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Waking Up; Heaven or Hell

Category: Anal Sex
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He was rubbing my sides, but I was asleep after a crazy and busy day; I didn’t want to be bothered, but that didn’t stop him. It really felt like a dream, where you knew you were in trouble, but you can not move! The hands felt electric on my body and disturbed me in more ways than one. It was as if I was being trapped by my mind and my own traitorous body.

I felt long fingers sometimes forceful, sometimes feather-soft against my now very responsive and disloyal skin.

I had tried to move, I tried to get a hold of my own senses, but it became more difficult the harder his penis was pressing against my back. I felt panic and elation at the same time and was asking myself: “What is he going to do to me, while I am so defenceless?!” My eyes were too heavy and I could not even shift my body. He could have noted a flicker of movement underneath my eyelids in the candle lit room, because his pressure against my back increased, and his strong hands got a hold of my neck. The sharp gasp was my inhalation and it was met with his harsh whispers; I could feel his hot breath and teeth grazing my ear. I whimpered, yet was used to take much more of an active role in our sexual sessions, often inciting them, yet now I thought: “What is happening to me, what made him do this?”

I trusted him, yet there was some deep rooted fear and excitement from which I could not be roused; on the contrary I was helpless as a kitten which was being held by its neck!

I had been sleeping on my side, vulnerable– with my knees pulled towards my body, my buttocks slightly raised; and I couldn’t wake up! A nightmarish quality was engulfing me and it spiralled downwards to some unknown destination. My vagina was developing a mind of her own as she sometimes does, and against my will was convulsing and lubricating herself at a vigorous pace. His soft skinned fingers were probing from behind for an entrance to my hot and aching soft tissue, and I was pulled by my hair with another invisible hand. My neck arched, the sighs were involuntarily escaping my throat and my tongue was wetting my dry lips. I knew I had to wake up, but wasn’t sure how I would have ever been able to.

The pressing of that hard, throbbing penis had become a staccato against my rear; I felt every muscle and tendon contracting. If I would have been capable of speech I would have begged for this throbbing, pulsating penis to enter me. However, I was just able to push back, wanting to feel this sensation even more, wanting to be taken as helpless as that. My cheeks were spread slightly apart with my one free hand which no longer was resting against my large breasts. He caressed my upper thigh, and I pushed back against my unseen and sometimes silent assailant wanting to feel the smoothness and hardness against the flesh of my hot and wet vagina. I convinced myself that I didn’t know what I was doing. This was just a dream– therefore no taboos and no pain– as there are only imagined horrors in dreams! I did what felt natural and with spread cheeks was being overcome by a need to be taken and treated like a common whore, with no face and no will of her own.

As if by command, the caress of his sinuous hands turned into a hard smack, which resonated both in and outside my body. This shift from subtle caress to stinging, slapping sensation created a sensation overload. Without pause he penetrated my vagina swiftly and roughly with fingers, and pressed against my anal entrance with his thumb. He continued to push hard against me with his thighs; it was Heaven and Hell. The pressure continued to build up with a sudden increase in the volume of shared grunts and groans. The force of his thumb against my rectum increased and in my trancelike state I wanted to feel even more of it. How far would he go, how far could I take it? Would he break the barriers which my anal muscles were presenting? Would he continue this assault on my senses that way, or would I suddenly wake up and fracture this spell of the night?

He didn’t seem to have any of those worries, especially since he appeared to be fully mobile and awake as he slapped my ass again and again, and pulled my hair with his other hand. His teeth found the back of my neck and he pressed his fully erect and hard penis against me from behind. He was getting rougher with each pull of my hair, and his teeth were digging into me deeper and deeper. All I could do was moan and wait what he would do to me. With another thrust I could feel him hard against my sphincter, all the while I continued to lay there as if I was just an object– for his pleasure alone!

After another hard, stinging slap against my ass he slipped his fingers deep into my vagina and slid in and out with no thoughts of tenderness, he rubbed against my g-spot and somehow found my clitoris at the same time. My legs were apart and I still was on my side, yet I felt totally exposed and wide open as he slid his now wet fingers hard against my rectum. I felt my ass cheeks being lubricated by my own base nature; I became an animal waiting to be mounted. He released my hair, slid his arm under my shoulder to pinch my nipples and pulled on them; at the same time pushing his penis against my now lubricated ass. I didn’t know which way to twist to escape and whether I really wanted to. I felt like I should, but the inability to move was still at the core of this rough dream.

All of a sudden his cock found home hard, without help it found the entrance to my ass, and he forced his way into the tight opening. A rough command to take it was grunted into my ear, and he kept the pressure up to get his cock up my ass! The dreamlike state had allowed me to relax even though his rough entry was met with resistance when he actually continued to push his penis further up my ass. The difference in temperature between his cool, smooth and hard penis inside my hot anal passage felt so insane; still, how could I allow him to violate me so consequently? Yet, his stiff cock was not stopping, it was forging forward and up; I was being invaded! There was no recourse, nowhere to go; all I could do is taking it hard up my ass…

He kept pushing harder and harder until I felt him grunt and his whole cock was actually inserted to the hilt. I felt his smooth testicles against my ass cheeks—he could go no further, and I could not breathe. I was about to cry and wake up, but with my being helpless he said roughly against my ear: “Hold still for me, you slut, you know you love this cock up your ass, and you will push back against me, you hear me? Or I will fucking pound your ass right now, when it is not even stretched enough!” This threat did wake me, and I was overcome by an incredible vulnerability as I lay being stretched by his cock and him acting like a rough stranger who treated me as if I was only there to pleasure him. It was clear that I was being anally forced and worse would follow if I didn’t accommodate him!

Somehow, without my volition I pushed back against his cock, and my hole was being stretched. He went even further because as I almost to get used to him being inside my ass this deep, he pulled his cock out and drove it back in forcefully. All I could gasp: “Oh my God, this pain, the pleasure, please stop?”

“No, shut up and take it as I told you”

Still, my vagina had, with her mind of her own, continued to pulse and twitch and I kept clamping my muscles to counter the pressure in my ass. He had abandoned all pretence and started anally fucking me for real, I didn’t know anymore which was pain and which was pleasure, and a wildness overtook me and I begged him: “Please, please, don’t stop, oh God you are stretching me too wide, harder, oh yes, harder!” Just as if I was in one of those whores in the cheap, dirty porn flicks he liked to download!

This wasn’t me; I couldn’t have possibly used these words; this reckless, common disgusting trash talk! Yet here I was, being held down, anally impaled by a smooth, hard, purple veined cock, asking to be treated like a common whore, and begging for more!

As I thought of the picture I made, I felt the heat coming up inside of me, and the need to orgasm, to let the heat spread from my inner core to my extremities and the need to explode inside my head was almost uncontrollable. But in tune with his hard rhythmic movements he said: “Don’t you dare to cum, you anal slut! I am not through fucking your ass, and I will pound away whether you cum or not”

This depravity was too much, and I ejaculated hot juice which sloshed down my thighs, coating his cock, and his wrath was immediate; He slapped my ass, grabbed my hips with no mercy and kept assfucking/spanking me, and I couldn’t believe when I came again!

Indeed there had been no mercy and tears were running down my face, of pain, embarrassment, elation and joy. I couldn’t breathe anymore, but he kept driving against me more to give me what he thought I deserved and he just didn’t stop, he was relentless!

All of a sudden, there was emptiness inside of me, and what he did next was almost as bad as this anal rape; he actually marked me and shot his white, milky ejaculate against my freshly spanked, hot-red, raped ass. It was too hot, on many different levels and I could have sworn I felt steam rising from the creamy substance he had slathered all over my ass. He smacked me with his penis a couple of times for good measure. When I could move I turned around to find him asleep, with me finally fully alert, ashamed and awake; Heaven and Hell indeed…

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