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Bo rolled down Highway 59 with the top down, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music on the CD player. The day was hot, clear, and sunny; a beautiful end of summer day. Bo worked in real estate and the past several years had been tough. He owned an independent agency and when the real estate bubble had burst several years before, his business had nearly gone under. He had survived that and the end of his marriage, brought about when his wife found another guy who still had the money he once had.

He had persevered by living frugally, scrambling for what business was there, and draining much of his savings.

This year had been the best in a while. Business had picked up and Bo had put in a lot of long hours, prospecting for clients and then working hard to close a lot of deals. He had but one employee, Leslee. He had hired her at the beginning of the year when things began to get better. She had been a loan specialist at a local bank for several years before being downsized the prior December. She was young, pretty, and smart, and he had not regretted hiring her. She had helped him navigate more than one deal through the financing process, resulting in more closings, and more money for both of them. Bo had come to rely on her and to trust her judgment. So, when she had sat down in his office and suggested he should take a break Labor Day weekend, he had heard her out. Between the lack of money and the long hours, he hadn’t taken any appreciable time off in several years. Bo had to admit that he was tired, and that a short break would probably do him good. When he had agreed that a break would be nice, Leslee immediately dropped a set of keys on his desk.

“What’s this?” he’d asked.

“The keys to my parents beach house in Gulf Shores,” she said with a smile.

He tried to protest, telling her that he didn’t want to inconvenience them, but she had told him that they’d be out of town and had approved of her idea to let him use the house. He hesitated again, but she had persisted, and, reluctantly, he had agreed.

Now, as he turned on Fort Morgan Road, he couldn’t help but smile as he anticipated enjoying the beach and some good seafood. He found the house, pulled in, and unloaded his bag and the groceries he’d brought. The house fronted the beach and sat on stilts. It wasn’t large; a living/dining area, kitchen, three small bedrooms, two bathrooms and a screened in porch fronting the beach. He nodded, thinking that it looked like the perfect place to spend a few days.

Bo unpacked his bag and put his groceries away, then took out a book and went out to the porch. It was hot, but out of direct sun. He flipped on the ceiling fan and pulled out his phone to check his email, but then stopped. Leslee had bet him a steak that he couldn’t go the weekend without checking his email or getting online. He smiled, then put the phone away, deciding that this was a bet he would win. He read for a while, and then dozed off. He awoke to the beep of a horn. He stood up, stretched, and looked down to see Leslee and her friend Jackie coming up the stairs.

“Hey!” Leslee called with a smile.

“Hey, yourself,” Bo responded, trying not to stare.

Both Leslee and Jackie were wearing tank tops and shorts. They both looked good. Bo knew that Leslee had nice curves. Though she always dressed professionally, she also wore things that made it clear that she was very shapely.

Bo smiled again and asked, “So what are y’all doing here?”

“We thought you might get into trouble over here with all these wild folks on Labor Day, so we thought we’d come keep you out of trouble,” she responded with a grin and a twinkle in her eye.

Bo laughed, “Yep, as you can see, it’s party central here.”

“I know you’ve got the booze and women hidden here somewhere,” Leslee teased, “We’ll just have to see what you did with them.”

They all laughed, and walked in the house. The girls set their bags in one of the other bedrooms and began to unpack a small cooler filled with fresh shrimp and several bottles of wine.

“Now,” said Leslee, “we’re at the beach and it’s gorgeous! Let’s go play in the surf for a while.” The other two agreed and they all went to change.

Bo put on his swimsuit and a t-shirt. He was thirty five, but was still fit and trim and, if not for his graying hair, could have passed for ten years younger. He walked out to the porch to wait for the girls. There were people on the beach, but it wasn’t crowded. He turned as the girls came out and nearly swallowed his tongue. Both girls were wearing string bikinis. Jackie looked good in hers. She had a flat stomach, medium-sized breasts, and a great butt. Her curly, dirty blonde, hair set off her hazel eyes and was pulled back in a pony tail. Leslee looked even hotter. She also had a flat belly and a nice butt, however, her breasts were much larger. Her top appeared to be struggling to hold them in. She had straight, dark hair, and blue eyes. Both girls were grinning.

Leslee winked and asked, “See somethin’ you like there, sailor?”

Bo blushed and and smiled, looking away.

“Y’all are gonna stop traffic,” he quipped.

The girls giggled and then they all headed to the beach. They spent the next hour and a half splashing in the waves and then headed back to the house. Bo started the grill before taking a quick shower. The girls each showered and then they all set to work on dinner. Bo cooked some of the shrimp and some corn he had bought on the grill. The girls boiled the rest of the shrimp, then peeled and chilled them while they made a salad and opened the wine.

It was a delicious, enjoyable meal, accompanied by lots of wine, laughter and conversation. After dinner, they cleaned up and all went and sat on the porch to finish up the wine. Jackie had eaten the least and drank the most and appeared to be quite tipsy. Leslee and Bo teased her and they all laughed.

About ten, they all began to wind down. Leslee suggested a movie and they went in and picked Oceans 11. Bo sat in a recliner and the girls shared the sofa. About forty minutes in, Bo looked over and saw Jackie fighting to stay awake. She was struggling mightily to keep her eyes open and her head was beginning to bob. Leslee smiled and began to stroke Jackie’s hair. This only intensified Jackie’s drowsiness and her eyelids seemed to get even heavier as her head began to nod further. Each time her head would loll, she would jerk awake, and Leslee would resume stroking her hair. After several minutes of this, Leslee gently pulled Jackie’s head to her shoulder. In seconds, Jackie’s head drooped to a rest on Leslee’s breast. Bo found it mesmerizing and rather erotic. He felt himself getting an erection, which grew harder when Leslee, seemingly engrossed in the movie, began to stroke Jackie’s thigh with her other hand. After several minutes of this, Jackie gave a snort and awoke with a start. They all chuckled, and stretched, and Leslee patted Jackie’s leg and said, “I think we better get to bed. It’s past Miss Jackie’s bedtime.”

Jackie mumbled something incoherent, but stretched and stood and stumbled rather unsteadily toward the second bedroom. Bo turned off the DVD and hoped that his erection had eased off enough not to be noticed. He turned out the lights as Leslee set their glasses in the kitchen.

“Sleep tight,” she cooed, patting his arm on the way by.

“You too,” he said. “Glad y’all came today.”

Leslee didn’t say anything, but smiled and winked as she followed Jackie into the second bedroom. Bo went to his room, brushed his teeth, stripped to his shorts and went to bed. It had been a good day. He smiled as his mind began to drift; it was good to get away and he was glad for the company. He heard the girls laughing in his mind and smiled as he turned over. It took him a minute to realize that he really had heard them giggling. He had thought that Jackie would be out like a light, but apparently not. He again heard soft giggling and another sound he couldn’t identify. He opened his eyes and through his partially open door could see a light coming from the girls’ room.

He smiled and closed his eyes, thinking how silly the two were together. He heard them giggle again and again heard another sound he couldn’t identify; a sigh perhaps, or a groan. Then he heard the bed creak followed by more soft giggles and what he now was fairly sure were sighs and moans. Bo was wide awake now and his cock was beginning to swell as his mind began to imagine the two of them kissing and touching each other. He wanted to know what they were doing; wanted to see if they were doing what he thought they were. No, he thought, nothing good could come from going over there. The practical side of him warned him to stay in bed, but that side was gravely outmatched by the part of him that hadn’t had sex in two years. Quietly, he rose and padded quietly to his door. He pushed it open gently and tiptoed across the living room until he was just outside the girls’ bedroom.

The site that greeted him took his breath away. The girls were lying on the bed, facing each other in an embrace as they kissed and petted. Both were wearing only panties. As Bo watched, Jackie lay back and Leslee straddled her. Jackie softly stroked Leslee’s cheek with her fingertips as Leslee began to rub and squeeze her own big, soft titties. Jackie groaned and her mouth opened as Leslee lowered her right nipple to her. Bo watched as Jackie’s tongue flickered over the taut nipple and Leslee let out a soft moan. It was all he could do not to moan too. Jackie’s hands began to caress and squeeze Leslee’s breasts as she sucked deeply on her nipple. Leslee moaned and began to grind against Jackie.

Bo couldn’t breathe and his cock was as hard as a rock. Jackie moved her mouth to Leslee’s left nipple, teasing and sucking it. Leslee’s right hand went into her panties and she began to stroke herself. Jackie’s hands moved to Leslee’s back and then down, slipping into her panties and beginning to squeeze and knead Leslee’s ass. Bo’s hand moved unconsciously to his cock, rubbing it slowly through the thin fabric of his shorts. Jackie now began to pull Leslee’s panties down. Leslee responded by pulling her legs together and helping Jackie push them off. Then, she reached down and began to tug at Jackie’s. Jackie raised her hips, and in one swift motion, Leslee pulled them off. Leslee stroked Jackie’s cheek and then leaned over and kissed her deeply, pressing herself into Jackie and entwining their legs. After a moment, Leslee raised up and began to rub her breasts down Jackie’s torso. For a moment, their erect nipples brushed and both gasped. Leslee gently kneaded Jackie’s nipples with her thumbs as she continued to move down. Jackie was breathing faster, her chest rising and falling as Leslee began to kiss her belly and hips. Her legs spread and Leslee bent her head to Jackie’s sex and began to lick. Jackie moaned and let her head loll to the side. She took a deep breath and then her eyes opened and she looked up and saw Bo, her eyes locking with his. She held his gaze for a moment, smiled and winked, and then closed her eyes again to focus on the pleasure building in her loins. Bo froze, then backed away and returned to his room, feeling guilty, but wanting badly to see the end of the tryst he had witnessed. Jackie’s moans were becoming louder and louder and Bo felt as if his cock were going to explode it was so hard. After several minutes, Jackie’s moans suddenly stopped for a moment, only to be replaced by her screams of pleasure as Leslee took her over the edge. It was all Bo could do not to jack off. It wouldn’t have taken much, but he held off and soon the house was quiet once more. It took another half hour for Bo’s erection to fully deflate and for his mind to relax enough for sleep to come, but even then, the scene found it’s way into his dreams.

He slept deeply, dreaming of the scene he had witnessed. His mind put him in the scene and in his mind he heard Jackie whisper, “Did you like what you saw?”

Bo smiled and his cock twitched and began to grow once more. In his dream, he heard again, “Bo, did you like what you saw last night?”

He grunted and rolled over and his hand felt something warm and soft. Her voice came again, “Did you like it, Bo?”

This time his eyes fluttered open and he realized with a start that Jackie was lying beside him. It was early, gray light filtering through the window, but even in the dimness he could see that she was naked.

Bo’s mouth was so dry he couldn’t speak, but he nodded as his eyes moved over her body. Jackie gently stroked his hair and face as his cock continued to swell. Her fingertips teased down his neck and chest and lightly over the tent in his shorts before coming to rest on his thigh. She leaned in and kissed him gently. He swallowed hard and his eyes must have inadvertently gone to the door.

Jackie smiled, “She sleeps hard. With her door and this one closed, and the sound of the waves, she won’t hear a thing.” Her hand moved back up and her fingertips resumed stroking the tent over his erection. Tentatively, Bo reached up and stroked her face with the back of his hand. With her free hand, she took his fingers and kissed them, before taking his middle finger in her mouth and sucking on it, letting her tongue swirl over it sensuously. Bo moaned softly and his cock throbbed.

Jackie sat up and began to tug on his shorts. “We need to get these off,” she said softly. Bo raised his hips and helped her push them down. She sat between his legs, letting her eyes move over his body. Without a word, she leaned over and kissed him deeply, pressing herself against him. Her body felt so good against his. His hands moved down her back and found her ass, squeezing it and rubbing it. She began to rotate her hips, moving them in his hands and pressing her warm sex against his cock. He moaned again, swatting her ass playfully. She smiled as she broke the kiss and began to kiss down his torso; moving from his neck to his chest to his belly. As she did, her breasts pressed against his erection and he moaned again.

Jackie bent forward slightly and began to lick and kiss his throbbing shaft.

“Oh, god,” he breathed as she looked up at him and slowly took his head in her mouth. He closed his eyes and tried to force back the urge to cum. She began to kiss and lick his head lightly as her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

“Jackie,” he breathed, “oh, Jackie”. She seemed to sense how close he was, and after a few moments she stopped and stood up. His eyes popped open, and for a moment, he was afraid she was going to leave. Instead, she moved back to the head of the bed and reclined beside him.

“I’ve seen how you look at my ass,” she said softly, “would you like to fuck me from behind?”

Bo smiled and nodded as he sat up. Jackie leaned in and kissed him again and he let his hands move over her, this time moving one down to find her sex. It was warm to the touch and as he began to rub, he quickly found it to be wet.

“It’s ready for you,” she purred and stood and leaned over the side of the bed. The bed was a little higher than most, and as she was rather short, it gave her a comfortable way to position herself for him. Bo stood and moved in behind her. His hands rubbed her hips and back and then slid around to cup her breasts as he began to stroke his shaft against her sex. It felt good and soon, her wetness covered him.

“Do it,” she breathed, “Fuck me.”

Bo grabbed her hips and positioned them and then guided his shaft into her. They both groaned as he easily slid inside her. He went in deep and just stayed for a moment, enjoying the feeling of having her impaled. Then he withdrew, almost all the way, using slow, shallow strokes and letting the engorged head of his cock pleasure her. Jackie let out a loan moan and began to move her hips in rhythm with his, meeting his thrusts with her own. Without either of them saying a word, the tempo and depth increased; slowly at first, and then with increasing fervor. Bo was panting and trying to hold off the urge to cum a little longer. Jackie was gasping and moaning, softly begging him to keep going. Suddenly, she looked back at him with a look of lust and, with him buried deeply in her, she began to shake her hips, twerking with him buried in her.

Bo gasped and moaned at the intense pleasure the increased friction gave his penis. He grabbed Jackie’s hips and began to thrust with all his might. Suddenly, she seemed to freeze and Bo felt her internal muscles spasm as she buried her face in the bed sheet and screamed her release. It was far more than Bo could take and with shout of pleasure, he came. His body stiffened and his head flew back as he shot into Jackie’s pussy. They both groaned and shook as Bo continued to thrust into her, kneading her big, soft ass as he pumped his seed into her.

After several moments, she softly said, “Pull out.” Bo did and Jackie pulled herself up on the bed and lay on her back. Bo covered her and they both sighed as he slipped his still erect cock back into her. They lay there for a few minutes cuddling and kissing.

After several minutes, he pulled out and rolled onto his back and she snuggled up against him.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

She smiled and giggled softly, then without a word, rose and went back to her room. Bo lay there for several moments dozing and remembering. He had not expected this, but it had been a welcome release. Soon, he rose, cleaned up and then quietly went outside. It was still early and was relatively cool, so he decided to go for a run. He felt relaxed and rested and enjoyed his run along the sand. After about thirty minutes, he returned to find both girls in the kitchen cooking crab meat omelets, which smelled great.

“Good morning,” smiled Leslee, “did you sleep well?”

Bo wasn’t quite sure what to say, so he stuck with the safe answer, “Sure did. How ’bout you?”

“Like a rock,” was her reply, giving no hint at what had transpired between her and Jackie or Jackie and him, “Lookin’ forward to a fun day! Why don’t you get a shower and then we’ll eat.”

Bo agreed and after a quick shower, returned to find breakfast on the table and coffee being poured. The girls were chatting gaily as they had the night before with no mention of what had transpired during the night. Bo relaxed and joined in the conversation as he enjoyed the breakfast. The girls suggested going to the beach before it got too hot and Bo readily agreed. After finishing breakfast, they all put on their swimsuits and headed for the beach.

It was another chamber of commerce day and they frolicked in the surf, threw around a Frisbee, and laughed a lot. After several hours, the beach had become crowded and the sun quite hot, so they headed back, showered, and ate a light lunch. The girls wanted to go shopping. Bo rolled his eyes, but agreed to go when they promised to limit their time and then go to dinner at the Bayside Grille, one of his favorite seafood spots.

The afternoon passed quickly enough. Bo wandered in and out of bookstores and electronic stores while the girls shopped for clothes at the Tanger Outlets. At the agreed upon time, Bo met them at the car and his jaw dropped. The girls, who had come in t-shirts and shorts, were wearing stunning sundresses. The dresses were backless with straps that tied behind the neck. They were low cut and showed off both girls’ curves stunningly.

“I take it you like our dresses,” Leslee said with a wink.

Bo nodded, “Y’all make those look good!”

They all laughed and then Bo frowned, “One problem. I’m under dressed now!”

“We thought of that,” Leslee replied, pulling a Panama shirt and a pair of slacks out of a bag, “Don’t forget that I’ve picked up your dry cleaning for a year!”

Bo thanked her and took the clothes into the restroom and changed quickly. When he returned, the girls made a show of checking him out and they all had a good laugh. They drove down Canal Road to the Bayside Grill as the sun began to set. There was a crowd, but they managed to get a table overlooking the marina. They ordered a bottle of wine and some fresh fish dishes. It was a perfect night. The food was delicious and the atmosphere perfect with the boats coming in and the lights of the marina beginning to twinkle. They lingered over dessert as they finished the wine, then headed back to the house. The girls wanted to walk on the beach, so they parked, left their shoes at the foot of the stairs, and headed down to the surf line. The strolled down the beach for about half an hour before turning around and coming back as the moon rose. When they got back to the house, Leslee put on the movie and Jackie opened another bottle of wine. They all took the same seats from the previous night. Tonight, the movie was a romantic comedy that the girls seemed excited about and Bo tolerated. About an hour and several more glasses of wine in, both girls were having trouble staying awake. Leslee had her head on the back of the sofa and her eyelids were drooping lower and lower. Jackie was leaning back against the opposite corner and her head was bobbing and her eyelids fluttering. Bo watched them with a smile. Within ten minutes, Leslee’s mouth was wide open and she was snoring softly, and Jackie’s head had rolled to the side and her right arm hung limp off the side of the sofa. Bo stood and stretched, took his glass and quietly walked out to the porch.

He sat down and looked out at the blinking lights and listened to the sound of the waves crashing. There was a light breeze and Bo let out a sigh of contentment. He sipped his wine and let his mind wander. After a while, he dozed off. He was awakened an hour later by the sound of the door closing and looked up to see Leslee coming outside. She had the wine bottle and her glass, and she set them on the table before dropping into the chair beside him. She motioned with the bottle and he nodded. She refilled both their glasses.

“Have a good nap?” he asked softly.

“Um hmm,” she said with a smile.

“Where’s Jackie?” he asked.

“On the couch snoring,” Leslee said, “Between the sun and wine she’s out cold.”

Bo smiled and nodded. “It’s been a good day,” he said.

“Yes,” she agreed, “it has. I’m glad you are enjoying it. You needed a break.” As she said that, she reached over and gently touched his arm.

He nodded, sipping his wine, “Yeah, I did. You’re a great assistant. Thanks for making me look good and for taking care of me. You really are the best.”

She smiled shyly and squeezed his arm softly as she drained her wine glass. She took the bottle and filled both their glasses again. They sat quietly for a while enjoying the evening and sipping their wine.

After a time, she looked at him and said with a little slur in her voice “I hope you didn’t mind us crashing your weekend.”

He chuckled, feeling the wine a bit himself, “No. I didn’t mind. It’s been a lot more fun than it would have. Y’all are a lot of fun. Silly, but fun.”

Leslee grinned at that, and then looked at him and said, “We just wanted to make sure you relaxed. You can be kind of uptight at times, ya know.” This last was said with a wink.

“Me?” he feigned surprise, “Uptight? No!” He laughed again as he emptied his glass. He reached for the wine bottle with his left hand just as Leslee reached for it with her right. There hands touched and hers took his and squeezed it. He returned the squeeze as their eyes met. She took the bottle and sipped from it, then handed it to him. He took a pull and then set it back down on the table. Their eyes were still locked and Bo felt his heart begin to beat faster.

She licked her lips, and said softly, “You look kind of tense right now.” This last was followed by a meaningful glance at the crotch of his slacks.

Bo swallowed hard even as he felt his cock begin to tighten. Leslee reached over and put her hand on the inside of his left thigh. He shivered.

“Could I help you relax now?” she cooed, “I think I know how.”

Bo couldn’t speak; he just nodded. Leslee stood, picked up the wine bottle and a bottle of sun tan oil, and took his hand. He rose and followed her. She motioned for him to pick up a lounge chair. He did and they walked a short distance to a set of dunes. They stopped and he set up the chair facing the ocean. She motioned for him to sit down and recline the chair about half way. He did, and she nestled in beside him. She took a long pull from the wine bottle, then handed it to him and he did the same, then set it down in the sand beside the chair. Leslee leaned in and kissed him softly, then began to nuzzle his neck as her hands began to move over his him. He had one hand around her waist, and with it, he began to stroke her back and fondle her ass. He used the other to stroke her face and then ran the back of his hand slowly down the front of her body. She sighed as she continued to lick and kiss his neck. Her ministrations made him squirm as her hand found his crotch. He was already woody, and as she began to rub, he quickly got hard.

Suddenly, she sat up and straddled the chair, facing him. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Bo’s breathing quickened as he began to squeeze them through the thin fabric of the sundress. She watched him, then reached over, found the wine bottle and took another pull. Then she put the bottle to his lips. He took a swallow and some dripped from his mouth. She set the bottle down and leaned in to lick the wine off his neck. Then she began to unbutton his shirt, licking up the drops of wine that had gone down his collar. He was very hard now, the head of his cock pressing against his slacks. Leslee reached down and traced the rim of his cock head with her fingertip as her mouth found his and they kissed passionately. His hands had never left her breasts and now he could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric. He teased them lightly and she moaned softly into his mouth.

Leslee broke the kiss and pressed closer, licking his earlobe and whispering softly, “I want to pleasure you. Let me give you what you want.”

Bo nodded and Leslee pushed back again, taking another pull from the wine and giving him another too. She reached down and took his hands in hers, bringing them to her mouth and kissing them before moving them to the back of her neck and placing them on the tie of her dress. Bo grasped the strings and pulled, untying the knot and letting the strings drop. She smiled and looked down at the now sagging dress. Bo’s hands move to the top of the dress and slowly pulled it over the swell of her breasts, letting it drop to her waist.

For a moment, Bo just stared. He’d known Leslee’s breast were big. She couldn’t hide that, nor did she try. He loved the way they swayed as she moved. Leslee watched him, then leaned in again, pressing her breasts against his bare chest and kissing him. Her hand reached down and found his zipper, trying in vain to pull it over his erection. Bo reached down and helped, sliding it down as she undid the button and unhooked his belt. He raised his hips as she pushed his pants down around his ankles. His cock was rigid standing straight up and she reached down and squeezed the shaft, letting her fingertips slide down to his balls and tease them lightly. He moaned at her touch.

She sat back away from him again, pointed to the chair, and whispered, “Lay it back further.”

Bo complied, lowering the back of the chair until it was just above horizontal. Leslee straddled him, just above his erection and let her breasts hang like ripe fruit just in front of his mouth. Bo took them in his hands and began to squeeze and fondle them as his tongue began to lick over them, finding the aureola and then the bud of the nipple. He teased it with his tongue, then took it in his lips and sucked it deeply, flicking it fiercely now. She moaned and pressed her crotch against his erection, grinding against it as he moved to minister to her other nipple. She ground herself against him as he licked and sucked, his hands now moving down, searching for her panties through the dress gathered around her waist.

She took his hands and held them, pushing back again, and whispering, “No, baby. Tonight is for you.” With that she adjusted her body so that her breasts hung just below his cock and she could easily reach it with her mouth.

Bo moaned softly as she again began to rub his shaft, and he shivered as her warm tongue touched the head of his cock and began to circle it. Bo closed his eyes and lay back as Leslee’s mouth closed gently around his head, her tongue licking steadily as her hand squeezed and jacked his rigid shaft. He moaned again as she began to slowly take more of his shaft in her mouth, moving her head up and down as she sucked and licked. She used only her mouth now as her hand groped to find the sun tan oil. Finding it, she continued to suck him, his shaft throbbing, his balls tightening. She felt his hands tightening on the back of her head, and judging that she had taken him as close as she could, she released him from her mouth and sat back.

Bo’s eyes shot open and he pushed himself up, his chest heaving, rasping, “No, don’t stop baby!”

Leslee smiled and whispered, “Trust me.”

As Bo watched, she opened the sun tan oil and turned it up over her breasts. She moved the bottle side to side, letting the fragrant oil cover her breasts and drip down onto her belly. Then, her eyes locked on his, she set the bottle aside, and began to knead her breasts seductively. He reached up and began to knead them too. She smiled and poured more oil, the slick liquid covering both their hands.

After a moment, she gently pushed his hands away and whispered, “Now, hands by your sides.”

Bo complied, not quite sure what she was up to. His erection had diminished only slightly, and as her mouth returned to his cock, it quickly stiffened again. She sucked his head harder this time, finding the most sensitive places and pressing on them with her tongue as her head bobbed up and down more quickly. Bo groaned and his hips bucked as she sucked him. He was again getting close when she released him once more. His eyes opened again and this time what he saw almost made him cum immediately. Leslee was leaning over him, her hands on her breasts, positioning his cock in the valley between them. She squeezed her breasts shut on his shaft, rubbing them together, covering his shaft with oil. Then slowly, she began to move up and down, jacking his shaft with them. Each time his head popped out, she would lick it, then let it slide back down.

Bo’s chest was heaving and his heart pounding at the sight and feel of what Leslee was doing. He began to buck his hips, matching her movements with his own thrusts. In only a few moments, he was on the verge, plunging in and out of her cleavage desparately. She felt him losing control as his moans became louder and his body could no longer hold back his release. As she sensed him going over the edge, she pulled away slightly, and grabbed his shaft, jacking it even as she felt it buck. Bo cried out with pleasure as his penis shot off in Leslee’s hand. One after another, three long strands of cum erupted onto her breasts and chest, followed by more smaller ones that shot onto her chest and neck and covered her hand.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned, “Leslee, yes, umm! Oh, fuck yes, yes!”

Leslee released him as his orgasm began to subside and stood quickly, shoving her panties and dress to the ground and straddling him again. Quickly, she lowered herself onto his still erect shaft. To his surprise, she was wet and immediately impaled herself on him. She leaned over him, and began to grind. Still erect, he thrust against her and she began to moan. Her breasts bounced against his chest as she thrust herself down against him again and again. She was hot and tight and within just a few minutes, he felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft and she stiffened and arched her back. For a moment, nothing came out of her open mouth, and then she screamed in pleasure and began slamming her pussy down on him, moaning and crying with pleasure. Slowly, she came down, letting her body rest on his, their sexes still connected.

Bo just lay there smiling, holding her, enjoying the afterglow as much as he ever had.

She stirred on top of him and slurred, “You relax’n now, baby?”

“Yes,” he whispered, “Thank you.”

She looked up at him and smiled drowsily and winked.

“Come on,” he said gently helping her up, “Don’t want some little kid to find us like this in the morning.”

They arose, got their clothes, and stumbled back to the house, Bo half carrying her. When they got back, he guided her to the bathroom and quickly and lovingly cleaned the cum and oil from her chest before guiding her into her room and laying her down on her pillow. She was out immediately. Bo was exhausted too and stopped only to cover Jackie with a blanket before stumbling to his room and collapsing into a deep sleep.

Sunday morning, they all slept late. Bo arose about 9am and took a shower. He wandered out into the living room to find Jackie gone and heard the heard the shower running in the second bath. He peeked into the bedroom where Leslee was and found her still sound asleep. Smiling, he fixed coffee and prepared some fruit and bagels. After a few minutes, Jackie came out, stretching and yawning. Bo smiled and greeted her and fixed her a plate of food. They chatted amicably over breakfast before heading out to the porch to finish their coffee. Leslee finally arose and showered and joined them on the porch with a plate of food and a mug of steaming coffee.

“Morning sleepy head,” Jackie teased with a smile, “You sure slept in. Did you stay up too late or what?”

Leslee studied her plate with a demure smile, and said coyly, “It was so pretty, I took a late night walk on the beach.”

“That’s kind of dangerous isn’t it? Out that late by yourself?” Jackie asked.

Leslee blushed slightly and said softly, “Who said I went by myself.”

Jackie looked from Bo to Leslee and back and smiled, then suddenly changed the subject, “So, what are we lazy bums going to do today?”

The forecast called for rain in the afternoon, so they decided to go to the beach for a little while in the morning. They all changed and headed to the beach, enjoying another day in the surf. It was hotter and more crowded than the day before, so after about an hour, they headed back and cleaned up and then went out to The Oyster House for Po-Boys. While they were there, they decided to pick up some food at the store so they wouldn’t have to get out again in the event that it stormed. They picked up steaks and the trimmings, plus more wine and what they needed to make margaritas By the time they headed home, it was nearly 3pm and they could hear thunder. About the time they got in the house, the bottom fell out and it began to rain. They put the food in the fridge except for the margarita ingredients.

“I’ve been here two days and I haven’t had a margarita,” said Jackie, “I’m making one. Anyone else?” Bo and Leslee shrugged and agreed. As the blender whirred, they decided to play Phase 10. They got out the cards and dealt just as Jackie finished the drinks.

She brought them each a glass and then raised hers in a toast: “To long weekends, good friends, and good times. Cheers!”

They clinked glasses and each took a big gulp of their drink. Leslee immediately coughed, her eyes bugging out as she swallowed.

“Dear God, girl, how much tequila did you put in here?” she gasped.

“A lot,” said Jackie with a grin. “I made enough for everyone to have two,” she said, taking a long pull from her glass.

They began the game, playing and laughing and drinking. After two hours, they had all finished two margaritas Bo had a strong buzz and the girls were drunk. The Phase 10 game had come to a close and the rain was still pouring outside as another squall moved in.

“New game!” Leslee cried, grabbing the cards, “Poker!”

Jackie stumbled back from the bathroom and said, “Poker? That’s boring! If you wanna play that, we’re gonna play strip poker!” She said this last with a provocative look and a wicked, drunken grin.

Bo and Leslee giggled and agreed. Jackie went to the counter, opened a new bottle of tequila, and brought it to the table. “When someone loses a hand, they remove a piece of clothing. If someone folds, they take a drink,” she said with a grin. Again, Bo and Leslee agreed and Jackie dealt the first hand. The game progressed quickly and soon, all of them were in their underwear. Bo had lost fewer hands and, so was a tad more sober, but was still only in boxers. The girls were down to bras and panties and Bo was trying not to stare. As the current hand wound down, Leslee folded and Jackie lost to Bo.

“Damn,” she said with a grin. As Leslee took a pull from the bottle, Jackie stood and walked over to Bo. With feigned shyness, she cooed, ” You’re going to have to help me get this off. I can’t get it in my drunken state.”

With that, she grinned devilishly and sat on his lap. Leslee looked on with a crooked smile as Bo unhooked Jackie’s bra and slowly pushed it down her arms. As he did, he felt his cock twitch in his boxers. He let the garment drop and she rose and turned and made a show of bowing to him, giving him a full view of her swaying tits.

“Thank you, sir,” she said with a grin and returned to her seat.

The next hand was won by Jackie. Bo had folded and Leslee lost. Bo took the bottle and took a drink as Leslee rose unsteadily, and with a drunken grin, went and sat on Jackie’s lap, giving Bo a wink as she went. Jackie giggled and unhooked Leslee’s bra, then reached up and gently pulled the straps down, letting it fall to the floor as her ample breasts spilled out. Bo stared and felt his cock begin to tighten. Leslee turned and gave Jackie a peck on the cheek, before returning to her seat. No one spoke as the next hand was dealt. It was a bad hand. Both Jackie and Bo folded, and took a drink. The following hand, Bo won, with Leslee losing and Jackie folding. Leslee grinned and stood and moved around the table to Bo. He swallowed hard as she turned away from him and slurred, “Cou’ you hel’ me get these pani’s off, please sir?”

They all giggled and the girls watched expectantly as Bo reached up and gently slid Leslee’s panties over her hips and let them drop to the floor. She looked over her shoulder at him, and then bent at the waist and picked them up, wiggling her ass at him playfully before returning unsteadily to her seat. Bo’s cock twitched again, and he hoped he wouldn’t’ have a woody if he lost.

The following hand saw Bo and Leslee fold and drink. Then, on the next one, Leslee folded, leaving Jackie and Bo. Bo looked at his cards and decided Jackie was bluffing and called. He was wrong. Both girls got big grins on their faces and looked at him expectantly. With a grin, Bo rose and moved to Jackie.

“Could you help me with these please, sweetheart?” he said with feigned seriousness. Jackie grinned like a cat and reached for the top of his boxers, slowly pulling them down and letting them fall to the floor. Bo bent over like Leslee had and shook his ass at Jackie as he picked them up. They all laughed as he returned to his seat.

Jackie jumped up and shouted, “I win!” and proceeded to dance around the table. They all laughed. Then, she stopped and said with great seriousness, “I don’t want y’all to feel awkward, so, I’m gonna take my panties off too.” And with that she shoved her panties to the floor, bent at the waist to get them and wiggled her ass at both of them. They all giggled again.

Then, Jackie stood up and proclaimed, “Since I won, I get to pick the next game.” Bo and Leslee groaned. “This one’s easier,” she said with a grin, “we’re gon’ play spin the bottle.” Both Bo and Leslee protested as she retrieved an empty wine bottle and set it on the table. “I spin first,” she said, giving it a spin. The bottle spun and slowed, finally pointing to Leslee. Jackie grinned and leaned over and kissed Leslee softly on the cheek. Leslee smiled, shrugged, and spun. When the bottle stopped, it was pointing at Bo. She leaned over and gave him a peck, her swaying breasts, brushing his arm as she did. Bo smiled, trying to will his cock not to get hard. It twitched slightly as if a small charge had gone through him. He spun the bottle and it fell to Jackie. He leaned over, intending to kiss her cheek, but she turned her head so that their lips brushed. She smiled at him as he leaned back, and spun again. It pointed at Bo again. Jackie leaned in and kissed his lips again, teasing them with her tongue. Bo’s cock twitched again, rolling, to the side and getting slightly longer. He was sure Jackie noticed as she gave him a grin. He said nothing, but spun again. This time, it fell to Leslee, and he leaned over. She turned her face to his and as they kissed, she let her hand slide lightly up his thigh and back. His penis unfurled more and the girls shared a look. Leslee spun now, and it fell to Jackie. She leaned over and Jackie met her halfway as they kissed briefly, but deeply. Jackie spun again, and it fell to Leslee. She leaned over and the two kissed deeply; a lingering passionate, kiss. Bo’s cock began to rise. Jackie spun and this time it fell to Bo. She got on all fours and leaned in, kissing him deeply, gently brushing her fingertips over his chest, down his belly, brushing his shaft as she pulled back. His heart was pounding and his cock at half mast as he spun. It fell to Leslee. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss, leaning in so that her tits brushed the head of his swelling cock. He leaned back and looked at Jackie and saw that she had her hand between her legs. No one said anything for a long moment, and then Leslee rose, turned toward the bedroom and beckoned them to follow.

The bedroom was crowded with the three of them in the small room. Leslee put her arms around both of them and they shared a hug and kisses. Then, she motioned for Bo to sit on the bed with his back against the headboard and he complied. As he watched, Leslee and Jackie faced each other and kissed passionately, their hands running over each others bodies hungrily. They continued this for several minutes, and then lay down on either side of him. They turned so that one was lying against both of his sides and began to kiss each other across him. Their breasts were pressing against him and he could hear their soft moans and feel their warm breath. He sighed with pleasure. Then, they began to kiss down his torso, dragging their breasts against him as they went. When they reached his crotch, Jackie took his head in her lips and began to suck lightly as Leslee began to squeeze and jack on his shaft. The girls kissed over his cock, their tongues flirting with each other over his aching penis.

The girls raised up and kissed again. Then, Leslee lay back beside Bo and Jackie moved between her legs. They kissed again as Bo rolled on his side and begin to touch and caress them. Jackie kissed Leslee and then began to lick down her body, paying special attention to her breasts, then moving lower. By the time she got to Leslee’s sex, Leslee’s legs were parted and she pulled Jackie’s mouth to her, begging her to lick it. Jackie was skilled and Leslee was quite horny as evidenced by the short time it took for Leslee to orgasm. She bucked and moaned her release, moaning Jackie’s name as she climaxed. It took all Bo could do not to cum right then. It was so sensual.

Jackie sat up and moved over to sit on Bo’s lap. She looked at him with desire, and began to kiss him. He returned her kisses passionately, enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest and the feel of her ass in his hands. The feel of her moist sex was divine as she pressed her pussy against his shaft and ground against it. Jackie shifted her position and Bo slipped easily into her. They both let out moans of pleasure and began to move together. Bo was about to lose control, when Jackie suddenly pulled back and off of him, guided by Leslee. She guided Jackie to lie down between them and began to kiss her. Bo turned and began to kiss Jackie’s right breast as his hand moved down between her legs. She moaned as he began to stroke her pussy. His fingers quickly slid inside and found her clit. He stroked firmly and steadily, slowly increasing the tempo as Leslee continued to kiss and fondle her. Jackie began to thrust her pussy against Bo’s hand, groaning and pushing against him as she reached her climax. Without warning, her whole body stiffened and she breathed deeply and then screamed with pleasure. Her body bucked against Bo’s hand, writhing with pleasure. Bo let her down slowly even as Leslee began to kiss lower, moving over Jackie’s stomach and hips.

Jackie’s chest was heaving as she watched Leslee; her eyes wild with lust. Leslee’s head went down and she began to lick and rub Jackie again. Bo leaned over and kissed Jackie passionately. She returned it with fervor, kissing him deeply, hungrily. He could feel her beginning to respond to Leslee, her body moving to meet Leslee’s tongue. She growled deep in her throat, a primal sound of lust and desperation as she felt the second wave coming on. It crashed over her and she let out a long, low cry of pleasure, begging Leslee not to stop. Finally, Leslee brought her back down. Bo stroked her hair and watched her face. Every bit of tension was gone. Leslee moved up on the other side of her and laid her breast against Jackie’s cheek. Within several minutes, Jackie’s eyelids were drooping. She tried to fight it, but the combination of her double orgasm and the alcohol made it a losing battle. Her head lolled against Leslee’s breast. Her eyes closed and breathing became deep and regular. Leslee looked at Bo and smiled as she rose and padded to the door, beckoning him to follow.

They stumbled across the living room to his bedroom and she turned to face him. He nodded and guided her back to the bed. She lay down and he knelt over her letting his eyes move over her body. He took her arms and spread them, placing a pillow over each. She looked at him questioningly and he mouthed, “Trust me.”

She nodded as he leaned over and kissed her deeply. He kissed down her neck, over her magnificent breasts and then over her tummy. As he neared her pussy, he heard her groan with anticipation as she let her legs fall open. Bo looked up and made eye contact as he began to gently rub her pussy. It was moist and warm and opened easily to his touch. He began to fuck her with his fingertips, gently and not too deep as his tongue searched for her clit. Finding it, he began to circle it slowly. Leslee’s breathing was ragged and she was groaning as he continued to minister to her. He could feel her passion rising and he increased the tempo. Her hips were bucking up at his face now as she neared the top. When he felt she could take no more, he pulled out and looked up.

“No!” she whimpered, “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

“I want to cum in you,” he whispered as he moved up and positioned himself over her.

“Yes,” she moaned, “Yes!”

He put his head against her pussy and pressed and it sank in easily. Both of them moaned as her wetness enveloped his throbbing member. He went all the way in, putting minimal friction on the head of his cock while using the pressure of his body to continue to drive her toward orgasm. It worked. Leslee immediately began to moan as he moved inside her. She pushed against him, the pressure of his shaft against her clit becoming more than she could take. She bucked and cried out as she came. As she did, he pulled back and began to piston his cock in and out of her, pounding her pussy, her breasts shaking with each thrust. Bo wanted, needed to fill this beautiful creature with his cum and it wasn’t long until he could wait no longer. He drew it out as long as he could, tensing his muscles for one, two more thrusts.

“Uhh, ohhhh YES!” he cried, “Yes, baby, oh Leslee!”

His cock seemed to burst, load after hot thick load shooting into her. She squeezed her inner muscles, milking his cock, the pleasure more than he had ever felt. It lasted several minutes and when it ended, he lay atop her, his cock still buried in her, his face next to hers on the pillow. She kissed him softly, her eyes glassy. He returned the kiss drowsily.

“You’re the best,” she mumbled as she drifted off. Bo smiled as he too fell asleep, letting his head rest on one of her soft breasts. What a weekend. Mmmm.

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