing fire in her vagina. Holding her breath now, choking as the wave began to crest inside her, she felt the first massive contraction of her cunt muscles and knew that it was time. Closing her eyes, and forcing her lungs to exhale while she fought to turn her breath into words yet again, she yelled her permission into the humid air of the elevator.


Every muscle of her flushed face and neck clenched as the wave crashed inside her, spreading like cleansing, wet fire from her clit and into the pit of her cunt. Jake raised his head from her bouncing tits, howled, and thrust himself upward into her now as her vaginal muscles clenched on his cock like a silken vice, hammering himself into her as he released his final controls and his testicles began to pump semen upward into the hollow shaft of his cock. He felt the first massive twitch of his cock as his own orgasm exploded, dry inside her spasming cunt as she screamed in bestial, uninhibited pleasure. The second contraction of his cock sent a voluminous surge of warm semen into her. She felt it inside her, both the jolt of his young cock and the warmth of his semen, and opened her eyes even further as the fact of his orgasm enhanced her own physical sensations with an inspiring spiritual contentment as she gleefully took his seed within her. She opened her thighs to him and welcomed the velvet hammerblows inside her cunt as she continued to tap her slick clit, harvesting every ounce of pleasure from cock, clit, fingers, and cunt. The second and third bursts of semen from his pulsing penis filled her vagina with cum, and she felt the warm fluid travel down the channel of her cunt as his thick cuntfucker squeezed it out of the pit of her vagina, adding extra lubrication to his rapidly pumping cock from head to hilt before each of his thrusts began to force a spurt of their mixed bodily fluids from the tight seam of hard cock and soft pussy where their bodies merged. Gobs of white, ropy cum fell from their joined flesh to fall on Jake’s slacks and polished shoes as her orgasm matured and receded, and as his thrusts lost their urgency and the last spurts of semen found their home in her nearly sated cunt. Through it all he had not lost his supportive grip on her asscheeks, and she knew that the imprint of his large hands would be on her buttocks for days – a souvenir of both his strength and his gentleness that she would treasure until the bruises faded from her skin. She felt him begin to tremble, as if he was freezing with cold, and she knew that his orgasm was over. He looked up at her, sweaty and content. She brought the fingers of her right hand up from her clit, and stroked his face lovingly. He spoke, confident and very, very innocent.

“I love you.”

“You’re very young.”

“I love you.”

“We’ll see.”

The elevator chimed, interrupting their soft reverie. Suddenly realizing their situation, and knowing that it was far too late to hide their debauchery, they froze. The door opened. And in the corridor, outside the open door and waiting to descend with victorious looks on their faces, were Edward, his lawyer, and the secretary. Edward took a step forward before his awareness encompassed the general context of the unrepentantly licentious scene inside the elevator. It took another moment for him to recognize the ripped blouse, torn black panties, expensive silk stockings, and the toned, firm ass that was perched high on Jake’s thighs. And for the life of him, he couldn’t identify the owner of the plump testicles and stout young cock that was vanishing upward, into his recently divorced, ex-wife’s, plump, pink, gleefully well-fed cunt. His jaw dropped, in envy, in embarrassment, and in utter disbelief. He had already made his own arrangements, from the lawyer’s office, with a recently divorced, very attractive, and openly promiscuous coworker who had assured him in no uncertain terms that he would be balls-deep in her oft-used and indiscriminate cunt as quickly as he could cross town, drop his pants, and tongue her to an orgasm, but he had always imagined, as he fantasized about his upcoming depravity, the satisfaction he would have as he came in her well-ploughed cumhole knowing that he had been the first to find a new lover, however vulgar. Although the experience still had promise, he would, quite obviously, not be the first to consummate their divorce. And, to add insult to injury, her new lover was half his age and had a larger cock.

The tableau held for a brief moment. The secretary blushed and raised her hand to her mouth. The lawyer coughed politely, stared openly with appreciation and detached amusement, and waited for the very slow elevator door to close. Edward performed a perfect triple-take, complete with a headshake.

Tammy looked in the mirror over Jake’s shoulder, recognized her ex-husband, and smiled. She kissed Jake quickly on the nose and lifted herself two inches off his slowly subsiding cock. With that, his substantial and cuntsap-soaked penis slid out of her in a rush to fall down against his trousers, followed by two large dollops of semen that dripped from her sodden, gaping vagina and fell to Jake’s polished shoes with a loud, wet tapping sound. Tammy flexed like a happy cat, pressing her naked breasts and stomach against Jake’s chest and arching her ass upward, until she heard Edward gasp and knew that her blissfully happy and well-stretched pussy had turned, as she flexed her hips, and was now visible to the social prostitutes in the corridor. She looked in the mirror at Edward, and smiled a knowing, gentle smile.

“Hello, Edward.”

The door began to close. Tammy lifted one hand from Jake’s neck and gave a royal wave.

“Goodbye, Edward.”

The sputtering and choking noises from her ex-husband, followed by a rich, appreciative chuckle of approval from his lawyer, were all the settlement Tammy would need. She looked down at her new lover from her perch on his thighs and kissed him softly before dismounting gracefully from his thighs, lowering her skirt past her torn panties, and trying to look presentable. He grinned at her, but reprimanded her nonetheless.

“That was mean.”

“So was he.”

“Point taken.”

“Do you like sushi?”


“Ever eaten it off a woman’s naked breasts?”

“Um… God I want you again.” His glistening cock twitched and, as she watched in disbelieving fascination, began to rise once again. She stopped making herself presentable and pulled her buttonless blouse apart to give him a good view of her naked breasts once more before dropping smoothly to her knees in front of him. She took his slick, glistening cock in her right hand and looked up at him coquettishly.

“Ever had a woman lick her own sap from your cock until you blew your wad down her throat?” She smiled innocently, stroked him gently, and waited for an answer. He looked down at her in amazement.

“My God, I love you.”

“We’ll see.”

And with that, she moved both hands to his still rising shaft, pressed them into the hilt of his stout, growing penis so that only four inches of firm shaft and his soft head remained for her tongue and throat, and leaned forward to take him inside her mouth – and, quietly to herself as he moaned and groaned above her, she thought…

“We will, indeed, see.”

She felt the first burst of semen in the back of her throat as they passed the tenth floor, and fourteen months later stood in front of a judge exchanging vows with a man young enough to be her child. In turn, through much richly enjoyed practice, he gave her one of her own.

And it was always the same between the two of them.

“My God, I love you.”

“We’ll see, Jake. We’ll see.”

And they did.

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