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Awaiting the Plane

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I enjoy recalling erotic encounters that occurred during my high testosterone years prior to my marriage. I was an enthusiastic but by no means accomplished swordsman, far from it. The memories of those few successful trysts remain clearly fixed in my mind. For some reason my most rewarding conquests were with “older” women.

I have no idea why there was this attraction between some women and myself despite them being 20 to 30 years my senior.

I did not seek them out; they were all totally unplanned events. I have always felt an attraction to women in the 35 to 60 year age group. They exude a level of confidence in themselves based on experience in life that makes them very desirable. My last of several encounters with such a woman happened about a year after college.

I had been hired to work in a new mine located in a remote location. The times were akin to the famous gold rushes of earlier times. The sky was full of floatplanes carrying men and supplies to remote areas. The small towns and villages nearest to the area were the ‘jump off’ places for exploration crews; wild men with shining eyes hoping to strike it rich.

Access to my new jobsite was via bush plane from just such a small town in Northern Quebec located about 200 miles distant over bush, lakes and rivers. The only access road to the mines required a drive of over 1,000 miles. On my arrival at the seaplane base, a dozen men and one woman were looking morosely at the low overcast skies. I was told that the weather would not likely allow us to fly that day.

Jacques, our pilot, called two others and myself to the desk to ask if we would like him to make arrangements for a night at one of two local hotels. There was one older man and a very tall lady about 40 or so in our group. She appeared uncomfortable in these surroundings, acting very much like a ‘city’ gal and avoiding eye contact with others.

We all accepted and Jacques carried the woman’s suitcases for her as we walked the half-mile to the hotel. After I checked in I sought out Jacques in the bar and asked him what there was to do in town. He grinned and said “This is about it, this hotel and one other. If you like, drop in to the lounge about 9 tonight. Join us at our regular table and you can relax, listen to music and maybe dance with a lady.”

I joined him later in the lounge. Small Quebec towns always seemed to have at least one lounge where one could relax in a pleasant atmosphere. He stood and beckoned me over to a table where he sat with eight or ten guys and gals. I only spoke “underground French”, not terribly useful in social situations, but in those days at least, most Quebecers in that area could speak English and at the first sign of you struggling they kindly switched. This made it more difficult to learn the language.

The men at the table contributed five bucks each to a pot to buy drinks, while the woman had a free ride. Which was probably why the gals out numbered the guys at this table. There was no heavy drinking, just music and dancing and pleasant conversation.

It also appeared that none of the girls were hooked up with any of the guys and I managed to strike up conversations with one or two of them and enjoyed a few nice warm dances. I walked one lady home and we necked on the veranda of her parent’s home. However, Quebec girls of the time always wanted to see a ring in their future before the panties came off, so finally she removed my hand from her ass cheeks and kissed me a ‘Bonsoir’. I was happy enough.

The weather was not good in the morning, so after a few hours at the base we all struggled back to the hotel. I had a packsack so was free to help the older lady with her suitcases. Her name was Mary. She was quite attractive and looked so much better smiling.

It turned out that she was the wife of the Mine Manager at the mine where I would be working. She was from the south and this was her first time into the bush. Her husband and a new house were waiting her arrival. Any thoughts that I had about getting some sack time during our layover were pretty much removed from my curious mind. She indicated that she was happy to find someone to chat with, but was hoping this would be the last night in this little town.

Mary was in the dining room later that evening and smiled and motioned me to join her. Boss’s wife or not, I was happy for the company. We chatted away about little things, she was very curious about my background and my job at her husband’s mine. Her manner was very soft and becoming and much less severe than had been my first impressions at the base. Her pale blue eyes were made more striking by her jet-black hair and white skin. Her full breasts were set on a slender body with a delightful round ass.

She sighed about the long evening ahead and so I told her about the lounge and that I intended to kill some time there that night. “I peeked in there last night,” she said, “but did not have the courage to go in. Every one looked so young.”

I had just joined the regulars later that evening, when I noticed her sitting in a small booth near the entrance to the lounge. I asked the guys if it would be okay to invite her to the table and they readily agreed. They were as curious as I about this tall distant lady in their midst. She was obviously expecting the invitation and accepted it quickly.

She was wearing slacks and sweater and apologized for the lack of a more appropriate outfit, but in fact she looked quite charming. The other ladies were of course all wearing the latest fashions, so typical of unmarried Quebec girls. No matter how far away from the big city they were, they always stayed current.

Mary relaxed as the evening went on, and danced with two of the guys. I was in sort of a quandary, wanting to dance with her but wary of offending a future boss’s wife.

The next day was more of the same, no flying but of course there was a “good chance” we would fly tomorrow. Mary joined me for dinner and then showed up again at the lounge that evening. She was even more relaxed, her hair loose and eyes alive. She looked great.

One of the older guys, Eduard, danced with her several times. I was getting a little jealous, watching his hand slide down her back to caress her ass as they danced; a very common dance hold in Quebec. I had the feeling that Mary was enjoying this free time.

I had danced with a few of the other girls; Quebec girls always enjoyed dancing and never turned an offer down. I always loved them for that. And despite accepting that it would not result in anything more intimate, it was extremely pleasant to feel their breasts and hips tight against mine, seemingly relaxed at the feel of your hard cock rubbing them occasionally.

Mary smiled knowingly at me as I returned to the table partially hunched over with a dance erection. She nodded her head to the floor in invitation.

I was still hard and as she slipped into my arms, her long slender body felt quite different from the smaller ladies. I was trying to keep my ass back far enough so as not to rub my erection on her. She whispered in my ear, “Relax Jim, and enjoy the evening.”

My hand slid down her back almost of its own volition, pressing her hips close to mine until my cock rubbed firmly against her hip. She glued her entire body against me, moving her hips until her mound was grinding my cock. Suddenly I was dancing with a woman, not my boss’s wife.

She pulled back a little until we could see each other’s face and eyes. “We better stop this right now,” she murmured. My heart stopped, I was not expecting to hear that.

“I will leave in a few minutes.” She pressed her hips to mine and slowly moved them, rubbing her mound on my stiff cock. “My door will be open until midnight. Don’t knock, just come in.” She smiled, leaned in and kissed my neck as the music stopped.

I guided her back to the table, holding her at the waist, bumping her butt occasionally. She squeezed my hand and said to the others, “Goodnight all, tomorrow morning comes early and I hope to be able to fly. Thank you all for the pleasure of the last few days, it was such a delight getting to know all of you.” She sounded very gracious and sincere and a few of them stood and gave her a hug and cheek kiss.

I tried to act nonchalant after she left, kidding and talking with the others, dancing an occasional dance with one of the ladies. But my mind was upstairs, wondering what delights awaited me.

I slowly opened her door and poked my head in, wondering if this was all real and whether I had misunderstood her invitation. She was sitting up in her bed talking on the telephone. She was wearing a light gown with her legs under the covers. She smiled and waved me in. A bedside lamp provided the only light and focused the entire scene on this beautiful woman. The thought occurred that maybe I was out of my weight class. I could see one breast through an opening in the gown as she waved and beckoned to me to come to the bed.

“Can’t wait to see you my love,” she was saying, “it’s been too long. Hm, I know, I want the same thing honey.” She covered the mouthpiece of the phone and lip-synched ‘go shower’ to me. Her hair was still damp; obviously she had just showered as well. The possibility of a blowjob leaped to my fertile mind. To that point, older women had provided my only oral sex.

As she returned her attention to the phone she pulled the gown further apart, exposing both breasts and her midsection down to the blanket. I reached down and tugged the blanket down to her knees. Her response was to casually open the robe the rest of the way; ‘is this what you want?’ was her unspoken retort. Her full black bush showed stark against the chalk whiteness of her belly and hips.

Her eyes were heavy as she looked up at me, toying with a nipple while saying, “Anything honey, anything you want, are you hard now lover? Ah damn, want you on me and in me. Tomorrow night babe!” She waved me away to shower.

The shower took me all of three minutes. That which I had sought almost every day of my life was waiting for me in a bed. The fact that I was about to hump the wife of my soon to be boss was no longer registering as an issue.

I did not have a muscular build, more long and lithe than anything, but I had never shied from exposing my body to women, either at a beach or in more intimate circumstances. But on this occasion I did pull my shorts back on before returning to her bedside. She was staring right at my midsection and reached out to rub my cock through my shorts. This lady was primed and ready to fuck. She wanted to be in command, and I was quite easy with that. She tugged the waistband of my shorts down and then ran her fingers around my exposed knob.

“Hold that thought honey, you get it all tomorrow. Ah damn lover, you can put it anywhere you want to, I am so ready for you. You have me so horny I have to get off now. Yeah babe, right here in bed, think of me thinking of you.” With that, she circled my cock with her fingers and slid them down my shaft.

I quickly removed my shorts and bent to slip two fingers between her legs each side of her already wet slit. Mary closed her eyes, one hand pressing down on mine, and whispered, “Night my sweet, tomorrow,” and hung up the phone.

I lay beside her; she was on her back with legs spread and breasts splayed each side of her body. “Oh God,” she groaned, “I need to be touched.” She turned her head to face me as I ran my hot palm up her inner thigh. “Slow Jim, slow, awaken every nerve end in my body.” I allowed the edge of my hand to barely touch her oozing slit and bent my head to capture a nipple.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she breathed guiding my mouth back and forth between hard nipples. I rubbed her slit with the top edge of my hand, my fingers aching to slip inside of her. She raised and spread her knees in invitation. I slipped one finger in to the first knuckle as I continued to feed on her nipples. She groaned and arched her body upwards trying for all of it.

I pulled the finger out and sucked it. She almost got off, “Oh God, what are you doing?” No answer needed, I slipped it back into her. “Goodness Jim, have you ever-” she stopped herself as I slipped my sloppy finger back into her, all the way this time.

I rolled on top of her, placing myself between her legs. I could feel her bush rubbing my chest as my mouth explored the valley between her tits. I used my tongue in long vertical suggestive licks, simulating what I would do between her legs. I looked up at her, questioning without words. She bit her lips, staring down at me, and began to push me down.

“Oh God, I’ve never, I’ve never,” her voice trailed off as I reacted to the pressure, kissing my way down her belly.

I used my nose to rub her mound and bush, as she hesitantly raised her legs over my shoulders. My face was between her legs and my mouth and nose right at her pussy lips. I hovered over the red gash, the lips pulsing in anticipation. I kissed the soft velvet skin of her inner thighs, inches below her pussy. I breathed on it without touching. She could not contain herself and lifted her hips, aching to feel my mouth on her.

I flicked my tongue, once, twice and then squashed it against the full length of her slit, rubbing from her butt hole to the quivering clit. She jerked as if shocked by an electrical current. I lifted up, “are you okay?” I burbled.

She pulled my head back down in response. I toyed with her clit, flicking at it with my tongue tip, closing my lips around the tip of it, sucking gently. Mary was vibrating, her knees pressed against my head, her hands pulling my mouth tight to her. She was close to coming.

I had an urgent need to bury my throbbing cock in her and lifted up off of her to my knees; her legs rising up on my shoulders as I frantically jammed my cock in between her legs. This sudden move surprised her; she was obviously not ready for such a quick change of direction. “Slow Jim, no rush, take it easy.”

I paused in that position, my cock lying along her upraised slit. The poor lady was almost up on her shoulders, her neck jammed ahead at an angle. She eased her legs down until her knees were positioned each side of me. She smiled up at me, and reached down to press my cock along her lips, moving slightly back and forth. She said, “I had forgotten how aggressive a young man can be. But wait until we lose ourselves, hmm, when you are in me.” She was feeling my balls and teasing my knob, circling it with a fingertip with that soft urgency that only a woman can convey.

She moved her hips, positioning herself to receive me; her eyes opaque now as only one thought took control of her body. She bit her lips as I worked my knob between her pussy lips, still moving her butt, seeking the right angle for my entry. I was pressing hard and then suddenly she opened for me and my cock slid right up her until our pubic bones clashed. I could feel her pussy relax and become soft and hot; velvety tongues licking at my cock as I stroked her. She only said, “Slow down” once.

And then we were off together, the wish to control our lovemaking lost in the wild need to get off. My first release inside her ignited her own response and we humped crazily, bodies meshed together, stifled moans and groans filling the air.

I rolled off of her to my side. Reality struck me as I realized that I had just fucked my new boss’s wife. But she showed no remorse, and I pushed the thoughts from my mind.

“That was wonderful Jim. I really wanted that. I have never been unfaithful before, but these last few days have seemed like I was living another life. I have never been alone in nightclub or bar or anywhere else without a husband in tow. I felt so damn free and in charge of my pleasure and myself. I wanted an affair to end it, and luckily you are here for it. I loved when you went down on me; I have always wondered how it would feel. It was marvellous.”

I said, “I guess that surprises me, oral sex is pretty much accepted these days. And we are in Quebec after all, that was a real French kiss’,” I grinned.

She laughed and said, “I never knew that. I have missed out on many parts of being young. I was only 16 when I first married an older man, and didn’t have a normal late teen life. He died and I remarried just a few years ago, once again to an older man. They were both wonderful men, but I have missed much of the pleasure of trying my wild side and never did get to sow any wild oats. These last few days on the edge of the wilderness have been a revelation to me. And I have you to thank for it.”

She rolled to her side, a breast and nipple rubbing my shoulder and she leaned in to kiss me with soft lips and the flick of her tongue tip. She felt my cock move against her hip, “my goodness, already?” she teased. She crawled on top of me, and moved up until her nipples teased my face. “Have some, I didn’t get enough first time,” she giggled.

I circled one nipple with my tongue and then sucked it in deep, pinching it with my lips, teasing it with my teeth. She pushed up on her extended arms to move the other nipple to my mouth. I repeated the process, almost biting the tit.

By this time, I was hard again, my cock jammed up along her thighs. She moved to get it between her legs. She was all juicy and sticky, but apparently not as fastidious as she had been at the beginning. She moved upwards to her knees, carefully keeping my cock in place, and then reached down to center it under her open hole.

She looked very beautiful, tits dangling at just the right angle, belly button in the middle of her very white belly, her stark black triangle bush pointing down at my cock, and her eyes opaque once more, focused only on pleasure and release.

“Let me show you something, let me arouse you as you did me with your tongue.” I was suddenly thinking ‘blow job’ but it was not to be. “Stay still, let me play with you, just lay back and get off whenever you wish.” Her pussy lips had just surrounded the head of my cock, sucking at it like a mouth. She turned and twisted on it, eyes fixed on mine, reading the pleasure she was giving me. She began to descend on the shaft, still turning, twisting and sucking until her ass cheeks were grinding on my hips. Her tits swayed in front of my eyes, nipples hard as jujubes.

She lowered her upper body until her tits rubbed my chest, her movements now more up and down as her butt rose and fell at a faster pace. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both of my hands, massaging and tugging at them, pulling them apart. She was into her own pleasure now, and she fucked me as if it was she that had a cock.

My fingertips dug into the crease between her cheeks, one finger pressing against her butt hole as she bounced wildly. I felt her cheeks begin to clench and release, finally clamping together as her entire body stiffened. She held that position for minutes it seemed, the only movement that of her pussy pulsing around my cock.

It was my turn and I quickly rolled her under me, pulled her body tight to mine, her legs wrapped around my back and fucked her wildly.

We lay there a while, side by side and without words spoken. Finally she said, “You know that we cannot do this again. I will not be able to recognize you except as someone who flew in on the plane with me. Much as I would love to go to bed with you again, I will appear quite distant from you when we meet again.”

“I know,” I replied, “this night was more beautiful than I could have imagined. And I will carry the memory to the grave.”

She smiled again, “There is one more item on my shopping list. Another unrealized dream. I want to shower with a man. Any volunteers?”

I leaped up and pulled her to her feet beside the bed. We stopped and rubbed against each other several times on our way to the shower. There is something special about a full naked standing body hug that does make the blood rush.

The shower was another story. This was before the days of large walk-in shower stalls in hotel rooms. This one was a shower in the bathtub. But we managed, soaping and kissing under the warm water.

“There is one other fantasy I would like to try,” Mary moaned between tongue-filled kisses. She began sliding down my body, holding my wet cock in her hand. I tried to shield her from the shower stream, leaning ahead a bit, looking down as she tentatively rubbed my knob on her face and lips. She licked the knob experimentally, finally closed her lips around it. She pulled off and looked upward at me. “Don’t come please.” And then swallowed more of my cock.

I stood there in pleasant agony as she experimented with my cock in her mouth. Finally I lifted her up for a passionate kiss and whispered, “I need to fuck you again.” She whimpered, “I know you do” and sunk her tongue into my mouth.

Time had flown by so quickly. It seemed as if we had been at it for only minutes, but it was near 3 am. The adrenalin was flowing again and we dried off quickly. I sat her on the vanity facing me, and moved in between her legs. I dried off her inner thighs and pussy with the towel. She leaned back, bracing herself with her hands behind her as I swirled the knob of my cock in her slit. Her pussy was dried out a bit, so with my knob just inside her, I played with her nipples, lifting her tits up to bend and suck on them.

My cock began to slide in deeper as her juices began to flow again. She stared at me blankly, eyes rolling as I began to stroke her. I was holding her by the hips and ass and could look downward to watch my cock disappear and return from her slit. I groaned, “Oh fuck, look Mary, watch it Mary.”

She whimpered again as her eyes joined mine. I pulled my knob out to the lips, paused and slowly sunk it back in. I pulled her ass forward on the vanity and began to quicken my stroke. Soon she reached around my neck and pulled herself up against me, her tits crushed to my chest as I battled to stay standing while fucking her. It did not take long; the shared lust overwhelmed both of us.

We stayed motionless for a few minutes. She smiled at me, “What a pleasant evening. I have never enjoyed sex so much as tonight. It was my only fling. But I think that we should shower again separately. We would never make the morning plane otherwise.”

Unfortunately for me, the plane did fly the next morning. Quite frankly I could have handled a few more days of bad weather.

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