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All About Eve

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I’ve had my share of lovers, but there’s always something special about the first. Here name was Eve, and this is my ode to her. This story takes some time to develop, so if stories like that aren’t your cup of tea you might want to skip it.

I’m not sure where to begin, so I guess good place to start would be to describe the principle people involved and a bit of their backgrounds. First, a little bit about myself at the time. I was eighteen, and still a virgin.

Not that I wasn’t attractive; in fact I knew a lot of girls thought I was pretty good looking. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, despite being as horny as an 18-year-old boy, I had never gone all the way with a girl. In fact, I hadn’t even got past kissing and some heavy petting. Some of my inexperience had to do with just being kind of shy, but looking back, I know what the main problem was.

Simply put, I wasn’t all that attracted to girls my age. Even as a child, I had always connected better on an intellectual and emotional level with people older than myself. My friends tended to be older than me, and I often got along remarkably well with their parents. I was always a favorite with older relatives, like grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and I got along great with my parents too. Maybe that’s why my romantic and sexual interests naturally gravitated towards older women as well. Anyway, that’s enough about myself for now. Let’s talk about Eve.

In many ways Eve is nothing like the type of woman you’d expect in a story like this. Why? Because if you knew her she’d be the last woman you’d expect to stray away from her marriage. Yes, Eve was a married woman. She was also a mother of three, with two sons slightly older than myself and a daughter approximately my age. Eve’s husband, Larry, worked in an office. I’m not exactly sure what he did but from the affluent lifestyle they lived he obviously made a lot of money.

Eve was a very domestic woman. She loved to cook and kept a beautiful home. She did some volunteer work, and loved to travel. She also loved to exercise, particularly jogging, and had even participated in a marathon. She was extremely feminine, often cheerfully proclaiming herself as a “girlie girl” with a big smile on her face.

In many ways, Eve led the perfect life, but there was something missing. Despite the often hectic life she led, she often felt bored. Much of that had to do with Larry — I doubt he ever realised just how fortunate he was to have a wife like Eve. In all fairness, she could be a bit of a henpeck at times, but still, Eve’s positive attributes far outweighed her negatives. My affair with Eve was a brief one, but even long after it was over I still held her up as a standard in terms of the kind of woman I wanted to find and one day settle down with.

The connection I shared with Eve went far beyond the physical, but I understand that these stories rely upon the visual so I’ll take some time to describe both myself and Eve at the time at which this story begins. I was 6′ tall, and weighed about 190lbs. I was also very fit, as I played a lot of sports. That and some favorable genetics gave me a strong, trim body. I have sandy brown hair and hazel eyes, which I know a lot of women find attractive. As I said earlier, I got my share of attention from girls my age. At the time of this story, I was 18 and just out of high school. I had decided to take a year off before going to college, so I spent much of my time hanging out with my friends and working.

Now for my description of Eve. Even in her early-forties, Eve was an absolutely stunning woman. She was quite tall, about 5’10” or even a bit more. Like many women of Nordic heritage, she had pale blue eyes and shimmering blond hair. Eve’s face was still incredibly beautiful despite the few creases that had crept in to show her age. If you saw Eve back then the first thought that would enter your mind is that she’s a very beautiful woman who must have been absolutely gorgeous when she was younger. And, in fact, it’s not hard to imagine what Eve looked like in her twenties as her daughter had inherited most of her mother’s good looks and was very beautiful in her own right.

Like any horny boy my age, however, my eyes often wandered below the neck when looking at a woman, and in this respect, Eve more than held her own with most women even half her age. She had an incredibly sexy figure, with a large, well-proportioned bosom. However, even those shapely breasts were nothing compared to her peach-shaped ass. To say Eve had a great ass is an understatement, and being a self-professed “assman” I was absolutely taken at how hot her body looked from behind. Put the whole package together and you have a remarkably pretty face woman with some extremely sexy curves. That was Eve.

Eve often liked to dress in a pretty but conservative blouses and high heels or boots with either a skirt or blue jeans. She didn’t wear a lot of makeup but what she did wear was applied very skilfully. Her blond hair was relatively short and always reflected the latest fashion. She loved to pamper herself with things like manicures and pedicures, the latter of which would be often displayed, as Eve regularly wore high-heeled, open toed shoes. I was absolutely smitten with Eve’s feminine beauty from the first time I saw her, but it became much more than that. She was my first love.

The job I had taken was delivering flowers for a small floral shop in town, although I had other duties, such as carrying heavy boxes and helping to clean up. The money wasn’t very good, but I liked the woman who owned and ran the place. Her name was Margo, a woman in her late fifties who was always pleasant with me. This is where I met Eve, as she worked there part-time. As I mentioned before, Eve was often bored at home, and the job was an excuse for her to get out of the house. She absolutely loved flowers, and had an impressive flower garden of her own to show for it. Eve’s husband often chastised her for doing things like having a job at a flower shop, saying it was beneath her. I doubt he ever really understood his wife all that well.

Nothing much occurred the first couple of weeks of working there. It happened to be a busy time of year and so we mostly concentrated on work. Margo had a couple of other ladies who would help her during these times, and the group of four or five of them mostly kept to themselves. I just concentrated with doing a reliable job and staying in their good books. After the busy period ended, however, it was mostly just the three of us working at a time, and oftentimes only myself and either Margo or Eve. With the modest amount of business the small shop did, that was an adequate amount of staff. And this is when I got to know the both of them more intimately, and obviously when I fell in love with Eve.

It felt strange at first; this was before the whole “MILF” craze, and even I thought I must have something wrong with me for being so captivated by a woman more than twice my age. Everything about Eve simply enthralled me, from the graceful way she spoke and moved, to the scent of her perfume and the pretty outfits she always wore. Unlike the girls my age everything about her was so sophisticated, so classy, and above all, so womanly. Eve was more than comfortable in her own skin, and that plus her physical beauty gave her a sensual mystique that I could not help but get caught up in.

Eve was also the first woman who treated me as an adult, and that had a profound effect on me. I’d coveted other older women before Eve, but they were really more like schoolboy fantasies. Eve was the first woman that truly made me feel like our age difference wasn’t an issue and we could have a normal relationship just like any other man and woman and, not surprisingly, this gave much substance to my desire for her. She was the first woman to call me “a man” without adding “young” in there somewhere. She was the first woman who treated me like a man without making me feel like I was being patronised. If she hadn’t been married I think even our age difference wouldn’t have stopped me from asking Eve out on a date, but of course that wasn’t the case.

One additional comment about what ended up happening between Eve and I. Both of us had strict upbringings where marital infidelity was considered a cardinal sin. Neither of us had ever been involved in any kind of controversy or scandal. Although I know we can’t be the only two people that has done something so utterly against our natures, what ultimately occurred was indeed unexpected.

You might say it all started innocently enough. As I spent more time at the flower shop Eve and I got to know each other better. Although I always had good relations with people older than myself it was different with Eve and, her obvious physical beauty aside, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her in other ways too. Soon I found any excuse I could to be with her, and to my delight Eve made it obvious that she enjoyed my company as much as I did hers. Her eyes lit up whenever I came into work, a big smile covering her face. Oftentimes, when I’d be working on something in the back room Eve would come over to talk to me or tell a little joke that would have us both laughing. The physical space between us had become noticeably smaller too, and it wasn’t that usual for Eve to put her arm around me or give me a little hug.

There was a definite chemistry bubbling between us, and surprisingly we had a fair number of shared interests. And even the likes we didn’t share felt like it enhanced the attraction, especially those that she would classify as “male” and “female.” Eve had what would likely be classified as a very old-fashioned attitude regarding how men should act and how they should treat women. By this time, I’d had plenty of awkward moments with girls my age, especially those I had been interested in romantically, and so Eve’s straightforward manner was like a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t long before I felt like I knew exactly what to say and do with her, and she always seemed to know exactly how to treat me.

Could we ever cross the line that kept us from becoming more than friends? Despite Eve being married, I began to wonder. It was against my upbringing but by this point my morals had been overtaken by my longing for her. I can’t say I felt particularly guilty; as I said by this time I’d coveted many other older women, and most of them had been married too. The only difference was that Eve was sending me signals that made me think I might be able to do much more than merely admire her from afar.

Eve had much more at stake however. A marriage, three children, her reputation — would she be willing to risk all of that for a tryst with a boy young enough to be her son? I got to the point where I had to know the answer. It was worth risking everything to me, even Eve’s friendship. What I hadn’t realised was that I hadn’t been so deft at hiding my feelings for Eve as I had thought. Eve knew a little of what I was feeling. In fact, she felt flattered since she felt nothing would come of it. I was determined now to make sure she wouldn’t get off that easily. I had to confront those feelings, and I wasn’t going to stop until Eve did as well.

Even Margo took some notice that Eve and I had become very close. I remember the first time she kidded me about it. A pretty girl about my age had come into the shop to place an order. After the girl left, Eve teased me by asking if I thought the girl was attractive.

“Well, yeah, she’s cute,” I replied.

“Why didn’t you ask her out?” Eve asked with a mischievous grin.

“Don’t bother Eve,” Margo suddenly interjected, “Jack’s only interested in older women.”

I looked at Eve in shock, turning three shades of red. Eve was surprised by the remark too, but soon started laughing, as did Margo.

It wasn’t the first bit of flirtatious language involving Eve and I, although none of it had happened with Margo present before. Eve knew she was a beautiful woman, and loved being told she was beautiful. It had been a bit awkward for me at first, but I soon loved feeding her ego by showering Eve with compliments whenever we were alone. Besides, I wasn’t just being polite; everything I said was true. It made Eve so happy; from what she told me I knew her husband treated her she wasn’t even there, and she often felt neglected.

For the most part I tried to not criticise Larry in front of Eve, as I was worried about making my intentions towards her too obvious, but at times it was hard to bite my tongue. For one thing, the man was wholly unattractive. Larry was about fifty but looked much older and was balding horribly. He was also dangerously obese. Larry’s cold demeanor certainly was nothing to be proud of either. Other than being a good provider I had no idea what redeeming qualities the man might possess.

Larry had an absolutely lovely and charming wife. And even at her age, Eve still turned plenty of heads, as I’d had a several male customers at the shop pull me aside and discretely inquire as to her “availability.” Yet he took her completely for granted. He didn’t deserve a woman like Eve. I suppose that made me even more dedicated to putting my plan in motion.

My first goal was to find a way to spend some time alone with Eve outside of work. I felt too clumsy asking her out for a “platonic date” so I decided to ask her about her exercise routine. As I mentioned earlier, Eve loved to jog, and had even participated in a marathon. I was in very good shape, but hadn’t jogged before, so I asked for her some advice. Eve offered to give me some pointers, and before long we became jogging partners. Eve’s neighborhood was noticably upscale and surrounded by some beautiful scenery, and she loved jogging in some nearby parks. And so that became our course.

I was still moving things very slowly at this point, but little by little I gained more confidence. Eve began to further lower her defences around me too, and after a while I not only got to admire Eve’s smart, charming, and beautiful side, but her sexual side as well. The little jokes we’d tell each other began to take on a bawdy tone, and of course, Eve loved to playfully torment me to no end about my still being a virgin. I have to admit, it felt a bit weird a first. I’d always kept a respectful distance from my “elders” and now I was trading dirty jokes with a woman who was old enough to be my mother; a woman I felt extremely attracted to and one I suspected felt the same way about me.

What was even harder to get used to were the occasional moments when the ribald comments involved us directly. For example, one day when we were at work Eve told me she’d bought a new pair of jeans and naughtily added that she bought them because they really made her ass look great.

“It already looks great,” I replied, still feeling somewhat nervous about talking this way around her. As I said before, I really wasn’t used to flirting with a woman more than twice my age. I certainly had never told one that old that I thought she had a great ass even though it was true in Eve’s case. (I think she’d caught me a few times ogling her ass by now; there was another time we’d run out of chairs at work and Eve kidded me by asking if it was alright for her to sit on my lap. I blushed horribly at the suggestion, and she just laughed.)

“You noticed?” she teased, enjoying my latest predicament. I’m not sure if Eve was aware, but just talking with her this way was giving me an erection.

“Any man with a pulse would,” I laughed. (I would have loved to have added ‘except your husband,’ but I didn’t want to hurt her).

Eve grinned contentedly, loving the attention, and so I continued.

“Why don’t you wear them to work? It might drive up sales.”

Eve broke out in her beautiful, feminine laugh, her face beaming with delight. She looked so gorgeous at that moment I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her. If we hadn’t been expecting Margo to arrive any minute, I might have even summoned up the courage and done it. But I wasn’t ready yet. The temperature of our flirting got more and more heated as time went by, however, and it got to the point where I just had to find out if there was really anything behind all of Eve’s cock-teasing. Still, it took a few more weeks of this before I was confident enough to take the next step.

As I mentioned earlier, I started jogging with Eve. Sometimes I’d come in to her house for a bit, either before we ran or after. Eventually, I’d find other excuses to come over and visit. I even got to know her family a bit. Eve’s sons were two hulking young men, easily 6’5” and well over 200lbs. Whatever I had in mind with Eve, I certainly didn’t want these two to find out about it. Amy, her daughter, was also very tall. She looked like a younger version of her mother, beautiful, although Amy lacked much of Eve’s warm, outgoing personality. I didn’t particularly like her husband Larry, and it wasn’t just because of the way he treated Eve. He seemed very aloof to me and disagreeable in general. Nevertheless, he tolerated me being around, so I guess that was something good about him. Larry’s ego also convinced him that he had nothing to worry about regarding his wife having me as a friend, which was another positive as far as I was concerned.

Much of the groundwork to my plan had been laid, but I still hadn’t taken the definitive step that showed Eve that my feelings for her crossed the friendship line. Maybe it was silly, maybe it was a stroke of genius, but I wrote Eve a poem. I don’t have it nor is it probably worthy to reprint here, but the gist of poem laid what I had wanted to tell her. My only “out” was to tell Eve, before she read it, that I knew I couldn’t have her but that “this is the poem I’d write to her if I could.” It wasn’t crude, but it wasn’t exactly clean either, as I made it clear that wanted to go to bed with her. Mostly, however, the poem expressed my love for her. Nevertheless, I tried my best to make it sound classy. Everything about Eve spoke “class” to me, and I thought she might appreciate this approach.

And so we sat together on Eve’s couch while she read. I watched her intently, trying to discern what she might be feeling. As for myself, I felt so nervous I could practically feel my heart trying to pound it’s way out of my chest. By the end of reading the poem, I could tell Eve had been moved emotionally.

“Jack…” Eve stammered, “I don’t know what to say.”

I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I still felt terribly nervous, and actually considered retreating to the safety of our friendship by trying to re-assure Eve that the poem was only “hypothetical,” but I knew I’d come too far to go back now. Instead, I spoke to Eve about how I felt about her and told her I wanted to be her lover. I also told Eve she was being short-changed by her marriage and that she shouldn’t allow that to keep her to returning my feelings.

“If you think I’m leaving my husband you’re crazy,” Eve said. But she knew I wasn’t asking for that. Eve paused for a minute, silently looking down at the page as she didn’t know what to say next. I put my arm around Eve’s shoulder, cautiously, as I wasn’t sure how she’d react. Thankfully, she allowed it.

I gave her a few minutes to think and when I felt the tenseness in her relax a bit pulled her closer to an embrace.

“I love you so much Eve,” I said.

Eve peered up at me for a few moments as our eyes met, still looking a bit agitated.

“No one can find out,” she said, finally speaking.

Feeling emboldened, I pulled Eve closer until I at long last tasted the soft lips that had been mesmerising me for months. Truth be told, I wasn’t all that experienced with kissing, and the encounter was as awkward as it was thrilling. I could tell Eve felt uncomfortable too, as what we were doing was obviously sailing through uncharted waters for her as well. Nevertheless, I still felt the sparks of sexual excitement firing between us.

“Not like that silly,” Eve said, slightly amused. It was comical whenever Eve took this tone of voice. She sounded like a teacher instructing her pupil, and Eve loved to teach me things. She’d been giving me advice on sunjects like clothing for weeks now and I could tell she relished the role of teaching me. In hindsight I think reverting to this tone now served to give Eve a comfort zone to work though the anxieties she was feeling.

And so for the next fifteen minutes or so, Eve and I kissed, with her occasionally stopping me to offer a suggestion. It’s sounds funny relating the story now, but it really was erotic, especially the last few minutes when we did it without interruptions and I could tell she was starting to get into it. I thought maybe it might lead to something more, and was wholly disappointed when Eve pulled away.

“You have to go now Jack,” Eve said. “The boys will be home any minute.” The last thing I wanted to do was tangle with those two giants Eve called sons, so I sprang up immediately to leave. I looked at Eve for any sign that she was OK with what had happened…

“Come back around this time tomorrow,” she said with just the faintest hint of a smile.

For the next few days we continued “practising” while we sat on Eve’s couch. Clearly I got better, as Eve stopped me less frequently now. The intensity of our kissing sessions increased as well, and occasionally I managed to cop a feel of one of Eve’s firm breasts or her curvy ass before she pulled my hand away. Yes, Eve wasn’t comfortable with anything more than kissing at this point, but that was about to change.

The next big step forward in our relationship took place one day at work. Eve and I were alone and out of the blue she began kissing me. I had tried to initiate things like this with her before but she had always rebuffed me. From the sheer ferocity of her kisses, I could tell Eve was feeling very horny, and I got extremely excited seeing her in this state. Before I knew it we in the shop’s back room heatedly making out like long-lost lovers. My hands were pawing her all over, and this time Eve reciprocated in kind. When I felt Eve’s hand grabbing my hard cock through my jeans it took all the willpower I had not to cum.

Suddenly, the buzzer in the store went off, telling us that a customer had arrived, so Eve and I stopped fooling around and she managed to compose herself well enough to serve the customer. After the patron left, Eve went to the bathroom to freshen up.

“We really shouldn’t have done that,” Eve said when we alone again.

“I can’t say I mind,” I smiled.

“It’s not funny,” Eve said, somewhat worried but now slightly amused. “What if Margo had come in?”

We laughed off our good fortune, but I knew Eve would play it safer from now on. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that our physical relationship had progressed beyond merely kissing sessions on her couch.

“Eve, I want to make love to you,” I said very matter-of-factly. The phrase didn’t come out in the suave manner I’d hoped it would. Frankly speaking, in many ways I was still boy trying to find his place in the adult world. Eve put her fingers to my lips to stifle me, and made a hush-hush sound with her voice. I think she did that simply because she didn’t want to ruin the moment, because nothing in her expressions or mannerisms led me to believe she felt differently.

One of the oddest conditions of my affair with Eve was that it didn’t really feel like an ‘affair.’ By that, I mean that everyone else believed that Eve and I were nothing more than friends, and so there wasn’t much of what you’d call “sneaking around.” I guess people just assumed that I was non-threatening in this regard and that Eve wouldn’t cheat on her husband with a boy half her age. It was also odd in the sense that I even started spending more time with her two sons. They really were nice guys, although I still wouldn’t want to ever get on their bad side. I saw less of Eve’s daughter Amy, as she had a boyfriend and was often out with him, but she too was likeable once you got to know her. Larry was actually quite pleased in that Eve had found someone to spend her time with, as Eve and I sometimes went on (platonic) dates. I think Larry was just glad to have Eve out of what was remaining of his hair.

No one suspected that anything out of the ordinary was happening between us, not even Margo, although she liked to kid that Eve and I were “up to something” because of the way we had become close friends. Eve had some very refined tastes and loved to go to shows and the opera. Not surprisingly, I didn’t share these interests with her, but I loved spending time with Eve so much that merely being in her company was more than enough to make me happy. Besides, Eve always dressed “to the nine’s” for these events, and just seeing her in one of her formal gowns was a sight to behold. I had one nice suit. It was nothing near the price range of anything Eve would wear to these events, but she never made me self-conscience about it. I can’t over-emphasise what a beautiful woman Eve was, both inside and out.

I desperately wanted to have make love to Eve by this point, but every time I tried to push the boundaries of our relationship, she would slow things down, and I often wondered what kind of mind games she was trying to play with me. Finally, I confronted Eve with my frustrations and she explained that she still often wrestled with the morality of what we were doing and that she had to be in the right mood before she felt comfortable enough to take action. From then on I tried everything I could think of to create the right romantic atmosphere, but with mostly poor results to show for it.

Finally, one evening after one of our dates, Eve instructed me to drive to a secluded spot where we stopped the car and made out. I could tell Eve was feeling especially frisky tonight, as her hands were practically groping my cock through my pants.

“I know it’s been tough for you Jack, but why don’t you lie back and let me take care of you,” Eve said with a delicious smile.

I lay back and Eve deftly unbuckled by pants, freeing my tented boxers. She pulled down my underwear, and after over a month of nothing more than kissing and some petting, I finally felt the touch of Eve’s delicate hands on my bare cock. She stroked my erection with one hand while massaging by balls with the other. It was the first handjob of my life, and it felt unbelievable. Within a minute I was spraying Eve’s soft hands with my semen, the first time I’d cum for a woman. I looked at Eve’s face for any sign of disapproval for ejaculating all over her fingers but she was smiling contentedly.

“How was that?” she asked. “Would you like to rest?”

“Incredible,” I replied, “and no, I’m up for whatever you are.”

“Well, that certainly seems to be the case,” Eve chuckled. She was still holding my cock in her hand as we spoke, casually jacking me off, and even though I’d just cum it was already erect again.

“I don’t do this often, but I think you deserve a special treat,” Eve said with a little wink.

And with that, Eve leaned over and tentatively flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock. Gauging that my taste was agreeable with her, she began licking the throbbing head my penis like it was the top of and ice cream cone for awhile before taking the crown completely into her mouth and hungrily sucking it with her lips. I wish I could have prolonged the pleasure, but I was so excited that barely a minute passed before I was cumming again.

To my surprise, Eve wasn’t finished yet. She continued by bobbing her head over my shaft hard and fast, surprising me again with her enthusiasm, and before I knew it I had my third orgasm of the evening. For a woman who said she didn’t perform fellatio often she seemed very good at it, and I questioned Eve about this. Not surprisingly Eve’s answer revolved around her husband’s inadequacy in the bedroom, as it was abundantly clear to me by now that Eve’s wasn’t getting any sexual gratification from her marriage.

I was breathless now, and definitely needed a rest. If and when we did have sex, however, I knew I’d have to show much greater stamina than I’d shown tonight. I wanted to satisfy Eve too; as pleasing her meant a great deal to me. In fact, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do in or out of the bedroom for Eve.

Surprisingly, things cooled off between us for the next few days, and I was starting to wonder if maybe our relationship had taken a turn for the worse. Eve could be extremely moody and there were times when I was completely dumbfounded as to what she thinking, but I decided to wait a bit longer before confronting her about it. Despite the problems she faced in her marriage, I doubt Eve ever thought she was capable of committing adultery. Even stranger that she would try and find satisfaction in her sex life with a virgin who was no older than her own sons. Part of her was still trying to deal with this moral dilemma, and it troubled her at times.

Finally, things started moving forward between us again after one day at work. I knew something was up from the start from Eve’s mannerisms; after days of being somewhat distant she was bright and friendly again, and for a while I was just happy to have my old friend back. Just as I was about to leave for home, however, Eve stopped me.

“Jack, I was wondering if you’d wanted to come by the house tomorrow?” Eve asked.

“Sure, I’d love to,” I answered.

“Great!” she said. “Come by around noon. We should have the place to ourselves all day.”

That last sentence really threw me for a loop, and even though Eve spoke casually I had the distinct feeling that she had a lot more in mind than what we’d done thus far. Nonetheless, I didn’t get the impression that Eve wanted to talk about it now so I just tried to act natural as I bade her goodbye.

I had a nervous energy running through me the next day. Excitement mostly, as I felt I was ready for the path that lay ahead and couldn’t believe my good fortune of sharing it with such a beautiful, sexy woman as Eve. And even though it was going to be my first time, I wanted it to be good too, especially for Eve. It’s not like I believed she was merely doing me a favor by sleeping with me. She had put up with year after year of sexual frustration without giving into the temptation of an extra-marital affair, and the last thing I wanted was for Eve to regret her choosing me. I will admit, however, that in the back of my mind I was also hoping that I could satisfy her well enough that she’d want to do it again. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to proceed, but I showered, shaved, and put on a nice shirt and slacks to get ready. And with a dab of cologne that Eve had once recommended to me I set off for her house.

Eve was very pleased to see me dressed up nicer than usual; it was a bit of a signal on my part that I knew this day was going to be different from the others and she seemed to appreciate it. We sat down on the coach together and drank cocktails we talked. Again, this was different as we hadn’t drunk together before, but it turned out to be a good idea as it served to somewhat settle my nerves. It probably did the same for Eve, who seemed quite tense herself.

After a few drinks, we were both feeling a bit buzzed, and our talk got a bit risqué. I absolutely loved flirting with Eve; to this day many of my lasting memories of her were of her using her feminine charms this way to excite me. Our flirtations excited her too though, and I think the greatest compliment Eve ever game me was to say that I made her feel more like a woman than any man she’d ever met. Despite my sexual inexperience, I was determined to not let Eve down today in this regard.

As our talk continued, the sexual tension increased accordingly and, feeling emboldened by the direction things were heading, I decided to make my move. I kissed Eve deeply, sucking gently on her lips as she had taught me to do only a few weeks before. She loved it and responded eagerly in kind, moaning as she slipped her tongue past my lips to meet my own. Other than the night Eve had given me a blowjob, we hadn’t gone any further than this, but I knew today was going to be different.

As deftly as I could, I unbuttoned Eve’s blouse. She was wearing a sky blue silk bra, beautiful and feminine. I then moved kissing the nape of Eve’s neck as my fingers moved gently over and then finally under the material to cup her soft breasts and tweak her hardening nipples between my fingers. The sound of Eve’s increased, heavy breathing told me I was doing it right.

“Jack,” Eve said breathlessly, “Let’s go upstairs.”

I let the words hang in the air for a moment, savoring the sound of Eve’s sweet but impassioned voice inviting me to her bed. And then I stood up with Eve and put my arm around her shoulder as we walked up the stairs to her bedroom. As I had indicated previously, I still often felt the typical awkwardness that many boys my age felt at this time in their lives — that of trying to be an adult when in many ways I still wasn’t. I didn’t feel that way today, however, and it was all because of Eve. I felt safe with her as much as I desired her, and that mixture of calmness and excitement was exactly what I needed to make the mood for this day perfect.

We were soon lying together on Eve’s bed, making out furiously again, but this time our mating ritual included the occasional pull and tug of each other’s clothing. Things were moving quickly now, which was just fine for my 18-year-old libido. Before long, the zippers and buttons were done away with and we frenziedly explored each other’s naked bodies as we rolled about on the bed. Tempting as it was, I didn’t want to go all the way just yet, as I desperately wanted to eat Eve’s pussy. It took a lot of willpower on my part; Eve was passionately telling me that she wanted to feel me inside her, but I was determined. Besides, Eve had confessed to me weeks ago that her husband was so lousy in bed that she had become disinterested in cunnilingus. I wanted this to be my special gift to her.

I had Eve lay on her back and I literally began at her face, kissing and licking, sucking and nibbling my way down. Her nude body was simply exquisite; I know it’s not that uncommon today to see a woman in her forties with a firm, sexy body but it was much less frequent 15 years ago. Eve treated her body like a temple, and I set upon worshipping it with my mouth and hands as she lay with her back on the bed.

I made my way down Eve’s tapering shoulders and settled between the soft mounds of her breasts. She was enjoying it, moaning and sighing as I kissed her heaving C-cup breasts and swirled my tongue over her rosy pink nipples. Eve was really getting excited now, mashing her tits into my face, and I slid one of my hands down between her thighs to fondle the wispy blond hair of her mound. She was soaking wet. I felt like I was in heaven like this, with my lips taking pleasure from Eve’s tits and my hand on her wet pussy, but managed to pull away so I could continue my way down.

I probably should have pleasured Eve’s sexy hourglass hips and smooth stomach for much longer, but I desperately wanted to taste her, and so I softly kissed her flushed skin as I moved my way down the bed. To my surprise, Eve spread her strong, shapely thighs for me now that she knew what I had in mind. I remember being so thrilled that she wanted me to do this.

I now lay on my stomach between the beautiful Y of Eve’s spread out legs. Even though Eve had given birth three times her pussy was surprisingly tight. I wasn’t aware of things like that back then however; at the time I was just blown away that the extent of Eve’s beauty truly went all over. I enthusiastically traced my tongue over the hot skin of her inner thighs, slowly making my way to her enflamed sex. It was a thrill I’ll never forget, watching Eve’s taut legs strain as her movements bade me on. Her aroma was sweet but thick, filling my nostrils with her excitement. I could barely wait to taste her, and when my tongue finally reached her sensitive spot, her taste drove me wild.

Like a hungry animal I eagerly lapped away Eve’s pussy, licking her up and down while devouring each drop of her nectar. I savored every moment of it, and wasn’t long before Eve was shouting and writhing on the bed as her orgasm overtook her. Looking back, I know I likely wasn’t that good to make her cum so easily, but in hindsight I suppose the novelty of it all plus the fact that Eve wasn’t used to having her pussy eaten worked in my favor.

I was dying to fuck Eve now and luckily she was ready to continue. I moved up on the bed with Eve guiding me into the missionary position until I had it right. As corny as it may sound, the moment of penetrating her was all that hoped for and more. I thrust cautiously into her at first, trying to find a proper rhythm, and of course, Eve did her part to guide me. Once I felt comfortable I really started pounding, making her king sized bed shake violently beneath us. Eve grasped me tightly, shrieking in ecstasy as I continued fervently thrusting into her.

I was close to cumming myself, and so I stopped to pull Eve up. We’d talked about sexual positions a few times before, and so I knew Eve’s favorite was from behind. I used the few seconds it took for us to get into position to try and bring my excitement down a bit, and it worked, although the sight of Eve’s hard, sexy ass as I fucked her doggie style made it tough for me to hold out from cumming. Finally, she did orgasm, and with a great sense of relief I let myself go emotionally, pumping into Eve as hard as I could until I was spraying my seed inside her.

We lay together in bed for a bit, and then we got up and got dressed. I spent about another hour at Eve’s house, just talking, and then we kissed each other goodbye. She was so relaxed, we both were, and it was great to see that there wasn’t any awkwardness between us after what had just happened. It was the first of many afternoons (and even a few nights) that Eve and I spent together.


My affair with Eve continued for several months before we decided to call it quits. In that time, I learned a lot of how to please a woman, and at the risk of sounding boastful I think I managed to re-kindle a lustful passion in Eve. She was a passionate woman who at heart loved making love, but Eve hadn’t had much in the way of quality (or quantity, for that matter) sex with her husband. After only a few times with me I began to see an increased fervor in Eve’s libido that dwarfed what she’d shown me that first time we had together. There were times when she literally wanted to have sex for hours, something I had no trouble with at that age. Many of out wild encounters still give me spine-tingling memories of Eve to this day.

Eventually it came to an end, however, and Eve was the one who ended it. I was devastated at first, but now, after all these years, I understand it was never meant to be and instead focus on all the special times we had together. Nevertheless, she was my first love, and I think most people understand the bittersweet memories that can linger with a first love even if one has moved on with one’s life.

I hadn’t given Eve much thought over the last several years, but a chance occurrence recently changed everything. You see, I had moved away from my hometown years ago, but came back a couple of months ago for a family reunion. One evening, I had gone out to dinner with my wife and son, and as we were waiting to be seated I saw two women leaving the restaurant. Yes, one of them was Eve! The other woman was her daughter Amy.

Fifteen years has passed, which would put Eve well into her fifties. She still looked remarkably lovely and vibrant for her age, although there’s no denying that Father Time has now caught up to her. Amy looked ravishing. Her age at this point was just a bit younger than Eve had been when she and I had begun our affair, and Amy’s resemblance to Eve at that age was startling. It was enough that even the mere glance of her brought memories of her mother flooding back to me.

The two ladies walked right past us. For a second I thought about stopping them to chat, but I didn’t. For one thing, I’ve never told my wife about Eve, and thought it just might be best to let those times fade away altogether. Amy didn’t recognize me, and just kept walking. Eve, on the other hand, turned and looked back for a moment and briefly acknowledged me with a warm, knowing smile.

I loved taking this little trip back down memory lane. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

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