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First Time Bi

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The three of us were great friends. We had known one another for about a year. We were currently attending an out-of-town three-day seminar being held at one of the nicer, comfortable hotels. The seminar was boring and not too important, so we partied each night.

Our little group consisted of the following: Sandra, our unofficial ‘leader’, she was about 28 years old, 5’10”, tan and athletic, playing beach volleyball in her spare time.

Next was Shane, the youngest, he was 25 years old, 6’0″ tall, maybe 175 pounds, he had dark hair and eyes that women went crazy for. Finally there was me, David, I was the oldest at 35 and the largest at 6’2″ and 200 pounds.

We really enjoyed each other’s company, lots of laughing, joking and teasing seemed to be mandatory.

On our final night we decided to eat at the expensive restaurant on the upper floor of our hotel. At Sandra’s urging, our entire meal was to consist of gourmet appetizers and to include multiple wines of different types.

We ate a lot and drank a lot. All of us offered phony pretentious comments about the fare as if we were the greatest food critics of our time, lots of laughing and smirks. Sandra would occasionally feed either Shane or me when she found something she particularly liked.

We were all getting a bit tipsy when Sandra said, “I think it’s time to go upstairs.” I thought she meant it was time to sleep, but I was soon to learn that I was wrong.

We got up and paid the bill, it was outrageous but we had had a great time, well worth it.

We all got on the elevator when Sandra said, “Let’s go to my suite and talk dirty!” Sandra had connived her way into a suite while Shane and I had ‘regular’ rooms. She was always getting away with things like that.

Shane and I laughed at her comment and I said, “Sure, sure, let’s go.”

We entered Sandra’s suite, wow, was it was nice. Sandra directed us to a large ‘entertainment area’ that we settled into.

Shane said, “OK, big girl, let’s hear some dirty talk.”

Sandra looked at Shane and simply said, “Show me your cock.”

He laughed and said, “That’s not dirty talk.”

She answered, “Fuck talk, I want to see it, or maybe it’s just too teeny-weeny.”

Shane’s manhood was challenged and he unzipped his pants and actually pulled out his cock.

“Well, it’s certainly not small, just about right,” Sandra said and dropped to her knees. She took Shane’s cock into her mouth and began to slowly suck it.

I said, “Alright, alright, I get the hint. Have a good time you two, I’ll see you both in the morning.”

Sandra pulled her mouth away from Shane’s cock and said, “No David, I want to see yours too. Pull it out. All the girls at the office talk about how big you must be, come on, show me.” she said this as she continued to stroke Shane’s cock.

I moved closer to them and took out my cock. It is large, something I am rather proud of.

Sandra grasped it and said, “My oh my, very nice.”

She began to lick and suck it. After a bit, she pulled on our cocks, rubbing the saliva-covered cock-heads together. I could feel Shane’s cock on mine, it was strangely exciting.

Sandra licked both cock-heads at once and again pulled us closer. Both of our cocks were now pointing straight up, the undersides touching. She wrapped both hands around the two cocks and stroked up and down.

Shane’s face was only inches from mine, I could feel his warm breath on my face. We watched her motions, both of us very excited.

She said, “Touch each other.”

Shane went first and he reached out to stroke me. I followed soon after, squeezing his cock in my hand.

Sandra said, “Time for everyone to get naked!”

We all quickly stripped when Sandra said, “Get back to the touching, I want to watch.”

Shane and I began to stroke each other. Sandra was on her knees, her eyes at cock height, she was plunging her fingers into her cunt, obviously excited by the sight. “Will you kiss David?” she looked up and asked Shane.

In answer, Shane bent forward and began to kiss me. It was amazing, I had never even considered being with a man until this night.

Sandra alternated her gaze between our kiss and our touching. She finally said, “Let’s get on the bed.” We went to the bedroom. Sandra pushed me to my back and then mounted me. Shane stood at our sides and stroked himself. Sandra was riding me, my hands on her ass. Sandra said, “Shane, lick my ass please.”

He got between our legs and began to lick her ass where I could feel the bristle of his beard. Occasionally his tongue would slip down to lap at my cock and balls. Sandra said, “Fuck me in the ass Shane.”

Shane guided his cock into her ass, I could feel him enter her there, the thin membrane between her cunt and ass only separating our two cocks. All of us were moving in a sensual dance, our passion growing. Sandra loudly said, “Nobody cum, nobody cum.” She slid away from us and got on her back. “Fuck me now Shane.” He got on and began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. “Lick his ass now David,” she said.

I got behind them and began my chore, their juices commingled, the taste making me crazy. “Now put that big cock in him.” she commanded. I got behind Shane and eased my cock into his hole. We all hardly moved as I took my time, slowly gaining entrance. I finally got most of my cock inside of Shane, all of us very turned on. The fucking went on for a lot longer than I thought possible. Sandra had multiple orgasms, Shane and I were holding back.

Finally Shane said, “Time for a break, I’m getting a little sore.”

Sandra said, “Wait till you see the bathroom, its huge!”

She was right, the shower was monstrous and had two heads and could easily accommodate all three of us.

Sandra adjusted the water, then we all entered. Sandra and Shane decided to soap me down, covering me in foam. Shane’s hands were stroking my soapy cock while Sandra played with my balls and put her fingers in my ass. There was a lot of kissing going on, Sandra encouraging Shane and me to really go at it.

We got out and dried off, returning to the bedroom. Sandra said, “Get on the sofa David.” She and Shane got on their knees. Sandra held my cock and directed it to Shane’s mouth. He grasped my cock and began to lick and suck it, covering it with saliva. Sandra was stroking Shane’s cock and ramming fingers her up his ass. We were all incredibly excited.

Sandra said, “Can you cum now David? I want to see your cum on ‘pretty boy’s’ face.”

She pushed Shane away from my cock and began to stroke it very fast. Shane held his face in place when I erupted, spewing hot cum onto his handsome face. Sandra dropped my cock and began to masturbate furiously, her fingers a blur on her clit. She bent down and actually licked the cum from Shane’s face.

I fell back, exhausted. Sandra said, “No resting David, Shane needs some lovin’ too.”

Shane got to the sofa as I knelt between his knees. I started to slowly lick him. I was surprised that my passion was returning and so soon after just cumming. I decided to do a good job, licking and sucking his long slender cock. Shane pulled his knees up and asked, “Do me here too.”

I licked his ass, my lust returning in full force. Sandra was masturbating again and said, “Wow, that’s so hot.”

Shane’s legs were on my large shoulders as I cleaned his asshole. He was moaning and jacking off. Suddenly he arched his back as cum shot from his cock. Most of it hit me on my forehead and began to drip down my face. I could feel the warm cum as it slid down my cheeks.

Sandra sprinted for the bathroom, returning with a face towel that she used to wipe my face.

“That was soooooo dirty. ” she said. “I loved it!”

After a quick rinse in the shower, Shane and I got dressed. Sandra had put on an over-sized T-shirt. She walked us to the door and first gave Shane a deep, loving kiss. She then turned to me and gave me an even longer kiss. She said, “I really do love you guys.”

Shane and I left her room and got on the elevator, getting off at our respective floors.

I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

I was awakened by a ringing telephone, glancing at the digital clock. It was 3:15 a.m.!

“Hello.” I groggily said.

“Hi, its Shane. I’ve been up all night. I just can’t stop thinking about what happened tonight, especially about what happened between you and me.”

“It was nice.” I answered.

“Would you be willing to come up to my room and play some more?” Shane sexily said.

I thought for just a moment, then answered, “What’s your room number?”

He gave me the number. I quickly dressed and headed for the door. “What a weird fucking night.” I thought.

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