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One Night in Melbourne

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I do wonder though, sometimes, how I think of myself, it’s a pleasant sort of curiousness. Am I a gay man who has a girlfriend? A straight man who has been with other men? As more one way than the other? As someone who declines to identify that firmly? Adjectives, not nouns.

I suppose I think of that long flight home, Melbourne to Singapore to Paris, then another flight back home to Berlin, back to my girlfriend, our apartment, our life, the one we’d had together for about three years. Those are the hours I come back to. That stopover. There was enough leading to it though, I had been primed.

I’d been in Australia for about three weeks, first in Perth visiting my sister and her husband, then over to Melbourne to see another couple of friends.

Ilsa hadn’t been able to come with me due to work commitments, which meant we had been apart for the first time, for longer than a weekend or so, for those three years. We had a good and varied and busy sex life, we matched each other it seemed, in our desires, our inclinations, and our appetites. She loves being nude together, and with other people, I love seeing her nude with other people, in some of our local saunas, most of them mixed, looking at her walk naked in front of others, her small firm breasts, her thick dark bush. Seeing her next to other women, other men, sitting next to someone older, younger, her bare skin next to his, her soft sex next to his soft cock. Looking at him looking.

And I love our fucking when we get home, god she can turn me on, stripping me slowly, taking off each item of clothing, pulling my underwear off, releasing my penis, easing my underwear down, bending my already half hard cock downwards, letting it spring free, taking me in her mouth, when she is still fully clothed, exposing my swollen tip, pulling my foreskin back with her mouth, and sliding her soft lips over me until I am completely erect, and then stripping, walking in silence to the bed, laying back, pushing her legs wide apart, touching herself, stroking her slim fingers over her thick damp pussy, and then demanding I fuck her.

I mention this to suggest I had missed her, and missed our sex together. Not that I hadn’t had the chance to relieve myself, my sister’s place was big enough for her to be able to offer me my own room when I was there, the same in Melbourne, I suppose I hadn’t thought to masturbate for the first few days, and then, first after we all went to the beach, well, it was slightly masochistic fun not to. Being from Germany I assumed all of the beaches were clothing optional, and was surprised to be told that no, only one of the local beaches allowed you to sunbathe nude. I asked if we’d go there then.

Paul, her husband, looked at me strangely. I may have pushed it, I do prefer to be naked on a beach, swimming especially, I was aware though that even at home this is becoming less fashionable, that more and more people seem to at least affect offence at others being undressed.

I asked if he’d been there before, he said he had, but only with his friends, or Birgitta, his wife, my sister. I said nothing, but smiled a little, as if to suggest ‘okay then then, what’s the problem?’ I’m not sure if he decided okay then, what’s the problem, or just didn’t want to back down, or appear to be less brave than me. Anyway, we went to Swanbourne Beach, about a twenty minute drive from where they lived. All of us piling into their unnecessarily large four wheeler.

We got there, took a fairly long walk away from the main bit, to the left I think, away from the pathway, and found a fairly quiet spot, passing a few couples, one or two single men, a few families, perhaps twenty or thirty people in total. And all nude. I may as well confess, nude beaches are not an innocent pleasure, not completely, I enjoy the freedom, the more uncomplicated physical sensations of being nude in the open, the sensual joy of being unencumbered by even the smallest item of clothing, it is more though, Ilsa knows, and shares the same passion, it is the thought of being looked at whilst naked. I am in okay shape, I cycle a lot, play tennis, and work out a few times a week, but it’s not that, it’s not the thought that people are gazing at my body with awe, just that they are able to see me nude, they can see my soft cock, my balls, they can look at what is normally only seen in private, they can look, because I can look, this is the contract, the secret bargain of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

I am sure there are genuine naturists who would be utterly offended at the idea there is anything at all erotic about being nude, and they might be right, it is at a level just below arousal. Of course, this might only be true for me, I should not universalise my own turn ons. Being nude at a beach is a very gently erotic thing for me though, undressing in front of others, seeing them strip, being naked, looking at their bare bodies, men and women, and being looked at.

This is something else I know about myself, I like to look at guys as much as if not more than women: older, younger, I suppose around my age is my preference, but I get the biggest charge from being nude in front of other nude men, looking at their soft penises, watching as they walk to and from the water, as they swim, passing them, seeing them glance at me. I realise I may have pushed for us to go to this particular beach specifically so I could strip with Paul.

We all walked, in a line, near the sea, passing people as we did, nude men and women, some leaping out of the water, over waves, all of us glancing as we looked at large bouncing breasts, long flopping cocks, thick patches of pubic hair, dark, blonde, auburn, all shades and shapes of vivid contrasting sign of sexual maturity. I watched as people passed us, looking behind at full and firm and smooth bare bums, small, tight, large, fleshy asses. As a couple threw a frisbee back and forth, his slim cock jumping and circling in front of the tight round pouch of his scrotum. Her running, her legs apart, the hint of dark smooth skin between her legs, the quickest glimpse of her thick vulval mound.

We found our spot, towards the back of the beach, and unpacked. And all of us suddenly showed a little inhibition. Birgitta undid her long linen dress and let it fall away from her body, and stood in matching black bra and panties, she faced me and Paul. I could already see the shadow of her small nipples from under the thin material of her bra, I looked, quickly, fuck, along with the large dark patch of pubic hair visible within her panties. Women always looked more naked wearing underwear rather than bikinis, did men? I knew they did. The material is thinner, it clings tighter, it reveals the shape of a guy’s soft cock more blatantly even that a tight pair of small trunks.

“You two aren’t going to chicken out are you? I am not going to be the only one of us to be nude?”

We both assured her not. But still did nothing to join her. She shrugged. She knew I had been naked with her many times before, Paul obviously as well, she had little to lose by being nude, even if we did back off. She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and shrugged this along her arms. I looked, her breasts suddenly exposed, high and firm, small-ish I guess, but full and smooth and pert. I remembered them well, remembered staring at them when we were growing up and going to our local beaches and resorts. She bent quickly, holding her panties, and pulled them off her legs. She stood naked.

I looked up and down, she still looked very good, tall, slim, her ass was smooth and tight, she folded her clothes, I looked at the thick triangle of her dark pubic hair, glad she had not succumbed to the modern fashion for removing or reducing this, I told myself to stop staring, she was my sister, this was doubly inappropriate, Birgitta faced me, and Paul, utterly and gloriously nude, her tall body pale, her nipples dark and pointed, and her vivid thatch of dark brown hair above her pussy, covering it, she didn’t trim or reduce at all, I could make out straighter hair between her legs, sprouting from the thick lips of her sex, I suddenly imagined Paul pushing her knees apart, touching her warm labia, kissing her damp pubic hair, licking between each row of coarse growth, sliding his tongue over her moist cunt.

Birgitta had her hands on her waist, was leaning on her hip, waiting, watching her brother, her husband, both of us still dressed.

Paul and I looked at each other. Was he waiting for me to go first? Okay. I enjoyed this part. I felt the familiar tingle of erotic excitement in my belly. I was going to be naked, in front of other people, other nude people, in front of Paul, fuck, my brother-in-law. He was going to see me nude.

I kicked off my sandals and pulled off my T-shirt, unbuttoned my light trousers and stood for a second in my tight white underwear, letting him look, if he wanted, at the shape of my soft dick, the hidden length of my stem, the small point of my tip. I wanted to wait, I always wanted to wait, as if this was a fantasy, when I would prolong this exact moment, waiting, being looked at, the tingle building to a buzz.

I bent and held my pants, and pushed them along my legs, I felt my soft penis being dragged down, then springing free, I raised a leg and stepped out of my pants, and faced him, naked. I saw him glance. Would he be reassured? I glanced. Then smiled at Birgitta. Then at Paul. My balls were being held in close by my tight scrotum, my penis was pushed outwards a little, so it was almost pointing up, I knew Paul would be reassured. My cock is pretty small when I am soft, 6, maybe 7 centimetres, quite slim, my foreskin sort of bunches up in a wrinkled hood so even the shape of my glans cannot be seen, so, he would look, and see me like this, my balls tight, small, my soft little cock a pale prong bobbling from within my own thick nest of dark pubic hair.

He looks, they both look, unable not to. I let them. Glancing at my naked sister, smiling now, feeling that sweet pulsing of pleasure in my groin, trembling into my soft cock like a faint current of electric energy.

I stood next to Birgitta, both of us facing Paul. Challenging him now I suppose with our nudity. He smiled, and shook his head, looking between us, his wife’s bare body next to her brother’s, both of us slim, both of our now visible pubic hair dark brown, dense, Birgitta’s obscuring her soft sex, mine surrounding my protruding little dick, parting like a furry curtain either side of my tight round pouch.

Paul started to strip. His trainers, his T-shirt, his cargo shorts, he was wearing a pair of dark blue briefs, he hesitated a second, looking at both of us, before hooking in his thumbs, at the back, and yanking off his underwear. He threw them onto his little pile of clothes and stood up, nude, he faced us. I looked. And looked.

His body was strong, firm, like he worked out, and hairy, thick brown blonde hair covering his chest, his belly, building to the thicker denser growth over his pubis, framing his now exposed penis. We were all now naked, extending this delicious moment of mutual exposure, all looking at each other. Paul letting us, his wife, me. We couldn’t have remained still for longer than a few seconds, it felt like minutes, all glancing, feeling each other’s eyes on us. I looked at Paul. He looked good. Strong, broad, masculine, tight and lean. His pubic bush was as thick as my own, thicker possibly, lighter in colour, and his cock. Fuck. I had to stop myself from staring at Paul’s suddenly bare penis.

Paul’s cock was quite large. He turned to face me, it swung heavily in front of his also large balls. God he had a big dick, his penis was long, and thick, and he was circumcised, which I know it pretty common in Australia, I could see his smooth pink glans, thicker than his fleshy shaft, prominent at the top of it, soft and shiny, his tender ridge and small raised slit in clear sight.

We finally started to move, agreeing we all wanted a swim, already walking to the sea, I was still glancing though, quickly, at my brother-in-law, his nude muscular body, his firm round ass, smooth, hairless, his bare dick, fuck, his long swaying dick, darker than the rest of his only slightly tanned skin, a thick green vein running along the middle of his wide stem, and all foreskin trimmed off, his thick oval bulb completely exposed, completely visible, the same pink brown colour as his long stem, his tender corona exposed, the tight pursed lips of his urethra inviting my gaze downwards.

I looked away, at myself, at my comparatively tiny little cock, at the round crinkled bobbling nub of my own soft dick. I didn’t care. I felt my penis shift with stiff movements up and down, over my drawn up testicles, the cool sea wind tickling my naked body, wafting between my legs, tightening my scrotum, cooling my bare cock.

We had that swim, and more, and spent most of the morning there, and as much of the afternoon as we could stand when the sea breeze came in (which I was okay with, Paul was a local though, and so was obliged to hate having the sand blown into him). I love being on nude beaches, and I love seeing and reading about people undressing, but unless something else happens a day there doesn’t always translate into a story. I went for a walk along the water’s edge with Birgitta, holding hands for a time, like we used to, having her arm around my naked waist felt nice, made me put mine around her, feeling her smooth cool skin, lowering, just, grazing my fingers over the soft swell of her ass. It made me think of some of the naughtier, sillier things we had done when we were kids, teenagers even.

(once she teased me into making my cock hard, I don’t know why I let her, other than the idea aroused me, we were at Wannsee Lake, which is hardly quiet, but somehow we had found a spot and were alone, and she told me she had seen a man with an erect penis, just then, turning over, she said his wife and been touching it, stroking his penis, secretly, but she’d seen as we walked past, just before he rolled onto his front to hide it. I asked what it was like, I was as curious as she was, how big was it, I wanted to know. She described as best she could, she said it looked thick, and long, it stuck up away from his balls, up past his stomach. And then she said I had to know what it was like, I had one. I didn’t say anything. She did. She asked how big mine was. I may have told her this was none of her business. But I felt something happening, just by her speaking about this, or in this way, I felt the first pulses of arousal. She looked. And said, I think

“I dare you to get it hard, go on, for me.” “No, come on, you’re my sister.” “Mmm I know, I just want to see, go on, how big does it get? I really want to see.”

I carried on saying no, but she was staring straight down at my exposed penis, and I felt it reacting, I felt the terrible swelling of tissue begin. As she looked, as my sister started at my naked body, straight at my soft young cock. I started to get hard. I don’t know if this was the first time I realised I rather enjoyed being looked at, even though it was by my sister, but she spoke, and looked, and I couldn’t control it, and I did, I felt myself stiffening, and I allowed it to happen, I didn’t walk away, Birgitta looked, not saying anything now, staring, she told me to touch it.

“No, fuck, stop it.” “Oh god, oh fuck, it’s growing, god, I can see it getting bigger, look.”

I didn’t have to of course, I could feel myself throbbing and oozing with arousal. But I didn’t stop it, or hide myself, I couldn’t, the pleasure was too intense, intense for being so forbidden. I looked at her, at my beautiful naked sister, and let my bare cock stiffen in front of her. She was quiet suddenly. Staring. I felt myself get completely erect at the thought that she was turned on as well, shit, she was, she had to be, fuck, my sister was as aroused as I was. My exposed and now thick, rigid, vertical prick ached with dangerous sensation as I imagined the dampness between my sister’s legs, the heat and moisture coursing through her soft young pussy.

“Touch yourself.”

Her voice was low, hoarse, a ripped whisper.

“No, Birg, I can’t. Please.” “Touch it, oh god, let me see you touch it, please, for me. God it looks so big, fuck, fuck little brother you have such a beautiful hard cock, touch it for me.” “No, shit, I can’t.” “Okay, well, let’s go then, come on.”

And of course I didn’t move. Neither did she, she stepped back, closer to me, hiding me.

“Please, let me see all of it, I want to see that round tip, under your foreskin, please, touch your hard cock, show me.”

And I did, I held my erect penis and pulled my foreskin back, in front of my sister, for my sister, I stroked myself, I gripped my thrillingly hard stem and eased my soft skin back over my slippery smooth swollen glans. I stopped. I let her look. My cock was completely rigid, vertical, my dark tip now showing. I looked, at my swollen bulb, the shiny we skin, at the tight slit of my cock hole.

“Fuck, oh fuck, it looks so big, the tip, smooth and round, and wet, oh god, I can see it’s wet, what is that? Is it cum?” “Oh fuck Birg, no, it’s… I mean… sort of… pre-cum.” “Touch it Will, touch that slick dick, let me see you stroke your beautiful hard cock.”

I did it, for her, because of her, I rubbed my warm soft skin up and down, feeling each movement more exciting and exquisitely sensitive than ever before. I looked, I felt so hard, harder than I could remember being, feeling, my dark smooth tip was shiny wet with sweet clear moisture, I squeezed my stiff shaft, pulled, saw another thick drop of fluid escape my tight opening. And Birgitta watched.

I stopped, it was too pleasurable, I could already feel my climax building within me. I had to stop.

“Don’t stop, please, why are you stopping?” “I might, I mean, fuck…” “Oh god, please come for me, I’d love to see you come, I’d love to see what that’s like.” “Birg, this is so bad, I have to stop.” “Don’t, carry on, stroke your hard cock for me, let me see you come, I’ve never seen a boy come, I want to, I want you to be the first, please, let me see you come for me, let me see you rub your stiff cock until you spurt your hot spunk.”

And, I am ashamed to say, I didn’t stop, I should have I know, this was completely wrong, but I carried on, I held my hard cock and masturbated for my own sister. I knew I had to be quick, which was not going to be a problem, anyone could see us at any moment, I gripped my hard shaft and rubbed the soft skin covering my swollen tip back and forth, Birgitta looked hypnotised, I felt my orgasm building immediately.

“Fuck, oh fuck, I am going to come, oh god, oh…”

And I did, shit, it was the most powerful climax I had had, it rose from my feet, into my legs, I looked down as the pleasure erupted within me, as I started to ejaculate, I saw myself start to spurt four long and thick streams of creamy white semen out of my penis and onto the ground. Birgitta was open mouthed. My hand stopped moving, holding my soft foreskin back, exposing the smooth wet tip of my prick, my balls were drawn tight up into me, I felt each jolt of cum exit my body with sharp consuming spasms of extreme sensation. I was faint, my knees almost gave way.

I dropped my penis, knowing it would remain heavy, thick, red from my hand, obvious to anyone who looked that I had recently jerked off. It hung down, softening.

And I remember her whispering in my ear how arousing that had been, then, quieter still:

“Should I tell you, also, I mean, my pussy is so wet at the moment, really, my cunt is so fucking wet.”

I looked straight ahead, already feeling the ripple of a fresh swell of arousal.

“Willem, I am going to think of this tonight, when I touch myself, I am going to think of your hard cock, I am going to remember the sight of your cum, your thick white cum, as I touch my cunt, I am going to think of you coming as I touch my slippery wet, hot cunt, I am going to come, thinking of you, wishing you weren’t my brother, wishing we could fuck, thinking of having you inside me, your hard cock inside my mouth. Would you like that?”

I looked straight ahead, silent, god)

I enjoyed the walk, remembering this, amused and pleasantly aroused by this incestuous incident, almost innocent, dirty enough not to be, passing people, noticing the quick glances we all exchanged, the smiles of greeting and welcome, I enjoyed looking. I suppose most of the men were circumcised, not all, but a high percentage, most sported the dark all over tan of regular nude sunbathing, many were shaved, or waxed, a lot of the men walked with their soft bare penises hanging from smooth pubic regions, their tight balls shiny and also hairless, their cocks swaying, large oval tips in clear sight.

I enjoyed every minute of the time we were there, but I suppose it was uneventful, it served to start a gradual rising of arousal that didn’t really leave me for the whole time I was there, and then in Melbourne, after not masturbating for a few days without thinking about it, I started to enjoy the almost constant feeling of arousal I was experiencing from not letting myself come. I started to hold my cock, in the shower say, or at night, and get myself hard, and think about the beach, it became a slight obsession.

I had a run with Paul, both of us remaining nude, I may have suggested it, or said I was going to have one, Paul standing, both of us already glistening with sweat, our naked body hot and damp, he asked if I minded if he came with me.

And so we went for a jog along the water’s edge. He kept up a pretty quick pace, I had run nude before, loved the feeling of running naked, feeling my bare ass shake and shift, feeling my soft sex jiggle in the air, the increase of dampness between my legs, the raised temperature, my cock and scrotum getting wet with sweat. I also knew the consequence was for my penis to shrink in size to be even smaller than I might be usually, and despite the heat this was what happened. We stopped for a breather, slowed to a walk, I saw Paul glancing, I followed his gaze, my prick had retraced almost within itself, I displayed a thick bundle of wrinkled foreskin, which was more or less protruding horizontally from my pubic hair, above the tight pouch of my scrotum.

This is a thing as well, I am aware, like all men I am completely aware of the different states my penis can get into, how small, how large, so I know when I am erect I have a reasonable length and thickness, around seventeen, eighteen centimetres I suppose, seven inches or so, not huge, within the range of what is average, nothing more, but perhaps towards the higher end of the spectrum, and nothing anyone has ever complained about, it works, it’s in. So, I mean, I can therefore accept that I do look very small when I am soft, the thing is as well though, I quite like it, it arouses me somehow when other men look, and see, and react to what my cock looks like on the beach, at the sauna, at the gym, changing, showering, all of that. And then, after Paul and I ran, seeing him look, seeing him notice how withdrawn my soft cock had become.

In comparison to him. We had run, I had heard the soft slap of his longer, circumcised penis as it had flopped up and down, slapping against his tight balls, against his stomach. Our movement had had the opposite effect on him. When we stopped, I looked. His cock had lengthened, it hung in front of him, in front of his large round pouch, even longer than before, almost, perhaps exactly as long as mine when I was fully erect. With that soft shiny damp tip still showing, that beautiful fat rim circling his large oval glans.

We walked, then sat on the wet compacted sand. Letting the waves break over us, cooling us. Paul lay back, on his elbows. I sat up slightly more, my legs together, my soft prick pushed upwards, between my slick wet thighs, a small crinkled frond of male sex. I looked at him, at his, his large full balls pushed out by his legs, and his naked sex. Laying flat over his leg, curling away from his dark hairy scrotum, thick, long. I realise he has closed his eyes. I stare, ready to look away as soon as I sense his eyes open. I look with lingering attention at his naked body, his bare cock. Fuck he looks so large, I know he has become bigger after running, thicker, heavier. Paul looks gloriously male, gloriously nude, his cock shiny damp. I stare, and see it pulse. Fuck. I feel my own prick tremble as I look at his twitch, once, again, oh fuck, Paul is laying next to me, we have the stretch of beach to ourselves, the sea pushes itself up to our bare asses, and I can see his exposed cock take another quick pulse upwards, I don’t move, I know he is not asleep, has Birgitta mentioned Paul fools around? With other men? Does he have a past? I am sure she has not mentioned anything. Can I? Would I? With my sister’s husband?

And still we lay there, I glance up and down the beach, see the dark silhouettes of people distant from us. I look back. Paul is still laying with his eyes shut, as if enjoying the sun, the water, the rest from running, naked of course, but innocently so. Only, I look, I stare, only his cock has thickened, where it was across his thigh, now it is over his flat hairy stomach, now it has been jerked back, up from the fat round pouch of his exposed balls, now it is resting vertically over his belly. And again, fuck, he is getting hard, in front of me, is he? I sense my own naked cock throb with denied arousal. I look. Paul’s thick penis visibly moves, I watch, it lengthens, fuck, I watch it get thicker, then shift again, straighter, pulsing, the pleasure is tantalising, watching, again, his cock hardens in front of me, until I see it tremble up, up from his naked abdomen, until I see my brother-in-law’s naked penis pulse up from his body, again, fuck, I glance at myself, my cock has throbbed into a state of solidity, it’s lengthened, thickened, looking at Paul getting hard. I look back.

His cock is sticking up over his stomach, hovering over his damp hairy belly, completely engorged, swollen stiff and rigid, fuck, he is large, thicker, longer than me. His spongy tip stretched smooth and tight. Paul’s cock looks huge. Suddenly, hard, his penis is erect. I stare. forgetting to look away as he opens his eyes.

“Oh, fuck, fucking hell. Lost myself for a sec there, shit…”

He looks down at his rigid prick. Unambiguously erect. I guess at length, thickness, imagine holding it, touching him, taking his fat bare tip in my mouth. He stands, in front of me, inviting me? Here? He cannot be. His cock towers over me.

“Sorry mate, need a swim I think, need to cool off.”

And he leaps into the waves, his bare ass rippling, his stiff prick dancing in front of him.

I join him. I need a spot of cooling myself.

When I shower, when I lay in bed, I recreate this moment, I find myself with him again, on the same part of the beach, away from his wife, my sister, alone, having run, facing each other in the way we did, laying back, both of us hot, out of breath, glistening with perspiration, his hard cock long and thick and slick with sweat, looking, slowly, slower than I had, and having him look at me, standing, he watches my own penis stiffen, until we are both facing each other, naked, aroused, rigid, and we walk to the back of this beach, into the dunes, still damp, hot, nude, our hard cocks bouncing as we step. I have the moment progress at different speeds, both of us breathless, still walking as if nothing is happening, facing each other though, looking, I look down at his bare body, his flat belly, his strong hairy chest, his exposed cock, the round pouch of his large full testicles, and I get harder still, right there on the beach, in front of him, my penis swells with arousal until it sticks up, thick and vertical.

And he looks, he notices, and reacts.

We get hard, together, slowly pulsing out and up, I can picture him of course, his size, I know he met Birgitta when she still lived in Berlin, he was working there for a short while, that they fucked casually at first, which meant she had already told me everything about him, including the fact that he had a more than average sized cock, I pressed for specifics, she said at least twenty –three, maybe twenty four centimetres. And now I knew for sure that he was bigger than most, bigger than me, by a noticeable amount, longer, thicker (this though is something that I find arouses me, in thought, in reality, when I see a man with a hard cock and find that he is larger than I am, it arouses rather than intimidates).

I step closer, and reach over, and I touch him, he lets me, unsure, but aroused, I reach and hold his rigid cock, stroking his long thick stem, using his sweat as lubrication, rubbing his swelling tip, and feeling him get harder still, as I touch, feeling my own cock tremble and pulse, and he cannot stop himself, he reaches, drawn to another man’s engorged organ, touching another guy’s hard cock for the first time, stroking me, sliding my foreskin back over my damp tip, I feel his hesitant fingers graze the length of my solid stem.

He tells me he wants me in his mouth.

And steps to me, and we kiss, our bodies touch, his hard hairy chest against me, his thick rigid prick pressing into mine, rubbing, we find ourselves rubbing our cocks together as I reach and grip his tight ass, his full firm naked ass, our tongues darting and caressing, his hands on me now, stroking my naked back, and holding my naked butt, and he finally gives completely in to his arousal and reaches between us, and I feel his hand on my penis, stroking rubbing, gripping another man’s cock, giving in, falling to his knees, I imagine his hands on my bare skin, one gripping my penis, bending me, lowering me and pulling me into his mouth. I watch my cock slide over his moist lips, I watch his face twist with desire, and push, and turn, and lower myself to him, and take his longer thicker cock into my own eager mouth, and we suck each other’s hard male organs in a deliciously filthy sixty-nine, devouring our rigid members, exploring his firm naked ass, stroking, touching his tight asshole, as he touches me, mine.

I have to stop at this point, to think any more, to fantasise further I know I will come. And the days and nights are far too enjoyable having this pent up store or erotic energy to let it go now.

We did run together, and lay back, I watched him get hard. Then we swam together, and walked up the beach, back to Birgitta, both glistening wet and naked, our soft cocks swaying and bobbling in our slick damp smooth hair. He flopped onto his front, I stood, to let the air dry me, to stare at his firm full ass, hairless, blemish free, I stood and stared, and thought of kissing him there, fuck, I thought of pulling my brother-in-law’s cheeks apart and kissing his tight moist anus, licking him, hearing and sensing him react, despite himself, pushing himself back, feeling my flickering tongue caress his smooth tender asshole, reaching for his now hard penis, rubbing his soft slippery tip, stroking the long rigid length of his thick stem.

I turn away, glancing and seeing another faint swelling of arousal.

I want to remain nude, even when we pack up, I am desperate to strip as soon as we get back to their home, I want to be naked with them, to see them, to eat and drink and sleep naked with them. I have thoughts I haven’t had since I was a teenager, about Birgitta, seeing her open her mouth and take my stiff penis inside, I picture the three of us, suddenly, her legs pushed apart, myself between them, fuck, where is this coming from, bending my dick to her damp opening, pushing my hard penis inside my sister’s tight wet pussy, Paul behind me, holding himself, gripping his large hard dick, slippery wet, rubbing the fat swollen tip over my tight little asshole, fuck, fuck, I know I need to masturbate, to get this all out of my system, the thought of sliding my cock inside Birgitta’s hot cunt, as her husband enters me, as he pushes his penis against my clenched anus, overcoming its natural resistance, penetrating me, stretching my tender opening, pushing, god, I feel his cock inside me, he feels huge, so thick, so fucking long and hard, filling me, thrusting hard deep inside my raw asshole. I need to stop this, I need to come.

And I don’t. I take a cold shower instead. I leave myself in a dampened simmer of excitement. Sleeping naked, waking up hot and erect.

Everything is compounded when I get to Melbourne. I am staying with a friend from home, Martin, and his Australian boyfriend Julian. Which is fine, they have been together a while, I am not expecting anything wild or crazy. Martin warns me to expect a slight shock when I get there though. I insist they let me get a cab from the airport, or really, get the bus into the central station, and then get a cab to their place.

They live in a good sized one story house, which I get to in about ten minutes. I knock. I hear Martin’s voice inside. The slight shock happens when he opens the door to greet me. He is completely nude.

I stare, as I feel my mouth drop open. Martin looks back, grinning widely, letting me look, letting me process this information.

“Um, um, wow…”

I am at a slight loss for words, I can’t have interrupted anything, I called to say I was on my way, they must be, he must be…? I look. Martin is taller than me, similar dark hair, broader I guess, but in very good shape, his chest is defined with wide flat pectoral muscles, his belly is ripped, his waist slim and legs cut with long shaped thigh and calf muscles, and he is nude, oh my god, my friend is standing in his doorway, completely, utterly nude. I look down, quickly I hope, at his thick dark tangle of pubic hair, at the tight round pouch of his balls, and at his soft penis, his thick looking uncircumcised cock.

“Willem, it is so fucking good to see you, are you going to stare all day or come in? And give me a big hug first.”

We embrace. And I finally allow myself to laugh at this moment.

“Mart, really good to see you. So, you are nude?” “I know, we, well, Jools has been something of a naturist, at home, at the beach, whenever he can, and one day, well, I sort of joined him, for a joke I guess, but I loved it, so now, yeah, all of the time, when we can. Here, Jools, it’s Willem.”

I turn and see an equally tall, equally tight and toned, equally nude man stand, smiling, and walking to me. I look at his smooth hairless chest, quickly, the thick brown-blonde pubic bush, his raised scrotum, and his soft penis, darker skinned than the rest of him, also uncircumcised, slimmer, smaller than Martin’s. I find myself grinning, I like him already.

“Hello Will mate, how was your flight? This is not all too weird for you is it? I thought we should be dressed at least when you got here, but Martin said we should surprise you. Surprised?” “Yeah, hello Jools, I have heard so much about you, surprised yeah, but I am glad you didn’t dress just for me, if this is how you are usually.” “Usually yeah, whenever we can really, the garden’s secluded enough, even the front patch.” “And, I don’t know, guests? When people come over?” “Oh, everyone we know knows this is our thing, I don’t know, sometimes we dress, sometimes not. And of course, no-one else has to.” “Right.” “You’d be surprised how many do though, at least people we know, everyone is just dying to be nude it seems. You?” “Me?”

We have walked through the house, letting me drop my bags in what will be my room, are in their kitchen, which opens out into a dining, or living area as well I suppose, which leads to a set of wood and glass doors, which are open and lead to a long and, as they said, secluded stretch of garden.

“Sure, Martin said you usually go nude at a beach?” “Sure, oh, now you mean, god, I don’t know.”

I did know, I knew as soon as I saw Martin, the problem was that as soon as I saw both of them together, as soon as I saw Jools naked, his strong full naked ass, his bobbling little penis, I started to get hard. And this hadn’t quite gone away, I stood in my shoes, shirt and trousers, and felt my cock stiff in my pants.

“I’m kidding, relax, whatever you want, what do you want to drink?”

We open some wine and sit outside, Martin stands, pouring, enjoying the sunshine on his bare body, turning, talking, grinning, happy to see me, happy. I drink quickly, looking at both of them. They make a beautiful couple, both tall and strong and handsome, Jools is sitting, his legs crossed out in front of him, his scrotum pushed up between his thighs, his soft little cock raised up, pointing up, too small to lay flat against his belly, or his leg, I can see the soft seam of his scrotum blurring into the thin fold of his raphe. His soft foreskin extends beyond his small tip in a wrinkled little point. I drink and chat to Martin, we catch up, I have been nude with him before on many occasions, not for a while though, I had forgotten what a beautiful body he has. I allow myself to look, at his toned shoulders and chest, his ripped abdomen, at his naked genitals. Soft he is quite short, but quite thick, his glans is fat and round and covered by a long crinkled foreskin, his balls look large to me now, had I noticed this before? Held close to his body by his tight scrotum, full, heavy, egg-shaped testicles pushing the squat barrel of his cock upwards, out a little.

My own penis is not getting any softer, I can feel it throbbing and aching within my clothes, I can already sense the soft tip of my cock getting damp, slippery with pre-cum.

I drink a little, but cannot stop myself from looking, from glancing, at their naked bodies.

Jools is smaller, his own tight pouch rounder, more compact, his soft penis both slimmer and shorter. I imagine them together, holding each other, their naked bodies touching, their bare penises growing stiff, rubbing gently, reaching, gripping themselves, easing back their delicate malleable foreskins, exposing their swollen shiny wet bulbs, I imagine Martin pushing Jools onto their bed, face down, kissing along his long smooth back, reaching his round firm ass, kissing him there, drawing him up, pulling his smooth ass cheeks apart and touching his tight anus with his mouth, fuck, I feel myself ragingly erect, sitting, looking at them both naked, imagining Martin kissing his lover’s asshole, licking it, stroking his tender hidden place with his tongue, moistening his tight opening, moving them both, holding his stiff penis over his soft damp cleft, reaching and lubricating himself, stroking the fat tip of his cock against Jools’s clenched ass, pushing, pushing, entering him, god, sliding himself slowly inside, stretching his sphincter, filling him, fuck, I imagine them fucking, I am aching and oozing in my pants, I feel my cock hard and wet as I think of Martin fucking Jools in his tight tender ass, fucking him hard and fast, pushing and pulling his thick cock in and out of his anus, his hard male prong penetrating his boyfriend’s willing male entrance.

“Do you guys mind if I take a quick shower? Freshen up.” “Of course not, make yourself totally at home.”

I finish my glass and walk quickly to my room, grab a towel. I strip in the bathroom, in front of a large mirror over the sink, I pull down my pants, stretched tight and displaying a dark spot of moisture, my penis springs free. I grow as I look at myself, until I am standing naked and fully erect. It may have been a mistake to come away without Ilsa, I don’t know where my pent up arousal is going to take me, I hold my cock, and stroke myself, and fight the urge to masturbate quickly, I should, I know, I want to, I take myself to the very edge of an orgasm, feeling the build up of exquisite pleasure, and stop, I pull back.

I step into the shower and turn the tap to its coldest setting, it feels delicious, icy cold, my skin tightens, my cock is shocked into a retreat. I barely move, just stand under needles of calming water, holding my foreskin back, cleaning and cooling my now softer, smaller tip, feeling my scrotum pull itself tight, drawing my full balls close into me.

When I step out and look at myself again, I am familiarly de-tumescent. I dry myself, enjoying the fresh feeling of having cool enlivened skin. Looking. Will I get dressed? Dare I join them already? Remaining nude? I look. I am shorter than both of them, by a small amount, toned, and slim, but not as muscular, this is fine though, I don’t have body issues, I look at my penis, my scrotum, my balls. I am smaller here too, Martin’s cock is longer, slightly, and thicker, Jools even is a little longer, my cock does, after the cold shower, look very small, a pale frond, my stem slim and short, my glans shrunk to invisibility, my foreskin protrudes in its usual manner.

I dry myself, rubbing the towel over my thick patch of pubic hair, my legs, chest, head. And I stop. Should I dress? Should I wait for more of an invitation?

I walk back to my bedroom, not bothering to wrap the towel around myself, enjoying the feel of the wooden floor under my bare feet, the cool air in the house caressing my naked body. I fold the towel over the back of a chair, drop my clothes on the bed.

And walk out. Fuck it. I want to be nude with my friends, they already are, I want to join them. I step out into the hallway, into the open plan kitchen, I feel a pleasant tingling of erotic excitement in my stomach, my soft cock shakes slightly as I move, my balls tremble with faint pleasures. Martin sees me first, and motions for Jools to look. I see them both smile, both look me up and down (this has to be an instinct, for men particularly, to look at the competition, to check out another guy’s cock, to see his size, his shape, bigger, smaller, they did, I did), I see them register I am fully nude, freshly showered, I see them look at my soft small cock. I step into the garden, into the sunshine.

It feels wonderful.

Martin pours me another glass of wine, I stand, I feel the warm air over my exposed parts, I stand, and let them look.

Jools hands me the glass, I sit next to them both, all of us now utterly nude. And we all look, with less furtiveness than before, the contract has been made, I look, they look. And their gaze electrifies me. I feel it upon me, over my bare body, on my exposed dick. I let mine linger on them. I see Martin reacquainting himself with my body, looking at my soft, small penis, my tight cool scrotum, I let him, looking with deliberate obviousness at him, and his boyfriend. At the shape of his bare penis, the texture of his soft skin, a freckle near the middle of it, a thin vein along the centre, the slimness of his short little stem, the curved line of his soft glans, obscured by his long funnelled foreskin. The tight wrinkled bulge of his scrotum, the size of his testicles, the oval shape of them.

I see him look at me. As I stand and get another bottle, and walk back, my penis shaking in front of me, wobbling from side to side.

And we look, as we chat, remaining naked, relaxing our postures and positions, exposing more of ourselves, as we bend, and pick up, and cross and un-cross. I stare at Jools’s strong looking, smooth firm round ass. And as he turns back around, the sight of his exposed organ still surprising, still able to send a tremor of arousal in me. I take every moment to stand, to walk, to get whatever we might want, to feel more naked, the more I am looked at. Savouring the slight swing of my small, soft, visible cock. Returning and seeing them both looking at me, not so quickly, looking down, imagining their thoughts, their reaction to me, to my bare body, my willingness to join them nude, to expose my thick dark pubic bush, to let them see my private parts, the slimness, the smallness of my pale smooth dick.

This was highly erotic for all of us I think, each day was a subtle sexual naked delight. It was wonderful to wake up nude and walk to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the garden, remaining undressed, aware of having woken with a hard cock, aware it will look larger still, heavier, that it will swing with obvious residual engorgement as I pass Martin, or Jools, looking down, seeing their own firmer cocks.

And to come home after going out for the day, or for dinner, and immediately all of us to strip off, not waiting until we were in individual rooms, heading to the living area and all of us undressing in front of each other, I was going to miss seeing these gorgeous guys nude every day, was really going to miss being nude in front of them, watching their soft organs wobble and sway in front of their tight round scrotums, getting used to the different states we all got into, first thing when we said good morning, all of us carrying the remains of those early morning erections, I got to see Martin and Jools in states of partial arousal, after kissing, holding each other, their cocks suddenly longer than normal, thicker, heavier, swinging stiffly in front of larger looking balls, our usually tight pouches softer, relaxed, stretched taut by our heavy pendulous testicles.

I cooked one evening, naked, chopping and stirring, savouring the movement of my penis, my balls, as I prepared the meal. Martin stood behind me, hugged me with friendly affection. And I felt his bare body on mine, his hands on my chest, the brush of his thick pubic hair, and I felt his cool soft dick touching my naked ass. I didn’t turn. I served up nude, we ate nude.

If it was erotic, it was also fairly innocent, or it was until the last night but one. We’d been out drinking for the evening, we went to a club, and, well, I let myself be persuaded that taking some ecstasy would be a fine idea. I hadn’t for a long while, a couple of years even, but remembered some wonderful nights on it, so we all took a pill. Then another.

Ecstasy is like most drugs in the way it makes the simplest touch a highly sensual affair, having Jools’s arm around me felt just wonderful, having Martin stroke my arm for a while, but I was aware my cock would have retreated even further into a state of impossible softness. When I pissed, it felt amazing to hold, I could have stayed there for hours, but it had shrunk to almost nothing, nothing but foreskin, a small funnel of crinkled skin.

I didn’t care. It all felt good.

And none of us could wait to get home and strip off. Which we did, giggling, cracking open yet more beer, kicking off our shoes and pulling off our socks, I watched Jools open his shirt and drop it behind him, fumbling over his jeans, almost falling as he hopped out of them, standing and laughing in his tight grey briefs, offering me a hint of what was still trapped underneath, I can see the faintest of points where his cock is sticking out, and then he yanks down his underwear, whips them off, and is gloriously nude once again. His cock has taken a retreat of its own, his balls look small, drawn up tight inside him, his soft little dick is indeed sticking out horizontally, a perfectly cute button of wrinkled curled skin. He doesn’t care, he dances to the fridge and back.

None of us cared. In a minute we are all nude. Martin is affected in the same way, his penis is smaller than usual, still hangs down more than myself or Jools, still has some semblance of size, his slim stem is still visible, his thick glans still showing some shape, but he looks so small as well, his cock fails to extend beyond the bottom edge of his tight and also small scrotum. I strip, enjoying the moment, enjoying the fact we are all so comically soft, with me the smallest, I undo and unzip, pull and push my clothes off, feeling the tiniest amount of resistance as I take my pants off, feeling the bobbling nub of my penis wobbling in tiny stiff spring like vibrations as I strip. I look, Jools and Martin do, we look at each other, at my miniature cock, and start giggling all over again.

We stroll raggedly to the living room, putting music on, drinking the delicious cold beer, sitting in a row of the long sofa. I find myself in the middle of Martin and Jools, our bare legs touching, Martin takes hold of my left leg and hooks it over his, our skin is alive with tingling sensitive nerve endings, I watch as he absently touches his cock, then carries on, pulling his soft dick, stroking his pubic hair, rubbing his tight scrotum. It looks nice, I want to do the same.

Can I? Would that be too weird? He is though. I glance, Jools has had the same idea, has his fingers wrapped around his soft little dick and is gently pinching his tiny hidden tip. Fuck it. It’s too nice not to. I drop my hand and cup my penis, my shrunken tender balls. And it does feel just amazing. I thread my fingers through my pubic hair, onto the tiny root of my cock, we all exchanged glances, at what we were doing, Martin looking at me, my hand, my fingers rubbing at my soft foreskin, I couldn’t resist, I held what I could find of my tiny stem and pulled back, I eased my tender prepuce away from my tiny pink tip and exposed this part of myself, I looked, the other two did as well, at my last obscured part as I slid the soft covering over my glans. It was indeed tiny, almost pointed, showing its own crinkles and goosebumps, my urethra was now showing as well, the plump lips of my cock slit pushed outwards, the smallest of dark shadows hinting at an opening. As I did this so did Martin, first, pulling his own foreskin back, exposing his own small pink bulb, larger than mine, rounder, smoother, but still far smaller than normal. We look at Jools, who follows us and eases his own malleable skin off his tender little glans. It looks just adorable. As small and pinched and cute as his tight round pouch.

I am sure it is Martin who suggests what we should do next, what would make this more fun.

“We should really hold each other, right? Jools? You wouldn’t mind if Will held your cock would you? Or mine? And I hold his? Or we both do?”

I say nothing, I am too into the moment, too convinced that anything too sexual is quite impossible. So, I let Jools take one hand, and Martin the other, and place each of them over their soft cool penises. I let them, letting go of my own wizened prick and touching theirs. It has been a while, at least as long as the last time I took any drugs, since I touched another guy, since I had someone else’s cock in my hand, I opened my hand and extended my fingers over their tight balls, their penises, warm, at once completely strange and wonderfully familiar, at that point of being so reduced in size they felt almost stiff. I opened my fingers and closed them around each of their slim stems, this felt like the natural thing to do, I could finger their tight balls as I held their tiny shafts in a circle of fingers and thumbs.

They felt amazing, I had forgotten how wonderful feeling another man’s cock can be when it is soft, both were laying back slightly, their legs apart, their eyes open, looking down at my hand on their exposed genitals, I found myself stroking, rubbing, opening my fingers and massaging their scrotum, rolling their sweet oval testicles between my fingers, feeling them move, pushing them apart, holding one at a time, I let my fingers delve further, onto the underside of their retracted pouches, onto the soft hidden roots of their cocks, and I feel both move themselves forward, without thinking, a centimetre, maybe, opening their legs wider, encouraging, enjoying, the palm of my hand rubs their balls, my fingers push forward, until I feel the smooth bulging of their ass cheeks, I don’t stop, I know I should, I trust our drug intake will preclude the blatant response, but it feels so nice to be touching a naked man again, and I feel their hands on me, god, finally, both of them reach between my legs, Martin pinches the tip of my soft penis, pulling my foreskin back again, letting it slide back, pulling, pushing, so gently, inevitably, rubbing my small little dick as if masturbating me as his lover extends his fingers over my tight scrotum, squeezing, fondling, caressing this tender place.

And still I don’t stop, I push my fingers, they let me, I push between their soft smooth ass cheeks, all of our legs tangled and spread and crossed, god, this is so bad, I promised Ilsa I would behave myself, the draw of these gorgeous naked men is too strong though, too much, I push, they let me, they shift, and suddenly my fingers are touching their tight smooth hidden places, I have pushed their buttocks apart enough for me to be able to gently touch their soft assholes with a long probing forefinger. I hear moans.

“Oh Will, this is so lovely, please don’t stop, can we carry on?”

I carry on. I raise my hands and return my attentions to their cocks. I circle them again, follow their lead and ease back both of their foreskins, I let myself look again at their soft pink tips, and slowly, almost innocently, we all stroke our naked cocks, we slowly, gently, almost innocently masturbate each other.

I feel it first in Martin’s cock, what I thought wouldn’t, couldn’t happen. I feel his penis pulse, and I don’t stop. I carry on stroking his foreskin back and forth over his tender plum. Then I feel some extra heat coming from Jools small dick, then more, and I react, fuck, fuck, I pinch, I stroke and pull, I feel both of them start to get hard. And I feel my own body start to respond. I feel, without looking, slowing, enjoying each second of this, each pulse into their dicks, then more, god, I feel them both throb, and stiffen more obviously, I have to widen my grip, and suddenly their shafts are present, are there.

I grip them, and stroke, and carry on, holding these two men’s bare penises, and feeling them start to get hard, and not stop, I expand my fingers again, and feel fluttering of pleasure beat harder in my belly as I realise I have two stiffening cocks in my hands, they swell, fuck, this is not a gentle relaxing, they are both getting fully aroused, and their arousal cascades into my own, I look down at Martin, at my hand, his penis has gotten longer, obviously so, and thicker, I carry on, fuck I carry on, I grip his still expanding stem slightly firmer, and ease his foreskin completely away from his glans, oh god, I see his cock head has swollen to a state of delicious fat shiny smooth roundness, I see his narrow little slit, I see a tiny drop of clear fluid escape the eye of his penis. I draw a finger up and rub his moisture over his most sensitive part. And leave his sweet tight bulb exposed, and stroke his stem. He is past the point of mere murmurs of pleasure, Martin’s cock is becoming harder and harder, we used to masturbate together years ago, but not each other, I had forgotten what his cock was like, I feel it getting hotter and harder, becoming quite rigid, until I can no longer curl my fingers all the way around his now thick stem. I look, and for a moment release him.

His cock has become completely erect. He is bigger than me, fuck, as well, did I remember this? The sight of his longer, thicker cock sends streams of excitement throughout my body, his stem is slightly curved, inwards, his large oval tip caps his now rigid stalk like a dark red glistening helmet.

And I remember what my other hand is doing, and feeling, Jools’s bare penis is growing as rapidly as his boyfriend’s, it is throbbing outwards and upwards, thickening, straightening, I look, fuck, I look and stroke his erect penis with my trembling hand, I pull back his soft prepuce and expose his smooth pink tip, and touch him there, softly, smearing a pearl of pre-cum around his tender rim. Running my fingers up and down his long stiff stem. He is smaller than Martin, possibly a little smaller than me, I don’t care, he has the most beautiful straight smooth hard prick, I touch his tight cool balls, prodding his thick swollen root, gripping his shaft again, holding it tight, feeling the delicious ridges along each side, feeling the softer valley on the underside of his stem, between each engorged tube of hard tissue.

I sense their hands have stopped touching me. I look, I don’t have to. My cock is as hard as theirs. All of us sit next to and over and across each other. And all of our penises are sticking straight up from between our legs, exposing our tight scrotums, long stiff vertical columns of beautiful male sex.

We hesitate. Or I do. Is this carrying on? Do they want to go further? Do I?

“Will, I had forgotten what a beautiful cock you have.” “Thanks you Martin, yours is really quite lovely as well, it’s bigger isn’t it, mmm, you have quite a large cock don’t you?” “Hmm, I suppose, would you like to… do anything?” “Do anything?”

I have a slight idea of what he means. Will I let myself go there? I don’t go with other people usually, when I am in a relationship, men or women, am I really going to cheat on Ilsa? Have I already? I am naked with these guys, who are naked, all of us are displaying erect penises, I still have my hand wrapped around two of them. Fuck. And I don’t stop, still, I cannot. I look at Martin’s cock, I meant it, it is so large, so lovely, so fucking hard. I stroke my fingers over his thick rigid shaft, as I look at Jools, at his stiff dick, he is oozing more pre-cum, I raise my fingers and gently rub it over his swollen shiny smooth tip. Fuck I want both of them, inside me, in my mouth, I want to see them come, taste their hot spunk, cover me with their thick creamy cum. I feel my own cock take another jolt of pleasure.

“Yes, the thing is, I really love watching Jools with other men, we don’t do this very often, at all really, but I so want to see him suck your cock, fuck, I would love to see him with his mouth around your stiff dick, and he, well, he told me he would really love to suck your beautiful hard cock, and I thought, perhaps, if you’d like, when he is doing that, you could suck me, I would really like that, god Will, if you want to, if you like that, I have wanted to fuck you for years, I would really fucking love to feel your lovely soft mouth on my dick.”

I release both of them, we sit, still next to each other, all of us gloriously naked and erect, I look again, I want to record this image in my mind, of the three of us, all three of our naked cocks standing upright, vertical, thick rigid poles of bare male sex. I look at Martin, he starts to untangle his legs from mine, he stands up, I sit back a little, my legs more together, I stare at my nude friend, his gorgeously tight pouch, his scrotum is stretched by the two bulging eggs of his testicles, they look large suddenly, fat and round, I stare at his raphe, the faint trace running along the underside of his long cock, his raging thick and long cock pointing up past his belly, his foreskin still back, pulled back my me, his thin frenulum stretched invitingly, his damp plump glans thick and bulbous at the tip of his big prick. I could stare for hours, I lean back, and glance at Jools, am I inviting him to take my cock in his mouth?

He looks at me, down, slowly, none of us in a hurry, savouring each moment, each progression, he looks at my erect penis, lets me look at his, at him, and he bends, oh fuck, oh fuck it has been such a long time since I’ve had a man’s mouth on my cock, I watch Jools lean down to me, I am offering myself to him, my penis sways and jerks in anticipation, and he grips me, he holds my stiff stem, completely exposes my own shiny smooth tip, and looks, god he looks, stares, the thrilI, the anticipation of physical sensation swirls around this exquisite moment of blatant examination. Jools holds, strokes gently, looks.

“Sorry Will, I like to get to know a new cock, I like to look at a guy, when he’s naked, and hard,… for a while, a little, before sucking it, and you have such a lovely dick, god, it’s so fucking hard isn’t it, so long, god, longer than mine, thicker. So straight and smooth. So, would you like me to suck you?”

I manage a “Mmm.”

He doesn’t look up. “What was that?” “Yes, fuck, please, suck my hard cock, I want to see you, I want to feel your lips on my cock, please…”

I finally see him open his mouth and lower it over the swollen exposed end of my dick. The pleasure is immediate and intense, I watch him slide his wet lips down over my glans, I feel his tongue licking around my tender rim, down, fuck, his slides his mouth further down my shaft, I watch, I look at Martin, his eyes wide, his mouth open, the look of lust is unmistakable, he is getting off on this, watching his boyfriend with another guy’s hard cock in his mouth, I look at his penis pulse and dance as he twitches with pleasure.

But I want him now, fuck, I want his glorious prick in my mouth, this has been so long as well, god, I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a man’s erect cock in my mouth, fuck, my anticipation was bubbling through my own penis, Jools mouth was sliding and teasing my hard prick, as Martin steps closer to me, inches, his crotch is inches from my face, I lean and breathe in his manly scent, rich, thick with musk and pheromones, sweat, heat, I reach and hold his smooth bare hips, then behind, fuck, I shift, the physical pleasure of having Jools’s soft sweet lips gliding over my slick tip, his tongue swirling over my most sensitive part is mixing with the psychological rush of feeling my hands on another guy’s firm naked ass, Martin’s strong full ass, my friend’s, I stroke his skin, feeling his soft tiny hairs, stroking my fingers along his long tight cleft, all the while gazing with near abandoned lust at the thick rail of his jutting cock, at the full swollen tight pouch of his balls.

I bend my head, fuck, it’s been so long, fuck, I bend my head and push my tongue out, and run it along Martin’s tight scrotum, I feel his solid root against my nose, I feel Jools sliding his mouth over me as I kiss his boyfriend’s large testicles through their tight cool hairy pouch, running my tongue over the crinkled skin of his full round sac, as I stroke his bare ass, grazing up and down his crack, teasing him there, then opening my mouth and taking one of his oval balls inside, I push my legs apart, I let Jools push his fingers against my thick root, lower, stroking my damp perineum, I run my tongue around Martin’s fat aching testicle, letting it plop out before sucking greedily on his swollen twin.

I have missed this I realise, fuck, I love Ilsa and love our sex together, but I have missed being with men, I have missed the taste, the texture, the blatancy of their arousal, the pleasure of seeing and feeling a guy’s hard cock. I move my mouth back, and look again, Jools is devouring my rigid penis, one hand gently stroking his own erect cock, sliding his fingers along his rigid stem, circling his slippery wet tip, I raise my head, I know I am letting the idea of having a man’s hard penis in my mouth build to an almost unbearably arousing pitch before taking Martin’s cock, I kiss his smooth hot damp stem, the thick root of his quivering organ, I twist my head, licking my lips, and open my mouth around his solid shaft, licking him there, tasting him, fuck, slurping up and down with lustful greed, moistening his thick hot shaft, teasing his tender tip.

I let the thought of what I am doing build up inside me: I am naked with two other men, naked, hard, one guy has my stiff cock in his mouth, fuck I have missed this so much, I am kissing a man’s long rigid penis. I lose the little control I have left, I move one hand from where I have been stroking his gorgeous firm ass and grip his turgid cock, I straighten up, bend his penis toward me, I pull and expose his shiny wet tip, I stare at his thick oval bulb, oozing with his liquid arousal, thicker than his stem, a smooth straining bulb of taut tender flesh, I open up and take him between my lips, I take my friend’s long thick engorged penis inside my mouth.

Martin gasps at once, his pleasure spiking, I hold his strong bare ass more firmly, gripping his firm smooth cheeks hard and pulling his cock deep inside my mouth, sliding my wet lips along his thick hot stem, so thick, fuck, so thick I have to strain to accommodate him, I feel his softer fuller glans slide over my tongue, I lick him there, tasting his sweet moisture, swirling around his most sensitive part, pulling my mouth back, holding his thick taut tip between my lips, tasting the smooth full slippery skin of his bulb, pushing my moist lips gently over it as I probe the underside of his stem with my tongue, and as I stroke the soft humid cleft of his ass, and hold his cool tight balls.

Every thought and movement and sensation connects with our expanded pleasure receptors, Jools holding my rigid penis in his mouth, stroking his own, pressing a long finger between my ass, rubbing, pushing, teasing my tight asshole, as I feel Martin fill my mouth with his thick member, my lips feeling each delicious ridge, circling his thick corona, licking up and down his tender frenulum, his fingers are in my hair, stroking my head.

“Oh, oh fuck, oh fuck me, fuck this is too fucking nice, oh, oh…”

I sense him looking down, at his friend’s mouth closed around his fat cock, at his boyfriend’s mouth sliding over another man’s rigid penis. I feel him stiffen, as Jools quickens the pace of his mouth on my cock, I pull Martin’s tight ass, stroking, teasing his hot tight cleft, pushing my finger along, between his buttocks until I feel the soft hot flesh of his crinkled asshole, I press, god, gently, stroking him there, fingering his smooth sweat-damp bud, hearing him moan now, fuck I want this, I want him to fill my mouth, I breathe him in, tasting the sweet scent of his pubic hair, his skin, his sex, feeling the heat of his solid straining cock, the sweetness of his moisture, I feel harder movements, the wet slapping sound of Jools as he masturbates his own hard dick more quickly, fuck, oh fuck this is so good. And I push, I push my finger harder against my friend’s hidden opening, and I feel myself enter Martin’s anus, I penetrate his tight clenched asshole and push inside him, harder, deeper, feeling the warm wet flesh of his rectum, his cock leaps, fuck, it thickens, I feel him pulse and swell and dance in my mouth, and know he is about to come, fuck, with no more warning I feel the first hot jet of liquid enter my mouth.

“Fuck yes, oh Will, oh fuck I am coming, yes, fuck yes…”

My mouth fills with sharp quick leaping spurts of hot semen, deliciously salty-sweet, I savour each pulsing jolt of creamy spunk as it bursts over my tongue, I let his cum swell in my mouth, sliding my lips down along his quivering penis. Jools lets my own dick slide out of his mouth and he sits back, stroking his beautiful straight smooth cock.

“God I am coming as well, fuck this feels so fucking good, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

And I bend to him and drop my mouth over his penis, still full with his boyfriend’s hot spunk, I let him feel it, feel the warm liquid in my mouth, sliding, then swallowing, I want to taste him properly, feel his thickness, his smaller, softer tip, I grip his hard stem, and finger his tight balls, he is already there, fuck, I am quick with my mouth, hard with my hand, stroking the solid root of his dick and sliding my lips over his sweet smooth glans.

“Oh god Will, oh yeah, fuck, fuck…”

And a second man fills my mouth with his hot spunk. I feel filthy, depraved, wanton, wonderful. My cock remains utterly rigid as Jools ejaculates in my mouth, five, fuck, six thick rapid splashes of warm semen, pushed out from his tight balls, more than Martin, stronger, he comes harder, I grip his spurting penis and pull every last drop of cum into me, relishing the same brackish taste of male orgasm. I sit up, he sits back, Martin drops down next to me. I am the only one not to have come. I don’t care, I want to, I think I know the drugs will have made all pleasure a more general, less local affair. They have come though already, I don’t want to make them carry on after this point.

“Will, fuck, you need to come.” “I know, I will. It’s fine. Come on, let’s go to bed.”

And I stand, in front of them, still utterly erect, my cock a thick vertical limb of male sex, rising in front of us. I see them looking, savouring the sight of me. I savour. I savour this.

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