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Suburban Passions

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I mostly cruised the personals because that’s how I got my kicks. If I was feeling sexually frustrated, I would leverage the vast power of the internet for the grist that kept the wheels of my libido turning. Still images, movies, erotica, text; it was all there and in every niche.

Like all solitary perverts, I fantasized about having a partner who would fulfill my personal needs. But I was a miserable romantic partner and realized, at my core, I was a lone degenerate.

Having accepted it, I came to embrace it. Monogamy requires lots of things. At the very least, it requires a person to commit to a sexual identification and I wasn’t even willing to do that much. I probably enjoyed sex with women most, but I hooked up with guys more often – they’re just much easier.

I was starting to build up to a serious sexual binge. It happened from time to time, often (but not always) in spring, for some reason. This time it was only March, but I could feel this one coming from a long way off. When I was in the midst of a binge, I could burn up a lot of sick time from work engaged in activities even I would later find excessive.

So instead of looking at the personals as a turn on of themselves, I was starting to look with a more specific eye.

I wrote a few pointless, unanswered emails to various posters. It had gotten to the point that I seriously was not keeping track. So when I saw a message in my most secretive, porno-only, anonymous webmail address, I had no idea which ad had inspired it.

The message purported to have come from a married guy using the name Daniel who lived in a respectable suburb to the south of the city. Like me, he was an internet pervert. Unlike me, however, he was one of the legions of people who aspired to, “have it all.” He could enjoy the thrills of total sexual freedom without sacrificing the comfort and security of a more typical life.

His message described the particular kink he wished to fulfill. It was precisely what I was in the mood for. He wanted to host a pretty classical almost-but-not-quite-completely-gay scene, the one I called, “football Sunday with my buddy.”

He wanted someone fitting my general type: very athletic, straight-appearing (plenty of guys who are obsessed with cock would rather not be confronted by overt homosexuality. Even with a dick in their ass.) and around my age. I replied to his email and, entirely according to the custom, we exchanged a few emails to heighten the excitement leading up to the actual meeting. My personal favorite format for these messages is to send one another pictures. Generally, it’s all about the cock. We send each other pictures of our own, pictures of cocks we’ve collected and enjoy, and pictures of cocks doing things we like to watch cocks doing. Namely, having sex with all kinds of orifices, human and inanimate, male and female.

By the time one degenerate is to meet the other degenerate, the sexual tension is extreme. The Sunday we’d arranged arrived. I was to meet him at his house: his wife was to be out all afternoon. I’d refrained from any sexual activity in preparation for what I hoped would be an exhausting day.

It was a really nice day – the sort of warm, early spring day that whets your appetite for summer. I dressed as though I were going to the gym: track pants, trainers, and a short-sleeved workout shirt. I put two joints in my pocket, grabbed my keys, and took off in my car. I was very excited on the sunny drive south. I always found the suburbs, with their expensive and staid veneer of propriety, indescribably sexy.

I found the house with no trouble and parked on the same block but only just. I would never have parked, for example, in his driveway.

I locked my car and walked completely casually to his address. The house was very nice. It was a single story, ranch-type house. It would never make Architectural Digest, but in this part of the country, in this bedroom community, even seventies tract homes could top a million dollars. I steeled my courage and knocked on the door.

It opened after a few moments and I recognized Daniel from his pictures. He was wearing a pair of running shorts and a cotton t-shirt from The Gap that was probably supposed to look old and worn but wasn’t. He looked briefly at my crotch before smiling and inviting me in.

Inside, the house was modern and expensively decorated. He led me to a back room with lots of very up-to-date electronics and a sectional sofa that looked both comfortable and guaranteed never to win a design award. I was really struck by the house’s layout. The hallway we took was glass on one side and revealed a very private garden surrounded on all sides by the house. I was already excited to be on this sexual quest but the sight of a ground-level hot tub ratcheted my lust ever so slightly higher.

He asked me if I wanted anything and I asked for some water. As Daniel went back to the kitchen, I sat on the couch and saw the last quarter of the early game was already underway.

He was back in no time with two glasses of ice water which he put on the large coffee table. We made just a little small talk when I clumsily asked him if he wanted smoke a joint. He was very eager but said we’d have to go outside.

I followed him out of the sliding door, which he left open, and outside. With the house itself shielding it from any breeze, the garden was very warm. We sat on reclining lawn chairs in the sun and I lit the joint. In addition to my many other vices, I’m a stoner. There are few things I enjoy as much as a really good smoke on a sunny day and every one of those few things are made better after a good smoke. I laid back on the canvas chair and passed the joint. We smoked quite a bit, actually, but I was in no hurry to put it out. I luxuriated in the sunshine and, as I felt my high creep in, I began specifically to relish the feeling of my dick as it pressed against my track pants made very warm by the sun.

I looked directly at Daniel’s crotch and could see he was growing as well. I could see the outline of his cock straining against the unfashionably short running shorts and it began to put my own cock on full alert. As he leaned forward to again take the joint from my hand, our eyes only barely met before each dropping to the other’s meat.

In real life, you don’t simply check out someone you find outwardly attractive. There are rules. In internet-inspired anonymous hookups, however, part of the excitement is the complete inversion of social norms.

He inhaled deeply on the joint as I stared openly at his cock. As I watched, he flexed it enough to cause its head to slip very slightly; enough barely to be seen up the leg of his shorts. I suddenly wished I would have worn shorts, too. I wanted immediately to touch it, but I also wanted to continue to ratchet up the excitement. Since he appeared to be in no hurry to escalate our game, I satisfied myself with my overt gawking and a few thrilling tugs at my own meat, which could almost, but not really, have been viewed as adjustments.

Finally, though, Daniel remarked that we were missing the game. I was quite high, though, and couldn’t estimate time well enough to be sure we hadn’t missed the entire thing already. We stood up and each walked to the media room with our almost-unfettered cocks bobbing idiotically in our pants.

We went in the open glass door and I plopped almost in the middle of the large sectional. Daniel would have no choice but to sit somewhat near to me. I attacked the waiting ice water to clear the cotton mouth I was experiencing from the joint and let my eyes adjust to the relative darkness of the media room. His tv was at least 60″ and of serious quality. He obviously had surround sound, but I couldn’t quite detect the satellite speakers. I just felt the crowd cheering behind me in a very natural, immersive and expensive way.

Being out of the sun and focused on football eased my erection. But on the next commercial break, Daniel flipped on a very exciting porno movie containing many of the elements we’d excited each other with in the email messages we’d exchanged during the week.

After so much build-up, and being seriously stoned, I was sucked immediately and deeply into the pornography. The scene was of a very pretty woman with an athletic body moving as a bee to pollen from cock to cock in a circle of five similarly fit men. I was very stimulated watching her suck each cock in turn, but also to watch the men work on themselves while she was otherwise occupied with a different dick. In the right context, male masturbation is plainly hot.

My eyes again riveted to Daniel’s meat. I saw he had half-covered his cock with his hand and was oh-so-subtly squeezing it. I watched awhile as his cockhead again tried to peek out of his shorts. He eased his hand up the leg of his shorts and gripped the head of his dick. “Fuck this,” I thought, and stood up. My track pants were not much impediment to my completely erect cock, but I pulled them down and stepped out of them anyway. Standing there, my dick throbbing with excitement, I looked at Daniel, who seemed not at all dismayed to be at eye level with my nakedness. I stood and looked at his cock, which he had exposed completely by hitching up the hem of his shorts. He was now stroking it openly, his eyes staring at my cock not three feet from his head.

I took off my shirt and, standing completely naked, started slowly and firmly stroking myself. Daniel continued to stare at my cock and the feeling of his eyeballs just mauling my cock turned me on still more. He pushed himself back into the sofa and arched his muscular hips. I watched as he pulled off his shorts. As the waistband cleared his erection, his cock slapped back against his flat belly with an audible thump.

I sat back down. Apart from our knees, which pressed tightly against each other perhaps for leverage, we were masturbating ourselves without outside help apart from the rush of visual excitement. My eyes returned to the big screen and I was even more thrilled to see the guys waiting their turn with the chick were starting to help each other with their masturbatory efforts.

Inspired by the on-screen action, I reached over and gently cupped Daniel’s shaved balls with my left hand as I continued to stroke with my right. I could feel them clench tightly to his body and I knew he was every inch as aroused as I was.

Too quickly, he stood up and I let go. He mumbled something I didn’t hear and left the room. I was left wondering what the hell had happened but only for a very short time. When Daniel returned, he was still rock-hard but now his dick was glistening in the dim light. In his hand he had a bottle of lubricant and he squeezed still more of the slippery liquid in his hand as he plopped back down on the couch.

Without invitation, he closed his slick fist around the head of my shaft and pistoned it up and down. I could feel the lube heating up and slowly escaping his hand and oozing onto my balls. I returned the favor. With one hand, I again cupped his balls, and with my other hand began to massage his cock. It was bigger than mine and completely shaved. Its head was nicely shaped and neither too large nor too small in proportion to his thick shaft. As is usually the case when I indulge my most secretive and powerful fantasies, I could never even be sure which I enjoyed more: touching or being touched.

Whichever, I was quickly building to a powerful climax which I hoped I could stave off just a little longer. Easing the pressure with which I stroked Daniel, I rudely prevented him coming and he took the hint. We settled down a little but kept up some sexual tension with random violations of the other’s personal space. I stroked my hand up his thigh, and he’d pinch my nipple, sometimes hard, but never so hard I wanted him to stop.

Finally, he got up again. I enjoyed him standing up as it placed his cock so very close to my face. I didn’t yet think I wanted it in my mouth, but seeing it bob so closely to my face was its own thrill and gave me an enticing view. He said, “come on – it’s nice outside,” and I saw him head back out to the garden. Just to keep the party rolling, I grabbed the other half of the joint we’d started and followed him.

Sitting outside in the warm sun, naked and unbelievably turned on, I wondered if I might ever tire of such a thing. I lit the roach and passed it. Daniel took a big hit and sat down on the edge of the hot tub with just his feet in the roiling water. I sat down next to him and, kind of hypnotized by the warmth, the sun, and the smoke, we throttled back on the sexual tension, but only just.

He eased himself off the ledge and into the water while I just sat there drowsily blissful. As I sprawled there I felt him brush against my knee. I looked down in time to see him abruptly engulf my entire cock in his mouth. He sucked it expertly and the heat of his mouth on my erection had me instantly back in focus.

As he took my cock’s almost painfully sensitive head into his mouth, he kept up a steady stroke with his right hand. With his left hand, he held my scrotum forcefully; in a way that made me feel like there would be no escape – had I wanted any. Just as I’d sense the coming of a powerful orgasm, he’d pause and, with his thumb and forefinger, encircle my cock and balls in a fleshy cockring. That seemed to give him still greater access to my aching balls with his mouth and he’d accept each testicle into his mouth, one at a time, before letting go, adjusting his grip again, and mercilessly sucking me as he began all over.

As he worked my cock with his mouth and hands, he’d slide down the sensitive base and deftly tuck his tongue under my balls. As he lifted his tongue gently, the pressure on my testicles was almost enough to send me roaring into orbit. After a few of these tongue lifts, I felt his hand move smoothly up my leg to the crack of my ass. He moved confidently upwards, easily parting my glutes before stroking my very asshole with what I surmised must be the edge of his hand.

Without ever giving up on my brutally aroused cock, Daniel started to pay ever more attention to my asshole. Whether it was slick with lube leftover from our earlier play, or whether wet from his all-out assault on the entirety of my erogenous areas, I couldn’t know and didn’t care. As he sucked manfully on my cock, he began to massage my sphincter. First, just the outside. Then, teasingly, he inserted the tip of some digit. I rocked my pelvis back involuntarily to enable him a better angle and he took full advantage, quickly burying a finger inside me.

In no time, he’d found his mark. My prostate was an easy and immediate victim. As he impaled his mouth on my cock, he applied just the right amount of pressure to my prostate. Although I greedily wanted to hang on just a little longer, I abruptly lost all control and began to convulse. I briefly lost all sight and my vision was overcome by blackness punctuated with a crescendo of small lights. I felt momentarily weightless, my legs trembling and useless, before I landed, hard, on my back on the edge of Daniel’s hot tub, my head cradled in the lush grass I’m sure he had worked hard to cultivate.

I laid there shocked at the intensity of my orgasm and wondering what the hell I could ever do in my life that would approach it again. Before I could work up a complete thought, though, Daniel stood upright in the hot tub exposing his still-erect dick.

Without so much as a by-your-leave, he raised my still-wobbly legs and jammed that monster into me. I had enjoyed my sexual forays with men, but had always chickened out just prior to such an occurrence. Now I was wondering why.

As he fucked my ass, I again felt stirrings in my cock. In the abstract, I knew there was a physiological link between the prostate and erections. But that didn’t diminish my amazement at how fast my hard-on had recovered from its complete draining. As he drilled me, Daniel continued to pull strongly on my cock with his fist making me think another orgasm was just a matter of time and not much time at that.

It had been a very long day already and it wasn’t very much longer before Daniel had pumped himself past his point of no return. He pulled out of me and I grabbed his dick, milking it with my hand while he did the same to me. He came hard and thick before collapsing half pulled-up on the side of the hot tub.

“What are you boys up to?” came a female voice from nowhere. Involuntarily I must’ve jumped three feet straight up. Sure, she couldn’t be my wife – I didn’t have one. But she could only be Mrs. Daniel and that couldn’t be good.

Or could it?

Daniel didn’t seem to be at all surprised or even anxious his wife was home. He just laid there spent while I looked around to see the woman who’d startled the shit out of me. Damn. She was tall and ripped. She was clearly an athlete of some kind and if I’d had to guess, from the shoulders alone, she was a swimmer. She had a short, if not severe, haircut and positively globular breasts that were unfairly pinned to her body by a running shirt with some kind of magical elastic.

She walked in from the foyer kicking off her sneakers as she went. I didn’t know how long she’d been watching or what she’d seen, but I suddenly felt very self-conscious about my nakedness.

Self-conscious, at least, until she tugged down her casual shorts on the short walk to the hot tub. She was wearing a very thin pair of running panties and I thought they might just have been ever-so-slightly darkened with moisture. She sat down between Daniel and I and kissed me immediately and hard on the mouth. She tasted of citrus and I didn’t imagine I’d be eager to ever stop tasting her.

Suddenly revived, Daniel sat up and peeled the restrictive top off his wife allowing her breasts some freedom. My hands were on them faster than could be considered polite, but our kiss showed no signs of reluctance. I felt Daniels nose on mine and opened my eyes. I did finally pull away from that first kiss and Daniel took over with an urgency even greater than mine had been.

For my part, I dropped down to the beautiful tits recently liberated from cruel spandex. They were high on her chest, firm, and with small areolae and nipples. And for the time being, they were all mine. As I licked, sucked, and kneaded her breasts, I felt a hand on my once-again hardened cock. I didn’t bother to notice whose hand it was and instead only relished the stimulation.

And then they were standing up. I remained sitting on the edge of the hot tub when Daniel’s wife said, “let’s take this inside, shall we?” Leaving her clothes strewn on the cool grass, she walked barefoot into the house with two naked men and their dangerously hungry cocks close behind.

We adjourned straight to the bedroom, which I hadn’t before seen. It was as simply – and expensively – decorated as the rest of the house. The room was dominated by a platform bed and Mrs. Daniel laid down in its geometric center.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Daniel fed his cock into his wife’s mouth and she accepted all of it. Eager to participate, I stretched out between her wide-spread legs and began gently kissing her monds venus through her panties. Her scent was a clean and enticing one and I didn’t long resist snaking my tongue past the tight hem of her panties to taste her. She wasn’t completely shaven but well-groomed nevertheless. As I licked at her quickly-swelling outer labia, she ground her hips upwards giving me all the access I could handle.

In short order, I slid off her panties and began eating her in earnest. There truly is nothing even remotely like a clean-tasting snatch and I made the most of hers. As I came to know her I began to read her body ever more closely. Like a slow dance with her in the lead, I reacted to her cues and together we built a tremendous sexual energy made all the more potent by the hot fellatio I could see her performing on her husband.

In response to the movements of her body, I began to get serious about my efforts. No more content to release her swollen clitoris after reaching its small plateaus of arousal, I stayed on it longer and longer before, briefly, dashing down to her lips only to return again to the clit with renewed intensity. When finally she could take no more, she began to orgasm violently. With my hands on either sides of her hips, I held her strongly and did not stop until she let go of her husband’s cock and tried to pull my head from her. As I backed away, she continued to buck and convulse until finally she lay still and stared at the ceiling. “Gimme a minute, will you boys? Fuck.”

Not knowing what else to do, I looked up at Daniel who was still standing there with a wet dick just released from his wife’s mouth.

After s few moments, she collected herself and patted the bed next to her. I wiggled alongside her on my elbows. From where I laid, I could see Daniel’s glistening ballsack still wet with his wife’s saliva. He laid down on the bed next to me, but with his face next to my cock. In short order his wife had met him there and together they took me to sexual places I’d never before been. As they collaborated to whip me into new heights of ecstasy, I couldn’t resist giving into a sexual temptation into which I rarely indulged. Turning my head, I lifted Daniel’s cockhead with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth.

Giving head at the same time I was receiving it so expertly was a rare thing for me and I found myself again becoming lost in the irresistible force of unfettered erotic pleasure. As I began to drive towards another climax, Daniel said, “let’s fuck!” Given his boldness in the hot tub, and the addition of another hot body to the mix, I couldn’t guess just what he meant. But I knew I would go along with it.

He laid down on his back and his gorgeous wife straddled him, reverse-cowgirl. Her posture, with her back slightly arched as she ground herself into her husband, only accentuated her high, firm, breasts. Not knowing what else to do, but knowing I must touch her, I kneeled before her and, aligning my body so as to touch hers from hips to shoulders, kissed her deeply. As I held her, I could feel her husband’s powerful thrusts both through her body and as his cock brushed very slightly against my scrotum.

I held her there for a short while, but my cock had other ideas. I stood up and she quickly swallowed it all. I stood there on the bed fucking her face and, when I thought I’d enjoyed that enough, laid back down and began another assault on her clitoris. She clearly appreciated the effort immediately. I was greedy. I wanted to lick and suck her, and yet, tasting her on her husband’s cock as it hammered away at her was just as thrilling.

He withdrew and, briefly, I took him completely in my mouth for awhile before she pulled him out of me and took him back for herself. I wanted my cock inside someone and fast, so I returned to the side of the bed and fed myself to Daniel, who sucked down everything I gave him. Pinned by his wife, he was helpless as I would grind my balls and ass against his face. He never relented, though, and kept my entire body quivering on the edge.

Just as I was sure someone, somewhere, was going to have to cum or else to die, Daniel’s wife throttled back and finally rose from her husband’s indomitable prick. I had earlier been impaled on the very same meat and knew what it was made of.

She leaned down on her hands and crawled on top of her husband in a sixty-nine. That prevented me further feeding her husband, but presented me the snatch I’d so eagerly eaten. With my cock in one hand, I used its head to explore her outer labia. I traced its entire outline, from her small but firm clitoris, back up across her labia and up almost to her hairless sphincter. Then, without further warning, I slammed my cock abruptly, balls-deep, into her. I had to close my eyes so the sight of her muscular ass pressed tightly against my abdomen, and the heat and wet of her pussy, would not be too much and cause me to cum before I was ready. Before I could even withdraw for another stroke, I felt my balls captured again in Daniel’s mouth as he sucked me deeply in.

I can’t guess how long we all froze there. For my part, I was afraid to move lest I blast a load right there. Daniel let slowly go of my sack, breaking the deadlock, and I began to pump his wife inches from his nose. I could feel him massaging me behind my balls and I was completely unsurprised when, for the second time that day, his fingers found my asshole and reintroduced me to the delicious pleasure of the prostate.

With my cock buried deep in his wife and his fingers in me, I knew something would have to give. I was almost grateful when a seemingly unanimous slowdown in the action signaled another change in delights.

This time, I felt the married couple pressing me back into the mattress. She mounted me missionary style and I was soon back inside the place I had never wanted to leave. But Daniel found a way to make even this more exciting. He had moved behind her and I could feel his cock pressed against mine as he fumbled his way into her. We were soon both fucking her and I could not decide which sensation was more immediate; my cock inside her, or Daniel’s cock sliding tightly against my glans.

As the three of us fucked together, I felt a change in Daniel’s pace and realized he was cumming. He slowed, but did not stop, and I felt him shuddering, his cock on mine, buried in his wife’s snatch. Suddenly, there was even more wetness in her and I could feel his cum sliding down my cock and onto my balls. The viscous pleasure was too much for me and I, too erupted, my cock on his cock and we both remained inside, spent for the moment.

“How about a break?” she asked, rousing me from my endorphin-fueled stupor. We extricated ourselves and stumbled like sex-zombies back out into the hot tub.

The roiling water was a perfect cure for the sexual fatigue I was starting to feel. I sat buried in the water, up to my chin, and closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe the day I’d had. If you had rounded up every vile, perverted, taboo daydream I’d ever had and edited them hastily together, you might approach the kind of day it had been.

As I half-opened an eye, I saw my sexual playmates looked in about the same sorry shape. In my mind, I began to recap the day from the moment I dropped my pants, through the taboo of anal sex, through the last orgasm I’d only just had. And instead of being sated, the sense memories involuntarily re-ignited my desire. Remembering being violated on the edge of this same hot tub, My cock improbably began its obstinate march back to full tumescence.

I squeezed it a few times just to be sure and looked around at my drowsy friends. One hand on my own cock, I slid silently over to Daniel’s resting wife and cupped her breast, weightless in the hot water, in my hand. As my cock continued to dictate the pace, I knew no one was leaving that tub without getting a fucking from me.

I reached over to Daniel and gripped his cock, unseen in the heat and bubbles. I pulled him straight out of his seat with it and started sucking his wife’s tits once more. Standing, he waded over and rubbed his quickly hardening cock on her breasts as I sucked them. In no time, I’d lost focus and had transferred seamlessly to Daniel’s shaved cock. Taking it in my mouth, I could feel it growing harder with ever suckle. With my left hand, I began pushing at his asshole, which brought him immediately to a complete erection.

“Wait,” interrupted his wife in a voice that sounded faraway but was only inches from my ear. She reached behind her and, from underneath the small table next to the lounge chair, brought out a bottle of bath oil. She sat up on the edge of the pool and poured the warm oil on her body in small rivulet from her throat. It ran in an enticing stream between her breasts and onto her snatch.

The sight of his wife’s pussy dripping in fragrant oil was too much for Daniel who bent immediately to lick at it. I stood up as well, and fed my cock once again to his wife, who sweetly accepted all of it. Slick with the oil, I massaged her breasts and squeezed sometimes gently, sometimes not-so-gently, on her nipples as she swallowed my cock.

Before very much longer, I withdrew from her mouth. Daniel was in some trouble and had no idea. Bent as he was, with his ass in the air, he stood no chance. Taking the bottle of bath oil, I slid around behind him and dropped some on the small of his back, allowing it to run between the cracks of his ass. With a little more for the head of my cock, I took him suddenly and without mercy.

Returning his favor from earlier, I jammed into him until I could feel his balls on mine and then I pushed some more. I could hear him grunt at the final thrust which only inspired me to greater effort. His wife’s eyes were wide and round and she was just staring at the place where my body joined Daniel’s. In between his grunts, Daniel rejoined his efforts providing his wife what appeared to be world-class cunnilingus.

“Stop it, god, I need some dick, too!” With that, she pulled away from Daniel and rolled over onto her firm belly. Daniel squirted briefly away from me before mounting his wife, doggy-style, as she laid across the edge of the hot tub. But I wasn’t finished with Daniel, and again buried myself into him. The three of us fucked each other shamelessly until, I, at least, started to get tremors in my legs. I didn’t think I could quite cum in the position I was in, so I withdrew and immersed myself in the soothing water. Daniel continued to fuck his wife for a little while longer before finally slowing to a stop. I was sure he must’ve cum, but he withdrew still pumping his swollen meat in his fist.

I definitely wanted rid of another load before giving up for the week, so I replaced Daniel in his wife’s pussy for a few more pumps. But the angle was bad and it wasn’t long before I had to concede I was going to need something else to finish my day.

Leaving the hot tub, Daniel’s wife found comfort on the nearby lounge chair. Daniel left right after her and I followed Daniel, not really knowing what to do next, but knowing I had to cum very soon. Daniel set the lounge’s chair back flat and started stroking his cock inches from his wife’s cheek. That, I thought, was exactly the right idea. Kneeling across from him, I re-wet myself with the bath oil and pulled at Daniel’s cock a few more times with my slippery hand. Together we pulled at ourselves and each other until the end was inescapable. For the last time that day, I came. The sensation was as strong as any of the previous goes, but my cum was clear and minimal. Daniel came only a very little more than I did but his wife gamely cleaned us both off.

I wondered, as I tried to fit my shrinking cockhead into his wife’s mouth while he was still very much inside it, how long another hard on might take. My curiosity did not last, though, as I began to understand just how done I was. I sat down hard on one of the other lounge chairs, defeated. I couldn’t have had anymore sex of any kind. As I sat there naked, legs spread wide, I started to laugh. Surprised at first by my outburst, Daniel and his wife soon joined in and the three of us guffawed and roared like idiots as the sun went down in the west.

I didn’t wait around to be asked to leave. Without another word, I stood shakily up and walked back to the media room where I found my clothes. I put them on still a little wet and walked out the front door without looking back.

When I got home, I took a quick shower, put on my robe, and started a book about climate change.

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