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Visiting a Neighbour

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It was the deep darkness of a moonless night as I crept through the open glass doors from the rooftop patio into the open bedroom. I was barely able to see the bed and slid my feet carefully across the unfamiliar floor as I made my way towards it. Then I froze as I heard the sound of movement, and observed a bunching in the dark shadow of the bed. I hesitated about continuing, not want to be discovered,

It had been three months since I had first seen him climbing the staircase at the corner of the house. I had been glancing out of my window on a hot evening and had noticed the unfamiliar flickering image of a man walking upstairs behind the glass brick stairwell wall. I would not have seen him if it had not been dark and his house and the stairwell had not been so well lit, but I was immediately captivated by the shimmering broken image of a gracefully moving body. He moved smoothly and easily as he climbed and he was obviously straight and lean and tanned. He was a golden shimmer going – to where – I wondered, to his bedroom?

I observed him often after that and noted, with some difficulty without the benefit of the internal lights, that in the mornings he made the same naked trip down the stairs. I had become fascinated by my new neighbour. I took to walking by his street in the mornings and again in the evenings and once saw a man emerge from his house who I thought must be him. Another time I saw another man enter it, but he was not my neighbour I knew, he was wiry and blonde and though good looking did not move anything like my neighbour did. But I hesitated there deep in thought, and it was then I saw through the frosted glass door that inside he embraced another man and they were locked together for some time before moving from my sight.

After that vision I became even more obsessed and I had time on my hands. In that hot Mediterranean city the flat roof of my house connected to another, which connected to another. Eventually, – if I jumped a narrow alleyway, the roofs’ led to my stair-climbing neighbours rooftop patio. My first trip there gave me a lot to think about.

Now here I was standing in his bedroom in the dark, afraid he’d wake. The shadowy bed was still again and I resumed my careful silent approach to it. My eyes were well adjusted to the gloom now and as I got closer I began to make out his body lying there. When I stood near enough for my knees to touch his sheet I looked down at him in fascination.

He was long and lean and well defined, the feint shadows showing his muscles as a pattern of ridges and mounds that I followed over his chest and arms and spread thighs as I ran my eyes over his sleeping body. The dark shadow of his pubic hair was visible at his crotch, broken by the pale mass of his soft, but surprisingly long, hairless flesh. I greedily gazed my fill, but in the shadows of the room he remained more of an impression than a body I could memorize and recognize in daylight. I hoped that I would also be unrecognisable.

Finally I leaned over, and in a moment had covered his body with mine. He jerked awake under me and I felt how strong he was as he yelled out, “Hey get off me. Get out of here. Bastard.”

I grabbed for his hands but he was trying to roll me away and I had trouble finding them. Then he had hit me hard and I became serious in my efforts to contain him and control him. His legs squirmed about between mine and I clamped my thighs tight about his as he somehow got the leverage to roll over and take me with him. I was fighting for his arms and grunting with the effort I made as he fought and kicked and shouted, “Get off me. Get out of here.”

His breathing was coming in ever more rapid gasps. “Stop it, or you’ll get hurt,” I said to him, “Stop this.”

But we were wrestling for control and our legs were now wrapped about each others, my thighs rubbing against the outside of his as my chest and stomach slid across his, and I grasped one wrist and made a grab for his other one.

I could feel his hard tool now. We were both hard from the fear and the naked wrestling we were doing in the darkness. Suddenly he had rolled on top of me again and I made a great effort and twisted my legs and flipped him back onto his back, with me momentarily having control of his arms and thighs and feeling his hard cock buried between the muscles of our straining thighs and stomachs. I took the chance to find his open panting mouth with mine, to force a kiss from him. He was stunned for a moment, before he resumed the struggle but now it was with his tongue fighting with my tongue inside his warm mouth, with its muscular lips and big teeth.

I could feel his engorged cock pressing against my own now and I strained again to wrap my legs about his thighs and immobilize him.

But he was suddenly more occupied by our kiss than I was, fighting me inside his mouth. I relaxed my thighs and instead reached for his cock in the dark and finding it gripped it and worked it briefly. This distracted him more, so that his mouth and hands relaxed and he had suddenly allowed himself to be possessed by me. I moved my legs to free his and he was panting as he spread them wide. I felt his hand at my throbbing cock as I reached behind him and slid my fingers between his cheeks and touched his entrance briefly. He quivered and I further relaxed my grip on him. He opened his left leg out and lifted it to wrap around my back, opening himself wide for me. I needed no further invitation and in a moment had buried my finger in his entrance. He moaned “more,” as his kissing became more frenzied

I roughly fed him another finger, “Yes,” he gasped and I fed him another, feeling his rim tighten as he tensed. He cried out, releasing my mouth and moved his other leg out wider, and curled it about my thigh, opening himself further. I twisted what I had inside him, rotating my fingers roughly as far in as I could force them. “Yes,” he gasped, arching back, “that’s good,” he hissed, then he was kissing me again.

But I pulled his upper leg away and pushed it up to him and found him surprisingly flexible, so that I nestled my hips between his thighs and drilled my fingers deeper into his body while my cock rubbed about against his and his belly. He was starting to produce some lubrication and his rim was loosening on my buried fingers. Then he was wriggling under me, “I want your cock,” he said, “inside me”. I let him lift his legs high and wide and he stroked himself as I took my engorged rod and forced it inside him.

He cried out and moaned repeatedly, stroking himself until he came as I finally bottomed in him. Then he groaned loudly as I started plowing him. I plowed him till he was ready to come again and I felt his body clenching and arching as he came, which sent me over the edge too.

“Stay inside me,” he moaned once I’d come in him, “stay there.”

I moved him, and rolled him over on his side without slipping out and he lay there with my arms about his chest. Pulling his face back to mine for another slow kiss he gave me possession of his mouth.

He was an obliging lover and I took advantage of it, fucking him deeply again when I was ready. He moaned and gave me encouraging little sighs and little whispered ‘yes’s’ and ‘fuck me deeper’s’ and ‘yes, like that’s’.

When he finally dozed off I eased myself out of him and off the bed, and slipped back out onto the roof and away. I returned to my house and slept deeply, only waking to watch him descend his staircase in the morning. He was moving differently to the way he’d moved the morning before, and I wondered how he would move the next morning, after another night visit from me.

Later in the day I happened to have to deliver some papers to him in his office and he looked up as he smiled an acknowledgement, his eyes shadowed with tiredness and not giving any hint of recognition.

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