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I came in from work about noon on Friday. I had been gone for a little over two weeks. Pulling in the driveway, I noticed that my daughter’s car was gone but her best friend’s car was parked in front of the boat on the far side of the carport. You talk about a pair to draw to; those two were it. My daughter is tall, dark, and slender, Sissy is even taller, blonde, and equally as slender.

The major difference is in the boobs department. My daughter is like my wife was, very small to start with and they increased a little with each baby. My daughter now has two daughters and she’s still a thirty-two C at best. Sissy on the other hand is closer to a forty-two D and they ride high on her chest.

I pulled to a stop and shut off the truck. I sat there for a second and then got out to stretch and loosen up my lower back. Three hundred miles with only one stop is pushing it, but I was ready for a little time off. I looked at Sissy’s car again and grinned as I thought of those two girls out, running the roads together.

My daughter, Kathy, was going through a messy divorce and a custody battle with her ex. Sissy had, had her own problems a year, or so ago, an old man that was a drug dealer. He finally got busted and was now doing time. My daughter had been living at my house for a couple of months now but with the divorce case nearing an end, she was talking about moving in with Sissy. I figured it would work, if they kept their heads on straight and left the boys alone.

I grabbed my shave kit and the ice chest out of the back and headed for the back door. I opened the gate in my privacy fence and walked up onto the porch. I was halfway to the back door, when I heard a yell and turned to see Sissy on the sundeck, scrambling to get a towel. She was totally nude and I was frozen in place as I watched her. She had been laying on her back on one of the lounge chairs. The towel was on the table and slightly out of her reach, so she had to get up to get it.

Now she was wrapping it around her body and that broke the spell on me. “I’m sorry; I didn’t know you were here. I thought you two had gone off somewhere,” I said quickly.

Once, she had the towel wrapped to her satisfaction, she looked at me with a frown on her face. “Hey, it is my house after all. I do still live here; well, at least every once in a while,” I finished with a grin.

She took a deep breath and then had to quickly grab the towel as it slipped loose. “Damn it!” she said and then she laughed. “I know better than to try to wear a towel, even a beach towel. If I do, I can’t breathe without losing it.”

She held the towel in place and looked at me. A smile was playing at the corner of her mouth as she asked, “Well, did you get a good look or should I drop the towel again?”

I nodded and replied, “Enough to freeze me to the porch but if you want to drop the towel again, it’d be alright with me.” When I grinned at her, her smile blossomed.

She cocked her head as she glanced down at the front of my Levis. “Hmmm, I wonder if that bulge would or could get any bigger if I did.”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

She laughed and replied, “Your daughter keeps telling me that you’re a dirty old man but I never believed her. Now, I’m starting to.”

“Who me? I always behave myself, well, almost anyway,” I said with a chuckle. “Anyway, I’m not the one running around in my backyard naked. I normally do, but lately there’s been too many, far too young females running around here for me to be comfortable doing it.”

“Hey, you were the one to tell me to get some sun; that I was white enough to glow in the dark. Kathy went to see her lawyer and the kids before she went to work, so I decided to follow your advice. I didn’t know you were due home today,” she said in a rush.

“The job ended a few days early and I didn’t think to call home, sorry,” I said as I started toward the back door again.

At the door, I stopped and looked back at her. “Look, if you want to sunbathe out here naked, I have no problem with it, as long as you have no problem with me looking occasionally. I do have my dirty old man reputation to uphold after all.”

I paused a breath and went on, “Oh, and by the way, I’m going to make up a sign for you to put on the gate when you do sunbathe. It’ll say, “Dangerous curves ahead, proceed with closed eyes and caution. Or should that be, at your own risk? I haven’t decided yet.”

She laughed, moved over to the lounge chair, dropped the towel, and sat down. As she turned and lay back, getting comfortable again, she said, “I don’t mind you looking at me. In fact, why don’t you get whatever it is that you have to do, done, and then come join me. I think I left a couple of beers in the icebox the other day.”

I looked at her for a second and then nodded, “That’s about what I had in mind when I got home; a few beers and kicking back to relax. Although with you naked, part of me might find it hard to relax, but what the hell” I ended with a chuckle.

She shaded her eyes for a second and grinned. “Hmmm, that might be interesting. Are you going to get a little sun while you relax?”

I opened the glass door as I replied, “I usually do.” Then I went on into the house.


I emptied the ice chest into the refrigerator and then made four or five trips out to the truck, unloading the rest of my stuff. My eyes wandered over Sissy each time I went past, it would have been hard not to look at her, even if I’d not wanted to.

By the time I had all my stuff put away, I was ready for a beer. I stuck my head out the back door and paused, a grin spreading across my face. Sissy was now lying on her stomach, her heart shaped ass displayed beautifully.

“Hey, you want a beer, I’m fixing to open me one,” I asked.

She lifted her feet and crossed her ankles as she rose up on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at me. “That would be great; it’s starting to get hot out here.”

I went into the bedroom, stripped my traveling clothes off, and slipped on a pair of loose fitting shorts. I grabbed two beers from the fridge and went out onto the porch. I walked over to the far rail around the sun deck, sat the beers down, and reached over the rail and found the spray nozzle. I uncoiled a couple of wraps of the hose, moved toward Sissy, and checked to make sure the nozzle was set on mist. Then I aimed it above her and pulled the handle.

As the fine mist settled onto her body, Sissy jumped and yelled, “Hey, that’s fucking cold.” Then she looked over at me and squirmed around a little. “It does cool me off though,” she added after a moment.

I grinned and said, “I’ll just bet it does. Not!” Then I laughed as I continued to mist her down from her neck to her feet.

She laughed as she watched me. When I shut the hose off and turned to hang it up, she said, “Thanks, that felt good. I wouldn’t put it up though, you might need it later yourself or again for me.” Then she winked and laughed again.

I picked up the two beers and moved over to sit in the lounge chair next to her. As I handed her a beer, I said, “You’re welcome. It’s just part of the full service here at Club Backyard. Anyway, it’s cheaper and easier than maintaining a pool.”

She nodded and then took a sip of her beer. “Oh yeah, and that hits the spot to.”

She sat the bottle on the deck under the edge of her lounge and laid her head back down on hands. She was smiling as she said, “You’re still dressed; I thought you were a nudist?”

I replied, “Right now, I’m a voyeur and I’m damn well enjoying it, while I can.”

She laughed at that and said, “Well, wake me when you’re done with this side and I’ll turn over. The heat is so relaxing, I had forgotten what it was like to just lay out in the sun and relax.”

I let my eyes wander over her body for a moment and then I said, “You need to put some tanning oil on or you’re going to be a crispy critter here in a little while. You’re already a little pink.”

Her eyes opened for a second and she grinned, “Be my guest, I ain’t got the energy.” Then she closed her eyes again.

I sat there looking at her for a moment, especially her cute butt. Damn, that was nice. Her long legs were good too, and the narrow waist and even her wide shoulders. Damn, my hand was shaking as I raised the beer bottle to take a sip.

Her eye fluttered open a minute or so later and she said, “I thought you were going to oil me down? Don’t chicken out, I won’t bite you, you know.”

I chuckled and replied, “Me getting bit isn’t the problem. I’d worry more about me taking a bite out of that marvelous ass of yours, if I were you.”

She closed her eyes as she whispered, “Promises, promises, all I ever get is promises.”

With a chuckle, I sat my beer down and got up to get the bottle of tanning oil off of the table. I walked back over, sat down on the edge of my lounge chair, and took a deep breath. My hands were still shaking as I poured oil into one hand. I shook my head but I had a grin on my face as I moved forward onto one knee, rubbing the oil between my hands, and then I applied the oil to her back.

She jerked at the first touch of the cool oil and then sighed as I rubbed her back. I started at her shoulder blades and worked my way up to her shoulders and neck. She sighed several more times. I applied more oil to my hands and massaged it into her lower back. This brought on an even deeper sigh and subtle movements to her back and hips.

“I haven’t had my back rubbed in a hundred years. God, it feels so good,” she said in a whisper.

With a soft chuckle I said, “You ain’t nearly that old, but I am. Or at least I feel that way sometimes.”

“I’ll have you know that I’ll be thirty one next month,” she said and arched her back as I massaged a tight knot right above her tailbone. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”

After a moment, she sighed and relaxed her back. I used both hands to rub up and down her back forcefully, from her tailbone to her shoulders and back. She made soft groaning sounds as I did.

After a few minutes, she sighed and whispered, “This is almost better than sex.”

When I chuckled, she laughed and then said, “Well, maybe not that good; but it’s damn close.”

I ran my hands down her back and this time, when I got to her tailbone, I just went on. As my hands ran firmly over her bare ass, she sucked in a sharp breath and held it until my hands returned to her back.

She let the breath out loudly and said, “I forgot I was naked for a moment there. Talk about your shock treatments.”

I ran my hands up to her shoulders and then back down to the bottom of her ass. She took a shuddery breath as my hands moved over her ass. I removed my hands from her and picked up the oil bottle. She raised her head, looked around at me for a second, and then laid her head back down. I moved to my left and started to massage the oil into her tight ass cheeks.

She gave a little jerk as my hands touched her but then she relaxed. I spent a little more time on oiling her ass than I needed to but I was enjoying the feel of the firm muscles and slick skin. I’ve always been an ass man. Occasionally, I’d let a fingertip drift off into the crevice down the center of her ass, exploring its satiny depths. She would tense up her ass muscles each time I did.

As I got ready to move on down to her thighs, I let two fingers trace the depths as I moved my hands. This brought a little flexing of her hips and a soft whimper as I brushed very lightly over the tight ring of her anus.

I rubbed at her thighs for a moment before she whispered, “You do like to tease, don’t you?”

I moved to get the oil and replied, “I’ve been known to, it’s just so much fun.”

I expected her to laugh, or at least chuckle, but she took a shuddery breath instead and blew it out noisily. I went back to oiling up her thighs, brushing my fingertips or thumbs down along the inside of her thighs as I did.

She took several more shaky breaths and whispered, “Oh yeah, so much fun. I’m having so much fun in fact, I could just about explode.”

She shifted her position slightly, her legs moving farther apart. I grinned, moved both of my hands to one thigh, and massaged the oil in, just a hair below her sex. She gasped and rolled her ass up just slightly. I moved to the other thigh and did the same thing. After a moment, she made a soft whimpering sound.

I went to rubbing up and down her thigh from her knee to just below the smoothly shaven puffy outer lips. Her hips flexed upward a little on each caress toward her sex. The whimper was a little louder and undulated with the position of my hands. I was teasing her unmercifully and she knew it.

When I moved over to the other thigh, she lifted her ass another inch or so. I rubbed this one as I had the other one. She had drawn a sharp breath as my hands touched her thigh and then she took up the whimpering again. I toyed with the idea of touching her but decided to let it ride for a while longer.

I picked up the oil and moved down to rub it on her calves and then her feet. She hadn’t moved or made a sound since I had released her thigh. I closed the bottle, sat it back on the floor, and wiped the excess oil off my hands on my thighs.

Sissy laid there, her ass slightly raised, breathing rapidly. I resisted the urge to bend over and bury my face between her ass cheeks, just barely though. She looked so tempting laid out like that.

With a deep sigh, I moved back over to my lounge chair and sat down. I was very much aware of the state of my manhood, it was rock hard, and throbbing as it lay against my belly, under my shorts. My mind kept switching between scenes of me burying my tongue or my dick in that sweet looking pussy of hers. Heads I win, tails I win. Damn, such a deal.

The only problem was that she was my daughter’s best friend and I didn’t want to start anything between them. It had happened once before but the lady in question had been ten years older than Sissy and.. Well, that was a whole other story.

My daughter and I hadn’t had much of a problem at the start of that relationship but we did before it was over. I didn’t want to go there again. Anyway, Sissy would be a good person to play with, no doubt, but what would we talk about afterward. I say that, but everyone told me the same thing about my wife and we had been together for almost twenty- five years. We’d probably still be together if she hadn’t went and died on me.

I sighed again and lay back, closing my eyes, trying to relax.


After a little while, I heard the chair next to me squeak. I opened my eyes and looked over toward Sissy, she was turning over. She saw me looking and grinned. “You are a mean, dirty old man,” she said as she lay back down on the chair and wiggled to get comfortable. I smiled and closed my eyes.

A few minutes later, Sissy said, “Well?”

“Well, what?” I asked back.

“Either get naked with me or oil down my front,” she said and then giggled. “I can’t believe I said that. It’s all your fault.”

“Me? I’m not the one with the, oh so delicious looking ass and.. Well, other things,” I said softly as I got up and slipped off my shorts. Sissy’s eyes locked onto my still hard manhood and followed it as I sat back down and got comfortable.

I sighed and added, “Oh yeah, that’s much better.”

“For whom?” She asked in a whisper.

I looked over at her, to find her still staring at my hard on, a silly little crooked smile on her face. “Damn girl, don’t start drooling on me. You look like you’ve never seen a dick before and I know better than that, you have two kids after all.”

She glanced up at my face and licked her lips before her eyes returned to my lap. “Yeah, but it’s been a long while and then it was nothing like that one. I’ve also never seen one that was pierced. Anyway, that damn thing is big enough to make most any girl drool.”

Her hand moved slowly over and she used a fingertip to trace its length. “Yeap, it’s real all right,” She whispered as her fingertip touched the ring right below the head and it jerked and jumped. Then she giggled and moved her hand back over to her chair. I chuckled and shook my head slowly as I closed my eyes and relaxed.

We lay there for a while in silence. Sweat was popping out all over my body and I reached for my beer. As I took a sip, Sissy sighed and picked hers up. “This is so nice out here, even if it is hotter than I really like. I wish there was more of a breeze.”

I stood up, went over to a cabinet on the porch, and opened it. I pulled a box fan out, hung it on a bracket in the corner of the sun deck, and plugged it in. I turned it on to the medium setting and asked, “Well, how’s that for service?”

She laughed and nodded, “Hey, that’ll work.”

Her eyes dropped to my semi hard on and she frowned. “I guess I’m losing my touch. It looks like I’ve lost your interest.”

I laughed and got the tanning oil. “I think I know a way to fix that.”

I looked at her for a long moment and then asked, “You do like to live dangerously, don’t you?”

She licked her lips and took a deep breath. “Sometimes,” she answered softly as I moved to the foot of her chair and squatted down.

I put oil on my hands and started to oil up her feet and ankles. Her eyes followed my hands as they moved over her skin. I moved on up her shins to her knees. I paused there and then grabbed an ankle in each hand and pulled outward.

She spread her legs so I could put her feet on the deck, one on each side of the chair. I moved forward and straddled the lounge, sitting down my legs spread wider than hers as my legs were outside hers.

Sissy’s sex was small and almost round, located very low, down between her thighs. In the position she was in now, she was fully exposed to my eyes. I stared openly at her sex as I applied oil to my hands.

I used both hands to rub the oil on her right thigh, starting just above her knee and working my way upward until I reached the crease between her sex and her thigh. Then I rubbed it in, using long, slow, firm strokes.

At the top of each stroke, the fingers of my right hand ran along the crease, only fractions of an inch from her outer lips. Her sex slowly opened exposing the long thin inner lips, which were a pearly pink color.

I glanced up at her face to see her watching my hands as she chewed on her bottom lip. Every so often her eyes darted to my now fully hard manhood. The next time my hands reached the top of her thigh, I let the knuckles of my hand brush against the puffy outer lips. She gasped softly and rolled her hips up slightly.

I removed my hands and got more oil. Then I moved to the left thigh and did it the same way I had the first one. Now the inner lips were open as well, the bright pink of her slit visible. As I rubbed her thigh, her clit peeked out from its hood. I resisted the urge to lean forward and lick it. I brushed my knuckles along her outer lips again. She made a soft noise in her throat, halfway between a groan and a growl.

I reached down and lifted her legs, spreading them wider and moving them over the tops of mine as I moved forward between her thighs. I stopped a foot short of my manhood touching her sex. She did groan now and then she looked up at my face for a second before her eyes dropped back to my manhood.

I put more oil on my hands and rubbed it into her hips and across her stomach above her sex. She had a nice narrow landing strip right down the center of her mound. Otherwise, she was completely bare of any other hair. I licked my lips and sighed as I went on oiling up her stomach and sides.

The way she was sitting in the chair with the backrest about halfway down, she was looking between her breasts as my hands moved to her lower ribs. I got more oil and massaged it into her chest all the way around her breasts. Once, I brushed my arm over one of her nipples and she gasped loudly. When I slipped my hands in under her breasts to oil the skin there she made that semi growling noise again.

I moved on to her shoulders and then down each arm, which she held out for me. When I finished with both arms, I sighed and closed the oil bottle. She looked at my face for a moment with a quizzical look on her face.

“That’s as far as I better go, or we’re in big trouble,” I said softly.

She took a shuddery breath and nodded. I went on in the same soft voice, “It would be wonderful, but it would be way too complicated for an old man like me. You’re my daughter’s best friend and only a little over half my age. You’re two kids are just a few years older than my grandchildren.”

She nodded again. I sighed and smiled before I said, “It is fun to tease each other and all that but I’d better quit while I’m still alive. You’d kill me and I’d die with a smile on my face but..” I let the sentence trail off.

She reached out and took my hands in hers. Then with a soft almost shy smile, she placed a hand on each of her breasts and whispered, “You haven’t finished the job yet. These definitely need oiling down and don’t be to shy and gentle doing it.”

My fingers automatically squeezed her full breasts as she said that last. She arched her back as I did, pressing her breasts harder into my hands. Her hands had still been on mine, but as I squeezed her breasts again, they moved to her nipples, which she pinched and then twisted between her thumbs and forefingers. She did groan now, long and loud.

I took my hands away and took my time opening the tanning oil. My eyes followed her hands as she rubbed, and squeezed her breasts; the groan was down to a low growl now. As I returned my oily hands to her breasts, she moved hers away and let me take over.

I massaged the oil in firmly, squeezing and milking her breasts from the base to the long hard nipples, giving them a pinch and twist at the top of each stroke. Each time I did, she would moan and arch her back.

After a while, she arched up and shifted her body, moving down in the chair until her sex was pressed tightly against my ridged shaft. At the first touch of our sexes, her hips jerked and she growled deeply.

I continued to massage her breasts as her hips took up a slow rocking motion, rubbing her short slit and sex against me. I hadn’t put any oil there but it was as slippery as if I had.

She groaned deeply and grabbed my hips, pulling herself tighter to me, and then she tried to sit up as the first waves of a giant orgasm washed through her body. Her stomach muscles rolled and jerked, her hips jerking along my shaft as the orgasm went on and on.

I pulled and tweaked her nipples, which brought an even more violent motion to her stomach and hips, the groan, now up to a loud wail. There was a sudden gush of hot wetness on my shaft and balls, which brought a groan to my lips and a yell from hers.

As her orgasm subsided, I eased off on her nipples and then just ran my palms over her breasts and nipples. After a while, she started to relax, getting her breathing under control. When she had, she sighed deeply and took a couple of deep breaths. She sighed again and her eyes fluttered open to see me looking at her. She smiled shyly for a second and then it slowly turned into a big grin.

“If that orgasm is an indication of how you like to play, then I’m all for it,” she whispered.

She paused for another deep breath and went on. “I’ve had my mind blown a few times but nothing like that. When you were teasing me as you oiled my back, I got damned horny.”

She took another deep breath or two. “When you teased me from the front, all around my sex, and then teasingly touched me, it got even worse. You oiled the rest of me up and didn’t touch my breasts, my God, that was torture. Then you were going to stop! No way, I had to get off. I was about to explode as it was, even without you touching my sex.”

She ran down and took a couple of deep breaths. She looked at me sharply for a second and then grinned. “If you planned all this, then you are something else and sure know how to drive a woman crazy.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “Nope, I was just teasing you and myself for that matter. I hadn’t thought any farther than that.”

She nodded and said, “That may be so but you sure know how to turn a woman on. I’ve never even thought about you that way until now. You could have fucked me anyway you wanted to and all I’d have done is help you. Damn, I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

I wasn’t sure what to say but then it didn’t matter, as I wouldn’t have had time to say it. She sat up suddenly and kissed the hell out of me. Startled, I just sat there and then my brain kicked in and I kissed her back. My arms went around her and pulled her tightly to me, her arms went around my neck, and her fingers wrapped up in my hair.

She lifted her body, climbing more up on my lap, once again trapping my dick under her hot sex. The growl was back in her throat as our tongues fenced and dance together. My hands wandered over her slick body from her shoulders, down to cup and squeeze her round ass.

She broke the kiss just as suddenly as she had started it. We were both breathing raggedly. She leaned back, holding on to my neck and stretched, pressing her sex even tighter to me. I leaned my head down and traced the tip of my tongue around first one hard nipple and then the other. She moaned softly and arched her back more as I did.

I sucked one of the hard, thick buds between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Moaning louder, she flexed her hips rubbing her sexes up and down along my shaft. After a moment, I switched nipples and treated it the same way. The dieing moan went back up in intensity.

When I released her nipple, a shudder ran up and down her body and she sighed deeply. I raised my head to find her looking at me, a lopsided grin on her face. I grinned back at her and squeezed her ass, pulling her tighter to me. A bigger shudder ran through her body and her eyes closed for a moment. When she opened her eyes, she pulled away from me and stood up.

She stood there for a second looking down at me. When I leaned forward and took a slow lick alongside her racing strip, she laughed and stepped back. “That’s going to have to wait until another time, there’s something else I want right now,” she said softly.

She stepped sideways off the lounge and then turning around, she moved back to straddle it. She worked the arms and laid the backrest down flat, bending forward as she did. I took that lick I had wanted earlier, right up the crack of her ass. She jerked forward and then she laughed as she pressed her ass back against my face.

When my tongue buried up in her hot sweet sex, she froze as a shiver ran up her body. My hands went to her hips as she yelled and ground her sex on my face. The orgasm was short and quick, but very intense.

Her legs trembled and her hips jerked as I used my tongue to lap up the flood of juices from her sex. When my tongue brushed over her clit, she slammed her sex back against my face and yelled again. I circled it with feathery flutters of the tip of my tongue. She exploded again in a longer and much stronger climax.

I continued to tease her clit, until her hips moved forward a little. I went back to trying to stop the flow from her vagina. After a moment, she pulled away from me and moved on shaky legs over to sit down on the side of my lounge chair.

She sat there in silence for a few minutes, until her breathing calmed down. Then she turned and sat back in the chair. She was looking at me with a crooked grin on her face as she did. I grinned back at her for no other reason than she was grinning at me. She licked her lips a couple of times and I reached under her chair and handed her, her beer. She took a couple of sips and handed it back.

“Much better,” she said softly and took a deep breath, blowing it out noisily. “Damn, you’re the one that needs the sign about proceeding at your own risk. You’re very dangerous and you could be hazardous to a girl’s health.”

She took another deep breath and chuckled before she added, “But what a way to go.”

I chuckled and said, “Hand me my beer, will you. I seem to have worked up a thirst myself. Why I don’t know, you liked to have drowned me.” I licked my lips and grinned. “Sweet as honey.”

She handed me my beer with a grin. “A thirst isn’t all you’ve worked up. That tongue of yours is oh so dangerous. Damn, you should have been a lesbian.”

I chuckled and then laughed. Then I said, “I’ve always considered myself bi sexual, a heterosexual, and a lesbian.”

She laughed at that and then shook her head. “Well, you’re a better lesbian than a bunch of them, I could name.”

Then she realized what she had said and added, “Oops, I think I just told on myself.” I shrugged and chuckled.

She grinned and said, “After my old man went to jail, I’d had enough of men and their bullshit. What else was there for a girl to do, your own fingers get old after a while and they don’t cuddle to well on cold nights.”

“No explanation is necessary,” I told her.

“Before I got sidetracked by that great tongue of yours, I was headed for my knees; I wanted you to fuck the shit out of me in my favorite position,” she said with a giggle. “You do seem to really like my ass. Most guys can’t wait to get their hands on my boobs but you spent a lot of time with your hands on my ass.”

Grinning I replied, “What can I say, I’m an ass man, and you do have a gorgeous one. As for your favorite position, I can understand that. As low slung as your sex is, it makes perfect sense. I’ll bet you like riding on top a lot, also.”

She grinned, nodded, and said, “You’re pretty smart for a man or a very experienced one. I’m thinking it’s both.”

She sighed and stretched. When she finished, she stretched back out and grinned at me. “I’ve stolen your chair, so you can use mine. I’m going to relax here for a while, mostly because you’ve worn my ass out and then I’m going to come over there and fuck your brains out.”

I laughed and whispered, “Promises, promises, all I ever get is promises.” This made her laugh.

When she calmed down, she asked, “Now, where the hell have I heard that before?”

I chuckled, got up to adjust the lounge chairs back, and then sat down and relaxed back. Sissy’s eyes were on my manhood the whole time. For some reason, I was still as hard as an iron bar.

She sighed and then grinned. “That ring is so sexy looking. It also makes me wonder what it would feel like as you make love to me.”

She gave a little shiver and chuckled as she added, “Down girl, you’ve already had more orgasms this afternoon than you’ve had in a year.”

I reached down, flicked the silver ring, with its gold bead a couple of times, and grinned at her.

“Did that hurt?” She asked.

“I really don’t remember, it was done a very long time ago; I think I was around two or three years old,” I told her.

She gave me a funny questioning look, so I went on. “I’m mostly American Indian, and my Grandfather did it. He was a Medicine Man or some such; it has to do with some superstitions and warding off evil spirits. He died before I was old enough to ask him about it and get a clear answer. I think I really missed out on something there. I tried asking my Grandmother but she would just frown and tell me it was man business and none of hers. I never discussed it with my parents and they never brought it up.”

Sissy looked at me and then back down at the ring before she said, “I’ve thought of getting my nipples or my clit pierced, but I have never gotten around to it or is that the nerve to do it. I don’t know if it has to do with fear or just that I’ve never had a real reason to do it. I do think it would be sexy, though.” She paused and drained the rest of her beer.

Looking back at the ring, she grinned and said, “I might just have to try it now. You can go along and hold my hand, if you want to.”

I nodded, “That’ll work for me. As far as the pain goes, I’ve heard everything from no problem to some horror stories. I also think it looks sexy. You definitely have the nipples for it. As short as your sex is, a barbell just above your clit at the hood would be not only beautiful but sexy as hell.” I told her.

She chuckled and shook her head. “I don’t know if I’d go that far but you never know.”

I stood up, took her empty bottle, and picked up mine. “You want another one?” I asked.

She nodded and answered, “Yes, please.”

I looked at her a moment and then asked, “Have you ever worn any nipple jewelry?”

Sissy shook her head and laughed. “No. My ex old man would have had a cat and three kittens. He wouldn’t even let me go out of the house without a bra. Since he’s been gone, I’ve loosened up a little but I still always wear a bra when I leave the house, anyway.” She told me.

I nodded and went into the house.


When I returned, I handed her a beer and then a string of silver beads. She held the beads up and looked at them as she took a sip of her beer. There was a loop on each end of the string.

“Slip a loop over each nipple and pull it tight but not to tight,” I said.

She sat her beer down and did as I said. Once they were in place she shook her shoulders and then laughed. “Hey, I like these. They make my nipples tingle,” she said as she reached up and gave them a little pull and then she said, “Oh.” She pulled a little more and laughed again. “That feels interesting, like someone’s pulling on both nipples at the same time, but without the finger pressure. Very interesting.”

“I’m glad you like them, they’re yours if you want them. I have a couple more like that and then several pairs of individual ones,” I said as I sat back down.

She looked over at me and said, “Thank you. I don’t know where I’ll wear them but thank you.”

“You can always wear them when you come over to sun,” I said grinning.

She chuckled and replied, “Spoken like a true dirty old man.” I laughed and shook my head. Then she asked, “Where did you get these?”

“I made them a long time ago.”

“For who?” She asked as she toyed with the beads.

“My wife.” I answered. “Kathy’s mother.”

“Oh no, I can’t take them then, they belong to Kathy,” Sissy said quickly. “You should give them to her.”

I chuckled and replied, “I don’t think so; it’s not something a father gives his daughter. If her mom was alive then she could do it but..” I let the sentence trail off.

“Well, then, I’ll give them to her and explain that they were her moms,” Sissy said slowly.

I laughed and shook my head, “Now that’ll be interesting. I can just hear Kathy’s questions now. I hope you have some good answers ready.”

She got a funny look on her face as she thought about it. “I see what you mean,” she said slowly.

She thought some more and then she grinned, “I’ll just have to tell her the truth.”

“And what’ll that be?” I asked as I looked over at her sharply.

She laughed and replied, “That you’re a dirty old man and now I believe her. What did you think I was going to tell her, that I’d spent the afternoon getting my cookies off with her father? Hey, I’m blonde but not that blonde.”

I let out the breath that I didn’t realize that I had been holding, which made her laugh. “My daughter doesn’t think I’m a saint but I like to keep her out of my business, for the most part. Especially my sex life,” I said. “It comes under the heading of to much information, as she calls it. In most cases, it’s a two way street. I try to stay out of her love life.”

Sissy nodded and said, “I understand where you’re coming from. Don’t worry, I’ll get this stuff to her and make sure she understands that it was her mom’s. I’ll explain that it was a little embarrassing for you to do it and you asked me to. That should work.”

She paused and pulled on the beads again as a grin spread over her lips. “These will look great on her cute little titties and hard nipples,” she said and then laughed.

I held up two fingers and made the sign of the cross. “Too much information there,” I said shaking my head.

She laughed again and reached over to pat my leg. “Okay, I’ll take the hint, but it’ll cost you.”

I chuckled, knowing where she was heading. “No problem, I have cord and beads under the bed in a shoe box. At least, I think that’s where they are. What color do you want?”

“I like this silver color but do you have any beads that are heavier. Something that will hold a little more pressure on my nipples and maybe pull slightly as I move or walk around?” She asked.

I chuckled and replied, “No problem, I know what will work. It’ll take a few days to make, but it’ll be worth it. I’ll make you a set of feathered ones too. That’ll tickle your fancy.”

She laughed and got up. She moved over, straddled the lounge chair I was laying in, and sat down across my thighs. “I’ll wear these until you get mine ready,” she said and reached up to rub her palms across her nipples.

“Damn, they make my nipples even more sensitive that they normally are.” She leaned forward and rubbed her nipples lightly over my hairy chest. She shivered slightly and then leaned on down to kiss me.

The kiss started out soft and sweet but it was soon building in passion on both out parts. I could feel my manhood stiffening between us. She shifted her hips and whimpered softly into my mouth.

She broke the kiss and sat up slowly, her sex pressing tighter against the underside of my shaft. She placed her hands on my chest and rolled her hips slowly back and forth, sliding her slit along the length of it. She took a fluttering breath and froze. She sat there for a second and then grinned crookedly.

“Oh no, we ain’t doing that again. I want that thing inside me, if it kills me. I’ve got an itchy feeling deep inside that I haven’t had in a long time, and I want to scratch it”

She lifted her hips, reached down, and lifted my shaft up, rubbing the spongy head around her hot, wet opening. “Oh God, this is going to hurt so good,” she whispered as she applied her weight, slipping the head into her tightness. This brought a groan to both our lips.

We both were frozen for a few seconds, and then she applied her weight again. Another couple of inches slipped inside her and we both groaned again. After another few seconds, she whispered, “God, I’m going to die before I even get close to the bottom of this thing.”

She rocked her hips slowly and then lifted up slightly. This time she sat down a little harder and about half of my shaft disappeared. She yelled as she came with a gush. I groaned loudly and did mental arithmetic to hold off my own orgasm. She was so hot inside and tight that I was ready to explode myself.

As her hips jerked and bucked around me, she slowly sank on down along my dick. As her ass touched my thighs, she yelled again and her inner muscles clamped down on me. Now it was my turn to come with a gush, several of them in fact. This set her off even harder.

My hands flew to her hips to steady her as they bucked and jerked. Her hands once more were on my chest. Now her nails were raking me, and digging in, but I didn’t feel a thing as the skyrockets kept going off, and off, and off.


I’m not sure how long we lay there, with her head on my chest, but it had to be a while. I had my knees raised, my feet up on the lounge chair. I was still buried deep in her. I was only semi hard but I could feel her heartbeat pulsing around me, mixed with a gently twitch and squeeze ever so often.

With her head on my chest, I could feel her breath caressing my right nipple as she breathed. Her arms were tucked under mine, her hands on my shoulders. My hands were on her back, holding her tightly.

She gave out with a shuddery breath and then sighed deeply. “I second that,” I whispered.

She chuckled softly and then moaned equally as soft. “Damn, I didn’t know my laugh box was connected to my pussy. Hell, I can feel you when I breathe for that matter. It’s a lot like the first time I had sex all over again.”

We lay there for a while longer and then she sighed and said, “I need to get up off you but this feels so very good.” I just hugged her tighter and kissed her hair.

She snuggled a little and as she did she had to take a shuddery breath. “Oh God, I’m probably going to explode again when I try to get off you,” she whispered. “When I shifted my hips just then, it gave me a jolt. Just breathing, keeps my clit tingling; I can feel it pressed up against you in this position.”

I chuckled and she gasped and then groaned. “Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to move.” I told her.

I kissed her hair again. “Your sweet little pussy is having much the same effect of me. I can feel you heartbeat among other things and it’s keeping me at least semi hard. An old man ain’t supposed to do that. It’s usually one shot, bang, and it’s all over,” I whispered back to her.

With a long drawn out groan, she sat up slowly, a shiver and shutter running up and down her body. She held onto my chest and rested a moment. Her pussy had clamped down on me several times as she had moved. As she once again relaxed she took a couple of slow deep breaths and the she smiled crookedly.

“Remember what I said about it was going to hurt so good, when I started to sit on you. Well, I think it’s going to be even worse or better, according to how you want to look at it, when I get up.”

She took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Now I know how a wine cork feels as you pull it out of the bottle. She gave out with a loud groan to go along with my softer one. I’m surprised there wasn’t a popping sound as I came free of her.

Her legs trembled and she bent forward, placing her hands on my chest. I grabbed her arms and held onto her. She slowly sat back down on my lap. Once she was seated, she sighed and laid back down on me.

A few seconds later, she whispered, “I’m going to need a nap, that’s for sure.” I nodded and agreed with her.


Some time later, she lifted up and shifted her hips. I could hear the liquid squishing sound that was coming from between our two bodies. She laughed and said, “I think a shower is going to come before the nap, we’ve made one hell of a mess.”

I chuckled and said, “Well, I’ve always heard that sex is only dirty when you do it right. In this case, I think we did a bang up job.”

She chuckled along with me and then stood up. She looked down to where she had been sitting and grinned. “Yeap, we did a hell of a job of it.”

She reached out her hands to me as she stepped off to the side and said, “Come on, you can scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours. Although it does seem to be a terrible waste of good tanning oil.”

As I stood up, I said, “Then I’ll just have to oil you down again tomorrow, when we sit out here in the sun again. In fact, I think I have several more large bottles in the bathroom.”

She laughed and slipped her arm around me as we walked across the porch toward the back door. “Right now, I settle for nice slippery soap, strong hands, and warm water. We’ll let tomorrow bring, whatever it brings.”

When we paused to open the door, I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Sounds good to me.” I said as we went inside.

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