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She was waiting on the landing as I came out of the bathroom, a finger to her lips to indicate silence, her other hand on her partially open bedroom door handle. She smiled and raised her eyebrows in a silent question but my flushed cheeks must have given her the answer before I smiled back and nodded.

My lips framed a silent “Thank you” but she shook her head as her smile widened. “OK?” her lips moved but no sound was forthcoming and I nodded. “Wonderful” I mouthed back. She looked pointedly at my crotch and made a little masturbating movement with her hand her eyebrows still raised in a silent question.

The reddening in my face deepened as I nodded and held my fingers to my face as if I was sniffing something then stuck my tongue to lick at something invisible in my hand. I then made an action as if I was opening something and holding it in front of my cock and made the same wanking movement at which her eyes partially closed and her face registered a look of sheer lust as her hand went to her crotch and pressed it.

I nodded towards her then the bathroom door in a silent enquiry and she nodded back. This time it was my turn to make a masturbating action with my two middle fingers near my crotch and again she nodded but also stuck out her tongue as if licking something.

I knew exactly what she meant, she was going to go and lick my fresh sperm of the crotch of her dirty panties she had left half hanging from the laundry basket for me to find while she wanked herself off.

I stood aside and indicated for her to go and she then shut her bedroom door quite loudly. We exchanged a few words in normal voices for the benefit of Debbie, my wife downstairs before she sidled past me with a broad smile on her now very red face. As she passed I felt the back of her hand brush my re-awakening penis before she disappeared and I heard the lock go.

I went down and sat to watch the television, a daytime soap that was absorbing my wife, but my thoughts were firmly on what my sister in law was doing in the bathroom.

At 50, Ellie was a woman you probably wouldn’t give a second glance to if you passed her in the street. Divorced with two children who had long since left home, she was slightly chubby with long prematurely graying hair she always wore in a ponytail, and glasses perched on her little snub nose. She was certainly no page 3 model but those who got to know her came to realize she was an earthy woman who had no qualms about taking care of her own needs…or arranging for someone to do it for her.

She had several times over the years made reference to her “little electric friend” in the bedside cabinet and Debbie once told me she was getting all the sex she needed from her work colleagues both male and female. Quite how she knew this I don’t know but it could only have been through a previously shared confidence.

And now here she was, in all probability, licking my semen from her panties as she fingered herself to orgasm. Was she sitting on the toilet with her thighs splayed and her panties — if she was wearing any — round her ankles, or was she standing with one foot up on the edge of the bath, the gusset pulled to one side as she pleasured herself? Was she just rubbing her slit through the material, wetting it deliciously in the process?

I could feel my penis thickening although in truth it had never got completely flaccid since I came a few minutes earlier. There was too much eroticism for that, none of which thankfully Debbie was aware of.

The soap droned on and I heard the muted sound of the flush going in the toilet upstairs, a signal that she would shortly join us again, her needs sated at least for a while.

We don’t often visit her, it’s not a local journey, but about once a month we find ourselves in a similar position to that today. Debbie likes to catch up with her from time to time, share the latest gossip, hear about the kids etc., so here we were.

It had all started quite innocently some visits ago at a time when I used to look forward to them with little enthusiasm. Then it had been my place to sit bored in front of the television while the two of them gossiped about families, neighbours and anyone else that came to mind, chatting endlessly usually in the kitchen.

I had gone to the bathroom for a pee and just thought I’d take a look inside the laundry basket which she kept in there. I lifted the lid and laying on top was a pair of panties which begged further investigation. I have always had a thing about used panties and sniff any that I can get hold of including Debbies but sadly there’s hardly any stains or smell in hers these days.

I picked them up and opened them to look at the gusset and it was stained heavily with a white discharge. I couldn’t believe my luck and raised them to my nose to inhale a quite strong aroma of cunt and dried piss while masturbating my very rapidly hardening cock. I inhaled deeply then pushed the tip of my tongue against the material to taste the salty and slightly acidic taste of what had come from her body.

It was all too much for me and before I knew it my cock was spitting my spunk into the toilet bowl as I held the material to my face. I don’t know how it happened but the next thing was the panties had slipped from my hand and dropped into the bowl. I reached to grab them quickly and fortunately only a small part of them had got into the water, but as I examined them I saw they had fallen onto my sperm on the rim of the bowl.

Franticly I tried to rub it off with my handkerchief and mainly succeeded but they were still wet from the water so I carefully put them back in the laundry basked arranging them so the wet part was underneath. I cleaned myself and the toilet up and went downstairs and sat quietly for the rest of our stay.

For the next few days I was petrified every time the phone rang thinking it was her ringing to tell Debbie what she had found when she went to do the washing, but that never happened so I calmed down.

A few weeks later we headed over to see her again and my anxiety returned and grew the closer we got but when she greeted us at the door it was all very friendly and within a few minutes the two of them were chatting away like mad.

Part way through their chat Debbies phone rang, one of the grand daughters, and while she was talking I asked Ellie if it was ok for me to use the toilet. That mornings’ drink and another cup of tea were making their presence felt. Checking that Debbie wasn’t watching she nodded quickly and a sly smile crept onto her face. I didn’t know if that meant she knew or not but I suddenly felt very wary about going upstairs.

She picked up on my hesitation and said it was fine to go up adding that everything was neat and tidy. As I passed her I saw the smile again and felt a little uneasy. I locked the bathroom door and had my piss looking around to see if the laundry basket was still there and it was. Before I put my cock away I thought a quick peek inside wouldn’t do any harm so gently lifted the lid.

The sight that greeted me left no doubt that she did know!

There laying on top of the other clothes was a pair of her panties, dark ones that had been carefully opened and arranged so the heavily stained gusset was completely and immediately on view. There was no way they had gone like that from being thrown or dropped in there, she had taken the trouble to lay them out for maximum impact.

I groaned inwardly at such a wonderful gift and picked them up to hold them against my nose and mouth. The smell was fantastic and fresh and the stain still felt a little damp. I touched it with my tongue and immediately the salty taste made my cock lurch and harden rapidly. I wanked as I smelt and tasted Ellies intimate juices and it wasn’t long before I felt the usual sensations of an imminent climax.

I held my cock over the toilet as I came, breathing in deeply the wonderful scent of her slit, glob after glob of thick white cum spitting onto the porcelain.

When I had finished I had an idea. Taking the gusset I carefully wiped the last little drip of my cum onto it taking care to put it in the middle of her stain. Then I carefully folded them up and put them in the basket leaving her in no doubt that I had taken and used them.

As I went downstairs I could hear Debbie was still in full flow on the phone and Ellie indicated she was going to the kitchen to make another pot of tea and for me to join her. Once there and with the door partially closed so we could hear my wife, she asked me softly if everything was alright at the same time indicating upstairs with a nod of her head.

I felt myself colouring even more as I nodded.

“I saw what happened last time you were here,” she said softly, “and I was surprised how much it turned me on.”

She went on. “To think that you’d looked at them and perhaps smelt my…well, you know, excited me so much. You did smell them didn’t you?”

I nodded.

“Did you smell those upstairs?”

I nodded again. “And tasted them.”

“Oh fuck.” she mouthed and her eyes half closed, “they were this morning’s.”

It was a bizarre conversation carried out in hushed tones against the background of my wife’s ongoing telephone conversation in the other room. It all felt unreal.

“I was frightened you’d notice last time and tell her.” I said softly as I indicated Debbie with a nod of my head. “I was so worried.”

She shook her head vigorously. “Do you still fuck?” she mouthed.

I shook my head. “Never, she doesn’t want to.”

“I can believe that,” she whispered, “she always seemed a bit uptight about things to do with sex.”

I nodded and smiled ruefully. How right she was.

She busied herself making the tea as the kettle had boiled then turned to me again.

“Did you…?” she whispered looking down at my crotch and making a little masturbating movement with her hand. I nodded.

“Good. Did any get on them?”

“A little.” I whispered back. Her smile widened. She put all the tea things on a tray and I carried it into the lounge expecting her to follow but she left the kitchen and went straight upstairs. ‘She’s gone to put things straight’ I thought as I heard the bathroom lock click.

Debbie was still chatting into the phone as I poured the drinks and sat down and it was a few minutes before I heard the quiet sound of the flush and the bathroom door open. When she came down Ellies eyes were bright and her face flushed, and standing behind Debbie she mouthed a silent ‘thank you’. I smiled back and was astonished to see her tongue come out and make an unmistakable licking action as she raised her open hand in front of her face.

As we could tell the telephone call was coming to an end we sat down and tried to assume as normal a family situation as possible but it was difficult for the two of us. Once the tea was finished we left but Ellies goodbye kiss and hug was accompanied by a softly whispered ‘thank you’ in my ear. I felt quite elated on the drive home which confused Debbie who thought I looked forward to our visits there with the same degree of glee as one to the dentist!

That evening before bed I went to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet reviewed the events of the day. Ellie had astonished me with her candour and openness about something so erotic and intimate, and I imagined her tasting my spunk at the moment she came herself. Needless to say it all had an effect on me and a different piece of porcelain was the recipient of my second lot of spunk that day.

It was about 3 weeks later before we visited again, a little sooner than I had expected but at Ellies request during a telephone call to Debbie. Apparently she needed advice on a dress for a wedding she had been invited to and needed her sisters help.

This time there was no apprehension on my part and not long after we arrived I made my excuse to use the bathroom. I was not disappointed. There, carefully laid out on top of the other clothes were her panties, again dark ones but this time quite obviously very wet. I guessed she had taken them off not long before we arrived and they smelt and tasted absolutely heavenly. This time there was no holding back or need to be careful and eventually I emptied my balls into them to add my discharge to hers.

When I had finished I very carefully closed them and put them back in the basket but with a blouse that was also in there just lightly covering them. I didn’t want Debbie to see them if she should happen to look in there as well.

When I came out she was waiting on the landing her finger to her lips…

I look forward to visiting my sister-in-law now!

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