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The Workshop

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It had been too long. I hadn’t had sex for over a year, and I was starting to feel deprived. My friend Sarah noticed that. “Girl it’s been too long! You need to catch up with me!” She was right. Beautiful, sexy Sarah, fifty-something years young, and she was partying harder and getting more action than anyone else I knew.

I was a little more than half her age and still feeling virginal in a lot of ways. I was letting my shyness keep me from getting close to anyone. I had closed myself off for far too long and it was time to open up.

She told me about this workshop, “Exploring Tantric Intimacy”. She said her friends have been going for a while and they really enjoyed it. “You could get laid,” she said, “like hard core. Really it’s about emotional intimacy and stuff like that, but seriously girl, go get you some.”

So I ventured off into the unknown, signed up for the workshop and drove off into the hills to “get me some”. The place was gorgeous, with a main lodge, little cabins, hot tubs, greenhouse, gardens, and a winding creek leading to a pond. Dang, I thought. So many places to do it. My nerves started going crazy and I got tingly thinking about the possibilities. What was I in for?

Several hours later I was all signed in. I had no idea what to expect. I was dressed in a long skirt and a sweater, trying to appear demure. Maybe I’ll just observe and take notes, I thought. That will be enough. There were icebreakers, questions and laughter, and then some old guy was lecturing us about love and intimacy, talking about opening chakras and points of sensitivity. Delayed gratification. Prolonged pleasure. Third eye expansion.

I started to tune him out and instead was eyeing the group, picking out the people I wanted to delay gratification with first. There were a few other women, mostly older than me, and a lot of men. Everyone looked lovely to me. I guess I was “softening my aura” as I thought I heard the Instructor say. Or maybe I just knew everyone else was as horny as I was. Yeah, I would sit on that guy’s face, even if he is about eighty, I was thinking. I bet he still has it. And probably that lady’s as well. I bet she could lick a girl properly, even if she is with that bald dude who’s already sporting a semi-boner. I was definitely checking out my options. I spotted a younger man with dark hair, kind of nervous looking. Yum, I thought. An older guy with grey hair and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Double yum.

I tuned back into the Instructor. He was explaining tantra as a way of connecting deeply in the moment. He spoke about the benefits of prolonging orgasm, how it becomes a full body experience…something about making love to Spirit and honoring Mother Nature with our direct connection to fertile life. I was looking at his white hair, his hands moving through the air as he talked, and I wondered how many orgasms he’s had the pleasure of witnessing in his life.

Then I heard him say that the best way to learn is by doing, so we would be breaking into smaller groups for a more intimate lesson. The groups were varied, some were all male, and some had one woman per several men. We each had our own little area. His co-instructors each took a group, and I ended up in the Instructor’s group. He took me aside and told me for the purposes of this lesson he needed me to have complete trust and surrender. That I would be blindfolded, lying down, and that he would be giving instructions and guidance during the demonstration. He said everyone here was clean, and that because I was on birth control we would be having “full skin contact”, as he called it.

I was getting juicier by the moment, but I kept my demeanor calm. I told him that it all sounded fine. He said I would be in very good hands, that this was a professional and safe environment, and that I could say stop at any time. But I won’t want to, he said with a twinkle in his eye. I was in. “Ok if I remain quiet during the demonstration?” I asked him and he said best if I do. He told me I was a receiver, that I was here to simply allow the body to do what comes naturally. I let him tie the silky blindfold across my eyes and my world went dark.

I had no idea what I was in for. My sex life had been pretty vanilla thus far. Maybe I’ll get felt up, I thought, or even finger-banged. That would be exciting! He led me to a large, low table with a thick pad on top. I felt several hands reach out and touch me as I was guided to lie down on my back. I stretched out, feeling a big smile on my face, and then I remembered I was a little geisha doll for their educational purposes, so I tried to calm myself and show no emotion. Let them work for it, I thought.

The Instructor was lecturing in a soft voice, talking about touch receptors, and I felt my clothes being gently tugged off. The room was warm and I felt good, even though I was naked, blindfolded and at the mercy of a group of men. I paid for this, I was thinking. This better be good. I felt hands laying gently on me, touching me lightly everywhere, as the Instructor maintained a rhythmic, verbal manual on How to Please a Woman Properly.

They were massaging me gently, on my feet, neck and shoulders, murmuring about beautiful curves and succulent flesh. I heard the Instructor say that one of the most important things to master was oral stimulation. They would all get a chance, but he needed a first volunteer. I heard some jostling and grunting as they figured that one out. The Instructor was telling them to ease a woman into her pleasure, not rush things. He was holding me open as he explained the anatomy of the vagina, touching lightly, then he was guiding someone’s face into my “lotus of a thousand petals”, as I thought I heard him call it.

My body gave a jolt as a nice, soft tongue started stroking gently against my thighs and then licking the wetness of my warm, soft “lotus”. He was following the Instructor’s directions to lick the inside of the labia major, then the labia minor, and then the soft spot below the urethral opening. Then circling the outside of the clitoral hood, while holding back from licking the actual clitoris.

His talk was very anatomical, but the sensations being delivered were incredible. It was like a soul massage, starting with my puss. I heard him say it was time to give someone else a try, and then a new mouth was down there, licking me softly. The instructor guided him around the perineum and vaginal opening, showing him how to stimulate the g-spot, which he called the “fountain of eternal juice”, or something like that.

They took turns in this way, licking me as he told them to, being gentle with my clit until it was throbbing with need. Then I felt a finger inside me and a small moan escaped my saliva-drenched mouth. He was telling them to make a “come here” gesture with the finger just inside the vagina, to stimulate the g-spot. They practiced on me, long fingers gently coaxing my body up from the table, come here, their hands were whispering.

“Ok now gently, you want her to get hot but not explosive, go ahead and put your tongue to her clitoris and press softly,” he was saying. “Just let it rest there, allowing the pressure to increase as you pull her towards you. ”

Whoever was down there was doing a fine job. My clit was on fire, and he was licking it so gently, it felt like heat was oozing over my entire body. I was throbbing everywhere. Now the Instructor was letting them lick me with more pressure, showing them how to treat the ass, the thighs, the breasts, everything. I felt hot mouths sucking my tits, biting my nipples, and I knew I could come in a second, but I wanted to be a good student so I breathed deeply and held it back.

The instructor noticed I was flushed, he told them to ease back a bit, that I was getting overheated. I heard the rustling of clothing and I imagined that they were getting naked, glistening cocks bobbing out straight and hard as they gathered closer around the table. I felt a hand lift up my head and give me a sip of water, and more hands were massaging my feet and legs. The Instructor was talking about penetration, different angles and techniques to give different sensations. I breathed deep, trying to diffuse the heat rising in my crotch.

I heard him ask for a first volunteer to demonstrate penetration techniques, giving a reminder that the objective was to withhold orgasm for as long as possible, to prolong the pleasure. I was pulsing with anticipation, feeling wetness ooze down between my thighs. I felt the heat of a male body moving on top of me, not making contact with me except for the silky hot tip of his cock, gently stroking my vulva up and down. The instructor told him to insert the head only, staying shallow for ten strokes and then sinking in part way for the next stroke.

I was glad I had been doing a lot of yoga lately, my legs spread apart easily and I felt really limber. The man on top of me was in a kind of push-up position. I couldn’t feel his body weight, only the head of his cock, sliding gently in and out of me. It was incredible. I was along for the long ride. My need to orgasm had faded back a little, now I was just enjoying the sensation of being fucked gently and watched by several guys. How many? I had no idea, I guessed five or six total, but it didn’t matter. The Instructor’s soothing voice was making me feel safe. This was for education. We were all here for the same reason: to explore our sexuality, to get better at it. To get laid hard core. I wanted to be a willing participant, so I went with whatever was being suggested.

I felt a cock sink into me, only part way, and I let out a soft moan. The man of the moment pulled back and repeated this sequence a few times, then it was someone else’s turn. Another cock was pressing lightly into my wetness, massaging me, opening me up. My lotus was feeling good. This time he was allowed to sink his entire length inside of me, after giving me ten shallow strokes. I tried to keep my passive expression, but I couldn’t keep from moaning. It felt so good, being filled after being stimulated so much. He held himself inside of me, still, for a few seconds, and then pulled out to give me the shallow strokes again. It was driving me wild.

One after another they took turns. I let myself relax into the pure sensation of it, trying to stay quiet, trying not to laugh or say anything. The perfect pupil. The Instructor was talking about rhythms, about using the hips to thrust in and upwards, stimulating the clitoris. I felt the cock inside of me growing harder and bigger. I was breathing heavily. The Instructor must have noticed, because he asked the man to step off and let someone else have a chance. He asked me if I was doing ok and I said yes, then I was being filled by another silky, hard piece of goodness. He told him to give me ten shallow thrusts and then a deep hard one, and the man did as he was asked.

It felt like circles of light were moving out of my body, coming out of my crotch and going into space. Soon he was replaced and the next man was allowed to thrust deep and hard into me, in a rhythmic motion. I felt my clit stiffening with desire and the Instructor was telling him to slow down. I suppressed a giggle, thinking that he was saying things I would be saying if I was talking. This old guy knew his stuff!

By this point I was breathing hard and moaning lightly, making a guttural purr. Mouths were sucking on my breasts, tugging lightly at my hair, massaging my feet and pulling my legs wider apart. I heard the instructor say, “Jr. it’s your turn, you’ve got the biggest penis, time to bring her to the Temple of a Thousand Lights. But don’t rush it! ”

I felt Jr. position himself over me. His body was giving off heat and little droplets of sweat were dripping down onto me. I pictured the young, nervous dark-haired man I had seen before. Here’s your chance, I thought. Show them what you’re made of! He entered me easily, pushing in about halfway, as the Instructor told him to. He was thick and I could feel him throbbing inside of me. Someone slid a pillow under my ass and then Jr. was thrusting deeper into me. I moved my hips upward and I heard the Instructor tell me to relax, that I was the receiver, I didn’t have to work for this one. Tantra was about the journey, he said.

It was sweet agony. My body was slippery, my clit was on fire, but all I could do was lay there and take it. Jr. was doing a pretty good job of giving it to me. I could hear the sound of skin being slapped and I pictured them all with their dicks in their hands, stroking furiously. I started to slip into another realm as Jr. pounded into me. I was crying out a little bit each time, clenching my fists, and the men held my hands so that I had something to squeeze.

I heard the Instructor tell him, “Upwards! Pull her towards you with your Wand of Power!” and then Jr. was pushing hard inside me while his pelvis was pulling up, rubbing against my clit. My body was being pulled into the air by his huge cock. It was the perfect feeling. I reached out for him, and I could feel his silky hips and muscular ass, slick with sweat.

Jr. was grunting with the effort, and I heard the other guys saying things like “Yeah, do it, give it to her hard” and then Jr. was doing it. His cock swelled inside me, shoving even harder into the depths of me and I cried out loudly, moaning “Uhhhh!” He was pushing up inside me and I let myself go there with him, with everybody, judging from the sounds I was hearing in other parts of the building. Little cries and moans were rising, like an orgasmic symphony. I put my arms out to my sides, spreading my knees and lifting my feet into the air.

The waves of pleasure intensified as Jr. pushed hard and fast into me, and I could not hold back any longer. It felt like he was fucking my soul. My clit throbbed with tension as he rubbed himself against me and then it exploded. The throbbing took over my entire body as his hot, sticky juice released inside of me. The shockwaves continued, it felt like my orgasm was lasting forever. I was moaning uncontrollably, then I felt Jr. pull out and another dick was soon inside of me, big and hard and pushing into me forcefully.

I moaned loud and opened my legs wider. I heard grunting and I knew without a doubt that it was the Instructor. He moved with so much force and finesse that within moments my orgasm returned and exploded again with waves of pleasure moving over my body and out into the world. I couldn’t stop shaking. He squirted inside of me and moved off, then I felt loads of hot juice rain down on me. I spread my arms wide in surrender and they showered my face, breasts and belly, bathing me in warm silky rivers of “liquid life force”, as the Instructor had been calling it.

I lay there breathing heavily, and within a few moments it was quiet. I felt a warm, damp towel on my face, wiping gently, then wiping my body, taking time between my legs. I heard the Instructor say in a soft voice that I had performed excellently, and to take my time getting up. There was a private shower I could use, and then I was dismissed for the rest of the afternoon. I could lie down and rest, if I wanted to. Maybe soak in the hot tub or stroll in the gardens.

I said thank you. He asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes, very much. Exquisite, really. I felt his fingers brush over my fur and I trembled. Then they were inside of me, playing lightly with my clit, slipping easily over the smooth, wet softness, and then sliding deep inside of me. Come here, they said. I quivered, instantly wanting to be pounded again until I passed out from total exhaustion. “What do you think?” he asked, “You feeling up for a quickie?” I remembered his thick cock buried inside of me, and I knew I was up for anything.

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