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Lustful Liaisons

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“You know, I never thought I’d ever say this, but divorce really does agree with you,” Cindy said as she trimmed another inch off my shiny mane of auburn hair so that it fell softly above my shoulders.

If she was talking about the overall way I was looking, then she was right. The new style she’d created with the wispy fringe accentuating my deep blue eyes was indeed flattering and my return to the gym was showing pleasing results.

Of course, my breasts weren’t quite as pert as they had been when I was in my twenties but they were still a good firm handful and the new exercise regime had my butt and thighs in good shape. But there were days like today where I felt every one of my forty six years. On the outside I looked okay, but internally there were still unresolved issues that I needed to deal with.

At least the divorce agreement had finally been settled after months of ugly legal wrangles. When it came to matters of finances, Quinton was as mean as cat shit. I didn’t particularly want his money, my inheritance from my late father was well invested and was paying me a healthy monthly income, but still there was a principle involved. I had worked my ass off and made plenty of sacrifices to get the business off the ground and besides that, I wanted him to know that his indiscretions and infidelity came at a heavy price.

Still, I wasn’t bitter at the fact that it was over. We’d begun to drift apart in the last few years. Perhaps it was all the time and energy we spent in building up the business or maybe it was because we’d never had children, but somehow our passion for each other had dwindled. I tried to dismiss my first suspicions that he might be cheating, but it’s difficult to ignore traces of bright pink lipstick, a color I never wore, and the lingering scent of unfamiliar perfume on his clothes. The final straw was when I discovered a receipt that had fallen out of his shirt pocket into the laundry basket. It was for one of those sleazy hot bed joints, obviously for an afternoon tryst out of the office. Somehow the sneaking around and lies pissed me off more than anything else. It would have been so much easier and more civilized if he would have just come right out and said he wanted a divorce.

“So you have a hot date tonight?’ Cindy asked breaking into my thoughts.

Damn, she was inquisitive, but she meant no harm. I knew that it was her second nature as a hairstylist to be a confidante, counselor, and always available to lend a willing ear if clients wanted to bitch and moan. I laughed; maybe a girl’s hairdresser was her best friend after all.

“Who knows?” I said rolling my eyes, “But I doubt it. It’s another one of those fix-up dates by well meaning friends.” Frankly, I was dreading it. They were all the same; long strained evenings over dinner making polite conversation with confirmed bachelor types or divorced men who were basically desperate to get laid.

“Oh c’mon Louise, lighten up a bit. You’re going to look stunning tonight and you know some of those guys have been round the block, they know how to please a girl in bed.”

“Is that so?” I laughed cynically, “Right now, I prefer to please myself. I don’t need all that baggage they drag around with them. So many of them are just another version of Quinton. As they say, I’ve been there, done that, got the divorce papers.”

” Hmm, please yourself huh?” Cindy muttered softly as she finished up drying my hair. A wicked smile played around her lips and for a moment, I felt distinctly awkward at having made such a blatant revelation.

“Ever been to a Pleasure Party Louise?”

“What’s a Pleasure Party?”

She smiled sultrily. “Oh it’s so much fun, lots of wine, an array of the sexiest lingerie and…”

“Yeah, and what else?” I asked, almost certain of what was to follow. This was no Avon or Tupperware get-together.

“…And the best range of sex toys you can buy in private. Absolutely everything a girl needs to um… please herself,” she said grinning naughtily.

“So you’re talking from personal experience?” I quipped hoping the flush spreading across my cheeks would be mistaken as a reaction to the heat from the hairdryer.

Truthfully, I was intrigued and keen to experiment. Since the break up with Quinton my sexual self esteem was seriously waning but I was still horny. Masturbation was my primary release but no matter how skilled I’d become at whipping up a froth in my pussy with my fingers, I missed the feeling of being penetrated. The idea of buying a dildo had crossed my mind several times but I just couldn’t see myself going into one of those adult stores on my own.

“Hey I’m so experienced, I’m thinking of doing a little toy review work for manufacturers, magazines and internet sex sites,” she laughed. ‘Give me your address and I’ll pick you up at seven on Wednesday evening. We’re going to have a blast!”

Giggling like a teenager, I scribbled my details on the card she handed me. Damn, I hoped I didn’t look too eager or desperate, but no way was I going to miss out on that party.


Who would ever have thought that a group of ordinary women, who looked no different from the ladies at my book club meetings, could contribute so significantly to my sex education?

I was not innocent by a long shot and had my share of fun and experimentation in college before settling down with Quinton but next to some of these women, I was a babe in the woods. As the wine flowed, the talk got raunchier and the intimate revelations spilled. The tales of bisexual fucking, bored housewives and their horniness, phone sex and of course, personal reviews of various sex toys had me gulping more wine than I should have, purely to avoid having my mouth hang open in astonishment. By the time we’d ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ our way through the lingerie, and the toys came out a warm hazy horniness had taken hold of me from the depraved sexual images flooding my mind and all the alcohol I’d consumed. My pussy also seemed to have taken on a life of its own and drooled with eager anticipation.

Being nonchalant while making the purchases was easier than waiting to get home to use them. That was sheer agony and when I eventually closed the door to my house, my body was a bundle of over stimulated nerves waiting to explode.

So intense was my arousal that I didn’t really need the toys that night. One or two strokes of my clit would have had me over the edge, but the anticipation of being stretched open with the heavily veined dildo had me gasping for breath. I trembled as my fingers struggled to close around the rubber shaft and while it had been my plan to tease myself first and hold off allowing the toy entry, the first touch of the smooth mushroom head against my drooling wetness had me sobbing and breathless for more. The thick shaft slid snugly inside me, like a hot knife through butter; its path into my throbbing depths made easy by the oozing juice that was leaking from my begging flesh.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as I plunged the toy in as deep as it could go savoring the glorious feeling of being penetrated and fucked. I pulled it back slowly and tried to steady my breathing as the sensations of my stretched pussy walls clinging greedily to the rubber cock overwhelmed me. The throbbing inside my pussy intensified with every touch of my clit which was trapped against the veined shaft. I flipped the switch on to the maximum vibration and screamed as my pussy exploded and convulsed around the thick stalk in wave after wave of exquisite pleasure.

The toys awakened all kinds of desires in me and the next few weeks were spent blissfully discovering the depth and intensity of my true sexuality. Explicit sexual fantasies that I never dreamed I could even imagine flooded my mind and I became adept at stimulating my body until orgasm after orgasm ripped through me leaving me trembling and weak. This got me wondering about what other people, specifically men fantasized about and my mind went back to the raunchy talk at the sex toy party. Carol, the most outspoken woman there, had confessed that her favorite way to masturbate was with a stranger on the phone exchanging lurid fantasies and filthy talk. A shiver of excitement shot up my spine at the thought of having a complete stranger listen to me pleasuring myself while he whispered his dirty fantasies in my ear. Carol said most of her play was on a local leave-message-and-connect phone sex line. I decided to investigate and give it a try.

And so began the journey into yet another element of my sexuality. At first it was little weird but I learned to relax and enjoy the wicked thrill of being completely uninhibited with a total stranger. Within a couple of minutes of talking I would know if there was some heat between us, and if there was, there were no limits. Fingering and toying my pussy, losing myself in the lewd wet sounds of my pleasure with strange men all over the country made me feel like a shameless wanton slut but I loved it. It remained my dirty little secret while publicly I continued to show my normal conservative demeanor. Many of the men wanted to meet me, but I was reluctant to take it further. It was satisfying a need without me having to worry about all the health issues surrounding casual sex, nor the daunting emotional costs of a full-on relationship. Besides, none of the men were ‘special’ enough to meet. Special to me, meant compelling, creative, funny and outrageously sexy.


My life changed the day Blaize and I got connected.

From our first conversation I knew he was different. There was something about the way he made me feel when we spoke that drew me like a magnet. It was as if he knew instinctively about my need to feel desired, appreciated and alive and he set about penetrating my mind. Each time he called he unraveled another piece of my dark side, using his smooth articulate voice to whip me up into a sexual frenzy and fuel me with pure animal lust. Immersed in our fantasy world we would explore things we had never dreamed of, go places we had never dared. Imagining depraved sexual scenarios with groups of bisexuals, being whored out, gangbanged, sold into sexual slavery were all part of our play and the greater the reaction and shock, the more we would push. One day in a fit of uncontrollable horniness he coaxed me into inserting the mouthpiece of the phone into my drooling pussy, so that he could literally hear the sounds of my cunt juice sloshing around inside me as I was being penetrated.

Finally, after a few months of having played several times a week with him the telephone rang.

“Babe, do you have a lot of energy this afternoon?”

The sound of Blaize’s voice had become like a trigger to my pussy. It throbbed responsively and from experience I knew that the wetness would follow.

“Energy? You mean to get really dirty, big boy?” I purred back.

“Yeah, but not like this. I want you for real. I’m on your side of town, I want to come over and meet you now.”

“Now?” He had caught me completely off guard.

“Blaize we’ve never talked about meeting or anything like that,” I spluttered. “I just… I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

He laughed softly, “You’re more than ready for this Louise, and you know you want it too.”

He was right. My whole body ached with the want of him but this meant changing the nature of our relationship and I didn’t know if I was ready for that. My attempts at protest didn’t work; he just wasn’t having any of them but the debate in my head continued. In one of our earlier conversations he had mentioned a girlfriend and I hoped to God that his penchant for playing on the telephone meant that his activities were kept to masturbation and that he was clean and disease-free.

“Blaize, I want the truth here. Do you do this often? Meet women you’ve played with on the phone?”

“No, you’re the first I’ve ever wanted to meet,” he said simply. “And if I was experienced at this; meeting strange woman all the time, do you think I would have waited all these months to ask?”

The truth is I wanted to believe him, because the overwhelming lust and the urgent deep burning ache that churned between my thighs had suddenly made everything justifiable.

“Okay,” I said hoarsely, “You can come over.” The details of my address spilled from my lips in a torrent before I lost my nerve.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes and…”


“Lose your underwear.”

As soon as the line went dead, I panicked. I could not remember a single physical characteristic about Blaize. Nothing. Not a single fucking thing except my suspicion that despite his maturity on the telephone he was a lot younger than me.

All my insecurities bubbled up and rushed at me.

Did he realize how old I was? Jesus, maybe I was cradle snatching. Who the fuck did I think I was? Demi Moore or Cher! Thousands of dollars and the skilled hands of surgeons had them looking thirty. All I had was a couple of months in the gym, and let’s face it, the passing years and gravity can be a real bitch.

Would he even be attracted to me in the flesh? And what if he was not my type? Who was I kidding? What could I possibly have in common with a twenty-something year old?

Frantic, I dialed his cell number and insisted he pull over.

“Blaize, we can’t do this, it’s a mistake and I can’t go through with it.” My voice teetered on the verge of hysteria. “I’m much older than you and…”

“Louise, stop fretting,” he soothed in his low sexy voice. ‘It’s going to be fine, believe me.”

“But what will you do if you arrive and you don’t like me?”

“I’ll say, sorry babe but this is not going to work for me.”

“Oh God, but that will hurt my feelings.” I sounded pathetic to my own ears. Damn, why was I even letting it happen? It was insane.

He laughed. ‘Don’t worry! I’ll fuck you before we even make it to the bedroom.”

“No Blaize, I’m being serious here. I think we should have some kind of sign, a signal or something.”

“Yeah, what are you thinking about?”

“I wear a gold chain necklace. When you open the door and step in, if I know immediately that I want to fuck you, I’ll take the necklace off and place it on the small table near the door.”

“Okay,” he laughed, “but I’m not wearing a necklace. Should I take off one shoe and hop around?”

“Stop teasing me Blaize,” I retorted, more sharply than I intended. Damn, I was already acting my age, telling him off like a child but the damned insistent throb deep in my pussy wouldn’t stop. “You can use your belt. If you know immediately that you want to fuck me then do the same. Take it off and place it on the table near the door, otherwise we’ll just go into the living room and have a drink.”

Ten minutes later, as instructed, I was sitting on a straight backed chair in the entrance hall about four feet from the front door with the soft silky fabric of my shortest skirt caressing my bare ass. Almost breathless with excitement and anticipation, I squeezed my thighs together trying to quell the heavy ache that had spread down low in my groin. For a moment I considered my situation and how bizarre it all was. I was half naked and terribly vulnerable; my pussy oozed with excitement and my nipples poked obscenely through my blouse, as I awaited the arrival of a virtual stranger who I hoped would fuck me. I shut my eyes and desperately tried to conjure up an image of Blaize in my mind.

From outside came the sound of a car slowing and stopping. I held my breath and exhaled shakily when I heard the car door open and slam shut. My hands flew nervously to the chain necklace resting between my collarbones.

The door opened and a tall young man entered. Immediately, two things caught my attention. His black hair was thick and shiny but tied back in a ponytail. I’d never considered a guy with hair longer than my own, and the sunglasses he wore were the most unconventional I had ever seen, with multicolored frames and pinkish orange tinted lenses. My God, he was even younger than I’d imagined; maybe early twenties, and what kind of fashion statement was he trying to make in those hideous glasses? As if reading my mind, he removed them to reveal dreamy dark brown eyes with long lashes. I swallowed hard as my gaze traveled slowly down his toned body to his skin tight blue jeans. It was unbelievable, but the entire package was about a thousand times better than I could ever have hoped for. Everything about him screamed of sex; vital, vigorous, unadulterated, physical sex.

No way on earth was this guy going to want to fuck me.

No way!

Almost shyly I drew my eyes upward to find him staring directly at me. My heart skipped a beat as he slowly and deliberately reached for his belt buckle.

The silence in the room was like a heavy, tense presence charged with electricity. In the excruciating stillness I could hear the leather of his belt as his hands moved in slow motion to ease it through the loops. The thudding of my own heart pounded in my ears as my eyes flickered from his long tapered fingers working the belt to his chiseled face and then rested on the bulge that was growing in his jeans.

Only one thought reverberated in my brain. This beautiful young man actually wanted to fuck me.

I reached for my gold chain necklace, eased the clasp to the front and tried to unhook it but it slipped from my trembling fingers. On my second attempt to release the clasp it jammed. Panicked, I tugged at it but it wouldn’t budge.

Across from me, the flicker of amusement in Blaize’s eyes had been replaced by a questioning look. I watched as his tanned hands pulled the belt from the final loop and began rolling it up like a coiled black snake.

Fucking stupid necklace! I’d break the damned thing if necessary before I’d let him think I didn’t want to fuck him. Eventually, unable to pry it open, I stood up on wobbly legs, stepped forward and spoke my first words in person to him.

“Excuse me, but I don’t seem to be able to remove my necklace. Could you help me please?”

His laughter broke the tension and he moved across the small space separating us to deftly remove the necklace. As he did so his fingers lightly caressed my neck and dropped down to the buttons on my blouse. My nipples felt as though they would burst through the fabric struggling to contain them as his fingers brushed against their pointy hardness.

“You’re gorgeous Louise,” he said gruffly as he leaned in to kiss me hard. His words, the most wonderful in the whole world, registered a delicious pull of desire in my pussy and I felt it flood shamelessly as I returned the kiss fervently. My hand brushed over the roughness of his cheek as I breathed in the delicious musky maleness of him. He smelled so good and he felt so good. I boldly let my other hand trail down to the taut fabric across his groin and felt his cock twitch beneath my firm caress.

“I want you to fuck me Blaize, I want this beautiful hard cock inside me now.”

“First things first, we’re not rushing this. I’m going to sit right down here,” he said smiling mischievously, “and watch you slowly strip.”

His eyes burned with longing and lust as they stared intently at me and my breath caught in my throat. Where the hell did he get all this self control from? I thought a young guy would simply rip my clothes off and fuck me. Blaize, it seemed, had other ideas.

Trying hard to look alluring, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, hesitating for a second before letting it slide to the floor. My breasts sprung free and I couldn’t resist bringing my fingers up to teasingly pinch the big dusky pink nipples into harder peaks.

“Come to me,” Blaize croaked, his eyes widening with pleasure as he watched me.

His hands reached out to cup my fleshy orbs and I groaned as he caressed the nipples while weighing each breast in the palm of his hands. He squeezed them together and moaned appreciatively as he sucked one big nipple into his mouth.

“Damn, Louise you remind me of a school teacher who I had a crush on in Junior High,” he said with a low chuckle. “Now drop your skirt ma’am.”

Trembling with pure excitement I reached behind to unzip my skirt. All thoughts of trying the sultry seduction had gone. I needed to be naked with this beautiful man. I wanted his eyes and hands on my body so badly. The soft fabric slipped over the curve of my hips as I inched it downwards to reveal my flat tummy and the wet fleshy pussy that nestled between my thighs. As part of my newly discovered sexual freedom I had shaven most of my pubic hair leaving only a small triangle of curls above my pussy. The fleshy pink lips were smooth and I loved to touch them and watch the way they glistened and opened when I played with myself.

Blaize watched me silently while his hand moved over the hard bulge in his jeans as if to quell the ache that I knew he must be feeling. Standing naked before him I felt suddenly shy and my cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment. He reached across and stroked the wet smooth lips of my pussy with his long fingers. I gasped at his intimate touch and then moaned in pleasure as he spread my cunt lips open and ran his thumb over the hard nub of my swollen clit.

“Beautiful,” he said, “So fucking beautiful.”

Two of his fingers had snaked themselves deep into me and my pussy clenched around them with each of his little thrusts.

“Oh Blaize, don’t make me beg, fuck me please.”

He pulled the glistening fingers from me and brought them up to his mouth where he could smell and taste my essence. “Not yet. Your dildo, the one you used on the phone with me. Go get it.”

I returned to find Blaize pulling his shirt off and opening the button on his jeans.

“Wait, let me do that,” I said wanting to savor the unwrapping of this young stud. I ran my hands over his firm belly enjoying the warm smoothness of his body and the ripple of his honed abdominal muscles under my fingertips. Tentatively I lowered my mouth to the bulge in his jeans and scraped my teeth over the warmth radiating from his groin. He let out a small moan as I inched the zipper down and reached in to the waistband of his boxers. Being careful not to touch his cock, I had him raise his ass off the chair so I could strip the jeans and underwear off.

At last I was able to feast my eyes on all of him. My eyes were riveted to his cock and I trailed a finger up and down the length of it, tracing the bulging veins. He was a little above average length and very thick with sparse black hair covering his heavy balls. My mouth watered and my pussy clenched. It was the perfect cock for me.

He was so hard. I hadn’t sucked a cock that hard since I was twenty. The steely smoothness and heat of him drove me wild. I licked a long slow line from the root of his cock to the tip. It bobbed against my cheek and I whimpered before I took him in my mouth and moaned around him, letting my lips vibrate slightly as my tongue danced on the underside of his cock until it was glistening with my saliva. I sucked him lightly at first, taking more of him into my mouth and then switched to long wet pulls, sucking him deeply and passionately. I wanted to please him and make him noisy with need and pleasure. Precum dribbled from his slit and I lapped it up greedily. I had never swallowed cum before but right now I was craving the full taste of Blaize’s seed.

“Not yet,” he groaned as he pulled himself from my eager lips. “I want to watch you play with yourself first. I want to bring the image of you, while you phone fucked me, to life.

No one had ever watched me masturbate before but the idea of him doing so thrilled me more than I could believe. I lay on the floor and spread my legs, placing my feet up on his knees as he sat on the chair and watched me.

I slid a finger through the creamy wetness of my pussy and splayed the puffy lips open like a flower to reveal the deep pinkness of my core to him. From my experience of watching myself when I played, I knew that Blaize would be seeing the small juice bubbles pooling in the folds of my cunt while my swollen clit would be exposed at the top of the lips. I heard his sharp intake of air as I massaged the hard nub of flesh while I inserted the dildo into my pussy and pushed it as far as it would go. My lips had to stretch to accommodate its girth.

“Oh fuck, “he groaned excitedly, “Do it, fuck yourself hard,”

All at once, the wanton slut and the exhibitionist in me surfaced as I lost myself in his words and the thrill of him watching me; directing me. I shoved the dildo in hard and thrust it in and out of myself obscenely, reveling in the lewd sounds of my slobbering pussy being crudely fucked by a toy. Blaize’s eyes darted from my cunt to my face while he kept a firm grip on my ankles. Occasionally his big hands would stray up my calves as he caressed me.

“Blaize, I’m going to come,” I gasped as the first waves of clenching ecstasy flooded my abdomen and caused me to arch my back off the floor. “Oh God, God!” I screamed as exquisite shards of pleasure coursed through my entire body.

I opened my eyes to find him lowering himself onto me. My pussy was slick with juice but I felt every inch of his young cock as he entered me with a firm steady pressure. I’m not sure what he was expecting but he seemed surprised.

“Ahh God, this is amazing,” he growled as he buried himself inside me.

He called my forty six year old pussy amazing! I’d show him amazing. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clenched my pussy muscles tightly around his gorgeous cock. The sensation of having him inside my body was so good, I was torn between wanting to thrust my pelvis upwards to meet each of his driving thrusts or just remain perfectly still as I squeezed him. His eyes were hooded with pleasure and he cried out as he felt my cunt milking him. Driven by his delicious reaction to me I urged him on, raking my long nails over his back.

“Take it all baby, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard. Give it all to me.”

“Oh Christ,” he moaned as he shuddered and blasted a thick load of cum deep inside me.

When our breathing returned to normal I led him to the bedroom and took him back in my mouth. I licked and sucked him like he was some kind of gourmet meal, savoring the combined taste of pussy juice and cum that lingered on his cock. Within five minutes he was hard again. The wonders of youth, I thought smiling as I trailed his cock between my tits and rubbed my big nipple over his cockhead. He pulled away and wrestled me so he could straddle my face.

“Enough of that, you little slut.” A rush of excitement speared through me. Blaize knew from our phone play how much it turned me on when he spoke dirty to me and called me his slut or personal whore. He slapped his cock against my cheek. “Open your mouth and suck it bitch. Get it good and hard so I can fuck your ass.”

I shivered in anticipation as he roughly fucked my face. Anal sex had been part of almost every fantasy we shared.

He got me up on hands and knees and scooped a big dollop of lube between my ass cheeks. Two of his fingers found their way inside my tight hole and I groaned at the delicious sensation of being violated. I wriggled my ass against his hand and he leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “You are a dirty slut, aren’t you Louise?” I nodded and my pussy began to ooze.

“Shove that dildo in your pussy, and keep it there,” Blaize commanded. “Now, you sexy bitch, tell me what you want me to do to your ass.”

“Oh, please… yes,” I gasped overcome with the excitement of what was happening.

“Please what?” Blaize snapped pulling my hair back and slapping my ass. My cheeks burned from the stinging smack.

“Fuck my ass, please,” I whimpered. The muscles of my cunt throbbed madly around the dildo inside me as I gave myself over to the incredible realization of what was about to happen. I was about to be double fucked; sodomized, driven to the limits of my fevered fantasies and I trembled shamelessly with anticipation.

Blaize eased his cock between my cheeks and I tried to relax my rectal muscles by pushing outwards as I had learned to do when inserting my anal toys. I felt the pressure of his slick cock head as he struggled to get through the tight hole and a scream ripped from my throat as he finally made it passed the tight anal ring and all the way deep into my rectum. God, I was stretched, so exquisitely stretched. A great gust of air rushed from my lungs as Blaize began to move slowly. He grunted in pleasure as he pulled himself back from my tight depths and then sunk his cock back in again letting me become accustomed to the invasion of his thickness. I moved in time to his rhythm and he reached over to flip the switch on the dildo in my cunt. The sensations were almost too intense to bear; being skewered between a big vibrating rubber dildo and a thick pulsating cock. I came in a convulsing screaming orgasm that had me sobbing and clawing at the bed sheets uncontrollably.

Completely drained, we lay back on the bed and let that languid post-orgasmic slumber wash over us. Later, we had another round of slow tender sex and then he left.

It occurred to me afterwards, that I had spent the afternoon with a younger man in the most sublime way, using his body to satisfy myself, and during that time we had no regular conversation at all. It was all about sex. Just good dirty sex between two consenting adults who had got together to share their mutual needs and satisfactions.


In the months that followed, Blaize and I continued with our no-strings attached relationship. We experimented together, trying different things, even getting into some bizarre role play but one thing remained constant; the sex was always amazing. I put it down to the fact that we enjoyed each other’s company and got together to fuck without the overhanging edges of jealousy or dependency, and we made no other demands on each other. Blaize said he enjoyed the company and intellect of an older woman as well as the fact that I was comfortable with my body. And of course, he loved the no-holds-barred sex.

What we had, was the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and detachment that kept our sexual batteries charged, and allowed us the kind of dirty hot fucking that you can only have with a stranger, but without us having to resort to pick-ups or one night stands. Although we never discussed it, there were no expectations of further emotional commitment. There were no illusions that we were soul mating for eternity or that we would fall in love. We were from two different generations with widely differing interests. All we had in common was our mutual lust and the uninhibited way we satisfied it together. Simply put, we were fuck buddies and we often focused more on the ‘fuck’ than the ‘buddy.’ It helped things to remain uncomplicated and kept the relationship from sliding into a morass of emotional need.

Was it liberating for me?

Oh, yeah, you bet!

The strange thing was it didn’t make me feel cheap. I wasn’t sleeping around but I was having the best sex of my life and getting back my confidence while still fulfilling my dutiful role in society. I did some charity work, took art lessons, played tennis at the club and still got together at dinner parties with my married friends. Occasionally I even went out with their boring fix-up dates.

The ladies at the book club all said I looked marvelous and begged me to share my secret with them. They took great pleasure in teasing me about having a ‘new mystery man’ in my life but I smiled demurely and dismissed it all with a wave of the hand. After all, how could I possibly tell them that on Easter Sunday, instead of going to church, I’d invited Blaize over? He arrived with little shiny foil wrapped chocolate treats stuffed down his jeans and our foreplay involved an Easter egg hunt in his underwear. Mr Chocolate Pants, with his extraordinary stamina for riding – and we’re not talking bikes here, was my personal fuck boy and my salvation. I wasn’t sharing any of him with those frustrated bookworms.


The day after my forty seventh birthday, Blaize called. We hadn’t seen each other for a week and a half and I was feeling that heavy aching pressure in my groin.

“How about going out for dinner tonight?”

Out for dinner? What the hell had come over him? “Blaize, honey you know we don’t date, we…”

“We fuck,” he said laughing. “Yeah, and we will I guarantee that, but it’s a little belated birthday surprise that I want to give you.”

“Aww Blaize, you shouldn’t have,” Honestly, I was amazed that he had even remembered my birthday given that I had only mentioned it once in passing shortly after we met. Still, I was reluctant to be seen out in public dating a man young enough to be my son.

“Hey, don’t worry about anyone seeing us together,” he said as if reading my mind. “There’s this great up market place a couple miles out of town, no-one will know us and it is Tuesday night , for God’s sake, hardly social night out. I’ll pick you up at seven.”

The restaurant was just as he had promised; away from the main road, discreet and with great ambience. But my first surprise had been when he called to collect me. Gone were the shiny black tresses tied back in a ponytail. Instead, his hair had been stylishly cut short which had the effect of accentuating his good looks and subtly adding a few years onto his age. He smiled at my wide-eyed stare as I took in his new look, complete with well tailored trousers and lounge shirt. God, he was devastatingly hot and in a sense tonight would be like fucking a new guy, even if I did secretly miss those youthful locks.

During dinner Blaize confessed that the new image was in keeping with his new job. He didn’t go into too much detail but it appeared that an opportunity had come about for someone with his background and degree, and he had got the position. For some inexplicable reason a warm flush of pride came over me as I congratulated him. There was no doubt in my mind that he would be successful and soon climbing the rungs up the corporate ladder.

By the time the main course was finished and we had consumed two bottles of celebratory champagne I was ready to go back to my place and tear Blaize’s clothes off him. I reached over the table to caress his wrist and stroke his fingers.

The waiter dropped off the dessert menu and disappeared. That was the great thing about expensive restaurants like this, I thought as I dropped my hand below the table and grazed Blaize’s crotch. The waiters were trained enough to be unobtrusive, but there when you wanted them.

“Still hungry for dessert?” Blaize asked in a low voice.

“I am,” I said feeling his cock harden under the light scratching of my long nails. “I just don’t think they have what we want on the menu.”

He smiled and his even teeth gleamed in the muted light.

“Wanna bet?” he said, licking his lips. “I think I’m going to have myself a little taste now…”

“What?” He couldn’t be serious. I knew he was wild, but he would never do something this crazy even if we had fantasized about having sex in public. I smiled to hide my confusion. “Blaize, let’s just get the check and go…”

With a half smile on his face, he looked around quickly and then down as if he had dropped something before disappearing under the tablecloth.

Shock and excitement collided somewhere in my chest jolting my heart from its normal steady rhythm. Jesus, this was the birthday surprise he was talking about. I glanced surreptitiously around the room and realized with relief that a column partially hid our table from the restaurant. The other diners were deep in conversation. Thank God, nobody had noticed.

My skirt slid up my legs as I pushed myself down deep in the chair and eased myself forward to meet him.

Blaize’s hand moved against my thighs and I lifted my ass an inch or two from the seat so he could reach for the elastic of my bikini briefs with his eager fingers. I squirmed beneath his touch and a sharp spike of excitement coursed through my body. My lips were dry and my heart hammered in my chest. All around us lurked the danger of humiliation, the dread embarrassment of discovery. But the diners dined on oblivious to the passion that was building in their midst.

Beneath the table Blaize tugged my panties over my knees and down my claves. He ran his hand along the inside of my thighs and parted them until I splayed my legs wide open for him. Shuddering with excitement I leaned back in the chair and thrust out my pelvis. My pussy was wet with desire and a shiver of anticipation coursed through me as I basked in the wickedness of the moment.

“Oooohhh,” I moaned softly as his fingers found my slit and explored the slick flesh. Beneath the white of the tablecloth, I could feel my steam build as my cunt began to throb. His mouth was against my lips, hovering so I could feel the heat from his breath. I wanted to scream for him to lick me. Goddammit, he was teasing me mercilessly, nuzzling near to me, burying his cheek against the inside of my thighs. With one hand I grabbed his hair and pushed my thighs together, clamping his head between them.

“Please,” I hissed urgently as his masculine skin rasped against the creamy softness of my thigh. The first touch of his tongue had me shuddering with delight. It was gentle initially, finding it’s way through my wetness as he lapped softly, exploring the folds, savoring the extraordinary intimacy, it’s edges sharpened by danger. But his passion was too strong for controlled clever love and my impatience was too great. On either side of his head, my thighs imprisoned him. I reached beneath the table and pressed against his head, forcing his face into my cunt. He pulled my pussy lips into his mouth and sucked and nibbled at them hungrily He was my captive now. I had him where he could not escape. He existed for my pleasure.

“Fuck me with your mouth,” I murmured.

His tongue disappeared into my depths like a dagger. It pierced, long and hard, reaching into my cunt and setting my mind ablaze. His head was crushed against me and I ground my hips against his face to increase the friction.

In the background I could hear the muted sounds of the restaurant; soft music, the murmur of voices, knives and forks clinking against plates and an echo of a siren in the distance, but the faces of the diners were blurred by the intensity of my desire. Blaize was drinking shamelessly from my pussy as he probed me and licked in long strokes from the slick depths of my cunt to the swollen tip of my clit. A groan caught in the back of my throat as he lingered at the sensitive knot of my clit, pushing it out and pressing down with his tongue. I squirmed and let out a soft moan. I was like a fountain at his face, wetting his lips as he fought for breath in the lake of my lust.

Across the room, sitting a few tables away from us was a party of six, but the eyes of one of the men had come to rest on me. I swallowed hard as I realized that he had been avidly watching me. There was something about his focused attention that made me absolutely certain that he had no doubt as to what was going on beneath the pristine white tablecloth. Jesus, he knew that I was being tongue fucked, that in the midst of this respectable place a young man was eating my pussy out. My cheeks burned with shame but to my horror, my excitement escalated. I struggled to remain still and composed as the first wonderful quickening began in the pit of my stomach. I glanced back at the man and he smiled slightly as he lifted a plump cherry tomato to his lips. It disappeared slowly into his mouth but he let his fingertip linger at his lips as his tongue snaked out to lick it.

My climax was close and under the table Blaize could sense it on my quivering clit. He lashed me with his tongue, quickening the rhythm, beating me faster, driving me closer and closer to the exquisite moment.

“Oh God,” I moaned breathlessly. My whole body felt as if it were melting, as if my muscles had no power and my limbs were losing their coordination. The room had become a purple haze and I struggled to steady myself, clenching my fists and supporting my straining butt as I kept contact with Blaize’s mouth. His tongue threshed from side to side, up and down and he reached up and pushed my straining thighs apart splitting me open as he fought to lose himself in my soaked cunt. It felt like he was fucking me with his entire face

“I’m so close,” I whispered, my voice breaking in my throat. I took a deep breath and my head rolled to one side against the chair and then back again. I battled to hold on, even as I prayed for the blissful release. Oh God, how could I stay quiet through this? How could I not scream my pleasure at the room? I gripped the chair hard and bit down on my lip trying to stifle my cries of pleasure.

“Oh nooo, Oh God!” I moaned as the awesome feeling took me. It lifted me up, feather light on the wind of the storm and cast me down heavy as lead as I crashed into my orgasm. I was still shuddering with pleasure when Blaize reappeared at the table and called for the check. God knows if the strange man was still watching us, or even if the whole restaurant was for that matter, but I didn’t look left or right until we got out of there and Blaize pushed me up against the side of the car in the dimly lit parking area to fuck me.

“Damn, you really want to get us arrested for publicly indecency, don’t you?” I said, as his rigid thickness poked against me.

He chuckled as he raised my skirt and pressed his rock hard cock all the way into my moist depths. “I guess getting arrested would really make your birthday memorable, huh?” His breathing changed as he fucked me in hard powerful strokes and he let out a kind of strangled growl as he raced to his climax. It didn’t take him long to come, but it seemed to go on and on, with enormous hard throbs and sticky hot cream filling my pussy. I’d never dreamed that turning forty seven could be so much fun and there was one thing for sure; I’d always remember that birthday.

One evening, a couple of months later, after a long slow round of sex, Blaize followed me into the kitchen. He sat naked on the kitchen table and watched me make coffee. After almost a year and a half of our relationship, and having spent dozens of pleasurable hours becoming intimately acquainted with every muscle, sinew and curve of his, I still found myself awed at the beauty of his body. I handed him a steaming mug of java and he stirred two sugars into it before he spoke.

“Louise, I’m getting married.”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a pang of regret or a sense of loss, but I was not shocked or devastated. I was very fond of Blaize and deeply in lust with him, but there was never any pretense about the nature of our relationship and I knew that it would inevitably have to end

“That’s wonderful,” I said, genuinely meaning it and grateful that he had been honest with me. “Congratulations.”

He smiled, “The thing is, I know this sounds crazy but I’d still like to keep seeing you. I love Tracey, I really do, but the sex, well it’s not like ours…”

Of course, the sex wasn’t like ours. We had a relationship built purely on sex, without anything to lose. It was convenient, hot and free from judgement where nothing was really taboo if we wanted it.

I smiled wistfully and remembered some of our wilder experiences, like the time he tied me up and brought a university friend in to fuck me while he watched and directed the action. And then there was his anal initiation. I convinced him to surrender his ass to my oral ministrations and my toys. The first time we tried, he writhed and screamed when I pushed a thin vibrator in deep and switched it on to let his prostate get the full sensation of the vibration. His body shook with pleasure and he shot a bucket load of cum onto my face as I jerked him off. As much as Tracey loved him, I could hardly imagine her blindfolding him as I had done, and bringing in a person of unknown gender to silently suck him off. Blaize never did find out if it was a female or a very smooth lithe young male who played with us that day but I occasionally taunted him with it, and if anything, the mystery of it all turned him on like crazy.

“No, honey it’s not like ours,” I said softly, touching his cheek. I sat down at the table and looked at him, “But you need to give it a fair chance, and cheating when you get married is not a fair chance. Besides that, love, trust and committed feelings are important to your relationship and they’ll help you to grow as a human being.” God, I was sounding like a mother giving a lecture here, but I honestly wanted the best for Blaize. I sipped my coffee thoughtfully and searched for the right words. “You know married sex can be great. It’s often hot and passionate, especially in the honeymoon phase but sometimes it’s not always dirty or kinky.” I smiled. “But over time and with trust, things can change. You can work on it,introduce new things, explore with her, let her discover how wonderful it can be with you. Trust me on this, I know.”

Blaize smiled but I saw a flicker of sadness cross his deep brown eyes. “So, no more of this huh?”

I shook my head. “You’ve been wonderful Blaize and although I was the older one in the relationship, you taught me so much and helped me to discover the full extent of my sexuality.” I smiled warmly at him. ” I’ll always be grateful for what we’ve shared, but I guess it’s time for me to move on as well.”

“You’ll be okay then?”

“Oh I think I’ll manage,” I said patting the top of his thigh close to where his flaccid cock was resting. “You know those boring fix-up dates my friends arrange from time to time? Well one of them, a guy named Jim, turned out to be anything but boring. I think it’s going to be interesting getting to know him better.”

“Oh boy,” Blaize chuckled, “Does he have a strong heart?”

I laughed as my thoughts turned briefly to Jim. He was in his fifties, looked ten years younger, was in great shape and had the best ass I’d ever seen on a man. I figured he might not have the stamina of a twenty five year old, but he still had a lot going for him that I found attractive. He exuded a kind of sexy charm that comes with being quietly self assured and worldly. We’d been out a few times and I’d discovered that he had traveled extensively, and spent time living abroad in London. He mentioned that he’d almost proposed a couple of times and was nearly lured down the aisle but in the end decided not to ruin a good thing. I laughed when he said that and his eyes had twinkled mischievously.

On our last date, the conversation had turned to sex and he openly admitted that he had a weakness for women in high heeled leather boots and oral sex. “Preferably together”, he had said in a low sexy tone.

Oh my God, I was willing to bet good money that Jim’s heart was in fine fucking shape!

From the way his eyes raked appreciatively over me when I hinted that I had actually explored a couple of my fantasies, I guessed he had a few other kinks himself that would all be revealed in good time. Yes, getting to know him better was going to be fun. Perhaps on our next date I’d wear my leather pants and boots…

For now though, there was still unfinished business at hand. I turned to Blaize and he flashed me his devastatingly naughty smile as if he knew what decadent thoughts had flooded my mind.

“So, when’s the wedding day?”

“Two weeks from Saturday.”

“Good,” I said gently stroking his cock. It twitched under my caress and began to harden as I wrapped my hand around it and led him back to the bedroom.

“Now let’s not waste any more precious time talking. We’re on a limited schedule here and I still have to show you all of my bachelor-party slut tricks…”


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