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A Lady’s Companion

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‘It’s a funny old world.’ B thought to herself as she ground her crotch hard against Maria’s. A few hours ago she almost stayed in for the evening. The couple she’d arranged to meet had called and cancelled but since B had spent so long getting glammed up she was reluctant to let all that effort go to waste. She’d still been debating with herself when the taxi she’d booked earlier settled it by turning up.

So she’d gone out alone and spent a couple of hours radiating ‘don’t even think about it’ vibes to dykes before allowing herself to be chatted up by Maria.

And that’s how she’d found herself frotting away with the darkly beautiful woman in a house that had not surprised B too much, only because she’d already worked out that her seducer was wearing enough jewellery to put B through college and then some.

B stopped rationalizing then. The heat of Maria’s pussy lips sliding over her own was distracting in an oh-so-good way and she was close to coming when Maria gasped and arched off the poolside mats as her own orgasm got a handful of glands and squeezed until she squirted. That didn’t stop her though. She gyrated her pelvis against B’s all the harder and gasped encouragement as B came second. And still they pressed on – pressed flesh to flesh, lubricated by their pleasure and motivated by the prospect of more of the same. B arched her back a little, tipping her pelvis to get her clit just a bit more into the action.

Maria squirted again. This time B thought, ‘That didn’t feel like a climax. That felt like pee.’ Which B was actually ok with but – God damn it – Maria should have asked at least hypothetically, before pissing on her pussy – that was only polite. Being slightly miffed didn’t stop B’s second climax. She squealed, gasped and writhed as it rocked her world. Maria was right behind her, squirming in their slick juices and gasping like an asthmatic in the New York Marathon.

Exhausted, the two women slipped into the pool, shockingly cold for a moment on their hot skin, then pleasantly cooling and, finally, as they grew accustomed to it, comfortably warm. They embraced, they kissed softly, they whispered thanks to one another and they relaxed in the dimly lit pool.

“Would you like a drink?” Maria asked.

“Sure. What’s in the icebox?”

“Well the bar in here only has the basics – scotch, vodka, white rum, bourbon, Michelob, Corona, probably some Buds, OJ and a few sodas, but the main bar is properly stocked and there’s a cellar full of wine. What do you fancy?”

“You know what I fancy…” B shot Maria a predatory look “but OJ sounds good…” then as an afterthought “with a couple of fingers of vodka in it.”

Maria climbed out to get their drinks, returning to sit on the edge of the pool, sucking on the neck of a Michelob bottle as she let her body dry in the warm air. B sipped at her drink before putting it carefully aside, turning and swimming down the pool. She turned with barely a splash and glided back along the bottom of the pool, surfacing right in front of Maria. B’s hands on Maria’s knees eased them apart enough to let her stand between them and kiss Maria rapaciously.

“Mmm…” Maria purred. “Know any other tricks with that tongue?”

“Only one way to find out.” B pushed gently on Maria’s breasts, forcing her to lie back then sank lower in the water until her face was on a level with Maria’s crotch. It was her first real opportunity to look at this woman so she took her time. Maria’s dark complexion wasn’t a tan, but the olive skinned duskiness of the Mediterranean. Even shaving hadn’t been able to hide the darkness of her pubic hair, which left a shadow even though her mons veneris was smooth to the touch. Her labia were dark too, inside and out. B recalled one of her college roommate’s cruder euphemisms for labia – beef curtains – and realized that it was actually a good description of the dark skin and vermilion inner flesh she was looking at. Maria was growing impatient and spread her legs further, revealing the shadowy recess of her anus, also darkly pigmented. B took the hint and bent to lap at Maria’s pussy, flicking her tongue lightly over Maria’s already aroused clitoris for a few seconds before working her way inexorably down to plunge deep into her vagina, probing as far as she could into the woman’s body.

“Oh yes… That’s it… Don’t stop!”

B had stopped. “Are you going to pee again?” B asked with a smile that said ‘I’m ok with that.’

“Probably. But not if you keep stopping.” There was pleading in her tone. B buried her tongue again. It didn’t take long for Maria to cut loose. B’s tongue was probing deep into that dark pussy and her mouth was open wide and pressed hard over Maria’s labia, her incisors just grazing the woman’s clit, when a stream of hot, brackish liquid spurted across B’s taste buds. She let it fill her mouth and boil out of the corners of her lips before swallowing any to make room for the continuing deluge of urine.

B was really into water sports, not because she particularly liked the taste of piss but because it turned her lover’s on to do it in her mouth and, if it turned her lover on – Hey! That’s what it was all about. Besides, she’d swallowed more than a little jism in the last couple of years too, and she didn’t particularly like the taste of that either. It was ok, but she definitely preferred the taste of pussy. That’s why she was bi. Nothing topped the taste of pussy and Maria’s was an excellent vintage: Tangy, sweet and musky with a bouquet that reminded B of something she couldn’t quite place.

Maria’s bladder ran dry. B swallowed what little was left in her mouth and lapped at Maria’s labia, cleaning away the last traces. When all she could taste was pussy again she decided that if her new lover was so into pushing their boundaries, she, B, would push back. Her tongue wiggled down past Maria’s vulva and, with no warning, pressed persistently into her anus.

Maria squirmed at the unfamiliar caress, tensing against B’s intrusive probing. But B persisted and Maria, with a moan of lust, relaxed, feeling the girl’s tongue ease her open.

“Oh God!” Maria sighed as she experienced her first proper rimming. It tingled, tickled, felt … different, filthy but in a good way. It was all good. She’d been close to coming anyway and this new trick tipped her over the edge of another climax. Her pussy was pulsing and throbbing as she writhed on the poolside, wailing in ecstasy.

B kept working Maria’s sphincter until the woman collapsed, exhausted and limp on the floor. Only then did she withdraw her tongue, gently kissing Maria’s anus, then her pussy, then her smooth pubic mound and her navel.

B climbed out of the water to lie beside Maria and hold her close. They lay in each other’s arms, caressing, kissing and nuzzling until Maria suggested bed.

A shared shower, washing each other, inevitably led to more intimate games.

“It’s a little late to be washing there.” Maria chided gently as B’s soapy fingers squeezed between her buttocks.

“So? It’s a little late for you to be getting coy.” B kept on working slick fingers around Maria’s bottom. “Especially as you peed on me without asking.”

“I did, didn’t I?” Maria grinned impishly. “That was very rude of me, don’t you think?”

“Very.” B moved closer, pressing her belly against Maria and pinning the woman to the wall of the shower. “You deserve to be spanked.”

“Sorry Sweetie. Not into that.” Maria said, matter-of-factly.

“Well, I you could give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“I know this is really mean, but… No.”

“Meaning that’s not your thing?”

“Like I said, it’s really mean but I don’t like being on the receiving end.”

“Hey, relax: Its all about what you do like. Some people are vanilla, some Chunky Monkey. Personally, I’m not that into vanilla, but you can always add sprinkles, hot fudge, crushed nuts…” B smiled at the recollection of that guy who nearly got his scrotum pierced by one of her stilettos. He’d been weird: A great ride but weird.

“Chocolate sauce?” Maria asked, picking up where B’s metaphor had left off.

B made a ‘yuk’ face. “Not yet. Not ever, I hope. You’re not into…?”

“God no! Just asking.”

“Because of the rim job?”

“Well, yes.”

“Rimming’s fun, if a girl – or a guy for that matter – is clean, but that’s almost always the limit.”

“Almost always?” Maria was curious what might be beyond that limit. She really did need to know B’s limits.

“A couple I date – the ones who stood me up tonight – he really wanted to try a little ATM action.” B could see Maria’s lack of comprehension and explained. “Ass to mouth.” Her hand was still between Maria’s butt cheeks, though the soap had long since been rinsed away. To illustrate her point, B took her hand away and clamped her lips around the finger that had so recently been probing her lover’s sphincter, Slowly, she drew it out of her mouth, making a show of sucking on it.

Maria felt her pussy churning as she watched. As the tip of B’s finger returned to the light, Maria threw herself against B, cramming her tongue between still pursed lips and dragging them both to the floor of the shower.

* * * * *

B woke to daylight and hushed conversation. Opening her eyes – squinting at the too bright light – she saw Maria, still in bed beside her, sitting up and talking to a man in a dark grey business suit who was sat beside her on the bedspread. As soon as B stirred, their conversation stopped.

“Sorry Sweetie.” Maria said, reaching over to casually stroke B’s hair. “Did we wake you?”

“What time is it?” B asked.

“Just after ten.” The man glanced at his watch to confirm it. “Allow me to introduce myself. Dominic.”

“B” said B, who’d already worked out that he was Maria’s husband. There were pictures of them together on the dresser. He managed to remind her of both Brad Pitt and Richard Gere without looking like either of them.

“Maria’s been telling me all about last night.

Darling,” Dominic turned his attention to his wife. “Would you make us all some coffee?” Dominic stood to let his wife get up. B watched with unabashed interest as Maria stood naked, and stretched, her arms high over her head, fingers twined, palms up, back arched. B noticed that Dominic was just watching his wife too. As she put on a robe, the spell broke and Dominic returned his attention to B, though he didn’t speak to her until they were alone.

“Now then, Miss…?”

“Kennedy. Bernadette Kennedy. But B to everyone who matters.”

“Ok, B. Maria tells me you’re taking a year off from college.”

“Yes.” Where was this going? The gap year hadn’t been planned. She’d taken to the idea when her best friend, lover and college roomie was offered an internship with her father’s company, in their Washington DC office. B’s gap year was so she and Helen would have their last college year together, though she’d sort of planned to do some research for her dissertation while she was at it.

“Do you have firm plans for this year?”

“Not really. Why?” B had been expecting a conversation along the lines of ‘So you fucked my wife? Can I have some too?’

“Because I have a job offer for you.”

“You’ve only known me five minutes.” This sounded too odd.

“But Maria’s known you all night.”

“What job offer?” B changed tack. She doubted she’d get any more sensible answer though.

“I’m away a lot. I’d like to hire you as a companion for Maria. She gets so lonely on her own.”

“She must have lots of friends.”

“Surely. But it’s not the same. Companion is – in this case – a euphemism. Last night was an audition. An interview if you prefer.”

“Oh.” B realized what he was suggesting.

“And you’ll find the job very rewarding, financially.”

“You’re really offering me money to fuck your wife?” B was incredulous.

“That’s not how I’d have put it.”

“But you are. Aren’t you?”

“Let’s say I’m offering you $2000 a week to be Maria’s-”

“Whore?” It was another of her roommate’s earthy expressions.

“Toy would be more apt. Yes, it is technically prostitution, but only because you’d be getting paid for what you clearly enjoyed last night. You would not be asked to provide services for anyone but Maria.”

“Not you?”

“Not me: At least not directly. I do like to be present occasionally. Your duties would include foreplay and some participation when I’m with Maria, but you’d be her toy, not mine.”

“You’ve said toy twice.”

“That’s the best description. Maria is bisexual. I can’t expect her to give up girls and I don’t think of it as infidelity. You must have noticed we’re not poor. This isn’t our only house. Why should Maria have to make do with silly plastic toys when I can afford to buy her the real thing?”

“Good point.” B was intrigued by the idea that someone could be bought as a sort of living sex toy. It wasn’t an unattractive idea.

“There’d be a lot of travelling too. Business requires me to visit Europe several times a year. We have a house in London because I spend about a quarter of my time there. You do have a passport?”

B nodded. “So what is your business?”

“I’m a banker, but we provide a lot of sponsorship for motor racing. I generally have to follow the Formula One circuit through the year.”

“Formula One?” B knew nothing about motor sport.

“Like Indy Car racing, but it goes around the world. Eighteen different countries this year.”

“Indy Car?” B said, looking perplexed.

“You’ll see… if you take the job. It’s very glamorous, very fast and very expensive. Maria doesn’t care about the races either, but she loves the parties and the glamour. B, I’m afraid I do have to go. I have a flight to catch. Will you take the job?”

“Can I have some time to think about it?”

“Not long. If you turn it down, Maria will have to go out… recruiting again, but she really wants you. You are – in her words – pretty, pervy and perfect.”


“You’ll take it?”

“Yes. I must be mad, but yes.”

“Good. Maria will be so pleased.” Dominic stood up to leave. “Before I go…” He paused.

B flipped back the sheets and lay naked in front of him. She let her hand gently stroke her mons veneris just once. She knew she looked good.

“Maria has always had excellent taste.” Dominic observed. “Thank you, B. I’ll tell Maria the good news.” And he left.

B looked down at her body. “Pretty, pervy and perfect?” She said to herself. “I like that.” She got out of bed and went for a shower. Coffee and warm rolls were waiting on the kitchen counter when she went looking for Maria. There was also the smell of sex. Had they been fucking while she was in the shower? It certainly smelt like it. B tore a piece off one of the rolls and sipped her coffee. Where was Maria?

Maria walked back into the kitchen, sans robe. B looked at the naked woman and decided she’d been right about them having sex. Maria was positively glowing.

“Ready to start work?” Maria asked, buzzing B forcefully.

“Absolutely.” B grinned and dropped to her knees. Maria’s labia were dark and engorged. They looked slick with juices. “Clean-up this mess?” She asked, glancing up at her new boss?

“Got it in one.” Maria leant back against the counter and parted her legs enough for B’s tongue to go to work.

B didn’t hesitate. She pressed her face between Maria’s thighs, lapping at her plump lips and tasting Dominic’s seed mingled with Maria’s own juices. She pushed Maria’s legs further apart and got her mouth right under her vagina. Maria clenched her pelvic floor and pushed Dominic’s cum back out into B’s waiting mouth.

When B was sure she’d got all of it, she moved slightly, turning her attention to Maria’s clit, sucking on the swollen bud until Maria’s legs gave way and she sagged to the floor. B really went to work then, lashing the morsel of flesh and nerve endings until Maria was writhing and groaning incoherently on the tiles. B slipped a couple of fingers into Maria’s hole too, twirling and pumping as she tormented the woman’s clitoris. B’s ring finger stretched down to just touch Maria’s anus, and rub across it as her fingers drove in and out of her pussy. Maria wailed as she came, squirting cum over B’s face as she thrashed Maria’s clit with the tip of her tongue, pressing the sensitive spot against her teeth.

B refused to let Maria relax, upping the tempo to keep Maria’s climax going as long as possible. When Maria went quiet, B stopped teasing her clit and contented herself with lapping up all the juices while Maria lay panting, apparently unconscious. B chased the last trickle of cum down between Maria’s buttocks and lingered around her anus again.

“Mmm. That was wonderful.” Maria purred. “You’ll certainly earn your money.”

Yes, thought B, I’m officially a whore now.

* * * * *

They showered, B taking it upon herself to wash her new employer. “It’s only fair.” She’d insisted, taking the soap out of Maria’s hand. “I’m the one who’ll have to lick it later.” And she ran soapy fingers between Maria’s buttocks and thighs. Maria didn’t mind. Her previous toys had been requested to bathe her occasionally but if B wanted to volunteer, Maria would make it one of her daily duties. She noticed that B had moved on from her crotch and was kneeling now, working soapy hands down first one leg then the other. B didn’t stop until she’d even washed between Maria’s toes, lifting each foot gently into her lap to work on. Then she stood again, motioned for Maria to turn around and did her back. The whole thing was arousing but, to Maria’s surprise, the most intimate seeming moment was when B’s fingertips touched lightly under her arms, checking for stubble. Finding just a hint, B reached for the razor and carefully smoothed Maria’s underarms, finishing off by brushing her lips against that sensitive skin. Maria couldn’t believe how naked that made her feel before this other woman: It was just so … intimate. Yes, there was no other word for it.

B was determined to be good at her new job. Besides, any excuse to touch Maria’s body was a good excuse. She was a little miffed at not getting to wash Maria’s hair, but she’d been lingering over Maria’s breasts when a vacuum cleaner starting up downstairs announced the presence of the domestic staff. Maria had pulled away from her and said “One of us had better get out. They’ll be coming up in a minute.”

So B had left Maria to wash her own hair and ducked through the adjoining door from the master bedroom to the small suite she’d been told was hers. She showered quickly in her own bathroom, dressed and went downstairs to introduce herself as Maria’s new P.A.

Introductions made, and before Maria came downstairs, B called a cab to take her home. She had packing to do. Maria caught up with her just as the cab pulled up outside.

“This is for you.” She handed B a mobile phone. “It has all the numbers you’ll need in it.” Her hand lingered on B’s a moment longer than necessary. “And you’ll need these.” Maria held up a set of keys. “I’m meeting some pals for lunch, then going shopping. Call me when you get back and I’ll tell you where to meet me.”

“Sure. Thank you.” B took the keys with a smile that led to one of those uncomfortable silences. “I’d better go. My cab’s waiting.” B broke the silence.

“Get a receipt.” Maria said as B opened the front door.

* * * * *

In the back of the cab, B looked through the mobile phone’s memory. Maria’s number was there, obviously, but so were a dozen other numbers, some in different countries. Were all those Maria’s houses? B guessed so. Dominic had clearly not been exaggerating. She smiled to herself. She just knew she was going to enjoy this job.

Packing presented a few problems: She only wanted to take the essentials, at least until she knew what else she’d need. The problem was, what are the essentials when your work uniform is skin? B settled on one pair of jeans, half a dozen frocks – Tight jeans look sexy but frocks don’t make your crotch sweaty and B just knew that keeping her pussy sweet and fresh was going to be part of her job description – one business suit – short skirt not long pants – a couple of evening outfits and a week’s supply of undies, though she fully expected to go commando most of the time. A second bag soon filled up with toiletries and other small essentials then she called a cab to take her back to Maria’s house.

* * * * *

Daydreaming in the back of the cab, B’s hand found its way under her dress and between her thighs. She wondered if Maria was going to be into public quickies or whether her cover as personal assistant had to be maintained at all times. Her fingers were contributing to the debate on the side of the quickies proposition when she noticed the cabbie’s mirror. His grin said it all. He knew what she was doing. On an impulse – and not the first such impulse, mind you – B moved across the seat so she was no longer behind the driver and spread her knees so he could get a proper view. He tilted the mirror down to take her up on her offer.

“Pity we’re on the freeway, huh?” She asked, strumming one lip aside.

“The things you see in this job.” The cabbie sounded almost wistful. He knew he wasn’t gonna get laid and the only reason he could even take time to look at the pretty girl’s snatch was the near stationary traffic on the freeway.

“This just got me a great job.” B enjoyed being watched. She could feel her insides beginning to stir as she pulled at her labia under the cabbie’s gaze.

“You a hooker?”


“Ah! Actress.”

“No!” B laughed at the rationale. But this was La-la-land and so many girls got their big break in movies on their backs. “I’m gonna be a living sex toy for a woman too rich to use a vibrator.”

“Is she old?”

“No. She’s really hot. I picked her up in a club. The only down side is I won’t be getting any cock for the next year: Not even her husband’s.”

“You like cock too?” The cabbie’s self-interest was palpable. B could see he was massaging the front of his jeans.

“Love it.” B used both hands now to hold herself open to the cabbie’s gaze. “You don’t mind if I get myself off, do you?”

“You go right ahead, Miss. Don’t fret about the upholstery.” His eyes never moved from her crotch. He was praying the traffic wouldn’t thin out before she’d finished.

“Thanks.” B’s fingers strummed her clit like Hendrix on a guitar, her other hand burying three fingers deep in her pussy, her pinky caressing her ass hole. “It’s so much better with an audience.” She husked as she frigged herself for all she was worth.

“You should be a porn star.”

“Can’t. My dad’s really into porn. He’d be bound to find out and that would be… ugh!”

“Good point… But damn, Girl, you would be such a star.”

“Oooh…oh…Yesss!” B came, not earth shatteringly but it’d do until she could get Maria alone again. She pulled her fingers out and held then up to the Perspex screen so her ‘audience’ could see them glisten. “Pity about this plastic.” She said, seeing the hunger in his expression. Then she licked them clean herself, making a show of that too. She’d enjoyed this journey.

B hit on an idea. She rummaged in her bag for a basic cotton thong and used it to soak up the juices that were still dribbling from her pussy. When it was sodden, she balled up the scrap of cotton and stuffed it into the cash chute by the cabbie’s shoulder. “A souvenir.” She said as he took them out of his side and pressed them under his nose, inhaling deeply.

“Thanks Miss.”

“B. Its short for Bernadette. And when you’re jerking off later, think about me on all fours, licking my mistress’ pussy and ass hole until she squirts on my face.” That should be good for more than one hand job, B thought.

“Thanks B. I’m Tony. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“The pleasure is mutual, Tony.” B answered as politely as she could but couldn’t keep a straight face. They both burst out laughing.

B’s phone interrupted then. It was Maria.

“B. Where are you?”

“In a cab, about ten minutes from the house.”

“Good. Just drop your stuff inside the door and come meet me.”

“Sure. Where will you be?”

“Robertson Boulevard. Call me when you get to Lisa Kline.”

“Sure thing.”

“Great. Bye Sweetie.”

“Bye.” B put the phone back in her bag.

“Tony, it’s your lucky day. You just got your return fare.”

“It was my lucky day before that.” Tony sniffed the thong again and grinned at her in the mirror.

* * * * *

“Maria? I’m outside Lisa Kline.” It’d been easy enough to find. B had taken five minutes to freshen up at the house but still hadn’t bothered to put on underwear. She’d made sure Tony knew that too – all the way to Robertson.

“Good. We’re inside. Second floor.”

We? B wondered as she headed for the second floor. She found Maria and two of her friends in the lingerie department. Maria made introductions. B noticed the knowing looks exchanged when she was introduced as Maria’s new personal assistant. She got the very strong impression they knew just how personal her assistance was.

“I can’t decide between the baby blue and the turquoise.” Maria held up two bra and brief sets in gauzily thin silk.

“So don’t decide. Buy both.” B suggested. She didn’t believe for one minute that Maria was on a budget. She also didn’t think either colour suited Maria’s skin but it wasn’t her place to say so.

“See girls?” Maria looked at her friends. “First day on the job and already invaluable.” Then to the sales assistant. “I’ll take both.” Maria handed them over and dismissed the assistant with a gesture, “Thank you B. Shall we go?”

B thought Maria had meant all of them until she’d turned and bid her friends goodbye. At the counter, B wasn’t surprised when Maria handed her all the shopping bags to carry. She was an assistant after all.

“You’ve created a problem.” Maria said in a conversational tone as they left the store.


“Yes Sweetie. Now I don’t know which colour I should have you wear tonight. Turquoise or baby blue.”

“Oh.” So the lingerie was for her. “Well, generally, if my underwear is going to be seen, I leave it at home.”


“Really. Like right now, for instance.”

“Really?” Maria gave her a saucy look.

“You don’t have to take my word for it.” B suggested, wondering if she could goad Maria into a little public fun.

“I think I do.” Maria looked around at the crowded boulevard. “For the moment.”

* * * * *

“So it is true.” Maria had pinned B against the front door as soon as it closed and hauled up her dress while kissing her hard. Her hand was buried between B’s thighs.

“What can I say? I’m an exhibitionist.” B husked. Maria’s hand was making her wet and she hoped the damp feeling was mutual.

“I need a shower.” Maria let go of B and turned away from her. “Bring the bags upstairs then come and wash me.”

“Yes Maria.” B responded demurely, recognising the peremptory tone of Maria’s inner dominatrix and dropping instantly into submissive mode.

She put the shopping bags in Maria’s room, stripped off her dress, kicked her sandals under a chair and hurried into Maria’s bathroom. Maria was still fully dressed but the shower was running hot and the mirrors were starting to steam up.

“Undress me please.” Maria ordered – politely, but it was still very much an order. B undressed her quickly and waited for her to step into the shower first.

Instead, Maria sat on the toilet and cut loose, peeing unselfconsciously as her new sex toy stood and watched. Finishing, she parted her legs wide and waited until B caught on and reached for the tissue. B gently dabbed at Maria’s pussy, figuring it was all part of the mistress and maid routine. Now Maria stepped into the shower and B followed.

Maria stood passive while B soaped and sponged her all over, moving only enough to make B’s work possible. When B reached her crotch, Maria moved her feet apart enough to allow B to reach right through. B abandoned the sponge in favour of soapy fingers, working them into every nook and cranny, especially around Maria’s anus. When B pushed the tip of a finger gently against the sphincter, Maria relaxed and a faint moan escaped her lips as the soapy intrusion sank into her.

“ATM.” She whispered as B’s finger pulled back out. B held her gaze, smiling as she lifted the finger to her lips and sucked its tip just as she had done last night. It tasted of soap. She could see the lust in Maria’s eyes and just knew that last night’s rim job wasn’t a one off.

* * * * *

Half an hour later Maria was on her knees on the bed with B’s tongue burrowing into her ass and two of B’s fingers pumping her pussy, her climax steadily building, when Dominic came in.

“Don’t stop.” She pleaded as B’s head lifted to look at the opening door. “Evening, Dear.” She added.

“Good evening. Having fun?” Dominic asked. B was very conscious that she had her ass to him and was dripping wet. She wondered which of them he was lusting after. She could hear the sounds of undressing behind her.

“Lots of fun.” Maria purred, managing to hold a conversation despite the delightful distraction of B’s tongue and fingers. “B’s teaching me some new games.”

“I can see.” Dominic said. Indeed he could see B’s tongue swirling around his wife’s butt. He was down to his shorts and his cock was rising. “B. Would you excuse us?” his hand touched her shoulder, gently easing her away from Maria.

Without a word, B got off the bed and went into her own room.

The door wasn’t soundproof. B could hear every moan, every sigh as her employers made love on the other side of it. She lay back on her bed and frigged herself as she listened to the sounds of sex. She was seriously aroused anyway: Maria hadn’t touched her intimately since the front door and she really needed an orgasm.

Listening and masturbating, she came before either Maria or Dominic, but she didn’t stop lashing her clit, hoping for a second climax. She heard Maria wailing in ecstasy as she came, closely followed by Dominic who uttered a leonine roar as he unloaded his balls.

“B!” Maria called out, sounding rather breathless.

“Yes?” B opened the door with unseemly haste and stood looking at them. It was her first chance to see Dominic’s body and she was impressed. He clearly worked out and his cock, now resting limply across his thigh, slick with juices, would have easily got him work in the gay porn industry. It wasn’t the biggest she’d seen, or even enjoyed – Eric Kruppa still held that honour – but it looked a good runner-up.

“Come and clean me up please.” Maria asked rolling onto her back and letting her knees relax sideways. B didn’t hesitate. She’d done this once today already and was more than willing to have another mouthful of Dominic’s seed. She knelt beside the bed and buried her face between Maria’s thighs, lapping hungrily at the mingled male and female juices oozing from Maria’s pussy.

“Good girl.” Maria crooned. “Lick it all up. Dom likes to watch me being licked out, don’t you dear?”

“Very much. It looks like B enjoys her work too.” He stroked his stiffening cock as he watched B’s tongue work its magic.

“That’s enough.” Maria pushed B’s head away.

B stood up to leave.

“Stay.” Maria said. “I want you to watch.” Maria reached for Dom’s erection, drawing him towards her. As he settled between her thighs, Maria’s fingers guided him into her still soaking hole with a sigh.

B stood at the side of the bed and watched Dom’s taut buttocks rise and fall as he pounded into his wife. He seemed much more forceful than the first time and Maria squealed with delight as he fucked her hard. B noticed that Maria kept glancing at her, assessing her reaction. Well, she thought, if I’m expected to react, why not? She reached between her own thighs and started to masturbate, shuffling her feet apart to make it easier to delve into her swollen pussy.

Maria smiled at her and reached out a hand, beckoning for her to come nearer. Understanding what Maria wanted, B pulled her fingers from her pussy and offered them for sucking. As soon as she’d lapped all the nectar from B’s fingers, Maria turned her face to Dom and kissed him open mouthed.

His first taste of B’s sex clearly delighted him and he fucked Maria even harder. B started frigging herself again but this time the couple beat her to the finish line. With cries from both of them, Maria and Dom came together as B watched, lashing her clit and sinking two fingers deep into her own body.

As Dominic rolled off his wife, exhausted, B dropped to her knees expecting to clean Maria again.

“Finish what you were doing first.” Maria wanted to see B climax.

B happily complied, lying down when Maria patted the bed beside her. B thought of Tony the taxi driver watching her through the Perspex that afternoon. He could be sniffing her moist thong right now and jerking off thinking of her. Dom was the second man today to see her play with her pussy but he showed less interest in what she was doing than in his wife’s reactions to it.

Maria toyed with B’s nipples while she watched her masturbate, twisting the rubbery buds gently, coaxing moans of pleasure from B that she smothered with her mouth, kissing B passionately. When B climaxed, crying out in her ecstasy, Maria held her close until she stopped shaking.

“Now you can lick me.” Maria said, rolling onto her back. “Don’t get up.” She stopped B when she tried to get off the bed. “Just turn round so I can return the favour.”

“Oh goodie!” B giggled. She swivelled round and swung one knee over Maria, lowering her pussy towards Maria’s face just as she started licking at Dominic’s second libation. It felt so good to have something more than her own fingers in her pussy. She couldn’t see Dominic but he must surely have a great view of both her holes now. How long, she wondered, would he be able to resist: Yes, he’d said B was his wife’s toy, not his, but – damn it! – How could he not want to fuck her too? Perhaps, if there were something Maria wasn’t into? Anal maybe? She could always offer her ass as an alternative.

She had to stop thinking about Dominic’s magnificent meat because Maria’s tantalising tongue was getting her close to coming again and Maria’s pussy was clean now – at least, it only tasted of pussy. She used a finger to catch a stray drop of Maria’s juices that had dribbled down over her anus. B’s finger lingered, massaging the drop of cum into the tight hole, easing just the tip of her finger past Maria’s sphincter. She hoped Maria would follow her lead.

Maria did. She dipped a finger into B’s pussy then teased her ass hole with it before pushing it in to the second knuckle. This wasn’t new to her – not like the rimming – fingers had always been fun. It was just that Dom’s cock was too damned big to fit comfortably. The one time they’d tried, it had hurt too much and they’d called it off.

B’s orgasm was like a freight train, powerful and seemingly never ending as it rattled through her. Her excitement was enhanced by knowing that Dom had a perfect view of what was being done to her. No way was he going to be able to resist.

* * * * *

“So? What turns Dominic on the most? You getting licked out or you going down on another woman?” B asked Maria. Dominic had left early and they were snuggled together, nipple to nipple and cupping each other’s slippery crotches after some early morning pussy grinding.

“I think that’d be hard to call. He did really like watching you lick my butt. That’s new to us.” Maria recalled that her two previous ‘toys’ hadn’t shown any interest in anal sex but they had been strictly lesbian. B was her first bisexual toy.

“Don’t you guys ever do anal?” B was genuinely surprised. Most – no, all – the swinging couples she knew had been into anal for years.

“We tried. Dom’s just too big.”

“Go wash your mouth with soap! There’s no such thing as too big.” B admonished.

“Too big for my ass.”

“He does have a lot to offer a girl.” B mused. “But I’ve had more than that up my ass. It just takes practice – and lube. Lots of lube. Maybe that’s something Dominic would like to try. I’d be happy to oblige.” B made her pitch.

“Forget it sweetie. You’re my toy, not his. And that’s his rule, not mine. He just wouldn’t. Sorry.” And Maria was a little sorry. She’d have liked to see B try to take Dom’s dick in her ass.

“Then I should work on getting you more … accommodating.”

“We’ll see.” Maria dismissed the subject. “Tell me about you.”

“What d’you want to know?”

“Anything kinky.”

“Like why I don’t wear pants?”

“Like why you don’t wear pants” Maria settled back to listen.

“That’s partly down to my college roomie, Helen. She was really experimental and I guess it was kinda contagious. She invented this game called ‘cheerleader fantasy’. We’d go on buses or trains in cheerleader skirts and no pants. We’d take turns finding some lonely guy to sit next to – they had to be older men though. At least old enough to be our fathers – anyway, I’d sit next to some old geezer and wait until I caught him noticing my legs – not long because I’d be making damned sure my thigh kept brushing against him – then, when I had his attention, I’d slide my skirt up and touch myself. You don’t score any points unless you have an orgasm so I’d start to masturbate right next to this stranger, making sure he could see what I was doing and smiling encouragement if I could make eye contact. You’re not allowed to talk to them so eye contact is important to encourage them. If they touch you on the thigh its extra points and if you can get them to take over and frig you, that’s major bonus points.

There’s also bonus points for how crowded the bus is so it pays to pick a busy time of day.

Anyway, I got really into letting random strangers get an eyeful, so I stopped wearing pants and started wearing shorter skirts almost all the time.”

“You really let strangers touch you here?” Maria plucked at B’s pussy lips.

“Oh yeah! The oldest guy must have been about 80. The older ones were always the easiest to score points off but that one guy… not a twitch in the trouser department – Probably couldn’t get it up without Viagra… even for a cheerleader – but he knew what to do with his fingers. When I came I had to bite my knuckle to not scream and shout. After I put my skirt back down, he sniffed his fingers and said thank you. A real gentleman.”

“You know what? I only came on to you the other night because I’d noticed the missing pants. Now I feel like a dirty old man.”

“It’s not just old men. I’ve flashed everyone: young and old, male and female. I like random acts of kinkiness.”

“And look what happened last time? You met me.”

“Oh, that wasn’t the last time.”

“When have you had the chance since then?” Maria was incredulous… and curious. This sounded like a good game and she was going to make B play it for her often.

“In the cab that brought me and my things over. The cabbie was nice so I put on a show for him.”

“You masturbated in the back of a taxi?”

“We were stuck in traffic… I got bored.”

“So you jerked off for the driver?”

“Actually, I jerked off for me. He only got to watch. Oh and I gave him a thong as a souvenir.”

“A worn one I hope.” Maria was warming to the story. She was beginning to realize how fortunate she’d been to find B.

“Not worn as such but…”

“But what?” Maria tweaked B’s labia again. The girl really was dripping now. Just telling these stories was turning her on.

“I stuffed them in me to soak up my juices. Tony – the driver – was very grateful.”

“I’m sure.” Maria kissed her long and tenderly. “I think I’d like to sit on your face now.”

“I think I’d like that too.” B rolled onto her back and smiled.

As Maria lowered her groin onto B’s mouth, feeling B’s tongue lancing out to meet the descending flesh, she reached for B’s thighs, gently urging them apart. B, being of the flexible persuasion spread and lifted her legs so far that Maria could hook them under her arms and now had the best view in the house – B’s pussy, pink, puffy and pouting and B’s tiny ass hole were both as exposed as they possibly could be. As she settled herself on B’s face, enjoying the delving agility of her lover’s tongue, she wondered if B had been exaggerating about being able to take Dom’s cock in her ass. There was one way to find out. She didn’t have any lube apart from what was bubbling out of B’s pussy but there was plenty of that.

She sunk two fingers deep into B’s pussy, feeling the girl writhe under her. Pulling out, she smeared slick juice around B’s ass then dipped once more before pressing both fingers past the rubbery resistance of B’s sphincter and plunging deep into her rectum. It was so easy that she tried to do the same with her other hand – dip first then force two fingers into her ass. That made four fingers and B hadn’t at any point stopped tonguing Maria’s pussy.

Maria lifted herself up a moment to allow B to speak.

“It’s better if you only use one hand.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels great but if you use all the fingers of one hand, you can use the other hand on my pussy. Betcha I can take it all.” B’ pulled Maria back against her mouth, being far more interested in cunnilingus than conversation. She did, however, start to insinuate a finger into Maria’s ass while she slurped at her pussy.

Maria withdrew her fingers and started trying to squeeze all four of one hand into B’s overflowing pussy. It was easier than she anticipated and as she felt B push a second finger into her ass, she pulled out her slick hand, instantly substituting the other. The lubed hand she worked, finger by finger into B’s anus, twisting and pushing gently until her knuckles were the only part of her fingers still visible. It looked at once filthy and very, very sexy. She could feel her climax approaching, feel B’s fingers and tongue tag teaming her nervous system. It was going to be a good one. A third finger pressed hard against her ass. It was momentarily uncomfortable but it went in and, once inside her, felt good. With all that distraction going on down below, she’d barely noticed that both her hands were buried to the knuckles. B had taken them all.

Maria’s climax sent spasms through her abdomen, wave upon wave of hot delight coursed through her body and she squirted copiously into B’s mouth, soaking her face and the pillow under her head. She wailed like a banshee as she surrendered to the moment, inadvertently pressing her weight forward so that one hand at least, pressed past the knuckles and sank to the wrist in B’s pussy. B yelled too at that, but Maria’s flanks muffled her ecstatic cries.

B hadn’t been fully fisted since saying sayonara to Helen, her roomie, and how she’d missed it.

As Maria came back to Earth, she realized where her hand had got to and just stared. “That’s… incredible.”

“Feels incredible. Hold still a moment. I want to do something.”


“Just hold still.” B pulled her three fingers out of Maria’s ass and, lifting her head off the pillow, poked her tongue right inside the slowly closing sphincter, letting it contract around her tongue, forcing her back out. “Now imagine me cleaning up Dominic’s jizz like that.”

“Oh God! That’s so… Dirty.”

“Isn’t it?” B answered with a girlie giggle. “Now can I have my ass back? This isn’t the most comfortable position to be in.”

Maria eased her fingers out of B’s ass then gently pulled her other hand out, feeling B push against it too. The two gaping holes were such a pervy, sexy vision that she couldn’t resist dipping her head between B’s thighs as soon as the girl was lying comfortably. Maria’s tongue barely touched the sides of B’s stretched vulva but she slurped hungrily at the bountiful flow.

“I think this pillow’s ruined.” B said, enjoying the little aftershocks from Maria’s tongue and the view of Maria’s bottom still just in front of her face.

“It’s a good job I didn’t pee on you. Then the mattress would be ruined too.” Maria clambered off B and flopped on the bed beside her.

“What time do the cleaners come in?”

“In about twenty minutes.” Maria checked the clock on the bedside table. “We’d better get up.”

B soaped and shampooed Maria first then, when she had the shower to herself, cleaned herself thoroughly and washed her own hair. She was just finishing dressing when Maria came into her room.

“Bend over please.” Maria asked, without preamble.

B turned her back on her employer and bent over, palms to the floor, legs straight. Maria flipped up B’s skirt, found the girl pant free, as expected, and stroked her anus with one finger, probing and testing its resistance.

“See?” B knew what this was about. “Back to normal. Although, if it’ll make you kiss it better, I could pretend its sore.”

“Cheeky little slut.” Maria slapped B’s buttock playfully.

“Absolutely! But oh how my poor sore ass hurts.” B felt Maria move, felt the light tickle of hair cascading over her buttocks and against the tops of her thighs, felt the tip of Maria’s tongue flicker over and around her anus.

“There. All better now?” Maria straightened up and flipped B’s skirt back into place.

“Much better. Thank you. What’re your plans for today?”

“I’m meeting some friends for lunch and shopping, then this evening we have to pack for New York. We’re flying there tomorrow. I thought we’d dine out tonight so we’ll need to find you something dressy.” Maria had inspected the formal outfits B had brought from home and condemned them as unfit. ‘No P.A. of hers was going to look like she’d been outfitted from Walmart’ had been the gist of her comments.

“Lunch and shopping. Gotcha. Should I come with you or meet you afterwards.” B wasn’t sure of the protocol for P.A.s yet.

“Come with, naturally. Besides, we’re taking the bus. I want to see you play… what did you call it?”

“Cheerleader fantasy?”

“Yes. I really want to see you play cheerleader fantasy.”

“Oh Goodie!” B clapped her hands. “And can I ride up and down in a glass elevator later? Please?”

“If you’re good.” Maria felt inclined to indulge B’s whimsy. She was by now pretty certain if there were going to be any boundaries in this relationship, they’d be hers. B didn’t seem to know about boundaries.

* * * * *

“So what’s the glass elevator game?” Maria asked. They were in a cab because Maria didn’t live anywhere near a bus route.

“Simple really. Get into a glass elevator at ground level in the shortest skirt possible. Smile at some guy through the glass and when the elevator goes up, he’s bound to follow me with his eyes and find out I’ve got no underwear.”

“That skirt’s not short enough for that.”

“No. Something tight with a hem about an inch below my pussy is best. A skirt like that can be fun on escalators too.”

“I can imagine.” Maria knew just the store to find the perfect elevator in. They could probably find a suitable outfit there as well.

“Oh, you don’t have to imagine. I’ll show you if you like.”

“This’ll do.” Maria said to the driver. She paid the cabbie and they got out to wait for the bus.

“How do we do this?” Maria asked as a bus approached.

“I’ll get on first and pick a guy to sit with. You sit across the aisle so you can see the action, but don’t get caught peeking. It’s easy to scare these guys off. Ok?”

“Ok.” Maria glanced along the length of the bus. It looked about half full. She wondered if this was going to be as much fun as she hoped.

“One to Sunset and Ninth please.” B bought her own ticket then glanced down the aisle and spotted her victim. There were two empty seats opposite him so Maria would have a good view. She sat beside the elderly but very dapper looking man, making sure her leg touched his and smiling as he briefly made eye contact.

Maria sat adjacent to her a few seconds later but gave no indication that they knew each other. She immediately thought how much the guy looked like Dominic’s great-uncle.

B eased her skirt up as soon as the bus started moving and began by stroking her inner thigh. She parted her knees enough to press one against the gentleman’s without sticking the other too obviously out into the aisle. He glanced across at her movement then quickly looked out of the window. B upped the ante, raising the front hem of her pleated skirt all the way up and rubbing her clit with one finger. She leant lightly against the man’s arm and he glanced towards her again, his eyes fell to her lap and stayed there. “Hooked!” thought B. “Now to land him.”

She lifted her knee over his to spread her legs further and ‘accidentally’ trapped his hand between her thigh and his. He pulled it free as though electrocuted but he didn’t resist when she caught his wrist and placed his hand halfway up her inner thigh. Her free hand was rummaging under her pussy, a finger sinking into her hole.

A few more seconds of frantic fingering and his hand started to inch up her leg towards her pussy. She waited until his little finger touched the back of her hand then took her hand away and looked at the guy imploringly. His hand moved to her pussy at last, cupping her mound and feeling the heat radiating from it.

Maria had her shades on so she could look sideways without being obvious. She saw B starting to masturbate, saw the old man take interest and saw him reach for her pussy. She wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it but here was a man touching up a girl who could easily pass for his granddaughter and it was turning her on just watching it. That surprised her too – it was actually incredibly sexy and B looked to be enjoying the attention so much. The man’s hand was moving steadily now and B was starting to look flushed. Maria couldn’t help pressing a hand to her own crotch, through her jeans. B really was going to have a manual orgasm on a crowded bus in the middle of the day.

B closed her eyes. She didn’t care how many people had noticed what was going on. The old man’s fingers were rubbing her clit and she was going to come in seconds. She bit down on her knuckle to keep herself quiet and let it just happen. It wasn’t the biggest orgasm ever – not even the biggest today, but it was still fun.

The old man felt her climax approaching and stuck a finger inside her, feeling her vagina clench spasmodically around it. When she’d finished, he kept his hand there until she touched his wrist again.

B covered herself as soon as the man’s hand was out from between her thighs. She moved her knee off his and sat demurely, smiling innocently when she caught his eye. She reached across and gently brushed the crotch of his trousers to confirm that – yes – he was toting wood. She gave it a little squeeze and felt it twitch against her hand. Conscious that Maria was watching her every move, she deliberately stroked the man’s cock through his trousers, wondering if she had time to get him off too.

She had time. It took about a minute before his erection twitched violently and a dark stain appeared a few inches down his leg. She let go of him then and turned away, catching Maria’s eye and winking.

* * * * *

“Did you see?” B asked, skipping off the bus a couple of stops later.

“I saw. I’m still not sure I believe it, but …”

“Did anyone else spot us?”

“Not that I noticed. How many times have you done that?

“Dozens. It’s different every time but its always fun.”

“Let’s get a cab. We’ll be late for lunch.” Maria stepped to the curb and waved at a yellow cab. It pulled over.

In the back seat, safely out of public view, Maria reached under B’s skirt to find out just how wet she was. Really wet as it turned out.

B got out some tissues and wiped herself. “Don’t want a damp patch on the back of my skirt.” She said quietly, to exclude the cabbie from the conversation.

“I’m going to have to start carrying our camcorder. Dom will never believe me when I tell him.”

“You aint seen nothing yet.” B replied, quietly confident that she could surprise Maria and Dominic a lot more yet. She had lots more games in her personal compendium.

“Well keep that under wraps during lunch.” Maria indicated B’s crotch. “My friends actually do think you’re my P.A. Tomorrow, I’ll give you my diary so that you can start acting like a P.A. too – some of the time at least.”

“Ok. I’ll remember to keep my mouth shut… And my legs.”

“Oh, feel free to be sociable. They’re used to my P.A.s being part of the social scene. Just remember these people are vanilla.

“Gotcha. But if I do overstep the mark, which can easily happen, just ask me the time and I’ll know to shut up.”

“Good idea. Here we are. Best behaviour.”

* * * * *

B was a very good girl all the way through lunch. Maria’s friends warmed to her and were actually quite nice. B did find herself mentally undressing them and trying to imagine them going down on her, but it didn’t really work as an image. None of them were her type and she just couldn’t build a convincingly sexy fantasy around them so she’d concentrated on planning what she was going to do to Maria tonight.

Dress shopping took the rest of the afternoon and they never got as far as the store with the glass elevator.

“Save that for New York.” Maria had said. “I know too many people in L.A. anyway, it might embarrass Dom, professionally.”

B wasn’t disappointed. She had a couple of opportunities to flash Maria and that was fun too. She got several dresses, all on Maria’s credit card, including a very tight, very short white dress that was going to be so much fun in public, just as soon as Maria let her wear it.

* * * * *

Tell me more about this experimental roomie. Helen?”

“Helen.” B nodded. They were waiting for their first course in the poshest restaurant B had ever eaten in.

“What else were you two into?” Maria was admiring B’s very low cut new cocktail dress – cock tease dress, B had called it – and thinking about the cab ride to the restaurant. B had recognised the driver instantly as the one she’d put on a show for the previous afternoon.

“I tipped the dispatcher a hundred bucks to give me any fares from this address.” Tony had owned up when B commented on the coincidence. B had been openly flattered by his willingness to pay for just the possibility of another peek at her pussy. She’d whispered in Maria’s ear, asking if she could reward him. Maria had agreed because she was caught up in B’s exhibitionist nature and wanted to see her showing off again.

B hadn’t flashed him again but she’d leant close to the grill in the perspex screen and told him in graphic detail how she’d been fisted that morning. B really was shameless.

“Oh, Helen was into everything. She got us both jobs as web cam girls.”

“Web cam girls?”

“Yeah. It’s the 21st century equivalent of the telephone sex lines. You sit in front of a web cam and play with yourself for four bucks a minute. The guy on the other end of the camera tells you what he wants you to do and you do it while he jerks off. It’s sort of an interactive porno movie. It was fun for a while but it turns out that there just aren’t that many male fantasies and it got really repetitive. Helen quit first because she got bored, but I needed the money. I stopped doing it when Helen found out that one of her regulars was actually her father. I really didn’t want to think that it could be my dad watching and telling me what to stuff up my ass next.”

“So B actually does have boundaries.” Maria was wondering just how many people had seen B’s pussy. It must run to thousands.

“Not really. It freaked me out at the time but When Helen came clean about fucking her father, she made it sound ok, so I sort of warmed to the idea – not of fucking him, but it became a regular fantasy that he might be watching and I went back to work.

“Helen fucked her own father?”

“Oh yeah. Still does, any time she visits home. Says if her pussy’s inspiring his hard-ons, her pussy should reap the rewards. She moved from web cams to escorting. She likes getting paid to date businessmen. She tells her dad everything. I used to hear their phone calls.”

“But… her own father?”

“Well, as Helen said, lots of the guys she dated wanted her to call them Daddy. At least with her real dad she knows he means it when he says he loves his little girl.

I got to meet him once. He drove up to the campus to collect Helen and stayed overnight in a local motel. We had a wild threesome. It was my first ATM experience: My ass and Helen’s mouth. He’d been ass fucking us in turn and I got the cream so Helen pouted and complained until I said she could have it back. So he got to see his little girl licking up his cum as it oozed out of my ass.

We had a pee party in the tub too. He was really into water sports. That’s why I wasn’t grossed out when you pissed in my mouth.”

“Is there anything you haven’t done?” Maria, in spite of herself, was turned on by the story of Helen and her father.

“Sucked Dominic’s cock.” B retorted. “D’you think he’d at least let me clean him, like I clean you?”

“I doubt it. He’s got this thing about fidelity. Personally, I’d love to share, but he just won’t.”

“Does he like water sports? That wouldn’t be like fucking me.”

“You know, Sweetie, I really don’t know. The subject’s never come up.”

“Hope springs eternal from the sex toy’s loins.”

“But, just for suggesting it, you’re getting a golden shower tonight.”

“Oh goodie!” B reached for the wine bottle and topped up Maria’s glass.

* * * * *

“Dress off and in the pool.” Maria ordered as soon as they were home. “I’m about to burst.” She’d been deliberately drinking extra since deciding to give B a golden shower.

B didn’t need any encouragement to get naked. Her dress landed on the lobby table, her shoes were kicked into alternate corners and her hold-ups were being rolled down her legs before Maria had finished speaking.

“Ready.” B announced brightly, twirling, stark naked on the tiled floor then skipping off in the direction of the pool. Before taking the plunge, she detoured as far as the bar and grabbed a bottle of wine and two goblets. Setting them on the poolside, she slid into the water, surfacing as Maria arrived, bare as the day she was born.

“Lie here.” Maria pointed at the floor in front of her. B levitated out of the water and lay down at Maria’s feet, smiling beatifically. She hadn’t had so much pervy fun since saying good-bye to Helen and now she was actually getting paid for doing stuff she’d have freely done just for kicks. Maria straddled her and squatted, cutting loose as soon as her pussy was over B’s face.

It was a torrent too. Maria really had been about to burst. B opened her mouth wide and caught what she could but it was going everywhere and she had to close her eyes, which was a downer because she wanted to watch too. She swallowed a couple of times but Maria just kept peeing and it overflowed B’s mouth and puddled on the tiles. When the deluge slowed to a trickle then stopped, B was drenched but still grinning up at Maria.

“Thank you.” B said politely. “I needed that! A little degradation to keep me in my place.”

“You are such a little pervert.” Maria reached down and patted B’s wet cheek.

“Says the woman who just pissed in my mouth.”

“There is that. It’s funny though. You don’t behave like a submissive most of the time, then … this.”

“I’m not a sub. I’ll just do anything for kicks – mine or yours. I could call you mistress if you’d like.”

“God! No! I’d have to start wearing all that tacky PVC and leather. You’re doing just fine as it is: Better than fine. I like your creative approach to your work.”


“Now get in that pool. You stink of piss. I’ll hose this off. Maria stood and walked over to the coiled hose on the wall. B rolled off the edge with a splash.

“I need to pee.” B announced as they sipped wine together at the deep end.

“So pee. I think the filters can handle another pint or two.” Maria suggested.

“Wanna see me pee like a man?”

“What d’you mean?”

“Standing up. I can use a urinal. Wanna see?”

“Sure.” Maria wondered how this worked.

“A target.” B floated her empty goblet in the water then clambered out of the pool, stood on the very edge with her feet slightly apart, like a guy at a urinal, then with both hands she spread her lips, pulling them outwards and upwards. A stream of liquid arced out over the water and splashed down nearly four feet from the edge. B moved her hips to direct the stream and hit the goblet. On the second pass, she got its range perfectly and filled it enough to sink it.

“Wow!” Maria was impressed.

“It’s another of Helen’s games.”

“Do tell.” Maria asked as B slipped back into the water beside her and retrieved her wine glass.

“Well we’d go to a bar and drink lots.” B explained as she resurfaced, glass in hand.

“A very popular game with a great many people. Go on.”

“Anyway, we’d hold on until we both really needed to go then we’d stake out the men’s toilet, sneak in when there was only one guy in there, go and stand either side of him, tuck up our skirts and pee like men.

They’d always get a semi and piss on their boots. It’s hard for a man to aim straight when his dick is swelling in his hand and whichever way he looks there’s bare pussy.”

“I’ll bet. What happens then?”

“Oh, sometimes we just go back to the bar and wait for him and his mates to come and buy us drinks for the rest of the night. Once they turned out to be a bachelor party so we went back to their hotel suite, put on a girlie show for them all and let the groom-to-be have his first, second and probably last anal sex. His fiancée was apparently very conservative, sexually.”

“That was kind of you.”

“Hey, I’m an accommodating girl. I’ve had other hobbies but nothing beats random sex.”

Maria snogged her. “I do love your stories, B. They’re very entertaining, even if I don’t believe most of them.”

“You don’t?” B looked genuinely hurt.

“Not all of them. Fess up. You do exaggerate a bit, yes?”

“No, and I can prove it.” B let go of her empty glass, which floated away as she got out of the pool and fetched the telephone from on top of the bar. She set it on the side of the pool and slipped back in before dialling. She held the handset, waiting for an answer.

“Hi Helen.” B said. Maria moved closer to hear.

“Honey B! Hi!” Helen squealed excitedly and loud enough for Maria to hear too. “What you up to, Baby?”

“I’ve got a job as a P.A.”


“Not at all. It’s a cover story.”

“For the CIA? You have to blow spies in the hope they’ll spill more than their seed?”

“Close, but no cigar. I’m a very personal assistant to a rich-bitch who likes pussy instead of plastic.” B explained. Maria wore an expression of mock-shock at the rich-bitch jibe.

“Ok… How old is she?”

“A couple of years older than us. She’s really sexy. I let her pick me up the other night and fucked her senseless without realizing it was a job interview.”

“Cool! It’s about time you got into sex for money. Talent like yours is worth paying for.”

“My boss thinks so too. She’s right here. Can I put you on speaker phone?”


B pushed the speaker button and replaced the handset. “That’s better. Helen, this is Maria.”

“Hello Helen.” Maria said, a little self-consciously. “I’ve been hearing as lot about you.”

“All sexy I hope.” Helen’s replied.

“Oh certainly.”

“That’s why I called you. I’ve been telling tales on you but I’m not getting believed even though I showed her how to play Cheerleader Fantasy this morning.”

“How many points did you get?” Helen asked immediately.

“At least a hundred.”

“No way!”

“Way! A half full bus, a 60+ mark, full finger penetration at climax, wood and a stroke off.”

“Girlfriend, you’re amazing!”

“But Maria still doubts my veracity.”

“So you want corroboration?”

“Yes Please.”

“Sure. What tales did you tell her?”

“Who did we have a threesome with in the Lost Highway Motel last spring break?”

“You told her about that?”

“Sorry. Yes, it just sort of slipped out.”

“Ok. You’re forgiven. That was the time we both fucked my Daddy.”

Maria really hadn’t believed the whole incest story. She was shocked at how casually this Helen confirmed it.

“And after he’d butt-fucked me?”

“After he’d butt-fucked us, I stuck my tongue up your ass and got a mouthful of Daddy’s seed which should by rights have been in my ass anyway because you’d already had one load off him. Greedy slut. Did you tell her that bit?”

“Yep.” B looked at Maria’s shocked expression and stuck her tongue out at her.

“So what else did you tell her?”

“Well I just told her about the peeing like a man thing.”

“Let me guess. The bachelor party where we both let the groom butt-fuck us? Have you told Maria any stories that don’t involve us getting taken up the ass?”

“That’s the one. And yes, I have, but our asses do have a busy social life.”

“And did you tell her the rest of the bachelors wanted a go and we agreed as long as we got to go to the wedding.”

“I hadn’t got that far in the story.” B admitted.

“So you didn’t tell how we both ate cream pies all night because nobody likes sloppy seconds and then had to rush home and dress smartly so we could go to the wedding?”


“Oh, but that’s the best bit. Maria? We sat at the back of the church knickerless and sore assed and watched this guy making his vows and, after the service, introduced ourselves to the bride as colleagues of the groom.

What brought that story up, anyway? Were you bragging how much fun your ass has at parties?”

“Not really. Maria already knows that. She managed a fist and four fingers this morning.”

“Maria. Promise me you’ll take a picture if you ever get two fists in at once. I never managed it but you might have smaller hands and I’d love to see both Honey B’s holes cinched around somebody’s wrists.”

“Sure. And, to answer your question, the story of the Bachelor party came up because we’re in the pool and B was showing me how to pee like a man.”

“You have a pool? Wow! Private pools have such possibilities. Did she pee in the pool? I’d spank the little slut for that!”

“Helen! Don’t give her ideas! Anyway, what’s a little piss in a few thousand gallons of pool water? I got about a quart straight in the mouth.”

“Oh? Into water sports?”

“No. She just likes pissing on me. I don’t get to shoot back.”

“Well that’s what you have to put up with when you’re a pro. Although the few of my gentlemen… Maria? Did B tell you I’m an escort girl?”

“She did.”

“Actually, I said you were a whore.” B corrected.

“Good. What was I saying?”

“About your gentlemen.”

“Yes, most of them who’re into water sports like to give it and get it but, hey, it’s your party.

Honey B, it’s great to hear you’re having a good time but I’ve gotta love you and leave you. I have a date tonight and he’s still tied to the bed, waiting for his enema.”

“Where do you find them? Goodnight Helen… And thanks for saving my reputation.”

“Yes. Thank you Helen.” Maria added. “It’s been a pleasure.”

“The pleasure’s all mine. Always and all ways. Goodnight.”

B switched the phone off and turned to Maria with an I-told-you-so grin.

“So it’s all true?”

“Every word.”

“Then you deserve an apology. Will a good licking do?”

“My ass too?” B asked, hopefully.

“If you want, Honey B.” Maria was inclined to indulge her.

* * * * *

“Have you been to New York before?” Maria asked as they packed B’s bag. Maria didn’t need to pack. She had an extensive wardrobe in their Manhattan apartment.

“Only once, with Helen and Eric – this guy we used to party with – we went to stay at his parents’ place while they were in Europe. We spent a lot of time naked and Eric spent a lot of time pointing his cameras at us girls.”

“I bet you enjoyed that.” It was impossible to imagine that B didn’t like being photographed naked.

“Oh yeah! The porn and the arty stuff. I enjoy both. That one’s my favourite.” B pointed to a framed monochrome print on her dresser. It was a flower. When Maria looked properly, the centre of the orchid was parted labia minora. It was a clever bit of photoshopping and, now she studied it, obviously B’s pussy.

“It’s beautiful. A perfect portrait of you.”

“Eric had a poster of it in his room back in the frat house.”

“And where is this Eric now?”

“Come to think of it, he’s probably in New York. Will I have any free time on this trip? I’d love to pay him a surprise visit.”

“Actually, I’d like to meet him. Do you think he would do something like this of me?” Maria thought a copy of the orchid picture would make a good gift for Dominic.

“Photograph your pussy? Why on earth would he not want to do that? He’s a guy: Looking at pussy is his favourite thing to do with his eyes.”

“Good.” Maria put down the photograph and carried on selecting what B should pack.

“And then, of course, there was the subway game.” B had a cutting somewhere of the story about her in the New York Times. It didn’t name her, she was just one of ‘two unidentified females’.

“Why do I suspect this is not just a variation on the bus game?” Maria could see B was itching to tell her another tale of erotic daring deeds.

“No. And it was definitely a one time only performance. We had an apartment to stay in but when Helen lost her purse, with both our credit cards, our spending money and out tickets back to Boston, we were stranded in Manhattan. It isn’t an easy place to be penniless.”

“I can imagine. Didn’t Eric have money?”

“No. His father keeps him on a very short financial leash. Kept – I should say. Helen solved that problem for him.”


“It’s a long story but the short version is Helen fucked his father.”

“Oh, I have to hear the long version now.”

“Ok. Eric’s father is a Harvard alumnus and a trustee. He came to Boston for graduation and booked himself an escort – Helen. When she realized who was fucking her, she took a snapshot of his credit card between her labia and gave Eric the photo, which in turn gave Eric enough leverage to loosen his father’s grip on money because his father’s new wife probably wouldn’t appreciate her husband slurping semen out of a whore’s ass hole even if it was his own semen.”

“So Eric blackmailed his father.”

“Yes.” B had no problem with that. She liked Eric, didn’t like his father and had no morals to speak of.

“Fair enough. You were telling me about the subway game.”

“I was. We were broke and had no tickets back to Boston until I had an idea. It’s amazing how lack of money sharpens the creative skills. Perhaps that’s why so many great artists lived in poverty.”

“And your idea was?” Maria was impatient to hear this.

“Pole dancing on the subway.”

“Real pole dancing?” Like she had to ask.

“We got dressed up in stockings, thongs, five inch heels and long overcoats and Eric brought his ghetto blaster along for the music. We went into a subway car just as the evening rush was easing – still pretty full but nobody standing – Eric turned on the music and held our coats.

I did my routine around the pole between the doors while Helen walked up and down the car in her see-through thong, persuading gentlemen to stuff money into her underwear. When they stopped paying, we moved into the next car and started over. After eight stops, the cops were waiting. Eric stayed on the train and stuffed the ghetto blaster into the holdall we’d put the cash in. Helen and I left via different doors with a couple of helpful guys who didn’t mind having a pretty girl on their arm. We breezed right by the cops and all it cost me was a kiss for my rescuer.”

“You know, I remember hearing something about that. There was a spate of it.”

“I wouldn’t call it a spate. We hit a different train every night for a week. We learned from our mistakes and got off before the cops turned up.”

“And how much did you make?”

“About twenty five hundred over the week.”

“More than enough to get you back to college.”

“Oh, we had enough for that the first night, but we were having so much fun.”

“I’ll bet! While we’re on the subject of having so much fun, put this on.” Maria tossed B the very tight very short dress she’d bought her yesterday. “Our cab will be here in half an hour and there are lots of escalators at the airport.”

“Oh goodie!” B pulled the dress over her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror. It fit like a paint job, moulding around her tits without squashing them and showing her perky nipples to full advantage. She loved it.

* * * * *

“And what are you studying at college?” They were having dinner with a couple of Maria’s sorority sisters whom she’d kept in touch with after college and B was being politely interrogated: Very politely.

B had picked up the lezzie vibe as soon as she’d met them. These women were sisters in another way too, B was certain. Had Maria come to dinner and brought dessert, namely, B? She wondered if Maria was testing her by not warning her. Well, while being passed around Maria’s pals wasn’t part of the deal, B was up for it.

“I’m reading art history at Harvard. This should have been my final year, but I took a year out to research my thesis. I was going to go to Europe and backpack around some of the galleries and collections there. That’s why being Maria’s P.A. is the perfect job for me. I’ll get to visit Europe in style, and get paid for it.” And let’s not mention the cunnilingus just yet, B added mentally. She noticed the change in body language as the women reappraised her at the mention of a good school.

“Harvard?” Said the one called Jo-Jo, clearly surprised that B wasn’t studying nail polishing at community college.

“What are you writing your thesis on, Sweetie?” Asked Kate, clearly the alpha female of this group.

“O Tempora! O mores!” B gave them the title and watched their blank expressions. No Latin scholars here then. And they’d thought she was a bimbo? “O times! O morals!” she translated. “A comparison of the division in moral acceptability between art and life throughout the ages.”

“I’m no wiser, Sweetie.” Kate opined. Jo-Jo didn’t say a word. Well, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

“Why nudity in art has always been more acceptable than nudity in public.” Maria had heard it all already so she simplified it for her friends.

“Is it?” Said Jo-Jo, who was clearly hard of thinking. B didn’t hold that against her though because she had the prettiest Titian hair – that’s red to you girls, B mentally edited herself.

“If you stand in an art gallery, looking at a statue of a nude woman, nobody cares. But just try standing naked in front of a statue of a dressed woman!” B had! Security had been surprisingly quick, but not quick enough. Eric had photographed it before they surrounded her. She’d explained to the curator that she was testing a theory for her college work and he’d been quite understanding provided she promised not to pull any more stunts in his gallery. She sent him a sighed copy of the photo as a thank you.

“Well of course they’re different.” Jo-Jo’s tone said she was stating the obvious.

“But why?” B flashed her sweetest smile at the red head. “That’s what I’m researching.”

“So you’re going to Europe to look at dirty pictures?” Kate lightened the mood before Jo-Jo got really petulant.

“And to meet with some living artists who’re blurring the traditional boundary between art and life. And to try and prove my theories by experiment.”

“Experiment?” Kate was intrigued.

“Like the statue experiment I just mentioned. That one didn’t last long enough for us to gauge peoples’ responses, but it did prove one thing: There really is a difference between marble and flesh in the public perception.”

“You actually went naked in an art gallery?” Kate was incredulous. Maria was unsurprised. Jo-Jo was open mouthed.

“Oh yes. You can’t just advance an opinion without proof to back it up.” B sipped her wine and looked innocent.

“Incredible.” Kate said. “Maria, she’s a treasure. Where did you find her?”

“In a gay club.” Maria said matter-of-factly. It was the proof B had been waiting for. These women clearly knew Maria was into girls and, by their reaction, were also in Sappho’s sorority.

* * * * *

“Surprise!” B flung herself into Eric’s arms as the door opened. She and Maria had called by on the off chance, as B knew how to get to the apartment but didn’t have a phone number for it. She’d smiled sweetly at the concierge who remembered her – few men forgot meeting B – and confirmed that, yes, young Mr Kruppa was in.

“Mmm…mmmmm…mm…m…mmmmm.” He pulled back a moment from the no-holds-barred kiss “I said, you brought me a present, what’s her name?” Then over B’s shoulder to Maria. “Hi. I’m Eric. B’s told you all about me.”

“Maria.” She introduced herself. “And yes, she has.”

“And she’s not a present, you libidinous centaur.” B let go of him. “She’s my new boss so be nice.”

“Centaur?” Eric frowned at her. Then the penny dropped. “Oh… Half man, half horse?”

“Clever boy.” B patted his cheek. “Are your folks here?”

“No. Just me.”

“Good.” B kicked off her shoes and peeled her frock over her head. “We’ve come to ask for a favour, but as Maria’s loaded, I suggest you charge her a small fortune.”

“What are you going on about, B?” He was looking her up and down shamelessly.

“Would you take my portrait, like the one you did of B?” Maria cut to the chase.

“Which one? I’ve taken thousands of pictures of B.”

“The orchid picture.” B narrowed it down. She was stroking his thigh and Maria could see a ridge forming along most of its length. Despite being married to Dominic, she was impressed.

“Stop it B.” He playfully pushed away her hand. “Do you often get naked in front of your boss?”

“All the time. I’m her personal sex toy. Maria’s taken out a one year exclusive contract on my pussy.”

“Oh? Does Helen know?”

“Of course. She’s my role model.”

“Lesbian?” Eric asked Maria.

“Bi. My husband likes to watch me with girls so we keep one as a pet. Easier to housetrain than dogs.”

“This one isn’t. Last time she was here, she peed on a Persian rug.” He patted B’s bottom. She had her hand inside his jeans now and the ridge was massive.

“Will you do the portrait of me?” Maria didn’t mind their banter but she did want to know if she was going to get what she wanted when the kids had finished playing word games.

“Portrait. I like that. Yes, it is a portrait really, seeing as how B’s pussy is such a defining characteristic. And, yes, I’ll take your picture. Now?”

“No time like the present. Do you have somewhere I can get undressed?”

“No. I want to watch you undress. I’m totally unprofessional, Maria. I’ll ogle your cunt, almost certainly get a hard-on, take far more photos than I need to and will, I guarantee, jerk off to them at some point in the not too distant future. Still want to do this?”

“Yes, but bear in mind that my husband is the only other man ever to see me naked. Even my gynaecologist is female. So if I’m nervous, bear with me.”

“Jeez! What d’you go telling him that for? Now the big guy’s bound to pound his pud over you.”

“True.” Eric admitted. “And I’d like to get a few shots of B at work if you don’t mind.”

“Can we consider that your fee?”

“I think that’s fair.” Eric nodded. B undid the last button on his jeans and pulled them down.

“Good God!” Maria’s eyes were like saucers. “B really didn’t exaggerate.”

“As if I would.” B looked wounded by the mere suggestion. “Ain’t it grand?”

Eric grinned goofily and stepped out of his trousers. Pulling his shirt off too, he got as naked as B. “Your turn.” He said to Maria, watching her with evident anticipation while B stroked his massive cock to full temper.

Maria took a deep breath and pushed down her slacks. She took a moment to consider the point of no return then yanked her panties down too. There! No turning back now. The rest of her clothes came off quickly, with B’s unnecessary but welcome help. Once Maria was naked, Eric led them through from the lobby into one of the bedrooms. One wall was entirely taken up by an eight foot high close-up of a, by the looks of it, recently used vagina. It wasn’t one image but a collage of perhaps a hundred and fifty A4 prints, stuck over each other but from the door that was hardly noticeable. Maria stood staring at it.

“Have you met Helen?” Eric noticed her fixation.

“Not yet.” Maria dragged her eyes off the wall.

“That’s her. I bought an extreme macro lens and needed something to try it on. I had to write some special software to divide the screen into a hundred and sixty nine boxes and illuminate them in sequence with a gap between each illumination. Then, using a projector, I imposed the grid on Helen and focused on each square as it lit up on her skin. It took about a day to set up and fifteen minutes to photograph. The most uncomfortable fifteen minutes of Helen’s life – so she says – because to keep her from moving, I strapped her spread legs to a brass bedstead.”

“It’s amazing.” Maria was sincerely impressed.

“And you got to fuck Helen first.” B pointed out the obvious to Eric. “That’s hardly easier on the poor girl than holding her legs open for a quarter hour.”

“Sometime, B, I’m gonna do the same to you and put your pussy on that wall so I can sleep between my two favourite girls every night.”

“You’ll have to wait a year for that: I’m under an exclusive contract. Not like that whore!” B hooked a thumb at the picture wall.

“We’ll see.” Eric dismissed the matter and picked up one of his cameras. “On the bed, I think, facing the window. There’s good light this morning.” He dropped into photographer mode, ignoring the baton-like erection swinging to and fro as he snapped away, getting closer and closer until he was kneeling between Maria’s feet, lens only inches from her pussy. “Ok, hold it open for me.” He said, casually.

“I’ll do that.” B volunteered. She spread Maria’s labia and pinched her inner lips gently, pulling them apart. After a few clicks of the camera she let go and they started to slowly close, but not so slowly Eric didn’t get three perfect shots.

“Does being nervous always make you wet?” Eric asked his subject.

“No.” Maria couldn’t see him with B in the way but she could feel how close he was to her and it was… disconcerting to be naked with this man.

“Then I’m guessing you’re excited, because you’re dripping. Lift her knees up, B.”

“Why?” Maria asked as she raised her knees and felt B take hold of them.

“Because I want to see if that drip will reach your ass hole.” Eric said nonchalantly.

“Oh.” Maria felt her face hot. Was she blushing?

“That’s it.” Eric stood up and put his camera down on the dresser. His erection was even stiffer looking now, pointing jauntily upward as he swung it around. “You can put you legs down again if you want. He looked down as if noticing his erection for the first time. He stroked it casually as he turned back to the girls. “I’ll have to find the right flower for you. Your lips are darker than B’s. There’s a florist in the Village that has a good selection of orchids. I’ll pop down there this afternoon.”

“Thank you.” Maria got off the bed, found a tissue and wiped herself. She would have asked B to do the honours but… not in front of this stranger. She felt she needed her clothes back. Without asking, she walked back to the lobby to retrieve them. B and Eric followed. B noticed Eric admiring Maria’s ass as she walked along.

“Forget it Big Boy. Even her husband doesn’t go there and he’s not packing that.” She flicked at his erection.

“Story of my life.” Eric observed wistfully. He’d had a hard time losing his cherry because, despite a reputation built on locker room rumours that made hot girls dare each other to date him, Whenever he’d whipped out his schlong, they’d got scared of it. He learned quickly though and started making sure they got their panties off before he unzipped Moby – as the first girl to set eyes on it had dubbed it – He still didn’t get laid but at least he was seeing and feeling some of the finest pussy his high school had to offer. It took a year of this before Rosie Boyce finally got his cherry.

Since then, he’d had more luck, but Moby still scared off a lot of girls. And then he’d met Helen and Honey B: The only girls ever to risk anal with him.

“Oh, poor boy. It’s a shame to leave you in this state.” B stood close enough to press herself against Eric, sandwiching his hard-on between their bare abdomens. “But I must.” She hugged him, pressing her cheek against his shoulder.

“B?” Maria was dressed already.

“Yes, Maria?” She turned her face to look at her boss.

“Take the afternoon off. I think you’ve earned it. I’ll expect you for dinner at eight.” Maria smiled indulgently at her.

“Are you sure?” B wasn’t even sure. Did Maria really mean she could stay here with Eric?

“The way I see it, if I hold you to the exclusivity thing, I’ll lose you. You’d just get bored. I think a few little adventures along the way will keep things… interesting. Don’t you agree?”

“What? Oh, yes. Absolutely!” B let go of Eric to go and hug Maria. “Thank you.” She whispered between kisses.

“Just don’t be late for dinner. Goodbye Eric. It was a pleasure to meet you.” Maria took another long look at his cock, sighed and said “I can’t wait to see how my portrait turns out.”

“Bye Maria. It was a pleasure, wasn’t it?” He drew B back to him. “And thanks for the lone of your other pussy.” He ran his hand over B’s mons veneris.

“Enjoy it.” Turning, Maria opened the door to let herself out. “Oh, and B?”

“Yes Maria?”

“After Dinner, We shall discuss a suitable punishment for your infidelity.” Maria winked and closed the door. She smiled to herself all the way out of the building. Whatever B did to make it up to her, she was sure she’d enjoy it.

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