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Tina Teaches Terry a Lesson

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I’ve recently begun to nurture an interest in bondage in my girlfriend Tina. Nothing too outrageous you understand; a little light restraint with silk scarves tied to the bed, that sort of thing. I’ve always gained quite a kick out of seeing a woman restrained and vulnerable. I’m not sure what Freud would make of that.

Tina has really been getting into the whole idea, and even seemed more than keen to be the one doing the tying up on a couple of occasions, which surprised me a little, I must admit.

So anyway, here I am, I’ve turned up at Tina’s flat tonight, ready and eager for another session. I’m going to show her who’s boss again tonight, and to prevent any possibility of her getting free before time, I’ve purchased some handcuffs from the sex shop in the High St. I think it’s time that we moved on from silk scarves. Tina answers the door and lets me in. She immediately notices the bag I’m carrying and is curious about its contents.


When you first see the cuffs, they startle you a little, because we’ve only used scarves before. To allay your fears we go up to the bedroom and I attach one of them to one side of the headboard and also to my wrist to show you everything is OK, and that there’s nothing to fear.

Unfortunately, everything is suddenly not OK. As I’m explaining the way the cuffs lock, you distract me by leaning across and giving me a deep kiss, and while I’m enjoying this attention, you seize the opportunity to snap a handcuff to my other wrist and I find myself trapped, cuffed to the bed! How the hell did that happen? Fuck!

I can’t believe it. I struggle to get free, but these are not toy plastic cuffs; they’re made from steel, and there’s no possible chance of escape. You swing the keys in front of my face and giggle quietly at my predicament. You saunter around to the side of the bed, and as you are standing next to me, even in my present desperate position, I still find time to admire the tantalising glimpse of your knickers beneath your short skirt, I’ve had a fetish for panties for years, and you are well aware of this. You notice me staring.

‘Since you like my knickers so much Terry, why not take a closer look’

With that you slip your hands up underneath your skirt and slide the panties slowly down your long legs. You step out of them and then, reaching out towards me, stretch them tightly over my head and face, with the wet crotch directly over my nose. Now I can smell the very distinctive scent of your pussy and it immediately begins to have the usual effect. I can feel an erection well on the way. With a dreamy smile, you continue out of the room, leaving me to consider my fate. You’re gone a while and when you return, you’re carrying the biggest knife I’ve ever seen. My mind races. What the fuck are you up to?

You step towards the bed and hold the blade over my bulging pants. Then you trace its edge along the curve of my balls. You have a wicked glint in your eyes. My heart is pounding so hard, I’m sure you must be able to hear it. My mouth is so dry, I try to speak, but no words come out. I’m intoxicated by the smell of your pussy from your panties held tightly across my nose.

With a sudden movement you slip the knife under my pants and my heart misses a beat. The blade is razor sharp, and the material offers no resistance and falls apart as you effortlessly pull the knife towards my waist. Then you do the same to the other side, they fall free and you toss them across the room. Finally released, my engorged cock springs to life. I have a hard on bigger than ever before in my life. You trace your fingers gently around my balls before giving them a quick flick. I wince at the sudden jolt of pain, and I know for certain that if I don’t co-operate I am in deep trouble…

You tie one of your silk scarves around my head, blindfolding me. I can’t see a thing, and that has the immediate effect of heightening my other senses even more. I can hear you moving around the room, opening and closing drawers and wardrobes and I hear the sharp rustle of plastic bags and the occasional snap of things metallic; zips being pulled; clips, clasps, buckles.

All the time this activity is punctuated by occasional subdued giggles. The bitch! I’ve calmed down a little by now, and my breathing is more regular, though I am still extremely anxious about what you have planned. For the past hour my breath has been filtered by your panties stretched over my nose and mouth and I can smell nothing but your sweet pussy scent. My head spins with a mixture of utter excitement and mounting fear, and my exposed, erect cock throbs and demands attention.

I’m asking myself, ‘how the hell did I get into this?’ Now don’t get me wrong, as I indicated earlier, I’m all for a bit of fun with light bondage and stuff, but it’s usually on my terms, and when we’ve done it before, on the rare occasion when you’ve tied me up, I was always strong enough to break the thin string I was held with or just work the knots loose whilst you weren’t looking. But this is a whole different ball game, and I’m only too well aware that these cuffs are only going to come off when you decide to take them off. Shit!

My thoughts are interrupted when the scarf is suddenly snatched from my head. I turn to see you standing beside me and I can feel the blood drain from my face. OH. MY. GOD!

Where do I look first? My mind is in a tumultuous frenzy of conflicting emotions. I swallow hard and try to take in the vision before me. Jet black thigh length boots adorn your beautiful legs. They have to be six-inch stiletto heels at least. You’ve never been lacking in the height department anyway, but now you tower above my helpless body like some menacing dark angel. Your amazing legs, clad in the tightest, shiniest latex, lead inevitably up to the most beautiful part of your outstanding body.

Your pussy is barely hidden by the skimpiest of tiny thongs. They are bright red, tight and shimmering in the sunlight streaming in through the window. Your panties bulge, struggling to contain the delightful flesh beneath, and I notice a growing area of darkened, moist silk in the centre, which betrays the heightened sexual arousal you are now experiencing.

You choose this moment to turn and walk around to the foot of the bed. The practiced gait of a catwalk model comes effortlessly to you, and the rear view you treat me to, is a joy to behold. Your perfect buttock cheeks are split into two pearls of heavenly beauty by the red silk thong and each step you take creates a mesmerising gyrating effect from the firm muscles beneath.

You turn to stand and face me, and I am utterly speechless as I marvel at the rest of your appearance. You are wearing an outrageous black basque. Drawn in tightly at the waist, it thrusts your ample breasts upwards and outwards. The effect is to exaggerate everything but reveal nothing. The top of the basque is trimmed with a sliver of lace which obscures your nipples, keeping them hidden from view.

Dark, menacing gothic make-up adorns your face. Your lips part slightly and the tip of your tongue flits briefly into view. Your eyes sparkle with a fire I find utterly captivating as you gaze at me and delight in the effect you’re having upon your prisoner.

I notice you are wearing a pair of long, black latex gloves which complete the dominatrix effect perfectly, and then, just I am thinking there can be no more surprises, your left hand moves from behind your back, and you smile menacingly when you see my eyes drawn to what it is you are holding, what it is you have been hiding until now. You giggle involuntarily when you see my eyes open wide in shock as comprehension suddenly dawns.

A vibrator. Jesus Christ! You’re holding a fucking enormous black vibrator, caressing its length with your gloved hand.

“Tina! What the fuck do you plan to do with…. That!?”, I stammer.

“Oh…… you’ll find out soon enough lover.”


I’ve been tied to this bed for over an hour and a half now, while Tina struts around the room, dressed to kill, in an outfit that is every man’s dream come true. My arms are aching from being cuffed to the top corners of the bed. I need to get free. I have to get free.

You’re standing next to me. Your hand has slid down across your stomach, and you’ve begun to rub your pussy. A slow, well practiced circular motion with the tips of your fingers soon has you moaning. Fuck it! That should be me! I ought to be doing that to you now instead of being trussed up like this. No! On second thoughts, forget the foreplay. I am way past that stage now. I just want to climb on top of you and fuck your cunt. It belongs to me and I want to take it right now. I want to show you who’s the fuckin’ boss! There’s just one tiny detail: I need to get free first…

I decide it’s time for action.

‘OK that’s enough now Tina. I’ve had enough OK? Come on, unlock these bloody handcuffs. I want to fuck you!’

Did that sound authoritative and in control? Not an easy task for a man to pull off when he’s lying naked, handcuffed to a bed, exposed cock swaying and twitching, and with a pair of knickers stretched over his face.

Evidently, you are not convinced either. Your lips part and a wicked smile spreads across your face. You bend down, bringing your face close to mine and I turn instinctively to kiss you, but you place your lips to my ear instead, and whisper softly, menacingly.

‘You still don’t seem to have figured this one out yet do you Terry? I am in control now. I’ve been waiting to get you like this, and now you’ll do as I say.’

Christ! What’s got into her? I can’t believe it. She’s really getting into this dominatrix part in a big way. I am utterly speechless.

As you speak, you reach towards me with your gloved hand, and your finger, enclosed in shiny black latex, begins to trace a delicate pattern over my face.

‘Can you smell me Terry? I’ve been wearing those all day. They’ve been right next to my wet pussy for hours, and now they’re right next to your nose. Smell them. Do they smell good? Here, let me help you taste them too.’

Your finger stops at my mouth and you begin to gently push the skimpy satin inwards past my lips. I instinctively bring my tongue forward to meet it and delight in the taste of your pussy juices. Then you remove your finger and replace it with your tongue, kissing me deeply through your own soaked panties. This is just too much. My eyes close as my mind battles to bring order to the chaos of erotic thoughts which are invading me.

You finally bring the long kiss to a close, withdrawing your tongue slowly, and maintain eye contact as you place your right knee on the bed and then gracefully swing your other leg over until you are straddling me. I am looking up at your face, looking deep into your eyes. They entrance me; they grip me. I am yours. I know I am yours totally.

You hold my gaze for what seems like an eternity, penetrating my very soul. Then your lips pout seductively, and my heart skips a beat as you breathe two words.

‘It’s time.’


A sharp tug on either side of your thong and it is free. You throw it across the room. With your right hand, you reach around and grip my cock firmly at the base. Of course, I know what’s coming next, and I let out a long groan of pleasure as you lower yourself down onto me, guiding me into you. Your pussy has me now. It grips me tightly. I desperately want to begin to fuck you, and I move my hips upwards, trying to penetrate you deeply. But this is your show, and you set the pace.

Slowly, rhythmically, you ride me. All the time, your eyes never leave mine. Your body rises and falls and with each movement a fresh wave of intense pleasure floods over me. Slowly, deliberately, you take me. My body quivers from the intensity of the moment. And then it begins. That indescribable instant when the germ of an orgasm appears and begins to grow and accelerate through the body, sweeping aside every other thought. Nothing else matters. Nothing else even exists. Sexual release is inevitable. I am going to come. I am going to come! And then…you stop.

‘What? What’s going on?’

Sensing the impending orgasm, you have stopped all movement, and now simply hover above my throbbing cock, waiting for my appointment with ecstasy to subside.

‘You bitch! You absolute fuckin’ bitch!’

I make pathetic attempts to thrust back up inside you, to complete the job. But it is hopeless. Lifting yourself up onto your knees, you evade me easily, and even as I’m realising the futility of it, my close encounter with an orgasm has vanished, receding into the dark depths of my mind and body even more quickly than it appeared.

There’s that smile again. You taunt me with your lips, the tip of your delicious tongue makes a tantalisingly brief appearance, and is gone. You have me and you damn well know it. You are maintaining your pussy at just the right height to barely touch the head of my cock. No higher – no lower – no movement. I can only wait. I say nothing, but my eyes beg you.

Finally, at last, you begin to move once again. Up and down you ride me. How much more of this can I take? Will this be the time? Surely you won’t disappoint me this time? Please no. My thoughts are in turmoil. I am depending utterly on you for release. I must come. I must.

And then it begins again. Oh Christ! Please let this be the time. I must, I must! Even harder you ride me now. Faster, faster. Sharp, rapid thrusts. Yes! This time. It is happening. Yes. Yes!


You have stopped again!

‘You fuckin’ cunt! Tina! Let me loose now. I mean it! You bastard! You fuckin’ bitch! Stop this now. This isn’t funny. Let me go!!’

You let out a cruel snigger and snatch your panties off my face. Then you raise yourself up completely until you are standing on the bed, feet either side of me, towering above me. What the fuck is going on?

‘That’s a pretty foul mouth you’ve got there Terry. I think it’s time I shut you up.’

Stepping over me, you turn around completely, and for a brief moment I have a terrific view of your gorgeous arse and pussy high above me. There is the pussy that has thwarted me twice. There is the beautiful pussy that has tormented me and left me desperate for release.

You turn your head to look down at me, and I just have time to see and hear you speak before you lower yourself onto me.

‘It’s time for you to eat pussy Terry.’


My face is suddenly engulfed by your fantastic arse. You have expertly positioned your pussy directly over my mouth. Your knees are resting on my arms, and I can feel the heels of your boots either side of my head which is completely immobile and totally at the command of your arse. Where that moves, my head moves. The muffled sound of your voice reaches my ears:

‘Start eating boy! Make it good.’

I don’t need telling twice, and I begin to lick greedily at your delicious vagina. I know exactly where to place the tip of my tongue to excite you, to titillate you, to bring you to the edge. Your clitoris comes in for some detailed attention, then up deep inside you, I snake my tongue deep within your delicious opening.

I am suddenly having difficulty breathing, and sensing this you relax your weight for a moment and raise yourself just enough for me to grab a deep breath before mounting my face once again. I can tell from the shudders coursing through your body, that you are enjoying this. You moan loudly, writhing forwards and backwards and grind your pussy into my face to heighten the effect.

For a brief, perverse moment I entertain the notion that it is I who is now in charge of your pleasure. I am in command, attending to your clitoris now, darting away again, licking and circling it with the tip of my tongue. Your orgasm is under my control. It is of course, an illusion. You have me trapped, and I am certain that I will not be released until you have satisfaction. I must obey you.

From the loud scream and the way my head is suddenly pushed deep into the bed, I know that you have just climaxed. I also know that one orgasm is not going to be enough, and you continue to ride my face relentlessly.

I attack your clit vigorously, wildly, my tongue thrashes about inside you, licks you, caresses you, teases you, probes you, pleasures you… Your second orgasm thunders in, and it is a viscous, head wrenching experience, fiercer than the first. You are screaming loudly and once again I find my head almost crushed by your beautiful arse.

You seem to have forgotten about me in your moment of ecstasy, and I struggle to breathe, compressed between the cheeks of you gorgeous buttocks. At last, you lift yourself up and step off the bed. I am gasping for breath, and as I begin to recover, I look at you standing there at the bedside, sated, perspiring, breathing deeply yourself, your magnificent breasts rising and falling as you regain your composure. You brush the hair from your eyes and smile at me. I can see that I have pleased you. I take a few more breaths and then speak.

‘Please Tina. Please! Can I come now?’

Pausing momentarily to get your own breath back, you reply.

‘OK Terry. I think you may have earned it.’

Heaven! I can tell by your voice that you mean it. If you’d just told me I’d won the lottery I couldn’t have been happier. Now comes the release. Now comes my turn. Now, finally I am about to give you the ride of your life. My mind is awash with the thought of being free and finally mounting you and releasing my load inside you.

‘I’ll be right back.’

Huh? You stride out of the room. Now I’m puzzled. Where have you gone? What’s going on. I just want these handcuffs off, and then you can leave the rest to me. So what are you playing at now? These are the thoughts that race through my mind… thoughts not vocalised… I don’t want to risk antagonising you. I want to be released from the cuffs, and I want to release my pent up spunk deep inside you. I force myself to remain calm and wait patiently as I hear you moving around in the next room.

You return after just a couple of minutes, and I can see immediately that you have in your hand, two more handcuffs.

‘Oh no. I just don’t believe it! Tina, please, what are you up to now?’

You’re already moving to the end of the bed, and you quickly snap one of the cuffs around my ankle before I have chance to move it. I slide my other foot away from you. You can’t get a grip on it, and I can see that it’s annoying you. You eventually stop trying, stand up straight with your hands on your hips and a stern, serious look on your face.

‘Look Terry. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I’ll be going out soon to see some of my friends for a girls night out, and I won’t be back until much later. Do you really want to stay handcuffed to this bed for another four or five hours? Let me put this on you, and you’ll be free in a few minutes, I promise.’

The remaining handcuff swings from side to side in your hand as you wait for an answer.

‘But Tina, what’s going on? What are you doing? You said I could come.’

‘And you will come. You’re going to come like you never have before. I’ll bet there’s a full load of semen in that sack of yours, and I want to see it erupt. Now just trust me.’

Trust me, she says. Fuck! Here I am, I’ve just been subjected to two hours of sexual torture and now she’s asking me to trust her? But what choice do I have? She’s got me by the balls, and she fuckin’ knows it. I reluctantly relax my leg and she steps forward and immediately snaps the other cuff onto it.

‘Good boy.’

Now at this point, I’m assuming that she intends to attach my ankles to the bottom corners of the bed for some reason, but she surprises me completely by taking hold of one foot and lifting it high up towards my chest, and then further still!

‘For Christ’s sake Tina! What are you playing at? I’m not a fuckin’ contortionist.’

My discomfort clearly amuses you, and you begin to giggle like a schoolgirl, annoying and frustrating me even further. It soon becomes clear what your plan is. The pine headboard is composed of thick vertical slats that stretch from one side of the bed to the other. At the ends, where my hands are attached, they are only a foot high, but rise up in a smooth curve to over twice that height in the middle of the bed. Almost directly above my head, you secure the cuff to one of the longer slats.

I have barely anything below my shoulders actually touching the mattress now, my other leg is already forced to lift up to almost the same height as the first. You take hold of the cuff hanging from my ankle and snap it around a slat just a few inches to the left of the other.

Then you stand back to admire your handiwork, and I am just about to protest again, when a searing pain shoots across my arse. SLAP! For God’s sake! That bloody hurt! SLAP! You bring your hand sharply down on the other cheek! Jesus Fuckin H. Christ!

‘Oh God that felt good Terry. I just love to see a man trussed up and vulnerable like this. And that arse of yours looks so delicious I just have to slap it. It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. I hope you don’t mind?’

‘Yes I do fuckin’ mind! For God’s sake Tina, haven’t you done enough to me?’

‘Almost finished now lover’, you laugh. ‘Now let’s have a look at that cock of yours. Still hard?’

You kneel beside me and reach up to grab my penis, which is bobbing around directly above my face. You begin to stroke it slowly, deliberately. The shaft is wet from your juices and the head glistens with pre-cum.

Clearly, you are going to finish me off by hand. That’s just fine by me. Bring it on babe. Just do it to me, let me shoot my load… but wait a minute…? A drop of pre-cum has just landed on my face. You notice, and immediately wipe it away with your finger and place your finger deep inside your mouth, sucking earnestly.

‘Tina, can’t you just release my legs now? This is going to get a bit messy you know.’

Your eyes slowly close and open again, and your lips part in a dreamy smile.

‘That’s the idea Terry. I am going to jerk this hard cock of yours until you spurt, but here’s the deal, if you don’t catch every drop in your mouth, I’ll leave you tied here until I come back tonight, and then we’ll have another go.’

You gaze at me silently, savouring my discomfort as the enormity of your threat sinks in.

‘No, please Tina. Come on. I’ve done everything you wanted. Please! I’m begging you now OK? Is that what you want? I am begging you to let my legs go. Please!’

You shake you head slowly from side to side.

‘Not. A. Chance. You will take this load in your mouth, understand? Hell! I’ve took your spunk in my mouth plenty of times. Now it’s your turn.’

I begin to protest, but you bring your finger up to my lips to silence me. We stare at each other for several seconds and then I hear it.


The vibrator!

You bring it into view just above me. You must have had it in your hand all the time, or perhaps you just picked it up again. Either way, I’d actually forgotten all about it. Now here it is once more, a huge, thick, black, knobbly monster of a vibrator, droning loudly, just inches from my cock. You move it into contact with my balls, and even though I’m expecting it, the sudden touch of the rapidly moving head makes me jump. But the sensation is very pleasant, and I close my eyes and begin to relax again. I don’t relax for long though, because you gradually trace the movement of the vibrator over and off my balls, and towards my… arsehole! No! Red Alert!

‘Tina! What the fuck do you think you’re doing with that? Stop it! Stop it right now!’

You throw your head back and let out a loud, wicked laugh.

‘Listen carefully to me Terry. I could use this on your balls, or on your arse, or better still, up your arse. Now what would that feel like eh? ‘

At this you increase the pressure on the vibrator and press it against my sphincter. I resist naturally, tightening it up and making penetration more difficult, but you persevere, applying more pressure, and it begins to enter.

‘You know, I’ll bet you could take the whole of this Terry. I really do. Shall we try?’

I shake my head frantically.

‘No! Please Tina. No!’

‘So, what’s it going to be then? Semen in your mouth, or big black knobbly vibrator up your arse? If you force me to do that Terry, I might just decide to leave it there, buzzing away until I get back. Just imagine that tight virgin arse of yours buzzing away for the next four hours. Oh my word.’

You suddenly burst out in a fit of hysterical laughter, bringing tears to your sparkling eyes.

‘Terry. I’ve just had a great idea! I could bring a few of the girls back with me and show them exactly how I keep my man in check. Wow. Wouldn’t that be something?’

I can feel the blood drain from my face, and I stare at you in horror.

‘Don’t be fuckin’ stupid Tina! You wouldn’t! You wouldn’t dare do that!’

The smile slides from your face in an instant, and you bring your mouth next to my ear and whisper.

‘Well actually Terry, I was joking. But you ought to know better than to tell me I wouldn’t dare do something. Perhaps I should just do it anyway now. Just to prove you wrong. Eh?’

Once again, you have all of the cards. I have none.

….’I’ll take the spunk in my mouth’

‘I thought you might. Open wide, lover.’

You change position so that you are above me, and then, slowly lowering you face to the base of my cock, you begin to lick my balls, tenderly; delicately. You know that this is the one thing that arouses me more than any other, and your skillful tongue begins to lure me slowly and certainly to the edge of ecstasy. You continue stroking my shaft, firm rhythmic strokes, slowly at first, and then gaining in pace and ferocity as you sense the impending orgasm. I am just seconds away now. The sensation is building rapidly. My eyes are closed and my mind is floating in a sea of frantic desire.

Then the moment is upon me, and it happens. A colossal wave of energy suddenly sweeps through my body, and I convulse with the overwhelming feeling of ultimate pleasure and joy as a huge spurt of semen is suddenly ejected from my cock into my open, waiting mouth. You continue to wank me vigorously and a second burst goes wide of the mark and lands on my cheek, then a third hits the target again and a final, smaller fourth burst also lands in my mouth. You’ve slowed now, and deliberately milk the last remaining drops of semen from my tender cock. A few seconds later, the final long, sticky string of spunk has eventually parted company from my nob and landed in my mouth.

‘Very good Terry. Very good indeed. You didn’t get it all, but let’s not nit pick eh?’

You release my cock, give my balls a last tender kiss and then lower your face next to mine once again to speak.


I swallow. Once, twice. I swallow until my seed has gone.

‘There, now that wasn’t too bad was it? How did it taste?’

I am utterly exhausted and drained but a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and calm begins to descend on me. I look into your eyes and see them sparkle with love and tenderness, and I am certain that I am a very lucky man indeed. When I finally answer you, I know that I am speaking to someone who has just given me the most fantastic sex session ever.

‘Not bad Tina, But I think there may have been just a tad too much salt…’

You nod with a knowing smile and reach up to release my ankles from the cuffs. My legs fall down to the bed with a thump. Next you undo each of the handcuffs, and finally I am free. I rub my sore wrists for a moment and then turn my attention to my aching cock and balls. Wow. I’ve sure had the treatment today.

You plant a tender peck on my lips.

‘Thank you Terry. That was just amazing. We’ll have to do it again sometime…’

Then you jump from the bed and stroll out of the room and into the bathroom. I hear the sound of water as you switch on the shower.

I sit upright and shuffle to the end of the bed, where my clothes are strewn on the floor. I pick up the tattered remains of my pants, now cut to shreds. I can’t help smiling as my mind begins to replay the events of the past few hours.

‘Incredible’, I say to myself, ‘absolutely incredible. Then, as I stand and walk towards the door to join you in the shower I whisper to myself:

‘But next time Tina, it’s my turn’, and I begin to plan my revenge…

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