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Rough Love

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I come into the house, close and lock the door, wondering what to make for dinner when I feel a hand go over my mouth from behind me as my arms are pinned at my back. I hear a deep, sexy voice that I don’t recognize tell me not to scream and I won’t get hurt. My body is pulled close to his body and I feel a hard bulge against my ass. Rubbing it into me, he chuckles lightly as he asks, “Do you like how that feels?

I sure do. I’ve been watching you for a while and I know what you need. I am going to pleasure you and make you cum over and over you’ll wish you could scream out loud. You are going to be my new whore.”

“I am going to let you go but if you try anything, you will get hurt. Understand?” Hardly able to breathe, I stand still not saying anything, nodding my head; I feel him let my hands go and pull something from his pocket. It feels cold against my skin, not knowing what it is, I stand completely still; a pair of scissors and he is cutting off my shirt slowly, watching it all fall in a pile at my feet. Once my shirt is in pieces on the floor, he leans us down so he can grab a few, bundles in into a gag and places it over my mouth, so I can’t talk.

I can smell the scent of men’s light cologne but don’t recognize it from any of my friends. From the corner of my eye, I see styled brown hair on a very tall man with a broad chest and strong arm but he makes it a point to keeps his face down, so I can’t see him. The thing that surprised me was that he was dressed quite nice; black slacks, crisp black shirt and black shoes.

I kept trying to think how he had gotten in, then remembered that I had left a window opened in the back of the house and berate myself for that oversight. Remembering my self defense class, I start to think what I should do as I search around to see if there is anything I can grab to hit him with when I feel a blindfold go over my eyes. Without being able to see, I know I am lost but something seems weird. He is being very gentle with me as he had cut away at my shirt through he handles me a little roughly when I struggle against him.

“Don’t move, darling, as I don’t want to cut any of that long beautiful gold hair off. I love watching it flow as you move.” He leans in closer and inhales the scent of her shampoo. “Ah, yes, just the way I thought it would be,” he says, “can’t wait to see it fall over those beautiful breasts of yours!”

I felt the chill of fear and shivered; he grabs my hands and pulls them behind me and pushes me towards bedroom. Once in the room, he releases my hands again and I feel the scissors at my back, my bra loose as he cuts then comes around to the front of me, cuts the straps and pulls it off, I hear him suck in his breath. “God, you tits are so beautiful close up! And those nipples, so succulent! Love how the ends of your hair flow over and tease your nipples as you move.” He growls, as his hands cover my breasts, his thumbs rubbing my nipples and I feel his teeth nibbling and licking at the side of my neck.

As I try to push him away, he pushes me down on the bed, tying a hand to each bed post. “Don’t push me away, baby,” he whispers hoarsely into my ear, “because what I am going to do to you, you will want to pull me close and beg for more later on.” I realize by the huskiness of his voice that he is completely turned on and is enjoying this and struggling seems to make him more aroused so I lie on the bed limply and let him do what he wants.

With my arms outstretched, he leans down and tugs and pulls at my nipples and I feel his teeth nip and bite at them. As much as I don’t want this, I feel them harden and the heat spread through my body down to my pussy, and close my legs as I don’t want him to know how much he is affecting me. Unfortunately, he notices my legs close and moves down to them.

“Ah, what do we have here,” he says as he hops onto the bed, removes my shoes, spreads my legs apart, sliding his hands from my feet, up to caress my calves and then gliding his fingertips along my inner thighs, ever slowly caressing and rubbing my mound through the fabric of my pants. Trying not to moan against my gag, feeling so good, I bite into it, trying to keep my breathing normal. “How does that feel, huh?” he asks, sliding his hands further down towards my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks through the fabric.

He slides his hand up to my zipper and pulls my pants down over my hips, slowly gliding his other hand over my stomach, and down under my panties. I feel his fingers find my clit and know I am in trouble as he will feel how hard it is and how wet my pussy has gotten. Moaning and shaking my head, I draw his attention up to my face. “What’s the matter, my sweet,” he asks, “you like when I play with your clit or do need me to plunge my fingers into that pussy of yours?”

He takes my pants and pulls it completely off, I hear it softly land on the floor. He moves his hands up my thighs and moves them all over my legs. “Ah, so luxurious… I knew your skin would be so soft, like silk.” He slowly rubs his fingertips at my crotch, pushing the fabric tight against my skin so that he sees the outline of my clit, pussy lips and the wetness that is seeping through. I feel him take the scissor and cut my panties off at the sides, feeling his one hand under me taking a hold of the fabric and the other at the front of my panties. Instead of removing them, he pulls it tight and starts to pull my panties back and forth, causing it to rub against me hard and roughly but at the same time, the feeling of pleasure building within my womb. He starts to move it faster and faster, pulling tighter and tighter, the heat of the friction intensifying the heat in my pussy. I move my hips move to the tempo, wanting release but suddenly he releases his hand at the bad and the panties are pulled off to the front. He spreads my legs wide and looks at my pussy, knowing that he had wiped the juices with the fabric rubbing, he pulls my swollen lips apart and I hear him sigh. I am completely drenched inside and I feel his hot breath on my pussy, inhaling my scent as I feel his nose against my clit. Not knowing what he is doing or what he plans next, I take a breath through my nose slowly to compose myself again.

“Smells so wonderful, it’s so wet, so tasty,” he says as I feel his tongue enter my pussy. Not ever having a man do that to my pussy before, I find it is a strange but wonderful sensation. His hands grab the inside of my thighs, pushing my legs back so that my ass is lifted and he can access my pussy easily. I feel his tongue plunge straight between the swollen lips of my pussy, where he keeps it there to feel my reaction. He moves his tongue around which causes me to move my hips into his mouth.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” he asks. “Never had a man do that to you, have you? Well, there are a lot of things that I am going to do to that body of yours so relax and enjoy. I just want to start the night off with you cumming all over my face but as much as I want to taste your cum flowing all over my face, I also want to prolong it as much as possible. You’ll understand when you feel how your body reacts when I finally let you cum. The intensity of it will blow your mind, baby.” I realize that he means to keep me like this all night and become very anxious. How long has he been watching me? No one knows my secret fantasies; I’ve never told anyone.

Wait, I did tell one person but that was in college and it was my dorm roommate. She had given me a hard time about being naïve about the way of the world and about sex. I shake it away as it was so many years ago and has nothing to do with her as she lives thousands miles away from me.

But in my mind’s eye, I recall one incident with her brother, John, and another female student we went to school with. The four of us had gone to a party and the girl and John had hooked up and he had taken her to our dorm, after asking his sister as she went of with her boyfriend to his apartment. When I realized that my friends had all left, I had returned to the dorm, not knowing that John and the girl were there; as I heard sounds from my friend’s room and found the door slightly ajar, I peeked in.

I was shocked to have seen what I had and must have stood there watching the entire sex play because I never saw anyone do the things he had done to her. She not only seemed to like it but was begging for more, over and over. I have never been that turned on since but that night when I went to my room, I masturbated for hours, thinking of John and the things he had done and must have cum over and over, not caring how loud I was.

Even to this day, when I need to get myself off hard, I always thought of John doing those things to me instead of that girl. I had never told anyone what I had seen but spankings, the tying up and the pleasurable torture of touching every part of her as he made her cum over and over; it had burned itself into my memory. And the man himself… blond, athletic build and the cock may not have been huge but it was not average or to me, it wasn’t.

Brought back to the present as I felt the man’s tongue slide around my lips, softly kissing and nibbling around the gag, “Beautiful, I would take this gag off but don’t need you to scream out for help, so sadly it will stay in place. He slides back down, licks and sucks at my pussy, working away for minutes, as I feel myself enjoy it, even in my predicament. I hated not being able to talk or see what he was doing.

“Want to cum?” he asks softly, feeling my pussy drip with wetness as he slides in a couple fingers and drives them firmly in and out, as his teeth pull and nip at my clit. I don’t want it to affect me but the sensation was so intense, my hips start to gyrate on his face. Moaning into my gag, I feel the tension within my body build as my orgasm starts to hit. As if he knew I was close, he stops everything and leaves to me compose myself. Once he sees that I am breathing normally, he starts it up again, licking, sucking, nibbling, biting and finger fucking me. As I start to feel the orgasm close, he again stops and allows me to catch my breath and starts again. He does this three or four times, which is causing much frustration for me.

My breathing, returning to normal yet again, I feel him push my legs back further and lift me up and place a couple pillows under me. At the angle, he doesn’t have to bend down as much and has deeper access into my pussy. Again, I feel his licking commence but this time he nibbles and bites a little harder, sucks my clit with more power and his fingers deep in my pussy seems to be fucking me harder and faster. This time as he feels me close to cumming, instead of stopping, he inserts another finger into my pussy and pumps even faster and harder, pushing me over the edge. The walls of my pussy pulse around his stabbing fingers and tighten as the waves roll over my whole body, jerking me around for what seems like minutes, my juices gushing onto his fingers and his face. I feel his tongue lap at it, while he continues to push and pull his fingers, extending my orgasm.

As my body stops trembling, he stops, gets off the bed and I hear him leave the room. The wetness between my legs feel sticky and I wonder what he is doing, when I hear the bathroom door open and the water run in the sink. He is washing up, I think to myself; then he comes back in less than a minute and brings a warm cloth to the insides of my legs to clean me up. He goes back out and I hear him walking towards the living room then return.

“Left my ‘toolbox’ out there,’ he tells me, chuckling. “Can’t have too much fun if we don’t have toys to make it pleasurable for you, can we?” I hear a zipper slide and then hear him go through the bag, taking things out and putting them onto my dresser, one at a time as he tells me what the item is.

“Let’s see,” he says, “ah, the anal plug. That will add to your pleasure as I fuck that tight pussy of yours. Hmmm… ah, yes, the vibrator I bought just for you, still in the wrapper. Mmmmm, the silicone dildo I had made especially for you. It’s huge and I plan on making sure it goes all the way in. Um, nipple clamps; clit clamp; a big bottle of lubrication as we will need that when my cock goes deep into that virgin asshole of yours. What else do I have in here? Ah, a little whip to spank your tight pussy and ass. If you bite, I will whip you but good! Remember that, my sweet,” you tell me sternly.

Even after making me cum so hard, I am still scared of what will happen after he is finished with me for the night so when I feel him come back onto the bed, I kick at him. One hand grabs my ankles, he pulls my legs up high off the bed and with his other hand starts to smack my ass, firmly and hard, over and over, feeling the sting spread through my ass, down my legs and to my pussy.

He stops, hops off the bed and I hear him pick something up from the dresser and feel the sting of the whip on my ass and thighs as he picks my ankles up again. The tip of the whip hits my legs to give it a sting but not heavily enough to leave a mark but it hurts; I know I have angered him and he takes my legs and ties each one to the bed posts at the foot of my bed. I feel a couple pillows slide under my ass and then with my legs spread wide, I feel the whip start to lick at my pussy, ever so slightly, causing some pain but strangely feeling very sensual, too. Moaning into my gag, he keeps whipping my pussy and I feel him spread my pulsing pussy lips, he flicks his finger at my clit hard and fast over and over. The pain being so unbearable, I feel the tears trickle down my face and he stops, grabs my chin and whispers into my ear, “that was not nice of you to do, so I guess now you are staying tied to this bed while I ram you in every fucking hole. You’ve made me very angry, my sweet little whore.”

Then to my surprise, he slides a hand back to my pussy, and gently rubs it, arousing me again; I hear a zipper, then the sounds of rustling clothes as he removes his clothes. I hear him walk over to the dresser and pick something up, walk back to the bed and get between my legs. I hear a wrapper being torn and hear him turn something on and off and know that it is the new vibrator he opened. Dreading yet, anticipating him using it on me, I bite into my gag as I want to feel it but not sure if I want him to make me cum again. I don’t know who he is and can’t see him; the frustration was getting to me but the fear was also adding to the pleasurable intensity of my bondage; which strangely I know that is what he wants.

I hear the familiar buzz of a vibrator as he turns it on again; then I feel it on my inner thigh, slowly stroking up my leg then to the other leg he strokes gently going closer and closer to my pussy. He moves it across back and forth, teasing me, watching my reaction as my hips start to move to try and feel it. He laughs and then jabs it right onto my clit, which shocks me and makes my hips buck to feel it directly placed against my most sensitive spot on my body. He watches as I rub myself on it, moving my clit up and down on it, without being able to see it. He turns it up and I start to move my hips even faster but he pulls away and touches my nipples with it instead. Now I was in full arousal again needing release but he was taking his time and I didn’t know what to do. As much as I was scared, he was instilling this kind of perverted need for pleasurable pain and I wanted him to make me cum again so bad.

“No, no,” he says, “this is not just for your pleasure but for mine, so you will cum again when I want you to.” Again, I feel him spread my pussy lips and flick at my clit hard and fast as he shoves the vibrator into my pussy. The intensity of the pain softened by the pleasure has me moving my hips for more. I hear a low chuckle in his throat and then he says, “Most girls take a while to like this pleasure/pain, you love it instantaneously. What a good fucking slut, you will be for me.”

He hops off the bed again, and goes to the dresser and return. I feel him drop things onto the bed, get up again. Out of the blue I hear soft music and then feel him back on the bed. “It’ll be easier to have everything here so I don’t have to go back and forth,” he says, laughing softly. “I even brought some towels from the bathroom to save us some time so we can keep playing.”

I hear another wrapper open and then feel something cold against my nipple, pinching it, then another on my other nipple. The nipple clamps are tight as he pulls on them to check out how far he can pull on them before I groan in pain. He seem to enjoy watching my agony as I feel them pulled, tugged and twisted around for some time but at the same time, my pussy seems to enjoy the pain as he thrusts a finger in and out, over and over.

Again, he notices I am close to cumming so he takes his finger out but continues to torture my nipples, which seems to have its own pleasurable sensation. I am moaning against my gag and move my hips upwards indicating that I need to cum but he just smacks my pussy and continues to tug on my nipples; he then stops, moves over to get another item as I hear another wrapper opening. His fingers are spreading my pussy lips wide and feel a very tight pinching sensation on my clit, which makes me try to move back but he pins my hips down with his knees and clamps it on, again testing how tight it was on by tugging hard and fast. At first the pain was unbearable but as he tugged and twisted, the pleasure started to build as it felt like an intense rubbing of my clit. Watching my pussy juices start to flow out, he continued to tug and twist the clamp, watching my reaction. “Damn, baby, you are a natural. You love this pain, don’t you? Your pussy can’t lie about that. You are completely drenched and soaking wet,” he exclaims. “Fuck! Am I going to love bringing you to orgasm over and over! I’m rock hard right now and that doesn’t happen this quickly for me.”

I hear him grab something liquid, then a click, realizing he is opening the bottle of lube. I feel his fingers caressing around my asshole slowly and gently. The sensation is so incredible that I sigh into my gag. I feel his finger push a little at my ass hole and feel it open under his touch. Slowly, again, he slides his finger in and out of my ass, as he leans over and I hear the vibrator turn on again and then feel it on my clit again as his finger slides faster into my asshole. I feel another finger join and love how it feels that I spread my legs wider to have him enter me deeper, moaning against my gag again.

Again I hear another wrapper open and then feel cold rubber against my asshole. Oh, no, the anal plug, I think to myself. Being that I have never had anal sex, let alone let anyone touch me there, I have some apprehension. He slides it in slowly and I feel it expand me and the muscles inside wrap around it as he pushes it fully in. The sensation of being full is adding to the feeling of complete pleasure, my hips are now going wild up and down as he continues to push it slowly in and out as he uses the vibrator on my pussy and clit. Oh my god, I think to myself, I have never felt this complete sexual intensity with my body and a stranger was doing this to me.

He stops for a moment and hearing yet another wrapper open, I feel something soft at my pussy and I feel his fingers spread my swollen lips as he slowly guides the silicone dildo into me. He pushes it in slowly, the juices swallowing it in whole and he shoves it deep in so that it nestled at the base of my womb. Then slowly, he starts to pump the dildo in and out, as I feel the vibrator against my clit again. With the plug in my ass, the dildo sliding in and out, and the vibrator rubbing and teasing my clit, I feel the tension of yet another orgasm build within me and know I won’t last long. I start moaning against the gag, moving my hips up, down, and side to side, to get closer to every toy he had in or on my body.

“Oh baby, you want to cum, don’t you?” He asks softly. “I love how your body shakes and trembles when you cum. Should I turn this up?” He asks even as he turns the vibrator on to high, pushing it harder onto my clit, my body now taken over for just the pure pleasure I feel. “Mmmmmmm,” I mumble into the gag, as I feel the tension build in my body, knowing I will have an orgasm more intense than the last one; my hips rocking back and forth on the vibrator as I feel the plug in my ass and the dildo pounding into my pussy. I feel a hand pull and tug on a nipple and my body tightens and I arch up as my orgasm hits me full on, shaking me to the core as I go into convulsions.

He pulls the vibrator away, slows then stops pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of my pussy as my body comes down from its pleasure high. He pulls the dildo out with a popping noise and then I feel it at my nose. “Doesn’t that smell incredible?” He asks. “Your pussy is so sweet and I am getting addicted to the scent and taste of you.”

I feel his hand at the gag and hear him say, “Oh, sweetie, I would love to take that gag off but I don’t trust that you will not scream. I want to hear your moans and groans as you are pleasured and as you cum. Are you going to be a good girl and not scream?” He asks.

Nodding my head, I know I want to be able to release some of my tension by moaning out loud and without knowing when, wanting to taste his kiss and his cock. I continue to nod my head, hoping that he would allow me to be free of the gag. “Well, if you start to scream, I am going to ram this dildo down your throat, you understand?” I feel the gag come off and breathe in deep. Wondering what is to come, I feel him pull my hips up and pull the anal plug out, which leaves me feeling empty and I wonder about that.

I feel him between my legs, his hand sliding up and down my inner thighs as he spreads my legs open wider. I feel him move in closer to me; his body leaning over me, and then feel his lips across mine, lightly and teasing; his tongue sliding in intertwining with mine as he deepens the kiss, I groan out loud as it feels so heated and passion filled.

The head of his cock at my swollen pussy lips, moving in slow circles around it, he slightly pushes it in, a moan escaping my lips, as I say, “Oh, god yessss!!!” I feel his hand on my face, caressing, then down my neck, circling my nipple, down my stomach and onto my hip as he takes one final plunge into my pussy, causing me to arch my back and allow deeper access into me. Like a mad man, he starts to fuck me wildly, pounding into me as he pulls on the clit clamp viciously but I find that I like the feeling of pain with the pleasure as my hips meet every one of his thrusts, both of us panting like dogs in heat. I can’t seem to get enough of his cock, and tell him so, “fuck me… oh, yes… fuck me hard!” He rams into me fast, hard and deep, I realize that he was not all in until he did that. The shock and the pleasure took my breath away as his cock completely filled me and I start to feel the tension yet again of my pending orgasm. I tell him that I’m close to cumming and he grabs my hips harder and slams into me faster and faster, the sounds of our bodies slapping into each other combined with our heavy breathing. Suddenly, I feel our bodies tense as we both cum at the same time, grunting and moaning out loud, almost screaming, his body slamming into mine, his cock exploding deep inside my pussy, drenching me and feeling it drip out, down my thighs and all over his balls.

I feel him get off of me, pulling his cock out fast, lean over me and feel the tip of it at my mouth as he pushes it in, telling me to suck him clean. I tentatively lick him and then take his cock into my mouth and start to suck it in, tasting our combined juices and finding that it was delicious. He starts to move his hips, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth as I lick and suck him, feeling his cock harden again. He starts to moan out loud as I keep sucking him, deeper and deeper into my mouth and down my throat. Some boyfriends loved that I could suck them all down and have my nose to their pubic bone. I even managed to continue to suck them with my throat muscles but none of them ever made me feel this intense about making sure they were pleasured.

I wanted for this stranger to cum inside my mouth and let me taste his hot sweet cum splash down my throat. I wanted to control his ultimate release and I showed that by sucking and licking him as best as I could. By his groans and grunts, I knew that he was getting close to cumming again. As I had him fully in my mouth and down my throat, I sucked him as he moved his hips into me, fucking my face, softly at first then more rough as his impending orgasm neared. I knew he was going to cum when I heard him start to moan, “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Yes, yes, yessss,” between heavy breathes. His body tensed as he grabs my head and pushed his cock deep into my throat but suddenly he stops and pulls his cock out fast.

He leans over and softly kisses my lips. I hear the bottle open again, the sound of liquid being poured and slowly I feel his hands at my pussy again. He had the lube all over his hands and was spreading it between my legs, at my pussy, my inner thighs and at my asshole. I could feel him slowly, in a circular motion rub the lube into my thighs, using his fingertips to tease as it lightly slid them up and down my legs. Then again more liquid poured into his hands and he covered my pussy with the lube, sliding his fingers between my lips and the entrance of my wetness and up to my clit, where he pulls on the clamp, causing a gasp to escape my lips. The feeling was so good and I wanted him to pull on it more, which I told him. He chuckled and slowly, pulled, tugged and twisted it as my clit was manipulated by pain and pleasure. I could feel the tension building yet again and told him I wanted to feel him inside me.

“Oh, baby, you will feel my cock inside you; just not in your beautiful pussy this time. I want to be the first to fuck that tight little virgin asshole of yours as I make you cum hard again by playing with your clit,” he tells me.

“I’ve never had anyone do that before,” I tell him softly, scared of the unknown.

“Not to worry, my sweet,” he reassures me, “it will be the best feeling for the both of us.”

Still not able to see, I feel the ties at my feet being removed and he lifts my hips up to put more pillows under and spreads my legs far apart. I hear more lube being poured into his hands and feel them at my ass, spreading the cheeks apart his fingers slowly enter into my hole. He first slides one finger in and out slowly then another and then one more as I feel him pull me open wide, watching it spread his fingers sliding in and out as it stretches it more and more, so that his cock could slide in easily. As he does this, I feel his other hand pulling and tugging on the clamp at my clit, so I find the feeling of his fingers in my ass quite pleasurable, not painful. When he feels that he has me open enough, I feel the tip of his cock at my asshole, sliding in slowly, as he still plays with my clit. At first it really hurts and he tells me to relax my whole body and he won’t move. As I relax my body, I feel his cock slowly inch in deeper and deeper, loving how his cock is filling me up, making my pussy wet to the point of dripping. As I feel him all in deep, I push my ass back a little and hear him groan as I do that. That groan seemed to do me in and I wanted to feel him slide his cock in and out of me, wanted to feel him pound my ass; not sure where this was coming from but the need was very intense.

“Ram your hard cock into me fast, please,” I beg of him. He chuckles, then moans as I feel him grab my hips, his cock pounds fast and hard, deep into my ass, making us both groan loudly. He stops, pulls his cock out and lifts my legs up and put them on his shoulders so that he has full access to my asshole to ram. I feel his cock enter my ass again as he starts to pump into me, slowly but hard then picking up the pace, he starts to fuck me faster and faster as he groans and grunts, I can hear his breathing getting more labored as his orgasm is getting close. As he has been pounding into me, he was also tugging and playing with the clamp on my clit, which is causing me to get close to my orgasm as well but wanting to cum with him, I start to moan and groan out loud, pushing myself onto him, feeling our bodies start to tense.

“Oh, baby… I’m going to cum so hard in that tight virgin ass,” he moans as I feel my orgasm hit me, making grunt and say, “Mmmmmm… yes… yessss….. I’m cummminggggg…” He thrusts one final time and I feel his hard cock explode inside my ass, filling me up, as my pussy convulses over and over.

As both of our breathing returns to normal, he pulls his cock out, lets me legs down, gently running his hands across the skin of my thighs, as we relax. Still unable to see him, I don’t know what he is doing. I feel him reach between my legs and pull the clit clamp off, then reach up to my nipples and remove the clamps there. “I’ve wanted you so much, for a long time, my love and didn’t know how to approach you, so I’m sorry I did it this way but I wanted to please you over and over. I hope you can forgive me for doing it this way.”

“I know you?” I ask him, not recognizing his voice or his body. He seems more mature, more experienced than most of the men I know, so I started to mentally go through all the guys I knew, friend or not but couldn’t place him. “How do I know you?” I ask as I feel him slowly running his hand on my hips, almost lovingly.

I feel the bed move as he gets up and leaves the room. I hear him go into the bathroom and start my Jacuzzi tub and walk back to the room. He leans over me and unties my arms, lifts me up off the bed with the blindfold still on. Gotten so use to it, I don’t even think to take it off. He guides me to the bathroom, and tells me to stand still as I hear him click the lighter on and light all the candles I have in there, hear the click of the overhead light turn off.

He gently grabs my hand and moves me to the tub and helps me in. He gets into the tub with me and sits across from me. I realize that he is not stopping me from taking the blindfold off, so I raise my hands, pull it off and drop it on the floor as I look up at him. My surprise was obvious as he looks at me cautiously.

“John,” I whisper, looking at the man who has been in my fantasy for years. “I don’t get it. It’s really you,” I tell him.

He wryly looks at me, grins and explains, “Remember that night we all went to the party when you and my sister were in college? I knew you were at the door watching and wished it was you, instead of her I was doing all the things to. I have had a crush on you for so long but you didn’t seem interested in me. I decided that I would put on the best show I could, wanting to make you so horny. I didn’t know if you would watch it all but you did and I heard you that night in your room masturbating over and over; I literally had to stop myself several times from leaving her to go to you in your room and do it all myself for you. Since that night, I kept tabs on you and watched you become more beautiful over the years, which made me want you more and fall in love with you.”

“You love me?” I ask, still trying to grasp that it was him, the man I couldn’t get out of my head for so many years. “You kept tabs on me?”

He looks down into the tub and responds, “Yeah, I do and I did. Lately, my need for you became so intense I started to think of ways to approach you but it never seemed to be a good time. Imagine my surprise to find you had left your back window open for me to easily get in. I decided to take advantage of that and brought my stuff with me. I know it was not a good thing that I did but I felt desperate and needed to touch and please you so much. I’m so sorry.”

I look at him as he stares at the water and realize that he made all my fantasies come true. I move over to him, touch his face and for the first time that night, I leaned over and kissed him softly at first, then feel him pull me close and deepen the kiss.

“So,” I say to him when we pull apart to catch our breaths, “What else are we doing tonight?”

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