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Getting Started

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Joan was fixing supper while Ron was clearing up the living room of the small trailer in which they lived. They were having company coming. Pete and his girl friend Loretta.

They worked with Pete and saw him almost every day but hadn’t met his girl before. They had seen pictures and she was pretty but a little heavy. “All the more to love claimed Pete and can she fuck! And she loves to suck a cock”

Pete was a light skinned black man and his girl was white. A little chubby but built for action with ample tits and big hips.

They had eaten lunch together the day before and Pete had told Ron about some films a friend sold him. They were xxx_rated. Ron said. “I have a few films I’ll trade some with you.”

“Great, I’ll bring some over sometime.” Said Pete. “You can pick what you want.”

“Why don’t you and Loretta come for supper tomorrow?” Asked Joan. “Then we can all watch them together. We’ve seen ours so many times their boring.” Then she said. “We love to screw while watching videos of others fucking. Don’t you?”

About half an hour before they were due to arrive Pete called to say Loretta had to work an extra shift to cover for a sick girl. “Maybe they could make it another night.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ron told him. “Come on over, Joan has every thing cooked and you have to eat supper anyhow.”

“Are you sure?” asked Pete.

“Yes, come on.” Replied Ron. “Joan wants to see some new films and after you leave we will watch some more and her and I can go to bed and screw all night.”

Ten minutes later Pete drove in the yard and Joan met him at the door with a deep kiss, saying. “Come on in, the food is hot and so am I.”

Joan had been drinking wine most of the evening and was a bit high.

After putting the food on the table she removed her housecoat. Under it she was wearing a sexy short, shear black negligee, she posed for them and asked Pete. “like what you see? I wore this just for you.”

It was shear enough to show her pointed nipples and they both could tell that she wore nothing under it and so short that when she bent over her bare ass cheeks showed. Very sexy.

Ron was surprised that she was being so bold but figured that no harm was being caused by her flirting so much with Pete.

“I love it.” Pete told her. “Your beautiful in it. It’s a good thing that Ron is here or I might decide to attack you.”

Pete had trouble keeping his eyes off her tits during the meal and had developed a fantastic hard on thinking of what he would like to do with her large tits. If he only dared.

While they ate they drank a lot more wine and were all getting high and Joan got the giggles.

They started telling dirty jokes. Laughing and teasing about sexy things. Both men were teasing her about her almost bare tits and how her nipples showed through the lacy top.

“You two like my tits?” Joan asked., slurring her words. “Who wants to see them? Pete, Ron, do you want to see my titties? Who wants to see my pretty titties?”

“Yes.” Replied Ron. “Show us your nice, pretty titties, if you dare to show them? We would like to see them.”

“Do you want to see them Pete? I’ll show them to you if you say pretty please.”

“Pretty please, pretty please.” Said Pete. “I would love to see your pretty titties.”

“Okay, here, look but don’t touch.” She told them as she pulled down the straps of the negligee exposing her lovely tits to both men. “You can look all you want, but don’t you dare touch, neither of you can play with my titties. No touching or kissing them from either of you.”

Joan was proud of her 38_D’s but had never exposed them like this to two men at the same time. She hoped that they would touch, she was partly drunk and completely horney. She wanted to have some fuckin fun.

“Pretty titties.” Said Ron as he reached out and fondled one of her exposed tits. Wondering if things were going a bit too far but he was getting excited and didn’t care.

“That’s not fair, I said neither of you.” Said Joan to Ron. “It’s not fair to Pete, not fair that you can touch but not him, you must be fair. Let Pete touch too.”

“Go ahead Pete.” Said Ron. “Touch the other one, It’s only being fair.” She evidently wanted this to happen he thought, but how much further would she let them go?

Pete slowly and carefully placed his hand on her bare tit. It was firm and heavy in his hand. The nipple hard. “She has pretty tits and they feel great.” he said.

They played with her tits for a while. Joan sat there with closed eyes, enjoying the feel of their hands on her tits and getting very horney. The two men lovingly caressed her full breasts, tweaked the nipples getting them hard and pointing out proudly. Joan was getting hotter. She wanted to be fucked and right now didn’t care by who.

“I’m pretty all over.” She said. “And if your good I’ll show you more.”

I’ll be good to you if you’ll let me.” said Pete. “How good do you want me to be?”

“Let’s see the films.” Standing up she let her negligee fall to the floor exposing herself completely to them. Letting them gaze at her nude body for a few moments. Then staggering a little, went naked to the couch and sat in the middle leaving room on each side of herself for Ron and Pete.

Ron switched off the lights and turned on the TV with the first tape. When he went to sit he saw Joan and Pete were wrapped together in a torrid kiss and Pete was playing with her bare titties.

He sat on the other side of Joan as the show started. Reaching for one of her tits, he started twisting her nipple.

“He kisses nice.” She told Ron as she kissed him. “Almost as nice as you.”

Joan was totally bare. Ron and Pete were sitting on each side of her, each playing with a tit.

Ron put his other hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy.

“Be fair Ron, be fair.” Joan said as she opened her legs. “If you get to play with my pussy then Pete should be allowed to also, right?” She got Pete’s hand and placed it over her pussy.

Now they each had a finger in her pussy and each had a hand on a tit. It felt great to her. Two different hands playing with her tits and two different fingers in her cunt at the same time. Joan was loving all the attention these two men were giving her.

A fantasy of hers had always been to have two men loving her at the same time and now she was going to get her wish cum true. It felt great. She had fucked a lot of different guys but never two at the same time but had fantasized of it several times. She wanted this, NOW.

On the screen a man and woman were getting out of a car to go in a motel. Inside they slowly undressed each other, kissing and touching each other. Climbing on the bed the man spread back while the girl went down on him, sucking his rigid cock.

Joan had her hands in both laps rubbing stiff pricks, one on each side of her. Ron was a fair size but Pete’s cock felt huge through his pants. She hoped he knew how to use it.

Joan unzipped Ron’s fly and pulled out his hard cock. “Do you want me to suck you like that?” she whispered in his ear as she started to jerk him off.

“Oh yes honey, do me, do me nice.” He said and pulled down his pants. While she knelt on the floor in front of him.

She licked the head of his prick getting it good and wet then blew on it and then sucked it deep until she had all of him. Joan liked sucking cock. It was her favorite sport.

While she was sucking on Ron she reached for Pete’s cock again to find that he had also pulled down his trousers and was jacking off while watching them. As her hand seized him she discovered he was big. At least eight or more inches of hard solid cock.

Ron was watching as she enveloped her hand around Pete’s cock and started to masturbate him. He was shocked at the sight of what she was doing but was totally turned on by what he was seeing. His girl giving him a blow job and jacking off another man at the same time.

He was so turned on by this that he lost control and started to come. He gave her every bit of his cum deep in her throat. Then pulled her up and kissed her cum covered mouth.

“Honey, should we be fair to Pete?” She asked. “It would only be fair to suck him too, okay? Shall I suck his cock too? Can I? You want me to?”

“Okay hon, it would be fair.” Ron told her. “Give him your best.” He realized how far she was going. All the way. He was very, very excited and wanted to see her suck Pete’s hard cock and hopefully even get fucked by him.

Joan moved quickly to Pete and closed her lips over the head of his prick. She tried to take all eight inches but couldn’t get it all in so just sucked on as much as she could.

Ron turned on a lamp so he could see better, the sight of Joan sucking greedily on this large cock was turning him on more than anything ever had. No picture or movie could ever match the sight of this, the real thing.

Even though he had just come a few minutes ago Ron’s prick was still hard and it needed to be used. He got on the floor behind Joan, raised her ass and shoved his cock in her cunt while still watching Pete fucking her mouth.

As Joan sucked Pete’s big cock as far in her mouth as she could, loving the way the smooth hard length of it slid in. She tried to take all but he was too big so she made love to what she could. She loved the feel of the smooth head of his cock sliding in and out between her lips. Joan used her tongue to lick and taste the pre cum, sucking hard wanting to drink his load of sweet cum.

Pete was saying over and over. “Suck it, suck it, suck my cock, suck it, suck it, suck my cock.” Then he started to cum. “That’s it, swallow my cum, drink my juice, swallow it all you sweet cock sucker.

Joan tried to swallow all his cum but there was too much and some flowed out between her lips and down her chin to drip on her tits.

Ron was pounding into her pussy with all his might, wanting to give her another load. He shuttered in another come and fell to the side, drained.

Joan had climaxed twice, once while sucking on Pete and again with Ron’s prick fucking her. She wasn’t done yet!

Laying back on the floor she pulled Pete on top and guided his cock to her empty pussy. The size of his cock was almost too much for her. She had been fucked by a few different men but never by one as large as this. Her pussy was still wet with Ron’s cum and stretched to fit Pete’s cock and with each thrust he felt better and better to her.

The size of Pete’s cock filled her pussy, stretching it to it’s limit. It felt great! More cock than she had ever taken before. Wrapping her legs around him she fucked back as each thrust went deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy. His cock felt Soooo great. “Fuck me Pete, please fuck me, harder, harder. Oh, oh, more, more.”

Pete lasted a long time before his cock detonated in Joan’s hot pussy. Long enough for her to have three more wonderful climaxes.

The three laid on the floor recovering from their sex session, waiting for the strength to do more.

Joan was the first to move over to the men and taking a cock in each hand kissed first one then the other, back and forth she kissed and sucked until they were hard enough to do for her what she wanted.

Sitting on Pete with his cock in her pussy she leaned forward, spread the cheeks of her ass and said to Ron. “Fuck my ass, put it to me, there in my ass.”

Only a few times had Ron screwed Joan in the ass. They both liked it but she always had the shits for a couple of days afterwards.

He leaned to the small puckered opening to kiss it and to give a little moisture with his tongue. licking her ass, forcing his tongue into the small hole to lube it.

Ron slowly entered her ass using some pussy juice to help. As the head of his cock pushed through it got easier and soon he was completely in. Her ass was tight around his cock and he could feel Pete’s prick moving in her cunt as they made her the meat in a sexual sandwich.

Joan was stuffed with cock, one in her cunt and one in her ass. She knew that she would be sore in the morning but this sensation was worth it. This was her first time with two men but she knew it would not be her last. She was just getting started.

Ron was first to shoot off filling her ass with cum, he stayed in her till Pete finished. Three very happy, fulfilled people.

Resting after their mini orgy they caressed and kissed each other slowly getting back down from their passionate heights.

Pete got dressed to leave and Joan walked him out to his car in the driveway, she was still naked but didn’t care and held on to his cock all the way out. “Please visit us again soon.” She told him. “I want more of this cock of yours. And bring Loretta the next time so she can have some fun too”

Ron was watching her from the door as she knelt and kissed Pete’s cock goodnight.

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