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Nick dropped his keys onto the table beside the front door, it had been a long day and he was really looking forward to a relaxing bath and his evening meal. He removed his coat and turned to hang it on the hook on the other side of the door, his wife’s coat was already there since she always got home before he did.

He turned to move towards the kitchen, only to find Samantha blocking his path. Before he could say a word she walked straight past him and called over her shoulder, ‘Slave, come with me.’

Nick turned instantly to follow his wife and Mistress, feeling his cock stirring as he admired the sight of her sexy body gliding down the hallway in front of him. Nick was still in his suit and tie, but Samantha had changed since she had arrived home. Now she wore a very tight mini dress that clung to her like cling film, accentuated every beautiful curve, and left it perfectly clear that she wasn’t wearing a single thing underneath it.

The dress was dark blue and contrasted perfectly with her long blonde hair. The only other thing Samantha was wearing besides her necklace was a pair of very slutty, very high heeled patent leather sandals and it was this above everything that really held Nick’s attention, at least for the moment.

By his own admission Nick had a major foot fetish, and though she had found it a little weird at first, once Samantha had gotten used to the idea, she grew to enjoy having him down on his knees, kissing her feet and sucking her pretty toes. Once Nick had come clean about that particular fetish things progressed quite rapidly and their relationship soon developed into one where Samantha was in control of Nick’s cock, to the point that for the last two and a half years he had been locked inside one kind of chastity device or another.

They’d started with the CB-3000, but its shortcomings soon became apparent and one day it split right down the seam (as many do), very nearly causing Nick a lot of damage. Despite an attempted repair, it became clear that if they wanted to carry on down this road then the only way to go was to invest in a metal device.

Samantha sat down at one end of their sofa, as she crossed her toned legs her mini-dress rode higher up her thighs until Nick was almost certain he could just catch a tiny glimpse of her perfectly smooth pussy. Nick adored his wife’s pussy and spent an awful lot of his time with his face pressed between her gorgeous thighs, much to her delight.

Nick stood in front of her, slightly awkwardly, awaiting instructions.

“Strip,” was all Samantha needed to say, and she eased back to watch as her husband slowly removed his clothes and folded them neatly into a pile. When she had first ordered him to strip, he had discarded his clothes carelessly, but a session with a paddle had soon corrected that particular failing.

Once Nick was naked, save for the metal chastity device surrounding his cock, Samantha ordered him onto his knees.

“You love these shoes, don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress, they look amazing on your beautiful feet.”

“Kiss them slave, show me how much you love them.”

Nick leaned forward and gently started to worship both his Mistress’s feet and her exquisite shoes. Within seconds he could feel himself straining against the steel tube wrapped around his cock, but Nick refused to let himself be distracted from the task at hand. Another lesson well learned from a previous paddling.

“How many days has it been since I allowed you to cum slave?” asked Samantha, looking down at Nick the way any woman in her position might.

“Eighty-six days, Mistress.”

“Eighty-six is it…” mused Samantha. “Those poor balls must be aching now, even though I did milk you about a month ago.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“Yes it was very kind of me to do that for you wasn’t it? Even though it was frustrating for you at the time. You really thought I was going to let you cum didn’t you, right up to the moment when I let go. You should have seen your face, it was priceless.”

Nick didn’t answer, but continued to pepper Samantha’s pretty feet and shoes with heartfelt kisses.

“Can you still remember the taste of all that ruined cum slave?”

“Yes Mistress, I can.”

“You were so desperate to taste it weren’t you slave, so eager… like a proper little cum slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I know you crave it slave, when you’ve been denied… your training has made sure of that. Since I started making you eat it every time you came, your mind has started to associate the taste with pleasure… so that now you crave the taste in the hope that pleasure will accompany it.”

Samantha used her foot to push Nick away for a second, before switching her legs over, briefly offering a clearer glimpse of her naked, shaved pussy.

“Of course, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t… but either way I love watching you lick your cum up and swallow it for me, like the good little cumwhore I’ve trained you to be.”

Nick felt the first flushes of embarrassment colouring his cheeks.

“A few more years of training and who knows what you might be prepared to do to satisfy your appetite. Have you thought about that slave? Have you considered how far you might be prepared to go, how far you might be willing to degrade yourself for me?”

Nick’s cock throbbed in its metal prison, he loved it when she talked like this.

“Have you ever thought about swallowing a mouthful of cum, while your poor denied cock remains securely locked away… throbbing desperately and aching for release. Hmm…?”

Nick grunted as he pictured what his wife was portraying. It wasn’t the first time she had described such a scenario, but he still felt embarrassed and humiliated all the same.

“But where would we find such an eager cock, ready to be sucked… perhaps another slave, another poor chastity slave, denied for weeks on end? After all, imagine if I gave you the choice to stay locked for another eighty days or to pump your load down another slave’s throat, which would you choose?”

“I’m not sure Mistress…”

Samantha smiled, amused by his response.

“Mmm… maybe I should be looking for another Mistress to correspond with, perhaps we’ll be able to help each other out in the future. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

Samantha watched Nick for a while, both of them acutely aware that his cock was as hard as it could get while still trapped in the metal tube.

“You love it when I’m cruel to you don’t you? You love the thought of being made to do things you’d never dream of doing on your own… humiliating things. Like when I make you wear a butt plug all day, or when I bend you over and fuck your tight little asshole, just for the fun of it.”

“Yes Mistress,” breathed Nick, his cock painfully squashed inside the tube.

“Well I hope your cock isn’t getting too hard thinking about what I might have you do in the future slave… because after all, you should be concentrating firmly on my beautiful feet. Shouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, of course Mistress.”

Samantha ran her beautifully manicured fingers slowly down her silky smooth leg, her pussy was getting quite wet now and she was looking forward to feeling Nick’s skilled tongue, but for now she was happy to let the tension build between her thighs.

“Take them off now,” said Samantha. “I want you to worship my feet properly.

Nick carefully removed Samantha’s expensive sandals and then began kissing and sucking his Mistress’s beautiful feet with renewed vigour.

“That’s better,” she said, laying back a little more as she enjoyed the feeling of having each of her pretty toes individually licked and sucked.

Samantha reached up and began playing with the key that hung around her neck. Eighty six days was perhaps long enough, maybe she should let him out and allow him to sate his appetite for cum.

“You’re doing a wonderful job there slave, I think I might have to unlock your cock as a reward… would you like that?”

“Oh yes please Mistress,” Nick begged through a mouthful of toes.

Samantha chuckled to herself, imagining the warmth of his hot cum spattering across her pretty feet, quickly followed by his lips and tongue as he cleaned them and swallowed every tiny morsel of spunk at her command. She was going to enjoy this…

“Do you think you deserve to be unlocked and allowed to stroke your cock for me?”

Nick lifted his head slightly and took a breath before responding.

“It’s not for me to say Mistress.”

Samantha smiled at his answer and then continued to watch him lavish attention on her pretty feet. Her pussy was very wet now and she was half tempted to just pull his head between her thighs and tell him to lick her to orgasm. But no, she had a plan and she was going to stick to it.

She used her foot to push Nick away and then leant forward, giving her husband a perfect view of her cleavage and perhaps more importantly the key dangling around her neck.

“See anything you like?” she smirked.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now stand up.”

Nick rose to his feet immediately, presenting his caged cock for her inspection. She reached out and traced her fingertips over his swollen balls.

“There’s got to be a lot of cum in these poor balls, hasn’t there… especially the way I’ve been teasing you lately.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I know you crave the taste when you’re horny, but I know you’re probably a little scared of just how much cum you might have to slurp up and swallow, you know… when you’ve been allowed to cum ‘properly’ and suddenly you don’t feel so horny anymore. That’s when you start to have second thoughts isn’t it, and the more you hesitate the colder it gets… is that why it tastes so much better from inside my pussy, because it stays nice and warm?”

“Partly Mistress… and because it tastes better when it’s mixed with your delicious pussy juice.”

Samantha reached between Nick’s legs and slid a finger up between his cheeks, her fingertip pressing gently against his asshole. She moved her head forward and took the smooth metal tube in her mouth, sucking his chastity device as she looked up at him. The frustration on Nick’s face was obvious and brought a fresh rush of juice to her already soaked pussy.

“Do you remember when I used to kneel on the floor in front of you and suck your cock like a good little wife? How I used to let you fuck my mouth and shoot down my throat… or pull out and cum on my face and tits? That seems soooo long ago doesn’t it?”

Nick could only grunt in agreement, the mental image of his beautiful wife sucking his cock and gently squeezing his balls as he unloaded in her mouth still burned in his memory but felt almost like a dream, like it never really happened…

“Would you like to do that again?”

Nick looked down at her, trembling slightly at the thought of being once again allowed to use her mouth for his own pleasure.

Samantha licked the tip of the steel chastity tube while looking him right in the eyes.

“Can you imagine what I might make you do to earn that reward slave?”

Nick gulped and shook his head softly, his throat suddenly dry.

“No, neither can I… but I’m working on it.”

Samantha pulled her head back and lifted herself up slightly, she took hold of the key with her right hand and the small padlock that secured Nick’s chastity device with her left and brought the two together. There was a small click as the hasp of the padlock sprang up, and then Samantha removed the key and allowed it to fall back between her breasts.

“So close to being free now slave, all it takes is to twist the padlock and pull it free and your tube will slide off… or I could just click it shut again.”

Samantha held the small padlock between her finger and thumb illustrating just how simple it would be to look him up again.

“But you don’t want me to do that do you slave?”

“No Mistress, please don’t…” Nick’s voice was ragged and desperate.

Samantha let go of the padlock and resumed her previous reclined pose, her legs crossed once more.

“Take it off.”

Nick reached down and slipped the padlock from the retaining ring on top of his chastity cage, Samantha rarely removed the padlock herself, but she always, always snapped it shut when it was time to put it back on.

The chastity tube started to separate from the retaining ring as Nick’s cock started to push it away. He gently pulled it forward and eased it off, leaving his cock free to harden fully. They both knew it would be almost impossible to remove the retaining ring as well, especially as it effectively acted like a cock ring, making Nick’s engorged stalk even harder than normal.

“That’s how I like to see my property, rock hard and aching for release…” purred Samantha. “Now get on your knees, where you belong.”

Nick quickly sank to his knees, his eyes naturally falling on her beautiful, outstretched foot.

“Now, stroke it for me… gently.”

Nick curled his fingers around his pulsing cock for what seemed the first time in ages and slowly began to stroke.

“Slowly, don’t rush it… just think about how good it’s going to feel when I finally let you pump all that cum out…”

Nick breathed heavily, his eyes fixed on Samantha’s delicious toes, he would do just about anything to spurt his load over that gorgeous foot right now.

“…your balls will tighten and you’ll get that indescribable feeling of being close, so close to cumming, like so many times before, only this time I won’t make you stop…”

Nick’s hand started to quicken on his shaft, the pleasure rising as he gripped just a little tighter. Samantha noticed, but didn’t challenge him on it.

“…you’ll keep pumping harder and harder until you cross that threshold, that point of no return, where nothing you can do will stop it, and all I could hope to do is ruin it for you…”

Nick grunted loudly.

“…but I’m not going to ruin you today, I promise you that much. You will not have a ruined orgasm today, unless you bring it on yourself…”

Nick’s eyes were closed now, his hand pumping hard.

“That’s right, stroke it good and hard for me, I want you to get yourself close now.”

Nick’s hand pumped harder and tighter as he felt the pleasure growing, the edge getting closer and closer. He knew full well she wouldn’t let him cum without some serious edging first, but he also knew that it would make it that much sweeter when she finally allowed him to cum.

“Tell me when you’re close slave.”

Nick continued stroking his cock until he felt the edge suddenly approaching, faster than he anticipated.

“I’m close Mistress,” he blurted.

“Let go!” ordered Samantha.

Nick’s hand released his cock immediately and he took a few seconds to catch his breath before opening his eyes. Samantha lifted her foot and pressed the underside against his lips, then watched as Nick obediently kissed the sole of her foot, his cock throbbing and bobbing as he did so.

“You really do love my pretty feet don’t you slave, I think you would do just about anything for them wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” slurred Nick from behind her foot.

“Hmm, do you remember how I used to stand on your cock slave, I haven’t done that in a long time have I? Would you like me to stand on your cock again, so you can feel my sole crushing your cock against the seat of a chair or a table-top?”

Before he could answer Samantha pulled her foot away and ordered him to resume stroking.

“Well I think we both know the answer to that one don’t we…”

“Yes Mistress.”

Nick’s fingers curled around his aching cock once more and he began to stroke. He allowed his eyes to wander up his wife’s silky-smooth legs and imagined her spreading her legs to expose her shaven pussy to him. In his vision Samantha would reach down between her legs and touch herself unselfconsciously, proudly even, knowing how much her body turned him on and how desperately he wanted to taste her or penetrate her with his cock.

“I’m getting close Mistress,” he breathed hoarsely.

Samantha waited a few seconds before ordering him once again to stop stroking and let go. After a few seconds Samantha ordered him to edge again. She repeated this several times, each time making him hold the edge longer before allowing him to stop. Finally she decided he needed a break.

“Stand up.”

Nick climbed to his feet, thankful for the break from constantly edging his poor cock. Samantha leaned forward, then reached out a hand and grabbed Nick’s balls. She pulled him closer by his tight sack and then flicked out her tongue to taste the clear precum that was oozing from his cockhead.

“Mmmmm, nothing tastes sweeter than a denied cock.”

Samantha’s fingers squeezed harder around Nick’s balls as she teased the slit of his cock, searching for more of the clear, sweet fluid.

“Get back on your knees,” she ordered as she released his balls from her grip.

Nick sank back onto the carpet, his cock still rock hard and aching for attention.

“What were you thinking about when you edged slave, was it my perfect feet… or was it something else?”

“Something else Mistress.”

“And what might that have been slave?”

“Your gorgeous pussy Mistress.”

“I see… do you want to be allowed to see my beautiful pussy as you stroke for me?”

“Yes Mistress, please…” Nick almost croaked.

Samantha slowly uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly, just enough so that Nick could catch a glimpse of her wet lips between her thighs.

“Better start stroking again slave.”

Nick was soon at the edge again and warned his Mistress accordingly.

“Beg me to let you stop.”

“Please Mistress, please let me stop stroking my cock…”

Samantha waited even longer this time and then nodded her head sharply. Relieved, Nick released his cock, his breathing rapid and shallow, his cock angry and throbbing.

Samantha looked down at her husband, her nipples were like bullets under her dress and her pussy was soaked, again the feeling came over her to grab his head and shove it between her thighs, she needed to feel his expert tongue on her clit so badly, but not just yet… she had to keep going as planned.

“Too much for you slave,” Samantha said, crossing her legs once again, her thigh muscles tightening and brushing against her sensitive pussy.

Nick looked disappointed.

“Edge for me slave, I want you really close this time.”

Nick’s hand closed around his cock again, he knew it wasn’t going to take many strokes before he was edging again so he took it a little slower. Samantha watched his every move then started to pile on the verbal pressure.

“Yes, I definitely need to start being crueller to you… there’s so many ways I could make you suffer for me, so many dilemmas I could force you into. For instance, I could keep you chaste for a very long time, and then offer you the chance to cum, but only if you used Deep Heat as lube… can you imagine what that would feel like slave? The intense, burning heat on your cock and balls as you jerked your cock for me… and the agony once you’d cum and reality kicked back in. Even if I allowed you to wipe it off, it wouldn’t help much, you’d just have to wait for it to wear off… and of course, I’d still expect you to clean up your mess for me, just like always…”

“I’m, I’m close Mistress!” stammered Nick.

“Ride it out, but don’t you dare cum…” spat Samantha, opening her legs wide so that her dress rode up around her waist, her clean shaven pussy fully exposed for the first time.

“Show me you can take it, just keep it right there, I want you one stroke away from cumming.”

Samantha allowed her right hand to fall between her thighs and her middle finger pressed easily between her wet lips. Samantha’s mouth opened and a breath of pleasure escaped her throat. She gently teased her pussy for a few seconds longer and then lifted her finger to her own mouth, sucking the juice from her finger tip.

“I bet you’d give anything to be able to do that, wouldn’t you… anytime you wanted?”

Nick nodded his head, completely unable to speak, his jaw quivering violently with the effort of holding back his orgasm.

“Do you want to be allowed to stop?”

“Please… Mistress,” he just about managed to drag the words from the back of his throat.

Samantha leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, their eyes locked as she reached out and her fingertips closed around his left nipple. She squeezed it hard and released, then squeezed it harder.

“I love seeing you like this, so desperate, so obedient, so fucking malleable… I am going to treat you so badly, and you are going to love me for it aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I’m going to become the Mistress of your dreams, and possibly your nightmares too. Is that what you want slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Nick’s words were barely audible now, such was the effort of holding back his orgasm.

“Then let go… let go of your cock.”

Nick released his cock, which remained stone hard and jerked involuntarily, desperately trying to force the cum to rise from his balls without the necessary stimulation.

“Thank you Mistress,” gasped Nick as he fought for breath.

“I told you I wasn’t going to ruin your orgasm today slave, and I meant it. But as much as I want to see you stroke your cock for me, as much as I want to feel your hot creamy load spattering across my beautiful feet, and as much as I want to watch you clean it all up and swallow it down for me… more than all that, I want to lock your cock back up and keep you just like this. I want to keep you frustrated and horny, desperate for whatever pleasure I allow you.”

Samantha parted her legs again and grabbed the back of Nick’s head, forcing it down between her legs as she pushed her pussy forwards to the edge of the seat.

“Eat me slave, make me cum… make me cum hard.”

Nick collapsed onto all fours and buried his tongue inside his Mistress, the delicious taste overwhelming him and almost pushing him over the edge. As much as he wanted to cum, as much as he craved the taste of his own release, nothing gave him greater pleasure than feeling his Mistress cumming hard under his tongue.

Samantha ground her pussy against his face as he licked her clit, Nick couldn’t remember her being hornier in all the time they’d been together. Then she bucked hard against him, her hands tight around his head, fucking his face as she came harder than she could ever remember.


It seemed to go on forever, but finally Samantha’s muscles started to relax and Nick gulped down lungfuls of air, his face red and smeared with his Mistress’s juices. He looked down at his cock, which was still rock hard, the head an angry purple colour, he needed to cum so badly at that point that for just a moment he thought about climbing on top of his wife, holding her down and forcing his cock inside her wet, sloppy cunt. Just like he used to back in the old days, before all this madness started.

But then the moment passed, Samantha closed her legs and brushed her dress back down to cover herself up and then rolled over on the sofa so that she was lying on her side facing him.

“That was fantastic…” she breathed, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Nick smiled and felt the warm glow of her satisfaction that only a deeply submissive man can ever understand.

“I mean it though, we’ve been playing at this long enough, I want to push you much, much harder… do you think you can handle it?”

Nick paused a second, his lips felt suddenly dry.

“Yes Mistress…”

“Good, I’m pleased to hear it… Now go get some ice, I want to lock your cock back up before I change my mind.”

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