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Merry Cuckquean

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My wife is tied to the bed and ‘forced’ to watch. I fuck our friend Lexi in front of her while she’s bound. After some humiliation, Lexi and I untie her and pleasure her together. I must warn you that you will read about concepts of wife humiliation (some may consider it degradation), anal, asslicking (on a girl), cuckquean, and vaginal felching.

If you don’t dig these things, then please do not read. If so, then please enjoy.

As always everyone: A cuckold or cuckquean fantasy should ALWAYS be done with the consent of the one who is being cuckolded or cuckqueaned. You and your significant other should decide this on your own with much communication and understanding. When you hide this from your significant other and act upon it, that’s when it’s wrong, it is hurtful and scarring.

Merry Christmas everyone (or Happy Holidays).


Last year’s Christmas was one of the wildest ones I’ve ever had, if not the wildest. I had returned home with some marshmallows and candy canes. I was going to make some hot cocoa. These were the items that I was missing. I had the rest of the necessary ingredients. When I opened the door I saw a note hanging in front of me. It read ‘Put on the hat and come get some cookies.’ I looked to my left to see a Santa hat hanging on the coat hanger. I smiled and thought to myself,

‘Jenny what are you up to?’

I put the bag down to remove my shoes. When I finished taking them off, I picked the bag back up and took the hat to put it on. I assumed that the cookies were in the kitchen, so I walked over there with the bag of marshmallows and candy canes. I placed the bag on the counter and looked around. To my disappointment there were no cookies.

‘Hmm, living room?’

Score. I found the cookies. There was a plate on the table with two cookies and a glass of chocolate milk. Personally, I can’t drink milk plain. Of course, Jenny knows this and made it into chocolate. Each of the cookies had one chocolate chip in the center. I was guessing that Jenny wanted them to look like boobs. I took a bite and chewed; it was delicious. I drank the chocolate milk and was not met with disappointment. As I was finishing up with the first cookie, I felt a hand rubbing my groin. It had a green glove on. Jenny pressed her body against my back. I smiled and said,

“The cookies are delicious baby.”

I turned my head, but Jenny’s other hand stopped me. She grabbed me by the chin to hold it in place. She let go and pointed to the other cookie. She was signaling for me to finish. I picked up the other cookie and took a bite. While I did this, she used both her hands to unbuckle my belt. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped the zipper. I felt her hand snake its way into my underwear. She began to play with my cock as I ate the second cookie and drank more of the chocolate milk. I don’t know about any of you reading, but I tend to lose my appetite when I get horny. I did my best to finish the milk and cookie so I can start playing with Jenny. I was halfway through the cookie when I felt Jenny’s other hand reach lower to play with my balls. She gently fondled them while she stroked my now semi-erect cock.

“Mmm, that feels so good baby.”

She pressed her nose against my back and inhaled. She gave my back a kiss and rubbed her face on it affectionately. Once I finished, I turned around. To my surprise, it wasn’t my wife who was stroking me…


“Hehe, surprise.”

Lexi is a friend of ours. She’s a lovely brunette with a B cup. She’s half white, half Japanese, and has a tight ass. In contrast, my wife Jenny is a beautiful blonde with a D cup. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and a lovely ass. It isn’t as tight as Lexi’s but I don’t care. It’s tits I love the most, despite the fact that I love giving Jenny rimjobs. As for me, I’m just an ordinary guy with black hair, brown eyes, and brown skin. I’m half white half Pacific Islander. Don’t ask me what specifically. I have too many ethnicities in me to list. My cock’s seven inches, but very thick. Our friend Lexi has had a couple of threesomes with me and Jenny. There were only two things that we would do if Lexi joins us: cuckquean humiliation or a mutual threesome between the three of us.

Lexi was wearing a sexy green elf outfit. Her hands had silky green over the elbow gloves. For her shoes, she had green high heels with pointy ends that curled upwards at the toe box. Her socks were white over the knee socks with green stripes. For her body, it was a one piece Christmas dress. It was green to match her gloves, socks, and shoes. Her dress was technically a skirt with its length. If it was any higher, I’d be able to see her underwear…assuming she was even wearing any. I asked her,

“Jenny’s tied up isn’t she?”

“We better go upstairs Santa,” She caressed my chest. “Mrs. Claus is waiting for us.”

“That’s a nice outfit.”

“Thanks, I got it at a good price.”

Lexi appreciated my notice of her costume knowing that it was going to come off soon. She walked away from me and towards the stairs. She swayed her ass for me and climbed the first couple of steps. Her back was facing me, but she looked over her shoulder to ask,

“Well aren’t you gonna follow me?”

She smiled at me while lifting her skirt. It turned out that she wasn’t wearing panties after all. She grabbed her left butt cheek with her left hand and pulled. She exposed her pussy and asshole to me while asking in an innocent tone,

“You mean to say you don’t want this Santa?”

“Ho, ho, ho, how could I say no?”

Lexi raised her brow and stayed quiet for a moment. She was trying to compute what I just said. She found what I said to be corny and dumb. Jenny enjoys it when I’m like that, but Lexi…not as much. Nonetheless, Lexi tensed her asshole so it would wink at me. What I didn’t know was that Jenny told Lexi I liked that. I started walking towards Lexi as I zipped my jeans back up. She let go of her butt cheek and pulled her skirt back down. She began to climb the stairs again. As I climbed the stairs behind her, she purposely climbed slowly so I could enjoy the view. I watched her ass move back and forth with her pussy peaking at me between her legs. When we were upstairs, I noticed the bedroom door was closed. Lexi put her hand on the door knob and looked me in the eyes.

“Are you ready to see your wife?”

“You know the answer to that.”

Lexi smiled at my response and opened the door. We both walked in to find Jenny tied to the bed. She had a Santa hat with a pretty pink bow on it. For her body, she had sexy red lingerie. It was new lingerie that she bought just for the occasion. Her ankles were tied to the bed posts with the Japanese bondage rope we had. Each leg was tied to a bedpost which forced her legs to spread. She was positioned upside down on the mattress. Her feet were where we put our pillows at. Her head was where our feet went when we slept. There were two fluffy handcuffs, one for each wrist. Both of her wrists were cuffed to the bedposts at the posterior end of the bed. Her mouth was gagged with the little gag we used for bondage.

The moment Jenny saw us, Lexi grabbed me by the shirt and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She reached into my pants to find my cock. I kissed back, knowing that Jenny would like that. At first, I was very hesitant to the idea, but eventually I noticed that my hesitance was what lessened Jenny’s enjoyment of the cuckquean fantasy. What good is role play if one of you keeps breaking it to ask “are you okay?” So, without hesitation, I reached around and grabbed Lexi’s ass. She undid my jeans and pulled it down with my underwear. I stepped out of them and lifted my shirt. Lexi kissed my chest as I got my shirt off and tossed it to the side. She stroked my cock as we resumed our kissing. I lifted her skirt and reached around to rub her ass with my left hand. I used the pointer of my right hand to rub at her crack. She broke our kiss and suggested,

“Why don’t we give Mrs. Claus a closer look?”

I agreed and we walked towards the bed. Lexi pointed her ass to Jenny as a means of flaunting. She removed her gloves as I walked over to Jenny. I caressed Jenny’s face and told her “love you baby.” I always tell her this before Lexi and I humiliate her. Call it a waste of time if you want, but I never start the cuckquean fantasy without doing this prior. I walked back to Lexi while she was removing her skirt. She got it off when I faced her. I grabbed her and put my tongue in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around me as I reached down. I played with her ass as our tongues touched. Jenny watched me spread Lexi’s butt cheeks while I made out with her. I rubbed my pointer on Lexi’s asshole. She bit down on my lower lip and tugged on it. Jenny squirmed from this, getting turned on and needing to touch herself. Lexi let go and got to her knees.

“I’m gonna show you just how much Mrs. Claus lacks in skill.”

Lexi grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of strokes. She licked from the base of my cock all the way up to the tip. When she stopped at the tip, she gave it a bunch of small licks and then repeated the process over and over. She sensually commanded me,

“Moan for me baby.”

She took my cock in her mouth in one go. Once I felt the wetness and warmth of Lexi’s mouth, I moaned. The look on my face showed Jenny how much I enjoyed the sensation. Lexi worked hard to pleasure me as she deepthroated, gagged, and slurped. She was doing her best to pleasure me while giving Jenny a good show. I moaned to her,

“Oh Lexi…it feels so good…you do a better job than Mrs. Claus.”

This was not true, but it was part of the role play. If Jenny’s ever uncomfortable with what we do, we now have safety words to stop. It was to make sure we didn’t confuse genuine pleas with submissive begging while acting out a fantasy. The word ‘green’ means keep going, ‘yellow’ means tone it down, ‘red’ means stop completely because I don’t like it. We even developed safety signals if Jenny’s mouth was gagged, which it was in this case. Lexi released my cock from her oral grip and stroked it with her hand again.

“Mmm, Santa, tell me how much better I am than Mrs. Claus.”

Lexi continued to deepthroat me to ensure I answered appropriately. I moaned, telling her that I preferred her mouth because she was more skilled. Those words were getting Jenny hot. She was squirming, hopelessly attempting to escape her bondage. She needed to touch herself and the restrictions of the cuffs and rope only served to make her hornier. If Lexi continued this for a few more minutes, then I would have came. However, she pulled my cock out of her mouth before I could cum.

“I’d say it’s time you repaid the favor Santa.”

Lexi climbed on the bed and presented her ass to me. The view was nice and I could tell Jenny was loving her lateral view of what I was about to do. Lexi’s pussy was wet from the role play. I put my nose to her pussy and inhaled deeply. The aroused scent of her pussy was wonderful. I complimented her smell and gave it a quick lick. Lexi moaned from the teasing lick. I spread her pussy with my thumbs and inspected. I wanted to see just how wet her insides were. Lexi was getting impatient and raised her voice at me.

“Fucking eat my pussy!”

Immediately, I shoved my tongue in her pussy and licked around inside. The only sensation I could focus on was the taste. Whatever secretions were inside I licked up and swallowed it. Lexi purposely emphasized her moans to make Jenny horny for my tongue. I forced my tongue in as much as I could again. Lexi howled and pushed her ass back. This caused my face to move back, but I pushed it forward, trying to go deeper with my tongue. My nose ended up at Lexi’s asshole. As she humped my face, my nose rubbed against it. I inhaled to get the scent of Lexi’s ass. There was a certain smell that it had. It wasn’t something strong and unpleasant, just different. The smell of Lexi’s ass and the taste of her pussy was intoxicating. She decided to use this time to humiliate Jenny.

“Mmm yes! Fucking shove it in there! You like this bitch? You like watching your husband tongue fuck me?” Jenny whined and struggled from her bondage. “I bet you’d love to touch yourself right now you sick bitch. You just wanna get off to your husband fucking me don’t you?”

Jenny whined again in agreement. She nodded her head to help confirm this. She would probably say “yes” if the gag wasn’t in her mouth. While Lexi was busy degrading Jenny, I took advantage of her distraction and moved my tongue upwards. She broke out of the ‘Santa role play’ for a moment.

“I swear Jack, ninety nine point nine percent of the time, you always stick your tongue back there…” I grabbed both of Lexi’s cheeks and spread them wide. I forced my tongue in as best as I could. “…Mmm, but I do love it.”

Lexi looked over her shoulder while she pressed her ass into my face and I returned the enthusiasm. She grabbed my head and forced my face into her ass. Both she and Jenny enjoyed the sight of me munching away. My tongue slipped in as Lexi’s sphincter relaxed. She was grinding her ass on my face forcefully while she filled the bedroom with her moans.

“Mmm, who has a better ass?”

“You do.” I mumbled between her cheeks.

“I have a much better ass to worship don’t I? You hear that bitch?! Your husband thinks I have a better ass than you!”

In all honesty, Jenny’s ass is beautiful, but she’s more of a ‘top heavy’ kind of girl. Lexi is ‘bottom heavy.’ If they were to compare breast size, Lexi would get knocked out from those knockers.

The more we progressed, the hotter Jenny got. I knew for a fact that she wanted me to stick my tongue in her pussy and ass just like how I was doing with Lexi. Lexi reached around with both hands and spread her ass for me. She rested her head on Jenny’s gut. I moved my face away to admire the sight of Lexi’s asshole. The wrinkles of her sphincter were pink. The contrast of brown surrounding it made it all the more desirable. I moved in and stuck my tongue out. The moment I felt her asshole tense up and ‘kiss’ my tongue I forced my way in again. Lexi moaned in approval as I wiggled around inside. I forced my tongue in as much as I could. I wanted to get it in as deep as possible.

“Mmm, God! My asshole feels so good!” Lexi pushed her ass again and I returned the push with my face. “Yes! Get that tongue nice and deep in there! I want this bitch to taste my ass every time she kisses you!”

I moved my face back and forth so I could tongue fuck Lexi’s ass. She was screaming about how much she loved it. Part of it was because it genuinely made her feel good. The other part is because she wanted to make Jenny more desperate for my tongue. After a few more minutes of ass worshiping, Lexi yelled,

“Goddamn it! I want your cock now!”

Lexi couldn’t wait anymore, so I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of her ass. She knelt up and turned around to face me. Before she could lie down, I grabbed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth so she could taste her ass. She tongued back and appreciated my enthusiasm.

“You just wanted to stick your tongue in my mouth after it’s been in my ass huh?” I smiled at Lexi’s question, implying a yes. She put her lips to my ear and whispered, “I love the way my ass tastes.”

That was a major turn on for me. I’ve always found it sexy for a woman to tongue someone who just gave her a nice deep rimjob. I guessed that Jenny must have told her exactly how much I loved it. Either that or Lexi figured it out due to me always licking that hole. Lexi moved away from me and laid her back on top of Jenny. She spread the lips of her pussy and said,

“Santa, please come and stick your candy cane in my wet pussy!”

I positioned my cock at her entrance and began to press. Jenny watched in excitement as I was about to penetrate our friend. Lexi screamed the moment my whole length entered her. Jenny would most likely cum if she was touching herself at that moment. I didn’t start slow. Instead, I immediately rammed it in and out of Lexi fast and hard since she was already so wet. I never started fucking Lexi hard the few times I fucked her in front of Jenny. She wasn’t expecting me to be so rough right off the bat, but she was loving it. I knew from her moans.

“Oh my God! Holy shit!” she exclaimed.

I purposely did it this way to make Jenny want sex more so than she already did. It worked; she attempted to struggle free of her bondage. She wanted the hard fucking too, but was powerless to do anything. Jenny was turned on from the fact that she could feel the impact that Lexi’s pussy was receiving. Due Lexi lying on top of her, she could feel just how hard I was pumping away. Lexi turned to Jenny and asked,

“You see this? You enjoying this?” Jenny nodded. “Watch it bitch! Watch your man fuck me!”

This was turning me on, so I started to slow down and focus more on fucking Lexi very hard rather than hard and fast. I thrusted in more forcefully and our groins clashed violently. Lexi screamed,

“Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! Give it to me Jack! Oh, fuck me with your cock while your wife watches!”

We were no longer doing the ‘Santa role play.’ To be honest, I could deal without it. We were all too caught up in the sex to care about that now. Lexi reached over to Jenny and tried to undo her gag with one hand while I was fucking her. After a couple of failed attempts, she finally got it off. Jenny immediately screamed,

“Oh please! Please! Please let him fuck me! He’s my husband!”

“Oh I would, but it seems like your all locked up you little prude.”

“Oh please, please I really want it! I’m so wet! I need to cum!”

Lexi ignored Jenny’s last statement and turned away from her. She looked me in the eyes and moaned,

“Oh fuck Jack, I’m gonna cum!”

I kept my pace the same and Lexi came on my cock. I didn’t want to cum yet. I knew that if I lasted longer, my ejaculation would feel better. Any guy reading this knows what I’m talking about. I pulled out when Lexi had finished with her climax. She smiled at me and asked,

“Hey Jack, you wanna see something?”


I wasn’t expecting such a question, but we were in the middle of sex and I supposed it would be something sexual in nature. I was right. Lexi got up and squatted over Jenny’s face. Jenny watched as Lexi’s asshole got closer to her nose and her pussy got closer to her mouth. She gave Jenny’s right cheek a couple of gentle taps and said,

“Hey, clean it. I need it nice and ready for your husband. We still got lots of fucking to do.”

Jenny tried to say something, but Lexi laid her weight on her face. Jenny’s words were too hindered from the facesitting to be understood. Having no other options, Jenny obediently licked. This caused Lexi to smile and moan in approval. She looked at me and pointed towards Jenny’s groin. I looked over to see what she was pointing at. To my surprise, Jenny was wearing a metal chastity belt. I felt like an idiot not noticing it earlier. I responded,

“Wow, I didn’t even notice that!” I looked closer at it to see that it was made completely of metal. I held my hand up and gave the horns, the hand gesture you see at metal concerts. “That’s so metal.”

Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes saying,

“God Jack, so dumb.”

This was one of the many reasons why Jenny and I were compatible. She loves that about me and I love to be like that. I like to make dumb jokes and amuse people. Lexi lifted her ass and allowed Jenny to speak.

“Oh Lexi please! Please stop fucking my husband!”

“Well too bad, we’re far from done. By the time I’m through with him you’ll taste and smell me on him all week.”

This was part of the role play. If Jenny really didn’t want us to fuck anymore, she would have said “red.” Lexi decided to give Jenny a better view of our intercourse. She turned around and knelt on the bed. Her knees were on both sides of Jenny’s head. She spanked her ass and curled her finger to me.

“Let’s make your wife watch you fuck me doggystyle.”

I got behind Lexi immediately and aim at her pussy. Jenny watched with silent anticipation as I had my head at Lexi’s lips. She was ready to see Lexi’s pussy hungrily devour my cock. I thrusted into Lexi’s wetness and began to fuck her hard again. She moaned,

“Is this what you like bitch?!”


“You love this don’t you?!”

“Yes! Yes, but I want his cock too!”

“Too bad! Your husband’s cock is mine!”

Jenny made another futile attempt to break free. I began to speed up, causing Lexi to moan loader. The bed shook with the three of us on top. Jenny could see Lexi’s pussy start to leak so she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. She was so desperate to taste my cock that she was willing to taste anything that it came into contact with. I pulled out my cock to force it into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny opened for me and was ready to finally taste me, but Lexi grabbed my cock and said,

“No! Stick it back in my pussy! She doesn’t deserve the privilege to taste you.”

I stuck my cock back inside Lexi. That denial turned Jenny on and her sexual frustration and arousal increased tremendously by every second. She tried again to get out of the bondage, but once again had no results. She tried lifting her head and sticking her tongue out, but Lexi’s clitoris and my balls were just out of her reach. She desperately tried to lick either one of us. Lexi then said,

“Let’s watch that pathetic look on her face as you fuck me.”


I pulled out of Lexi and moved back. I was kneeling with both my knees next to Jenny’s hips. Lexi moved back to kneel in front of me. I now got a good view of Jenny’s face and I could see the look in her eyes. She wanted my cock badly. I watched her attempt to struggle out of her bindings. The lock on her chastity belt swayed from her struggle. Lexi bent down, grabbed Jenny by the jaw, and said,

“You ready for me to show you how to please your man right?”

“Oh Lexi please! Please let me free! I wanna ride my husband! Please! I’ll do anything for his cock!”

Lexi decided to free one of Jenny’s hands. She left the keys to the cuffs on the nightstand next to the bed. She asked me to grab it for her since I had longer reach than her. I quickly reached over, grabbed the keys, and gave it to her. She undid the handcuff on Jenny’s right hand and got into position to take my cock again. She looked Jenny straight in the eyes as she pushed her ass back to take me in. She immediately began to fuck my cock rapidly. She moaned aloud purposely to further humiliate Jenny.

“Oh Jack! Jack! My God! Your cock feels so good!” Jenny remained quiet, but the expression on her face showed she wanted what Lexi was having. “You see this? See how deep he is inside me?”

“Please give me his cock! I wanna taste it so bad!”

Jenny used her free hand to gently rub Lexi’s leg. She responded harshly,

“Don’t touch me you little bitch! You’re only allowed to touch yourself! And don’t even think of touching your husband! Only I have the privilege! Now touch yourself you pathetic little cuckquean!”

Jenny reached for her clitoris with haste and rubbed on the chastity belt. However, due to the sturdy metal exterior, she could not feel anything. The belt was doing its job. This made Jenny’s desperation for my touch and my cock even stronger. She whined as she got no stimulation trying to press her fingers down on the area where her clitoris was. Jenny didn’t even have the freedom to masturbate. She was so desperate to get off. The only sexual stimulation she could do was play with her breasts. She moved her hand back up and squeezed her breasts. She also pinched her nipples in a hopeless attempt to cum. She was frustrated that it wasn’t enough to make her climax.

Lexi and I sadistically enjoyed this while Jenny masochistically enjoyed it. Lexi leaned forward causing me to slip out. She was on her elbows and knees with her face only a few inches away from Jenny’s. I moved forward to stick my cock back in her. We were now in the doggystyle position again. Lexi was getting in Jenny’s face. I was hoping they would make out, but she had a much more sadistic action in mind. She grabbed Jenny by the jaw again and said,

“You want your husband’s cock so bad don’t you?”

“Yes please! I want it!”

“Well maybe if you pleased him better, then you wouldn’t be in this mess. That’s why he always prefers me. Why he always comes to me for sex.”

“Yes…you’re better at pleasing him than me…”

Lexi let out an evil laugh, but I broke it up by fucking her harder. We continued this while Jenny played with her breasts. Jenny pleaded,

“I know I’m not as good as you, but can I at least have a turn?”

“You can’t please him for shit! What makes you think you deserve his touch?”

“I’ll do anything Lexi! Please, I’ll lick your pussy! I’ll lick your ass! Just please at least let me touch him.”

“Tell me how much better I am than you at pleasing him.”

“I can’t please him…you do a better job…” Jenny played with her breasts while saying this.

“So, you’re having trouble pleasing your man? Huh? That’s why he always fucks other women?”


To be honest, I don’t know what’s more fucked up, me getting off to this or Jenny getting off to this. Hell, all three of us were getting off to this. I was fucking Lexi from behind while this all happened. She was so immersed in the talk with Jenny that she left her ass open so to speak. I put my pointer in my mouth to lube it up…

“That’s right bitch. I can please your husband in ways you never could. You want his thick cock so bad don’t you? All that built up desire…” My finger slipped into her ass. “Jack! At least warn me first!”

I wiggled my finger around inside and Lexi moaned from the sensation. I kept my finger in her little anus for a few moments to allow it to get used to the stretch. When I started to move my finger in and out, Lexi closed her eyes and moaned loudly in Jenny’s face, again on purpose. She moaned about how good it felt, saying it was the best feeling in the world. Jenny wanted my cock more and more by each moan that escaped Lexi’s lips. I sped up the fucking and added another finger after a few minutes. It was too much for Lexi and she was ready to cum again.

“I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking me! I want you to cum inside me.”

“I’m gonna cum too!” I replied.

I fucked Lexi faster while finger fucking her ass. She wrapped her arms around Jenny’s head and held it in place. She put her lips close to her ear and moaned into it.

“Oh Jack! I love it when you fuck me like that…Mmm, your fingers feel so fucking nice in my ass! Fuck me like you never fucked Jenny before! Give me all your cum and leave none for her!”

The warmth from Lexi’s breath and the humiliating words themselves were all driving Jenny crazy. She wanted to cum so bad that she began to hump the air as if it would help. She’d do anything to switch places right about now. Lexi continued to moan in Jenny’s ear as she and I climaxed. She moaned intensely as a means to rub it in again. This was for both their enjoyment. I found the frustrated look on Jenny’s face to be extremely adorable. Once Lexi calmed down, she said to Jenny,

“What do you say now Jenny? Now that I gave you a good show.”

“Oh thank you! Thank you for showing me! May I please eat his cum from you?”

Lexi moved forward causing my cock to slip out. Some of my cum spilled out and I could tell Lexi was trying to let as little of it spill out as possible. She positioned her ass above Jenny’s face. She was ready to sit on it, but then she decided against it. Jenny had her mouth open and was ready to take my cum in her mouth.

“No…you don’t deserve his cum. I think I’ll be having it all to myself.”

The devastated look on Jenny’s face was cute and saddening at the same time. I was very close to getting the key to her chastity belt. She begged desperately,

“Lexi! Please give me his cum! I need to taste him!”

“Oh I don’t think so…”

Lexi put her hand below her pussy and pushed my cum out. It all ended up in her hand and she showed it to Jenny. Lexi hovered it over her face so she could get a whiff of my cum. Jenny opened her mouth, showing that she wanted Lexi to put it in there. Lexi smiled and then opened her own mouth. She let my cum all spill in. Once it was all in, she put her face close to Jenny’s. She opened up for Jenny. Jenny opened hers hoping she would spit it in. Lexi closed her mouth and swallowed my cum. She opened back up to show that she took it all for herself.

“Mmm, that was so delicious.”

Lexi held up her hand and put it to her lips. She stuck her tongue out and began to lick up the rest of my cum. Jenny begged,

“Can I at least lick your hand?”

“Let me think…” Lexi licked the rest of my cum off her hand and swallowed it. “…nope.”

Jenny was tugging desperately at her chastity belt with her free hand, trying to find a way to remove it. Being denied to cum was getting her off and being denied to taste me made her want an orgasm even more. No matter how much she tried, the belt, cuff, and rope would not budge. Lexi put her face to Jenny and attempted to degrade her again,

“You won’t be getting a taste of your husband anytime soo—”

Jenny grabbed Lexi with her free hand and used her whole arm to force her face to come into contact with hers. She said in an extremely stern tone,

“I’m tasting his cum.”

Lexi tried to move away, but I used my hands to push on her upper back. This forced her face to get close enough for Jenny to kiss her. She began to force her tongue into Lexi’s mouth. She wanted to taste my cum so bad that any form of leftover residue would suffice. She forced her tongue into Lexi’s mouth as deep as she could. Lexi attempted to break free, but I wanted to see some girl on girl action. I held her upper back in place and helped Jenny hold her there. Lexi broke the kiss to scold me.

“Hey! Jack you—”

Jenny hushed her with her tongue. Lexi knew that she couldn’t fight both of us at once, so she relaxed and decided to submit. She let Jenny’s tongue have its way with her mouth. Jenny licked around inside, doing her best to get whatever she could. This was getting me hard again as you could imagine. It was beyond hot to see my woman kiss another woman. They were kissing and swapping each other’s saliva. Jenny was happy she finally got a faint taste of my cum. I wanted Jenny to join us now, so I said,

“Well, I think it’s time for a threesome.”

Lexi felt the same way. After an intense kiss like that, could you blame her? She looked at Jenny and said,

“Alright, I think you deserve to have your chastity belt removed.”

The look of relief and happiness on Jenny’s face was so cute. I knew for a fact that her pussy was leaking badly. The excitement of being freed was making Jenny’s heart race. Lexi picked up the key located on the nightstand with the keys to the handcuffs. She put the key into the lock and turned. The pad lock came off and Lexi undid the metal chastity belt. I moved in to see just how wet Jenny’s pussy was. The moment Lexi removed it, Jenny’s aroused scent hit my face in less than a second. I put my fingers to her lips and spread them. I could see all her delicious secretions inside her moist hole. I was about to move in and give a lick to sample it’s taste, but then I changed my mind and decided to stick two fingers in instead. Jenny gasped at the sudden intrusion. When I started to rub at her G-spot she closed her eyes and moaned. Jenny was happy I finally gave her pussy what it wanted. However, I pulled out after a couple of strokes. She opened her eyes immediately and saw me inspecting my fingers. They were drenched.

“Oh honey, please keep fingering me! I was gonna cum!”

“Already? You depraved bitch.”

Jenny began to lift her hips pointing her pussy to my face, trying to influence me to continue. The pleading look in her eyes made me want to continue but then I felt Lexi grab my hand. She put my fingers in her mouth and cleaned Jenny’s secretions off of them. The warmth and wetness of her mouth made me want a blowjob. My cock was throbbing for stimulation.

“Why have an average pussy like hers when you can have one like mine?”

Jenny gave me a pleading look I could never say no to. This situation wasn’t necessarily a choice of who to pleasure. It was just a choice of who goes first. At the time, I didn’t know it, but Lexi was just playing around. She didn’t actually intend to keep Jenny’s pussy waiting. We had tortured her long enough. I then got an idea. I wanted to make both of them feel good, but still have all three of us participate now. I whispered my idea in Lexi’s ear. She put on an evil grin and agreed. She found it to be very creative. I decided to do one last humiliating thing to Jenny before we started with a threesome. We undid Jenny’s feet and unlocked the handcuffs. We removed her lingerie quickly. Jenny eagerly helped us, not knowing what we were up to. She sat up. Her hand immediately went for her pussy. Lexi grabbed her by the wrist.

“I don’t think so you little bitch.”

I quickly grabbed Jenny’s other hand before she could use it. She began to beg,

“Oh honey, Lexi, please let me touch myself! I need to cum!”

“You’re gonna have to beg better than that.” I said.

“Jack, honey, please allow me to touch myself! Please! Please!!”

“You gonna be my good girl and follow my instructions?”

“Oh yes, yes! I’ll be your good girl!”

“Alright…lie down and watch without touching yourself. If you disobey me, then we’ll tie you up again and I won’t allow you to cum for the night.”

This of course wasn’t true. I’d never take it that far, but I think Jenny actually believed it for a second. She lied down as I told her. Lexi lied on the bed spreading her legs. She put one of her legs on top of Jenny and had her pussy pointing in her direction. While Lexi’s pussy was aiming at Jenny’s torso, her head was hanging from the edge of the bed. I kneeled at the edge of the bed and held Lexi with one arm. The idea I whispered in Lexi’s ear was to make Jenny wet on the outside as well. I was going to spray her like a fireman using Lexi as my hose. While we did this, we still continued with the humiliation. As I held Lexi with one arm, my other arm moved down to her pussy. I rubbed at her clitoris and kissed her neck. She moaned,

“Oh Jack, you make me feel so good.”

“Your pussy feels so nice when I’m inside it.”

“Better than Jenny’s?”

“Way better.”

I could see Jenny clawing at the bed, trying not to touch herself. The humiliation was making it harder for her. I moved my fingers in Lexi’s moist pussy and felt around for her G-spot. When I found it I began to rub. Lexi let out sensual moans as I fingered her. She wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss my neck. She moaned in my ear,

“Oh Jack, finger me like you’ve never fingered Jenny before.”

“Your pussy feels so much better around my fingers than hers.”

Lexi continued to moan and Jenny was finding it harder to resist masturbation. She somehow endured though. I could feel Lexi getting close to squirting. She turned my head and said,

“Let’s show your wife how a real woman kisses her man.”

I nodded and kissed Lexi in front of Jenny. She purposely opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue to ensure that Jenny would see. Jenny bit her bottom lip in frustration. Lexi stopped kissing me to moan in my ear as she climaxed. I removed my fingers and Lexi began to squirt on Jenny’s body. I watched as she covered her in cum. The sight was beautiful. Squirt after squirt, Jenny was getting coated with Lexi’s cum. She shut her eyes the moment she felt the first shot hit her torso. Once Lexi calmed down from her ejaculation, I placed her back on the bed gently and went to the drawer where Jenny and I keep our sex toys and equipment. I pulled out a blindfold and walked towards Jenny. She gave me a desperate pleading look. She wanted to know if it was okay for her to touch herself. I blindfolded her and signaled Lexi for the next part. I asked Jenny,

“Who’s my horny little cuckquean?”

“Me! Me!”

“You ready to cum?”


“Well, you still have to do one last thing before you’re allowed to cum.”

“Oh please, I’ll do it! Anything!”

I kissed Jenny’s lips passionately. Once we broke our kiss I said,

“Just relax and enjoy.”

I kept the place quiet to put her in suspense. I signaled Lexi and we both started to lick the cum off of Jenny’s body. She gasped at the unexpected touch of our tongues. We tenderly licked at her abdomen. Jenny asked if she could touch herself and I answered “No.” She was squirming from her desperate need to cum. She was now at her limit trying to not touch herself. Lexi and I licked up to her breasts. We both took a nipple in our mouths. Jenny whimpered as we both sucked on her nipples. Her hand moved down to her groin. She couldn’t take it anymore. However, I grabbed her wrist causing her to whine in frustration. I moved up to Jenny’s neck and kissed at it. Lexi stayed on her nipple. Jenny moved her head so more of her neck was exposed to me for worship. I pulled off the blindfold, looked her in her beautiful blue eyes, and said,

“Alright baby, you wanna cum? I want you to take turns making out with me and Lexi.”

Lexi’s look of surprise was cute. I left this part out of what I whispered to her. Jenny grabbed me and shoved her tongue in my mouth without warning. I reached down for her clitoris and rubbed it. Jenny broke our kiss to moan from the stimulation she was feeling on her clitoris. I moved down from her face to kiss at her neck again. Lexi joined me and kissed at the other side of Jenny’s neck. We doubled teamed her while I stroked her clitoris with my fingers. I took advantage of Lexi’s proximity to Jenny’s face. As I rubbed her, I asked her,

“You want me to finger you?”

“Yes! Yes honey! Yes please!”

“Then stick your fucking tongue in Lexi’s mouth!”

Jenny widened her eyes and Lexi stopped kissing her neck. I could see it in her eyes. She was willing to do much more than tongue Lexi’s mouth for me to rub her G-spot. Before Lexi could give any form of objection, Jenny grabbed her and shoved her tongue in her mouth. I was going to stick my fingers in as promised, but then I hatched up another idea. I removed my fingers from Jenny’s clitoris and asked,

“Hey Lexi, can you do me a favor and finger Jenny for me?”

“Getting lazy huh?”

“No, no, I just have something else I plan to do.”

Lexi raised her brow in curiosity. She moved her hand down to Jenny’s groin while shoving her tongue back in her mouth. I turned Jenny’s body over so she could face Lexi and her back was towards me. Jenny spread her legs so Lexi could finger her more easily. I rubbed at Jenny’s side while I kissed her neck. I moved my kisses all the way down to her ass. I spread her butt cheeks to see her little pink asshole. I immediately began to lick. She gasped,

“Oh honey, yes! Lick me!”

While I licked Jenny’s asshole I could smell her wetness on Lexi’s fingers as she worked them in and out. I inhaled deeply to take in and enjoy Jenny’s aroused scent. Lexi’s fingers made Jenny’s pussy give off wet squishy sounds due to how wet she was. I was not surprised, but that did not make me enjoy it any less. This encouraged me to force my tongue in deeper. I went from licking to tongue fucking. It was too much for Jenny and she climaxed. Lexi pulled her fingers out and Jenny began to squirt on the bed with my tongue still buried deep in her ass. Her asshole repeated the pattern of clenching and relaxing around my tongue. The moment her asshole’s contractions stopped, I pulled out my tongue and got into a spooning position with her. I kissed Jenny’s neck affectionately and inhaled the scent of her hair.

“Honey, I feel so good…”

The buildup of Jenny’s climax made it intense when it hit her. It was so strong that she could not move. It was like she overdosed on the laughing gas at the dentist. Her body was completely limp. She was satisfied with just this, but I wasn’t…

“Good baby, but it’s still not over.”

I put my pointer in my mouth to coat it with my saliva as much as I could. Jenny turned to me with her eyes widened. I pressed my finger at her back door. You want to know what makes good sex into great sex? It’s simple…you add a bit of anal.

Jenny was about to object, but then Lexi grabbed her and shoved her tongue in her mouth. She was getting Jenny back for stopping her from objecting earlier. My finger went all the way in due to how relaxed her body was. What also contributed was the minor stretching my tongue gave her asshole. I kept my finger there to let Jenny’s sphincter get used to my invasion. I kissed her neck as Lexi continued to kiss her lips. The good thing about popping Jenny’s anal cherry is that it takes less time to stretch her out. When I took Jenny’s ass for the first time, it took thirty to forty five minutes to prep her for my cock. Now, it takes me less than half that time to ready her little pink hole for penetration. While I prepared her ass for my cock, I decided to humiliate her in front of Lexi.

“My baby loves it in her ass doesn’t she?”

She broke her kiss with Lexi to moan in response. She was still a little embarrassed to admit this in front of Lexi. If it was just the two of us, then she would have answered “Yes!” immediately. Lexi noticed this, so she shoved her fingers back in Jenny’s pussy and joined in.

“Aw, Jenny, are you ashamed to admit that you’re just a sick anally perverted bitch?”

“No, no, I…”

I pulled out my pointer so I could lube it and my middle finger with saliva. Lexi, however, took advantage of what I did and pulled out her fingers too. Jenny was not expecting both of us to pull our fingers out. She exclaimed,

“Hey! Wait, put your fingers back in me!”

Lexi and I exchange evil grins and said in unison,


“Please, please Lexi, please finger my pussy.” Jenny looked over her shoulder towards me. “Honey, can you please…put your fingers back too?”

“Back where?”

Jenny turned red and answered with much embarrassment, “Back…in my ass…” I wet my middle finger quickly and slowly inserted both fingers into Jenny’s ass. She whimpered from my reentry and I kissed her neck. I then said to her,

“See, that wasn’t too bad. Now, tell Lexi what I put back there.”

Yeah, I know I’m a cruel bastard. I love to embarrass Jenny like this. It was just all a part of the humiliation thing. Jenny did not keep eye contact with Lexi, feeling extreme embarrassment. Lexi decided to persuade her.

“If you tell me, then I’ll stick my fingers back in your pussy.”

“He puts…anal beads and a strapon back there…”

“Is that it?”

I pulled my fingers out to get the lube. It was taking too long for me to use my saliva as lube. Jenny took this as ‘keep telling her or no finger fucking for your ass.’ She blurted out,

“He puts his fingers and cock in there too!”

I got off the bed and walked to our drawer where we keep everything. I added to Jenny’s list,

“Don’t forget my tongue too.”

Jenny saw me pull out the lube and was extremely excited. I got back on the bed; she didn’t take her eyes off me as I lubed my cock with one hand and spread her ass with the other. While Jenny was focused on me, Lexi put her fingers back in her pussy. She turned to Lexi with a surprised expression, not expecting to get fingered again while she wasn’t looking. Lexi further distracted her by pulling her in for a kiss. She shoved her tongue in Jenny’s mouth as I applied some lube to her asshole. I pressed the tip at her little pink hole. She relaxed and the tip went in. She moaned while Lexi held her head in place.

I pressed the head in further and then pulled out until only the tip was inside. I worked my cock back in again, this time going in a little deeper. I pulled everything out except the tip again. I continued this pattern until about three fourths of my cock was inside. Lexi broke her kiss with Jenny and got up. She lied on her side so that she was now in a sideways sixty-nine position with Jenny. Once only the tip was inside her ass, I shoved my whole length in fast, making Jenny gasp from the unexpected full entry. I stayed there for a moment and played with her breasts. Lexi began to lick Jenny’s clitoris.

“Oh fuck! Honey!”

“What? It doesn’t feel good?”

“It feels too good—ah!”

Lexi started to add sucking to Jenny’s sensitive clitoris. I whispered in Jenny’s ear,

“I want you to eat Lexi’s pussy.” Jenny did not respond. She just moaned from the pleasure Lexi and I were giving her. I threatened, “Eat it or I stop fucking your ass.”

Jenny reached over for Lexi’s legs. The moment her palm made contact with Lexi’s lower back she reeled her closer. Lexi aided her by moving her body forward. Jenny had Lexi’s pussy in her face. I whispered in her ear,

“I wanna see you eat that pussy. Eat the pussy I just fucked! The pussy I fucked in front of you!”

Jenny moved her face closer and began. Her tongue licked around Lexi’s clitoris while Lexi’s tongue licked around hers. As I fucked Jenny’s ass, I looked over my shoulder to find the lube. I grabbed it and opened it with one hand. I lubed my pointer as much as I could. I tossed the bottle to the side, not caring that it was open. It fell off the bed and I turned my attention back to Jenny’s head and Lexi’s pussy. I reached around and put my hand on Lexi’s ass. I used my middle finger and thumb to spread her butt cheeks. I then rubbed my lubed pointer on Lexi’s asshole. She knew what I was going to do so she relaxed and let my finger go in her ass. As I fucked Jenny’s ass with my cock and Lexi’s ass with my finger, I continued to switch between whispering to Jenny and kissing her neck.

“How does that other woman’s pussy taste?”

“It tastes so good.” Jenny whispered back.

“That’s right, you love sucking my cock and eating her pussy don’t you?”

I put Jenny’s earlobe in my mouth and used my tongue to gently massage it. Jenny whimpered from this as I tugged on her nipples. The two licked each other and enjoyed the anal stimulation I was giving them. I wanted the two to enjoy themselves and cum first so I refrained from cumming at that moment. Little did I know, they both came and were waiting for me to finish. Several minutes had passed. Lexi was the one to finally put an end to this when she asked,

“Jack, aren’t you gonna cum now?”

“Ladies first.”

“I already did and I’m sure Jenny did too.”

Jenny turned to face me and said,

“I did honey. Now I want your cum inside me.”

‘Well fuck me, I better cum then.’ I thought.

I wanted to make out with Jenny while I released, so I whispered in her ear that I wanted just that. She stopped eating Lexi’s pussy and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We both closed our eyes and let our tongues do the rest. I pumped away and shot my load up Jenny’s ass as I tasted Lexi in her mouth. My cock squirted plentifully, filling her rectum. I always do my best to fill her up as much as I can. The taste of Lexi’s pussy in Jenny’s mouth made my climax even better. While I ejaculated, Jenny repeatedly clenched and relaxed her sphincter. She held my hands as they held her breasts. I played with her breasts while I filled her ass up.

Once I finished, Jenny clenched her asshole on the base of my cock and held it like this for as long as she could. She was trying to milk the rest of my cum out while making me feel good. We both opened our eyes and smiled at each other. We gave each other small playful kisses. When we stopped, I looked down to see Lexi not eating Jenny out anymore. She stopped eating Jenny’s pussy when Jenny stopped eating hers. I kept my cock in Jenny and we both stayed in the spooning position. We both sighed with content. Lexi moved away and lied on her back. The three of us relaxed on the bed for a bit, spent.

“Wow that was great.” Lexi sighed.

“I feel so good.” Jenny added.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

We all eventually got up, redressed, and went downstairs. I went into the kitchen and saw the bag of marshmallows and candy canes I bought earlier. I gathered up my other ingredients and made the hot cocoa Jenny loves so much. I pulled out three mugs from the cabinet. After some mixing of the ingredients, all three mugs were filled with hot cocoa. I put whipped cream and marshmallows on top. I then sprinkled red and green colored sprinkles and finished with a candy cane inside having the hook part sticking out of the mugs. After feasting on each other, what better way to wash everything all down than with some hot cocoa? The three of us drank and it was a Merry Christmas for all of us.

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