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Three Is More Fun

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I couldn’t complain about the view, that was for sure.

Maggie and I sat hip-to-hip on a fleece jacket we’d spread on the ground to protect us from the tickly grass. It was June, and the groundskeepers apparently hadn’t concerned themselves with mowing the grass around the field lately. I was in shorts and she was in a skirt, and we’d been going batty with the itching of the grass until Maggie had dug the fleece out of Max’s gym bag.

Max was on the field, contributing to the fine view I was enjoying. It was a pick-up rugby match, and it was shirts versus skins. The Shirts had definitely gotten the short end of that stick. The day was hot—high eighties at least—and humid as all get out. Maggie and I were wilting despite the shade, and the lovely displays of manhood on the playing field were covered in sweat.

“This is like porn for women,” I announced.

Maggie giggled. “No doubt. God, there are some gorgeous guys out there.”

“Don’t let Max hear you say that,” I teased. Maggie and Max had been dating for about eight months, and although Max was my friend first, I’d gotten along famously with Maggie since the beginning.

“Oh please,” she retorted. “He knew exactly what he was doing inviting us here.”

My eyes found Max in the moving mass of male flesh. He wasn’t the most muscular or athletic one out there, but he had nothing to be ashamed of, that was for sure. He was just shy of six feet with dark brown hair and eyes to match. He had the long lean muscles of a runner or a soccer player and a very nice tan from playing sports all summer.

“You think he’s showing off for you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. You know what a flirt he is.”

That was true. The night we met as freshmen living in the same dorm, he’d tried to kiss me. I had a boyfriend back then, but not for long. We’d had a few nights as friends with benefits over the four years we’d known each other, but Maggie didn’t know that, and I didn’t think she needed to. So, I just laughed at her comment and said, “I guess so.”

Maggie went quiet for a minute, picking at the long strands of grass that poked up beyond the borders of the jacket. “He told me you guys hooked up,” she confessed.

“He did?”

My face must have shown how shocked I was, because she laughed. “Yeah. It’s not a big deal. You were both drunk, and it was way before we met.”

I guess he told her we hooked up once. I wasn’t going to correct her. “Oh. Right. Well, sorry I didn’t say anything. I didn’t think it was my place…”

“Jess, really, don’t worry about it. I know you guys are just friends.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Right.”

She shaded her eyes and looked out at the scrum forming. “So, I have to ask—has he always been such a good kisser?”

Butterflies took off in my stomach. “Um…yeah.”

She grinned. “I swear to God, he’s the best kisser I’ve ever known.”

I couldn’t hide a returning grin. “Me, too.”

She picked up her insulated cup—filled with vodka and lemonade to enhance our afternoon spectating—and held it up in toast. “To Max and his amazing mouth.”

I laughed aloud. “You sure you’re just talking about kissing?”

She quirked her eyebrows but didn’t answer.

We clicked our cups together and took a drink. The action on the field got louder, although I still had no idea what was going on, and we both directed our attention that way for a while.

Then Maggie groaned and raked her fingers through her dirty blonde hair. “I am so freaking hot, I could puke.”

“Ugh, I know.” I lifted my own red curls from my neck with almost no relief from the heat. “Why are we sitting out in the heat again?”

“Because I am a loyal girlfriend, and you want to see half-naked guys running around chasing a ball.”

“Hmm. I think I’m going to need a little more than that,” I teased.

“All right, let’s play Truth.”


“It’s like Truth or Dare, except I’m feeling lazy, so I’m not going to do any dares,” Maggie explained.

I laughed. “Okay, truth.”

“How many guys have you been with?”

“Six. You?”

“Three.” She tossed her hair again and leaned back on her hands. I could see into a gap in her neckline, and noticed that her freckles went down into her cleavage.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked.

“Wow, you’re not messing around.”

She shrugged. “Why not?”

“Okay, then. Yes.”


“One of my friends. Sophomore year. We did it to get a free drink at a bar. It was stupid.”

“Was she a good kisser?” Maggie asked.

The memory of Kari’s lips on mine make my stomach go liquid. “Actually, yeah. Really soft.” I shivered. “What about you?”

“Nope.” She sighed. “I’ve always wanted to.”

“Why haven’t you?”

“Well, I’m not, like, a lesbian or anything, and I’ve just never had the right moment to kiss one.” She looked right at me, and I wondered if there was a purpose to this line of questioning.

“Do you think it would bother Max?” I asked.

She laughed. “Do you think any guy would mind his girlfriend kissing another girl?”

“Probably not.” I found myself checking her out with new eyes. Her hair hung to mid-back, framing her most striking feature—blue eyes that were the startling color of the Caribbean. She was small, like me, only 5’2″ with a slender build and compact breasts that fit perfectly on her frame. She licked her pink lips as I watched and smiled a little. “I’ll kiss you, if you want,” I offered. It had to be the vodka talking.

“Here?” she asked, looking around at the players and scattered spectators.

“Not unless you want the game to come to a screaming halt.”

“Hmm.” She picked up her cup again and drained the last of the mixed drink into her mouth. “Empty.”

I hefted my own and realized it was nearly gone as well. Tipping it up, I drank the last drips. The vodka was more concentrated at the bottom and I grimaced. “Me, too.”

“How much longer do you think this game is going to last?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Wanna go back to Max’s place and mix up a couple more?” The park where the game had started was only a couple blocks from Max’s rented house.

“Yeah, sure.”

We got up and tried to get Max’s attention for a few minutes, but there was no point. “Let’s go,” Maggie said. “He probably won’t even notice before we get back.”

Out of the shade, the heat was more intense. Sweat prickled across my forehead as we walked the short distance to Max’s place. “Oh my God, I want to take my clothes off!” I hollered.

Maggie giggled. “Me, too.”

Her laughter egged me on, and we both staggered as we tried to walk. We were still giggling ourselves sick as we climbed the rickety front porch of Max’s house. Maggie had the key, pilfered from his gym bag and she let us in. None of his roommates seemed to be home.

“Drinky drinks!” she caroled as she led the way to the kitchen.

We poured ourselves another round of vodka lemonade, even heavier on the vodka this time, and each tossed back a shot of the more expensive citrus flavored vodka in the freezer. Maggie flapped the hem of her skirt for ventilation while I tried to get the cover back on my cup. It’d warped after going through the dishwasher at some point, and it was giving me a good fight.

“Nice panties,” I snickered. Her flapping was ambitious enough to show me an occasional glimpse of something purple.

“I know, right? I love purple.” She lifted her skirt all the way and bent forward to look at the panties herself. “Eww, looks like I should have gone in a little farther when I shaved, don’t you hate that?”

I giggled again. “I just shave it all off.”

Her wide eyes were comical. “Really? Why?”

I shrugged. “Bunch of reasons. First of all, I hate showing any pubic hair, even through my underwear. Second of all, I have red hair and a lot of guys get kind of obsessed with that whole natural redhead thing. This way, they can’t ask if the carpet matches the drapes.”

That made her laugh.

“And finally, it feels damn good.”

“To touch?”

I gave her a naughty grin. “To everything.”

She giggled, but her eyes were intense as she looked at me. A small trickle of desire slipped through me.

“Were you serious when you said you’d kiss me?” she asked.

I bit my lip. “Yes.”

She let her skirt drop and took two steps toward me. We were so close in height; it was an unusual sensation to be that close to someone without looking up. Her hands came up to cup my jaw and I leaned in to kiss her.

Her lips were soft, so much softer than any guy I’d ever kissed, and when she opened her mouth to me, there was no sense of force. The tip of her tongue whispered between my lips and I slipped my own forward to meet hers. She made a soft sound in her throat and tilted her head. I parted my lips farther and the kiss deepened. Her breath rushed out against my cheek as her tongue explored my mouth.

I touched her shoulders and her small body pressed closer to me. My heart hammered in my chest and I moaned quietly. She changed the angle of her mouth against mine, teeth scraping gently against my tongue. Desire flooded through me, then, dampening my panties and making me shake.

Maggie’s hands slid away from my jaw, down my throat and one slipped further down to graze the top of my breast. My stomach tightened with excitement.

Then suddenly, she pulled back. “He’s here.”

And she was right, the front door opened.

“Mags? Jess?” Max’s voice rang out.

“We’re here!” she called. “In the kitchen!” With one last, soft kiss to my lips she stepped back.

“I can’t believe you guys ditched!” Max said as he came into the room. He’d been on the Shirts team, but must have taken his shirt off as he came home. Now, he was covered in sweat, but in my heightened state of arousal, he looked very appetizing.

“We needed more drinks,” Maggie said.

“Well, the game’s over anyway.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Whatever.” Max grinned, then gestured to his sweaty torso. “I’m sure you’d both like me to shower?” We made faces and agreed. “All right. I’ll be back in a few minutes, and maybe we can go get something to eat.” He thundered up the stairs where his bedroom and the bathroom were located.

Maggie looked at me when we were alone again. “That was…”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“You’re right—girls kiss…softer.”

“Mmm hmm.” I smiled.

Overhead, the sound of the shower told us Max’s location.

“Have you ever done more than just kiss a girl?” Maggie asked.

“No.” My heart was still beating hard. “Why do you ask?”

“Do you think–?” She stopped and giggled nervously. “I mean…”

I looked up at the ceiling and she followed my gaze. “I’m not sure what Max would think of that…”

“Maybe if we give him a chance to…join us?”

I shivered. “Are you…are you sure?”

She nodded slowly.

I let out a shuddering breath while my panties got damper by the second. “Let’s go upstairs.”

She grinned and curled her fists into her skirt. “Beat you there.” She took off running up the stairs and I hurried after her.

In Max’s room, Maggie hopped onto the bed and scrambled back to make room for me. I climbed up, kneeling before her. “So, how do you want to play this for him?”

She pulled my wrist, lying back until I was stretched out next to her. On our sides, our faces were close and she smiled. “He’s gonna flip.”

I pushed stray hairs away from her face, watching her eyelids flutter closed. She scooted closer and the tip of her tongue flicked out against my upper lip. I kissed her, sliding my tongue along the inner arch of her teeth.

Maggie draped her arm over my waist and rubbed my back. Her fingers felt so small there compared to the men I’d always been with. Small and gentle. She found the edge of my bra and followed it forward until her palm cupped the side of my breast. My nipple went taut with anticipation, but she stayed just a breath away from it. I buried my fingers in her hair and tilted her head.

She wrapped one of her slim legs around mine, pulling me closer and I could feel the heat radiating from her panties against my shorts.

“Maggie, are you sure about this?” I asked once more, because what we were contemplating was not just a game of Truth or Dare taken to extremes.

“I’m sure. I’ve always wondered what it would be like…”

I had, too, but I was worried about what it would be like between the three of us in the future. It was always weird to hang out with Max and any of his girlfriends. Even though none of them were serious in the long run, they always got hostile toward me if they found out about the times Max and I had been fuck-buddies. We weren’t cheaters—it was always between relationships, but that didn’t mean much to long-term boyfriends or girlfriends, trust me.

“Are we just letting him watch?” I asked.

She grinned at the idea. “That would be hilarious, but—” She propped herself up on one elbow, looking down at me with a little smile. “Come on, wouldn’t you like to say you’d been in a threesome?” She trailed her fingers along my arm.

It wasn’t just that I’d always wanted to be in a threesome, it was that I’d love to do it with Max and Maggie. I already knew Max was phenomenal in bed, and Maggie had already proven herself just the right combination of aggressive and gentle. I was swarming with desire.

“And how do you feel about seeing Max with another girl?”

She didn’t get a chance to answer, as Max opened the bedroom door. He was wrapped in a towel, with wet hair. He startled when he saw us, but smiled right away.

“Two girls in my bed? Did I hit my head in the shower?” He was joking, but Maggie and I laughed for a different reason.

“Jess and I were just talking…” Maggie said. She was still propped up on one elbow, with her leg slung over mine. We were close. Too close for complete innocence.

“Oh really?” Max cocked an eyebrow at us, calling our bluff.

“We were thinking that it might be kind of fun…” she trailed off, waiting until she had her boyfriend’s full attention, then bent down to kiss me.

I heard Max suck in some air, but I kept my attention on Maggie’s soft mouth. She parted her lips to me and let my tongue lave against hers.

“You guys are way drunk,” Max said.

“No, we’re not.” I ran my hand over the hills and valleys of Maggie’s side, catching her skirt with my fingertips and tugging it up. That gave me access to the tanned flesh of her thigh and I followed that back up to her purple panties.

Maggie hummed in her throat as she rolled partway on top of me, hot mouth fused to mine. We kissed hungrily, running our hands over each other’s bodies and breathing hard. Her thigh slipped between mine, pressing against my damp crotch and I ground against her.

“Holy crap,” Max gasped.

Just to be sure he knew we weren’t teasing, I pulled Maggie’s tank top up and off. She giggled as we struggled to free her from the stretchy fabric, but we did it. Her bra was a scrap of translucent pink that showed her nipples plainly through the fabric. I covered one breast with my hand and massaged it.

Max made a groaning sound. “What are you doing?”

“Isn’t this every guy’s fantasy?” Maggie asked.

“Part of it,” he confessed.

“We’ll get to the rest in a minute,” she promised.


But she just smiled.

I caught her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it slightly and making her moan. Her breasts were smaller than mine, but with her body braced over mine, they hung down, looking very tempting. I scrunched up to catch her other nipple in my mouth, still working through her sheer bra. She moaned again and squirmed on top of me.

The feel of her dark peak in my lips was heady. I pushed her bra up to expose her skin and took her nipple once more in my mouth.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “That feels so good.” She collapsed on top of me, plundering my mouth once more. Her tongue was frantic, swirling against mine. I stroked my hands over her back and released the clasp on her bra. She rolled, urging me to take the top. I straddled her hips and peeled off my own shirt before she had to start. Beneath, I had a lacy white bra that lifted my breasts almost to the point of spilling out.

Despite being short and slim, I’ve always had surprisingly large breasts. 30C, to be exact, which is hard to find when bra shopping, believe me.

Maggie’s eyes went wide. “You’ve got such beautiful tits.” She reached up, cupped one in each hand and squeezed softly. Then she dipped her fingertips into the overflowing cups, grazing my nipples. Already hard with lust, they contracted almost painfully.

“Take off her bra,” Max said softly. His tone was one of suggestion rather than command, and his voice was hoarse.

I reached back to free the clasp before Maggie could and let my swollen breasts bounce free. She cupped them again, urging me down until she could close her lips around one aching pink peak. The feel of her soft tongue was like going mad. I found myself grinding my crotch hard against hers.

“Does everything on a girl taste so good?” she wondered aloud.

“Yes,” Max croaked.

Maggie pushed me back and unbuttoned my shorts. While I took over pushing them over my hips along with my soaked panties, she slid off her own skirt and the purple panties I’d seen in the kitchen.

Now completely naked, I took in the flat expanse of her stomach, and the fact that she had no tan lines on top. She must sunbathe topless. The thought aroused me. Her pubic hair was darker than her dirty blonde waves, but neat and not too thick. Her eyes were glued to my bare pussy.

“It’s…cute,” she said in wonder. She pushed my knees apart and got closer. “God, you’re so wet.”

“You’re turning me on like crazy,” I confessed, stretching my hands out to touch her hair, her cheek, anything I could reach.

“Can I…?” she asked, bending lower and looking up at me with her amazing blue eyes.


“Taste her,” Max encouraged.

Her first licks were hesitant, almost too gentle. I squirmed. Then she got bolder, liking the length of my damp lips and teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue.

“How does she taste?” Max asked.

“Good,” she confessed. “I like it.”

I shuddered as her breath puffed against my clit. She went back to licking me, growing more daring with every pass. I threw my head back and curled my hands into the sheets.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked.

I could only moan.

“Do you want to try it?” Max asked me.

I nodded. He said something to Maggie and then her thigh crossed in front of my vision and her pussy came into view. It was glistening, bright pink with all the rushing blood of desire, and giving off the heady scent of women.

I pulled her closer until I could reach her flesh with my tongue. I copied the movements she’d done first to me, and watched in fascination as her pussy contracted. Her clit was so soft to my tongue. I flicked it repeatedly, making her thighs shake and her attentions to my own pussy more erratic.

“Jesus!” Max groaned. “This is the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.”

Maggie stopped feasting on my bare flesh long enough to look at him. “You want in?”

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“Very.” She pushed herself up to allow him to mount the bed between my legs, then bent to take his cock in her mouth.

I kept at her pussy, sucking her clit between my lips and stroking my tongue along the length of her slit. She moaned and ground her clit against my tongue when I let it rest there for a moment.

Then, quite suddenly, her thighs tightened around my shoulders and her moaning got louder, though still muffled by the mouthful of Max’s prick. At last she released, coming hard on my mouth, her juices running down to my cheeks.

She went down on her side, letting Max pop out of her mouth. He looked at me, face damp with his girlfriend’s cum and smiled. “Guess you know what you’re doing,” he said, and crawled along the length of my body to lay wet kisses on my cheeks, cleaning up the musky juices. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Do her first,” I whispered. Even with my brain fogged over with desire, I remembered that Maggie hadn’t answered my question. I didn’t know if she was ready to watch her boyfriend thrusting into another girl.

“Come here,” he said to Maggie, positioning himself between her legs. He paused with the head of his stiff dick at her entrance and looked at me. “Jess, why don’t you let her finish what she started?”

I got to my knees and crawled across the bed until Maggie’s mouth was below me. Facing Max, I watched in fascination as the head of his cock bobbed into her slick pussy. Below me, she pulled on my hips until she could slip the tip of her tongue into my own hole. I gasped at the sensation.

Max reached forward, covering Maggie’s hands with his own, both of them now guiding my hips. He pressed a little further into his girlfriend, and she echoed his penetration with her tongue. I grunted.

“Are you watching me fuck her?” Max whispered.


“How does it look?”

“So hot.” It really did. I’d never been in the same room with two people having sex, much less sitting on the face of them. Max pushed forward suddenly and Maggie buried her tongue deep in my pussy. “She’s tongue fucking me,” I told him.

“Mmm, that’s my girl,” he breathed. He released his hold on my hips to brace himself and began to thrust in and out of Maggie. She groaned, the sound vibrating against me. She switched her attention to my clit, nipping and licking at it. Max bent his head, trying to reach my breasts, but I had to cup and lift them into range of his mouth.

He made a happy sound when he had one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking in time with his thrusts. Maggie kept assaulting my clit. Between the two of them, I was on the brink of orgasm in a few minutes.

“I’mmmmm….goooonnnnnnnaaaaaa…cooooommmmmmmmmmee!” I squealed just before it started. I felt my pussy contract in Maggie’s mouth, letting loose juices on her face.

My body felt weak when it was over and I let myself down beside Maggie. While Max continued to fuck her, I licked and kissed my own flavor from her mouth. She hummed happily and massaged my breasts with one hand.

“Maggie…” Max said softly, slowing his thrusts to a lazy pace. “Mags…”

She stopped kissing me to look up at him.

“I want to fuck Jess.”

“I want you to,” she said, smiling. Then she tugged at me. “Lay on top of me.”

I did, facing her with our naked bodies pressed together. We spread our legs wide and Max between them. He teased my pussy with his cock and I shivered in anticipation.

“Fuck her,” Maggie whispered, and he pressed in slowly until he was buried to the hilt.

I moaned. “Oh God that’s good.”

Maggie kissed me, tongued the shell of my ears, nibbled at my throat, and groped my aching breasts with her delicate hands while her boyfriend gripped my hips and thrust again and again into my throbbing pussy. His movements made my clit intermittently bump against Maggie’s.

After a few minutes, she announced, “I want to see it.”

Max pulled back, leaving me desperate to be filled again. I rolled to my back while Maggie scrambled free. Then Max was back, sliding into me again. In this position, he could really show off his skills and I was moaning in no time.

“You’re beautiful together,” Maggie said, laying down next to me and bending her head to suckle at my tits.

“I’m close,” Max warned.

“Come inside her,” she said and pushed herself up to kiss him deeply. I reached down to slip to fingers into her slit, imitating Max’s movements as he approached climax.

At last he groaned into her mouth and gave three deep thrusts. I kept fingering Maggie, stretching out my thumb to rub her clit.

She shuddered once and sighed softly, lowering herself to the bed once more. She lay with her head by my hip this time, and watched with rapt attention as Max pulled out of me. She moved in to pull Max’s softening erection into her mouth, slurping noisily as she cleaned him with her tongue. Then she turned to me, lapping softly at my hypersensitive tissues.

Max and I stared into each others’ eyes as she worked. And even though I’d already come so hard a few minutes before, I felt arousal warming my belly again. I had a feeling the three of us weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

He lay beside me, rolling me onto my side to spoon behind me. I kept my thigh raised for Maggie to finish her ministrations, while Max reached around to fondle my nipple gently.

“You taste good together,” Maggie said, and I felt Max’s cock twitch against my ass.

“She’s got a great mouth, doesn’t she?” he murmured in my ear.

I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but she’d certainly gotten me off. “Very,” I agreed.

Maggie shifted and presented me with her pussy once again. Her hairs glistened with arousal. I flattened my tongue against her mons and used the same kind of soothing strokes she was using on me.

“Wait,” she said, pulling away. She moved again so we were lying side by side. “Max—try both and tell me if you want me to shave it all off.”

Max smiled, and happily went to the task of tasting each of our pussies in turn. He moved back and forth, kindling the spark of arousal I’d felt before into something more urgent. At last, when we were both panting and groaning each time he would abandon one of us for the other, he leaned back.

“I want you to shave it all,” he decided.

“Can I try it again after you do?” I asked. I could imagine the softness would be magnified without the cushion of her pubic hair.

She bit her lip. “God, yes.”

“Will you do it now?” Max asked.

She answered by getting up and retrieving the towel he’d dropped on the floor. She wrapped it around herself and gave us a little wave as she headed out the door.

Max crawled forward and eased his weight onto me. He kissed me, giving me a taste of my pussy mixed with Maggie’s and his cum.

“I’ve had dreams like this,” he said.

“How’s it hold up?”

“This is better.” He reached between us and guided his cock back into my slit. “I don’t know if I can finish again right away, but it seems a waste of a perfectly good semi- don’t you think?”

“Definitely,” I agreed, drawing my knees up to deepen his angle. The thrusts were slower now, more gentle and I explored his mouth with my tongue.

I could feel him hardening inside me when Maggie came back to the room. “Hey! No fair having fun without me!” she teased. Max stopped moving, but stayed buried in my pussy as we both looked toward the door.

She opened the towel to show off a newly shaved crotch. Beads of water still clung to her skin. “Well?” she asked.

“Bring it here,” I said. She crawled onto the bed, kneeling beside my shoulder. Max and I reached out at the same time to touch her bare flesh. Max twitched inside me.

“How’d I do?” she asked.

“Perfect,” I breathed.

“Lay down,” Max instructed. “With your sweet ass right here.” He patted the bed next to my head. She did, on her side, and with just a little twisting he could put his mouth on her.

“I want to taste it,” I said, pushing his head out of the way and arching my back to stroke her bare lips with my tongue. I was right, everything was even softer, smoother now. More responsive, too.

“Oh, Jess, you were right. It’s so much better…” She sighed and rocked her hips with every stroke of my tongue.

Max began to thrust more enthusiastically again, his cock back to rock hard by the feel of it.

“I want you inside me,” Maggie said, stroking his ass.

“Mmm, yes…” I said into her mound. “Fuck her while I eat her bare pussy.”

Max groaned and gave me a series of quick thrusts before he pulled out and circled our bodies to get behind Maggie. She rocked onto her knees and widened her stance until her sweet-scented clit was centimeters from my lips. Before my eyes, Max’s glistening cock aimed for her wet hole. I flicked my tongue out and got a taste of my own juices from the underside of his dick as he pressed into her.

Using the tip of my tongue, I kept up a steady onslaught of flicks to her clit and the opening of her pussy where his shaft moved in and out. Lower down, I ran my hands over her body until I found her bobbing breasts. The peaks were tight and hot and her tits fit into my hands perfectly. I kneaded them, pulled gently at the nipples, and rolled them between my fingers.

Soon she was bucking against Max, pressing down on my face with her smooth pussy and howling with pleasure. I could barely hear over the sound of her ecstasy, but I could tell Max was whispering to her.

Finally, she was spent and she drove her mouth onto my pussy, now freshly damp from sharing her pleasure. She sucked hard on my clit, whimpering with aftershocks as Max continued to drill her. I tilted my head back, now using my tongue on Max’s tight balls.

Maggie curled two fingers into my slit, stretching forward to catch my g-spot as she moved. I moaned and thrust my hips into her face. She swirled her fingers twice and pushed me over the edge. The sound of my muffled screams spurred Max on and he pumped harder then let out a guttural roar as he came.

Slowly, we extracted ourselves and crawled to the pillows. Max was in the middle, with Maggie tucked under his right arm, and me on his left. Her electric blue eyes shown at me over the heaving plane of his chest. She smiled.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“No, seriously, I am the most grateful man on the planet,” Max said, squeezing both of us on the ass. We giggled. “I could die happy right now.”

“Don’t do that,” Maggie said, tracing a circle around his nipple. “We’re not done with you yet.”

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