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A Final Arrangement

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Theirs was an arrangement of logical and mutual convenience. Through the various risks they both had to take with their respective partners, they managed to attain rewards never before dreamed. Beyond the protective walls of the Hotel, they were respectable, law-abiding individuals who demanded decency from all they came into contact with. Within those Hotel walls, well, that was a different matter…

He was married. His Wife, a School Teacher with an avid interest in Religious Studies, was young, attractive and vivacious – to all those on the outside world. Inside, she was curt, demanding and suffering. Her accident had changed her. Before that car had diverted down past her school and mowed her down, she’d enjoyed an active, although monotonous, sex life. From the moment she returned from the Hospital, all carnal thoughts were dead. Her Husband had tried to awaken the dormant personality she’d once been, but each success ended in heartbreak. His Wife refused to be touched from the waist down. Sometimes, if he were lucky, he would have the privilege of a hand job whilst being able to fondle her breasts, but nothing more – and even then, these usually revolved around Birthdays and Christmas.

His Wife was an intelligent woman though. She recognised that her Husband would have an affair if things carried on the way they were going – any man would. Although it pained her to say it – but less so than going through the agony of lovemaking – she told him he could make use of other women: as long as it was purely sexual and that he didn’t ‘rub her nose in it’. It took him some time to consider her proposal, and after much deliberation, he was determined to turn her down, convinced they could get through his Wife’s issues together… but that was before the Conference.

Her relationship was less tragic but just as complicated.

She fell in love with her neighbour. They were the same age, had similar interests and felt like they could talk to each other until the stars died. Their relationship started slowly – a few dates with friends, the odd meal as a couple – but that only seemed to intensify their passions. But she was suffering.

She knew what she was letting herself in for when she accepted his proposal, but that didn’t mean the transgression period was going to be any easier.

Her future Husband didn’t believe in sex before marriage.

As their courtship developed and their love for each other deepened, her frustration intensified. Often temptation would appear and almost become the better of them. Their sexual dalliances would regularly involve his going down on her: his tongue expertly tracing her labia, caressing the hairs that protected her pussy before sliding his tongue between her lips, opening her slit to him and delving deep inside. His fingers would often join his tongue, entering her, sending electrifying sensations through her body before he moved his tongue over the swollen orb of her clit – licking it, sucking it, gently nibbling on the centre of her orgasms. The pleasures that would tear through her body would drive her insane with yearning; her desire to have him enter her severe. But that would be where the disappointment would arise. Always he refused – she could see the desperation to satisfy in his eyes, but his mouth would deny either of them the pleasure – he would simply manoeuvre himself so she could repay the oral pleasure; taking his cock into her mouth, tasting the salty cum that had already seeped out, she would ravish his dick whilst he reached down and fingered her clit until she felt the eruptions of his orgasm enter her mouth.

Always she swallowed his cum, savouring its taste, but often she felt like spitting it back at him in retaliation for not fucking her.

She had no idea that the Conference would offer her satisfaction in more ways than one.

She had to go – failure to do so would mean a loss in the Promotion race – he decided to go on a whim, figuring it would get him out of the Office for a couple of hours.

The Hotel was situated deep in the Forests of the Peak District, exactly halfway between their respective workplaces – half an hours drive maximum. Neither expected that drive to result in something that would drastically change their lives.

They’d never met previously, but as soon as their paths crossed, they recognised something of themselves in each other. Although they didn’t know it at the time, that something was a burning sexual desire, a desire they each desperately needed to quench.

Their initial contact had been the relevant work related small talk: where do you work; what do you do; is your Boss as big an arse as mine? But soon, standing there, each one unable to take their eyes of the others body, admiring and yearning to touch the curves before them, the conversation turned to relationships and sex. Poring their frustrations out to each other, they both felt they had found someone who could relate to their own situation.

Within an hour of their first meeting, they were making passionate love in one of the Hotel’s Suites, each succumbing to the others needs whilst finally satisfying their own.

It was after that first session that their plan was devised…

They would meet, once a month, in the same Hotel, in the same Suite and fuck each other until their sexual hunger was satisfied. This arrangement would continue until she was married and receiving all of her gratification from her Husband. He would then either move back to the life he had with his Wife, or he would find another ‘Fuck Chum’. That was twelve months ago, and for the following eleven months, they had met as pre-arranged, telling their respective partners whatever excuse they could convincingly muster, and screwed, shagged and fucked until his balls ached and she was raw. The following day, they would simply pick up their clothes and leave, returning to their own versions of normality. No phone numbers were exchanged, no addresses known; the arrangement was perfectly business-like.

Sitting in the plush bar, dressed in her dark blue pinstriped suit, which caught the attention of any man who saw her, whilst waiting for him to arrive, she wasn’t so sure about their arrangement. In three weeks time, she would be married and this regular soirée would come to an end. She couldn’t be sure that he would see it like that, she wasn’t certain if he’d want it to continue; she wasn’t sure she’d want it to stop.

Turning, she saw him enter, and once more felt the urge to strip him and fuck there and then for all to see. His grey suit bustled with the muscles beneath, his dark hair, short and neat, his stride masterful and confident. He approached her but there was something different this time. He wasn’t smiling. Usually, they would start their session with a drink and some small talk, but this time he simply moved his mouth next to her ear and told her, “upstairs, now!”

Without questioning and leaving her drink behind she stud, grabbed her coat and followed him to the lift, ignoring the knowing looks of the Hotel Staff.

Their journey to the room was done in silence. She sensed this time was different and she didn’t want to question his plans. He stood behind her, admiring her body but never letting her know his thoughts. As the lift door opened and the old couple walked in, he whispered to her, “no messing around. Get in that Room now!”

The old couple looked at each other concerned before disappearing behind the closing lift doors.

Running to the room before him, she struggled with the key card. ‘Why do they have to make these things so bloody difficult?’ she thought to herself. As he strode behind her, she heard the familiar click of the opening mechanism accepting the cards code and the door was open.

Entering the room she knew so well, she was hit by the smell that floated on the air. Approaching the bed, she saw the source… two-dozen red roses surrounded the bedside tables. Hearing him follow, she turned to thank him, but before she could speak, his lips were over hers, his tongue entering her mouth, tasting the wine she’d been drinking as he threw his arms around her, pulling her close. In response, she flung her coat to the floor and wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling the perfectly toned muscles beneath.

As they kissed, they fervently stripped each other, within moments their naked bodies entwining. He broke off the kiss and hurled her onto the bed in preparation for their lovemaking. The white cotton sheets were cool against her back, heightening her skin’s senses as she moved herself into position. He lowered himself down onto her, again kissing her passionately, this time his hard tongue desperately pushing past hers. His hands grabbed at her breasts, stroking the contours of her ample tits before pinching her nipples, stretching them out in anticipation for his tongue. She moaned in excitement, her tongue battling with his, her hands feverishly rubbing up and down his back, her nails slightly scratching at his coarse tanned skin. Again, he broke off the kiss, this time tracing a line with his tongue from her neck to an already erect nipple. He devoured the hard nub, vehemently sucking on it whilst manoeuvring his hands to prepare the other nipple. She let out a gentle squeal as he took the nipple between his teeth and tenderly nibbled at it, pulling it out further until her whole body arched to follow it in his mouth. She pushed his hand away from her tit, directing it down past her belly towards her already hot and savouring pussy before replacing the missing hand with her own.

Pushing through her neatly trimmed pubic hair, brushing over the swollen clit, giving it a glimpse of what was to come, he inserted his middle finger, using it to part the swollen lips of her most sensitive area. He felt her moist vaginal walls constrict over his finger, hungrily pulling his digit inside. Never did his mouth leave her nipple, his tongue urgently feeding on the rigid bump. In response to his entering her, she tried to reach for his penis, her hand hugging his warm flat stomach before reaching the tip of his erection. Already she could feel his pre-cum – some of the sticky fluid slightly secreting on her expert fingers. Gathering a small amount, she brought it to her mouth, tasting his manliness. As her fingers brushed against his helmet and foreskin, he buckled and groaned with pleasure, sucking harder on her tit and pushing his finger deeper inside her. Other fingers joined his already moist digit, opening her juicy pussy further in preparation for his cock.

He released her tit, moving his lips back up towards hers, his fingers leaving her cunt, caressing her vulva as they journeyed towards her clit. Surges of electricity ripped through her body as he gently stroked his finger between the hard clit and her swollen lips. Her hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock, vigorously flexing the foreskin, making his body lean towards her in response, his need to be one with her increasing. Urgently, he broke off the kiss and lowered himself down her body, gently kissing her contours until his face was in front of her open sex. He lightly placed gentle kisses around her opening, teasing her until she begged him to lick her, to take her pussy in his mouth and drink her juices. He waited, intensifying her need, his kisses soft and tender. Finally, before she felt like she was going to explode, he swiftly inserted his tongue, pushing past the pubic hair and lips, moistening her already juicy cunt.

They moaned in unison; he was savouring her taste, she was exploding internally as his tongue feverishly moved back and forth, in and out. Her juices flowed from her, smearing his face. He brought himself out and moved his mouth over her clit, enveloping her erection with his warm breath. Caressing and sucking on her hood like he had her nipple, she buckled under the pleasure, her hands feverishly rubbing her tits, pulling at her nipples. He was taking her to heights she’d never reached: perhaps it was because they both knew that this would be the last time, she didn’t know and she didn’t care – all she did want was for it to never end.

Her orgasm began to tear through her body, building in her legs, wrapping itself around her waist, pushing through her buttocks before residing in her pussy. Her body began to shake, her legs lifting her bum, her cunt rising into the air with his mouth permanently attached. He recognised the move; knew her orgasm was en route. In reply, he gripped her buttocks, keeping them levitated, squeezing them, trying to force her orgasm out from them before moving his mouth from her clit and placing it over her opening. He timed his insertion to perfection. As his tongue entered her, her orgasm reached its peak, forcing her cum over his tongue and into his mouth… he savoured its sweet taste, lapping his tongue around her pussy, gathering more for him to swallow.

Drinking all he could, he broke away from her pussy and looking deep into her eyes, he spoke to her for the first time since the bar: “Turn over.”

Her smile increased. As she did as she was told, she couldn’t help but feel elated. ‘Doggy fashion’, she thought, ‘my favourite’.

But this time was different. Instead of feeling him position himself to enter her with his dominant cock, she heard him move over her and lower himself. His hands stroked her back: caressing her shoulders, softly embracing her skin, heightening her senses. She felt as though she was being tickled without the laughter. She wanted to tell him to fuck her but before she had chance to utter her request, he replaced his hands with his tongue. Tracing her back with his moist appendage, she felt new vibrations coarse through her. This was different, something new, something longed for but never achieved. Lying beneath him, feeling completely susceptible to his demands, she felt herself float way to another land – a place where pleasure was the first and only rule… paradise.

His tongue caressed her shoulders, her spine, down her sides; licking the base of her breasts as they pressed back towards him off the mattress, down further over her buttocks, gently biting the plumb muscle beneath him, before moving to the top of her legs, licking her tanned skin.

She became aware of his repositioning himself and prepared her body for his entrance. Coming up from her stomach onto her elbows, she opened her legs in preparation. He touched the skin of her bum, stroking them, caressing them… without warning, he opened her buttocks and planted his tongue onto her anus.

Shock merged with intense pleasure. This was new, she’d never experienced this before, never felt a man’s tongue on her most intimate area. She amazed herself by forcing her body backwards, pushing her ass into his face. He kept control of her movements with his hands; squeezing her buttocks as he casually traced his tongue over her dark rosebud, washing it with his spittle. He felt the puckered skin, enclosing it with his mouth, sucking on her most private hole. Her moans and buckling pleased him, his face, hidden in the crevice of her buttocks, broke out into a smile. He lapped at her asshole, relishing the flavour, craving more, desperate to explore further. Adding more spittle, he inserted his tongue into her anus, feeling the sphincter give way as he forced his moist digit inside. He could feel her arms buckle under the weight of the desire that tore through her body, her face buried into the pillow. She screamed as he played with her asshole with his tongue, feeling sensations she’d never experienced before, bliss never known. In that moment, she did not want this night to stop.

Her head snapped back as his tongue moved down to the hanging lips of her pussy, her anus being filled with his probing finger. His tongue slurped greedily on her juices, those from her ass dripping down and merging with those from her cunt. Her taste was unbelievable – addictive. Sensations sped through his body and for a moment he thought he was going to cum, his mind unable to control the pleasures it was receiving. Calming himself, he concentrated his efforts on pleasuring her, teasing her, taking her to the edge. Using her pussy juices as lubrication, her swished his finger inside her asshole, widening the tight sphincter. He added another finger, relishing her screams as her taut hole succumbed to his probing and widened in anticipation.

He removed his fingers, replacing them with his tongue. This time he was deep inside her ass, the opening of her anus tight against his lips. He swirled his tongue inside her, taking elation from her taste. With one last lick, he removed his tongue.

She looked back at him as he positioned himself. She guessed what was coming next and in response, lowered herself slightly to accommodate his entrance. She lowered her hand and rubbed at her clit, taking a moment to notice that she had never felt her cunt this wet, before wiping her pussy juices over her asshole. She felt his hand grab at her arse, pulling her back. She responded lowering herself towards his erection. She felt it push past her buttocks and rest at the entrance to her ass.

Grinning, she simply said, ‘gently, this is my first time’. For the first time that night, she saw him smile and it sent further pleasures through her body. In that one moment, she saw that he was enjoying this just as much as she was and it was like being welcomed to a different type of desire – the desire to please.

Gripping her waist, he pushed himself forward but instead of going into her arse like she’d expected, he moved his cock down and entered her cunt. Confusion and pleasure joined but before she could question his motives, she felt his cock leave her and move between her buttocks once more. Using her cum as lubrication, he inserted the head of his dick into her ass. Once again, her head snapped back and she screamed. This scream was different to any other heard tonight, and for a fleeting moment, he thought he’d hurt her. He rested where he was, his erection amply greased up with her juices and only an inch in her bum, he waited until he felt her relax, her sphincter loosening in preparation for the rest of his six inches.

“More”, she whispered. He responded slowly, pushing himself towards her. This time, her moans were of definite pleasure and he knew that they’d overcome the barrier. Entering her fully, he rested against her, savouring the feel of virginal ass.

The desire that surged through her – a yearning for her ass to widen and take him completely – shocked her. She’d never considered this as a part of lovemaking before but now that it was happening, she didn’t ever want it to change. She’d never dreamed she’d use her ass as a vagina, but now that it was happening, it sent sensations and emotions coursing through her body until she reached only one certain point: an orgasm of unknown ferocity began to build, its point of origin, her anus.

He gently moved out, taking the tip of his cock to the brink of leaving before pushing himself back in. He tried to control his movements, keeping them timed so he could keep his orgasm at bay and savour the experience. This was new to him. His Wife would never have dreamt of doing such a thing, and he never felt he had a right to ask it of her but tonight, tonight was different. After tonight, there was every chance he would never see the woman who hung off his dick again. If ever there was going to be a time to do this, this was that time.

She moved back and forth with him, desperate to feel the energy of her orgasm rush through her. She had no idea that he was trying to keep his own orgasm back, but at the same time she didn’t care – the ecstasy that she was feeling clouded her mind of any other thoughts. She quickened her pace, using her legs to project her ass up and down his cock; his powerful hands that tried to keep her movements under control useless against the ferocity of her lust.

He felt his orgasm rage through his body and this time he knew there would be no possible way to keep it back. The familiar trembling that started in his thighs held a new intensity, bringing with it a new type of gratification. Instantly he knew this orgasm would be different – the last time he’d felt a surge so powerful, it had been when he’d lost his virginity to his former School Sweetheart. The tingling wrapped itself around his lower body; his mind began to break away from reality as the sensation built in strength before resting behind his balls.

Between them, their movements grew in urgency. She came first, her orgasm tearing through her, climaxing with a scream bursting from her mouth, and her pussy being washed in cum. He quickly followed; pushing himself deeper as he felt the pleasures erupting from him. Exhausted, they both collapsed in a heap on the mattress, shattered from their excursions. Moving off her, he slid across the bed and lay on his back, exasperated. She brought herself towards him and again they kissed but this time with tenderness rather than passion.

A thousand questions raced through her mind: would they see each other again; could they keep up their dalliances; would they be able to maintain the falsities of their normal lives? But instead, only one word left her lips, humorously spoken, it hung heavy on the smell of sex in the air: “why?”

“Call it a wedding present.”

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